Nice Big Facial Cumshot POV

Nice Big Facial Cumshot POV
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Richard stopped his car outside Janet's house. He walked around the brand new BMW 750 to her side and opened her door. Janet got out, consciously keeping her knees together to avoid showing too much thigh, but she did take his hand. "Thank you so much Richard, that was a lovely evening." "I'm glad you liked it, I enjoyed your company." Janet smiled, kissed him on the cheek.

"Please call me soon." She went into to her kitchen. Each time she came here she felt so happy that she had used Franco Luciani, the fashionable Italian to design her kitchen. All her friends kept telling her how fabulous it was. She poured herself a glass of French champagne and reviewed her first night out with Richard.

He certainly was a bit of a catch. So good looking and at 35, five years older than her, the age was right. A highly successful lawyer, he clearly had money. The new BMW, the most expensive restaurant in town with the most expensive French wines, immaculate Italian suit, Rolex watch.

She hadn't been to his waterfront apartment but her friend Marcie had said must have cost millions. Perhaps she should have done more than kiss his cheek? Of course not, she wasn't 'easy' and she was sure Richard would respect her more.

And, besides, he had to deserve her, he had to earn the right. She went to her bedroom and through to her ensuite bathroom, also restyled by Franco. "Not too bad, not too bad at all," Janet thought as she studied her face in the mirror. Few people would think she was 30. Perhaps the slightest hint of smile lines at the corners of her mouth and eyes. A perfect complexion, straight thin nose and prominent cheekbones. Perfect teeth which had cost her parents a fortune 15 years before.

Janet was glad she had spent a couple of hours with Henri that afternoon. Her cascading blond shoulder length locks had been perfectly waved by Henri's expensive talents. She poured another glass of Veuve Cliquot. It was time to become involved with another man. Two years before Janet had told her husband, Ted that he must go.

There was no one-off important reason like infidelity, more the fact that Janet was bored. He, like Richard, was successful and busy and liked German cars. Their sex life had never been exciting, Ted worked long hours and was often traveling internationally. At first she was lonely when he traveled, but latterly she found she preferred it when she didn't have to make the effort to find something to talk about to him.

Certainly they had the money and had overseas holidays most people could only dream about. During the two years of separation Janet had worked hard on her medical career. She took off her designer black dress, the her bra and knickers. "Not too bad, not too bad at all," she again whispered appreciatively to herself. There was not an ounce of spare flesh on her body. Her 34C breasts were as firm as a teenager's, her stomach was flat and her long legs lightly muscled and shapely.

That personal trainer at her exclusive gym certainly knew his job. If only he would stop trying to chat her up. Someone in her position certainly wasn't going to give herself to a toy-boy.

A MONTH LATER Richard pursued Janet with an urgency. He took her sailing on his 40 foot keeler, took her to dinners where many of the city's movers and shakers were present, they never drank anything except the most expensive French wines.

After two years without sex Janet enjoyed Richard's touch. She did keep control of how fast he was allowed to move. On the third night she let him kiss her properly, on the fifth to caress her beasts through her blouse and bra. After a month she undid her blouse and loved the feeling as he kissed and licked her nipples. But when he put his hand on her thigh she put hers on top.

"Soon darling soon." And Richard was such a gentleman that he never tried to push her boundaries. ANOTHER MONTH LATER One Thursday evening Richard turned up at her house with two first-class airline tickets. "Start packing Janet, tomorrow we are going to Sydney for a couple of days.

I have front row tickets for Parvarotti and a penthouse suite at the Hilton." Parvarotti and a penthouse suite and first class tickets! What could be more romantic? Wouldn't her friends be jealous. After the Parvarotti concert and in the splendid luxury of their suite Janet willingly let Richard make love to her. His touch was exciting, he was a considerate and gentle lover who adored her beauty.

Janet didn't orgasm, but she never had during sex, and he didn't force her to kiss his cock, thank goodness. After their love making Richard had to make some important business calls and Janet lay on the bed thinking how perfect everything was, how her friends would envy her with this handsome, wealthy and charming hunk.

How those friends would appreciate that their 'first' was in the penthouse suite at the Hilton. Their romance flourished. Both were busy professionals but they usually made love twice a week on Wednesday evenings and Saturday evenings after they had eaten at exclusive restaurants. They seemed a perfect match. In the early stages Richard did try oral sex on Janet, but fortunately he wasn't really interested. But she sometimes orgasmed when he explored her clitoris with his fingers. THREE MONTHS LATER Richard proposed marriage on his knees on the balcony of his waterfront apartment.

The engagement ring was enormous and her gave her a BMW sports car as a present. Their engagement party was one of the social events in town with dozens of the 'beautiful' people present. Janet was proud that the local newspaper devoted a full page of its society supplement to photos of their party.

They agreed that they would get married in a year and have their honeymoon climbing Mt Everest. Like Janet, Richard was a fitness freak. TWO MONTHS LATER Initially Janet hadn't been keen when Richard had suggested that they go on the five day trek in the mountains of their homeland. "Darling, couldn't we go somewhere overseas?" "Janet, we only have six days holidays and if we went overseas we would only have 3 4 days trekking.

This will be a good part of our build-up for Everest. "And Vogue Magazine rated this one of the top ten treks in the world." "Vogue Magazine said that?" "Yes, here's the article." Relieved that the choice of holiday was endorsed by Vogue, Janet readily agreed and both spent the next month building their fitness.

ONE MONTH LATER The start of the trek was inauspicious. It was raining heavily and Janet wasn't overly impressed by the other members of their group. There was George who looked about 45. He had a strange red goatee beard which was about a foot long giving him a sinister appearance. This wasn't helped by the tattoos Janet could set on the exposed part of his chest and forearms. Another couple about the same age as Janet and Richard, David and Deborah, but when Janet spoke to them she thought their accents were a bit 'ordinary' and their trekking gear wasn't top of the range and brand new like theirs.

They seemed, well, just a bit mousy. And a Swiss girl, Erica, maybe 20 years old, dazzlingly beautiful and who already irritated Janet by being so happy and laughing so much. Her impressions of their guide, Joe, weren't favorable. He was a couple of years older than Richard and seemed far too laid back and casual.

His clothes and trekking gear looked as though they would have been fashionable 20 years ago. "You must be Richard and Janet," he grunted, checking his list when they met at the hotel the night before.

"And you're staying in the luxury accommodation." Each of the huts on the trek had a bunk room and a 'luxury' separate bedroom big enough for two. "Well, don't expect too much luxury, but it'll be OK after I kick out the possums which normally sleep there." Richard started to protest, but Janet tapped him on the arm. "I thought a top class cook was supposed to be coming with us," said Richard. "You're looking at him," grinned Joe. "We should have some great tucker, I picked up some road kill on the way here." As with all the other members he checked their gear.

He nodded approvingly at the quality. Richard had been meticulous in his preparations. "We ordered it from Switzerland over the Internet," said Janet. "It's the best money can buy." "It certainly is top gear," nodded Joe. "OK folks," Joe spoke to the group in the morning as they gathered at the start of the track.

"Now the first day is going to be a bit of a bummer. We've got five hours hard slog, just about all up-hill, through the bush. This rain is only going to get heavier, so the only views you are going to get are of the backside of the person in front of you. We're all going to get very wet, very muddy and very tired. "But the wise Maori tell me the weather will be perfect for the other four days." "Was it a tribal elder who has centuries of folklore to guide him about the weather?" asked Erica.

"No, it was the TV weather-forecaster last night." "You'll take turns in front. I'll be at the back. Two reasons. People will want their money back if they have to look at my backside all day and second, I don't want to lose any stragglers. "The last time I lost a straggler it took us three weeks to find him." He looked Janet steadily in the eye.

"He had kept alive by eating ferns and possum droppings." "We'll take turns on who leads the way. Richard and Janet, you look in great shape so you can start. Just follow the path and look out for the orange markers." Janet felt proud that they had been chosen and was determined to set a cracking pace to show the others. But Joe seemed to read her mind. "We've got five days tough work ahead and I'm not as young as I used to be.

So can we please remember the old mountain man's motto." "What's that?" asked Richard. "Take it easy for the first couple of hours, then start to slacken off." Janet and Richard led the way in the pouring rain. After half an hour they stopped at a river bank.

The river waters rushed fast in front of them, obviously higher because of the rain. There was a thick rope tied to trees on either side for them to hold on to.

"OK no problems. Make sure you keep holding the rope." He escorted each across in turn. Last was Janet. "I won't need you," she said, staring at Joe icily. "I'm sorry Janet. It would be on my conscience for at least a day if I let someone as beautiful as you become an eel's meal." Janet snorted and set off.

Even though the river was only a little above knee deep she was surprised at the strength of the icy water and held tightly to the rope as she edged across. The boulders on the river bed were slippery. Half way across her boot slipped on a boulder and she lost balance. It was only her tight grip on the rope which stopped her from being swept downstream.

Holding the rope, with both feet caught in the current she had a moment of panic. Then she felt Joe's arm around her waist to steady her and she quickly regained her foothold. Without a word she made her way to the far side. She had a memory of the feeling of relief at Joe's grip, of the strength and yet gentleness of his grasp.

They now started climbing. The rain was making the track muddy and slippery and slowing their progress. Every time the group reached the top of a hill, there was another rising even more steeply in the mist. Janet found the conditions oppressive and had to drive herself on. Sweat mingled with rain on her face and chest. After two hours Joe called a halt and lead them to a large overhanging rock. Sheltered from the rain.

they were able to sit on dry stones and logs. Joe dug into his enormous back-pack and produced a gas burner and seven mugs. "Time for some road kill," he winked at Erica and delving into his pack again. This time he produced crisp bread rolls filled with chicken or prawn salad. Food have never tasted so good for Janet.

Fresh fruit and chocolate bars. Janet refused the latter. She had her figure to look after. "It's three more hours, you'll need the energy," said Joe.

Janet refused to eat, but when Joe wasn't watching put two bars in her pocket. "We will be clear of the forest in an hour. Let's hope the wind eases or it will be colder than a lawyer's heart up on the tops," said Joe. "Do you mind? Richard is a lawyer," exclaimed Janet. "Present company excepted of course," said Joe. They came to a small clearing and momentarily there was a break in the mist. They could see the river valley far below where they had walked so many hours ago. And above they could see the start of mountains, above the bush line, covered in snow tussock.

"You guys have done brilliantly," said Joe to everyone as he made more tea. "These are the toughest conditions I have been up in for quite a while. Only one more hour" Janet felt a surge of pride then wondered what she must look like. Everyone else's faces were mud splattered, her hair was wet through, she knew it must be a tangled mess. She sat down in the rain wondering if she would have the energy to get up again. Dusk was starting to fall when they reached the log cabin.

Joe went inside and lit the kerosene lamps. Janet shuddered at what she saw. There was a basic room with a small gas stove at one end and a few chairs which looked as though they were rejects from a charity collection and an open fireplace. A door way led to the bunk room where most people would sleep. Joe opened a door to the 'luxury' bedroom. There was one narrow, double bed, a small wooden table and two dilapidated arm chairs. "God Richard, where's our penthouse suite at the Hilton?" asked Janet.

However, there were their change of clothes which had been brought up by helicopter the previous day together with other provisions and the bed was freshly made. Despite being run down, everything was immaculately clean. Joe had vanished outside but soon returned. "OK guys, welcome to the Mount Gloomy Hilton. Make yourselves at home because, if the weather doesn't improve, we'll be here for a couple of days.

I've set up the gas for the showers. There's one for the ladies, one for the gents." He gestured towards two flimsy doors. "Time limit is five minutes because we haven't got that much gas. If you stay longer I'll come in and drag you out." "Really?" said Erica with a big smile. "Tramp!" thought Janet.

They drew lots for turns in the shower. Janet was first which pleased her. She didn't want to go into a shower which had just been used by someone else. She organized herself in advance. The shower was hot, but the water pressure low. However, it was lovely to feel the hot water on her tired, aching limbs, to get rid of the mud and grime, to wash her hair and get rid of the tangles. "I'm coming in half a minute," she heard Joe call.

"I bet you'd like to, you pervert," Janet thought, and hurriedly rinsed her hair. When she came out she felt refreshed and clean in her new clothes. Joe had lit a fire and the room suddenly seemed quite cheery. The red bearded George had been the first man, his foot long goatee gleaming after its wash. He had chosen to wear a black singlet and Janet was horrified to see tattoos covering all his exposed flesh.

"Hope you cleaned the shower, George," said Joe. "No sweat," said George. But Janet hurried back to clean hers. It had never occurred to her that she would have to clean the shower.

She was aware of Joe's gaze, but thankfully he said nothing. By the time everyone had showered the atmosphere had become cheerful With the fire blazing and the rain pounding down outside, their hut seemed snug.The wine helped the conversation to flow. Joe had lit the fire in the 'luxury' room and Richard and Janet went in there while Joe prepared the dinner. The helicopter had dropped off the food and a good supply of beer and Australian wine. Janet sipped. "God this wine is terrible.

Why couldn't they have brought up some decent French wine." "I know," said Richard. "I'm sorry darling, perhaps this trek wasn't such a great idea." "It's not your fault, but everyone here seems so, so basic. Well at least David and Deborah have a Mercedes." "Yes, but he made his money as a Funeral Director. And this guide Joe. He's just a bit casual and doesn't seem to respect us.

Doesn't he realize that we are the top payers?" "And this luxury room. What a dump. I've never slept in a room like this before in my life." They were interrupted in their misery by the sounds of loud laughter in the other room.

"The helicopter will be coming here tomorrow to take our gear to the next hut. We could hitch a ride and get out," said Richard.

"Would you mind, darling. I just don't feel all that comfortable in this sort of company." "If you feel like this tomorrow, sure, we'll get out." Again a roar of laughter from the other room.

"I suppose that's one of Joe's jokes," muttered Richard. "Tucker's ready you guys," yelled Joe from the other room. Reluctantly Richard and Janet left their privacy to join the others. "Time to eat his road kill," whispered Richard. However, even Janet had to admit the meal was magnificent. Spaghetti with chicken and bacon, char grilled vegetables cooked to perfection and fresh salad. Janet was amazed that he had produced such food so quickly and recognized that she couldn't have done so herself.

She couldn't bring herself to complement Joe, but surprised herself by eating two enormous servings, so hungry was she after the hard day's hiking. She started to relax. She looked back on the day's climb. It hadn't been enjoyable, but she felt a real sense of accomplishment. She even felt more relaxed with this odd group of people she had climbed with. "Joe, could you arrange for some decent French wine for the next nights. We were told this was a luxury trek." said Richard.

"Don't you like this?" asked the tattooed George. "Well, it's not French." The conversation flowed. Janet noticed that Joe didn't say much himself, but asked questions about the others to get them talking.

He seemed so interested in people. Whereas Janet really wasn't in the slightest bit interested in people unless they met certain social criteria. She did notice that that tramp Erica was dressed in tight a fitting jersey and leggings which showed every contour of her body below her waist. She also saw that she was gazing at Joe a lot but he seemed not to notice. However, even Janet took an interest when George explained how he used to be a member of the notorious Road Knights gang.

That would explain those tattoos and that revolting beard. He had 'done time' in prison for offenses he chose not to talk about. He had realized, after spending 16 of the 20 years from age 15 in prison, that this wasn't a smart way of life. So he had studied wine when he did his last stretch inside. Now he owned a wine shop and was happily married.

"Ah Rita," she is just perfect," he had a wistful gaze. Looking at Deborah, "Her tattoos are so beautiful." Deborah and David surprised Janet. They had many fascinating stories about their funeral business; some tragic, some hilarious and David was a great storyteller.

Erica, it turned out, had known Joe for six years. Her family had a similar trekking business to his in Switzerland and they had met when Joe had trekked with them. Each year they came to Joe or Joe to them. But this year her father wasn't so well so Erica came alone.

Perhaps it was the wine, perhaps it was Joe's gentle questioning, but Janet found she talked easily about herself. She started off talking about the important conferences she had spoken to, her expensive house and car and holidays. But under Joe's questions she started to talk more about her feelings, what it was like to deliver a baby. She talked about the time a baby survived when she thought it was hopeless, and how wonderful she had felt.

Richard gently stroked her hand and changed the topic. In a way Janet was glad, she felt a bit silly talking about her inner feelings, but in a way she was annoyed as this was the first time for a very long time she had thought about such things, let alone talked about them. It was Richard's turn to be gently questioned. He welcomed the chance and spoke about the important people he knew, his new Beamer and keeler.

Janet felt slightly strange. Richard was right to feel good about his successes, but she wondered who in this audience could give a stuff whether he had a BMW 750 or 735, whether his keeler was 35 feet or 40 feet, or for that matter, whether he had a keeler at all.

Erica started to yawn and Joe suggested that as they had a big day tomorrow he was going to bed. He started to clear the dinner dishes but George and David insisted that he take a break and they would do them. Without thinking, Janet got up and helped. Richard was already in bed when she finished.

"Darling, I don't think you need to do the dishes. We paid a lot of money for this trek. "And I don't think you should talk so personally about yourself to strangers." Janet said nothing but when Richard put his hand on her breast, she removed it. "Not tonight darling. I'm tired." The new day was bright and clear, the wind had dropped completely.

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Richard and Janet went outside. Below were the forest covered hills they had climbed yesterday. They could see .the river valley far below and further out, the ocean. With their binoculars they could see the white surf crashing into the rocky shoreline.

Above them a ridge stretched skywards, about 1000 feet above was the snow-line. Far in the distance were the mighty peaks of the main divide which they would cross on their trek.

The others joined them and Janet loaned Erica the binoculars for her to look. "Oh, look Richard, is that your BMW in the hotel carpark?" Richard took the binoculars and studied. Janet saw his smile of satisfaction and wondered why he spent more time looking at his car than the natural beauty around him. Joe produced a breakfast of fruit salad and omlettes.

"Joe, you should teach the chef at the Hilton how to make omlettes," said Janet helping herself to another. "Careful, darling, you'll put on weight," said Richard. Janet stared down at her plate saying nothing. This trekking burned more than 4000 calories a day. There was no way she would be putting on weight. And she didn't need him to tell her in public what to eat.

Janet finished the omlette and helped do the dishes and clean the cabin while Richard read a book. Joe gave them an introduction to safety on the snow. He then clipped them onto the safety rope. "The last trekker who went down the side of the mountain slid down 2,000 feet. It took us a week to get him out. He had to survive on snow and mountain goat droppings." "Why did he look her straight in the eye when he told these ridiculous stories," wondered Janet.

What had been rain on the lower hills the previous day had been snow at this altitude and Joe warned that it would be another exhausting day. The helicopter arrived to transport their spare gear to the next hut. "Do you want to get on it Janet?" asked Richard. "We could be down in a couple of hours." Janet didn't reply but continued her conversation with George about his time in prison.

Joe led the way. Once they were in the snow he cleared a path of sorts with his ice ax. Janet, who prided herself on her fitness was finding the going tough and marveled at Joe's endurance. Two hours later they reached their first peak only to see yet another peak ascending even higher. All around were mountains covered in snow although down one side Janet could see a valley below the snow-line with a small mountain lake. "I'm getting stuffed," said Joe.

"Who wants to be next on clearing the path?" Richard started to say something about hired help but Deborah stepped forward and took the ice ax. It was easier going now and Janet was able to take in the view and became more exhilarated as the day continued. When they stopped for tea some mountain parrots joined them Almost completely fearless they rummaged around looking for food. Janet had taken off her sunglasses and only just managed to retrieve them before an inquisitive parrot took off with them.

Joe pointed across the valley and Janet looked through her binoculars. There were about 20 chamois, elegant mountain goats, browsing on the snow tussock. She passed the binoculars to Richard, but he wasn't interested. For the next stretch Erica took over the path clearing duties. Once she slipped and Janet noticed Jim's hands on her bottom to steady her.

She felt disapproval rising within her. Then she wondered why she was concerned what happened between Joe and Erica. Janet remembered the comfort of Joe's strong grip when she had slipped in the river the previous day.

During the day everyone except Richard had a turn in front. He muttered to Janet that it wasn't his job to be a tour guide and he would be making an official complaint.

Janet stared at him. "Why couldn't he just unwind a bit?" she thought. Janet had her turn. Joe was right behind. Once when she was trying to climb up a steep part of the track she felt his hands firmly pushing on her buttocks. "If you fall back on us we'll all be living on snow and mountain goat droppings," Joe muttered.

They reached the next peak and had another of Joe's delicious lunches. Joe pointed into the valley far below where they could see a cabin beside a small lake.

"Good news and bad news folks. It's downhill for the rest of today. Tomorrow we must climb back up." It was downhill most of the way, but the last half hour was going up a steep path.

They were well below the snow again. It was mid afternoon under the beating sun, they were all sweating profusely by the time they reached the cabin. It was identical to that of the previous night, but the view was different.

In front was a small lake and behind that the mighty peaks of of the main divide soared. Some blue mountain ducks splashed across the lake before they took off into the sky. "Showers are the same as last night," said Joe." But there is another shower here which we can use." They asked what it was but he refused to tell but, intrigued, they picked up towels and shampoo and joined him as he took them on a small path around a rocky outcrop.

There was a waterfall about 20 feet high falling into a shallow pool before the water went in a stream to the lake.

"Close your eyes if you like ladies," laughed Joe. He stripped naked and ran 20 yards to the waterfall. Janet saw his naked back and buttocks. He was lean, but had well defined muscles. He stood under the waterfall with some shampoo and washed his hair and body. The six trekkers watched not knowing what to do. Janet thought she would wait till he had finished. It was mousy Deborah who surprised her, taking off her clothes and rushing to the tumbling water. Deborah squealed at the cold but Joe passed her the shampoo.

David joined his wife, then George. Janet saw that his whole body was covered with tattoos. Erica looked at Janet. "Dare you!" They both took off their clothes and hand in hand rushed to the laughing group. Janet felt a little awkward at first. There were three men she hardly knew, naked, with penises bouncing. She kept her back to the group while she washed but then noticed she was the only one being modest.

She turned around and found she was standing right in front of Joe. Her first reaction was to cover her breasts and pubic hair with her hands but somehow Janet resisted the urge and looked him steadily in the eye. But Joe didn't leer at her body. He was laughing as Deborah was washing his back. David was washing Erica's. "Could you do my back please Janet," asked George. She started to wash his tattooed back. "Is there a single part of you that isn't tattooed?" she asked.

"One part, but I'm too much of a gentleman to show," laughed George. "This is a strange tattoo," said Janet, touching George's back. "That's not a tattoo. That's where my Rita stabbed me with the bread-knife. Hell's teeth, I love that feisty woman." Janet decided there was a world which was far from her experience.

They continued washing and laughing until the cold drove them out. All six sat on a grassy mound as the sun warmed them. Their bodies tingled delightfully from the blood rushing to their cold skin. No-one took any notice of their own nudity or anyone else's. Janet leaned back her face and body to the sun.

Her breasts were fully exposed and she supposed that if anyone cared to look they could see her pubic hair. But nobody cared to. "Where's Richard?" asked Erica. "Oh God, he didn't come in with us" thought Janet. "He's gone back to the cabin by himself." Quickly she dressed.

Richard had showered in the cabin. "Enjoy your shower Janet?" "It was just lovely." "Good. I imagine those men enjoyed your shower as well." Richard picked up his book and went outside to read. Janet could tell he was seething with anger.

Janet changed her clothes then went outside and sat beside him. She stroked his hand, but felt him immediately withdraw it. "What's the matter Richard." "I saw him push your bum." "But I was slipping back.

He pushed George's bum too." "I never thought you would flaunt yourself in front of other men." "Richard, you are being silly darling. It was just fun and it was innocent. I wished you had come in, it was so lovely." "Janet, I think you had better understand something. We've got to maintain standards. It won't help my career if it gets around that you are flaunting yourself in front of an ex-con." Janet reflected. Richard was telling her what to say, telling what she couldn't eat, telling her to stop enjoying herself on the best adventure she had ever had in her life.

She eyed him coldly as he read his book. "I'm going to join the others." "See if you can keep your clothes on this time." Richard didn't lift his face from his book. Janet stood still, almost in shock at his rudeness, thought about a reply but stalked out of the room. Joe, Deborah and Erica were deep in conversation. Janet noticed Joe was holding Erica's hand. "Tramp," she thought. Then Janet wondered why she was judgmental. It was no concern of hers what Joe and Erica did.

Then she felt guilty; Erica was a long time friend of Joe's and her father was ill. George and David were discussing wine. How incongruous it was to see this tattooed giant talking wine. "Hey Janet," called David. "The helicopter has dropped us some French red. Do you want to try it?" Janet drank some and recognized that it was not nearly as good as the Australian she had drunk the night before.

But she didn't say so. She decided to make an effort and took some wine to Richard. "Would you like some wine Richard. It's French." "Just leave the bottle here will you." She chatted to Erica.

It turned out that her father was progressing well but still needed time to recover. No wonder Joe was holding her hand. It was a serious illness. Janet could imagine Erica's concern, perhaps that was the reason Joe had been holding her hand "You and Joe seem very friendly." "I've known him for so long.

We all think of ourselves almost as one family. Sometimes I call him my Godfather." Erica looked at Janet with a smile. "And no, we don't bonk. I suppose because we hold hands a bit and hug a bit lot's of people think we do.

I think of him as something between and elder brother and an uncle." The two then played chess, but Janet's mind was distracted by Richard and she lost quickly. Another of Joe's magnificent meals appeared as if by magic. This time baked salmon. Richard came in for the food but sat in silence. Janet noticed he drank three glasses of wine in the short time it took him to eat. He ignored Deborah's and George's attempt at conversation with him.

He stood up, unsteadily Janet noticed, picked up another bottle of wine and headed for their bedroom. "Richard, please don't drink anymore," said Janet. "You won't be able to trek tomorrow." He looked at her with unfocused eyes. "Come into the room sweetheart. Get your gear off and let's party, just you and me." Janet didn't know what to say.

She was embarrassed by the scene. Richard staggered towards the bedroom with his wine. "I can see you want to get your gear off in front of these good folk and party out here. Like the waterfall." Erica gave Janet a hug. And they chatted away about anything other than Richard's behavior. After half an hour Janet checked to see what Richard was doing. Passed out on the bed, snoring.

She covered him with a blanket and left the room Janet needed some space to think. She excused herself and sat outside in the moonlight. Was she doing the right thing marrying him?

He must be able to see that she was loving this trek yet all he did was try and stop it. Why couldn't he talk to anyone who wasn't filthy rich? How could he say things like that to her in public? Images came into her mind. Richard, with his look of satisfaction as he studied his BMW through the binoculars. Joe, with his boyish enthusiasm as he pointed out the mountain goats to her. Richard's perfectly sculpted gym developed body.

Joe's lean, hard toughness when she saw him under the waterfall. Richard talking about his big deals. Joe laughing as the mountain parrot almost took her sunglasses.

She thought back to her ex-husband, Ted, but without nostalgia. Life was him was so boring. Then it struck her. Richard was a clone of Ted, her ex. Better looking to be sure, just as successful in business, giving her expensive treats. But really and truly, when they were alone together without alcohol to spark the conversation, what did they talk about?

Money, business deals and expensive purchases. And their sex already it was down to once a week, sometimes not even that. And how long since she had had an orgasm? She was making the same mistake again. Joe appeared with two cups of tea.

"Would you prefer to be alone?" Janet looked up at him."This view is wonderful enough to share." They sat side by side gazing at the view, sipping their tea and saying nothing.

The moon's silver light reflected off the snow covered mountains and the ripples on the lake. There was a no sound, a complete and utter silence. Janet felt as if she and Joe were the only two people in the world.

Joe pointed to the distance. "See that dip in the mountain ridge, that's the pass we will be crossing in two days." "Where?" said Janet. Joe moved closer so that she could follow the direction of his pointed arm.

"Ah yes, I see. How high is that?" "About 7,000 feet, no big deal. It's called Icy Death Pass" "How many times have you crossed it?" "Just about enough times to wreak my knees I suspect." "And how many trekkers have slipped off and had to live off snow and goat droppings for a week." "You'll be the first." "Will you save save me?" "Now that you have stopped telling us about luxury hotels and fabulous overseas holidays." Janet laughed.

"No overseas holiday has been as wonderful as this." "You're only saying that because you are fascinated by George's tattoos." "Janet, it's none of my business what happens in relationships on these treks. But there are rules about conduct with other members. After what Richard said to you in public I would normally have a quiet word and tell him if it happens again he's on the next helicopter out." Janet looked at Joe.

She was unsure how much she should talk to him. "I've never seen him behave like this before. It's a side of his character I didn't know existed." "People like you and Richard normally react in one of two ways,"said Joe "What do you mean people like us?" "Successful city people who are used to people taking notice of them." "Is that what you think of me?" Joe ignored her question. "Either they fall in love with the trekking and the different environment." He tapped Janet's shoulder.

"That's you I suspect. Or else they can't stand being one of a group, they can't stand being out of their comfort zone. That may be Richard." "I'm not going to marry him." "Think carefully Janet. The mountain air can make you think in different ways. When you get back to the city you may find that you feel the same way you used to." "He's exactly the same as my ex-husband.

Now that I have realized that I can see the same things starting to happen." "What are those?" "I'm sorry Joe, I can't really talk about that," said Janet thinking she wasn't going to discuss her sex life with this stranger. "There must be something wrong with me to be only interested in men with lot's of money, who are important, or at least think they are." "Perhaps because those things are important to you." "I'm not going to feel guilty about being in the waterfall with all of you." "That's a mountain parrot tattooed on your shoulder isn't it?" asked Janet.

"Were you peeking at me under the waterfall Janet?" "At first I thought it was an eagle, but the I think those funny, eccentric, independent minded parrots are more like you." Joe said nothing and they both stared at the silver mountains. "I'm a bit cold." It seemed natural that Joe put his arm around her shoulder.

It seemed natural that Janet should snuggle in to feel the warmth. "How will Richard cope with the trek tomorrow after all that booze?" "It'll be a tough day for him," said Joe.

"But I doubt that will happen. My bet is he will suddenly find he has an important business deal and will take the helicopter out. You may have a decision to make" "I'm going to finish this trek. I'm loving every minute of it." Janet sipped her tea. "Have you ever thought of having another tattoo on your other shoulder?" "What do you think I should have?" "A dolphin maybe." "Why a dolphin?" "Because they seem to smile all the time and always seem to be enjoying themselves." "Dolphins are my favorite animals but I couldn't have a tattoo of one." "Why not." "They bonk over 50 times a day.

It would give me an inferiority complex" "Do they really?" Janet giggled and wriggled under Joe's arm. "I saw you looking at me under the waterfall." "Cut it out Janet. "I'm trek leader. I'm a professional. I don't things like that." "What did you think." "I'm not allowed to say. But it did make think of dolphins." Janet laughed. "I hope he does go back tomorrow." "Careful beautiful Janet. You were happily betrothed a day ago." Joe stood up and held out his hand to help Janet up.

Janet gave him a brief but tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for being so nice to talk to." They returned to the cabin. Janet went to her bedroom and got into bed beside Richard who was still snoring from his drink. She lay awake for a long time. She looked at Richard without affection. She thought about Joe. That was a really nice conversation and it felt so good snuggled under his arm.

How could she feel so relaxed and happy and even a bit excited sitting with this man, just staring at the stars with his arm around her and saying nothing? She thought for some time, fingering the ring on her finger. The next morning Richard was talking on his mobile phone.

Janet could tell he was talking to the CEO of one the largest companies. She used to feel pride when she heard his important conversations and appreciative of his incisive mind when she heard him speak. Now Janet just thought, "God this is so boring." She went with Erica and Deborah for another shower under the waterfall. Richard was still on the phone when she returned.

She joined the others in cleaning and tidying the cabin. "Janet, I'm going to catch the chopper out of here this morning," said Richard. "Important business deal," he added in a loud voice so that all the trekkers could hear. Janet said nothing. "I think you should come with me Janet." "I'm enjoying this trek." "We can trek anytime." "You can do your business deals anytime." "Janet, you know how important this company's business is to my firm." "Richard, I can't understand why this can't wait three days.

It's Saturday today, it's the weekend let alone our first holiday together." "I don't want to argue about this in front of other people." "I'm not arguing. I'm staying." Richard stood still staring at her. "Darling, we're a team. We do things together." "Then let's trek together." The other trekkers moved away leaving them in privacy. "Janet, I don't know how I can make myself clearer. I don't think you should stay on this trek without me." "Then stay." "Fucking hell.

I didn't get my Beamer or my yacht by ignoring people like Jim Brandock. "I'm staying." "I see. Staying with that loser. That big fish in a small pond. For heaven's sake Janet he drives a 10 year old jalopy." "Richard, I want to finish this trek. Now you are just being stupid." But as she said it Janet wondered if she was telling the truth. "You realize he probably bonks someone on each of these treks.

After he's finished with you, he'll be after the next easy lay who will have a shower with him under the waterfall." That thought had gone through Janet's mind. But her anger was up. She wasn't going to let Richard brow beat her like this.

"Give me that phone. I'll talk to Jim Brandock and tell him you're coming on Tuesday. He'll understand." "Get fucked." "What?" "You heard." Janet fingered her ring. But no, it would be too simple to just throw it at him. She could tell by Richard's reaction that it wouldn't matter if he returned on Tuesday.

He just wanted out of the trek. They heard the helicopter landing. Richard gathered his gear and held out his hand. "Come on Janet darling." "I'll see you on Tuesday, Richard darling." They all waved goodbye as the helicopter scudded into the clear blue sky. "You were right," said Janet to Joe. "Thank you for warning me." "All part of the service." No-one mentioned Richard's departure as the trekkers headed off. Janet deliberately avoided Joe and positioned herself between Erica and George.

For the first two hours her mind was stewing with anger at Richard's behavior. Then it was her turn to lead the way, cutting steps in the packed snow. For a while this took her mind off things but then she started to have her doubts. She had been by herself for two years and hadn't liked it. There weren't many men as eligible as Richard. He certainly took her to all the exciting places, he certainly had important friends.

Suddenly they rounded an outcrop and there, up-wind, were 20 30 chamois which hadn't noticed them. Abruptly the chamois started, then stared, then took off. Most darted down a gentle slope, but a few went over the steep slope on the other side of the ridge.

"Oh no, they'll fall and kill themselves," moaned Janet. "Watch." The goats plunged down the precipice. But instead of falling they found footholds where none could be seen. They seemed to dance down the vertical precipice. Faster and faster although it seemed they must fall at any moment. Then, miraculously the chamois were on the flat snow, 2,000 feet below. They stopped momentarily and seemed to cast an arrogant look back up at the trekkers.

Then they sped across the snowy wastes. All the trekkers yelled and stamped their feet in appreciation of the agility of the goats, of the fearlessness of the goats, of their elegance as they had danced almost vertically down the precipice.

It took only a couple of minutes to reach the spot from where the goats had leaped. Janet looked down and still couldn't believe that anything could climb down that near vertical slope, let alone dance down. Joe was behind her she knew. "Aren't they something?" he asked. Janet leaned back so that her shoulders rested against his chest. "I've never seen anything like it." Tears of excitement were filling her eyes. Withou thinking, she reached back and patted his hand.

The cabin for the night was a replica of the previous two. Janet saw the marks in the snow where the helicopter had landed and realized that Richard must have been here before.

Again her head was full of misgivings. Was she doing the right thing? Then she remembered the mountain goats. Of course she was. Janet said that David and Deborah could have the luxury room.

They protested but Janet insisted and the couple quickly went in hand and hand. Half an hour before dusk Joe suggested they all put on their tramping boots and warm parkas and come and see the sunset. It was an easy 15 minute walk to a small rocky outcrop where they all sat.

Joe brewed some tea and they watched the sun go down over the ocean. The clouds were the first to turn brilliant orange and red. The the millpond like sea picked up the colors. The surf turned orange as it crashed into the rocks. Then they turned and to see the snow covered lofty peaks of the main divide which had also turned golden orange. Janet sipped her tea and felt a tranquility she had not felt before. She looked across at Joe who was chatting to David.

His face was burnished by the sunset and she could also see how at peace he was with the world. And she looked at George, the ex gang member who had done time for manslaughter and Deborah and Erica. They also had excited, but contented faces. George noticed her look.

"Cheers Janet," he raised his mug of tea. "Would you prefer to be at the Hilton in Monte Carlo?" "Cheers George, would you prefer to be beating up a Black Power member with a crow bar?" "Ah, those were the days." George and Erica insisted on doing the cooking. David and Deborah seemed to have a magnetic attraction for the double bed so Joe and Janet went for a stroll outside the cabin.

While they were walking Janet received a call on her phone from Richard. "I'm sorry I was rude to you this morning Janet." "Thanks for saying so." "The deal is starting to go really well. There is a tie up with an American company. If we do well I reckon we'll get their business in this part of the world." "I'm pleased for you Richard." "Look, I can take some time off in a couple of months.

Why don't we go to Aspen skiing. Bob, the CEO of this American company has a luxury lodge and he's invited us to come when some other big noters are staying." "That sounds nice." "How has your day been?" "OK." "That's good. Look I've got to go to dinner at the Sheraton with Bob and Jack. I'll call you tomorrow, darling" "Bye Richard." Janet reflected that Richard had been able to spend 45 minutes talking to Jack that morning and 45 seconds talking to her just now.

Joe had walked away to let her talk in private. He wandered back. "Things OK with Richard?" "We've been invited to a luxury lodge in Aspen with some American high fliers." "Sounds great." "I won't be going anywhere with him I think I'd prefer to be in a run down cabin with David and Deborah, Erica and George. And Joseph." "These cabins are my pride and joy." Janet laughed.

They walked a little further. "So, Joe, tomorrow we go across the main ridge." "Yes. There are a few tough parts but the day won't be any harder than today." Joe held out his hand to help Janet up a rock. She didn't let go as they sat down. "Richard said that you probably bonk someone on every trek." "Not on the all-men treks." "Don't be silly, I'm talking about women." "Not on the treks I do for old age pensioners." "You know what I'm talking about." Janet punched him lightly on the chest.

"I'm far too old for that." "Come on tell me." "This is getting very personal Janet." "I have been thinking about Richard all day," said Janet, thinking she had better change the subject.

"Lucky Richard." "Not really. I can't think of a single reason why I should marry him." "Money, status and sex." "I've got enough money and I don't need to get my status from my husband." "And the sex?" Janet laughed.

"He's a very busy man." Joe stroked her hand. "You have been doing some thinking." "Last night you called me 'beautiful' Janet." "Did I?. I've warned how the mountain air can make you say strange things." "I wish you could see me with my hair properly done and in one of my nice dresses." "Ah yes Janet, I can imagine how lovely you would look. I guess I'll just have to make do with memories of how you looked under the waterfall." "You said you didn't look." "I was looking at a mountain in the distance when suddenly this beautiful apparition came across my view." "What did you think?" "I thought 'how strange'." "You thought I looked strange?" Janet was starting to take offense.

"I thought how strange that a 31 year old has the figure and breasts which would make a 20 year old virgin jealous." "Dinners ready," called Erica. Janet cursed to herself. After dinner they all gathered around the table and played cards and chatted. "For goodness sake, take Janet for a walk," said Deborah.

"We'll be fine." "Would you like to go for a walk?" asked Joe. Janet put on her thick parka. Once they were out of ear shot they sat down. "I'm glad you thought I looked strange under the waterfall." "Janet I think you should know that Richard was 100% wrong about me bonking on every trek. After the first few trips I made it a rule never to bonk on a trip." "I bet you could if you want to." "Maybe, but breaks up the morale in the group if I spent all my time with one woman.

Bad for business." "You're spending a lot of time with me." "I've known Erica for 6 years and George is very worried about you after what happened with Richard." "George is a sweety." "And it was Deborah who suggested that we walk together." "There's another reason I don't bonk.

There seem to be two sorts of trophy hunters on these trips. Men who want to shoot the goats. They're a pest believe it or not, so I do take a few hunting trips each year. The other trophy hunters are women, who in their normal lives are chaste, upright members of society, but when they come up here, they want to knock off a mountain man." "I'm not one of those Joe." "I can tell." "How can you tell." "You would be embarrassed if I told you." "I a little bit cold.

Can I sit on your knees." "Provided you keep to the rules." Janet sat more on Joe's thighs than his knee, so she could cuddle into him. He put one arm around her and the other around her waist. They chatted away on all sorts of topics for half an hour.

Janet wondered why it felt so nice being tucked into Joe. She remembered her reaction when he held her in the river and pushed her bum when she was slipping back, how she felt when he was looking at her under the waterfall. The most innocent of Joe's touches seemed more exciting than anything Richard had ever done. She wished she could kiss him.

She wished his hand would move from her waist to her breasts. "We'd better go back in, you're starting to shiver." Janet stood up. "You're a lovely man Joseph." "You're very strange indeed Janet." Janet picked his meaning and laughed. "Will it break your rule if I hug you." "Just a little is OK." Janet threw her arms around Joe and without thinking pushed her body hard into his.

She kissed him and ever so briefly Joe parted his lips so that she could put her tongue in his mouth." He smacked her bottom. "I said just a little." But he didn't let go. His hand stayed on her buttocks gently squeezing. Janet raised her face to be kissed again. This time it was his tongue probing her lips, his hands pulling her hard into his hips.

Janet was aware of his very hard cock and pushed against it. Joe pulled back. "Beautiful Janet, you've got to stop making me break my rules." "I don't mind if we break your rules." "You are still wearing Richard's engagement ring and I need to think." They joined the others. Although she would have preferred to be alone with Joe these evenings around the open fires were a highlight of the day.

Lots of conversation, lots of laughter. They played poker around the table. Janet sat beside Joe and didn't mind when, protected by the table he put his hand on her leggings covered thigh. Janet tickled his hand with her finger tips. Neither looked at each other. When it came time to sleep David and Deborah went to the luxury room and Janet joined George Erica and Joe in the dormitory. As she lay in her sleeping bag Janet thought a lot.

She thought about how it had taken two months before she had let Richard sleep with her. She remembered how she had pushed herself against his erection and knew that if Joe had wanted to, she would have loved him to have fucked her outside, just before.

How her vagina had been so wet after she had felt his erection when they hugged. She put her fingers to her clitoris and clenching her teeth so that she wouldn't make a sound, brought herself to orgasm. Afterwards she thought, "What the hell am I doing, frigging myself with three other people only a few feet away?" But all three of them seemed to be asleep.

Then it suddenly dawned on her. She was feeling sexual urges she hadn't really felt before. Janet became aware that there was a side of her own nature of which she had never been aware.

Her feminine sexuality. She took off Richard's ring and knew she would never put it back on. That day's trek was a highlight of a week of highlights. There were some steep parts but generally the going was easy. The track had been protected by a ridge from the last snow fall. All along the way the views became more and more magnificent. The peaks of the divide loomed above them, to the sides and behind were smaller peaks, river valleys far below.

And always, behind them the deep blue of the ocean and the green bush covered hills they had climbed the first day. They stopped for lunch on a sunny outcrop. Janet thought she had never seen any sight so magnificently, inspiringly beautiful.

As she sat she leaned back against Joe. "Why did I want to climb Mt Everest when I hadn't even been here?" "I suspect because it's the highest mountain in the world. Do you know what the second highest mountain is?" asked Joe. "I've no idea." "K2, only 250 meters lower than Everest but only genuine mountaineers seem to climb it.

The views, I'm told are far better than Everest because it stands more apart from neighboring peaks and technically its a far tougher climb. Along most of the hard parts of Everest there are fixed ropes in place and places where the climbers can wait in queues in the busy season." "But, I guess, if you said you had climbed K2 at a dinner party no-one would be impressed." "Joe, do you really think I'm that crass?" "Not any more." There was a hard slog up the last 500 feet to Icy Death Pass across the snow.

Joe cut steps and all of them were panting hard by the time they reached the pass. Now they were rewarded with a view all the way to the distant sea on the eastern side as well. The lower landscape was brown and yellow in contrast to the green of the bush on the west. Huge, deep blue mountain lakes could be seen. Joe pointed out a number of glaciers. Never in their lives had the trekkers seen so far, they could see from horizon to horizon.

Never in their lives had they seen such brilliant contrasting nature. They stayed for half an hour absorbing the view. "There's tonight's cabin, an easy hour's stroll, downhill all the way." It was 3pm when they arrived at the cabin. It was different from the others being brand new.

The living room was larger, lined with timber, the stove was modern and so was the furniture. There four luxury rooms plus a very nice dormitory. "We have unlimited hot water because it is heated by thermal springs so shower as long as you like.

But if you feel like it, why not have a dip in the hot pools ?" Intrigued the trekkers dumped their parkas and packs and picked up towels. There were two pools, the top one feeding the lower. Steam rose from both. "Better go into the lower pool first, the top one is really hot." Joe stripped off all his clothes and unlike at the waterfall there was no self consciousness or embarrassment among the other five as they stripped to join.

The mineral water was quite murky only the vaguest outline of their bodies could be seen below the surface. Janet deliberately choose to sit away from Joe. 'Oh this is lovely," Erica stretched out in the water. Janet relished the soothing effect of the hot water on her tired limbs. After half an hour they were all feeling refreshed from the soothing effects of the water.

"What will the sunset be like from Icy Death Pass tonight," asked George. Joe looked at the sky. "With these clouds probably even more spectacular than the other night." "Can we go and watch it," asked Deborah. "Sure." "I'll come with you," said George. "Me too," said Erica. All looked at Janet.

"I'm still a bit tired." "I have to prepare the meal," said Joe. It's an easy hike for you guys, but you will be coming back in the dark.

So drop a few fluorescent markers as you go up and each take a good torch to find your way back. You'll be able to see the lights of the hut and its pretty much a straight line." Janet swam over to George. "Thank you big boy." "I only did it because Richard is such a prick. And I saw that you are not wearing your engagement ring any more" After the others had left, Janet swam over to Joe and sat on his lap.

She could feel his soft cock against her buttock "What are you cooking tonight Joe." "Turkey pie. It'll take half an hour to prepare then a couple of hours in the oven. It'll just about be ready when the others come back." "If I get out of the water to dry myself, will you promise not to look?" "I won't." "Does that mean, you won't look, or you won't promise." "I won't promise." Janet got out of the pool and dried herself aware of Joe's gaze.

She wrapped her towel around her body and held out her hand. "Come on Joseph, let's get that pie started." Joe got out. His body had none of the gym sculpted perfection of Richard. His muscles were smaller and harder and there was not an ounce of spare flesh. Janet still couldn't bring herself to look at his cock, but she did dry the rest of him with vigorous rubs with his towel. "You haven't dried my proudest part." "Do I have to do everything for you?" Joe put on a pair of shorts while Janet put on one of his T shirts which came just below her buttocks.

Janet more watched than helped as Joe worked so fast to make the pie she knew would be delicious. Afterwards he washed his hands and turned to look at her. Janet felt him looking at her covered breasts. "That's far better," he said with a smile.

"What's far better." "You not wearing a bra. Your breasts are so firm and beautiful." "Would you like to touch them?" Janet's voice was a little hoarse.

"Would you like me to?" "I think I probably would like that." "Take off your T shirt please Janet." Janet's mind rebelled. No man had ever to her what to do sexually before. Although she had been naked in front of Joe, this was different. He was asking her to flaunt herself at his command. But he had that lovely soft smile and when she took off her T shirt she could see him feasting his eyes and was proud.

Joe laid her down on the floor and they kissed passionately tongues and lips entwining. Janet's arms went around his neck and her hips thrust into Joe's.

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And at last she felt his hand gently stroke her breast, his fingers tweak her nipples. There seemed to be an electric jolt from her nipples to her loins Then Joe lowered his face to kiss her breasts.

Her nipples hardened as he licked and nibbled them. Again there seemed to be a connection between her breasts and her vagina. She held his head tightly "Oh my darling Joseph." As lightly as a feather Joe's right hand traced over Janet's hair, her neck, her shoulders, her back. Down to her buttocks his exquisite touch moved, over the top of her thighs and a gentle caress of her labia. Janet groaned in delight.

Then that hand moved ever so softly over her face, down her neck, over her breasts. Her abs went to jelly under the feathery touch, she parted her thighs as he skimmed the flesh between her legs and labia to her clitoris. Quickly, ever so quickly Janet felt a surge of heat and ecstasy through her vagina to her clitoris, became aware of nothing but the delight between her thighs as they bounced under a will of their own. "Aaaah Joseph Aaaaaaaaaaa ." Joe held her tightly as Janet recovered, covering her face and breasts with kisses.

Janet started to speak but Joe put a finger to her lips and whispered "Shhhh, beautiful Janet." This time two of his fingers probed deeply into her vagina. She pushed against his hand so hard she felt him caress her cervix. Then his fingers moved almost to the entrance of her vagina She felt his gentle massage on the top of her vaginal canal. She didn't know she had a G spot. The surges came quickly. Her hips started to writhe under their own control, she clenched her buttocks as a wave of exquisite pleasure seemed to charge from her womb through her vagina.

"Aaaah Joseph Aaaaaaaaaaa Ah Ah Ah Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" Sweat covered and panting she lay in his arms. "Joseph, what are you doing to me, my darling." "Shhhh, beautiful Janet." And for the next half hour his fingers played over her genitals as a maestro would play a piano. Sometimes Janet's G spot, sometimes her clitoris. Sometimes her orgasms were gentle and Janet sighed with pleasure, sometimes they seemed to take over her bouncing loins causing her to shriek in ecstasy.

Joe explored her genitals. The tops of her thighs, her pubic mound, her outer labia, her perineum. Janet had never been touched there before. Once his fingers, moist with her vaginal juices tickled her anus. Her ass-hole for fucks sake! How disgusting. But it did feel, well, sort of interesting. Shortly afterwards Joe was concentrating on her clitoris.

Janet was sucking his tongue as hard as she could as her excitement mounted. Suddenly she was aware that his finger was knuckle deep up her bum. Her first instinct was rebellion but it felt so nice. She tightened her sphincter around it as her next orgasm consumed her.

Vaguely she was aware that Joe's finger was now fully into her ass and again she squeezed it with her anal muscle. The orgasm she had from her clitoris was far more intense as a result of the anal intrusion.

At last Joe relented and sweating and panting Janet lay on her back, her legs splayed wide, holding his hand. "I don't believe it," she whispered.

"So beautiful, so sensual, so erotic. So sexy. But so much to be discovered," murmured Joe. Initially Janet didn't know what he was talking about. Then she realized he was talking about her. Her first reaction was to feel insulted, but then she realized his remarks were lovely and sensitive. "What do you mean by that?" she asked. "Janet, your eroticism is like a beautiful, wonderful book. But it has only been read as far as the first chapter." "Could you get me a glass of wine from the fridge." Janet kissed his nose, "You are so bossy." But she poured two glasses of wine and brought them back.

When she turned she saw Joe was watching her with a smile on his face." "You just asked me to get the wine so that you could stare at me, didn't you?" Janet punched his arm. "You've got to get used to it I'm afraid. You are so, so beautiful." "I think I can get used to it." Janet sat beside him, legs crossed and stroked Joe's chest.

"I'm feeling guilty. I've had I don't know how many orgasms and you haven't had one." Joe stroked her cheek. "For me anyway, sex is as much about giving orgasms as having them." Janet thought for a moment, That was a new concept for her and she had never heard a man say it. She drank her wine thoughtfully. Then she put her hand on his shorts and felt Joe's erection.

"I want to give you an orgasm darling. Please make love to me. My cunt needs your cock in it so badly." "Janet, my cock would really like to be in your cunt, and other places too, but there's no bonking on these trips." Janet pouted.

"That's silly and it's unfair. What can I do?" "Perhaps you could kiss my cock," said Joe, knowing he was pushing another of her boundaries. Janet had a moment's panic.

She had never done it before. Never felt like doing it before. "Only if you feel comfortable, wonderful lady," Joe stroked her hair. Janet remembered all her orgasms and what Joe had said about giving pleasure. Hesitantly she undid his shorts and he lifted his bum so that she could take them off.

His erect rod sprung to attention. Janet knelt between his thighs and gently stroked it. She giggled when his cock seemed to twitch. "Did it like that?" "Yes, andI think it will like everything you do." She saw a little dribble of pre-cum and licked it.

She couldn't really taste anything but again she noticed that twitch of pleasure and Joe seemed to writhe a little. She bent over to have a closer look. She saw the little slit and poked the tip of her tongue into it. She licked around the edge of his knob and heard Joe sigh. She licked all the way from his testicles to his knob and then put it in her mouth briefly. It was spongy on the outside but hard inside. Joe ran his hands through her hair. "I have never done this before." "You are doing wonderfully.

You can stop if you really don't like it." "Don't be silly Joseph. But I don't know what to do truly." "Variety, just like you have been doing so far, all the way from here (he pointed to his perineum) to here (pointing to his knob).

And you'll never be able to suck too hard or take it too far into your mouth." So Janet licked and sucked and gently nibbled her way from Joe's perineum to his balls, taking them gently in her mouth, then up the underside of his cock to his knob.

All the time Joe was writhing with pleasure. All the time Janet was seeing his reaction and loving the way she could excite her mountain man. Now she took all his knob in her mouth and licked and sucked.

She felt Joe's buttocks brace and he pushed his cock in further. Janet pushed her mouth down as far as she could and felt his cock hard against her throat. It wasn't comfortable, but that didn't matter. Exciting Joe was what mattered. She lifted her head so that only his knob was in her mouth and sucked it and licked it as hard as she could. Then she went down again hard, this time his cock went further into her throat. She suppressed a gag and then repeated, all the time delighting in Joe's grunts and writhing.

Faster she moved her mouth up and down, harder she sucked. Joe hadn't had sex for some time and his balls were bursting. "I'm coming darling. You don't have to take it in your mouth," and tried to lift her head. Janet immediately pushed her mouth right down on his cock. She was surprised. She was surprised how much Joe ejaculated and how quickly she had to swallow to to stop herself chocking. She was surprised that although she didn't really like the taste, in another way she loved the taste and texture of this lovely man's spunk.

She was surprised how she kept sucking and licking until she had drained every last morsel. She was surprised that she didn't want to let his penis out her mouth. "Aaaah Aaaaaaaaaaa ah my beautiful cock sucking Janet." Janet lay down between Joe's legs with her head on his waist and his flaccid cock in her mouth. Idly she traced her finger through his pubic hair, tickled his balls and his perineum. "Why," she wondered, "Why do I love having Joe's cock in my mouth and throat, the taste of his semen in my mouth." His cock wasn't all that different from Richard's or her ex's and probably no bigger.

Then she realized the problem had been in her mind and also that she had never felt excited enough with the other men to want to do it. The thought of going back to Richard and doing it to him sent a chill of horror up her spine. She snuggled under Joe's arm. "I'm glad you've fucked my mouth darling." "Janet your mouth was so gorgeous." "Truly, did I do it properly?" "Truly, you are a talented oral artist." Janet sipped her wine.

"Darling Joseph?" "Mmmmm" "You know you said your cock needed to be in my cunt and other places as well." "Mmmmm.' "What other places?" "What do you think?" "I suppose my mouth?" "That's right." "What other place?" "Think about it." "You mean you want to fuck my bum. That's disgusting. My friend Marcie once had anal sex and said that it was horrible and really hurt." "Perhaps she should have chosen a better partner." "Do you really want to put your cock up my ass." "When you want to" "You won't hurt me when you do it." "You know I would never hurt you beautiful Janet.' Janet sipped her wine and thought.

"It was strange having your finger up my bum before." "You seemed to like it." "Of course I didn't." Janet punched him hard. Then she thought a little bit.

"I suppose it was quite interesting." She kissed Joe's lips. Joe stood up and peered through the window. He could see the torches and hear the voices of the others.


"They'll be here in ten minutes. We'd better get decent." The others were gushing with enthusiasm. "Oh Joe the sunset was awesome. Our whole world was yellow, orange and red," exclaimed Erica. "Janet, you should have come." But then she saw Janet's arm around Joe's waist and thought Janet may have been happy that she stayed. But Janet's pleasure was interrupted by a call from Richard.

She had prepared herself but was still dreading it. "Hello darling, it's so good to hear you again" "Hello Richard," said Janet, fingering her naked ring finger. "How is the trek going?" "I've had the most wonderful four days." "That's great. I' m so looking forward to seeing you. Only two more days." "Typical," thought Janet.

"No questions about the trip and soon I'm going to get a diatribe about his great deals." "Janet, darling, Bob, he's the American I told you about would really like to meet you. I've booked a table at Luigi's for us the evening you get back." Janet thought, "So you can parade me as your trophy wife to be. I suppose you will tell me what I can and can't say.". "That sounds nice," she said.

"Now Janet, you will tell Bob how much you are looking forward to staying with him in Aspen." "Whatever you say Richard." "I've missed you so much. We can make it an early evening and catch up on lost time," Richard laughed.

Janet thought of herself sucking every drop of Joe's semen, of the waves of orgasms she had had. She couldn't take it anymore. "Richard we are about to eat. I'd better go." "But darling don't you want to hear about the deal Bob is going to do with our firm?" "See you in two days Richard." She switched off the phone.

The turkey pie was voted the best meal so far. "That's because Janet helped," said Joe. "Joseph, you are such a liar. I did nothing." Afterwards they had another of their wonderful evenings, talking, laughing, playing cards. It had become such a close knit group and Janet knew that much of that was due to Joe's personality. Erica, like all the others, had seen the change in Janet and Joe's relationship. She went up to Joe.

"Anyone can tell Janet wants your arm around her. We won't be embarrassed. Just do it, you wimp." So he did and Janet felt blissfully happy. "Tomorrow's our last day," Joe said to the group. Janet felt a rush of sadness. We've got a choice. We can do the last day of the trek, which is an easy hike downhill. Great trip, we see glaciers and some lovely lakes and we'll meet our friends the mountain parrots again. "Or because the weather looks great and because you have all improved so much we could climb Mt Icy Death.

It's 9,500 feet, so it's not Mt Everest," he said looking at Janet."But it's 3000 feet up and down in a day. Six hours up, three hours down.

The toughest day of our trip." "Is it a difficult climb?" asked Deborah. "Two or three parts take a lot of care, we'll have to use ropes, but you guys are up to it. We would spend another night here and I would get Mack to collect us the next morning. "No brainer," said Deborah. "Let's take on Mt Icy Death." It was unanimously agreed. "OK, we'd better not have too much to more to drink and have an early night," said Joe.

"Could you all please bring out your climbing gear tonight so that I can treble check. We want an early start tomorrow. David and George did the washing up while Joe checked everyone's gear, then rechecked, then checked again.

David and Deborah took one luxury room, Erica and George one each and Janet and Joe the other. After the dishes had been done they went to their rooms. "Would you like me to take all my clothes off?" asked Janet. "Every stitch." Janet did so and lay naked on the bed waiting for Joe. She looked across and saw him typing into his computer. "When are you coming to bed darling?" "I have to write up the log and send a few emails. I'll only be half an hour." "Half an hour! Why did you ask me to take off my clothes if you're going to be half an hour?" "Because you are so exquisitely, erotically beautiful and I love looking at you naked." Janet lay back and relaxed.

After a few minutes, "Do you really think I'm beautiful Joseph?" Joe came over to the bed and sat beside her looking down. Janet saw that lovely warm smile and put one of his hands on her pubic mound. Joe stroked her hair with the other. "Janet, each time I see you naked, a lump comes to my throat, I cannot believe that I have found someone as beautiful as you." "Do you really think so?" "If I was a wealthy man, I would find the world's greatest artist to paint you.

But even the greatest artist couldn't do you justice." Janet looked up and saw tears in his eyes. This brought tears to hers also. She put up a hand and pulled down his head to kiss him tenderly. "Finish your work darling Joseph. And anytime you want me naked, please, please, just tell me." It took Joe almost an hour to finish. "Sorry Janet, I had to send an email. Important deal," he said mimicking Richard. "Oh please tell me all about it.' "I'd much rather come to bed and molest you." "I'd much rather you came to bed and molested me.

Are you going to put it in my vagina?" "No. You know the rules." They lay in bed side by side in a tight embrace kissing passionately. Then Joe's fingers traveled Janet's body.

Her back, her bottom her thighs, her face and throat, her breasts and stomach. Janet knew what was going to happen when he reached her clitoris and relaxed as a gentle orgasm swept her. Joe started kissing her nipples then moved down the bed to explore Janet's navel with his tongue. Her toes curled in delight. Then his tongue moved further down to her pubic mound. "No Joe please.

I don't do that. I'm dirty down there." "Be quiet beautiful Janet." He started to kiss her thighs. Janet clenched her teeth to contain her dislike. But as he kissed the top of her inner thighs Janet started to feel the excitement. When Joe gently pushed her thighs she parted them to open herself to him.

Joe lingered on the crease between her thighs and her pubic mound. Janet felt him carefully part her pubic hair then he kissed and nibbled her outer labia. She spread her legs wider as the lovely sensations from her genitals started to build. Then her inner labia were similarly worshiped with his lips, his tongue his teeth.

And then his tongue flicked her clitoris, tantalizing her. His tongue's touch was feather-light, at times she could hardly feel it it. But she could feel her orgasm building up in intensity. Still the sensitive flicks and Janet was torn between the ever increasing delight from Joe's tongue and the irrepressible need for an orgasm.

Finally his lips came to her clitoris and gently sucked and his tongue flicked a little harder. The inevitable orgasm took control.

Janet's hips bounced as the surge of exciting hot pleasure, more intense than she had ever felt, seemed to travel from her clitoris upward through her stomach and downwards into her vagina, into her cervix, into her womb.

Janet pulled Joe up to her face. "Darling Joseph, I can't describe that. I would never have believed anything like that was possible this side of heaven." Joe stroked her hair. "Joseph," Janet pulled back his head and looked him in the eyes. What's going to happen to us?" "I don't know," said Joe smiling. "But what's going to happen to you right now is more orgasms." "I'm not sure my body can take much more." But take much more her beautiful genitals did. Sometimes Joe repeated that light flicking with his tongue, other times he sucked and nibbled so hard it almost hurt.

Other times his fingers worked her G spot so she came in what seemed a double orgasm Other times his face burrowed into her vagina, his tongue licking her inner femininity, sometimes his nose even went into her vagina.

Joe pushed Janet's thighs back until they were almost touching her breasts. He delighted her perineum with his lips and nibbles. Then Janet felt his tongue on her anus. "No Joe you can't." But he could and her sphincter twitched with delight as his tongue tickled it. One part of her brain wanted him to stop, the other part squealed in delight at this forbidden pleasure.

With her legs in the same position Joe brought his tongue back to her clitoris and as her pleasure mounted she felt his finger probe deeply into her anus.

She couldn't believe how exciting that felt and her anal muscle tightened around the intruder. As her pleasure mounted she felt a second finger enter her rectum.

The twin sensations of her ass and clitoris brought another form of orgasmic ecstasy. Despite her pleas, Joe refused to make love to her. Janet knelt so that she could take his cock in her mouth again. As Joe had recently ejaculated it took longer for him to come. Longer for Janet to find ways to thrill and excite him, longer for her to practice taking him even deeper into her throat. Longer for her to feel absolutely in love with his cock and feel that all she wanted to do was pleasure it.

After he came in her mouth, Janet dribbled a little of his semen onto her fingers and rubbed it into her face. She wanted to smell his lovely smells. Joe dipped his fingers into her vagina and daubed some of her feminine juices on her face as well. Janet snuggled into Joe's tight embrace wondering what had become of her. "Joseph darling?" "Mmmmm." "Have I become a sex maniac?" "You're just warming up." The alarm woke Janet at 6.00.

The bed beside her was empty but there was a note on the bedside table. "Good morning my beautiful sex-maniac. I have gone to the pass to check the weather and will be back by 7.

I have prepared the porridge but please turn it onto a low heat and stir it from time to time. And please wake the others and ask them to get into their climbing gear. And please, please always be this wonderful, intriguing, interesting, beautiful feminine exciting woman for me." Janet thought the note was precious and put it in her purse.

The climb up the mountain was tough. Some parts were quite steep and they had to cut steps in the ice with their axes. Some parts were steeper still and Joe climbed up first and set up a safety rope. When it came to Janet's turn she looked up the near vertical slope and thought she couldn't possibly climb it. But using her crampons and ice axes she did. Joe pulled her up the last couple of feet and gave her a hug. "You're quite a toughie aren't you?" Janet felt she had never had a nicer compliment.

Three more steep slopes requiring ropes, a lot of hard slogging and after four hours they stopped for lunch. All were panting and sweating.

Janet looked down where they had climbed. It was so steep. And far below she could see the hut and the hot pools. They set off again but tiredness was slowing them all down. Janet sometimes felt her legs trembling from exhaustion. She almost felt like saying that she would stop and wait while the others climbed to the summit. But just as fast she dismissed the thought. Her legs were starting to shake. She couldn't see the summit, it was somewhere behind this ridge. Joe walked beside her.

"It seems to get tougher each time I do it." He was panting and sweating too. Then he whispered in her ear. "Only 10 more minutes." The summit was quite flat and there was room for all of them. The view was even more magnificent than from the top of the pass.

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They were higher and the steep slopes of Mt Icy Death seemed to be almost vertical all around. Joe produced a celebratory bottle of wine. "Well done all of you. You were magnificent. "If you had asked me five days ago whether you would have made it up here I would have said you were stark raving mad." He only let them have a small sip of wine.

Going down would require care and concentration. He pointed to some clouds in the distance over the ocean. "We'd better get down before that hits us." At least the downward journey was not as physically demanding, but looking down the slope seemed even steeper. Again they used the ropes on the steep parts. But they didn't stop to rest on the three hour descent and finally they reached the snow fields at the bottom.

They all let out a whoop of triumph and semi jogged the last half kilometer to the hut. They had only one thing on their minds. To get into the hot pool with some drinks. Joe went to the cabin and filled two chilly bins with wine and beer and Janet collected some towels. The others were already in the pool when they arrived. Janet didn't think she had had too much to drink when she went into their room.

She just felt happy and relaxed and in love. She took off her clothes, got into bed and pulled the sheets over her. Joe joined her and the lay arm in arm, breasts to chest, hips to hips, not saying much, but looking deeply into each other's faces. Janet felt Joe's hand exploring her body.

How she loved his touch. She felt her vagina moisten. Joe's hand moved to the cleft between her buttocks. "Are we going to have anal sex now darling?" "Do you want to?" "I know it will make you happy. I don't mind if it hurts." "I won't hurt you." "Should I go on my hands and knees?" "Not for the first time. There's something we must do first," said Joe producing a saucer of olive oil.

"Put this on my cock please Janet." With studious care Janet covered his cock with olive oil. "Now lie on your side facing me." And Jack eased himself between her legs.

"Lift your knees higher please." Janet did so and then felt a little scared as she felt Joe rub olive oil into her anus. "Now tell me you love me then kiss me." "Joseph I will love you forever." She put her arms around his neck and kissed him urgently. As she did so, Janet felt the pressure from his knob. It hurt just a little bit as Joe pushed it inside. It was much bigger than the two fingers he had inserted before, but she looked steadily and earnestly into his eyes.

"Please squeeze it the way you squeezed my fingers." Janet squeezed and after each squeeze it felt more comfortable. She felt Joe enter her another two inches. It didn't hurt, it wasn't unpleasant, but it wasn't pleasant either. However she could feel and hear Joe's happiness which made her happy and she kept squeezing.

Joe started a slow, short rhythm, almost pulling out, then going back in those two inches. Each time he was at his deepest Janet squeezed again and felt a thrill as he groaned in delight.

His movements sped up and one time he slipped out completely. When he re-entered Janet was surprised how easily his cock went in, with almost no resistance. Without thinking she pushed her buttocks down taking him deeper into her rectum. This time there was no discomfort, she full strangely full, but the strongest sensation was the lovely feeling as his cock massaged her smooth rectum walls. Now he was often pulling out completely and each time his re-entry was gentler than the last.

Each time Janet pushed her bum further onto his cock. Now Joe's rhythm quickened and became stronger. Further into her depths Joe's erection probed.

Janet started to feel lovely sensations in her vagina from the pressure through her rectum wall. She gasped with pleasure. "As far in as you can darling." She looked into his ecstatic face. Joe plunged so that his loins touched Janet's buttocks and Janet felt a surge of pleasure through her rectum to her vagina. She started to synchronize with his movements and each time he pushed in Janet thrust her buttocks down to take him deeper. Now she felt his hips banging into her buttocks.

She stopped squeezing her sphincter muscle as it had given up its fight and relaxed completely. Sometimes Joe withdrew completely and she felt him thrust back in through her anus with no resistance at all. Joe moved his hand down to Janet's pubic mound. The next time he thrust his knuckle rubbed against Janet's clitoris. The effect on Janet was overwhelming. While her mind was too excited to digest everything, her rectum loved the full feeling and that of Joe's cock massaging the smooth walls, her vagina was buzzing pleasure with the pressure from her rectum and her clitoris was starting to burst with pleasure.

Her orgasm consumed her loins, her clitoris, her vagina, her G spot and shuddered through her rectum. Joe felt his own orgasm surge from the bottom of his stomach through his cock and explode through his knob into the recesses of Janet's bowel.

Janet put her head on Joe's shoulder and burst into tears. Tears of erotic excitement, tears because she was so happy, tears because she loved Joe so much. "Darling, in 12 hours I'll be on the helicopter and four hours later at the other end of the country. What's going to happen?" "I'm not sure. In some ways I think that might be for the best." Janet was upset. "What do you mean for the best?" "Janet, up here in the mountains I'm a big fish in a small pond.

Inexperienced trekkers come and see me as some sort of superman for five days. The person who knows everything, who can solve all their problems. "Down there in civilization I'm just another ordinary person who doesn't make very much money." "Joseph, stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I don't like it.

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You're not ordinary, you're the most lovely, wonderful man I've ever met. I adore you and will do anything for you." "Well perhaps you can see me in reality, not this make-believe world. I have to come up to the city in two weeks for a few days business." THE NEXT DAY Richard was waiting at the airport with an enormous bunch of flowers.

He rushed up to Janet and hugged her, but when he tried to kiss Janet, she turned her cheek. Janet had planned what she was going to say. At a coffee table she handed Richard her ring and the keys to the BMW he had given her. "I'm sorry Richard, I'm not going to marry you." Richard was astounded.

"Darling, you can't mean that." "Yes I do Richard." "But why? That trek was a bit of a problem I know. But now you're back in the city, everything will be fine. Just like it was before." "Richard, I don't want to go into the reasons. I don't want to hurt you." His face turned angry. "I know, you were fucking that loser." Janet was prepared for this. "Number one, you spoke to me in a way that I never want to be spoken to. And you did it in public." "I'm sorry darling.

I was just so stressed. Please Janet." Janet continued. "Everything I was enjoying, you tried to stop. You were telling me what to say, what to eat, to stop trekking. I don't want a husband who is looking for a submissive plaything." Richard was silent. "Richard, I don't want to go on. It'll just hurt you." "I can't believe this. You are turning down the opportunity to marry someone like me." Janet just stared at him How could she have been attracted to this self opinionated oaf?

Richard picked up the ring and keys. "I'm not going to grovel. Unless you change your mind now, I'll never take you back." "I'll never change my mind about this." LATER THAT DAY "Are you sure you're doing the right thing Janet," asked Janet's best friend Marcie over coffee.

"Richard is such a catch." "So was my ex-husband Ted, but life was just so boring. I could see things going exactly the same way." "Did you meet another man?" "Well I did.

But he wasn't the reason I dumped Richard, Well in some way I suppose he did because he helped me realize what an egocentric materialist bore Richard is." "Another man. How exciting. What does he do?" "He owns the trekking business?" "Does he make much money?" "I don't think he does. He drives a 10 year old car." "Janet, have you gone mad?" "I had more orgasms with him in one night than in six months with Richard." "No wonder you're smiling so much." "And Marcie, you know how you said anal sex was disgusting and it hurt you." "You didn't have anal sex surely?" "Well, to use Joe's expression, he fucked my ass." Marcie gasped and put her hand over her mouth in horror.

" Marcie, it was so wonderful, it never hurt and I had an orgasm which made me wail for a minute." "Janet, I don't believe you." "Marcie here's what you must get Bob to do. . " Janet gave detailed instructions from her experience. Marcie became intrigued and wrote everything down "OK Janet, let's assume he's a stud to match any stud and your sex is wonderful. But is it just the physical side which attracts you?" "He's coming here the weekend after next to meet solicitors and some financial backers.

You and Bob can come to dinner on Saturday night and meet him. I'm inviting Frances and Jim as well" TWO WEEKS LATER Janet couldn't wait for the two weeks to pass.

She immersed herself in work. Finally the Friday morning arrived and Janet went to the airport to meet Joe. She didn't recognize him at first, wearing a dark business suit and he had had a haircut. They rushed into each other's arms and hugged and kissed. He leaned back and looked at her.

"Janet, you are even more beautiful than I remember." "I didn't recognize you. You look like a successful business high flier." "Just shows how clothes can be deceptive. Don't look too closely, this suit is five years old and I bought the "Rolex" on a beach in Bali for five dollars." As Janet drove Joe said, "Look there's a motel we can rent by the hour." Janet braked hard and they went in.

As they checked in Joe asked in a loud voice, "How many hours are you going to want with me?" so that the check-in clerk could hear. Janet wasn't fazed. "At least six months." The clerk looked up in surprise. Joe looked at his fake Rolex. "I have an appointment at 2 pm. I guess three hours will have to do it." "I guess will have to," sighed Janet. With mounting excitement Janet took his arm and they followed the clerk to the nondescript bedroom.

They slowly took off their clothes. Then they stood looking at each other. "Hello Joseph darling," Janet whispered. "Hello my beautiful Janet," his eyes surveyed her naked beauty, taking in her puffy labia exposed by her new immaculate Brazilian. "My cock needs to go inside your cunt." "My cunt needs your cock inside it so much." Joe came over, whisked Janet into his arms and carried her to the bed.

She lay on her back, legs wide apart, knees drawn back and arms extended to welcome him. Janet had a lovely tranquil smile as she looked up at him. With no preliminaries, no kissing, no fondling of her body, Joe eased his engorged erection into Janet's femininity. Her vagina was fetid and moist from her anticipation and excitement. Joe's knob nudged her cervix but then he didn't move.

Janet was in heaven. It wasn't that Joe's cock was bigger, he wasn't really doing anything with it, but it was just so perfect to feel him deep inside her.

She wrapped her legs around his bum as tightly as she could and hugged him as though she was drowning. "Joseph, that's gorgeous, please don't ever take your cock out of my cunt." Then she opened her mouth and they kissed passionately. Joe didn't move very much, occasionally he seemed to twitch and his knob pushed her cervix and his pubic bone sent a thrill through her clitoris. Occasionally Janet would push herself harder onto his cock and tighten her vaginal muscles around it. After a few minutes Joe rolled Janet onto her side, his cock still firmly in her fetid depths.

Now he could put a hand around ass, the other around her shoulder. Still they kissed, still they hardly moved their genitals. Slowly he started his movements. It was as though he was exploring her vagina. Each time he moved it was more exciting. Sometimes his cock was half out with his knob rubbing the top of her vaginal canal, other times he plunged her depths and their pubic bones rubbed hard. Janet started to feel totally new sensations she had never felt before.

Her body responded without her brain and she thrust her hips She closed her eyes in ecstasy. Janet opened her eyes but didn't register what she saw. This surging heat and joy from her vagina was starting to overwhelm her. She pushed her hips hard into his, her clitoris rubbed against his pubic mound and her first orgasm surged through her loins. "Aaaaah Aaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaa Aaaaaa my darling Joseph." But he didn't stop.

He concentrated his movements now on her G spot with his cock. It was a different sensation than from her clitoris, even more exquisite, more precise, more intense. Janet felt her feminine juices gush as she came to her vaginal orgasm. Her hips writhed, her stomach seemed to try to retreat, her buttocks clenched, Janet was consumed by the delight from her throbbing, sodden, pulsating vagina.

She grunted and groaned like an animal in pain. Janet was aware of Joe thrusting deeply and then cried with happiness as his semen spurted into her womb.

Janet lay on her back. Joe was lying on his side, casually licking her nipple. "I know why you didn't do that on the trek," she said "Of course you know. It was the rules." "Who cares about your silly rules. You just wanted to make sure I learned about all the other things, oral and anal, before I did this." Joe stroked her thigh. "You're quite a smart lady aren't you." His touch on her breasts started to arouse Janet again. She leaned forward to kiss him and moved a hand under Joe's buttocks so that she could fondle his testicles.

She even experimented by stroking the area between his penis and his anus with her fingers. She felt him getting hard again "Kneel on the bed please darling Janet." "And put your head and shoulders flat on the sheet." "And poke your bum at the ceiling." Janet did everything as requested without hesitation. "Are you going to fuck my ass again, darling?" "Not this time." But she gasped as she felt his rock hard cock enter her vagina from behind and his hands grasp the front of her hips.

This position caused Joe's rigid cock to rub directly on her G spot. Janet gurgled with pleasure. It was strange. She was being used as a sex object. Joe couldn't see her face only her back and her bum. There was nothing Janet could contribute apart from expose herself and offer her genitals.

In a way it was impersonal, but in another so sensually erotic, so exciting and so arousing to be dominated in this way. Being dominated by Joe. The tenderness and delicateness of Joe's previous lovemaking weren't there this time.

Now Janet was being fundamentally, physically fucked by his powerful, grunting thrusts. Her first orgasm almost caught her unawares. She grabbed the headboard to steady herself as her buttocks assumed a life of their own thrusting back to take Jim's cock deeper. Janet's orgasms consumed her in a wave. As a doctor she had heard about being multi-orgasmic but had been skeptical. Now she knew. She would have collapsed onto the bed but for Joe's iron grip on her hips.

He seemed to pound with total disregard for her pleasure, but she kept having orgasms. Finally with a heave he came with a gasping, rasping groan. They lay in a sweaty embrace, panting and saying nothing. Finally Janet said "Joseph, you have taken my virginity in four ways." Joe counted on his fingers. "I can't get to four." "There's my anal virginity, there's my oral virginity with me on a man, there's my oral virginity with a man on me. And there's my vaginal orgasmic virginity.

I've never orgasmed having sex before. "Just think what I would have missed out on if I had stayed with Richard." Joe kissed her lips and nipples delicately."Just think what I would have missed out on if you had stayed with Richard." THAT EVENING "Tell me about your business meetings," said Janet.

It was after they had eaten their takeaway dinner. There was no way that Janet was going to cook knowing how good a cook Joe was. Janet was lying on her back her head and shoulders propped on some cushions. Her legs were apart and her knees were drawn half way to her backside.

Her shaven vulva could not have been more exposed. This was perfect for Joe as he lay between her legs licking her labia. They had been in these positions for three hours.

Sometimes Joe's attentions to Janet's genitals was soft and affectionate and they would talk during these moments. At other times he would concentrate lazily on her clitoris and bring Janet to gentle orgasms.

At other times he pushed her thighs back to her chest and explored her anus with his tongue. Again this was sometimes tickling or affectionate, on other times he would put his fingers into her vagina and bring Janet to orgasm on her G Spot. And because it was perfect for Joe it was perfect for Janet. She had never regarded her genitals as things of beauty, in fact she used to think of "down there" as dirty.

Now with this marvelous man who was in love with her sexuality, with her femininity, with her pleasure and joy, with her sexual fulfillment, she wanted for nothing more. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had had. "OK," said Joe. "I'll talk about it, but tell me to shut up when you get bored." "Well I guess two or three things have happened which are going to change my business quite a lot.

"The first is that the business seems to be taking off for a number of reasons. Forward bookings are so high that I will be able to run 3-4 treks a week. "This winter we are changing all the huts to be like the one at Icy Death Pass. More luxury rooms, at a higher price. And we'll be increasing the number on each trek to 10. No more than that or we'll lose that group spirit. "So the dollars work out pretty well. Michael who owns the pub at the bottom was very happy because most trekkers stay two nights there and most are quite big spenders.

70 guaranteed bed nights a week is a very good base. "When I told him that I was thinking of putting the trekkers in another hotel, he felt is was a good idea to offer me a share in his at a very good price. I've been talking to theses financiers who will back me for my share and also put in more money for a full refurbishment" "Oh Joseph, I'm so thrilled for you. Does this mean you are going to become stinking rich?" Joe kissed her lips then her nipples. "The new huts and refurbishing the pub are going to take a lot of cash." "The biggest change for me will be that I will pretty much pull out of doing treks myself." Janet hugged him and smiled to herself.

It had always been a concern that even if she came down to the mountains to live, that Joe would be away so much. "I love it up there, but my knees can't keep on taking it five days a week. And sleeping in a different bed each night does take a toll. So I'm training up a group of guides and I will become a sort of father figure.

And I will take over most of the management of the pub. "Of course it's hard to find the right people. They've got to love the mountains, have great people skills, become good chefs, at least on 5 -6 dishes. But it's hard to find the right people who won't get seduced by female clients. Joe tapped Janet's nose. She giggled. Janet leaned over him. "Joe, I am so thrilled for you.

You have worked so hard." Joe raised his head and sucked her nipple. "Which of my holes are you going to fuck tonight?" "All three I think" "Why didn't I think of that?" THE NEXT MORNING It was their first lazy morning together.

Janet had read a book on massage and spent two hours tenderly, lovingly massaging every inch of Joe's body. The last part of the massage wasn't in the book. Joe sighed in ecstasy as Janet's lovely soft mouth sucked his semen from his erection. They took their newspaper into the park with some coffees. Joe lay on his back with his head on Janet's lap as he read in studious silence.

Janet didn't read much and spent most of the time thinking how lovely life was and stroking Joe's hair. They spent another couple of hours walking lazily around the park.

Janet loved having Joe's arm around her shoulder and she held him around the waist A brunch at an outdoor table at a cafe then down to the markets to buy fresh food for the dinner party. Janet had intended to use caterers but Joe had told her not to be silly.

Janet worked out for an hour on her treadmill. "So that I'll be able to eat lot's of your lovely cooking and not get fat" Then she went to get her hair styled. Joe was happy to sit on her balcony reading for a while then started to prepare the meal. When she returned with her long blond hair cascading in curls Joe thought she looked more gorgeous than ever. He insisted she take off her clothes and spent an hour photographing her nude.

Janet had started by posing demurely but by the finish was flaunting her body and naked genitals at the camera. They did the final preparations for the dinner then Janet asked Joe to help her choose her dress. She looked stunning in her little short black dress, gorgeous in a longer skin-tight red dress, but Joe's favorite was a white dress. It came almost to her knee, wasn't too close fitting, but when Janet moved it seemed to flow around her body, clinging just a little.

Janet was surprised at Joe's choice until he suggested she walk around in front of the mirror. "It isn't too revealing? You don't see too much of the shape of my breasts? Should I put on a bra?" "Don't you dare." Janet was a little bit nervous. The two couples had both known Richard quite well and Jim was good friends with him.

She also knew that typical of most of her social set they did talk about money a lot and their cars and boats. She needn't have worried about Marcie and Bob. "Janet," Marcie whispered to her breathlessly. "We tried what you said with anal sex. God it was wonderful." Janet noticed how Marcie and Bob stayed close together and when Bob thought no-one was looking, would rub Marcie's buttocks.

Janet saw those same people skills that Joe had used on the trek. He was so interested in them, asking questions, probing gently, sometimes cracking jokes. They did have to go outside to admire Jim's new Mercedes. "Cost a fortune, over 150 grand but it goes like a rocket," said Jim proudly. A friendly debate followed discussing the relative merits of Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches.

"What do you drive, Joe?" asked Frances. "I suppose you need a 4 wheel drive in the mountains. A Porsche maybe?" "Not really. No, I've just got a 10 year banger. But when I put my foot on the gas it goes forward and when I put my foot on the brake it stops. Well, sometimes." His laughter broke the tension.

They went in to dine. "Janet, this looks superb. I suppose you used a caterer." "You could say that," Janet winked at Joe. Jim, who knew Richard well, had done some research into Joe's background. "So you used to be a sharebroker Joe?" "That's right.

But then I got bored?" "Bored?" "Yes." But Joe didn't expand on the reasons. He didn't say that he found most of the people in the industry self important bores, that the amount of money made had no relationship to the skills required.

That the broker's motto of "Tell everyone to buy and hope like hell the market doesn't go down" was a fair indication of the intellectual effort involved.

"So I sold up, put most of the money in a trust for the ex wife and kids and went down to the mountains." "How's business?" "Well, you tend to have good days and bad years in tourism." Janet thought she needed to protect Joe from his self-deprecating humor. "Jim's business is going to more than double in size next year, And he's not going to do so much guiding himself." "Why's that?" asked Bob. "I'm too lazy." Marcie, who felt indebted to Joe for his help on anal sex thought she should change the subject.

"Janet this food is absolutely delicious. You must tell me who your caterer was." "Joseph," smiled Janet pointing at Joe. "You mean you had food like this every night on your trek." "It was lovely and the wines were out of this world." Bob asked.

"Do you have any photos of your trek?" "Come on Bob, you know how boring holiday snaps are." But they insisted so after the meal Janet linked her computer to her big LCD screen. They had shared photos with the other trekkers by email. "This is me being saved by Joe when we crossed the river." "This is me climbing on the first day." The picture showed Janet with her face smeared in mud and her drenched hair sticking to her scalp.

"Janet you look appalling." "This is cabin on the first night." "You mean you slept in a place like that?" "This is us eating on our first night." With the log fire blazing, the table covered with food and wine, it didn't look so bad, even to Frances.

As Janet showed pictures of the views, of the sunset, of the waterfall, the cynicism stopped and the admiration increased. "Who is that revolting man with all the tattoos?" "That's George.

He did 10 years for killing a Mongrel Mob member with a crow bar." Marcie and Frances gasped with horror. "He was trying to steal George's motor bike.

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George was such a sweetie wasn't he Joseph." "Great guy." "Who is that young lady?" said Jim fascinated by the naked Erica under the waterfall. "That's Joe's Swiss god-daughter Erica. Joe visits her family every second year." "You go to Switzerland that often?" asked Frances impressed. "Where do you stay?" "Mostly with Erica's family, but when I'm in Geneva, I stay in the Back Packers near the central square in Geneva." "Back Packers?" said Bob, a little shocked.

"Joe likes meeting people and talking with them." "Yes, I can see you do," said Frances, remembering how Joe had developed the conversation at the meal. "Plus I can't afford a hotel." said Joe. "Janet, you look in great shape," said Jim admiringly at another shot under the waterfall. "Woops, you weren't supposed to see that," gasped Janet and quickly switched to the next snap. "Joe's penis looked a bit small," Marcie whispered in Janet's ear. "That waterfall was icy cold." "Ah." Shots followed of the mountain goats, of the mountain parrot trying to steal Janet's sunglasses, of more impressive terrain.

The other four became more impressed. "Did you really climb all that way Janet?" "She was a real trouper." said Joe patting her thigh "Wait till you see me on Mt Icy Death." There was a shot taken by Joe from above as she was climbing a near vertical face. The valley 3,000 feet below seemed straight down. "Janet, I can't believe that's you. How could you climb something like that?" "She's my little toughie," said Joe stroking Janet's thigh.

Janet beamed with pleasure. The shots from the summit, of the party in the hot pool, of Joe's new cabin brought an admiring silence.

"Janet I can't believe you did all that. And you looked so happy," Frances said finally. "It was the most marvelous five days of my life and would have been even if Joe and I hadn't hit it off." "Bob, we must do that next season," said Marcie.

Bob who had been thinking the same said, "But we were going to go to Europe." "We've been to Europe before." "So we have." That seemed to transform the evening. Instead of being slightly skeptical of Joe, their four guests accepted him fully for what he was. As they walked to their car Marcie said, "I can't remember when we went to a better dinner party." "He is a really nice guy. Certainly a bit different. Imagine staying in Back Packers." "Janet's given me some notes on cock sucking." "Cock sucking!

You haven't done that in years." Rubber burned as Bob drove his Beamer home. Frances and Jim were driving home.

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"Well he certainly is different from Richard." "But have you ever laughed so much at a dinner party without being pissed." "He certainly is an interesting guy. And an incredible cook." "And an incredible something else. Marcie gave me some notes Janet gave her on anal sex." "Anal sex!" Jim couldn't believe it. "Do you mean we are going to have anal sex?" "Well, according to Marcie the right way to say it is, 'You are going to fuck me up my ass'." Rubber burned as Jim drove his Mercedes home.

The next morning Joe took Janet to a seedy part of town. But the cafe they went to had the best coffee Janet had tasted and needless to say Joe was soon in conversation with the barrista who had a ring cut through the lobe of his ear which held his ballpoint pen. "She's moved. He's written directions." "Who has moved?" "The best tattoo artist in the city: Cindy the Knife" They spent a lot of time choosing the pattern for the dolphin and Janet asked for some minor changes before she let Cindy loose on Jim's shoulder.

As Cindy worked Janet studied some tattoo brochures. "What do you think of this for me Jim?" "Where are you going to have it?" "Between my pubic mound and my thigh." They discussed it with Cindy and some changes were made to the Maori pattern. Janet wanted to be sure that part of it would been seen above her bikini briefs. "What happens when your pubic hair grows back," asked Joe looking at Janet's beautiful labia and clitoral hood.

"I hadn't thought of that. Perhaps I should get it lasered away permanently." "That sounds like a good idea." So first Cindy removed all of Janet's pubic hair forever. Despite Joe saying it wouldn't hurt, the tattoo hurt more than Janet expected. But it looked even better than she had hoped.

She saw Joe's smile and knew that he felt the same. They went back to the park again and walked slowly under the trees. Janet noticed that they never ran out of conversation. They found a secluded grove behind some bushes and Janet took off her top because Joe said he needed to kiss her nipples. Marcie called her on her mobile phone. "Thank you so much for last night. Bob and I haven't enjoyed ourselves so much at a dinner for years. And I know Jim and Frances felt the same" "And what about when you got home." "It was extraordinary.

I never thought I would ever swallow Bob's semen, but I did and I loved it. I think he quite liked it too." "I'm sure he did." "Joe's going back on Tuesday isn't he. We would like to see him again but I dare not cook a meal after eating his cooking. Would you two like to be our guests at a restaurant." Janet looked at Joe who was still sucking her nipple."Would you like to go to a restaurant on Monday night." Joe nodded, but didn't take his lips from Janet's breasts.

"That would be lovely, but Joe's not really into stuffy top end restaurants." "We realized that. We heard of this Italian restaurant called Ginas which is a bit different." "Sounds great." "Is Joe there, could I thank him for last night?" "He is here, but he's busy." "Busy?

Busy doing what?" "Kissing my breasts." "I think you made the right decision dumping Richard." "See you tomorrow Marcie." Back at Janet's apartment Joe had some work to do before his meetings the next day and Janet spent a couple of hours attending to some of her personal matters.

Joe insisted that Janet cook, but he helped and they sat out on her balcony to eat the pan fried snapper. As usual they had a bottle of wine, but Janet noticed that she had never seen Joe drink more than three glasses in an evening. "Those were two long term commitments you made, lasering your pubic hair and having that lovely intimate tattoo." "I suppose they were," said Janet. "I've just made another long term decision as well." "What's that?" "There's a very good job going in the hospital where you live.

I've just emailed my application." Joe took her hand, kissed it, then put his arm around Janet. "I'll never make much money Janet." "You said your business is going to expand." "It will, but once I'm making enough money, I'll reduce my hours and do other things." "What other things?" "Most important will be to make the woman of my dreams happy." "This woman of your dreams sounds very lucky.

What will she be like?" "She must have lovely cascading blond hair," Joe said stroking Janet's hair. "And big, deep blue eyes," kissing her eyelids "With lovely smile lines in the corners," kissing the edge of her eyelids. "And a thin straight nose with flaring nostrils and strong cheekbones." The kisses followed.

"And a wide mouth with soft full lips which are so beautiful to kiss." More kisses. "And the most perfect firm breasts." He stroked her blouse. "Just like the breasts I was kissing this afternoon." Joe put his hand on Janet's lap.

She put her hand on top and looked steadily into Joe's eyes. She could hardly suppress her giggles. "She must have a permanent Brazilian and an intimate tattoo. She must have the most beautiful genitals which I can spend hours kissing." "And she must be a bit of a sex maniac.

But only with me of course." Janet could suppress her giggles no longer."Of course," she said. "She must have a lovely sense of humor. She's got to be independent, have a mind of her own, but still like doing things with me.

"And she got to love fucking" Then Joe looked stern. "But only with me." "That's a very big ask. It seems to me it would be impossible to find such a perfect woman." "It could be hard, but I think I have found such a lovely, lovely lady." "Have you?

Said Janet holding his hand to her breast. "Yes. But I just need to check up on the fucking." "It's an important decision, I think you should," said Janet leading him to the bedroom. Their sex started very slowly. They lay on their sides, arms around each other with Joe's cock firmly and deeply in Janet's genitals. But for an hour they chatted and laughed. Sometimes the sensations from their genitals caused them to close their eyes and suck in breath with delight.

"Shall we see if you pass the final test?" asked Joe when the demands from his cock became too much and thrust deeply against Janet's cervix. He took her groan as a 'Yes'. The fuck was not one of their frantic ones. They kissed passionately all the time and Joe only built up his rhythm and depth slowly. But because her G spot had been titillated for so long Janet's orgasm soon swept over her.

"My darling, darling Joseph, never stop doing this to me." Joe let her recover then increased his thrusting and soon Janet was delighted to feel his body stiffen, his semen spurt and hear his grunts of exhilaration. After a minute Joe opened his eyes and kissed Janet's nose.

"You passed the sex test like a true champion." "Good." They lay there with Joe's flaccid cock still inside Janet's vagina. Janet could feel some of his semen running onto her thigh. After half an hour Janet felt his erection harden again. She reached under the pillow for the anal lubricant. "Joseph, this is a big commitment that you are making.

I think you should be very sure about the fucking." She covered his cock with the lubricant then put some in her anus using two fingers. "Beautiful Janet, you are so thoughtful." Again it was a lazy, slow, passion-filled bonk. But Janet closed her eyes, feeling the lovely sensations as he explored the depths of her rectum.

Finally she could take the delay no longer. "For God's sake fuck me harder Joseph." After half a minute when Janet's whole body had been bouncing from Joe's thrusts, "I said harder, mountain man" MONDAY EVENING They met the others at Ginas which was a rowdy Italian restaurant.

The waiters were young Italian men who flattered the women outrageously, the menu was straight from Tuscany and they drank coarse Italian reds. Marcie and Frances, Bob and Jim all gave Janet hugs and kisses.

Then the women hugged and kissed Joe just a little more ardently than he expected. Then Bob and Jim each shook his hand and clasped him around the shoulder with their left arms.

"Here's a big thank you to Janet and Joe." They raised their glasses in a toast. Joe hadn't the faintest idea what they were talking about until Janet whispered in his ear about the sex advice she had been giving.

"Glad to be of help," he muttered with embarrassment. Janet changed the topic of conversation and the laughter flowed again. After half an hour Janet ordered a bottle of champagne. "What's this for?" asked Frances. "So that all of you can drink another toast to Joseph and me.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm delighted and proud to announce that Joseph and I are going to get married." Their four friends were a little surprised. It was only three weeks ago that Janet was engaged to Richard and she had really only been with Joe for eight days. But then they looked at Janet's radiant smile and knew she had never been so happy with Richard. They saw the way she was always touching and hugging Joe and remembered how she and Richard never touched in public.

And they remembered Janet's sex advice and could guess what that side of their relationship would be like. They really didn't know Joe all that well, but they could see he was so laid back he was almost horizontal, how he could make people laugh and how much they enjoyed their time with him. After a stunned silence, Jim, Richard's friend, raised his glass.

"Janet and Joe, may you continue to have adventures together forever." "Janet and Joe, may you keep on laughing so much," toasted Bob. "Janet and Joe, may you keep on being so madly in love." This was Frances' toast. "Janet and Joe," Marcie hesitated trying to find the right words. "May you never stop bonking." "Show us your ring, darling," said Marcie. "We decided not to get a ring.

We couldn't afford one anything like the one Richard gave me, and that didn't work anyway. So we have made a different show of commitment. Joseph darling, show them yours." Joe rolled up his sleeve and showed them his dolphin. Their friends weren't really into tattoos but they had to admit that the dolphin seemed remarkably carefree and happy and that seemed just right for Joe.

"Did you know that dolphins bonk 50 times a day?" said Janet. "You mean he can do it that often?" Frances was incredulous. "No," sighed Janet. "Men are such failures by comparison." But then she smiled brightly and hugged Joe. "But my darling Joseph tries his best." "Now this is a bit difficult." Janet stood up with her back to the restaurant for privacy, then discreetly lowered her hipsters and knickers.

Not enough for her private parts to be on display but almost. There was her tattoo. Initially Marcie and Frances were shocked but then they appreciated the beauty and the intimacy of the tattoo.


"Janet," said Bob. "It is fabulous, but I can't see all of it." "That's all you are going to see, Buster," said Frances punching his arm. Janet made herself decent. Jim just laughed and laughed. "You two are just so different. You are a perfect match." This caused another round of toasts. "When are you going to get married?" "I have a job interview at the hospital in Joe's town in two weeks so we thought we would do it then.

On the Saturday" "What happens if you don't get the job?" "My darling Joseph says he can get me a job cleaning floors in the pub," Janet beamed and gave Joe a hug and kiss. "Of course you're all invited," said Joe. "Curses, Bob will be away on a business trip that week," said Marcie.

"I've just postponed the trip," said Bob. "Well Jim won't be able to come, he has the final of his golf tournament." "My tennis elbow is playing up.

I will have to pull out of the golf." Joe shook both the men's hands. They were surprised to see tears in his eyes. The dinner continued and the spirits of all were even higher.

"What about your honeymoon?" asked Frances. "We can't really have one. I will have to wind up things here and Joe has lot's to do with his new company. "But we are going to visit Erica and her parents in Switzerland in six months so I guess that will be it." "Six months!" exclaimed Joe. "Janet you didn't tell me that we were going to be married for as long as that." Frances wondered whether Janet and Joe would keep on laughing as much.

After she had thought about it, she thought they probably would. Marcie and Frances moved beside Janet. "Janet, I hope you don't mind me asking this. But it looks like you've had a Brazilian?" "I certainly have. Joe loves it. It's permanent, I had it lasered." "Janet, you have changed so much. A Brazilian, that fabulous intimate tattoo. And you don't wear a bra anymore." "Not when I'm with Joe." "Both our husbands have loved the lessons you gave us." "So they should.

It's not many men whose wives suck their cocks properly and make them fuck their asses." "Janet! What has happened to your language!" Janet ignored that comment.

"Now Joe mentioned this book to me. It's called 'The Woman Comes First.' You read it and you'll see why your husbands must read as well.". "What if Bob doesn't want to?" "I'm sure he will, but if he doesn't, tell him he can suck his cock himself." The ladies burst into laughter. Joe, Jim and Bob who were talking looked around at the laughter.

"I bet they are talking about sex," grunted Bob. "I can't believe what has happened over the last few days. Frances and I have gone to heaven. I think we owe that to you Joe." "Not really, you owe it to your lovely wives But can I say a couple of other things?" "Please do." Bob and Jim were delighted with their new found sex lives and wanted to hear more.

"I can see that Janet has given them each a copy a book. It's really a book for you guys. It's about how to give women orgasms. Heaps of orgasms. You'll find the more orgasms you give them, the more they'll give you and the more uninhibited they'll be with you. The more you enjoy giving your wives orgasms, the more they'll want to do the same to you" Jim and Bob couldn't wait for their wives to finish reading the book and went to buy their own copies the next morning.

Wedding arrangements were made. Deborah and David, and George and his wife Rita would also come to the wedding. As Erica had returned to Switzerland they would try to link up via the Internet to her and her parents. They would all stay in the luxury cabin beside the hot springs. TWO WEEKS LATER The Marriage Celebrant read the service with Mt Icy Death looming behind.

Frances and Marcie, Deborah and Rita all cried because they were so happy for Janet. Then all 10 of them went to the hot pool where two of Joe's guides served them wine and delicious food.

Janet had kept her bikini briefs on. She felt she didn't really want to show her labia and clitoral hood to all those men.

When she was changing Marcie and Frances came in to her room. They proudly showed their newly lasered Brazilians and new intimate tattoos.

There was a luxury room for each of the four guest couples. The two guides were going to use the dormitory. "This is stupid," said Jim.

"You two must have a private room on your wedding night. Joe, take ours please." But Joe just smiled."No problems mate." After all their guests had gone to bed Joe took Janet's hand and led her outside. She had no idea what he planned. About 20 meters from the cabin Joe's guides had flattened an area of snow. On it were foam mattresses, an Arctic grade double sleeping bag and some survival blankets.

It was very cold when Janet took off her clothes, but she soon warmed up when she was cuddled in Joe's arms in the sleeping bag. She looked up at the heavens. "Joe," she whispered, "this is so awesome.

The stars seem so big and bright, and almost close enough to touch." "And look my darling Janet, there's Mt Icy Death looking over us." Janet turned her head. The mountain was glistening silver in the moonlight. It seemed closer and even higher at night. Janet kissed Joe's lips.

"This is absolutely perfect." "You wouldn't prefer to be in a penthouse suite of a luxury hotel?" "Mmmmm. That's a tough question. A penthouse suite or out here, in our own world with the stars and the moon and the mountains and my darling husband's beautiful cock up my ass?

What do you think Joseph?" There was a heavy frost overnight. The top survival blanket was crisp and white with frost but Joe and Janet were warm as they hugged each other.

"Joseph, my darling husband, are you enjoying married life?" Joe pondered for a while. "Ah well, worse things happen in war. It's not as though someone has cut off my cock." After she had stopped laughing Janet asked, "Talking about your cock, would you mind if I went off the pill?" "I'm not going to use rubbers." "I don't expect you to." "That means you'll get pregnant." "Yes, what do you think about that?" Joe thought for a while, then looked Janet lovingly in the eyes and stroked her stomach.

"Worse things happen in war." "It means you won't be allowed to ejaculate in my mouth or bum until I'm pregnant." "But once you are, we can make up for lost time?" "Of course. Didn't you listen to our marriage vows?"