Bigtit ebony teen fucked by lucky voyeur

Bigtit ebony teen fucked by lucky voyeur
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Lets face it, men love blowjobs. And a woman who knows how to give a good one can make a man her sex slave forever. Don't get me wrong, a man will be happy any time he gets his cock sucked, but it takes technique and creativity to cause him to buy you a dozen roses afterwards.

I should preface this by saying that all the technique in the world will do you no good if you don't really enjoy what your doing. So you either have to love your man, or love sucking cock, or put yourself on a mission to make this man never forget you if he lives to be 200.

Pay attention, I'm about to help you enter the sexual hall of fame. The first thing you need to do is let your man know that this is just for him. He need not do anything but enjoy it. Sit him down and slowly strip off your clothes. Stand far enough away that he can look, but not touch.

Not just yet. Walk over to him, stand him up, and slowly remove his shirt, kissing the exposed skin as you do. Kiss his shoulders, his neck, and work your way down his chest.

Run your tongue over his nipples, if he likes that. (Not all men do). Then let your kisses trail down his stomach, getting on your knees as you do this. Run your hands up his thighs, and over the bulge in his pants as you reach to undo his zipper.

Just before unzipping him, lean in and gently scrape your teeth against his cock, which by now, should be begging to be released. Undo his pants, slide them down his legs, and remove them, making sure you keep your hands in contact with his skin as you do.

If he's wearing boxers, slide your hands up inside the legs, and run your fingers through his pubes, don't touch his cock yet. Moving your hands up to the waistband, pull the boxers off from the inside.

If he's wearing briefs, trace the outline of his cock with your fingers, or nails if you've got them, before you take them off. If he's not wearing any underwear, well.proceed on to the next paragraph.

He is now standing in front of you, with his hard, beautiful cock staring you in the face. Caress his entire pelvic region. His thighs, his balls, his pubes, and while you're doing this, think about the pleasure that cock has given you, or is going to give you, and begin making love to it. Start your kisses at his thighs. Moist open-mouthed kisses that include a little tongue action.


Alternate from one leg to the other as you slowly move up. As you get to his balls, exhale gently so he can feel the warmth of your breath, as you lovingly run your tongue over them. Softly take one into your mouth as your tongue continues to play. Try humming while you do this, he'll love the vibrations.

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Gently cupping his balls in your hands run your tongue over both of them, licking, kissing, and gently sucking. Men love having their balls played with and a lot of women don't pay enough attention to them. As you end "playing ball" take notice of his cock, which should be softly grazing your cheek. I love the feel of that. So hard and so smooth. Take his cock in your hand and slowly and softly caress your face with it, from one cheek, across your partially open lips, to the other.

Starting at the base of his shaft, work your way around it with hot, wet kisses. Use your tongue while you're kissing, getting him very wet. Cover every inch of his cock as you work your way up towards the head. Then point the tip of your tongue and go right underneath the head.

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This is where he is most sensitive. Especially on the underside of his dick. Use your tongue to flick it right under the head. Keep working on the shaft getting it as wet as possible, sliding your open mouth all over it.

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Then take your tongue and run circles along the head, using the tip of your tongue to play with the hole. Keep your tongue circling as you gently place your lips over the head and suck it in slowly, taking no more than just the head at first, and just suck on it. Slowly start moving your mouth down, only about 1/4 of the way and slide it back up, keeping the head in your mouth.


Slide down again, only farther this time and come back up, again keeping the head completely in your mouth. You never want to lose complete contact. This goes for your hands as well, They should be either holding his cock, or caressing his legs and ass, anywhere you want, as long as you're touching him. Now, look up at him, and keeping your eyes locked with his, slowly slide your mouth down as far as you can go.

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Chances are he'll break the stare as his eyes close with pleasure. When you feel him hit the back of your throat, stop and relax. This will give your gag reflex time to adjust. Once you've relaxed your throat, very simply, swallow. Don't worry, you won't choke. What you will do though, is constrict your throat muscles around the head of his cock. Even if you don't take it any further down, each time you swallow, you'll tighten around him.

You'll know you're doing it right as you hear the moans of pleasure and gratitude he'll be emitting. Now is the time to really start working him. Pick up speed. Slide your mouth up and down his cock faster. If you can't take it all down, then wrapping your hand around the base of his cock, slide it in unison with your mouth.

This will give you less to take and still give him complete stimulation. There are different techniques you can use while felating him. You don't want to just be sliding your mouth up and down. One thing you should try is sucking deeply on the upstroke. This is called "the vacuum" and it does a hell of a number on them. Another is to swirl your tongue around as you're mouth fucking him, this gives him 2 different sensations at once.

If you're using your hand while you're sucking, don't just move it up and down, twist it as you're stroking.


Not hard, you don't want to twist his cock. But he should be wet enough that your hand should easily slip and slide all around. Same thing with your head. Don't just keep it in one position; tilt it from side to side so he can feel your lips sliding around as you suck him deeply.

If he takes a while to reach orgasm, there will come a point where your mouth will begin to get tired and you may feel lockjaw settling in. Not to worry, there is a trick to resting your mouth and still keeping him stimulated. Take his cock out of your mouth, but keep your lips on it by running them along the side of the shaft.

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Use your tongue and hands on him. If you have to totally rest your mouth, then keep the motion going with your hands. Use this time to jerk him hard and fast with the head of his cock either aiming at or just touching your lips. After giving your mouth a few minutes of rest, you're ready to get back in action. The moment of truth.his orgasm. Don't panic. Most men will let you know when they are about to cum.

If they don't do it verbally, then pay attention to the signs.

You'll begin to feel his cock swell and throb in your mouth. His legs may tense up, and you may hear vocal signs as well.

At this point, you have two options. To swallow or not to swallow, that is the question. You will know ahead of time if you want him to cum in your mouth or not, so be prepared for it. I have my own theory on this and not everyone will agree, but if you're not going to swallow, then don't have him cum in your mouth. Nothing kills the mood like you making this awful face and running for something to spit it out into.

If you don't want to swallow, then when you feel him getting close, take him out of your mouth and use your hand, letting him cum on you. You may not want it on your face, contrary to men's beliefs and fantasies, not all women are into that, but having him cum on your breasts is also exciting.

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Men love to see their cum all over you, so make it even more exciting for him by rubbing it over your nipples and into your breasts. If you're not totally opposed to it, take some on your finger and either put it into your mouth or just rub it on your lips. Remember, the more you please him, the more he will want to return the favor.

If you do swallow, you can gently squeeze his balls as he's getting ready to cum, or squeeze his ass, or if he likes it, gently side your finger into his ass. This turns a lot of men on. Suck deeply as he's cumming and don't take your mouth away until you're sure he's done. I usually keep going until they beg me to stop because they get too sensitive. A real turn on is to keep some of it in your mouth and as he pulls out, let it trickle out. Drives them crazy. So there you have it, a blowjob to die for.

Just remember to make him aware that you need to get as good as you give. And since you've just driven him to ecstasy and beyond, he should have no problem at all with that.