Massage tan smooth gay porn and bisexual wet slippery Cute fresh emo

Massage tan smooth gay porn and bisexual wet slippery Cute fresh emo
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The next day I was in my photo studio reviewing many of my pictures from the night before. Barbara was truly amazing last night. Only a couple days ago she was here being photographed and agreed to entertain at the frat party. I couldn't get her out of my mind.

What I thought to be a nice, innocent model trying to break into the profession, turned out to have a wild sexual appetite beyond my wildest imagination. Then a knock came to my door. When I answered, there was Barbara. Was this the same girl, the same cute blonde in the picture she submitted a week ago. When she showed up a couple days ago for her photo shoot, she was nicely dressed in a blouse, not to revealing, but provocative enough to show off her incredible figure and the fact that she had nice full bust.

She wore slacks that day, nothing tight, but loosely fitted. Still it was obvious how attractive her figure was underneath. Her straight blonde hair was loose around her face which hung down her back about half way. Barbara has beautiful facial features no matter what she did to it, even though she didn't wear a lot of make-up. She's one of those girls that's a knock-out regardless of her choice of clothes or how she fixes her hair or how she does her make-up. Now what was this at my front door?

This was Barbara? Her blonde hair was done curly, still long down her back, but very full with a lot of body. It looked like she had twice as much hair as before. It looked great. I looked beyond her hair into her eyes as I invited her in. Full eye shadow and liner accented her beautiful eyes. Her make-up was perfect with deep red lipstick to show off her full lips. And "wow" did she smell fantastic. She had on a short tight halter top. And I mean tight.

It hugged her breasts making it impossible not to notice her incredible tits. She must have had on a very sheer bra since I could see her hard nipples protruding under the material of her top. I scanned down her body. There wasn't much to the black short skirt she had on.

It rose half way up her thighs. The white fishnet stockings stopped just up underneath her hemline of her skirt. When she walked by and lean over a bit I could see some bare skin of her upper thighs exposed, as the tight skirt rode up higher.

And of course, she wore high heels to give her a little more height. She was incredible. She was more than incredible. She was the most beautiful intoxicating thing I've ever seen. If she was trying for the slut-look, she found it and found it real good. Looking at her beauty made my cock begin to grow and I wanted to fuck her right on the spot.

And I knew I probably would be very shortly. Barbara told me how much she liked last night at the frat party. "As the night went on, I wanted more and more," she told me.

"I just couldn't get enough cock. I wanted their cum. I wanted it in my mouth, on my face, down my throat. The more I got the more I wanted." I liked that I was able to arouse so many men. And did you see how crazy they got when I started swallowing their piss? It actually turned me on that I was doing such slutty whorish things with them.

And I know they liked watching me do it too. I couldn't get enough and I still can't. I thought about it all last night. I liked doing those things for them.

Every time I think about the nasty things I did, I get crazy with desire and lust to do it again. As I drove over I thought about what I wanted to do with you when I got here. And I remembered you saying that you had contacts in the porno industry. Maybe you get get me in one, a movie I mean." Barbara had turned in to sex craved slut alright. Sex was the only thing on her mind. She wanted to live a life of fucking and sucking and doing any kinky thing a man could think of.

"Do like the way I dressed?" She asked. "What do you think?" "Who wouldn't," I replied. "In fact, if you don't strip so we can fuck right now, I'm going to rip them off you." Barbara pulled her halter top off and unzipped her skirt leting it fall to the floor. There was no bra or panties underneath.

She stood there in just her white net stockings held up by a garter belt.

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I quickly removed my clothes and pulled Barbara to the sofa where I sat down with my cock at full attention. I held her by the waist guiding her up onto the sofa so she could sit on my cock.

Barbara sat down on my lap impaling herself fully in one motion. We kissed searching each others mouths while she fucked herself on my cock. Over and over she drove my cock all the way in her. She broke from my kissing and put her lips to my right ear while she still fucked herself on my hard shaft.

Barbara whispered what she wanted. "I want to suck you cock." She said. "Then, I want to feel it in my throat." Barbara slid down off my lap and in no time had my cock in her mouth taking deep down her throat.

There was no doubt about it, Barbara was a real pro. She could suck anything down her throat. She didn't struggle at all. She just took my hard shaft and sucked it down deep.

She used my cock to fuck her throat just like she did in her cunt, pistoning up and down it's full length.

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She sure was enjoying my cock. Then she pulled it out and moved her mouth down lower as she pushed my legs up and spread them wide for me. I helped her by pulling my legs up higher as she pushed. "I'm going to lick your asshole. Would you like that?" Barbara didn't have to tell me or ask.

I knew what she was going to do and I wanted her to do it.

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I was so excited watching Barbara's beautiful face sliding down between my legs knowing soon that her gorgeous face and warm tongue would be probing around my ass. Barbara didn't hesitate in the least. She placed her mouth right in my asscrack putting her tongue to work immediately teasing me by gently licking and probing my asshole. She was an incredible woman relentless with her oral talents.

She positioned herself kneeling in front of my spread open legs giving herself access to every inch between my legs. Her tongue searched and found every corner and crevice hidden between my legs. Her tongue carefully licked and cleaned every inch of my crotch. It felt so nice feeling her wet warm tongue down in the crease of my crotch and delicately licking on my balls.

I was enjoying the warmth of her mouth as she sucked my balls in and out. Then down lower she licked across the sensitive flesh under my scrotum. And it wasn't just a tonguing either, she enjoyed this.

She licked and tasted and probed then swallowed, then tasted some more as if eating from me. Then, she forced my cheeks apart with her hands making my anal hole stretch. I could feel the pressure on my anus as she pulled hard on my behind trying to expose as much of my asshole as possible.

Then she buried her face between my cheeks and I felt her tongue contact my puckered brown hole. She pushed trying to force her tongue in. It was a little tough, my hole was closed up tight. She wouldn't give up. Her tongue pressed and pushed and licked.

I couldn't take it, she was making me nuts. Her hot tongue buried against my anus was making me insane. Barbara put her finger on my asshole and pushed it in just a little. God that felt good. Then she pulled on my asshole making it open a bit. I thought I'd go beserk when she pulled harder opening my ass more and leaned her face in sticking that warm wet tongue into my opened ass.

I don't know what kept me from cumming when I felt Barbara's beautiful tongue dipping into my asshole. Her tongue felt so soft and moist as she stuffed it in me. She started swirling her tongue around on the soft dark flesh she had exposed.

What an incredible woman. She was making love to my asshole, to the musky flesh of my anus and she was in ecstasy doing it as much as I was enjoying the feel of it. At that moment, Barbara became my anal slut. She was my anal licking whore servicing my private hidden anal hole. I didn't want her ever to stop, just keep licking on my asshole. She was putting me over the edge. I couldn't take any more.

I grabbed my hard cock, jerked a couple times then pushed Barbara back away shooting sperm at her face as I exploded in a tremendous orgasm. My cum shot at her with such force, it splashed all over in her eyes, on her cheeks, across her nose and dripped to her breasts.

Then another blast of sticky jizz erupted out soaking her face. Barbara then grabbed my cock and sunk her mouth on it letting me drain the rest in there. She collected the rest of my load in her mouth, and once I was done, swallowed it in one gulp. The rest of my sperm covering her face I smeared around with my cock. After we finished, I told Barbara what an incredible woman she was and that I would be happy to make a few calls and get her an interview with some people I knew in the porn film industry.

About a half hour later I had her interview arranged. I told Barbara she should dress like today. If that outfit didn't make them crazy, nothing would. She liked that and thank me before leaving. The next day Barbara met me at the studio and I drove her to the interview.


She was dressed just like yesterday. We arrived about an hour later and went right in to see them. There were two men, Bob and Peter, waiting for us in their office.

From their initial reaction just looking at Barbara I knew they liked what they saw. They chatted with Barbara awhile to get the feel of what she was willing to do in the movies and see how serious she was about becoming a new porn actress.

After 15 minutes, Bob said, "okay Barbara, let's see what you look like and what you can do." Barbara starting removing her clothes stripping completely while Bob and Peter did the same. Bob went down on Barbara licking her slit while while Peter moved closer letting Barbara suck him.

His cock grew larger and larger as it moved across her lips. Shortly thereafter, Peter had grown to full ten inches. Barbara was pretty aroused by now with Bob feverishly working her cunt. Barbara then started swallowing Peter's dick. She didn't waist anytime, she just grabbed hold of his buttocks and pulled Peter towards her while she took his ten inches in one gulp.


Peter nearly blew his load right then, "my God, Bob, she's got a hot mouth." "What a fuckin' tight throat." Bob looked up seeing Peter completely buried inside Barbara's mouth.

She didn't let him back out either. Barbara kept him deep for awhile before pulling away only to swallow him again and again.

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In between throat drilling, Bob managed to get Barbara onto the floor and seated on his now hard 8 inch shaft. She rode him while continuing to get her throat fucked. Peter was close to unloading in Barbara's mouth and Barbara knew it. But she wasn't ready for that yet so she let him slip out. "I want your cock in my ass," she begged Peter. He was only too willing to oblige her.

While Barbara continued taking Bob's cock in her cunt she leaned down to kiss Bob exposing her asshole to Peter. Peter went behind her, placed his hard tool on Barbara's backdoor and started his journey up Barbara's tight anal hole. He pushed on her puckered entrance and it opened right up for him. Barbara had become expert on taking a cock up her ass.

She knew how to relax and allow her anus to stretch and be penetrated. Besides, she loved feeling the hardness as it traveled deep into her rectum. And after the frat party the other day, this ten inch cock was easy to take.

"Oh fuck, what an ass." Peter exclaimed in his glory. Peter pushed all of his meat in Barbara's ass. His cock was gone inside completely and Barbara loved it. She moaned telling Peter how good his cock felt in her ass.


"Fuck my ass, fuck me hard." Peter began pumpmg her sliding his ten inch rigid cock in and out. Barbara's asshole hugged Peter's cock tightly. He fucked her hard and deep over and over. "Oh God, yes, fuck my asshole," Barbara cried in her now lustfilled frenzy. "Fuck it hard." "That's it, ram it all the up there." "Harder!!!!

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Harder!!!!" Meanwhile Bob started moaning loudly as he listened to Barbara coax Peter on. He was cumming. He pumped Barbara's cunt and he filled her hole with his sperm. That set Barbara off into an orgasm making her clench her cunt and ass. Peter jammed his cock deep in her ass one last time and cried out that he was cumming too.

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He flooded Barbara's ass with his hot seed and feeling his thick stuff flowing into her ass only made Barbara's orgasm more intense. She wiggled her butt squeezing his cock with her ass milking out every bit of his hot sticky cum, until he was drained.

Then Peter pulled out leaving Barbara begging for more as her orgasm continued to consumed her body. Barbara, still in her orgasm, wanted Peter's cock. She didn't care that it had just come out of her ass.

"Give me your cock, let me taste you." Peter having just pulled out, had a pretty heavy coating stuck to his shaft. I could see his cock glistening with a slimy brownish slime, apparently from being so far up Barbara's ass. Peter told her, "no it's kinda messy, I have to clean up here first." Barbara didn't say a word. She twisted around grabbing Peter's slimy dirty scum covered cock and brought to her mouth.

Then down it went, all the way. "Oh my God," Peter cried out. "What a nasty little cunt you are." Barbara sucked him down cleaning his cock in the process of every bit of the scumy substance that came from her own ass. It was the nastiest thing Peter ever had done to him. I know I've never seen any girl be that downright nasty and whorish. It aroused Peter again. Seeing Barbara slurping and cleaning his dirty scum covered cock made him start cumming in Barbara's mouth, giving her a big mouthful of sticky jizz to swallow to go along the with the brown mucous that she already ate.

Bob had already pulled out and was sitting on the sofa watching Barbara clean his buddies cock. When Barbara finally finished with Peter she crawled over to Bob and sucked his cock cleaning the little bit of sperm that was left on it. Then she pushed his legs up and went down lower licking his buttocks. Bob was in for a real treat. "Want me me to rim you?" Barbara asked. "How would you like me to stick my tongue up your asshole?" Like Bob was going to refuse that offer.

Barbara spread his cheeks burying her mouth in his crack. Bob let out a loud moan as Barbara's tongue licked around the hairy flesh of his crack and forced its' way in finding his asshole. She licked him, probed him and tongued his anal hole making Bob crazy. But that wasn't going to be enough for Barbara.

Bob was about to get more than a simple rim job. Barbara was going to see to it that he got the anal licking of his life. She forced his cheeks apart to stick her tongue on his asshole and get it good and wet from her saliva.

Then she put a finger in his anus up to the second knuckle, then inserted another finger from her other hand. Bob was going nuts moaning as he watched this gorgeous girl inserting her fingers in his ass. Slowly she began pulling his asshole open. As Bob relaxed his anal hole opened wider and wider for Barbara. She had his hole stretched wide when she looked up at Bob saying, "Bob, I've got your hole pulled wide open." Then she whispered in a low sexy voice, "Now I'm going to stick my tongue in there and licked inside your asshole." Then down Barbara went.

Her tongue went right in Bob's asshole. Her face was buried in his crack, but I knew where her tongue was from Bob's delirium of pleasure he was experiencing. Even with the waves of electric pleasure running through Bob, he managed telling Barbara what he thought of her performance.

"My God.

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you're the dirtiest fuckin' slut I've ever had." "Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" What a nasty filthy cunt you are." "Ohhhhh!!!!. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! "You're a fuckin' anal whore." "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!" "That's it." "Lick my asshole you slut, c'mon, lick it." Watching Barbara was making me crazy too.

I had my trousers down and jerking myself off. I was ready to cream as I watched her eating on Bob's asshole. I saw a glass on the table next to me, so I grabbed it and shot my load in it. When I was finished cumming, the bottom of the glass was covered with my sperm. I figured when Barbara was done with Bob she might want my jism too. A few minutes later Bob was ready to explode again. Barbara's anal licking had driven him absolutely over the edge again. She backed off when Bob annouced his impending climax taking a blast of his juice in the face as it gushed from Bob's cock.

Spurt after spurt shot right at her splashing all over showering Barbara's face with white hot sperm. She was covered in jizz by the time Bob was done. Sperm was dripping and running down all over her face. Barbara looked over at me smiling, enjoying herself. I showed the glass of sperm and offered it to her. She crawled over to me next saying she was getting thirsty from all the licking and sucking.

That gave me an idea that I knew would drive Bob and Peter nuts. While they watched I took the glass holding down in front of my cock. I started urinating in the glass. I hadn't gone since we left the studio so empting my bladder managed to fill the glass. Barbara watched too the whole time as I pissed in the glass. When I finished I held the warm glass of my pee up to the light, so every one could see the big globs of my cum that were on the bottom, now were floating around in the yellow tinted piss.

I handed the glass to Barbara. She turned around so Bob and Peter could see what she was about to do. She brought the glass to her lips and began tipping it, pouring the hot piss into her mouth. The urine started disappearing through her lips as she tilted the glass more and more until all of the piss-cum mixture was gone. When she removed the glass from her mouth, she still had a thick strand of yellow tinted cum hanging from her upper lip.

Her tongue came out and lapped it up. I thought Bob and Peter were going blow a load a third time as they stroked themselves and watched in astonishment as Barbara swallowed every drop of my hot piss. Barbara sat back on the sofa to relax. I was confident that Barbara was going to be the next porn queen. I doubt anyone put on a performance like she just did.

Once we all were cleaned up, Bob told Barbara how great she was and how he never experienced anyone like her. He wanted to get her on film the next time. He was going to have Barbara star in his next movie. So all the arrangements were made. Barbara was set ready for her first pornographic movie. And I'm not going to miss this. I almost can't wait for that day.