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Three girls on a web cam free cams xxx cams webcam online
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Hi, You can call me Adam, I'm 5'9, in my 20's, kind of between thin and plump, and of African-American descent. I was an employee at a local fast food 'restaurant'. It paid well enough and I could tolerate most of my co-workers. I had even made friends being there over the years; hanging out outside of work with a few. I will admit, I found some of my female co-workers rather attractive. Two in particular, let's call them Alex and Krista. Alex was white, average height, thick with blue eyes and dark hair.

Pretty big tits too. Krista was ethnic, on the shorter side, with even wider hips and bigger tits. They would both flirt playfully with just about everyone at the restaurant, but I always had a deeper interest in them. One thing about me is I'm a real pervert into some really weird shit. I love playing with food and getting into all kinds of freaky shit. I've tasted my own cum and it turns me on. I get especially fucking hard at the idea of cumming in someone's food and watching them eat it, whether I can see them taste it or they don't even notice.

The thought of them gulping down a mouthful of my nut sauce just makes my balls tingle.

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Sometimes I wish I was a girl. I could just take someone's cock shaped food or their straw and shove it right up my dripping cunt. Then just put it back and watch them suck or devour it. Knowing it was coated in a layer of my pussy juice would probably make me drip down my leg, but I guess that's another story. Anyway, I found these girls rather attractive and aside from that I just felt a ton of sexual tension that I needed to release in some constructive ways.

One way I did that was by practicing my favourite thing. Cumming in food. Except that was a little too bold for me at the time. So I would jerk off until there was a ton of pre-cum and I'd gently coat the nozzle of their water bottle or straw in some pre-cum.

Or the spoon or whatever they were using at the time. I don't think they've ever really noticed, but part of me hoped so. Another was, when I knew I was alone with them both in the restaurant, I'd use the washroom with the door unlocked so they'd walk in once in a while on accident and see me with my cock out or jerking off. The first time I was caught, It was Alex who walked in on me, she looked pretty surprised, with an embarassed an somewhat intrigued smile on her face, as I was in the middle of rubbing one out.

She quickly closed the door and apologized. I hadn't stopped as she entered, It made my cock twitch, which made her smile even more in the short time. I finished up as usual, shooting a huge glorious load from my hard, pre-cum dripping cock.

The second time, it was Krista. She knocked to see if anyone was inside, so I played deaf. She opened the door and stood there watching, asking if I was having fun and tempting fate in case someone came by the open door, but she was like that.


She turned around quickly to check if anyone was around before she lifted her shirt and let out her huge tits. "I hope this helps you", she said. Her tits were huge, natural and perfect. Her nipples were hard and her areolas were nice, big and dark, the way I like them. I was so close to cumming as she pulled her shirt back down and took off, closing the door behind her. I finished off thinking about what had just happened and it was great.

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The third and final time, it was Alex again. I had actually left the door open on accident by habit. This time a little less surprised and embarassed, she came in and closed the door, which actually surprised me. I didn't expect this so much from Alex but it was great in my book. What happened next, I definitely did not anticipate.

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She shoved her hand down her pants and I was stiff as a rock ready to blow at this point. She fingers herself real quick and shoves her slimey, sticky fingers in my mouth.

I was in pure heaven. She tasted delicious. After that she just opened the door and left with a devilish smirk, that fucking tease. I finished off of course and fuck if it was amazing. Thinking about going at it with the two of them it was a dream of mine.

So, a few weeks go by before we're all on another shift alone. I can't stop thinking about them and all the things we could do together. It's a friday and the three of us are finally alone again.


I made a decision that this would be the day that I'd get off the way I'd always been afraid to, by unloading in a hot meal. The time goes by pretty slowly but lunch is finally here. I prepare my lunch and bring one of the containers we use to the back so I can deposit my home-brought sauce. I head to the bathroom and close the door, carefully locking it this time to preserve the surprise to cum.

I sit down and close my eyes thinking of Alex and Krista as I start stroking my cock, getting harder and harder. I can feel my balls tingle as I get closer and closer to cumming. Finally, I reach orgasm as I start to shoot spurts of hot jizz inside the container for what seemed like forever.

Squeezing every last drop out. I put the lid on the container, then put my pants on and head out of the bathroom.

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I go back up to the order packing area to grab my lunch, still hot from the holding cabinet. With Alex behind me, watching me curiously, I proceed to open the closed container full of freshly deposited semen and pour it all over my lunch. "What is that?" asked Alex.

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"It's my homemade sauce" I said. I told her she could try some and that it went really well with the mashed potatoes. She still seemed rather curious and agreed to try it and invited Krista to try some too. I told them I'm no chef but I hope they like it. They both took a spoon full and had at it. They swallowedsavoured and went for another bite. "mmm" Krista exclaimed. "I wonder how it tastes sucking it straight outta huge donkey dick".

My cock twitched at the sound of that as Krista piped up; "Jesus, you whore, I'm not even sure I could fit it all in my mouth". They exaggerated of course but that was more than ok and I loved that they even thought of me like that. I wanted to plow them both right then and there but we waited til later that night. They ended up telling me how they've been cumming in my food and putting it up their snatches the whole time I've worked there.

Now I go back thinking about all the delicious meals I had at the place and how they've always included Alex and Krysta's 'special ingredient'.