Sexual legal age teenager whore feels sperm on face after being drilled hot

Sexual legal age teenager whore feels sperm on face after being drilled hot
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Allow me to start with my early family background. With mom and dad, I have an older brother and younger brother, my sister is the youngest in the family, living together with a room each for our own. I am the babysitter of my sister. What I am about to narrates here, has been my darkest and well kept secret until today.

It took me quite sometimes to make up my mind as to whether share this or not. As this is, to appear in this web site where we all knows what we are reading and browsing, l figure out why not share. Perhaps my story could be unique in a way it happened. You be the judge to that. I first start messing around with my penis when l was about 6 years old.

after circumcision. It was during the school holiday. My mom caught me once while l was exploring my virgin penis, guess my quick responded was, and "mum. it's itchy".

my mum just smiled and walked away. By this time, l was already addicted to what l was doing. As my penis erects, I just can't stop holding and touching my penis. Little l know anything about having sex or to masturbates.

A month later whilst playing around the house compound, l heard puppies cries, then l realized that my pet dog "jenny" have had given birth to 3 puppies well hidden in our house compound store. Two are male pups and a female pup. "jenny" was nor where to be seen. l then tried to calm the puppies down. Just then the puppy's mom came in with her wagging tail, l assumed that it was a gesture of appreciation and start milking her new born, l just watched and then left. l told my mum of "jenny's new pups.

I later named them Joe, Jack and Mimi. l don't know what makes me do it, but maybe spending too much time with them makes me wonder how will it feels if those pups suck my cock instead. It will be a new kind of experience. Then l give it a try, l lower down my pant and sit down on the floor with my leg straight and open wide. l just don't believe it, one of the puppies came on right to my penis and begin to suck vigorously, while the other 2 puppies search around and found my 2 balls, Need l say more the awesome, great feeling ???.my penis being sucks by a 1 months old pup (it was Joe)…and take barely a minute to do the job.

l ejaculated inside "Joe's mouth as the pup swallowed it thinking it was milk, l was amazed to this new feeling when the head of my penis being suck like that, it's so much different, the fantastic feeling. That was my first ejaculation. Since then, l would let her pups do the blow jobs. Strange enough, "jenny" also spends less time hanging and wondering around the neighborhood but spend more time with her pups as we play we would play together.

As her pups grow older, I notice, my penis also increase in size and length. Her pups are now 6 months old. One day some how this time crazy feeling came in on me to fondle with her breast and nipples, l slowly caress her breast and "jenny" growl, I thought "jenny" will bite me. As I continue she begins whinny softly.

As my other naughty hands reach on to her vagina, "jenny" starts to lick my face and her tail was wagging vigorously and starts jumping on me from behind trying to screw me&hellip. Hey. what is this…&hellip.l should be the one that makes that moves not 'jenny'. After drying her up, l left "jenny" to attended to her pups. The next day l went down to play with "jenny" and her pups, This time l did not straight away let her pups do a blow job on me but instead l approached "jenny" and starts to fondle her breast and nipples while my other hand caressing her virginal.

As l was using short boxer pants (that activities l don't use underwear) "jenny" seem to be looking at my penis. Suddenly she slipped her head into my pants and starts to lick my penis which of course was already erected hard, licking and trying to suck my penis, as this is "jenny's" first time doing it, she almost hurt my penis head, why not she is full grown with fangs and teethes. l then push her head back slowly. Surprisingly the second time l push her head back to my cock she lick and sucks more gently.

"jenny's" a fast learner. I then stood up and lower down my pants as I kneel down allowing her better access to what she was doing.

My hands are still fondling and caressing her breast and virginal. "jenny"s virginal was wet. Then of a sudden "jenny" jump onto me from my behind trying to screw me. l holds her back. "jenny" keeps looking at me with her tail wagging like a gesture of come on&hellip. Fuck me&hellip.fuck me&hellip. Did l really do it immediately with "jenny" well, hell no. l was scared of course, what if we got tie like dog mating &hellip.I wasn't ready to take the risk yet.

l just do fingering on her virginal and l can feel it getting wetter and wetter and her virginal muscle tightening. After doing so for about 10 minutes l said to myself, "enough for the day, let's do the blow jobs". During the course of me fingering and caressing "jenny", her pups are all over me trying to reach for my penis and balls, well l did not let them down. That night l slept thinking of the possibility whether it could be done. The next day, l went to a book store in the town and browse around.

Now this bookstore belongs to one of my friend who uses to hang around with me. I pretend looking for my friend. It was then that l knows this friend of mine use to secretly read pornography magazine at their book store and it happened that he has a picture of a man about to insert his penis onto a dog. After looking at that magazine l presume it could be done and "jenny" here l come.

Later that evening, l gave it a try. The height was just accurate as I kneel. l lower my 90 degree penis and begins to put my penis head outside "jenny" virginal, sliding my penis head up down, "jenny" began whining softly and looking at me "come on,… fuck me&hellip." Grabbing on the hind waist, l slowly put and push my penis in but only the head made it, l try pushing again, this time "jenny' makes a sound like it hurts or "Ouch" in dog language.

I spat my saliva on my penis head and began pushing my penis in again and this time all the way in and l put it on hold. "jenny" did not move. Then l bend down and hugged 'jenny' close to my body. My hand fondles the breast. Like imitating a dog I fuck my bitches as she whine and breaths heavily. I could feel the warm of inside her virginal. And barely a minute I make one last hard jerk and ejaculate inside the virginal.

Damn, it was so good. "Jenny" too was making her way of sound enjoying being fuck by the not of its kind, l knew this as she was continuously licking my face and my balls. Thereon after, l learns to control my orgasm and ejaculation and sometime we fuck for almost an hour. As my parent allow pets or dogs in the house, l decided to move them into the house. Two of the male pups were given away to relative leaving the female. Like any other ordinary pets, "jenny" and her pup would enter my room distracting me from my studies.

When l says distracting me meant not the kind that wants you to play chase or stick throwing. Their distraction are in between my legs, licking and trying to reach for my balls and cock. To continue our "love-making session" l would lead her to our private room, the store. Later I decided that, why not it in my room, since "jenny" use to lie on my bed and sometimes sleeps on my bed.

And it is normal that l always locked my room as part of my privacy when in my room. Then one night I fuck 'jenny' in my bedroom. I press her down making her to lie on the bed. I suck her breast that stills produce milk and the sweet taste of her milk makes me suckle for more. I licked her virginal and put my tongue inside her virginal. This is the first time l lay side by side with "jenny" taking our sweet time with nothing to be in a hurry of.

After awhile l open wide open her hind leg and slowly crawl on top of her. Then on top of "jenny", l began to fuck her. Amazingly "jenny" enjoys this new style. She vigorously licks all over my face.

What worries is the whining is heard by other family members. Our "first night together" is a memorable one. We did it three times with different position and finally both lying on our side, and we fuck with privacy everyday sometimes at the presence of her pups who also wants their fair share. We continue for almost a year before she died of all age, by then I already turn my attention to "Mimi as they take turn to be fuck by me.

Sometimes I have to lure one of them out of the room. I remember well, it was a day after my 9th birthday. l was laying on my bed that afternoon, bored with nothing to do, when my 3 years old, naughty little sister dash into my room, wanting to play with me like she always did.

It is normal for her to jumps around on my bed as she teases me. However this time, instead of jumping around, she crawls slowly on the mattress then sat on top of my waist, slides her rear to and fro gently on my pant as she teases me. My penis begins to erect. I push her away politely grabbing her on her two soft breasts, and told her to leave me alone. She just laughed and jeer at me as she left. My penis still erected when she left me. Later that evening she came in again to my room and repeats the same way.

I let her to continue and ejaculate inside my pant. Damn, it was so good. As to that incident, I would let her to continue sliding her rear on top of my pant until I ejaculate inside my pants. Over the next 6 months, I would let my sister plays sitting on my waist and we did it every days. Then one day, l noticed my brother and sister were not around as usual. My parent were also not at home. As l passes by the door of my sister room, l heard laughter and somebody being tease at inside her room.

The door was also ajar. As l opened the door, to my surprised it was my elder and younger brother with my 3 years old sister. she was completely naked.

My two brothers laughed and run out of her room leaving me alone with my naked sister in her room. When l questioned her as to how often they did it to her, she told me it just happen, and they were playing doctor and patient examine her breast and just about to touch her genital when I suddenly entered.

I got up from her bed and then locked the door and sit back next to my naked sister. My wild eye scrutinizes her body as that was the first time looking at my sister completely naked.

Alone with my sister in her room, l then asked her if l can also play doctor, with her blushful look, "okay", she replied. I started by touching her soft breast and it tickles her, she pushed my hand away.

Then l hugged her from behind and passionately my palm softly squeezing on her not develop yet breast.


My palm was caressing her genital and can feel my middle finger in between her vulva sliding on her clitoris. She laughs cheekily. l has to cover her mouth to stop her from being heard. "Sshhh…not so loud sis" l hushed.

After awhile, l stopped and asked her if that was what they doing awhile ago. "Yes, bro, but you play better than them and I like it." She replied with a blush. Then I ask her if she ever saw any of the brothers penises before. She shakes her head slowly and told me she never saw one. "Would like to see mine "&hellip., l asked her, "of course," she replies anxiously. I stood up and lower down my pant and she just stunt there staring at my penis. "Wow bro"……she said&hellip.

"So big and long". My penis was indeed big and long being frequently suck by 'jenny's' pups, about 8cm long and about 1.5cm in diameter for a 9 years old that it's. She touches my penis……and was amazed to see it so stiff. She then slowly gripped my stiff erected penis and l responded by moving my hip in and out toward her as her soft palm slipped through my penis.

"Would you like to lick it sis?"&hellip.l then asked her. "I don't know how "……she replied. "Just imagine licking ice cream", l replied. And reluctantly she places her tongue under the head of penis and then lick. After licking awhile, she look at me then asked me,&hellip." it is good ?".she asked. "Oooh yes"……&hellip.l replied, "go on, don't stop………suck it&hellip.suck the ball too", l command, and she did.

With both palms gently holding and sliding along the penile, she opened her mouth and sucks my penis and my balls too. "Sis… can I lick yours, so you feel what I feel?" "where." she quickly response.

I pointed to her genital. "There, that one over there." as I grinned. I lay her down on her back with her legs still hanging on the side of the bed. I spread opened her legs and thigh, stretching open her small vulva and look at her clitoris and virginal.

It was so small. She rose upon her elbow watching me. I then touch her clitoris with my finger she didn't reacted but looks on and as I licked her clitoris she told me it tickle her. Stretching her small vulva as wide as it can spread, I continue licking her inner labia and clitoris for awhile. Her very small virginal was filling with my salvia.

Her wide open thigh suddenly grips my head and with one hand pushing my head out. "Bro… enough please stop" she pledges. I looked up and smiles, "sis… let's do it together, you suck mine, I lick yours, okay?" "Okay" she replies saying it slowly. l guides her to be on top of me. Her genital right on tops my mouth.

I can feel her hand touching my penis and start sucking my penis head only, as she could not reach any further. Whilst licking her genital, suddenly without warning, she pissed on me. My face was all wet.

She laughed. "Sorry bro, l cannot stand it." We stopped and l wipes dry my face, my sister gave a cheeky smiled and laughed at me covering her face. l smile back and kiss her with brotherly love. "Hmmm"&hellip. As l kiss her l said, "You're bad"&hellip. tickling her. Lying side by side on the bed, suddenly crossing my mind this love scene from a movie we recently attended together at our local movie theater.

I asked her if we could imitate the scene and feels how it like is. "Yes, let's do it". She replied eagerly.

Without being told she raised up her thighs then open wide her legs. I shift my body over her using my hands as support and adjust my position as I gently lower down my hip and place my penis on her genital. After my penis is well place on her genital, l moves my hip and slides my penis head on her wide open vulva against her labium. My sister begins to move her hip up and down just like in the movie scene. Her two hands pushing by chest as she gasps for air.

We continue for awhile along with my sister, "ouch… aahh&hellip.don't press too hard&hellip. slowly please"…she begs. "Can l put it inside sis". l asked her. "Let's try, but my 'hole' is so small and yours is big and long." Can it go in? She replied with scare face." "Why don't you put it in yourself on the 'hole' and leaves it there", l replied, she complied and reach out for my penis.

l can feel my penis being aimed left to right as she tried to find the "hole", nodding her head she smiles, " okay " she said. I has to bend my body to kiss her, and then l asked her if l can insert it in. she make a quick nodded her head. Slowly trying to penetrate her virginal, she quickly moves her hip backward and pushes my body up.

" No, bro&hellip. it hurts" she said. l tried again, "please stop…&hellip. don't do it…&hellip., it hurting me" she almost cried.

l got up, look at her and said to her,&hellip."never mind sis………it okay"…&hellip.l will not go on". I kiss her again then apologized and told her to make it our little secret and she smiles and blushes. I helped her to dress up and as l left her room, l kiss again. The next day she entered my room, I let her play with my penis and as does I caress her genital and sometime lick her genital and she also lick and suck me penis. I never ejaculate in her mouth nor undress her.

Every visit she made after playing with me she gives me a sisterly kisses me and smiles as she walked out my room. However, once in awhile she would enters my room teasing me by pulling down my pant and run away laughing and sometime she lifting up her skirt showing me her panties then run away.

Each time she teases me as she makes her escape we would run around my room, giving her a brotherly kiss and sometime lightly spank her buttock. "Naughty! naughty !!" as we laugh and tickle each other. There's time as she run to our mom screaming as l stand in front of my door with one hand on my waist, the other pointing straight at her "naughty" with a stern voice pretending to be angry.

Needles to say, smiling at each other with a kind of desire when nobody was paying attention. My dad and mom were pleased to see her always hanging around with me. Unlike my other brothers, they prefer to do thing alone. Then two month after my 13th. Birthdays, upon my return home that afternoon from school, 'Mimi' was not waiting for me at the front door but my mom. She told me 'Mimi' was not feeling well and probably taken something poisonous.

That was verified by my neighbor as he notices that dead rat after taking poison he forgotten to throw away was gone. 'Mimi' was almost lifeless as l held her; we buried "Mimi" behind our backyard.

My sister also cried as 'Mimi' was also her favorites. With no pet to fuck, I masturbate. It's now been 6 years. My sister is now 9 years old, with a sexy body and we are closer than before.

She did not grow much over the years but her breast developed quickly probably due to the hormone in her body, quite busty in fact. Friends and relatives sometime just couldn't believe when told that she was only 9 years old. Almost size 38. She seldom enters my room to play or to teases me. Sometime our mom would spot-check into my room should she spend too much time inside, and always remained her that she is not a child anymore.

Years passes by, I am now 15 years old. I grow up fast standing at 150cm and my penis got longer and bigger. And believes me, when fully erect it's about 12cm in length and 2cm in diameter.

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I was reading this one porno magazine and in the promo section, a suction device to make the penis bigger and longer I secretly order the device with my pocket money and has been using it since I was 14, after circumcise the second time secretly.

Not a normal size compare to my age. My classmates always stare at my penis and compare, as I urinate next to them in the washroom. I stop using the suction device due to wear and tear. I also have to take interest in science class as when reading porno magazine there are words that l just don't understand. I would go to a nearby clinic and gazed at the poster of sexual organ hanging on the wall just to kills my curiosity. My siblings are also grown up; my sister is now 9 years old. Over the years little has she change, standing in front of me her height is about 130cm.

My sister may have probably stunted in her growth rates. Although she's short and slender, her body shapes will make you dribbles. Her big amazing breasts, is size 35. I once look at the size of the bra she uses. We still play around teasing and flirting with each other in my room.

I would purposely squeeze her breast and vigorously rub my palm on her private part before letting go and she never gets angry. She blushes every time l looked at her as I wink my eye.

She is very flirtatious towards me. However, not toward the brothers, a little tease would anger her immediately. Me, One day, my mom told me that we are moving to a new house as my dad was transferred to another location. The following week we move out. The new house we moved in is a smaller one with only three rooms to spare but all equips with bathroom. My two other brothers share a room.

I with no choice share the remaining room with my sister. She did not protest but smile when told that she have to share the room with me as I have always been her babysitter all these years. With two single beds in the room, the only partition my dad put up is a piece of curtain just the length of our beds hanging in between the space of the beds.

In fact our room is quite big compares to the one shared by my brothers. Immediately every body moves their personal belonging and stuffs.

My sister and I as we co-operate arranging our stuff in the room and upon any chance, would tease me the way she always do to me. It takes us two days to settle down and later that evening, as I walk over to my room and forgot to knock the door before entering, my sister was only clad in her bras and underwear. She didn't scream, but posing like a model with her hand on her waist and grin at me as I walked over to her, thereon place both my hands lightly on her shoulder "wow sis, you have such a beautiful body and tickle her.

She looks up at me smiling with a blush on her face and winkles her left eye and puckers her lips. As I was softly squeezing both her breast, she gently grab my hand taking it off her breast. "Bad boy" she said in a seductive voice and turns away from me continue to dress up. That night I walk over to the bathroom she was sleeping only in her panties. I just stand there watching and admiring her beautiful great body.

The next day, back from school, she purposely unbuttons her school uniform and undress in front of me and walks around our room only in her panties pretending to look for something. As she appears back she wear slinky cloths clearly displaying her body curve needless to say, her busty breast.

Taking her shower, she would call out to me to hand over her towel she purposely forgets to bring and instead of reaching her hands out to grab the towel, she just slide open the bathroom door, standing completely naked in front of me and smile as she took the towel and of course I try to grab her breast as she immediately slide back the bathroom door. That night, sounds like groan and moan heard softly again. Not able to withstand any longer the following day alone in our room whilst lying on my bed as my sister was changing her uniform, I took the guts to call her to my side of the bed.

She immediately appear only clad in her bra and panties with anxious look on her face. I pat on the bed as a gesture to sit next to me.


As she soft rest her buttock on the mattress with a blush face, she look down to me and smiles. Just then I reach for her arm softly gripping. "Sis.are you trying to seduce me all this while ?." I inquire with a soft tone. Smiling at me replies. "I don't know, am I seducing you bro ?." "As this is our first time living together sharing a room I am still trying to adjust to my habit." as her palm caress my thigh. I knew with all those display, the smile, winkle of the eye, those flying kisses and even let me touch her body, she lie.

"Hey, come on bro, like you have never seen me naked and even more than that remember? I didn't say a word but smile and pull her closer to me and kiss her passionately on her cheek and no further that that. The ice was finally broken. As from that moment we seldom tease each other and no more act of seduction but full of affections.

We just kiss, hug, embrace, sometime when she lying on her bed, I would sit next to her and slip my hand under her bra softly massaging her busty breast whilst kissing her. All the fondling and caressing never go any further than that. We never fondle with our private part steady as we goes. With a small television set now place our room. My sister would come over and sit next to me on my bed as the angel was not proper from her side. Sometimes as she comes over to watch TV next to me, she was clad only in her skirt and bra exposing her busty breast.

When love scene appears, I would turn my head and look at her. My sister just bliss and softly laughed cheekily. She would put her arm around my shoulder and softly caresses it. In response to her doing, l would also slowly bring her head toward my chest. My sister would passionately put her palm on my chests; softly caress my breast, sometime going down rubbing my pant to arouse me as she further explore my body.

I too play my part. My palm on her breast lightly massaging and squeezing most of the time and arouse her. The same routine repeated every time we watch TV together and never go further that. No body in our family suspect anything unusual between us.

We always act normal like brother and sister, no doubt my mom would once in awhile spot check on us as sometime we spend too much time in our room. One day as my parent is out of town. My two brothers were out camping and not until a week upon all their return, thus leaving my and my sister alone at home.

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It was a day before school holidays commence. And as usual watching TV, and messing around with each other, I took the guts to ask her. "Sis& still remembers our little secret?"…… I asked.

"It's about time you ask me that." "My unforgettable experience"&hellip. she replied…&hellip."did those two guys still play doctor with you?".l asked again&hellip."No.that was the first and last." She replied. "What you do when alone in your room?".l asked her again…&hellip."why you want to know?"…&hellip.she answer back looking at me smiling……&hellip."just curious"……l replied back&hellip."What do you do when alone in your room?".she quiz me back……&hellip."nothing"…l replied………"nothing?

you think l don't know what you do when you're in room alone?" and tickle me on my tummy……"you think l don't know what you did with "jenny" and "Mimi"?" She surprise me again." "All this while sis?" "oh yesss"&hellip.and she pinch me on my cheek. This time, I'm the one who is blushing. "Hey&hellip.come on sis&hellip.what you really do alone in your room ?".&hellip.l repeat my question. My sister looked at me smiling&hellip."Mimi"… she replied. "What !!!. "Mimi"? What were you doing with "nini"?

pretending eager to know. "Oh, come on bro…&hellip.don't play stupid with me"&hellip. she answers at the same time softly nuzzle her nose on my cheek and kisses me. We both lay down on my bed with her head on my chest and her hand gently rubbing my chest. Using the remote I turn off the TV. My lovely sister confide to me that, after l almost fucked her that day, she kind of like the feeling of being caress especially on her clitoris.

She was sitting down on the floor of her room one day with her legs wide open exploring her private part not realizing that the door was slightly ajar when "Mimi" entered her room. She then played putting "Mimi" in between her leg and thigh when "Mimi" starts to lick her under pant and she gets the same feeling l licked her clitoris before.

Ever since then "Mimi" becomes her "lesbian lover". She would let 'Mimi' licked her clitoris until she urinated then stopped.

She also told me that she never place her finger on her virginal as she remember the pain. She continues that one evening while playing outside the house she peeped through the curtain room of my window and saw me fucking 'jenny' and also "Mimi". Every time when I am at home in my room, she would pretend to play outside and would peep through the window curtain to see what I was doing inside. She would put her palm on her genital, caressing it as she watched me fucking. And like me, she only stopped when "Mimi" died.

No wonder she cried that day when 'Mimi's dies. " So&hellip.that was the sound l heard every night behind that curtain? " I joked at her…"then what was that sound you make behind my curtain ?"&hellip.she nuzzles at my nose. I kissed her forehead. "By the way sis, you have your period yet ?." I was eager to know. "8." She replied. "I was really scared you know it suddenly came when 'nini' was vigorously licking genital when suddenly I saw blood oozing from my virginal." " then ?" I make her to continue.

"Well., I put on my panties on and ran to find mom." " mom was surprise you know, she never expect me to have my first period at that age." "Really?." "yes," she quickly response. "And you know what, after my period, I have this strange urged I don't know what." "I was completely aroused and immediately piss every time my labia being licked at." "No wonder mom always says you're not a child anymore" I interrupted.

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My sister looked at me and me softly in a seducing voice, "Bro…what it's like when you fuck 'jenny" and "nini"?" "My dear, you are 9 now, don't you ever orgasm? ever saw me ejaculating ?". She look up at me wanting to know more. "It's the same feeling when being licked on your clitoris and even much better when fucking." "Really?" she replied curiously. "Want to try?" I dare her.

"Want that same feeling again?" l dares her again. "Ooh yes!!" She replied anxiously looking at me and smile and l kissed her. Our tongue both rolling inside, then she softly push me away and gets out of bed, standing in front of me and undress herself. I also got up and sit on the side of my bed enjoying the view.

She first took her tight T shirt off, and flicks it over toward me landing on my head. As she unhooked her bra off, her breast pop out and she massage then squeezed her breast. As she lower down her panties, it was so white with no pubic hair and her palm starts to fondle on the flaps of her vulva wend closer to me.

l got up from bed standing in front of her with both hands on her shoulder and looked at her body. "Woww&hellip.sis…& has such a beautiful body"&hellip.and touch her breast softly caressing it licking her nipples and suck it……"aahhh&hellip.yes"…&hellip.the words uttered from her mouth.

I continue awhile taking on each breast. Then she squatted down and pulls all the way down my underpants and as my well erected penis pops out……"oh my god……so much bigger, longer than before and so hard." she commented opening her mouth wide as she put my penis into her mouth and slowly suck it.

And for the second time, we saw each completely naked as grown up. I lead her back to my bed, and as we lay down, she continues to suck my big penis awhile. She crawls back on top of me; l shifted her to my side and lying next to me. My palm fondle her breast, my other hand slips in between her thigh and my palm smoothly caressing her small vulva then her clitoris.

Her virginal becomes wet. "Hmm&'s good"…she begs for more. As we continue, I slowly shifted our body for me to be on top of her. Moving slowly down, l passionately kiss and licks her neck, suck the breast and nipples, her belly, tickling her all the way with her, "oohh…yess…hhhmm…uuhhh…uurggg." She moan and groan.

My head ended up between her thighs which was already wide open. Her small vulva swollen pink open exposing her clitoris, virginal and hymen and it's already wet as l licked it. She becomes even more aroused. "bro&hellip.don't stop&hellip.please don't stop&hellip.aaahhh yes&hellip.and she asked for more.

As I licks and sucks her labia and clitoris, my finger was poking gently on her virginal. Every time as my fore finger touches her virginal she flinches. "No…not yet" she pledges. Then l took a break and lay down next to her. Looking at her face l saw satisfaction. "Well, sis, How now the feeling… Better??" l inquire. "Why did you stop"&hellip. She demand to know. "Come on sis, what's the hurry." l response gently caressing my palm on her belly.

She took my hand and places it on her breast. l continues fondling on her breast and rolling her nipple with my fingers. Then I shift my body around as about to do pumping excises and properly adjust my position. My sister like wise spread wide her thigh as she raises it up and rest her leg on my buttock. And as I slowly lower my hip our genital touches. My penis pressed hard against genital. I raise my body up and as l look down; l can see my penis pressing on the flaps on her vulva and slowly I slide my penis.

"Remember this sis?"., she looked at me then downward with a smile. She put both her hand gently on my neck. "Will it still hurt bro?" "Just look at my genital and virginal, it so small and your penis is so big".

My sister have every reason to be scared, With her thigh wide spread, my penis on her 2 flap vulva covers all. Need I elaborate more? Still on top of my sister and slowly sliding my penis against her on the flap of her vulva, I remember something. "Sis&hellip. I know how to make it entered smoothly." "How?"…she quickly replied. "Let's use lubricant oil; the penetration will be smoother and much easier". With confident I try to assure her. "Do we have any?" as she answers with eager gestures.

I got off of bed and open a drawer next to my bed. Holding a bottle with my fingers on the cap I show to her a small lubricant bottle. I lay back next to her still holding the lubricant bottle.

My sister took it from my hand and scrutinizes the 25ml bottle. "Will this work?" she asked. "Definitely". I replied. As I lay back next to her, I took the bottle and squeeze the oil on my palm and oiled my penis then apply on the vulva then her inner labia.

I drip a few drops into her virginal. My sister was arouse as my slippery palm smoothly moves in circular motion applies the oil on the vulva and her inner labia especially the clitoris. "It's so slippery and oily"&hellip. she says cheekily. "Shall we start?" trying to have her permission. "Yes, but gently and try not to hurt me much" she pledged.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle." As I lower down my hip, my penis landed against her vulva, and slides slippery on the vulva. "'s so good and slippery, it is in yet?" eager to know.

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"Nope," are you really and ready for this sis? you're small and still a virgin you know, it will be very painful." " Bro, I have waited long enough imagining and dreaming of you making love to me and I am readily you claim my virginity." "Put it in very slowly." My sister can wait no longer.

Adjusting my position holding my penis, I gently placed my penis touching her virginal. I thought she would scream but she just looked on. With my penis placed touching her virginal. Her butt was uneasy too. I has to control my hip so as not to make any sudden penetration, As for my sister, she is below almost under my chest I have to bend hard slowly and also halt my hip for any sudden penetration, just to kiss her, taking off her mind as to what about to happen next.

"sis, I love you" I whisper on her ear. "I love you too, bro" and just then I make a slowly light jab with my penis into her virginal. "Ouch! It hurt." she cried. "I told you" I hushed to her ear. My penis is still out on her virginal but I did felt the small part of my penis head into her virginal. I make another jab and penetrate. "Bro, it's very painful" she cried.


But this time I shut her up by kiss her lips tight and continue to penetrate but still only part of my penis head enter. Her eyes are closing tight, her hands on my hip trying to push it away.

"Why not make I like a pendulum." I said to myself. Slowly I make my penis moves like a pendulum making my penis head sliding gently aiming at her virginal. "Ah, ah, ouch, ah, each time my penis head touches her virginal her body flinch. I continue to arouse her and as she lustfully kiss and caress my back, as we continues kissing, I insert hard; I can feel my penis head slowly forcing its way through the very tight virginal.

She was screaming loud with her mouth close tightly by my lips, her eyes opens wide then close tightly. Her fingers were pressing deep on my back. Her legs are stumping on the bed. She makes a number of a quick short shake with her head as a gesture telling me to stop as she bears the brunt of the penetration through her virginal and then&hellip.

Zaps!! my penis head penetrates her hymen. My sister is no longer a virgin. She looks at me with tears in her eyes then again a short quick shake of her head. Her fist was slamming hard my back. She tries to lower down her thigh pushing hard to push my hip away. I put on hold my penile insertion. Letting go of her lips, l looked at her. "Bro. it's so very painful" she sob as she cry. "Don't worry sis, it will not hurt anymore" I tried to console her.

With my penis head rested inside around her broken hymen, I penetrates a little bit deeper and put on hold. "No…bro…please&'s very painful." As she cries on, I ignored her pledged. Pushing to and fro very slowly with my penis head within her broken hymen and unable to penetrate deeper, as her virginal was so tight and it grips my penis hard making it almost impossible to make further insertion.

We were sweating heavily. As she embrace me tight around my back, her breast was pressing against my chest; the nipples harden as her breast gently slides on my wet chest. Although she pledges for me to stop and cries louder, I continue to fuck her very slowly, just within her torn hymen, barely 1cm. We continue her for about 10 minutes but I felt like an hour.

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As I try to enjoying fucking her, I almost weight her down and she gasps for air and she cries louder. Feeling sorry for her I stopped. I wiped off the tears on her sweated face and looked at her. "Sorry sis, still painful? she nodded her head as her finger wipe off her tears."mine painful also." I did not lie. Then I pull out my penis from her virginal. There was blood on my penis head. "Sis, look…your blood." I try to attracted her attention. She got up and touches her hymen blood on my penis, she looked at her virginal.

It's covered with blood too and some drips on my bed sheet. She looked at me with her red eyes and smiles at me. I gave her a small towel to dab the blood on the bed sheet and around her virginal and then mine. Our genital is still very oily. Then we lay down on the bed, facing each other. I slip my hand through her close thigh and palm gently rubbing her oily genital; my lips passionately suck on her breast. She spread then raised her thigh up as l continues caressing her genital. As I am not done yet fucking her.

I whisper softly to her ear, "sis…still painful? "Much better," she replied and smile at me. "Sis… let's do it again," I demand. She didn't answer but shifted her body laying face up. Without being told to do she raises her thigh up resting it on her legs and spread it wide opened. Her vulva was swollen pink exposing her clitoris and virginal with still some blood on it. She put her hands on my waist and helps gently placing my penis against her wide open vulva; I am now in pumping exercise position I immediately slide my penis on her still oily clitoris.

"Bro… put it in slowly like just now." She urged. I then hold my penis and placed it on her virginal and slowly push my penis head in. "uurrgghh" "aaahhh," she moans as my penis head entered her broken hymen, I stopped penetrating. "bro&hellip.don't stop…don't stop."&hellip.I inserts my penis in a little more this time &hellip.

"Ah yes&hellip.yes." she moans louder. I stopped again. This time she didn't begged but raise up her thigh up higher and her leg hanging at mid air. Giving me full access. Her fingers stretch the vulva wide with my penis still inside her virginal. "fuck me bro." she say.

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l slowly penetrates hard again and stopped. "bro, why did you stop." She asked curiously. "sis& penis is long remember? I interrupted. "Don't stop, just put it all in." she begged. How na? she was. As almost half the length of my penile explores deeper inside her virginal, my penis head almost reach her cervix.

"alright then sis, as you wish." l replied. Slowly as it goes l reverse my penile and drive in again very slowly as the grip of her virginal is very tight.

l can feel the head of my penis bumping on her cervix. "uh.uh.uh.fuck me bro, fuck me hard.yes…yes…yes. louder and louder each time my penis head bumps on her cervix. As my penile goes to and fro, her virginal produce a squelch sound. As I pull it out her tight virginal it tries to suck it back in. As I look at my penis, there's still blood on it, but this time, I noticed there is some white substance like milk on my penis.

Her virginal was very wet. My penis was inside her virginal more than half now. "Bro, please go faster, fuck me harder," she said in a weak sexy voice. "I can't, your virginal is very tight, just let me do it slowly." "Okay then," she replied. As I continue, l can hear hissing sound from her virginal as air rushes in and out.

My penis is now almost full length inside. My penis head bumps harder and harder on her cervix. My sister was completely aroused and fills with lust. Her body waggle, her head turns from left to right, her eyes close tightly, her mouth open, her palms on my breast gripping hard and finger nails pinching my chest, she also follows my push in reverse, as my butt pushes down she would raise her butt up to make my penetration smoother and as my penis explores deeper inside, she would also reach for my balls.

l has to control my orgasm. My penis head was 'suffering' at every penetration telling me to ejaculates. I may have fucked virgin bitches before, but fucking my virgin sister, both are our first time experience. Lest I know what or where the "G"spot is. I just assume that her screams are cause by my big penis and ramming at her cervix, or just screaming for more.

We both sweat heavily. Then I heard an excited voice from below me, "bro, what is this, what is this coming onto me now, oh. no.Don't stop; don't stop, faster, faster…uh.uh.uh.ah, ah, aaahh&hellip.yyessss". Her virginal is very wet. My penis was cover with milk like substance.

I knew she just orgasm as she slowly retreat moving her head as she moan softly putting her arm on her fore head with her eyes close and breathing heavily and I waits nor longer to ejaculates. I tried to paced up fucking her with my penis tightly grip inside the virginal and my sister begin to go crazy again, my penis head was bumping very hard on her cervix, "sis.

l am coming, l am coming. I have to bend my hip up at the same time raising my body like doing pumping exercises, my sister butt also rises. Using my other hand I place my palm on top above her vulva pressing her hip down. I can feel air rushes in producing a hissing sound slowly filling her virginal with air releasing the suction.

"Aaaooowww, yes…yes&hellip." my sister reacts as my penis slowly coming out of her virginal, then "poop" out goes my penile. l quickly holds my penis and immediately ejaculates on her belly.

The semen shot out and some landed on her face. "aahhh, damn good." As I enjoy the orgasm. I held one of her hand and put her finger on the semen place her finger on her mouth telling her to lick it. "eeemmm…tasty," she commented as she smiles. After wiping clean the semen on her belly and mouth, my sister and I tried to clean the bed sheet that was wet and with blood stain. We lay down. Her head resting on my arm and I shifted facing her with my palm gently caressing her two soft breasts whilst passionately kissing her.

"I love you sis, You're great.". "Thanks bro, I so glad it's over" she smile. Our heart beat slows down. During course of putting on hold each penetration, I was actually trying hard not to ejaculate.

My penis immediately erected the moment she sat next to me as we watch TV. The tight virginal gripping hard on my penile is unbearable not to ejaculate. As this is my first experience fucking my own kind, my sister that is, I become a virgin myself.

My sister only fools around with her vulva and clitoris and explores no further. Fucking my pet bitches is all without any resistance from them as we dog speak dog language. No doubt, one is a virgin bitches. As l begins to fuck my virgin sister, I was also scared. When if I accidentally impregnate her. How if suddenly something happen. What if I cause severe injuries on her virginal and cervix and her anxiety and desire of lust some how turns into nightmare for her.

Had it not without the old faithful lubricant oil, I may never successfully break her hymen but only tortures her with more with pains therein causing severe injuries to her genital parts.

It is not about penetrations that worry me. It's the suction. What if somehow the muscle of her virginal "jammed" and just imagine if my penis got stuck inside. With the help of my hand pushing down hard above her vulva, it took almost 03 seconds for my penis to slowly come out.

Luckily nobody is at home otherwise her cries and screams as she endures the pain would attract the whole family and we got caught. But the evil rules. While resting as our heart beat slowly down, I break the silence. "Sis, sorry for hurting you so much," I pledged. "It okay bro, I'm a virgin remember," as she looks deep into my eyes. "And my first time with a real female too," I joked. My palm continues to fondle with her sweaty breast. My sister softly massages my softening penis.

"Bro," what happened to me, just before you took your penis out," She asked in a soft curious voice. "that my dear," l then kiss her lips. "is called," I kiss her again. "orgasm" and softly pinch her cheek. "aaooww" and jump on top of kissing me as she mutters "your bad !!, your bad !!, I hate you !!, I hate you !!," then sifting back laying next to me.

A moment later still naked, l led her to the bathroom to freshen up. In the bathroom, we kiss, fondle and caress each other as we soaps every part of our body with affection of loves and lust. I would tease her by using the fast running water shower, aiming under her genital and as shower splashes she flinches a little and told me the water stings inside her virginal.

After a moment she told me, the splashing water arouses her as it splashes hard on her vulva and clitoris. The water running wild inside her virginal arouses her even more. I just smile and laughed at her. Right after drying ourselves, we return to my bed, hugging and embracing not willing let go.

As I glance at the clock it almost midnight. I kiss my sister good night. She was already asleep. I have to wake her up early the following morning as we were almost late to school.

At first she reluctant, giving me an excuse, she lazy and wants to spend more romantic time with me. As I was already in my school uniforms and it's the last day before school holiday commence, she has to abide. I arrived first at home later that afternoon; my sister is yet to return. I lies on bed only clad in my under pant, trying to take a nap.

As I was about to fall asleep suddenly I felt something sitting on top of my abdomen. Slowly opening my eyes it was none other than my sister. "Miss me?" she asked smiling. "No!" I replied in a stern voice, and then grabbing her under the armpits almost lifting her up and kiss wildly all over her face.

"Of course l misses you, my dear," "why would I not misses you," and embrace her tightly as she gasp for air. With a glad face she smiles and get off the bed walking over to our curtain then sliding the curtain all the way to the wall. "We don't need this anymore" I just look on and smiles. She undresses in full view in front of me until completely naked. "Damn you sis, your body…wow.

Just can't help voicing it out. "Are you trying to lure me into something?" she grinned. "Nnnnnnnoo&hellip., but I am going to rape you!! And jump of the bed trying to grab her. My sister evades and pretending playing hard to get as she run naked around the room laughing childishly. I grab her from behind and lifted her up turning her body towards me rest her on my waist.

Her hand clasp behind my neck and starts to jerks herself up and down on my waist. I carry her to her bed, slowly bending down wanting lay her down. She wouldn't let go, shaking her head and look downward indicating to me that she wants me to fuck her.

"No, not now sis," "let's freshen up first, okay," she nodded her head and pucker at me. We took our shower together. As we shower on, we were arousing each other so very passionately along with tickling and laughing at each other. As I took the faucet and shower her on the genital she moan and immediately put apart wide her legs as her palm rubs on her genital.

As was completely arouse as she moan and groan, I turn the shower up under her genital, she flinches and told me that the high pressure water splashing on her virginal still sting inside her virginal. I pretend not to hear but keep on splashing on her virginal. Then she moans and groan as she got more aroused telling me to go on. I halt as I would not like to spoil the fun later. Still wet, we walk slowly to my bed as we embrace each other with my sister head resting on my chest as we walk on.

I push and she slump gently on my bed with her leg hanging on the side bed. As I lower myself to squats down, she spread out her thigh and I immediately hold her thigh putting my head in between and start to lick her genital.

"Aaahh, so good, don't stop bro, lick it longer," as she moan and groan louder. After I've had enough lick her, I stood up and pull her up slowly by the wrist toward me and as I let go off her. She straight away sucks my penis as she gently rubs her palm around my penis. Then she slump back on the bed with her leg still hanging on the side bed.

"Fuck me bro," she said in a hush voice. As I slowly lower my body, I gently push her thigh away almost reaching her abdomen and unfold wider her thigh and slowly lean downward. My penis presses gently on her wide open genital. I gently slide my penis head just above her virginal and all the up to her clitoris. Slowly my penis head slides smoothly being lubricates by her genital.

As I pause my moment, I gently place my penis head on her virginal. Her body flinches as my penis touches her virginal. "Gently bro," she remained me. Gently I penetrate my penis head into her virginal pushing in to and fro very slowly. My penetration goes in deeper and deeper until it touches her cervix.

During the course of the penetration, my sister moan and groan. Her Virginal is still very tight. This time she did not cry but remain passive pledging me fuck her harder and faster with my penis movement. It barely took me 15 minutes, as I can no longer sustains the feeling on my penis head before I eject my penis and ejaculates on her open mouth as she swallows my semen. We were both exhausted. As we curdle together, she look at me with a weary smile "Thanks bro, you're the best." "We should have done this a long ago." "If only had I known all your intention all these years" I replies.

We both at each other then smile. We slept the afternoon away. Later that night we fuck twice before we sleep soundly and weary. Before the arrival of every body a few days later, my sister and I have sex at lest 4 time a day.

We would have intercourse anyway, may it be on the table, the floor, the couch and just about anywhere we landed. I also introduce to her various love-making positions that make her begged for more. We both enjoys every moment. She became more experience as I guide her through during our love making session. My sister is budding.

Her tight virginal slowly loses it grip as her virginal muscle begins to accept the size of my penis.

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We also walked around in the house completely naked. There is never a rut to what we are doing. We knew it was the day of everybody returning home as were told of their time of arrival.

We continue our daily routine and once done we properly dress ourselves up and awaits their return. My parent and brother returns. And was greeted joy showing how glad we are that they have return. Now it's a new game to play. With everybody at home, my sister and I have to be more cautious in our doing. We only have sex at night and sometime in the afternoon if warranted.

Most of the time as we have sex, I has to cover her mouth to silent her moan, groan. We would also level up the volume of the TV. And from the moment she loses her virginity I never ejaculate inside her virginal. During her menstruation period we just caress and fondle with each other. She would do a blow job on my penis and as she gets carried away she would squats on top of me and she fuck me and even joke that she bleed because still a virgin It was only then I introduce to her birth pills.

During my first ejaculation inside of her virginal she was stunted. For the first in her life she experience my warm semen shoots out hard on her cervix filling her virginal.

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I would let her orgasm at least twice before we orgasm together. Our love-making session begins to take a longer time. Sometime we fuck for almost 3 hours before I finally ejaculate as we keep the moan and groan as soft as possible. Sometimes my sister would sulk herself if I do not gives what she want likewise me also. We are both addicted to having sex. There are times when both of us are too preoccupied enjoying the lust, not realizing we slobber turning us too giggled and simpered when it happens.

After we are done with each other, my sister would reluctantly return and sleep on her bed. This has to be to avoid being spot check by our mom and we carries on. Regardless of the consequences, times passes by quickly. I am her babysitter, her husband and her lover. It's not easy to hide our feeling in the presence of our family and relative. The only time we were not together is when her cousin or our relatives spent the night at our house. I found myself a job when I was 19.

The job requires working in another town and was force to left my sister. I have no logical reason to gives to my parent but to comply. The night before leaving, we lock the door and have sex throughout the night.

I advised her to find a boyfriend and to inform me should she found one. Once I was away, we never lost contact with each other. During school holiday or long Public Holiday she would come to visit and spend the night together and when I return home on short trip, we let go our lust. My parent was not pleased to see their 20 years old son, me that is, go about my daily life.

They decided that I should settle down so as to be a more responsible person. My parent knows of this one family that is close to them in a village where we have a piece of land they bought from them. As that family is poor, my parent plans to foster a closer relation by marriage.

I tried to object to the idea but was strongly opposed by other family members and relatives. I have a heart to heart talk with my sister who is now 14 years old, as one day this is bound to happen.

I also gave her a number of advices. We agreed that we should both start a new life. We make love throughout the night for the last time and kiss her passionately before I return to my work place.

The wedding took place immediately in a very simple ceremony and my sister was first to volunteer to be the bridesmaid.

Guess who says "I do" on the altar, my sister, my wife doesn't speak this language. My wife was 15 when she married me. She never attended school as her family couldn't effort the expenses. She is slightly taller than my sister. Being a country girl, there's nothing she knows about city life, and sex is strictly a taboo subject.

I have sex with my wife not only after 3 nights with her. I was getting to know her better as we only meet briefly before. I only show my affection just to comfort her from being shy to me and my family member to gain her confidence. The night I first make love with my wife is quite a challenge for me as she is still a virgin, what more been kiss before of being caress.

I take thing step by step, once she is completely arouse, one by one her attire being removes until she is completely naked.

As I took of mine, she stunted as she stares at my penis then she smile. I have no idea why she smile, but maybe that was the first time she really saw any adult penis as she doesn't have any brothers. At this stage, my penis has long stop growing, 2cm in diameter and 16cm in length. My virgin wife just lay still as I slowly arouse her.

Her body flinches at the same time withstanding the tickle that was arousing her while her hand on my head. I moves lower and lower, once reaching her thigh on the genital and about to lick it, she immediately push my head away and got up. "is this what we are supposed to do?" she asked me warily" "Just bare with me, honey" I replied with a grin.

Her thigh was slightly open, I continue lick on the upper vulva and my tongue tries to slips in, steady as it goes, her thigh slowly unfolds. The moment my head was in between her vulva, there's all I need to see.

With a stroke with my tongue from under and up on her labium, she quickly rose upon her elbow to see what I was doing. I pretend not to notice. After a few more stroke as I lick and suck her clitoris, she slump back on the bed. She began to moan and groan. "Honey I feel good, please don't stop" as her groan and moan went louder. Once I have enough on her genital, I lay back next to her.

"You okay honey? I asked. She nodded then looked at me and smile. I straight away shift my body and position my body on top off her with minimize weight, as I gently place my penis head on her virgin virginal. She looks up to me with a smile but uncertain look. "Can I go in now honey?" "Gently" she replies with a quick nod. And the rest is history and like my sister, my wife is budding. After done, as we slowly catch our breath, I asked her if she want me to do it again.

"Honey, I am your wife, I am to serve and take care of you. Do that to me again." She replied readily and so goes the action. I put up my wife with my parent as I was to attend a 6 month course on my job. My wife and my sister become very close friend. As I start my new life as a married man we never lost contact. Then she gave me a surprise new. My sister is getting married in a week time and she is only 16 years old.

When I inquire what happen, she told me she has known this guy for quite awhile and use to dates him. My dad was not happy as she always comes home late at night.

The guy is a year younger than me with a steady job. Dad found her and the boyfriend in awkward position when my dad barge in the rented room the boyfriend rents. What worries her is that she fears her future husband might reject her on their wedding having found out that she is no longer a virgin. I told her to play stupid. I did not attend her wedding day as not able to apply for leave. Later the next day after her wedding night I gave her a call for the outcome. "All goes well, I drain him out 3 times last night" she replied.

Her only complaint was her husband penis is not as big and long like mine. "But what the hell, it's legal" as she laughed on the phone.

We were both relieves. We are all happy married as to this is written. Our secret remains tight sealed. I thank God………