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Multiple creampies in spread fuck holes for naughty fuckslut ejaculating and stretching
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Hearing her parents car pull out of the driveway was the best thing Abby had heard in a long time. They were going out of state for their 20th anniversary, and for a senior in high school who just turned 18 there weren't many things better than a whole week with the house to yourself.

The thought of how many parties Abby would be having brought a smile upon her face.

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Suddenly, a loud bark interrupted her train of thought, "Didn't I just let you out an hour ago Buster?" He just looked up at her with a confused look. Buster was a present her father had gotten Abby for her 12th birthday. Originally she was excited, but as she got older she became frustrated by all of the work that went into taking care of him.

Regardless of all the work, Abby still loved Buster for always cheering her up when she was sad.

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She smiled while simultaneously rolling her eyes and opened the backdoor to let him out. Once Buster had finished his business, Abby let him back in and went upstairs to take a shower, with Buster close behind. Abby had a personal bathroom connected to her bedroom, so she only locked her bedroom door and left the door to her bathroom open.

Abby locked her bedroom door after Buster entered out of habit, then she walked into the bathroom, quickly undressed, and started the shower. While waiting for the shower to heat up, Abby looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her toned stomach and body.

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Most boys her age instantly fell in love with her B cup breasts and round ass, making it easy for her to get almost anything she wanted. Soon, Abby's teenage mind began thinking about what it'd be like to let her crush, Max see her like this.

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Unknowingly, her hand slowly slid down to touch herself while thinking about what Max would like to do to her. After a minute or so of touching herself, Abby sighed and got in the shower. She was always so horny, but didn't have a boyfriend to do anything with. Even if she did date one of the many guys who found her attractive, she knew they would only use her to fill their needs and then dump her like some whore.

Abby slipped a finger in her tight pussy while her sexual thoughts continued to run wild. She soon slid another finger inside her, rubbing her g-spot while her other hand rubbed her right breast.

Abby's moans got louder and louder as she became more aroused, but no matter how hard she tried her fingers just weren't enough.

She needed some cock. But she didn't have any toys, so she was trapped in torturous pleasure. Abby angrily got out of the shower, dried off and jumped into bed.

She never wore clothes in her bedroom anyways, so why start now? Abby saw Buster in the corner of her room taking a nap, and it seemed like a good idea since she was tired due to that masturbation session. Abby jumped onto her bed and quickly dozed off.

Abby was having a dream that she was having sex with a man. He fucked her for what felt like hours, until he stopped and went down to her pussy. She watched as his incredible long tongue pushed itself impossibly deep inside of her. Pleasure overtaking her, she quickly woke up, continuing to feel the same exact feeling.

Abby's head jerked up and she saw Buster licking her pussy. "Buster what are yo-" Abby's disgust at the situation changed almost immediately after Busters tongue licked from her ass all the way to her swelled clit. Her pleadings for Buster to stop quickly turned to moans as his assault on her pussy accelerated. Abby was feeling pleasure in places she didn't know existed until now.

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Abby could hear wet slapping noises as Busters skilled tongue met her soaked pussy. Buster was hitting her G-spot on every lick, this brought Abby's inevitable orgasm closer than ever. Buster kept masterfully eating Abby's pussy out for close to ten minutes. Fingering herself in the shower combined with Busters' tongue pushed Abby over the edge.

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She arched her back and almost screamed as she came harder than ever. Busters tongue was covered with Abby's sweet juices. Abby pushed herself onto her stomach and brought herself up on her hands and knees. Soon Abby's fast and heavy breathing slowed down as she recovered from her incredible orgasm.

However, Abby didn't understand that Buster wasn't done. He quickly jumped onto her back while she was on all fours. Abby quickly realized what was happening, "Buster get down! Bad dog!" But no matter what she said, Buster mounted her. She could feel his first few thrust miss, but his cock was slightly off and instead his cock hit Abby's clit, inciting a loud moan from her.

Buster's next thrust however, was too high. Abby felt his cock poke her asshole, and her eyes widened. "No Buster get off me!" Abby tried to push Buster off of her with all her might but he was too heavy. Terrified, she looked back and saw that his cock was 9 inches long and growing!

Abby knew there was no point in pleading with Buster, so she began to softly cry. Without warning, Buster slammed his entire dick deep into Abby's virgin asshole.


Abby screamed in shock and pain as Buster continued thrusting his cock deep into her. She cried as her beloved dog raped her ass without a hint of regret. Half an hour later, now that his fully erect 12 inch cock was fucking her, Abby lost all ability to speak.

The only sounds she could make were loud grunts and moans. Suddenly Abby felt the base of Busters' dick begin to swell and her eyes once again widened in fright, realizing she forgot about his knot. Soon it swelled to the size of a baseball, locking his cock into her tight ass. Abby could feel Buster's knot pull against her asshole on every thrust, forcing her to make a loud, pained grunt each time.

Eventually, Buster re-positioned himself and Abby felt his balls begin to slap her clit on every thrust as well. The sudden arousal from her clit made it nearly impossible to relax her ass for Buster's long cock, which made the ass fucking all the worse. Buster raped Abby's tight butt while she drooled onto her bed; completely broken. Finally, Abby felt Buster begin to cum in her. She would have made a sigh of relief if she could.

Once he was done cumming in his whore, Buster jumped off of Abby's back.


With her rape finally over, Abby collapsed onto her cum, blood, and saliva covered bed. Glancing up at the clock, Abby saw that Buster had raped her for two hours straight. She just layed there, slightly drooling and unable to move until she fell asleep. Abby awoke the next morning hoping the night before had been a dream.

She suddenly felt a terrible throbbing pain in her ass, which let her know that it was all real. Emotionless, she looked at the clock and realize she slept 15 hours. Before she could struggle to get out of her bed, she heard a loud growl.

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She turned to see Buster, and his cock completely hard. Abby didn't know what to do. She looked at herself in the mirror hanging on the wall. All she saw now was a broken, humiliated whore. With a shameful look on her face, she got on her hands and knees and prayed it would be over soon.