Pics hentai sexy anime girls slideshow

Pics hentai sexy anime girls slideshow
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The whole story realistically starts at the end of Sarah's college years. About a month after she'd left she was married to her husband Tony. He had only ever been after one thing from the start. Sex. Her verbal and social attractions meant nothing to him.

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He had sex with her on their first date. He got close to forcing her to give him a blow job. From then on she had to give him oral and then ride him while he just lay back. She had stayed with him because the little devil on her left shoulder reminded her that he was fantastically rich.

They had a large dethatched house on one of the nicest streets in town. He refused to let her work, and he drained her savings account and put all of her money into his. Meaning if she left him, she'd have nothing. Divorce was not an option. Then their one sided sex sessions became less and less frequent until, after three months of marriage, they were having literally no sex what so ever. So Sarah was left at home cooking and cleaning.

Tony would come home eat the dinner, and then go and watch TV with some beers. Sarah had made up her mind; she was going to cheat on her husband Daniel was walking down a road wearing a blue blazer, a white shirt, and a black tie. He carried a briefcase in his right hand and a pamphlet in the other. He was a door to door salesman. He came to the first house on the road and turned right off the pavement and up the gravel drive.

He rapped on the door three times with his knuckles. A woman, Sarah, answered the door. "Hello madam, might I interest you in our new product?" Daniel smiled politely as he rattled off the details "Okay, please come in" The woman opened the door fully and let Daniel in.

As soon as he was through the door she slammed it shut, grabbed his tie and pulled his lips into hers. Sarah met Daniel at one of her husband's mate's parties. He was supposed to be a friend of a friend (her husband's friend) or something.


Anyway, whilst her husband had got drunk and gone drawing genitalia all over the poor host's family pictures, they just got chatting. Sarah had one too many glasses of wine and ended up revealing everything. Daniel offered to come over and they could have sex. I didn't have to mean anything but it would give her a release from her husband. She agreed and they sorted out a plan.

Daniel was to come over looking like a door to door salesman and she would invite him inside (so as not to arouse the neighbours suspicions). So naturally she was pleased to see him and as soon as he was through the door she slammed it shut, grabbed his tie and pulled his lips into hers. Sarah had long silky blonde hair which she wore straight, no curls, it formed a beautiful curtain around her face. The ends were all perfectly aligned. Her lips were glossed and she was wearing eyeliner for the first time in a month.

She was wearing a sleeveless blouse, jeans, and golden coloured open toed high heels. Her lips remained pressed against his for an eternity. Then she retreated.

She grabbed his bottom lip between her own, and then went back, and then repeated. In the space between she began pulling at his clothes, first his blazer, then his tie; the she undid the first three buttons of his shirt. She was about to go in again when he put a finger to her lips "What do you say we take this upstairs?" Without another word they ascended the stairs with Sarah in front.

They entered the master bedroom. A large double bed was against the far wall, a built in wardrobe on the left wall, and a door to an en suite bathroom on the right. Daniel slipped off his shoes and socks and turned to Sarah. They wrapped their arms around each other, and their tongues. They were kissing passionately. They pulled each other's faces and bodies into themselves.

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Daniel began to undo Sarah's blouse, exposing her cleavage. They went to the bed and Sarah leapt upon him, they were parallel with the pillows as she ripped his shirt from his body, then he undid the rest of the buttons of her blouse. It opened, revealing no bra beneath and perfectly circular large breasts.

Sarah rolled on top of Daniel and then began to pull down his trousers. His cock was hard and at the ready, it sprang up once it was free from its fabric prison. Sarah moved down and closed her lips over the head of his cock. Her hair spilt all over his balls and hips. She moved her lips up and down and the cock was going in and out of her mouth.

She swirled her tongue around the head and massaged the shaft with her fingers. Underneath her arms Michael's trousers moved away and then she felt warm hands take off her blouse.

She continued swirling her tongue around his penis. She moved her head up and down; she could feel his cock throbbing.

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She continued, cupping his balls in her hands as she went. She let the cock slide out of her mouth slowly before kissing the tip. Then she kissed the side and then the space just below it, she continued all the way down to his balls. She then crawled back up until she was level with the face of her pleasured bedfellow. They kissed with their tongues more, he had his hand on her rather large breast until he moved it down and undid Sarah's jeans to reveal white panties underneath.

They weren't pulled down very far, but the gap was enough for Daniel. He stroked her pussy upwards through her panties. Then he slipped the panties down her thighs and slid his forefinger in. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second. He slid his middle finger in to join it, when he had three fingers in he began moving them up and down in her pussy. She was moaning softly through their passionate kisses.

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In the middle of his fingering Daniel pulled his fingers and tongue out of their respective areas. He slowly slid down her body, stroking her curves all the way, kissing them gently, just brushing his lips down her chest, stomach and across her hips, until he took her jeans and panties in his hands in his hands and pulled them down her legs, he pulled off her heels when they reached her feet.

He then made his way up to her pussy, brushing his lips along her legs as he went; she opened her legs, welcoming his tongue. Daniel slipped it into her pussy, and began licking upwards. Daniel carefully rubbed the her hips and skin just to the left and right of her pussy. She moaned with pleasure. He kept sticking his tongue further in before coming out and kissing her inner thighs and then going back in.

He found her clitoris and began to gently rub it with his tongue; she gave a little shriek of pleasure as that part of her body had obviously not been touched for so long. He began to slow down, licking her clitoris more and more slowly until he changed the pace too quickly and slowed down to prolonged, exaggerated ice cream licks. It was too much for Sarah and she came all over his face.

She sat up and began to kiss his face where her come was, sucking it off his face in gentle movements. Daniel realised she was swallowing the stuff and was aroused even more as she sucked the ejaculates of his face. When she finished the pair of them lay back down beside each other. As soon as their faces were level Sarah whispered in his ear "do me in the ass" Obviously Michael was more than happy to oblige and he watched with excitement as Sarah got on all fours.

She really had a nice ass, large but not coated in cellulite. Her thighs were thicker than the rest of her slender legs but if you were to touch them they weren't squishy, they were muscle, and she obviously worked out. Daniel found it hard to comprehend how such a beautiful woman, blond (instantly beautiful in his mind), nice breasts, nice ass, and a fantastic figure, how could it all be neglected by her husband.

She was so sexually willing! He was about to give her anal and she literally requested it! Daniel focused less on her body and stupid husband as he gently stuck the head of his cock into the ass.

Then he slipped it further and further in, becoming more adventurous each time.


He began to move his hips back and forth very fast, he held onto the front of her thighs. She moaned and he could feel her knees weaken. He moved quickly and was now going in and out in a blur of flesh. Her rear end was shaking frantically from the pounding it was taking.

She was moaning louder now, and louder, she began to release quick cries of pleasure; Daniel felt extremely self conscious, what if the neighbours could hear?

'Screw them' he thought to himself. He continued pounding hard into her hindquarters, she was still moaning loudly at the pleasure and possibly pain she was enduring. Daniel through his head back behind him to look at the ceiling as his spine arched.

He heart was in his mouth as he realised that he was about to come. He did. It went into her ass and he was amazed he could make so much. Sarah dropped her head as Daniel retracted his cock from her, her hair fell around her face, some of his come fell onto the sheets but neither of them cared.

Sarah turned around so she was sitting upright; she looked at Daniel with a sultry, seductive look on her face. She lay down so her legs were underneath his cock, then slid down until her pussy was under it.


As soon as she was here she grabbed his ass and pulled him down and she felt the incredible surge of pleasure as a cock was finally inside her.

Daniel had been caught off guard and his entire cock had gone into her he retracted slightly. She was breathing hard, thanks to a lack of practice with her husband. Daniel started off slowly, gently moving in and out until her heavy breathing stopped. He paused momentarily and then went to work, moving in and out at a faster pace. Then before she'd even had a chance to recover from the change of pace he began to move even faster, and then he just increased the speed at a steady rate until he was moving up and down at an incredible speed.

Then he bent over, still thrusting, and began to massage her left breast whilst sucking the other! She began to moan aloud when she heard something: the slam of the front door. Tony was home!

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"Stop!" She cried, mid-thrust "Why?" "My husband's home. Quick get under the bed!" The sheets dangled down off the sides of the bed providing perfect cover. Sarah hid Daniel's clothes along with her own in the wardrobe. She had bought a summery dress that her husband did not know about and put that on. Her excuse: it just arrived in the post, and she didn't even need to put any underwear on to wear it. Tony entered the room "Hi Sarah" he said dully "I thought you weren't due back from New York until Monday?" She replied, twirling in front of the mirror 'Damn.

I hope he doesn't notice the come' she thought to herself in a sudden panic. "I was but there's this extra meeting I've got to go to down here. I need the figures for the sales; do you know where they are?" "Try your study" "Cheers" Typical. He didn't even notice the dress was new! From the study she heard him shout "I've got it!" Then there were the familiar sounds of the door closing and the car driving away.

'How rude! He'd walked into her first love making session in goodness knows how long!' Sarah watched out of the window as the car drove away "you know you look incredibly sexy in that" A voice said from behind, putting an immediate end to her frustration and anger.

Daniel was sitting on the bed, his pride and joy fully exposed. "Now where were we?" Sarah replied with a smile. Daniel stood up, picked her up and lay her down on the bed.

He clambered on top of her once more. He lowered his face to hers and kissed her cheek, then her lips; he took her top lip between his and slid his tongue in to. Daniel lifted her leg up into the air, and the knee length skirt slid down her thigh. He entered her pussy up the skirt. Once again he started off slowly, but soon he picked up the face until they were doing it even faster than before, his hard core was pulling the breath from Sarah and she couldn't bear the excitement of her husband nearly catching them and Daniel's ridiculously big cock.

As they made love once more he pulled the dress off and over her head. As soon as it was off he resumed massaging and sucking her breasts, his tongue swirled around her nipple, he pressed her other nipple between his finger and thumb. Sarah focused back on the object entering and exiting her pussy, Daniel was moving in and out, allowing different lengths to enter and exit each time.

They were both breathing fast and moaning. Sarah could feel the climax drawing; Daniel was pressing harder than ever and sucking even more. His cock pressing right into her, she felt like it could come out of her mouth any minute now. Daniel's cock was throbbing furiously. Then he came into her pussy, once again he came a lot. It filled her up, she moaned again as the come filled her pussy and Daniel pumped into her, some more squirted over the sheets adding to the spots that were already there.

The come was a feeling like no other, and she though it going into her ass was good! He finally stopped and he rolled off her and they lay naked next to each other parallel to the pillows.

As Sarah lay on the soft mattress drifting into sleep she thought to herself 'Maybe I should do this more often?' THE END