Sexy Latina Violet Vasquez Rams Cucumber Up Her Tight Pussy

Sexy Latina Violet Vasquez Rams Cucumber Up Her Tight Pussy
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When I was 16 I was as hot blooded as any teenage boy could be(you know when the wind blows up your shorts you get a hard on)I'm sure some of you guys out there know what i'm talking about.

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I was just sex crazed & wanted to fuck anything that moved.A few years of sneaking looks at my old man's porn mags & movies turned my mind into that of a little deviant.I loved spying on females without their knowledge,they didn't have to be doing anything sexual just normal day stuff,just as long as they didn't know i was watching them.

We had a big tree in our back yard so that when you were up high enough you could see thru the louvre's into our toilet,not much of a view but just enough to see someones arse as they were sitting down,so when my parents had parties at night I would quickly climb the tree to spy on my mums quite nice looking female friends,catching glimpses of their arses would send my hand into a frenzy.I nearly got caught a couple of times but a sly voyeur was in the making.

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Anyhow I finally got myself a girlfriend whom I lost my virginity to & once that was out of the way we fucked like rabbits any chance we got.My parents were pretty cool with us having sex so my place was our comfort zone.The first time my gf asked me to stay at her house I was a bit aprehensive as she told me her parents weren't as forthcoming about us having sex especially in their house.

So when it came time to go to bed my gf slept in the lounge room & I slept in her bedroom which she shared with her older sister.Their beds were toe to toe with a gap in the middle of them but very close as it was a small room.

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Well as it was the weekend her sister been 3yrs older than me was out with friends on the piss & was due home about 2 in the morning.So when that time came I was wide awake but pretending to be asleep as her sister opened the door.I could hear my gf's mum whispering to her sister that it was me lying in my gf's bed & to be quiet & not wake me.The light flicked on for a sec then off again,then as I heard my gf's mum go to bed I slowly opened my eyes to try & focus on my gf's sister's shadow moving around the room.

There was a bit of light coming thru the curtains from the street light outside so I could see her stripping off her clothes down to a g-string & putting on a singlet top then with a big sigh flopping onto her bed & falling asleep.After that little episode my heart was thumping so hard I thought someone would be able to hear it.Trying for the next 10min to see anything more the phone rang in the hallway & I heard the mother get up to answer it.She then opened the door to the room & was trying to wake up the sister but to no avail,she just let out a moan & rolled over.

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So the mum back in bed I proceded to focus my eyes again & there in all it's glory was the most perfect arse staring me in the face.My dick by this time was hard as fuck & aching for some action,I tried to have a wank but in the silence of the night it sounded like I could wake up the whole house.Now because of the small room the sisters arse was about a metre & a half from my face & with the little snores coming from her I was sure she was in a deep sleep.

So very quietly I slid out of bed onto the floor in between the beds now sitting very closely to her arse.This close I could now see her pussy lips either side of her g-string & could get a slight whiff of her beautiful aroma.The thought of getting caught was making me nervous as hell but this beautiful sight was urging me on.I lifted on to my knee's & leant forward to get even closer,now I was in tongues length from her pussy so I took in a deep breath.

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Just then she moved a little & i ducked down my heart racing like a motherfucker.Waiting a few minutes I made up my mind to get back into bed & put this moment in the bank.With only 2hrs until sunrise I just lay there savouring what I just saw(& smelt). I woke about 8 that morning to her letting out a big yawn,she flashed a smile my way & said good morning introducing herself to me leaning over & shaking my hand.Her ample breasts were nearly falling out the sides of her tanktop & I tried my best to not make it obvious I was looking at them.She was very nice looking even though she had smudged makeup on her face,she was very similar to my gf just more mature.

She jumped out of bed without a care in the world & started rummaging in her drawers while telling me about her night,all the time I'm taking in the sights of her body,then she walks out of the room & into the bathroom for a shower.I would have loved to follow her but by then everyone was awake.

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So I had a painstaking wait til my gf & I left after breakfast to go to my house to let a load off.I couldn't wait so I took mt gf under a bridge & fucked her doggy style all the time thinking about her sister.I have a few more encounters with the sister inlaw & they get more risky so until then .