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Hardcore pussy slamming and slut dp threesome wanting to be broken
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"You can see the problem, this storm out over the ocean," the air traffic controller pointed to the weather map on his computer screen. Jim nodded, he could see the tight lines of the isobars indicating the deep depression and the arrows indicating high winds. "The weather office reckons the storm will be here in about three hours. Down here at the airport it will be minus ten and wind gusts up to 50mph. Up in the mountains minus 40 and gusts over 80.

It'll be with us for about three days. Maybe three feet of snow" Jim cursed. This was supposed to be his farewell treat for his daughter Vicki. She had just left school and had won a scholarship to a overseas university. He had intended to take her on a mountain safari in his plane. A few years earlier he had quit his city job to return to the mountains he loved.

He had used the sale proceeds from his house to buy an elderly single engined Cessna. He specialized in flying tourists around the mountains on hunting and fishing trips, off trail skiing in winter and general sight-seeing. Early on he realized he was working for his insurance company, his bank, aircraft maintenance companies and the government. His net income just about covered his living costs in a good year.

This didn't concern him; he was in the mountains he loved, the safaris kept him fit and lean, he met a lot of different people, a few were difficult but most shared his thrill of being in the mountains. "Don't worry Daddy," his daughter gave him a hug.

"We there are lots of other things we can do." He looked her. 17 years old, an elegant, confident young woman, but he could still see traces of child he had known all these years. He had fallen in love with her the first time he held her after she was born and their bond had grown ever since. He had divorced her mother after 10 years of increasing acrimony, but Vicki bore a strong resemblance to the stunning beauty he had married 20 years ago.

Her mother's long elegant legs and slim figure, but Vicki's wavy dark hair, flowing six inches below her shoulders showed some of her father's influence. At the small mountain airport there was no sign of the approaching storm. It was a brilliant, warm early autumn day, not a cloud in the sky and almost no wind.

Vicki was wearing a light skirt and blouse while Jim was in a shirt and shorts. Joe, the air traffic controller controller saw the look of disappointment in her face. "Look Jim, you could do a quick trip to the glacier.40 minutes each way, 20 minutes for a walk around, you would have well over an hour's safety margin." Jim was very safety conscious and didn't like risk.

But he saw the gleam of excitement in Vicki's face. "What the heck," he thought, "I won't be seeing her for more than a year." They took off. The elderly Cessna had skis fitted for landing on the glacier and had been checked by the air mechanic overnight.

Jim had been worried by some occasional slight misfires in the engine. "Injectors mate," said the mechanic who Jim hadn't met before."I fixed them so you'll be fine." The Cessna climbed quickly and the brilliant panorama opened out. Below were bright blue mountain lakes, ahead the high peaks of the main divide. The sky was still clear and the sun glinted off the snow on the higher peaks.

They flew up the glacial valley. The mighty river of ice had hewn out out its valley over countless millennia. The steep rocky walls of the moraine towered on either side.

At its widest the glacial walls were over half a mile apart. As it inched down its 12 mile length the glacial surface varied. In steeper places there were jumbles of ice and dark blue crevasses could be seen, but in other places it was almost flat.

A light covering of powder snow from the first falls of the season gleamed in the sun. Jim landed on the highest flat area of snow covered ice. They got out, felt the warmth from the sun and felt exhilarated by the pristine landscape which they had to themselves. "Watch out Daddy," Vicki shrieked as his back was turned.

Too late, the snowball hit him in the back. The cold snow penetrated the thin shirt he was wearing. "This is so lovely," Vicki walked over to him and put her arms around her father's neck."I'm going to miss all our times in the mountains together." "And I'm going to miss you so much Daddy." She hugged him tightly. He put his arms around her shoulders, felt the tears welling in his eyes and couldn't say anything for a minute as they held each other.

"Come on madam, time to get out you of here." He smacked her on the bottom. "That will teach you to throw snowballs." They took off and headed to the main ridge 2000 feet feet above. Once there they could see the enormous black clouds of the approaching storm over the ocean. Jim banked the plane into a turn and headed for the airport. "Shit," he thought, he noticed that same misfire. Vicki without his ear for the engine didn't notice. But she did notice when the engine cut out completely for a few seconds before spluttering into life.

"Daddy what is it?" Her eyes were wide with fright. "Injectors. That fucking mechanic." cursed Jim. A minute later, another cut out. Jim's mind was made up. He couldn't risk the 40 minute flight, he would have to land on the glacier. "Joe," he called on the radio to air traffic control, "I've got an injector problem, I'm putting us down on the glacier. Can you get David to come and pick us up." David was the only other pilot at the small airport qualified to land on the glacier.

Joe shut his eyes in anguish."Jim, David's gone fishing. We couldn't get him here inside two hours and by then we'll be snowed in. We won't be able to get you out until the storm's over in three days" Jim stroked Vicki's knee. "Looks like a boring three days with your old man." "OK Joe, we'll be fine. I've got the tent, sleeping bags and enough food and fuel for a week." Vicki was very anxious, but felt a little better knowing they had put the provisions for their trip in the plane the day before.

"Sweetheart, we will have a bit over an hour before the storm. We'll be busy." "I love you Daddy, I know I'll be safe with you," giving him a hug and a tender kiss on the cheek. There were a couple more misfires before he landed on almost the same spot as they had been half an hour before. They would have to take their chances out on the glacier. The valley walls were too steep for a tent.

They set to work with urgency. Although there were no sight of the storm clouds which were still hidden by the ridge, the wind was starting to pick up and the temperature was dropping. Jim took a spade and started to clear the loose powder snow on an area about fifty yards from the Cessna which he had tethered to the ice. Vicki unloaded their supplies from the plane.

They each had a parka, not snow parkas but at least they protected a bit from the wind. But their legs were bare. After 15 minutes Jim had cleared an area down to the hard packed snow and Vicki erected the tent. It was a dual cover dome and she easily set it up as she had done so many times before. The tent was designed for Antarctic blizzards and both were confident that it was up to the task.

As Vicki put their supplies into the tent Jim piled snow into a rampart on the windward side, packing it as he did so. This was to provide some shelter for the tent from the icy blasts that were coming. As soon as she had finished putting everything inside and setting up their sleeping bags Vicki picked up the other spade and joined her father. The first of the storm clouds could just be seen over the ridge. The wind was picking up and lifting powder snow from the ground.

Frantically they both dug. It suddenly became darker as the clouds covered the sun. "Ten minutes," thought Jim. He could see Vicki was feeling the cold and told her to go inside and make some soup. It started to snow, the flakes coming almost horizontally in the strengthening wind. Jim was starting to shiver. The rampart was better than he thought they would be able to achieve, about three feet high, more than twice as wide at the base.

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The height in the center of the dome tent was five feet and he had to stoop as he stood. Vicki had set up the two sleeping bags side by side, each on a foam plastic mattress.

She was in her sleeping bag as she tended the soup on the burner she had placed on the ground behind her head. The circulation was back in her feet. She had heated some water and bathed them with a flannel for a couple of minutes then wrapped them in half of the blanket before going into her bag.

"You look so cold." He took off his parka and lay on her sleeping bag as she put her arms around him in a bear hug. Then she showered his face with soft kisses. "I'm so glad I'm here with you." Then she bathed his feet with hot water to bring back the circulation. "That's better," she giggled as she kissed each foot. "Your feet are so ugly." He wrapped his feet in his half of the blanket and wriggled into his sleeping bag.

With the soup and their sleeping bags they both started to warm up. "This is so snug. Did I do a good job setting up the tent?" "You did wonderfully, Princess." He stroked the side of her face. She held his hand there, then kissed it. "This is so exciting." But Jim was gravely concerned. First he cursed himself for placing his daughter at such risk.

Then he was worried about the cold. The storm had hardly started and the temperature would drop a lot more. Particularly at night. The tent was fine. It was hardly moving in the strong wind.

If they had true alpine sleeping bags and thermal clothes they would be OK. But they only had their thin summer clothes and his sleeping bags were designed for lower altitudes where he always camped. "If I'm going to be here three days, I don't want this digging into me. No peeking." Vicki sat up, turning her back to her father. She took off her blouse then her bra.

Jim saw her beautifully straight back and just a hint of the side of her breast. She put her blouse back on, but when she turned to face him, Jim could see the outline of her nipples. He didn't know what to say. Vicki never traveled anywhere without a book. "Could you read this to me, the way you used to read when I was little." So he started to read.

At first she cuddled up beside him, her arm across his chest. But after ten minutes she felt the cold on her arm and snuggled back into her sleeping bag. Jim kept reading, but after an hour or so, he started to feel the chill. "I'm starting to feel cold. Will it get much colder?" "I'm afraid so, sweetheart. It's time for Plan B." "What's Plan B?" "You'll have to share a sleeping bag with your grumpy old Dad." He looked to see her reaction, hoping she wouldn't be shocked.

But her face lit up. "Oh that'll be just like when I used to snuggle in bed with you and Mummy." That was 10 years ago. Now she was an elegantly beautiful young woman. They had always been "touchy"in a fond, affectionate non-sexual way. They would hug tightly when they met, kiss each other's hair and cheeks and sometimes an affectionate pat.

But these were fleeting moments, now he was facing three days of constant contact. However, it was into one sleeping bag or freeze. Quickly he rearranged things. He took her foam mattress to add to the insulation on the floor. Fortunately his sleeping bag was a one and a half size.

Some of his tourists needed that and more. Vicki was shivering by the time she wriggled in beside him. There wasn't much room and he was aware of she shape of her body against him. She snuggled right down into the sleeping bag, her head on his chest, her arms around him, his around her. He was very aware of her breath on his chest, of her firm bra-less breasts against his stomach, her bare legs against his. "My legs are cold Daddy." So he parted his legs and she slid one of hers between his.

He realized that in her wriggling, her skirt had been pushed up to her waist. He felt a warmth in his loins and a stirring of his penis as he stroked and kissed her hair. "No, this is my daughter for heaven's sake." He forced himself to think of his last unfriendly meeting with his unfriendly bank manager.

It didn't solve the problem but it stopped it from getting worse for a while. Gradually her shivering stopped and she wriggled back up the sleeping bag. He lay on his back her head on his shoulder. Her leg was no longer between his legs but lying across. They were both enjoying the book as he read to her for a couple of hours. They chatted while Jim made some tea. "Do you remember my fourteenth birthday party?" How could he forget, a group of 20 fourteen year old girls who had just started to flower as young women and were boy crazy.

"You could have bonked Sandy, you know." "I know." He remembered Sandy well, very beautiful in a spoiled sort of way, very precocious and very up herself. She had come up to him at the party and rubbed her nubile young body against his.

Jim had had to fight her off. "Why didn't you?" "Well 14 year olds aren't my scene and certainly not Sandy. The way she talks it would have been all around school in no time. And her dad is a top lawyer with no sense of humor. There's a crime called statutory rape." "We had a vote as to who was the sexiest father.

Guess who won?" "I hate to think." "You did, my handsome Daddy," Vicki whispered in his ear. "Big deal," said Jim, but was tingling from the touch of her lips.

"Guess who I voted for" "Vicki, I really don't want to know." "You, my lovely, sexy Daddy," she whispered in his ear. Her breath and the touch of her lips on his ear sent a tingle down Jim's spine. "Victoria, I think we need to talk." "Shhhh Daddy." "You're so warm and cuddly." She kissed his face four or five times then cuddled, head on his shoulder, breasts against his chest, a bare leg over his.

The only distraction he could think of was to start reading again and for a couple of hours struggled to keep himself under control. The storm was now approaching full force.

The wind howled down the glacial valley. Their tent was firm, the top was buffeted but at ground level their tent was rock solid. Something else was getting rock solid. Jim was in a quandary. The warmth and shape of Vicki's body, her beauty and her affection and kisses had their inevitable effect.

Fortunately he was on his back and her leg was on his thighs below his waist. Perhaps she was unaware of his erection. "It'll be dark soon. I've got to go out and check the tent." He wriggled out of the sleeping bag and started to put on both the parkas. Vicki watched, staring at his shorts.

"So that's where the spare tent pole went." She giggled, but then concern showed on her face as she heard the wind howl even louder. She cut strips of blanket for him to wrap around his face and hands, but she was very scared and tears came to her eyes. "Please, please be careful I don't want to lose you." She sat up and put her arms up to be hugged. Jim bent down to kiss her cheek, but somehow Vicki's face moved and their lips caressed. They looked into each other's eyes.

"Daddy I love you so much." Another kiss, this time with a brief touch of her tongue. He started to say something. "Shhhh Daddy." Vicki put a finger on Jim's lips. The cold hit him like a blast freezer. The heavy snow flakes were blowing across horizontally. He reckoned that with the wind chill factor it was at least minus 50. His legs were bare and none of his garments provided real protection.

"One minute at the most, or it'll be hypothermia." He started counting. He crawled on his hands and knees. It was impossible to stand in the wind and the rampart gave him some protection.

He quickly did his circuit. The tent pegs were fine. A little bit of a build up of snow against the tent side but the rampart was working perfectly. With a few swipes of his spade cleared that small build up. By the time he was inside his count was up to 100. His teeth were chattering and he was shivering without control.

Tears came to Vicki's eyes as she saw him. She leaped out the sleeping bag to take off his parkas and trainers as his fingers were shaking too much. This time it was his turn to snuggle into the sleeping bag his head between her breasts, his leg between hers. She hugged him tightly to her kissing the top of his head. She was crying. "You are so cold.

I was so worried. I thought you had died out there." With a combination of maternal instinct and love of her father she held his cold face to her blouse covered breasts. In his freezing, painful state Jim nuzzled into her, taking comfort from the soft warmth of his daughter's body. Slowly he started to recover. Vicki put his hands between her thighs to warm them, then returned her arms to hold him to her.

Almost fully recovered, he reluctantly left the comfort of Vicki's breast and moved up the sleeping bag beside her. He looked down at his daughter. Some of the buttons on her blouse had come undone in their manoeuvres.

Her left breast was fully exposed. She noticed him looking down adoringly at her body, her perfect nubile breast with its brown aureole and hardened nipple. "All your own work. Or at least half is your own work." Looking at him steadily and doing nothing to cover herself. Jim felt events were getting out of his control. He lay on his back and Vicki snuggled in. This time he was conscious that it was a naked breast against his chest, that her bare leg on his was higher, almost to his crotch and he could feel her pubic bone against his thigh.

Physically he was in heaven, mentally in hell. "Vicki, Princess, I think we need to talk." "Shhhhhh, Daddy" she put her finger to his lips. "Dinner time," he said, buttoning her blouse and pushing her skirt below her waist.

Vicki heated the stew while Jim worked on the sleeping bag that she was originally in. He unzipped it and then cut down the seam so that it could be laid out flat. Now they had an extra blanket for the night. After dinner they lay side by side facing each other.

The size of the sleeping bag meant their faces were only a foot apart. They had there arms loosely around each other. Vicki nudged her knee between his and without even thinking he let her thigh go between his. "Vicki, your skirt spends more time above your waist than below it." "Well its very hard in a sleeping bag. In fact its a nuisance." She did nothing to straighten her skirt For two hours they talked. About the holidays they had together, about things at her school he knew nothing about, about his early life, about her plans for university.

As they talked Jim looked at his daughter's face, thinking how beautiful she was, how much he loved her and resisted the urge to kiss her on the lips. "Could you tell me some of those stories you used to tell, when I was little." He retold his make-believe stories from her childhood, about fearsome creatures: the nogard (dragon spelled backwards), the regit (tiger), noil and drib (Readers can work those out).

As a child these used to thrill and scare her.


Now she just listened in loving remembrance, hugging him tightly. When he finished she whispered, "You have always been such a lovely, wonderful father." It was Jim who leaned forward and gently kissed his daughter on the mouth. Delicately she responded enjoying the sensation as he explored her lips. Then Vicki opened her mouth, he did the same and their tongues entwined.

Jim pulled back, his face a mixture of adoration and anguish. "Shhh, Daddy, Vicki sighed. "I'm tired and want to go to sleep. She rolled over so her back was against his chest in the spoon position. "Vicki, your skirt is around your waist again." "Its a bloody nuisance." She wriggled and took it off and threw it out of the sleeping bag. She was now wearing only a thin blouse and the scantiest of knickers.

"And you mister," she said tugging at his shorts. "You take these off after the next time you go outside. They were freezing against my legs when you came in. In fact you should take them off now." But he didn't. Vicki went to sleep quickly. Jim's mind was in a turmoil as her felt her warmth and softness against him, his arm around the front of her shoulders.

He thought about the situation with Vicki. He had always loved her, but that was as father and daughter. As her beauty flowered he had felt pride rather than sexual attraction.

But he knew now that his paternal love was being joined by physical desire. Was inevitable that he would give in? There were almost three more days of this. Perhaps it was the danger of their situation and isolation together, perhaps the warmth and beauty of her body, perhaps because they were constant intimate contact, perhaps a mixture of paternal adoration and mounting lust? But his rational mind rebelled, preventing him from taking that final step.

Somehow he went to sleep as the wind howled. He woke with a start. Something was different, and he realized the wind was not nearly as loud, it was a lull in the storm. He noticed that other things were different as well. He had gone to sleep with his arm around the front of his daughter's shoulder. Now her blouse was almost completely undone, his hand was on her naked breast and both Vicki's hands were on top of his holding him there tightly.

He didn't know how this had happened. He also had a rock-like erection which was hard up against the cleft between her buttocks. He could do nothing about his erection, but with difficultly extracted his hand from Vicki's breast. This woke her. "What is it?" Then she noticed the lower wind noise. "Has the storm finished already?" "No, its just a lull." He had seen the weather map. "Without the wind to blow the snow across I need to check it's not building up on the side." "Please, please be careful.

Don't stay out too long." He wriggled up the sleeping bag. Both Vicki's breasts were on display. He paused, looking down, overwhelmed by her beauty. Vicki looked up, fear on her face as she knew how bad it was going outside. She put out her arms to him and quickly he bent down and kissed her on the lips. Of course Vicki noticed his erection. "Don't you dare lose our tent pole outside," she giggled. A lingering kiss of their mouths, a touching of their tongues.

He put on his pathetically inadequate clothes and went outside with the spade. The wind had dropped and the snow was falling heavily at about 45 degrees. "Count to one hundred," he said to himself. Again he crawled on hands and knees. The tent pegs were fine, but the snow build up was higher. Frantically he dug with his spade.

His count reached 120 and even though the job wasn't finished he had to go back in as his shivering and teeth chattering started. Vicki was waiting with towels.

She took off his parkas, his trainers, his shorts this time and led him quickly to the bag. Again he burrowed down inside. She drew the top over his head. She hadn't rebuttoned her blouse and he buried his face into her warm firm breasts.

She lifted her leg for his to go between. "Daddy, you stayed out for too long.


I thought you had gone forever," she sobbed. She was horrified at how cold his loins were as they pressed into her leg.

She put a hand inside his boxers. "You're freezing here." Jim was only vaguely aware of her intimate fondle. His brain was almost completely taken over by the pain and shaking from his freezing body.

In survival mode all his instincts were screaming out for warmth. As he recovered his rational mind came into conflict with his instincts. His rational mind said this is wrong. His instincts were reacting to his daughter's body and warmth and touch, to her tenderness as she held him, to the increasing urge in his loins. Instinct won. As he warmed, his attention to his daughter's breasts changed from seeking comfort to licking, kissing, fondling and nibbling.

Vicki groaned and her hips moved. She held his head with one hand as she stroked her father's penis and scrotum as his erection recovered. Jim didn't object, in fact he assisted as she lowered his boxers. He moved up the sleeping bag and their wonderful gentle kissing started again.

He fondled her breasts, she stroked his face with one hand while delicately fondling his erection with the other. Vicki pushed him onto his back and lay on top of him, her legs apart, astride his. Her beautiful face looked down at him, her long brown hair fell on either side of his face creating their own tiny erotic world. He could feel her breasts on his chest, her pubic mound, only covered by her knickers, on his abdomen.

Earnestly she looked down at him. "Darling, darling Daddy." They kissed with wide open mouths, with their lips moving urgently, their tongues dueling. Her saliva ran into his mouth, he thought it was the purest nectar.

Vicki moved further up and lowered her right breast to his mouth. He licked and sucked her aureole, her hardened nipple. She groaned and her hips writhed a little. Then her left breast. After a minute of shared bliss she moved down, he could feel her clitoral hood nudging the tip of his erection. Her hips ground in as he put his hands inside her knickers and fondled her buttocks.

Her buttocks and thighs were so beautiful, they reminded him of how her mother's used to be. But that image of his ex-wife, Vicki's mother, brought him back to reality. He stopped. "I'm sorry, my beautiful Victoria. I have to think." She moved onto her side, her back to him.

She put his hand on her knickers and held it there. He could feel the dampness. She squirmed her buttocks into his erection." "Oh Daddy," she sighed. "Why do I love you so much when you are such a bastard." He retrieved his boxers from the sleeping bag and after they had somehow calmed down they went to sleep.

Jim woke first next morning. He looked at Vicki. She hadn't done up her blouse and her upper body was almost fully on display. He felt a conflict of guilts. Guilty that he had been so intimate with his daughter, guilty that he had taken her to the brink and unfairly had stopped. Guilt as he looked down in adoration at her teenage beauty. She woke and looked at his troubled, loving face. "It's alright Daddy. I really do understand." She kissed his nose. They lay cuddling, not really knowing what to say.

Vicki handed him the book and he read with her arm and leg across him. "I'll make some tea." said Vicki after half an hour, "would you like some?" The gas burner was behind their heads so all Vicki had to do was crawl half way out of the sleeping bag to make the tea.

As she did so Jim was treated to a slow moving close-up view of teenage beauty in perfection. First her firm breasts passed within a few inches of his eyes.

As she wriggled her brown aureoles bounced tantalizingly close. It took all his will-power to stop himself from leaning forward to suckle them. Then her smooth, flat, slightly muscled stomach. He could see how slim her waist was as her hips broadened out below.

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Vicki stopped her movements momentarily as her navel was right in front of his eyes. God, how he would like to lick there. Her final position brought her knickers to within six inches of his face. They were tiny, tight and semi-transparent. He could see the shape of her pubic mound and clitoral hood. Her pussy lips were plump and obvious and he noticed that the knickers followed the line between. He had to close his eyes. But he couldn't close off her sexual, exotic, musky, feminine odors, he couldn't avoid the warmth which seemed to radiate from her loins.

"Tea's ready at last. You haven't gone to sleep again?" asked Vicki seeing his eyes were closed. But Jim was wide awake, in torment, his erection painfully hard. She wriggled back down. She must have noticed Jim's erection but said nothing and they chatted as the wind howled. "Could I have another cup of tea, please Daddy?" Jim knew what was going to happen.

In a strange way he felt like a condemned man being led to the scaffold; he had no control over his destiny. He crawled out of the sleeping bag knowing his boxers were level with his daughter's face. He felt her hands go inside the gap in the front and fondle his erection.

He stroked her hair and gently pushed Vicki's head forward. Without haste she extracted his erection and softly put it in her mouth. He looked down at the beautiful, intensely loving face of his daughter, felt overwhelmed with his love and passion for her and eased off his boxers. He turned off the burner, came down the sleeping bag and they kissed without any inhibitions.

His hand went to her legs which Vicki parted. His fingers traced over the satiny firm inner thighs. She groaned as he moved to her pubic mound, still protected by her knickers. He caressed the soft flesh between the top of her thighs and her labia. Vicki's hips writhed. She lifted her bottom as he eased her knickers down her legs.

Now he caressed her outer labia and her clitoral hood. With his tongue as far in her mouth as Vicki could suck it, his fingers opened her inner labia and felt their glistening, warm slipperiness, then felt the wet smoothness of her engorged clitoris.

Vicki groaned again. "It's time for you to fuck me with your lovely cock, darling Daddy." "Are you sure, sweetheart?" "Shhhh Daddy." With a care and a gentleness like the first time he held her as a new born baby, he entered her warm, moist vagina.

Slowly, enjoying the exquisite sensations of each millimeter. Once he was fully inside, he didn't move. Vicki squeezed her vaginal muscles and they kissed and hugged.

She wrapped her legs around his waist. That first time everything was in slow motion, as though they wanted to discover every secret and every reaction of each other's genitals. He found her G spot and caressed it to excitement. Three times he brought her to the brink and then stopped, wanting to extend the moment of bliss.

The fourth time she came with a juddering "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. With three more thrusts he came, his seed splashing onto his daughter's cervix. He sighed, "Oh my beautiful child." He looked into her face and was about to speak.

"Shhhhh Daddy." She covered his face with those lovely tickling kisses. They lay in each other's arms, his soft penis still inside, stroking each other, nibbling each other, kissing each other, giggling and whispering nonsense into each other's ears. His erection recovered. "It's time for you to be fucked again, beautiful Vicki," Jim's inhibitions were now completely gone.

He ground his pubic bone and the base of his cock into Vicki's clitoris, he pushed hard into her cervix. He massaged her breast roughly with one hand, the other squeezed her buttocks.

"Harder DaddeeeeeeeeeeyyYYOOooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh," as the pressure on her clitoris brought her to a hip bouncing climax.

She climaxed two more times before he ground his cock into her cervix, his pubic bone into hers and felt his climax surge from his loins, through his penis and into Vicki's womb. Sweating and panting they curled in each other's embrace. Vicki put a finger to her vagina then licked it. "You taste yummy." Then he explored her with his fingers and over the next half hour brought her to three orgasms with soothing caresses of her clitoris and G spot.

She marveled in the tender expertise of his touch. It was as though he knew all her most responsive parts, could tell what aroused her and could bring her to ecstasy when he wanted. "Please Daddy, come inside me again." But this time he kissed her on the nose. "A man has only so many shots in his locker.

And we've two more days here" But his exquisite fingers brought her quickly, God, embarrassingly quickly, to her most shuddering orgasm yet. "Two more days here, I wish we had two more years," thought Vicki as she lay panting and immobilized apart from the after-spasms in her loins.

"Why did Mummy let him go?" But she knew that was a no-go area for discussion. Vicki cooked bacon and eggs with toast and coffee for breakfast. On the other burner they boiled up two large billy cans of water for washing. The temperature in the tent was icy cold but stood up to give each other a quick flannel wash. Jim looked at his daughter adoringly.

She was so beautiful, long dark hair flowing, firm brown tipped breasts bouncing as she danced with the cold, her narrow waist and flat stomach. Sparse, trimmed pubic hair didn't hide her plump labia and clitoral hood. And as she stood on her toes to avoid the cold floor her long elegant legs were even more beautiful.

Vicki was suddenly self conscious, even though they had made love twice and she had lost count of the number of orgasms she had had. She covered her breasts with one hand, her pussy with the other. Jim gently took her hands away, then stroked those parts she had tried to hide. "Dear Vicki, you so are exquisitely beautiful." They hugged and now reassured, Vicki took the opportunity to kneel down and put his penis in her mouth.

"Daddy," she was upset. "I'm not doing it properly, you are just getting smaller and smaller." "Princess, not even your lovely mouth can't beat this cold." They dried each other and dived into the sleeping bag to warm up. Unlike many lovers they continued to kiss, they explored each other's bodies. Armpits, behind the knees, the soles of their feet. Vicki decided that all of her body was an erogenous zone. The morning was spent reading, chatting, giggling, tickling and almost platonically exploring each other's bodies.

She learned all about his life from his childhood, he heard the stories of her life which she hadn't told him before. Sometimes they dozed off in a tight embrace.

Still the wind howled and the tent was buffeted but remained secure. Daytime was a little less cold than at night and they found they didn't need the over-blanket from the second sleeping on top. Two bodies cuddled into one bag was enough. This gave Jim an idea. With two spades, two ice axes and a gas cylinder he built a simple frame at the head of their sleeping bag.

He took one of the foam mattresses and laid it under the frame. "What on earth are you doing Daddy?" asked Vicki. "Wait and see, I think you'll like it." He then draped the sleeping bag turned blanket over the frame and crawled back in. They had their own cocoon. "Oh it's dark in here, but its nice and snug," giggled Vicki.

They were now fully enclosed by sleeping bags and the trapped air soon warmed up. "Move up and lie under that frame darling daughter." Now she understood and lay on her back and spread her legs and raised her knees for her father's face. Jim explored all her feminine intimacies with his tongue, his lips, his fingers and gently with his teeth.

"Vicki you smell and taste and feel so muskily, femininely, exotically, sexually and erotically delicious." He pushed her knees back and licked and kissed her perineum and then all the way up to her pubic mound and the tops of her thighs. Vicki felt his tongue on her clitoris and she climaxed, almost in a dream where the only thing she was aware of was the pleasure sensation in her loins.

For the next half hour she was in a mixture of torment and ecstasy. Torment because he would bring her to the brink and then unkindly back her down. Ecstasy when he had his lips on her clitoris and his fingers on her G spot and brought her to a seemingly endless wave of orgasms. Then he pushed her knees back again and softly licked from pubic mound to perineum.

And a little further. It was the first time she had felt a tongue on her anus. At first it seemed strange, but then she started to enjoy the probing sensations as he lingered. Jim could feel her start to get cold even with the cocoon.

"Come back into the sleeping bag dear Vicki." "But Daddy, I want my turn on you." "So do I, but after you've warmed up." She snuggled into him soothing his erection with her fingers. "Daddy?" "Mmmmmmmmm." "Will I ever find a man who is good a lover as you." "Absolutely impossible," he joked.

Vicki giggled, but felt that what her father had said was probably true. "Daddy?" "Mmmmmmmmm." "Your cock is so big I won't be able to put all of it in my mouth." "Sweet Vicki, cock sucking is more than cock swallowing.

Sure it will be lovely to have my cock deep in your mouth but only go as far as you are comfortable, and remember there are lots of other things. Sometimes just licking my tip will be lovely." Reassured that she wasn't going to have her throat bashed the way she had with her two previous lovers, Vicki felt confident. "Daddy?" "Mmmmmmmmm." "I'm warm now." Jim moved up into the cocoon and Vicki put her mouth over his erection.

How she loved the feeling of her father's masculinity and strength in her mouth and the delicacy of his testicles in her hands. Freed from what she thought was her obligation to only suck hard and swallow, she tried all sorts of experiments all over his organ with her lips tongue and teeth. She gently put his testicles in her mouth, she licked and nibbled his perineum, she probed his slit with her tongue, discovered all the sensitive parts of his knob and shaft.

Vicki loved to feel his reactions.

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He started to sigh and his hips started to writhe. She moved her lips up and down his shaft, faster and sucking harder, pushing his knob into her throat. Then, remembering how he had taken her to the brink and back, slowed down. Another delight of oral sex came to her.

It was such a giving thing. She loved to feel the pleasure she was able to give her father. She took him to the brink again, and again she slowed down. "Please Vicki,"he groaned. "Shhhh Daddy." Then he came, she sucked his juices, squeezed the tube under his penis to swallow every last drop, then lay, her head on his on his thigh with his soft penis still in her mouth. He stroked her hair and face.

They would have been happy to stay like that but, this time it was Jim who started to shiver. He dismantled the cocoon and moved everything back to where it was before. "Daddy?" "Mmmmm." "I was right. Your spunk is so yummy." "Mmmmm." "Daddy?" "Mmmmmmmm." "I liked it when you licked my bum." "Good, I thought you did." "Do you like doing that?" "Only with someone I love." "Daddy?" "Mmmmmmmm." "Can we have anal sex?" "Are you sure you want to?" "With my darling Daddy yes.

Boys want me to do it but I've always felt afraid and dirty. I'm afraid it would hurt. But I know you would never hurt me." "No Princess, I wouldn't." With a hug.

"And I want it to be you who takes my anal virginity." "Mmmmmmmm." Another hug and kiss on the hair. "Daddy?" "Mmmmmmm." "Could we do it now please?" A gentle slap on the bottom. "I told you about shots in the locker. Anyway there are some things we need to do first." Lunch was tuna sandwiches, fruit and tea.

Jim didn't think he would have to go outside and check again until evening. The base of the tent was solid, he could tell by the shape of the dome that there was no serious snow build up and the rampart was doing its job.

They were never bored for a moment. They were enjoying the book, Vicki loved hearing her father read. But much of the time was spent in enchantment with each other and each other's bodies.

They spent hours just passionately kissing, exploring each other's mouths and lips, her breasts. Sometimes he would idly fondle her her genitals, not always arousing Vicki, just tenderly exploring and owning. She did the same with his penis and testicles. His touching of her genitals was different now. Instead of his hand coming from the front, Vicki would lie on her side facing him and put her upper leg over his waist enabling him to come from behind. Now her anus was included in his wanderings.

Always with a well lubricated finger. Initially her sphincter did as it was designed to and tightened. Gradually she and it became used to the touch. She clung to Jim more tightly and kissed him fervently.

With only a little pressure the first joint of his index finger entered. "Squeeze and let go, lots of times Princess." She did so and gradually her anal muscle relaxed. She felt his finger fully inside her, right up to the knuckle.

"Mmmm, that feels nice." She kept squeezing and relaxing and Jim gently pushed the perimeter of her anus. "Now you are relaxing, lovely girl." He was able to withdraw his finger completely and enter with very little pressure. Twice more that afternoon his fingers wandered and her sphincter offered less and less resistance.

Evening came and with it the darkness. "I can't hear any wind. And look is that the moon?" There was a white glimmer in the ceiling of the tent. "Yes its the eye of the storm. It'll be like this for an hour or so. Come outside Vicki, you must see this. Bring your camera" Quickly they dressed. Jim grabbed the second sleeping bag and when they were outside draped it like a blanket around their shoulders. The scene which greeted them was a winter paradise. Above, the black sky was studded with stars, more stars than Vicki had ever seen.

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They seemed so big and close she felt she could almost touch them. Not a breath of wind. An enormous silver full moon shone brightly.


It cast a silver glow over the snow covered glacier The towering mountain peaks gleamed whitely and brightly, standing out from the black sky behind. Far below in the valley they could see the mountain lakes; silvery shimmers of moon-light.

It was still freezing. Vicki snapped away with her camera, hoping that she would do justice to this haunting magnificence of nature. "What are you doing?" Jim had dashed inside and come out with a foam plastic mattress. He had taken off every stitch of clothing. Now he was standing on the mattress looking up at the sky his arms extended heavenwards, his body had a silver sheen in the moonlight.

He howled like a wolf. "OOOOooooooooooowwWWWWwwooooooooooooooooOOOO" His howls echoed around the the glacial moraine. "You are completely mad." She snapped away at him with her camera. But then the infection caught her. She also stripped and joined him on the mattress.

"OOOooooooooowwwWWWWwwwoooooooooooooooooooOOO' she howled and howled and the echoes howled back. She felt she was part of mother nature.

They held each other's hand as they saluted the stars and moon together. "OOOoooooooooowwwWWWWwwwooooooooooooooooooOOO" again and again, as if they were nature worshiping cave dwellers.

He returned to the warmth of the sleeping bag-blanket and snapped away at Vicki's silver body. She ran to him for warmth from the blanket and his embrace. "OooooowwwwoooooOOOO" they murmured into each other's ears. The idea struck them both at the same time. First Jim left the blanket and took up a variety of naked poses, in front of the tent, lying on his back on the snow rampart, in front of the mountains. Then Vicki. Her poses ranged from demure, provocative, erotic to downright pornographic.

She forgot the cold and rolled in the snow. She lay on her back, arms and legs wide and beckoning. She insisted that Jim take closeups of her vulva and bum which she poked up into the moonlight. Her genitals were a glistening silver. They huddled together laughing in the blanket. The cold was starting to seep into them. Quickly they set the camera on auto shoot with 20 seconds between shots.

They embraced in different poses, some demure, some like Vicki kneeling in front of Jim with his cock in her mouth were less demure. They started to shiver, the wind started to blow and some of the stars were lost behind the clouds. They howled a last mournful howl at the moon, dashed inside the tent, into their sleeping bag and hugged the warmth back into each other. They were laughing uncontrollably from the exhilaration of the moment.

"Some of those photos will earn us a fortune on the net," giggled Vicki. "I'm not having any of me on the net with my cock so small from the cold." They both laughed knowing these would be private snaps for life.

Their laughter changed to intimacy, their intimacy to passion. Jim's hands traveled her body, exciting Vicki even more than the first time she had felt his touch. Again her anus was included in his erotic exploration, again it resisted but less than before and soon two fingers were inside her bowel.

He entered her vagina with his penis, keeping his fingers where they were and she felt the delight and intense orgasm from the double penetration. Jim did not come. "Lie on your side with your back to me, my beautiful Vicki and lift your knees towards your chest." She did so as he covered his penis with olive oil.

"Tell me if it hurts." "Shhhh, Daddy." There was only a little pressure required for his knob to enter and he went in two inches. She squeezed her anal muscle. "Daddy, I love you. Daddy I love your cock. Daddy I love your cock in my bum," she whispered. He gently commenced his rhythm.

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Her muscle had given up its fight and he was able to withdraw from her completely and re-enter with no resistance. He pushed until his loins were hard against her buttocks. Vicki's bowel felt erotically full, she gasped at the beautiful sensations of his penis along her smooth rectum wall and the lovely pressure through to her vagina. With her free hand she parted her buttock to let him enter deeper. With his free hand he found her clitoris. "Please Daddy, as hard as you can." He couldn't stop himself from obeying her instructions.

It was the most physically uninhibited lovemaking they had had. Her buttocks were flattened as he pounded. She shrieked as she came from a clitoral orgasm and still he kept thrusting.

With a judder and surge which consumed her from her navel to her buttocks Vicki came again with an enormous orgasm. It seemed to come from her clitoris, her vagina and her ass at the same time. Jim grunted like an animal as he felt his orgasm surge, then repeated his wolf howl as he ejaculated into his daughter's bowel. They lay panting in that spoon position for ten minutes. Then Vicki rolled over and put her arms around her beloved father. "OOOoooooooowwWWwwooooooOOO" she whispered in his ear and giggled.

The next day was spent in a continuation of loving, sexual bliss. Jim was happy enough about the fuel supply to leave four gas burners on for hours. The temperature never got warm but by draping themselves with the second sleeping bag they could stay out of their main bed for some time before the cold sent them back. During these times, Jim took Vicki as she knelt in front of him, shoulders to the mattress. The first time in her vagina, the second in her anus. Vicki knelt in front of Jim and after taking him to ecstasies he hadn't known with her mouth and throat, swilled her father's juices around her mouth before swallowing.

Later he lay on his back and she knelt over him, facing his feet.

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First she lowered her haunches so that he spent half an hour licking her vagina and anus and bringing her to orgasm again and again. They used the camera again. Vicki spent a lot of time photographing his erection from different angles and distances. "So that the net surfers can see what you are really like." Some other photos were even more pornographic, others quite prim. Vicki realized they should take some "proper" photos to show people when they returned, so they snapped each other fully dressed.

They laid out the two sleeping bags side by side to show how they might have slept Jim woke at dawn on the third morning. He could tell the storm was over. No breeze disturbed the tent and golden light from the sunrise glimmered through. He looked at his beautiful daughter beside him, tears in his eyes. Vicki woke and without saying a word they made the most tender love for an hour. For both Jim and Vicki it was a mixture of love, tenderness, lust and sadness.

They rediscovered every inch of each other's bodies.

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Jim brought Vicki to climaxes with his tongue, lips and fingers, and with his penis in her vagina then her rectum. Solemnly Vicki knelt in front of Jim and tenderly licked their bodies' juices from his penis.

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They took a foam mattress outside and stood on it. It was a beautiful, warm, still morning, no cloud in the sky. The pristine snow glinted in the bright sunlight, the newly snow-covered peaks stood in brilliant contrast to the blue sky, the virginally white glacier stretched out below. Naked they raised their faces and arms to the azure heavens. "OOOooooooooooooowwwWWWWwwwoooooooooooooOOO." Jim and Vicki, father and daughter, danced and hugged and kissed and laughed and howled like wolves until they heard the rescue aircraft coming.