Vollbusige Coed Ashton Pierce bekommt ihre junge Pussy hart gefickt

Vollbusige Coed Ashton Pierce bekommt ihre junge Pussy hart gefickt
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iv'e always considered myself bi i guess and these stories are a really good release for my thoughts, enjoy. Milhouse walked across the school yard to meet up with Bart; he felt Lisa's eyes following him every step of the way.

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When he finally reached Bart he smacked him High Five. Bart and Milhouse had been experimenting with different things and they had finally decided that it was time for them to experiment with one another. Milhouse had watched plenty of gay pornos in preparation for their new experience.

"Are you sure we won't get caught? We are still on school grounds and this is grounds for expulsion if we get caught," whispered Milhouse as he followed Bart behind some bushes. "Don't worry Man everything will be just fine," replied Bart as he began to unbuttoned his shorts.

"Ok I hope you are right" stated a nervous Milhouse. Milhouse then leaned and gave Bart a soft kiss on the lips.


Taken aback Bart stepped back and asked Milhouse to explain how men had sex with other men. After a few minutes of explaining Milhouse got on his knees and began to rub the small bulge in his pants that was made by Bart's now erect boy hood. Milhouse stopped to think for a few seconds, "Wait what if we do this at your house tonight I am gonna stay all weekend anyways." Bart quickly buttoned up his shorts and agreed.

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Later that Night ——- After hearing Marge close and lock her bedroom door Bart signaled to Milhouse to do the same. After a few moments of silence the 2 boys quietly moved Bart's bed to the center of the room and closed the curtains.

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The 2 boys then climbed on top of the bed in their PJs. Milhouse looked at Bart's groin area. He saw a small bulge begin to form.


Milhouse was not so confident about experimenting in gay sex with Bart anymore. Bart looked at Milhouse and realized his friend's uncertainty. "Hey man are you okay?" "Yeah I'm fine I just don't know abo…&hellip." While his friend was distracted Bart had removed his pajama pants and underwear and had placed Milhouse's hand on his erect boyhood.

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Surprised by Bart's action Milhouse first lifted his hand off of Bart's dick he then felt a rush of desire to touch Bart's gentiles. Milhouse then lowered his hand onto his best friend's erect cock and began to play with it as if it were his own.

He then realized an odd yet pleasurable feeling in his pants and noticed that Bart's arm was extended and now touching something on Milhouse's side of the bed. Bart slowly began stroking his best friends erect penis.

He had noticed the distress on Milhouse's face and knew that he would have to act quickly or he would not get the chance to receive a blow job from his friend's full lips. Bart smiled at Milhouse "Does that feel good?" Milhouse returned Bart's smile, "Yeah, how does it feel when I do it to you?" Bart then removed his hand from his friend's groin area and got off the bed. Bart then quickly removed his clothing, quickly returning to his position on the bed with his legs spread wide apart and his boyhood stiffly standing alone.

"It feels great but I think it would feel better if you gave me one of those blow jobs or whatever they're." stated a now sex craving Bart. Milhouse didn't know how Bart had become so daring. Milhouse hoped that since he was the one that actually researched what gay sex was he would be the one getting the blow jobs.

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"Come on dude you know you want my cock in your mouth maybe if you're luck I will let you swallow my jizz," encouraged Bart. Unsure of how to approach his friend's penis Milhouse quickly lay down on his stomach with his head facing Bart's penis. He then in one quick fluid motion grabbed onto the now rock hard prick between Bart's legs and plunged it between his lips.

The wet warmth that now engulfed Bart's penis forced a load moan from his own lips.

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It was like nothing he had ever felt before. Terry and Sherry had given him a Blow job but for some reason it seemed as if they had no idea what to do when they were trying. But Milhouse was acting almost as if he were sucking his own cock and actually feeling the pleasure. Bart suddenly felt a delightful yet awkward tightness around his cock. When he looked down he realized that he cold not see a single centimeter of his cock.

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Milhouse has shoved the entire thing down his throat without warning. to be continued.