Mia malkova real tramp party

Mia malkova real tramp party
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The following story is based on true events, but is not a direct recount. It is a partially fictional, partially factual narrative. Part 1: Rebirth When I awoke that morning, I had no idea how much my life would change that day. My name's Bailey, and for about a month now I'd been "cyber-dating" this great guy, David, who used to "cyber-date" a friend of mine, Kirstin.

David's a really sweet guy, but he's kinda' unusual; he has a temper, and he's always fantasizing. Sometimes I feel like he lives on a different level of reality altogether.he certainly opened my eyes to a lot of things that I didn't know about the world.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I logged onto sitemodel, this role-playing website David and I both did. Digital role-playing is this thing were people create fictional accounts of "characters" and act out interactions between their characters.

A lot of people make accounts for movie characters, tv characters, or even characters they made up all on their own - David and I liked roleplaying in the storyline of the Percy Jackson series - we were both fans of the movie.

What I didn't know though, was that David was an incredibly talented writer; he loved detail, and his descriptions made it seem so real that it was like we were actually our characters.which made the sex scenes amazing.

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I'll admit that I actually came more than once, role-playing sex with him. But our relationship didn't stay confined to our characters; eventually we started talking to each other for "real" (at least as "real" as AIM can be), as David and Bailey (me) respectively.

That's when David really opened my eyes. I don't remember the exact details - what happened kinda' blurs things in my mind. This is kinda' how it went though. David: So, you know how strong Bailey is, being a demigod and all?


Me: Yeah, what about it? David: Well.if you're interested.I know of a way that you could be "powerful" as well. Not like a demigod.that's fictional. Me: Ok.? David: See, kirstin is "powerful".

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She's part of a small percentage of humans born with a genetic defect - some rare fluke that allows their bodies to absorb ambient energy and use it as they please. Like.sunlight, electricity, microwaves, etc. It's kinda' dangerous though -- too much energy could short-circuit your entire nervous system.

Me: Oh really? But what does that have to do with me? David: Well.I was wondering if you'd like to try the technique I taught Kirstin? It's not guaranteed to work, but it supposedly feels amazing.at least according to her. Me: Oh ok. Sure, why not? David: Ok. David: Shut your eyes and count backwards from ten to one, taking slow deep breaths with each count. Once you reach "1", and are totally calm and focused, I want you to find an electrical socket and put your hand as close to it as you can without actually touching it.

Focus on your hand, specifically your palm and fingers. Me: Ok. I did as I was told, even though now I was starting to get a little weirded out. But, kirstin trusted him, so…couldn't I? A few minutes later, my computer beeped at me; it was David, again. David: Open your eyes&hellip.when you placed your palm next to the socket, could you feel your hand tingling? Or your fingertips? Me: Yes&hellip.what's going on? David: I'll explain later…for now I need you to concentrate please.

Place your hand by the socket again and shut your eyes. Focus on that tingling sensation. Take a deep breath, and while you're concentrating on that sensation, imagine that as you breathe, that tingling the electricity is flowing up your arm and into your body. Draw it into yourself like water into a sponge.

Take as much as you can. Me: Ok&hellip. I did as I was told, and God, it felt incredible. Almost immediately I could feel the energy flooding my body, and my senses came alive more intensely than they ever had before. It was agony and heaven at the same time. I felt like I was burning from the inside out, but at the same time I was having the most intense orgasms of my life.

I kept "sucking up" energy with thoughtless abandon; I didn't care what it was doing to me, all I knew was that I wanted more&hellip.I wanted it all. I don't know how long I was doing it. With every breath more energy, more power flooded my body, and I was orgasming every few minutes now&hellip.it felt so incredible, but I also felt starved. No matter how intense it got, my hunger was insatiable. When I finally opened my eyes again, my hands were shaking, my skin looked like it was glowing from the inside out.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and my eyes had a slightly wild, desperate look to them like a junky who had been strung out for weeks. My legs were twitching and visibly wet from my cum, and my shaved pussy was bright red and throbbing…but I was still horny as fuck. I'd never had a dick in me before, but every fiber of my body knew that that was what I wanted right now. I dimly registered my computer beeping it was David, again.

He was concerned. I giggled to myself and shifted on my chair, crossing my legs and hissing quietly as my entire body shuddered involuntarily. I touched my keyboard, and yelped in surprise when sparks jumped off my skin. The weird thing was, it didn't hurt&hellip.it felt really, really good!

In the back of my mind, I wondered if this was what it felt like when guys ejaculated. I grinned at the thought and replied to his insistent IM's. Me: I'm fine, babe. In fact, I'm better than fine&hellip.I'm amazing. David: You're horny, aren't you?

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Me: *blush* How'd you know? David: Long story&hellip.I take it you need me? Me: Yes… David and I cyber-sexed over AIM; he was reluctant at first, but eventually he warmed up to me. I came twice, and he masturbated to two orgasms as well.

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But it still wasn't enough. I was jittery, I felt like I could do everything at once, and all I wanted was to fuck, fuck, and fuck some more. After we were done, I felt for some reason like David was uneasy; sure enough he turned back to our conversation.

David: So, uh&hellip.do you have any siblings? Me: Yeah, a younger sister. Why?

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David: Tell me about her. Me: Well, her name's Annie&hellip.she's 18. David: Do you want her?

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Me: What do you mean? She's my sister. David: Well&hellip.we both know how horny you are right now&hellip.and as "powerful" as you are, do you really think you'd let her being your sister stop you?

Me: Hmm&hellip.well no, probably not lol David: Exactly. So, do you want her? Me: Yes&hellip. David: Ok then…let's make it happen. Using my newfound energy, David taught me to meditate, and "sense" the minds of other people.and also control them, a little bit. My sister and I were home alone that day, and I reached out with my powers.her young, sexually charged mind was delicious to me.

I willed her to come to me, and it took almost no effort on my part.


Annie came in a few minutes later, and I told David. Somehow, I knew what he was going to say before he said it. Sure enough, he told me to make her take off her clothes. I eyed her and didn't say a word…I just "willed" it in my mind, and almost immediately, with a dazed, slightly confused look on her face, she started stripping.

When her bra came off, and her B cup breasts came into view, my pussy trembled with excitement; I'd never seen or thought about my baby sister sexually until now&hellip.but God, how I wanted her. "Get down on your knees and eat me out please.", She stared at me in confusion and folded her arms, looking uncomfortable, "Bailes&hellip.you're my sister…" I narrowed my eyes and growled beneath my breath; my "power" was flooding my body, burning me from the inside and making my blood boil with my rage at being denied.

Who was she to say no to me?! I stood up, and felt like I was towering over her, even though we're almost the same height. I folded my arms over my breasts, and frowned when they throbbed, and I felt something damp on my arms; I looked down at my chest and somehow wasn't surprised to see my nipples leaking. Weird…I'd have to ask David about that later. I looked back at my sister and raised an eyebrow archly, bringing my full powers to bear behind my voice when I spoke, "Get down on your knees and eat me out, annie." She still looked reluctant, like she was fighting herself, but she moved stiffly and dropped to her knees in front of me.

I smiled in triumph and caressed her silky brunette hair lovingly before sitting down again and spreading my legs. A flicker of a smile played on her lips, even though she still looked conflicted.

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Nevertheless, she leaned down and started flicking her tongue across my hot and tender pussy. I'd never done anything with another girl before, but her tongue was amazing.

It was gentle when it needed to be, and demanding when it needed to be. It didn't take long for her to push her tongue into me and start tongue-fucking my pussy in earnest, and not long there after she started moaning as she ate me, her big sister, out.

I shuddered in pleasure, both from her tongue and my delight at my own power, and put my hands on the back of her head and held her between my legs, grinding on her face as she started sucking my cunt. My orgasm made my power orgasms look like a sneeze. Only a few minutes after she started eating me out, my orgasm tore through me like a volcanic eruption. I screamed, long and loud, and couldn't help but shake in my chair as I came again and again, squirting violently all over my sister's mouth and face.

She tried to swallow my cum, but I was cumming too hard, it was too much for her to swallow. My orgasm lasted only about two minutes, but that was all I could handle. When it finally subsided, the room was spinning and my vision kept blurring like I was threatening to pass out; my skin was hyper-sensitive and hot to the touch&hellip.except to Annie's touch.

She just stroked and caressed me all over, soothing me as I came down from what no doubt was a tantric orgasm. David had long since logged off, so it was just Annie and I.

When the room stopped spinning, I looked down at my body, which ached everywhere. My pussy was bright red, still, and sure enough my breasts were leaking. I squeezed one breast until my hand was very damp; it hurt so much I wanted to cry, but I lifted my hand to my lips and licked it off slowly.

My&hellip.milk? Tasted really, really good. It was warm, not quite hot, and really creamy, like melted ice cream. It was sweet, too. I smiled and looked at Annie, who was sitting awkwardly on my bed, looking like she wasn't sure what to do now, or what she was even doing in the room.

"Annie&hellip.I think my girls need some relief?" I squeezed one breast slowly, wincing, but it had the desired effect as milk squirted into the air from my breast. She saw it, and flushed, looking down and away before looking back up at me with a shy smile on her face, "I was kinda' hoping you'd ask…" I raised an eyebrow at her and grinned, but said nothing. She just flushed and got up, walking over to me. How would this work?

I was sitting on a chair, too high for her to kneel and suck my breasts&hellip.but I also didn't trust my legs to get me all the way to the bed. I smiled and get up as much as I could and sat on the floor, gesturing for her to join me. She giggled quietly, looking like a shy teenager. I was reminded of the fact that my sister was a virgin&hellip.something that amused me given how amazing she'd been at eating me out. She lay down on the floor, on her back, and scooted up so her head was on my lap.

I awkwardly hefted a breast and placed my nipple between her lips; I had to hunch a little, which was uncomfortable, but as soon as she started sucking all thought of pain was gone. I practically melted with pleasure as I felt my milk start flowing.

It was weird, but so good. It was like&hellip.well it's hard to describe, actually. It was like tiny ants marching down my breast and out my nipple, but at the same time as my body was forcing the milk out, it was being demandingly sucked out&hellip.and Annie's sucking felt amazing on my breast.

I gasped and clutched my sister's head to my breast, shuddering slightly in sheer pleasure. My body instinctively relaxed into her sucking, and somewhere in the back of my mind I marveled at everything that had happened. Not even three hours ago, I'd just been a plain girl, living a plain and mostly sheltered life.

Now, I had this incredible power, a sister who I saw in a whole new light&hellip.I felt like a totally different person. Oh, I was still the same person in my heart, and when I looked at Annie I still loved her like her responsible big sister, but now when I looked at her, watching as she nursed from my breast, there were new feelings. I looked her body over, marveled at the perfection of her supple breasts and bare pussy, and realized how badly I wanted her.

But, I'd have to realize that desire at another time. For now, my body was finally coming down from everything. I still felt amazing, but as Annie fed from my breast, a relaxed and satisfied stupor settled over me and I shut my eyes, leaning back against the computer desk. After my long and eventful afternoon, with my sexy, sweet baby sister nursing from my breast for the first time, I drifted off to sleep. My dreams were full of incredible, inhuman feats, and by my side, there was Annie, not just my sister but the woman who I would come to love as a part of myself.

I didn't know it then, but I had just entered into a whole new life. The old me had been so plain, boring really&hellip.the new me? She was powerful, and all that that entailed To be continued…