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It was the summer I turned 14 and I was on my way to go Camping with my friends Trevor, Harrison (my crush <3), Timmy, and Jake for a week. The car ride to the campground was 3 hours long so I slept most of the way, when I woke up, we were at the campground. I was so excited I jumped out of the car and ran into the log cabin.

There were only 2 beds. I didn't want to make the decision of choosing who would sleep where so I just waited until the others got there. To pass the time I ran out to the car to unpack my suitcase for the week and when I opened the trunk, my clothes were gone.

We had forgotten my suitcase. My parents then argued back and forth over who's fault it was that forgot to put my suitcase in the car.

I just ignored them and walked to the lake, this whole time I was thinking it could be a good thing because I could wear one of the other guys clothes.

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Which was AWESOME because I would have to most likely wear Harrison's clothes because he is about the same size as me. I was 5'2 and 117 lbs, he was 5'1 and 120 lbs we both were pretty muscular at the time with abs and a V-line (Which looked amazingly sexy on him).

The next to arrive was Jake (who was also cute), then Trevor, then Harrison, then Timmy. When Timmy arrived it was 11pm and we were all already really tired so we decided who was to sleep where and went to bed, as we were all getting dresses and brushing our teeth I carefully watched Harrison and as he took off his shirt I was in shock.

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His abs had gotten even better than before! I had a total hard-on. I then snapped out it when I heard Timmy ask me if I was gonna change and get ready for bed and then I remembered I needed to ask Harrison if I could use some of his clothes.


I asked and he said I could and he tossed me a pair of plaid pajamas pants and a white T-shirt. I got undressed and climbed into bed. It was me and Harrison in one bed and Trevor and Timmy in the other with Jake sleeping in the recliner against the wall.

As soon as everyone fell asleep I realized I better try and get some shut eye then all of a sudden I felt a hand reach over me and hug me close and tight. I was in complete shock!

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Harrison was still awake and had his arm around me! It turned out that he had caught me earlier staring at him as he took his shirt off and that he enjoyed it. I turned around to face him and our mouths were only an inch or 2 apart. He then leaned in and gently kissed me on the lips. I had another hard on again and so did he! Our dicks were about to rub up against each other when he pulled away from me and climbed out of bed.

I had no clue what he was doing as I watched him walk over to my side of the bed, and throw off the bed sheets. I could not believe what was happening!

Right away Harry attempted to shove down my pants but before he could I sat up and pulled his pants and boxers down all at once exposing his 7 incher.


He pulled me up and we made out for what seem like forever but it didn't last long because he pulled away from my mouth and tore off my shorts revealing my 7 incher and sucked me off. I loved the way his mouth felt on shaft, so warm and wet. I was in ecstasy. My crush was actually deepthroating my cock! The way he slid up and down my shaft and pausing for a minute at my head to swirl his tongue around my head all while massaging my balls with his hand.

All of a sudden without warning I shot 5-6 ropes of cum down his throat! When I realized what I had done I stood up and shouted "Oh my god Harry!

I'm so sorry! "I felt so bad watching him gag and choke, I hugged him and starting balling! Then surprisingly he stood backed out of the hug, swallowed it all, wiped my tears away, and said "It's ok! I'm fine! But…now, it's my turn!" So I bent down on my knees, one hand on Harry's ass and the other on his balls with my faces not even an inch away from his cock. Then I shoved it all in my mouth and only gagged once.

I deep throated for about 4 minutes and then he said "Sawyer I'm gonna cum!" That gave me the urge to go even faster and harder then about a minute later he chummed and shot at least 7 ropes of cum down my throat.

I had no trouble at all swallowing his salty sweet cum. By after he cum we made out one more time then we heard clapping. And we turned around to see Jake, awake in the chair, masturbating his 8 incher.

Harry and I were in complete shock.

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Jake stood up and said "Wow Sawyer! You have got one big cock right there!


Mind if I have a go at it?" and I said "Uhhh&hellip.go ahead." and then walked over and bent down, and shoved his mouth over just the head. He swirled his tongue around the head because he had seen Harry and I do it to each other. He started to lick up and down the bottom side of my shaft and it felt amazing! I loved his drive and hunger for sex with Harry and I!

It was amazing! He pulled off my dick and motioned to Harry to come over and as Harry stood right next to me Jake pulled mine and Harry's dick next to each other and masturbated us at the same time. The friction of my dick against Harry's made us both rock hard again and then we felt Jakes mouth go over both of our dicks and pump up and down and around the heads. Harry and I must have felt the same way because we both came at the same time and shot 6-7 ropes of cum into Jakes mouth.

Jake had a bit of trouble swallowing it all and only let out a bit of cum drip out of his mouth and onto his chin. So i bent down and licked it clean.

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We all became soft and we all looked and were exhausted so we decided to get some sleep before Trevor and Timmy woke up. This is my first story so let me know what you think in the comments! If you like it I will post another and trust me. I have more to tell about our fun filled week off camping.