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Dragon Slave Chronicles: The Discovery Part 3 By Francis Drake Chapter 9: Henry had laid out a marvelous lunch of grilled chicken and pecans on salad greens, fresh herbed rolls, and iced tea. As we ate, Alberta steered the conversation to Megan and Michael and how they grew up together. "It's very interesting to me how alike you two seem. One of you starts a sentence and the other can finish it. Almost like sharing the same memories has made a connection between you.

I think it's wonderful. Allen and I are the same way." In fact, Michael had never thought of that about Megan, but now that he did, it seemed as though Megan had always been there in his life. Alberta asked what Michael particularly liked about Megan. "That's not fair, asking me right in front of her," he said, laughing, "but I can tell you that Megan is kind, intelligent, and dependable. Before you say that sounds like a good puppy, Megan," he could see her open her mouth to protest the Boy Scout-like deion, "she also has a great sense of humor, she's beautiful, and very stable, but with an open mind and sense of adventure.


In short, there's not one thing I particularly like about Megan. I like everything about her. I like that she's a part of my life--my world. A part of all I've known since I was too young to know anything.

I really can't imagine life without her, but I know it would be a somber, unexciting, cold life." Michael looked at Megan as he spoke, and she had started to blush with his compliments. He could see, though, that she was touched, and she looked at him with shining eyes. "And besides, she knows too many of my secrets!" They laughed. "Well, Megan, just in the short time I've known him I have determined that Michael is a pretty special man, so I guess you already know how lucky you are." "Actually, Alberta, I've always known Michael is special.

I just never thought he would think the same of me. Guess this was an important trip for more than my being able to see your house. Thank you so much for letting me come up!" "That is something I wanted to talk to you about, actually. We might not get time to tour the house until tomorrow morning. I wonder if you would be able to stay for a few days?

I would love having you visit and it will give you more time to investigate the house, and perhaps explore a few other things too." Alberta looked at Michael with those last words. "Are you kidding?

That would be wonderful! I would love to stay if I can get the time off from work. May I call the office and check on that? I guess I could drive into town for toiletries, but what would I do about clothes? I would have to drive all the way back into the city." "I am sure we have plenty of things stored here that would fit you. I will ask Amethyst to help you find some things later today after you return from town." At a nod from Megan, Alberta said, "Good, that's settled then as long as you can get the time away from the office.

If you want to take care of that phone call, Michael and I will get back to work. If you need anything this afternoon, just ask Henry. And when you return, he will show you your room and send Amethyst up to see you." "Alberta," Michael said, "I haven't seen anyone here but Henry. How many people do you have on staff? Who is Amethyst?" "The number of people here changes. Henry is always here, thank heaven, and Amethyst also stays on a permanent basis.

She is the sweetest person, as you will find when you meet her. And she is a great help to Henry. I will tell you more about her later." With that, they left the table, Megan to make her telephone call, and Alberta and Michael to return to the great room and the recorder.

Before Megan left the room, Michael smiled at her and she beamed back at him. "I'll talk to you later, Hot Shot." Then she headed for the hall phone. As Michael entered, the great room, Alberta was flipping through a notebook in her lap.

She looked up and smiled, then put her finger in the book at her place and reached for her cup of coffee. "Michael, I want to show you something. You remember that when Allen and I first came to town looking for a house we met Mr. Parker, Sr.? He talked with us for a while before his son came back to the office. He asked us some pretty pointed questions, as a matter of fact.

Things I thought were just polite conversation at the time, but which still seemed to have a purpose. I wrote about our talk when things started happening in the house. That's what I would like you to read." She held the book out to him and pointed to a paragraph where her finger had been keeping place, and Michael read aloud.

"Mr. Parker, Sr. met us in the real estate office and spoke with us for about half an hour while his son was showing some farm property outside of town. He asked about our relationship--nothing too nosy, just when and how we had met. He got somewhat more interested when he discovered we had known each other since childhood, and were, in fact, childhood sweethearts.

He asked us about how we liked being married and what had been some of the surprises we had discovered about each other. We told him 'Not much' since we'd known each other--we were attuned to each other. He noticed right off that we seemed almost to finish each other's sentences and anticipate each other's thoughts.

"When Mr. Parker asked Allen what he had liked most about me all this time, Allen said the usual things a guy says--I was beautiful, intelligent, good sense of humor.

But then he said that there was no one thing he liked about me. He said he liked everything about me--but what he most liked was that I was and always had been, part of his life and his world. He said he couldn't imagine life without me, and that he knew he wouldn't want to live in such a dull, uncaring world. He took my hand and gave it a squeeze. I thought that was very romantic, but Mr. Parker had perked right up while Allen was talking.

It was then that Jim Parker, Jr. came in and his dad suggested that he show us 'the old stone house.' I wonder now if any of that has meaning related to what I feel is happening here?" Michael could feel the blood drain from his face as he gave Alberta the book. He stood and walked over to the window looking out at the faded gardenia bushes and the forest beyond the grass. Alberta sat quietly, waiting for his response. Without turning, he said, "Alberta, that's almost exactly what I said at lunch, about Megan.

That hardly seems like a coincidence. What could it mean?" "Actually, it's not too difficult to understand once you accept that there are certain powers the house has. I believe that Allen and I were chosen to care for the place and discover some of its more special characteristics.

We aren't the first people to have lived here for whom the house has a particular affinity, and I think you, Michael, are proof that we won't be the last." "Are you saying that this house has somehow picked me to be its owner? You can't be serious, Alberta!" He had turned and stared at Alberta in some amazement. "How could it do that, even granting that I believe it could, which I don't? I'd never been here before. I'd never met you or Allen, or anyone else you've told me about.

How could the house pick me?" "I don't know how it works, Michael. I wish I could explain this entire thing a little better. I know that I was drawn to your work in the newspaper. I liked the style demonstrated in the articles you wrote. Henry kept mentioning you to me, too. Henry has great instincts, so I paid even more attention to your work.

I just 'knew' that meeting you would reap rewards, and I thought the idea of an interview would appeal to your editors. "Once you got to the drive, you found it to be a little forbidding, but you didn't turn back. You seemed to like the house and felt comfortable once here. I think we've gotten along splendidly, don't you?" Remembering the tightness in his groin virtually every time he was near her made Michael feel they had 'gotten along splendidly' he supposed, although that might not have been how he would term it.

He just smiled and nodded. "And I knew after your first night that you were accepted here. You know what I mean--even if you don't want to talk about it with me. You've already experienced some of the spirit of the house. I thought then that it might be good to bring up someone special to you, and I am so happy that you've found out how you truly feel about Megan. Believe me, she's felt comfortable here from the beginning." Michael was beginning to feel a little calmer and had gone back to sit on the arm of the sofa, hands in his lap, looking down at Alberta and smiling.

"I'm afraid I don't believe in ghosts, Alberta. I don't know what happened here to you and Allen and Elizabeth and Edward, but I don't believe in the spirits coming to get us from the other side and making us do things we don't want to do." At that, Alberta burst out laughing.

"Michael, if you think we were here doing things we didn't want to do, you haven't been listening! Of course, there's no need to believe in ghosts; this has nothing to do with ghosts. Perhaps I should tell you the next part of the story now, but I need to tell it in its entirety and I don't think we have time for that today. Michael, I know this is quite a bit for you to assimilate in one afternoon, but just think on it for a while. Then relax and don't think.

Find a comfortable place to sit and just let your mind wander. Get a feel for the house. I have some work I need to do with Henry this afternoon, so we'll meet again for dinner.

All right?" "All right, Alberta. But I don't see how that's going to change things. See you at dinner then." She stood and Michael stood. She went to him and placed her hands on his arms, then kissed him on his cheek. "Don't worry, Michael. There isn't anything to be afraid of or nervous about." She was soft and warm, but he no longer had the tightness in his groin that he had come to expect when he was near her.

She smiled, then turned and left. Michael sat on the sofa and thought back over all she had told him during the past couple of days. Then he reflected on the similarities between what Allen and he had said.

He glanced outside and saw leaves dancing in a slight breeze and he suddenly stood and went through the den into the garden. I wonder which of those trees Edward used, he thought, and then saw a large one with a bench near it. He walked out and sat on the bench and closed his eyes, letting the events of the past few days flow like a river through his mind. He felt relaxed and comfortable, and the next thing he knew… "Michael.

Wake up." Someone was shaking his shoulders, and blocking the sun. "It's almost time for dinner." Michael didn't feel that heavy feeling he sometimes did after sleeping in the afternoon. Instead, he felt refreshed. "Oh, hello, Henry. Thanks for waking me. Is Megan back yet? And do you know if she is staying?" "Yes, she's back and she's staying. She'll be at dinner, which is in about fifteen minutes." "I'll go upstairs to wash up and be right back down." Henry left and Michael stretched and went inside.

When he finished in his room, he once again heard Alberta and Megan chatting and laughing as I came downstairs, but this time from the den. "You two act like old friends," he said as he went through the doorway. "That's how I feel," Alberta replied with a laugh. "Come and sit down and have a glass of wine before dinner.

Henry has gone all out in celebration of Megan's staying--roast chicken with vegetables, honey-wheat rolls and for dessert, crème brûlée. And I can tell you that nobody makes crème brûlée like Henry." Alberta poured him a glass of Chablis and he settled into a large, soft chair near Megan.

Michael looked at Megan and asked, "So, you're going to stay. That's great! For how long?" "Well, the good news is I can stay for as long as Alberta will have me. The bad news is that I don't have a job to go back to." He looked at her in dismay. "Oh no! What happened?" "You know that I had just finished the first phase of that large research project when you called and asked me to bring up your clothes?

Well, with the consistency government is so well known for, the next phase got canceled the week before we turned in our results. Budget problems, but no one wanted to say anything until we had finished up the first part. So, I'm free as a bird. Until the savings account runs out, that is! But something will come up, and I'm not too worried. Besides, I'm still so happy to be here, nothing is going to spoil my mood.

Or the dinner Henry has taken such pains over. It smells wonderful." Michael was a little worried over Megan's bad luck, but he said, "I do have to say, Henry is a real wizard in the kitchen." Alberta burst into peels of laughter. "Oh there's no question there," she laughed. "He really is wonderful and I'm lucky he's here, although there was a time when I might not have thought so.

If you don't mind bringing your wine with you, let's go in and eat. Henry is also very particular about having his food eaten when it's at its best." They got up and filed into the dining room, where Henry was indeed waiting and glancing at his watch.

The aroma was wonderful and they didn't waste any time in serving themselves and eating. Before any of them knew it, dinner was over and Henry was asking if they would like coffee in the den. Alberta said that would be fine, so they moved back to the den where they had coffee accompanied with the sounds of a soft violin concerto. They talked for an hour or so.

Alberta, the perfect hostess, asked questions which led them down interesting conversation paths. Megan and Michael talked about things that they had not told anybody except each other, which was a true indication of how comfortable they felt with Alberta. Presently, the topic turned to what Megan had done when she got back from town that afternoon.

"When I got back, Henry met me at the door again--does anyone ever get the chance to knock?--and he took me to my room. When we walked in, there was a very small woman dressed as a maid waiting for us. Her head was bowed and her long black hair hid her face. Henry introduced her as Amethyst. When she looked up and brushed her hair back from her face, all I could do was stare at her eyes. I have never seen anything like them." "What do you mean?" I asked.

"They are truly the violet of amethyst, and against the white of her eyes, well I just couldn't help but stare. Her eyes are extraordinary. "Amethyst has an accent I didn't recognize, though I soon got used to it. Henry said she would help me find some clothes to wear, and she led me to the third floor to see what might be available.

I had wondered what the third floor would be like, and it's beautiful. When Amethyst opened one of the doors and motioned for me to go in, the shutters were open and there was plenty of light. It's very comfortable up there." Megan took a sip of coffee. "Anyway, there are lots of clothes up there, of all kinds. Amethyst rolled out a rack with blouses on one end and pants and shorts on the other. We had the most fun, Alberta! And of course I found some things to wear, too." "Well, feel free to use anything here you find, Megan.

What did you and Amethyst pick out?" "I flipped through the clothes moving some to an empty rack Amethyst had set up, selecting several blouses and slacks. She said she would clean and press anything I selected, which was very nice. "Then she asked if I would like to try on the clothes before we took them downstairs. They all looked like they would fit, but I didn't want her to go through a lot of work for something I wouldn't be able to wear, so I agreed that trying them on would be a good idea.

She pulled out a screen and set it up for me to change behind. Some of the things were a little small, but most fit very well. I'm wearing one of the blouses and slacks tonight in fact." "I hope you found something fun to wear also, Megan. There are many different styles of clothes stored upstairs," Alberta said.

Michael immediately thought of the dress Elizabeth had worn for Edward and wondered if there were any like that still upstairs. He could feel his rod grow immediately, straining to be released as he thought of what Megan would look like in one of those dresses.

"As a matter of fact, Amethyst and I did play dress up for a little while. You're right, Alberta, there are some amazing, unusual clothes. Real vintage clothing! Most of the dresses I was a little too shy to try on, but Amethyst modeled some of the same style in her size, and they took my breath away! She looked." Megan stopped and stole a look at Michael, then blushed. "Well, let's just say that she looked absolutely gorgeous and very sexy in some of the clothes she modeled. She even got me to try on a pair of shorts that were missing the sides, and a top that tied just under my breasts.

It provided only the most minimum of covering." "Man!" Michael had finally said something, and that was the best he could do. "Did you bring them down to be cleaned?" His erection was so hard he was almost in pain. "No, I certainly did not. I tried them on, but I told Amethyst that I would never wear them outside of that room.

Michael, if you had seen me in them, you wouldn't want me to wear them in public." "No, just for me," he murmured. Shortly, after that, Alberta suggested it was time for bed. She and Megan got up to leave, but Michael said that he would just sit there for a few minutes and then go up. Alberta shook her head and chuckled, then left the room. "See you in the morning, Michael," Megan whispered as she leaned over to kiss him lightly on the cheek.

When he could finally move, he slowly went upstairs. As he passed the room just before his, he heard movement. There was a light on under the door, and he realized that Megan's room was next to his.

Chapter 10: @#@#Day 4 The next morning Megan and Michael came out of their rooms at the same time and walked down to breakfast together. Megan was about five feet seven inches tall and nicely built, and Michael thought the clothes she had on fit that shape perfectly. She wore a pair of pearl colored silk slacks and a light rose silk blouse that just met the top of the slacks.

There was a hint of bare midriff that flashed as she walked. Trying not to appear too obvious, Michael examined how the blouse was very filmy--almost see-through--and low in front, although everything was covered, technically. He could see a lace camisole beneath the blouse, and imagining what might (or might not!) be under it would give him something to think about the rest of the day. She wore her golden hair loose, and it swung as she walked. Michael was hard as a rock already and the day hadn't even gotten started.

Trying to ignore his erection, he asked her how she had slept. "One of the best night's sleep I have ever had," she replied. "Me too." He had had another dream, but it had been different from the previous two. When he woke, the woman was climbing over him to position herself over his face.

She placed his hands on the backs of her thighs and he rubbed them and her butt as she moved over his mouth. He stuck his tongue deep inside her and then moved it in broad strokes along the length of her slit. He was wet with her juices. The scent of her sex engulfed him and nearly drove him crazy with desire. Before she came, she moved off of Michael's mouth and straddled him backwards. She grasped his penis, stroked it lightly, and then shoved it into her.

She settled over it until he was completely covered by her wet love hole. She sat quietly for a few seconds then began moving, squeezing his rod with her strong muscles and his thighs with her thighs.

She leaned back, massaging his stomach, stroking it as they pounded each other, moving closer and closer to climax. They came together and it was almost earth-shattering--just like they say it should be in all the romance novels. When they recovered their breath, she eased off of him and turned, looking at him over her shoulder.

His mouth fell open and he gasped. It was Megan's face he was looking at. She smiled at him, moved off of the bed and into the shadows of the room. Like the other nights, Michael fell asleep and woke up to sunshine, completely covered, and with nothing to indicate he had had anything other than a dream.

"I did have an interesting dream. Maybe I will tell you about it sometime," Megan said as they entered the dining room. Michael snapped his head around to look at her. He would have to get her alone later and see if her dream was anything like his. Alberta, dressed in casual denim jeans and a tan western-style shirt, was getting a cup of coffee from a pot on one of the sideboards.

She told Megan and Michael to help themselves, which they did and then sat at the three places set at one end of the table. After Henry brought in breakfast, they enjoyed small talk before it was time to go to their respective tasks, Alberta, and Michael to the great room to resume the interview, and Megan to reading in the library.

Michael wished that Megan had had time for her to tell him about her dream, but that would have to wait. In the great room, Alberta and Michael sat in their usual places with the recorder between them. "I'd like you to keep in mind the weekends that Elizabeth and I turned over control of our bodies to our husbands." "Keep them in mind? It would be hard to forget them." "Good. They are important because they are indicative of what was to come." Alberta turned on the recorder and said, "Let's get started." *** I had arranged my schedule at the clinic to match Elizabeth's the best I could.

That way when she stayed at the house we both would have the same days off. One of those mornings, over breakfast, I asked Elizabeth what she and Edward had done over the weekend they had at the house. She blushed. "You don't have to tell me." "No, I need to tell someone because I can't believe it really happened." "Oh, good or bad?" "I think good, but you be the judge." She went into great detail.

By the time she finished, I just sat there and stared. "I know. I couldn't believe it either." "It's not that. I can believe it only too well. I just can't see you and Edward doing those things." "Before that weekend I would not have believed it either." "You really got so weak that you had a hard time standing?" "Yes," she sighed, "and I can't wait to do it again." We laughed.

Then I told her about Allen and me in about the same detail. She got a shocked look on her face when I got to the part where Allen used the whip.

After I finished she remarked, "What is going on? This is not like us." "I don't know, but there is something I want to show you. It's in the basement, and I think it might have some bearing on what is happening around here." As we started toward the basement I gave her a little background about how I came to find the room.

"I've never believed in the supernatural, but now I'm starting to wonder. Elizabeth, I haven't told anyone about this, not even Allen." "What is it?" "Wait. I just have to show you. I could never describe it adequately." By that time, we had reached the back wall of the basement. She was looking around and said, "I don't see anything." Then I pushed the stone and the secret door opened right in front of her. She jumped. "What in the world is that?" I pulled the door open, picked up a light, and motioned for her to go through.

"No way! You first." I went through carrying the flashlight, with Elizabeth right behind me. "What is this place?" "You'll see." I walked to the door leading to the hall and rooms and opened it. We went a short distance down the hall then made our way silently back. "Those looked like cells," Elizabeth said with surprise in her voice, "but what for? Alberta, what is this place?" Without speaking, I went to the second door and opened it. "I don't know what the cells are for, but Elizabeth, you are not going to believe what's in here." She followed me through the door and as she saw what was in there she said, "Oh my gosh!

This is a torture chamber." I felt almost as uncomfortable as I had the first time I'd been there, but it was better having Elizabeth with me. Then something happened that caught me totally off guard. Elizabeth giggled and said, "Edward could have fun in here." I laughed, and the feeling of tension and foreboding left me. "Would you like to help me clean the rooms?" "Sure, but we need some lights in here." We spent the rest of the day in the city buying lights, heavy-duty extension cords, a large vacuum cleaner, and other cleaning materials.

We made a quick stop by Elizabeth's house to pick up some work clothes. We stopped for dinner before we came back to the house but it was hard not to talk about what we were getting ready to do, and we didn't want anyone to overhear us. We were both anxious to get back here and get started. That evening we set up the lights and got them connected. I still half expected a wizard or something to pop up, but was sure one would not.

After getting the lights hooked up and the main room lighted, we could see a desk with books on it, shelves with bottles and jars, and several tables.

In the far corner of the room, with the firebox, was a stone hearth with an iron rack over it. Elizabeth pointed to where the ceiling sloped up to the opening for the fireplace and said, "That explains the draft I've been feeling." It was unclear as to what the room had been used for or what the purpose of the hearth was. So many questions!

We started cleaning and by the time we decided to go to bed, the room was looking good. We went to work at the clinic the next day, but when we got home we went straight to the dungeon and finished the main room.

Before we returned upstairs to fix dinner, I picked up one of the books from the desk and took it with me. I put the book on the kitchen table as we fixed dinner. Then we sat next to each other while we ate so that we could both see it. The spine of the book was stiff so I turned the pages slowly and carefully.

The language was strange to us, but fortunately it was well illustrated and we could see a story forming just by looking at the pictures. It appeared to describe a time long ago. When exactly, or where, we could not tell. There were dragons, wizards, and villagers, and none of them seemed very nice, particularly to the young girls of the village.

The further we got into the book the more disturbing it was. Then I turned a page and suddenly, there was our dungeon. Or one just like it. The picture was of the room we had just cleaned, and it depicted a wizard dressed in fine robes sitting at the desk where we had found the book.

Elizabeth and I glanced warily at each other, wondering what we had found. I focused on the writing on the page and strangely, it started to make sense.

I pointed to the text and began to read. Elizabeth's mouth dropped open, but she sat quietly and listened. Suffice it to say, we were both amazed, but by this time the unexpected was becoming the usual. This is the dungeon's anteroom. I am making plans for what will be done to the sacrifice the villagers have selected for the dragon. It will be dark in the village soon and the ceremony will begin. Her hands will be bound behind her and she will be tied to a stake at the edge of the village.

Soon I will go to my observation post and watch the ceremony. I turned the page. There was a picture of a village with many huts and on the near side of the village, people were gathered.

It looked like they were dancing around a big fire. There was a girl tied to a stake not far from the fire. I went on to read the text on that page. The villagers have selected the sacrifice from the maidens of the village. She is tied to a stake during the ceremony, thinking her fate is to be ravaged and destroyed by a dragon. The villagers dance and chant to make sure there are no demons in her that might anger the beast. If she knew what was in store for her she might prefer to be taken by a dragon.

I turned the page. Elizabeth, finally finding her voice, stuttered, "You can read that." "Yes, but I don't know how." On this page there was a picture of two men, each holding one of the sacrifice's arms and they were walking toward a cave. In the drawing, there was a small hole above the main opening. I wondered if that was the wizard's observation post. After the ceremony, the sacrifice is blindfolded. With her hands still bound, she is led to the Dragon Rock. Sometimes the victims struggle and other times they just walk forward, accepting their fate.

I turned the page. This picture was of a naked girl tied to a rock in a cave. She was alone. The sacrifice is brought into the cave, her clothes are removed, and she is tethered to the Dragon Rock, a large boulder a short distance into the cave.

The two men leave her there. When the men are leaving, the "dragon" starts his trek to the maiden. I pull cords connected to three thin sheets of metal placed at various depths in the cave.

They beat and bang against the walls to produce the sound of the approaching dragon. The echoes throughout the cave sound so much like a large entity approaching that sometimes even I look, expecting to see a dragon emerge from the darkness.

It has always been enough to frighten even the most intelligent of the villagers. Of course, there are few of them. After I see the men run from the cave, I go to the sacrifice. By this time, the maiden is usually so frightened that she screams at the slightest touch, and I will touch her more than enough to make her scream.

When she has sufficiently indicated to the village that she is indeed the dragon's victim, I will jerk her head back and stuff a gag in her mouth. I will untie her and bring her here, to the anteroom of the dungeon.

Then I will go back to the cave and again make my dragon sounds, this time in reverse, as though the satisfied creature is retreating into the cave. The villagers will think the dragon is sated for a time and I will have a new slave to do with as I please. It will be as it has been for these many years. I turned the page.

The next picture was of a girl in the dungeon on some kind of rack. We went through the rest of the book looking at the pictures and reading some of the text. Most of the pictures showed a girl being tortured on some kind of device and the text that went with the pictures were instructions on the use of the torture instrument. There was one device we recognized from the house. It was a strange table Allen and I kept in the great room. It was shown in two pictures: one was of two men lifting the top, exposing a girl hidden inside, tied to the bottom of the table.

She was blindfolded, tied down, and gagged. The other picture also showed two men. One was pinching the girl's nipple and the other was hitting her with some kind of belt. My mind started to race. What would I do if Allen told me to get on the table and lie down?

I imagined lying there as Allen put three or four pieces of rope over each leg and arm, putting the ends through the holes in the table and then tying them underneath. There I would be, a sinking feeling reaching into the depths of my very being, while I felt each rope pulled tight, one by one until I was completely at his mercy.

I would then have no choice but to wait for my fate. He might put the lid back on the table and leave me there in the darkness. For how long? Maybe… Looking at the picture, Elizabeth asked, "Alberta, isn't this the table in your great room?" She looked up.

"Alberta?" Elizabeth snapped her fingers under my nose and asked, "Alberta, what are you thinking about?" I jerked my head up and looked at Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth, what would you do if Edward asked you to lie on the table and started to tie you down like we see here?" Elizabeth thought for a few seconds and asked, "You mean so he could do this?" She pointed to the picture of the two men abusing the maiden attached to the table.

"Well, yes." "If it meant having another weekend like the last one with Edward here, I just might go for it. After that weekend I felt more loved than I ever have, even right after we got married." "That's how I felt after our weekend. What is happening to us? Neither of us would have even thought of such a thing a few months ago. It's as though we are willing to go to great depths, to reach great heights." Elizabeth thought for a few seconds before saying, "You're right.

I'm as happy as I have ever been. But now that I think about it, I'm a little afraid too." "So am I." Elizabeth took my hand and said, "I don't think I can stop. What about you?" I squeezed her hand and said, "Neither do I. Nor, I'm afraid, do I want to." As we continued turning the pages of the book, we realized that what we were seeing might be as much a prediction of the future as anything else. Then Elizabeth pointed to one of the pictures and asked, "Isn't that door on the wrong wall?" I started reading again.

The book said the picture showed a kind of door leading to another land or time, or maybe both. Included in the deion were instructions on how to open the door. Elizabeth and I decided to take the book back to the dungeon to see if we could match what we saw in the book to what was actually there. We put the book on the desk. I read the instructions as Elizabeth performed the required steps. Like when I found the dungeon, a section of the wall opened.

We pulled it further, finding a small room. I got a flashlight and the book, and put a block of wood in the doorway before we entered the room.

Once in, we looked around. The room was small with no furniture, but there was another door with knobs and levers near it. As I read more and examined the pictures, I began to understand what the knobs and levers did.

It did seem to allow some kind of passage to different times and places. How could this be? Unfortunately, the places were unknown to us and the time references meant nothing. But in re-reading those few pages, I eventually realized that there were schedules associated with the travel.

Elizabeth said that she remembered seeing something in the desk that looked similar to what we were seeing in the book. We searched the desk in the antechamber and located something that resembled a schedule. We compared it to what we had in the book and realized that the dials on the door must be set to the time when the wizard had made his last passage. Elizabeth and I looked at each other and slowly smiled. Dare we attempt to go through the door?

"In for a penny, in for a pound," I said. I checked the book and made sure there were no special tricks or incantations or anything that we would need to know in order to get back. Elizabeth took my hand. "On the count of three. One…Two…Three!" We went through the door. Chapter 11: Suddenly, we emerged from between two rocks, into a cave. To the right was a distant light that could have been an opening.

To the left was a passage. We turned left. A short distance along the passage was a stairway tucked into the rocks. We remembered the book mentioned an observation post, so we went up the stairs and came out into a small stone room. One wall had a tiny hole that opened to the outside and another that looked out into the cave. Our hearts were beating hard.

Where were we? What would happen? Could we find the way back? In silence, I reached for Elizabeth's hand and held it firmly. We looked through the "outside" hole. A wide, lush valley spread out before us. There was a village with many huts, and people all around. The people were doing what you might expect village people to be doing a thousand years ago.

Children were playing, adults were farming and engaging in commerce. Nothing special. Unless you consider that we didn't know where we were in place or time, of course!

Then we noticed the pole in an area between the cave and the village. There was a burnt spot on the ground near it. The wizard had written about retrieving a sacrifice. That burned area and pole looked remarkably like what was described in the book. This was a little eerie to both of us so we decided by silent, mutual agreement to go back to the antechamber.

We went down the stairs, turned into the passageway and tried to remember exactly how to get back. Then we saw the two rocks. Between the rocks, it was so black the light from the flashlight wouldn't penetrate it.

We took a breath and stepped through the darkness, and into the house. I closed and locked the door to wherever we had been. When we closed the door into the anteroom, it seemed to disappear.

We sat at the desk in the anteroom, stunned. "Oh my gosh, Alberta! Where was that? What did we just do?" "I don't know," I responded. "All I can see is that it is the source of girls being sacrificed.

Whatever that means." I giggled a little. Not because what I'd said was funny, but because I had said it at all. Elizabeth seemed to understand. "I don't think we're going crazy, are we? But even if we are, I think I am ready to get out of here for tonight." "Me too," I responded, and we closed the dungeon door behind us and went upstairs.

We sat in the kitchen discussing our adventure for several hours before Elizabeth said, "We should get to bed and get some sleep.

Regardless of the strange things happening, the real world does exist and will demand our attention bright and early tomorrow morning." "But how strange will it be to take care of the ordinary things after what we've seen and done!" I said. "I don't know if I can sleep, so much has happened. I'm excited and afraid all at the same time. I don't know that I want to be alone." "I feel the same way. My emotions are running wild." "Well, if we get too spooked, at least we know where to find each other.

If you can't sleep, come and get me and we will have some tea. Tea seems to cure all kinds of problems. "But to tell you the truth, I think we're a match for any wizard or dragon--modern woman shall prevail!" I said, laughing.

"You're right there. Bring 'em on! But hopefully not until morning. I'm bushed!" Elizabeth and I spent several weeks cleaning the dungeon. It turned out to be quite a project getting some of the devices fixed up and in working order, and we had to refer to the book often to see how they should look and work.

Several times, we asked each other why we were doing what we were doing but never had much of an answer. Something seemed to compel us to keep working. Sometimes we had fun testing the devices. One in particular was a special type of rocking horse.

When we first found it, we had a hard time figuring out why it was in the dungeon. But when we saw in the book that a phallus protruded from the saddle, its purpose was quite clear. *** Alberta stopped the recorder and said, "Rather than my describing the dungeon further, why don't we go down to see it together after lunch?" "The dungeon. I have never seen a dungeon before." Alberta suggested to Michael that he might tell Megan what they were planning and see if she would be interested in seeing a "real, live dungeon" as it were.

"Before lunch I would like to tell you about one of the bazaars Elizabeth and I witnessed at the village. It's a long story, so let's take a short break now. I will check to be sure Amethyst will be able to go through the dungeon with us." Michael went to check on Megan. She was asleep in the garden, curled up under one of the trees, with a book next to her.

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He felt a desire to pick her up, hold and kiss her, and do even more, but he only watched her for a few minutes before returning to the interview. Alberta poured them fresh coffee, then turned the recorder on and started. *** What I know now about the village is far more than anything I knew back then, of course. At the time, I assumed that it was like villages I have read about. It's human nature, I suppose, to think that if people look like us, they must be like us.

But to believe such is not only naïve, but dangerous and a trap. Naturally, the thrill, the excitement, the very existence of the time door, as we came to call it, attracted us like a magnet does iron.

We went back to the observation deck many times in the next few days, armed with the book and pairs of binoculars. Since we were making frequent trips to the observation deck, we found a way to see into the cave before going through the time door.

This made us feel safer than just stepping through and hoping there was nothing of danger there. Elizabeth and I had decided after the first visit to the cave that we needed to keep our presence a secret, not only for our safety but to avoid interference in a culture where we couldn't know the impact. We did not know how important or how hard that would be. What we learned about the village came from that great book of the wizard's.

He evidently had lots of experience with the villages throughout whatever land this was. What we could see from the cave was very green and lush. Crops and livestock were plentiful. The people in this village were very industrious and needed little they did not make or grow themselves. However, they were also very territorial.

They would not allow other people to move into the valley. The only problem was that this was the only fertile area within several weeks' journey in any direction.

This posed problems for them. When they hoarded their good fortune, they were raided by neighbors that took everything they could carry. When they gave things away, surrounding villages wanted more than the valley could provide. What they needed was a system of commerce, but there were no goods or services they couldn't produce themselves.

So it came down to what they wanted that the other villages could provide. It had to be something of value, but which other villages were willing to trade. I have already told you that there were sacrifices to the dragon.

You might wonder where these young women came from, and why they were selected for sacrifice. Some of this was about to be made clear to us, and in a way that surpassed simply reading about it in the book. Elizabeth and I had visited the cave several times and watched the villagers harvesting and doing things that any villagers might do.

It was interesting to watch them and try to pick out the leader, to watch how they managed without modern tools and facilities, and to see how they treated their family groups.

To observe them at their work made us realize how much we depend on our technology. Early one morning, after we checked the cave through the viewer, we went through the door and up to the observation post.

It looked as though the villagers were getting ready for something but Elizabeth and I could not tell what. One group was putting a line of posts about eight feet high into the ground and about six feet apart, with ropes attached at the tops and bottoms.

Others were setting up tables and putting all types of items on them, from fresh and prepared foods to pottery and leather goods. We wondered if there was going to be a fair of some sort. Then we saw a group of men and women pulling a platform out of the village and positioning it near the posts. The platform was about ten feet square and six feet high.

Elizabeth and I watched for some time. In the distance, we could see a line of covered wagons coming to the village. When they got closer, we could see that they were like little shacks on wheels. Some of the wagons formed an encampment near the tables, and then they set up their own tables. Several of the wagons set up camp where the posts were set. There seemed to be little activity around these wagons, except for people going in and out with food and drink.

It did look like everybody knew what to do and what was expected. Elizabeth and I were sure this was something they had done many times before. As the morning progressed, people from the village came out to mingle around the tables. It was obvious there was some trading and buying of merchandise taking place.

People were coming and going from the village and visitors were mingling, trading and talking. Then Elizabeth pointed toward the wagons near the posts. Two women and three girls—they looked to be 19 or 20—were getting out of one of the wagons. The two women and one of the girls walked to the set of posts at one end of the line, while the other girls stood between the next sets of post. The first girl took off her cloak, under which she was naked.

Then, without prompting or force, she lifted her arms and the two women tied the ropes from the top of the post on either side of her, to her wrists. The girl spread her legs and they were tied using the ropes from the bottom of the posts, leaving her totally exposed. Each of the other girls was treated in the same way. Before they finished, all of the posts had girls tied to them.

Villagers walked up, looking at the girls and touching some of them. While we were waiting to see what happened, I noticed that there were other young women being led around by leashes. They were naked and had their hands tied behind them.

The people leading the young women would stop and talk to villagers. On those occasions, the villager would give something to the "leader," who would hand the leash to the villager. The villager would lead the woman off to the side of the crowd and take her.

The women participated, but seemed to show no emotion during this activity. Afterwards, they were led back to their original handler, who might exchange them again to different villagers. Sometimes a man and woman would make a purchase. One woman was led off by six men.

There did not seem to be any rules. Elizabeth and I watched several of these exchanges and then saw a man in charge of a beautiful young woman on a leash talking to another man. Neither man looked like they were from the village, but they were having a long negotiation. I use the term maiden here to describe the young woman because she was young but not a child.

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The man leading her seemed to treat her like property, as an owner would. As the men debated over her, the maiden simply stood there, as her naked body was negotiated away. Only the expression on her face would change. She was taller than most and very thin, very pretty, with light hair and almost white skin. Her breasts were full but did not sag and her nipples were small but well defined. Her thin waist curved out into rather bony hips, round buttocks, and her legs were long with the thighs being the longer part.

The man trying to buy the maiden's services held out something then pointed to the maiden and said something. The owner looked like he was objecting. Several times, the maiden got a pitiful look on her face. Finally, her owner seemed disgusted with the offer and he and the maiden turned to walk away. She looked relieved. But the man said something that stopped them, and the owner led the maiden back to the negotiations. The prospective buyer pointed to the maiden's knees, then at her breasts, and the maiden got a horrified look on her face.

The owner drew his finger across her legs just above the knees and across her nude body just below the breasts. The man drew his finger across the maiden several times, starting just above the knees and about every two inches until his finger crossed her just below her breasts.

The deal was struck! The maiden stood there with a begging expression on her face, shaking her head, but the two men ignored her.

As the deal was completed, she seemed resigned to her fate. The buyer took the leash and began to walk away. But after a few steps, he turned and pulled something else out of his pocket. He showed it to the maiden's owner and drew his finger across the maiden's breasts at the nipples.

The owner shook his head. The buyer pulled even more out of his pocket and held it up. The owner looked at it for several seconds, then reached out and grabbed it. The maiden paled and looked like she was begging her owner. Finally, he kissed her and walked away. The maiden was still crying as she was led away, but she followed the man without even pulling the leash tight.

A short time later, we saw the tall maiden led up onto the platform. The man who had purchased her started yelling something and cracking a whip. The maiden was not crying any more but her eyes were begging for a mercy she would not get. We couldn't make out what the man was yelling, but a crowd formed around the platform.

The maiden's hands were untied, and she lifted her long hair off her back and with both hands held it on top of her head, leaving her naked body exposed to the whip. Through our binoculars, we could see the maiden's face. Her eyes still seemed to be begging for mercy as she stood there with her hands on her head looking over the crowd, then they took on a look of resignation.

"What is happening here?" Elizabeth murmured. When the man on the platform swung the whip with great force, it hit the maiden and wrapped around her legs just above her knees.

"Oh!" Elizabeth covered her mouth and turned from the scene. I was as horrified as Elizabeth, but I couldn't make myself turn away. An expression of pain came over the maiden's face, but she stood there waiting for the next strike. She did not wait long before she felt the whip hit her a little higher on her legs. As the whip moved up her long legs, she flinched in pain with each blow.

She started to cry, but stood stoically, holding her hair up off of her body to give the crowd a full view of her. The whip struck her a little higher with each blow, and there were red welts forming on her naked body where the whip had made its mark.

As it moved up her belly, each stroke bent her almost double but she would straighten up for the next. When the whip hit her just below her breasts, she screamed and stumbled.

Instinctively, she stood up and lifted her hair again, thus removing what little protection it might have given her. Elizabeth and I watched helplessly as the whip wrapped around the girl's naked breasts leaving a red streak about two inches below her small nipples. The girl screamed and dropped to her knees. A few seconds went by until she slowly stood, pulled her hair back to the top of her head and sobbed, waiting for the next blow of the whip, knowing where it would be aimed.

As it hit its mark, she screamed and dropped to the platform, holding her breasts. The man with the whip stood to the side of the platform, looking pleased.

Then, he and another man pulled her to her feet. Her hands were pulled off of her breasts and out to each side as she was presented to the crowd, with the red welts exhibited from her knees to the one forming across her nipples.

She was sobbing as she was held up for display, but the crowd, which had grown considerably during her ordeal, was cheering.

Before she was led off the platform, she looked to the whip wielder, who motioned that she was free to go. Then her hands were tied behind her and she was returned to her owner, who had appeared during her presentation to the crowd. The maiden's owner kissed her and led her off by her leash.

Elizabeth looked at me stunned and said; "These people are brutal." I was just as stunned by what I had just seen and said, "She just stood there and let him whip her." The girl who had been tied to the first set of poles was now climbing the steps to the platform.

She walked to the center and put her hands on her head, then stood there staring at the crowd. She seemed calm. The whip wielder started calling out something, and the people in the crowd started waving. It looked like an auction. Girls were brought up one at a time then led off by villagers who gave the whip wielder something. Whether they were sold temporarily or permanently we had no way of knowing.

The girls seemed to think nothing of it. We wondered how many would end up being used for whippings like the one we had watched.

So you see what I meant when I say it is a trap to think that what seems familiar is familiar. These people were not like anything I had ever experienced before. I think both Elizabeth and I were in shock by what we had seen. After the auction, we went back into the house.

It was evening so we went to the kitchen to get something to eat. "I'm just astounded that a young girl would stand and listen to two people negotiate to have her whipped and show so little emotion. Then, knowing what was coming, voluntarily prepare herself and stand there without restraints, waiting for the whip." I shook my head. "Can you imagine knowing that the whip would be aimed to wrap around your body and your nipples and stand there stoically to let it happen?

I'm almost crying now just talking about it." Neither of us could have slept if we'd gone to bed, so we sat in the den and talked late into the night, eventually drifting off to sleep due to exhaustion and emotion. We woke up stiff the next morning but we were glad we had stayed downstairs together.

Over coffee, Elizabeth commented that I seemed calmer. "I had an interesting dream that makes me feel better about what we saw yesterday.

I know it was a dream, but it seemed so real." "The maiden and her master were walking back toward their wagon. People were staring at the maiden who had withstood the brutal whipping as they walked by, but no one seemed to think that what had happened was out of the ordinary.

When they got to the wagon and entered, she walked to the center and her owner untied her hands. She moved them from behind her and immediately held them over her head with her wrists crossed, looking at her master. He asked her what she wanted and she said, 'You know I cannot sit or lie down, so would you please hang me by my wrists until the pain is less?' Her master took the rope he had just removed from her wrists and tied her to a hook in the ceiling of the wagon.

He kissed her softly on the back of her neck. "He got a bottle from the cabinet. It contained a thick liquid, which he rubbed tenderly on the maiden's welts. She jumped when he touched her but the salve seemed to numb the pain. When he finished rubbing the liquid onto her wounds, she seemed much more relaxed. He took her in his arms and held her tight, giving her long, deep kisses as she hung from the ceiling, and instead of flinching, she responded sensuously to his touch.

It was obvious that all she felt were his hands on her body, not the pain of the welts. She hung there, undulating as he massaged her. He untied her and laid her on the bed, kissing her face and neck while rubbing the cleft between her legs. She moaned and squirmed, as her body begged for him to plunge himself deep into her belly. The maiden accepted his treatment for several minutes before she was actually begging her master to plunge his penis deep and hard into her.

"He forced her onto her knees with her back against the edge of the bed. He released his member from his trousers and stepped up until the head of his enormous penis was against her slit.

He gently pressed it into the canal, before forcefully pulling her by her shoulders against him, thrusting the huge, thick shaft deep into her weakened body. She let out a whine as he pulled it out of her slowly and then thrust it hard back into her belly. He repeated faster and faster with each thrust, until she felt shot after shot of his juice.

Her strong love muscles, contracting with her own orgasm, squeezed every drop of his load out of him. She sensed his penis softening right after she felt the waves of orgasm rock her body, but her master held her tight and left his penis sheathed in her.

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He used one arm to hold her close and the other to squeeze her tight ass, rubbing the crease and pinching her cheeks until his rod started to grow and stretch her again.

She felt the slow pumping of his pelvis get faster and faster until, after several minutes, he exploded in her again. He pulled out of her belly, but she knew from experience that he was not done. "She waited for him to turn her around, which he did by grabbing her hair and pushing her hips, forcing her body to face him.

Her mouth was at the tip of his penis, still dripping from the mixture of his juices and hers. The scent was heady and it made her feel wild with desire, but she knew that she had to hide that. Her owner was in control and it would not do for him to know that she had feelings as wanton as his.

"She could detect no movement in his flaccid member. Her owner used her hair to hold her head up and forced her mouth to envelope his penis. She ran her tongue up and down the length of it, sucking hard each time her mouth reached the tip, as she felt it enlarge. She knew exactly how he liked it. He picked up speed, never letting go of her, pushing and pulling her head against his crotch, ramming his shaft against the back of her throat.

"Even though she loved to drink him she knew that he liked to think he was forcing her, so she put up a struggle as she heard him groan just before he exploded.

However, he left her no choice but to accept his love milk as it filled her mouth, her throat and drizzled out over her chin. He released her head and looked down at her with tenderness as he saw her mouth, which had just taken all he had to give, covered with the evidence of his efforts.

He wiped some of it off of her face and fed it to her, never breaking eye contact as she licked his finger clean. "The owner hung the maiden from the hook in the ceiling before he went to bed because the pain killer would wear off before morning. She thanked him and hung there trying to get some sleep." "Do you think that made up for the way he had allowed her to be used?" "I'm not sure, but for some reason I feel strangely calm about the situation.

When we finish here, let's go and see the after effects of yesterday's activities." The wagons were being loaded with the things purchased at the fair. To our surprise, the currency, or whatever it was that the people in the wagons had earned by selling a few goods and girls, were being given back in exchange for food stuffs.

It struck us that the people were buying food by selling girls into slavery or for the villager's pleasure. We used our binoculars to get a better look at the people around the wagons. We noticed that some of the girls who had been sold to service the villagers were tethered to the wagons and were wearing cloaks. When we found the maiden who had been whipped, she was tethered to the wagon of her owner, but she was naked and standing in the shade.

The welts on her body were almost gone. I wondered what the ointment was that her owner had used on her, and had to remind myself that that was part of the dream. I discovered much later that it was not a dream, and that the salve actually exists and works as I saw.

We realized through that episode that the people in the village were not like us, and we looked at them in a very different light after that. It took some time for us to figure out what was happening, but we thought we understood. The people there needed a system of commerce, and they had one. At these bazaars there would be some merchandise trading, but mostly young women's bodies would be sold to one degree or another to gain currency that would be used later to buy food stuffs.

As crazy as it may sound, it did seem to maintain a certain order in the land, and it seemed totally accepted by all concerned. We subsequently discovered that the girls were auctioned off of that platform.

The man with the whip was a familiar figure at these auctions, and served as the auctioneer. He frequently used the violent whipping of a girl to draw a crowd and stir them up so they would be anxious to part with their own money to buy one of the others. The girls who were sold were used in whatever way their new owner saw fit.

Certainly, they were sex partners, but they were also used as servants. When it came time to make a sacrifice to the dragon, the victim was chosen from the girls, or maidens, as they were called when they were chosen, from outside the village.

*** Chapter 12: Alberta stopped the recorder and said that would be enough before lunch. She told Michael to find Megan and make sure she knew it was almost lunchtime. "You can ask her if she wants to come with us to see the dungeon." Megan was still in the garden reading. When she saw Michael coming, she smiled. Michael told her that he was coming to get her for lunch, and noticed that she was no longer wearing her watch. He sat beside her and saw that she was reading a book he didn't recognize.

"What are you reading?" Megan blushed. "Come on. It can't be that bad." "Well what would you say about a wizard that keeps sex slaves?" "I'd say, 'Lucky wizard!'" Megan punched his arm and laughed. "What does he do to them?" "Well, pretty much whatever he wants." "I repeat lucky" "Don't say it!" "Okay, okay! Does he force them to do things or do they submit to him willingly?" She looked at him, still blushing, and said, "Most of the time they seem to want to please their master.

You wouldn't believe the lengths to which they go." Oh, wouldn't I, Michael thought. "This is a very sexy story," she whispered. Michael reached out and took Megan in his arms and held her tight. She felt so warm and soft he could have sat there forever, but soon Henry called them to come in. While they were eating Alberta asked Megan if Michael had told her that she was invited to join them to tour the dungeon.

"No, I forgot to," Michael said. "I was thinking about other things." "I'm sure," murmured Alberta. Megan said, "Dungeon! What dungeon?" Alberta laughed and said, "It is just part of the house to me after all of these years. We have a real dungeon in the basement.

With whips, chains, the whole nine yards, as they say. Would you like to see it?" "I have never seen a dungeon. Should I wear something special?" "No, this time we will just look." Megan turned a bight shade of red, but laughed along with Alberta. "Michael, I think that our interview might be improved with some input from an outside source. I assume you haven't told Megan anything about our talks?" "No.

Everything has been kept private, as you requested." He looked at Megan and tried to judge her reaction to Alberta's implication. And then he tried to imagine how she would react to the story.

He wanted to be there when she heard it! "Well, after our grand tour, I think it would be good for you, Megan, to start reading the notes Michael has made.

Would you be interested? If you have any questions afterward, I'm sure Michael or I would be able to answer them." "That would be wonderful, Alberta. Thanks." She looked across the table at Michael. "Can you get me the notes this afternoon, Michael? Maybe we can discuss them later tonight?" "Sure. I'll do that. Tonight. In my room. Fine." He was a writer and the bulge in his pants was keeping him from putting together a coherent sentence longer than three words.

Alberta's light laughter didn't help.

Soon lunch was over and Alberta told Megan and Michael to wait in the library while she took care of something, but he got the impression she wanted to give them a few minutes alone so he could prepare Megan for what she was about to see.

Michael wanted to be alone with Megan more and more, so he had no objections. He took Megan into the library and told her a little of how Alberta and Allen had come to find the house, its age and how Alberta had found the dungeon.

Michael didn't mention Alberta's dream or any of the other strange things that had happened since she and Allen had moved into the house since he didn't want to influence anything Megan might be feeling on her own. After a few minutes, Alberta got them and took them downstairs. As they followed Alberta to the basement she gave them a history lesson on the house and repeated some of what Michael had already told Megan.

But the part about finding the dungeon seemed different when they were actually looking at what appeared to be a solid stone wall than when they were chatting upstairs.

Alberta pushed the secret stone with a little flourish, the wall opened ("Rather like Aladdin commanding the cave to open in the Arabian Nights," said Megan.), and they went through. When Michael and Megan straightened up on the other side of the door it was like another world. They were standing in a fairly large room with a firebox in the far corner of the room and a few torches burning along the walls. The flickering from the torches gave everything an eerie look. Alberta told them they were in the anteroom.

Michael looked instinctively for the desk that had held the precious book that had provided so much information. Following his searching look, Alberta said, "The book is kept in the library safe, but that's something we should take a look at. After Megan has caught up, maybe we can examine it together?" "I'm not sure what you two are talking about, but anything that has to do with the house has my full attention. And, Michael, I can't wait to see these notes." "Let's look through here," Alberta said, as she walked to the door on the left side of the antechamber and opened it.

She took one of the torches and Michael and Megan followed her down the hall to the last room on the right. Alberta unlocked the door and opened it so that Megan and Michael could step inside. There was nothing but a pad on the floor. "There's no light in here." Megan's voice held a note of concern. "That's right. When the door is closed it is quite dark. Would you like to see?" "No thanks!

I'll pass. Was this a prison back in the old days?" "In the old days?" Alberta chuckled. "Not a prison exactly, no." On the way back down the hall Alberta unlocked another door and opened it, but this time she turned on a light just inside. The room had a small bed, wardrobe and a potty-chair. "This looks much more modern. When was it last used?" Michael was silent, letting Alberta field the questions.

He just listened to the answers and tried to gauge Megan's responses. He wondered about how she would react to the notes. She was a modern, independent woman. How would she take hearing about Alberta's submission to Allen, slave auctions and maidens who did indeed belong to a wizard? Michael realized that there was a big part of him--more than just his lust stick--that was afraid her reactions would be negative.

What would I do if she got upset and left? he wondered. Then he forced himself to pay attention to the subject at hand. "…occupied not all that long ago," Alberta said. "More of this will make sense after the notes, I think." They returned to the antechamber and went to the door on the far wall. A young woman met them there and opened the door.

"I asked Amethyst to join us for the torture chamber." This was Michael's first look at Amethyst. She was a beautiful, small creature, with eyes that could indeed mesmerize with their lovely violet color. She seemed a little shy around Michael, but it was obvious that she and Megan had developed a friendship.

Megan, with surprise in her voice, said, "Torture chamber!" Amethyst giggled and clapped her hands, delighted that she had been part of surprising Megan. Alberta murmured, "Don't worry, dear." She put her hand on Megan's back and guided her through the door. Amethyst and Michael followed, closing the door behind them. Megan whispered, "Oh my! It really is a torture chamber." There were chains on the wall and stocks in the middle of the floor, but most of the items were new to Michael. Megan walked up to touch the chains, as if to test that they were real.

Michael meanwhile, walked over to examine the stocks. Something about it looked strange. Alberta walked up beside him and pointed to two rings on the floor. "This is the back. Of course, like a normal stockade, your hands and head are held in place by locking them in the holes, here." She pointed to the holes on the long piece of wood across the top of the stocks. "The rings on the floor secure your feet. The little padded leather wall here is adjustable to various heights and is used to provide some means of abdominal support when the stocks are used.

This buckle," she pointed out a buckle on a piece of leather that went through the top part of the stocks, "is used to adjust the leather once it is put on the forehead." She led him around to the front, and by this time Amethyst and Megan had joined them. Alberta touched the strip of leather that went through to the buckle in back. Alberta looked at Megan and asked if she would like to see how it worked.

Megan looked at Michael. "Go ahead," he said. Megan looked a little surprised, and with some trepidation turned to face Amethyst, who had picked up two cuffs on her way to the stocks.

"Don't worry, silly!" Amethyst said. "Do you think we would let anything happen to you?" Then she whispered, "Do you think he would let anything happen to you?" She nodded in Michael's direction. Megan stood still while Amethyst locked the cuffs on her ankles, and positioned her between the rings on the floor. She nudged Megan's legs until they were spread wide enough to reach the rings. The cuffs were locked to the rings. Alberta adjusted the leather covered wall behind the stocks and then lifted the top board so that Megan could insert her wrists and head.

Alberta closed and latched the board. In the front, Alberta pushed Megan's head back and put the strap across her forehead. Amethyst adjusted the buckle in back and Megan was immobile. Her butt was stuck high in the air, providing easy access to either hole; her head was stretched back and her mouth slightly forced open in the front. Michael was in pain looking at her like that, and he was sure his lust showed in his face. Alberta looked at him and asked, "What do you think?" Michael could not say anything.

She smiled and said to Megan, "Cat seems to have Michael's tongue. What do you think, Megan? Are you uncomfortable at all?" "Well, I won't say this wouldn't take some getting used to, but," Megan pointedly glanced at the bulge that was evident in Michael's pants, "I can see where the effort might be worth it." Alberta broke out in laughter. "Megan!" Michael said, blushing.

"I can't believe you said that." "It's too hard to laugh like this. Will you let me out, please? Especially since I can see I'm not going to get anywhere with you here," she said to Alberta and Amethyst.

Still laughing, Alberta and Amethyst released Megan. As they moved to another device Michael reached out and took Megan's hand. Alberta tied Amethyst to a wheel and turned it upside down. Megan giggled as she tried to cover Michael's eyes when Amethyst's short skirt fell toward her head. Shortly after they had examined a few more "toys," Alberta pulled a sheet off of something that at first glance looked like a rocking horse. But the phallus sticking up from the saddle was a hint that this was no child's plaything.

Megan gasped when she saw it, but the real surprise came when Alberta started it rocking and the phallus moved up and down with the rocking movement. Megan turned a deep red as Alberta asked her if she wanted to take a ride. Megan said, "Uh, not right now, thank you." "Suit yourself, but now you know what's here," said Alberta. She suggested that maybe Amethyst and Megan would like to go back upstairs so that Megan could start on Michael's notes.

"Michael and I will be up shortly." "All of them are complete up to this morning's session, and they are on the desk in my room." Megan gave Michael's hand a squeeze and she and Amethyst headed for the door. He could hear Megan asking Amethyst some very pointed questions. He wished he could be a fly on the wall for that conversation! "It's getting late so if we are going to see the village before dinner we should go now." They left the torture chamber and went to the third wall in the antechamber, where Alberta revealed the time room.

She checked the tunnel and reminded Michael that they needed to be quiet. She stepped through the door and he followed, into a blackness such as he had never experienced. They came out into the cave, went along the passageway and up the stairs to the observation area. A beautiful, lush, green valley was spread out before them.

Michael was speechless. He had had no reason to doubt anything Alberta had told him, but somehow he really didn't think this could be. Oh, he guessed he thought there might be a door that opened from the basement into some underground cavern or something. But it was quite obvious that the valley, the huts, the people, existed nowhere near the house where he had been for the past few days, or even that they were of his time. Dumbly, Michael looked as Alberta pointed out landmarks and they watched villagers go about their lives.

After awhile, they went back to the house. Before dinner, Megan and Michael went to the library and talked about the dungeon and especially the torture chamber. He didn't tell her about the cave and the village. First of all, he thought it would be better if she built up to the facts slowly by reading the notes. But also, he couldn't quite assimilate what he had seen himself yet. Finally, he couldn't wait any longer to ask what was foremost on his mind. "Megan, what was it like being in the stocks?" Her answer surprised him.

"Strangely enough, it was not bad. It was a little uncomfortable and I was somewhat afraid, but mostly I was excited. How did it make you feel seeing me like that?" Michael looked at her and said, "If Alberta and Amethyst had not been there I would have pulled your pants down and screwed you senseless." "Sweet talker!

Maybe next time." Before he could respond to her implication that there would be a next time, they were called to dinner. Chapter 13: During dinner, Megan called Amethyst over and whispered something to her. Amethyst giggled and said, "Oh, goody!" She looked very pleased as she walked off. Michael asked Megan what she had said to Amethyst. "You'll just have to wait and see." He took a good, long look at Megan and something in his jumbled thoughts fell into place.

"Alberta, may I use your phone after dinner? I have a personal call to make, and I should also check in with my editor." "Of course.

I'm sure your editor is wondering about the time you will need." "Yes, and I think we need to decide what an 'appropriate' interview will consist of." They both chuckled at that. "I hope Heather won't be too upset, but it really is for the best, I think." Michael stared at Alberta in amazement.

"Heather? You know what? I had forgotten all about Heather." Megan was quiet, considering something. "Well. You are practically engaged to the girl, so I guess she does miss you.


Excuse me." And she started to get up. "No, dear. You two stay here and talk and I'll take my coffee into the den. I have some personal business that requires my attention, so I hope you will excuse me this evening." Alberta got up and left Michael and Megan in the dining room. "Megan, I'm calling Heather to tell her that I can't see her anymore," Michael said quietly.

"What?" She sat back down, eyes wide. "I can't see Heather anymore. I don't love Heather, and I've started seeing someone else." "You have?" "I have. And I hope to see a lot more of her." "Oh.

Okay." She looked down at her hands, a pretty blush on her cheeks. "I need to write up today's notes. What are you going to do?" "I started reading the notes and I'm anxious to get back to them. Would you mind if I read them in your room? I promise to be quiet while you're working." "Sure, that will be fine.

It gets a little lonely up there by myself." "I will be right up." "I'll make my calls and be there in a few minutes." When Megan and Michael were settled in his room, he put the recorder and papers on the desk.

"I will use headphones if I use the recorder so it doesn't bother you." "Okay, thanks. I will sit right over here and be quiet so as not to disturb you." Megan sat on the edge of the chair and looked at him for a minute. "Uh, Michael?" "Yes, Megan." He smiled at her. "Was Heather very upset?" "Actually, for the sake of my ego I wanted her to break down and beg me not to give her up. But in truth she took it quite well. Said she had a funny feeling that things might not work out. And I think I heard a man's voice in the background.

How about that for a let down? Thank heaven we found out now that we weren't right for each other." "She is a nice girl. I hope she finds someone to make her happy." "I do too, because I know I have," he said, with a smile. "Now, we've both got work to do, girl, so no more talking for awhile!" Megan settled into a large stuffed winged-back chair and started to read. Michael looked at her curled up in the chair and thought how nice it was to have her near him.

He began the work of transcribing notes and getting them onto the computer. After a couple of hours he turned toward Megan and sat there looking at her, enjoying the view. Megan looked up. "Are you finished with your notes for tonight?" "Yes. Tomorrow I will find tape segments for you to listen to. It will add detail to what you're reading in the notes." He sat sideways in his desk chair, his elbow resting on the chair back and his legs crossed.

"Oh good, thanks. This is an amazing story. But I've been thinking about something. Do you believe how Alberta changed after moving into this house?" "I have had my doubts about the house making them feel different, but frankly, that's starting to change. I don't have any reason to disbelieve it, and so far I haven't found anything inconsistent in Alberta's story. Why? Do you not believe her tale?" "No, that's not it. You've known me for a very long time. Would you consider me a rational person?" "Yes, you're one of the most rational people I know.

I think that's one of the reasons why I like you so much. But you do seem to like adventure sometimes." "So much? How much do you like me?" She lowered her head and looked at him through her lashes. "This is dangerous ground. Or are you just fishing for compliments?" "That's a cop out! You're the one who brought up how you like me so much. So, how much is that?" "Well, it's hard to put into words. It's like you are part of my being. Can't imagine life without your being part of it.

I take it for granted that you will always be here. I'm not doing very well am I?" "For a journalist, no, but go on. It's fun to watch you squirm." "Oh, thanks!" He laughed. More seriously, he said, "Let me give you a recent example.

Before I called you to ask if you would bring me my things Alberta asked me if there was anybody I really trusted. You were the only person I thought of in those terms. She didn't ask who would do me a favor or whom I liked, but whom I trusted. The fact is I cannot imagine you intentionally hurting me." "Intentionally?" "Well, accidents do happen. Or, Henry could take you to the dungeon and torture it out of you." "Oh dear, I see what you mean. Henry and me in the torture chamber?

Now there's a vision…I want you to know I would hold out as long as I could. At least a minute or two." They laughed. "Well Megan, now it is your turn. How do you feel about me?" She thought for a minute and said, "Comfortable." "What do you mean comfortable?

'Comfortable' can be boring, like an old shoe that you like to wear but that doesn't excite you any more.

Is that what you mean? If so, I'm deeply hurt, missy!" "Now, now! Like an old shoe? Not exciting? Never! What I mean is, I never worry about having to impress you. I do like to please you, but that's different." "You are not going to get off that easily. What do you mean you like to please me?" "I guess I want you to be happy, and when you're unhappy I feel I should do something about it even though I usually don't have a clue how.

Do you know what I mean?" "Yes. I don't know how to explain it either, but Megan, I have always felt like you are a big part of my life. I would lose something very important if I ever lost your friendship.

It's almost indefinable. It's not a need for physical things," Megan stole a quick look at the ever-present bulge in his pants, but he didn't move or try to adjust his position.

"Oh really?" "I meant that it's not like I need you to do things for me like housekeeping or cooking" "Good thing, too!" "But without you there would be a big hole in my life that I would not know how to fill.

I would be empty. There! I finally got it out, no thanks to your interruptions." Megan looked deep into Michael's eyes and settled back in her chair before saying, "You know, I feel pretty much the same about you.

What do we do about it?" Michael got up from his chair and pulled her out of her chair. He tugged her close and ran his fingers over her beautiful hair. "Megan, I think you changed the subject a little while ago. Why did you ask me if I believe Alberta's story?" "I don't know exactly, but two days ago you were a very good friend.

I have felt more than that for you for quite awhile, but I never thought you would feel more than that for me, so I just cherished the friendship. Now here we are, alone in your bedroom, holding each other. No real reason. No buildup. Just here. Together. And it just seems so natural to be here with you and staying at this house.

I guess I just want to be sure it's really us and not some strange phenomenon that will disappear when we leave." "I know what you say is true--this is sudden. But what we have felt for each other all these years isn't sudden. The closeness we've had, the trust, the love, even if it was just between friends. None of that is sudden. I think this place is just allowing all of that to come to the surface and flower. What else is bothering you?

That can't be all." "I really can't put my finger on it, but it is like the house is making me feel different." "Different how?" "Well at dinner when I whispered to Amethyst I asked her to bring down some of the clothes in the style she modeled for me. These are not clothes I would normally wear, especially in public.

I even thought about having her select what I wear, but I figured she would have me running around the house naked in no time." "Three cheers for Amethyst! You wouldn't have to wear what she put out, you know." This talk and having Megan so close was having its usual effect on him and he could see that Megan could tell too. But instead of pulling away slightly, she moved against his erection and pressed her breasts to his chest. He groaned and bent to bury his face in her sweet smelling hair.

"That's just it. I have the feeling that once I had her select my clothing I would have no choice. That is when I realized that the feeling of losing control was actually becoming attractive to me, as it did to Alberta and Elizabeth. It's a little frightening." "I was afraid that your reaction to Alberta's story would be negative. You're so independent and level-headed." He spoke in a low voice and nuzzled her hair.

"But, Michael, that's just it. My reaction isn't negative at all. I'm only afraid that if I let Amethyst help me out here, I will want to turn over more and more of my control.

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I actually want to now. What can I do?" "Well, as for the clothing, Amethyst and I could make it a joint effort and I might keep her from going too far." "Might?" "Well, I can't make any guarantees." Michael looked down at her and smiled a slow, lazy smile. "You wouldn't!" She opened her eyes wide and gave him an innocent, little girl look.

All he knew was that he was thrilled she didn't want to leave. "No, I wouldn't have you going around completely naked." "Well, how close would you get to 'completely'?" "There is only one way to find out." She hesitated, her green eyes looking deeply into his blue. "When would you want to start?" "It's not too late tonight. I can find Amethyst and make plans for tomorrow." "Oh gosh!

What am I doing? I'm not sure I trust you with this task," she furrowed her brow. "Turning my clothing choices over to a young, naïve girl and a sex maniac." Megan took a deep breath. "Okay, go ahead." "Brave girl! Are you sure?" "Did Elizabeth and Alberta ever back down?" "Not that I know of." "I'm telling you, it is the house. The thought of turning over control of what I wear is exciting in a very strange way.

I have never felt like this before." "I will get Amethyst and find something for tomorrow. Whatever we pick out you will wear, right?" "Yes. No." She furrowed her brow. "I guess so." Michael bent down and kissed her deeply.

She rubbed against him and returned the kiss, running her tongue across his lips. Michael groaned and pulled her toward the bed, but she pushed him away, laughing. "I said you were a sex maniac! Don't you need to go and find Amethyst?" He groaned again, but for a different reason. Reluctantly, Michael left Megan and went to find Amethyst. When he returned, Megan was asleep in the chair with his notes on her lap. She looked so comfortable he put a blanket over her and went to bed Chapter 14: The next morning Megan woke up before Michael, laid the blanket on the chair and slipped out of his room to go next door to her own room.

"Good morning," came a cheerful voice that she recognized as Amethyst's. "Did you sleep well?" Still trying to wake up, Megan replied, "I slept in the chair in Michael's room.

It was surprisingly comfortable." "Of course you did," Amethyst said with a giggle.

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"No, I really did sleep in the chair." "Of course you did," she replied still giggling. "Silly goose! Believe what you like," Megan laughed. "I need a shower before I go down to breakfast." "I will put your clothes out for you." "Oh, right. What did you and Michael select for today?" "A skirt and blouse.

I think you will like it. I did." "Oh, that's reassuring!" Megan said with some sarcasm before going into the bathroom.

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While taking her shower Megan could not help but wonder how much of her body would be covered after she got dressed. As she dried herself, she looked in the mirror and thought, Well, I don't think I have too much to be ashamed of in the body department, and I will only be here at the house.

How bad could it be? But she still got a sinking feeling as she thought of the dress with no front above the waist that Elizabeth had worn. That was an interesting story!

Megan finished drying herself off, wrapped a towel around herself and stood at the bathroom door for a moment. Then she stepped into the bedroom to see a skirt, blouse, panties, and shoes on the bed. The skirt was light tan, slightly darker than her skin, with an elastic waistband. The blouse was a print of fall colors. It had straps that crossed her shoulders.

The straps held up a band that buttoned around her just above her breasts. The fabric gathered just below the band and draped over her breasts. Conspicuous by its absence was a bra. Megan looked at the clothes and thought she was glad she had shaved her underarms and legs. When she was dressed, she looked in the full-length mirror to see a girl she did not recognize. Her legs were exposed from about four inches above her knees to her shoes and her torso was exposed for about six inches above her skirt.

All of the important parts were covered but she still felt exposed. Her thoughts were broken by Amethyst's voice. "Whoa, I am going to have to introduce you at breakfast. They aren't going to recognize you. Come over here and sit so I can brush your hair." Amethyst brushed Megan's hair until it flowed like silk over her shoulders. "Stand up and let me see what you look like." Megan looked into the mirror and could not believe what she saw.

There was a beautiful, sexy woman looking back at her. She had never dressed like this before and there was a certain excitement in knowing that in just a few minutes she would be walking into the dining room to join Michael and Alberta. She was breathing hard, making her breasts rise and fall under the loose fabric covering them.

She hoped she could get that under control before she got to the dining room. Megan turned to Amethyst and asked, "What do you think Alberta will think?" "I think she will like the way you look." "What do you think Michael will think?" "If you don't get screwed by the end of the day there is something wrong with him." "Oh!" "Isn't that what you want?" Megan just looked at Amethyst and giggled.

"Let's go down to breakfast and see where the day takes us. I can't stay in this room all day." Amethyst went on to the kitchen. Megan paused outside the dining room door, then took a deep breath before rounding the corner and going in to meet her fate. Michael was facing the door and when Megan appeared he stopped mid-sentence and stared. Megan's eyes met his and she froze not knowing whether to turn and run or sit down to breakfast. Alberta noticed the expression on Michael's face and turned to see what he was looking at.

"You look smashing, Megan! Please help yourself to breakfast and have a seat." "Th…Thank you. I believe I will." Megan turned to the sideboard, picked up a plate and served herself some oatmeal and toast. Her back was to the table but Michael could see her face in the mirror as Alberta said in a loud voice, "Michael, put your eyes back in your head and stop staring." Megan, with her back still to Michael, could not help but smile.

She got control and turned to take her place at the table. "Michael, do you like what you and Amethyst picked out for me?" "Uh, let me think for a moment.Yes!" Alberta laughed, "What do you mean what 'Michael and Amethyst' picked out?" "Last night I made a deal with Michael that he and Amethyst could pick out my wardrobe and I would wear what they selected, no questions asked. Amethyst, because she knows what is here and Michael, to keep her from going too far." Michael regained his composure for the most part as they ate, but Megan caught him staring at her several times.

She could not help remembering what Amethyst had said: "If you don't get screwed by the end of the day there is something wrong with him." Each time she thought about it she would start to blush, which just distracted Michael more.

When they finished eating Alberta said, "I will have to separate you two if we're going to get any work done today." She left the room smiling and Michael heard her say under her breath, "Things are progressing nicely." Breakfast was over. Megan headed for the library with tapes and notes, and Alberta and Michael sat at their usual spots in the great room.

Alberta asked, "Are you ready?" Michael jokingly grabbed the arms of his chair like it was ready to take off. She laughed and said, "It's not that bad." He laughed too. "Elizabeth and I worked in the dungeon during whatever time we had free. We kept it a secret until we had cleaned and gotten the devices into working order. Therefore, it was a couple of months before we told Allen and Edward about it. During that time we not only cleaned and renovated, we learned as much from the books as we could.

And that leads me to one of the ways to make a person, or a maiden in particular, a willing sex slave. We have found over the years a better way than this, and I will tell you about that later." Alberta must have seen shock register on Michael's face, because she stopped the recorder and asked, "Does that offend your sensibilities or pique your interest?" "Well, I just wasn't expecting that. I thought you and Elizabeth were doing a good job of being sex slaves to your husbands." "But that is just the point.

We wanted the attention that our husbands were giving us and we trusted them implicitly. What I am talking about here is a person who does whatever they are told, no matter who does the telling or what they are told to do." "You mean not because of trust or a desire to please, but simply because it does not occur to them not to obey." "Exactly, although a good master does inspire some trust and desire to please on the part of the slave.

However, in a slave/master relationship trust and desire to please are not the primary motivators. Ironically, those are the elements that empower the slave as well as the master. I am going to read you something Elizabeth and I found in one of the books." Alberta turned on the recorder, picked up a very old looking book and started to read. To be continued… If you like Francis Drake's stories please visit for more books by Francis, particularly She Shouldn't, But She Will.