Lange mix 1 flostylez Blinken und öffentliche Masturbation

Lange mix 1 flostylez Blinken und öffentliche Masturbation
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It was summer and I had not being able to see Bill at the office as he was on a trip over seas with some students. I hadn't heard from him as I knew we couldn't talk on the phone. In late July I did see him at a mall and we went to the park to talk and of course a quickie. He asked me if my husband was going on his regular golf trip in August to West Virginia I told him he never missed that trip with his 7 buddies in 10 years.

He asked if I was available to see him for some fun. I answered yes that the golf trip was from Wednesday morning to late Sunday night, and none of the guys would ever be caught calling home to "check in." Bill told me he would make some arrangements and in one week I would meet him back in the park and he would tell me what he could arrange. That entire week I was wondering what he was thinking. An entire day, or maybe an over night? I couldn't wait to see him again to find out.

Sex with my husband was usually always great.

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He tried to keep it new with new toys or places to fuck. I knew from talking to the other wives, the trips golfing were not just golf, drinking, card playing at night, and strip clubs. I was told that there were rumors that they hired some of the strippers to come back to the motel rooms to party. And I guess party they did. When he came back from his trips the sex always seemed better and I always wondered who he was fantasizing about while fucking while fucking me.

I know from talking to him he wondered the same thing about me. I usually told him it was some random guy I noticed at the grocery store, mall, or on the walking trail. Never anyone specific. I doubted he believed me though. The week finally was up and I went to the park early and was sitting at a picnic table just off the walking trial near a small creek.

When he pulled into the parking lot I went over to his van so we could be alone.

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He told me he had some different stuff planned and we would leave Wednesday night until Sunday and we would be in a cabin up in the Pocono Mountains by a large lake.

I loved the idea and told him. Wait, he said there was more. Mike and Linda,(his piece on the side) and Larry and Lisa would also be there and Larry had a friend who owned an RV and we would all travel together. Wow, now I was really excited as Mike was with us sometimes on Thursdays and Linda had joined us a few times.


Larry was a very athletic black man who was also married but was seeing someone and that girl, who I never met was Lisa and she would be joining us. Mike and Linda came to the Thursday fuck fest one time when Bill was out of town and brought Larry with him.

He was a great fuck and had a wonderful cock, and I was excited to also meet Lisa.


The trip was two weeks away and we would meet at Walmart, and he told me what I should bring: two dresses that he bought me, some nice Victoria Secret things, some shorts and tops. I had already figured out that it would be clothing optional, at least in the cabin. On the trip there he told me to wear a top, no bra and a thong and shorts. I was excited and we fucked in the van with my thoughts of all the things we could do.

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The day was finally here. I gave my husband a great blow job and fuck that morning with him coming in my ass. I told him that should hold him till Sunday, but I knew better. He left and I got ready, quickly packed what Bill told me, showered and shaved my legs and pussy.

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I had been shaved bare all summer and when he couldn't shave me I did it myself. I also would shave on Sunday to give him the fuck of his life when he came home. I was all ready with a tank top, no bra, thong and jean shorts and went to the meeting place.

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I met Lisa and she was very nice and I knew we would all have a great time. We all knew what we were there for. Lisa sat up front with Larry who was driving and the four of us in the back for the 2 hour trip. We were drinking beer and as soon as we hit the interstate the four of us were making out a little and Bill took off my top as did Mike with Linda. They played with our breasts and we tried to get their pants off but they said not right now but we should stand up and take off our shorts.

We did and then Bill who was sorta calling all the shots called to Lisa to hand him her top and shorts.

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She did and we got to see her amazing body. Both she and Linda had pierced nipples, and vertical clit hoods.

Linda also had some labia piercings. I still was a virgin to piercings and had none. After a few beers, Bill told us that the three of us would flash the truckers and give them something to talk about on their CB radios. Lisa was up front and Larry would tell to us when he was about to pass a truck.

Linda and I sat on the table, breasts ready, to please some random truckers. As the trip went on some of the truckers motioned for us to show them our pussies, and of course we did. I was really getting wet and the beer was flowing. When we left the interstate we knew we only had about 30 minutes to go on these back roads. The guys were horny and Linda and I offered them a blow job but they both wanted to satisfy us first by eating our pussies.It didn't take long for either of us to come and we did our duty and sucked them dry.

We arrived at the "cabin" in the woods. It was a very large house, no roughing it here, with a great view of the lake. We got ready to put on our clothes and were only allowed to put on our tops and thongs as there was no way anyone could see us. We left the RV and went into the house. The rooms were beautiful and on the deck was a hot tub. I liked that. Hot tubs are fun with the right people.

Larry wanted to catch up so he told Lisa to get on her knees and she would know what to do. We all watched as she took that nice black cock in her mouth. It didn't take long and he came in her mouth and told her not to swallow it but to share his cum with Linda and me. And of course she did.

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I couldn't wait until it would be my turn to get his cock in my mouth and pussy. I secretly named his cock "Clint". It was a great cock, and the only one I have ever named. The guys told us they would unload the RV and we should just relax on the deck soaking up the sun. We liked that and took or beer with us and as we got to the deck our tops came off. Lisa's and Linda's piercings really interested me and I asked a lot of questions as I really liked the way they looked and secretly wanted my nipples, clit hood and labia pierced.

Lisa was wearing a little string thong and I noticed a little butterfly tattoo just sticking out of her thong above her pussy. Lisa told me she loved having weights attached to her nipples and labia piercings and they added to the sensations when she was getting fucked.

I wanted that for me too. I have to work on it and not be afraid. When the guys had everything unloaded they joined us on the deck. We drank some more beer and then someone said lets get in the hot tub. We watched the guys take off their clothes and we slowly took off our thongs and all six of us got in the spa.

I love the spa. The guys were playing with our breasts and pussies under water and we played with their cocks. As we all were getting excited Bill suggested the girls turn around and let the jets do their magic on our clits while they played with our tits and finger fucked us. They didn't have to tell us twice and we knelt in front of the jets while the guys finger fucked us and played with our tits. The orgasms were tremendous and when we got finished the guys stood up in front of us and we knew what to do.

We took their cocks in our mouths and tried to give them the best blow job they ever had. After everyone was satisfied we just sat there enjoying the view while hands and fingers were exploring every inch of our bodies. I was in heaven.