Sexo na rua no Rio de Janeiro

Sexo na rua no Rio de Janeiro
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FUN WITH VIDEO PORN by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies.

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Read and enjoy "Oh, my god," I thought out loud, "That is so fucking hot!" Here I was at my computer watching porn. Not just any porn, but a woman being double penetrated by two men.

What made it so hot, was the woman was the spiting image of my wife. I had to save this one so I began a download onto my flash drive. While I was waiting for the download to finish, I heard, "What are you watching." Being in the middle of the download, I couldn't shut down the computer.

It was my wife, she was now standing behind me watching the video. Judy said, "Why are you watching that?" I answered, "What do you see in this video?" Judy said, "A girl being fucked by two men. It's obvious, you see the same thing." I said, "Look closely at the woman." Judy stood quiet for a second and then I heard, "Oh, my god.

She looks like me!" She stayed watching for a couple of minutes and then ran from the room. The download finished and I went to see where Judy went. She was in the kitchen and I think in that short time, she was on her second glass of wine. She looked at me and asked, "How did you find that video?" I said, "I was just surfing the web and saw what I thought was you.

I had to watch it. It was so hot, I downloaded the video to watch later." I looked at her flushed face and asked, "Was that you, or do you have a twin sister?" Judy said, "No, I could never do that. Not in front of a camera even with one man. And you know I don't have a sister." She poured another glass of wine and went into the living room to watch the news or some other program on the TV. I grabbed a beer and joined her on the couch.

As I was drinking the beer, I softly rubbed her thigh and she didn't pull away. Judy was very quiet while we sat there. When the program finished, she got up and said she was heading off to bed. Judy and I have been married for over fifteen years.

We have had a full and happy marriage. Our sex life has been good producing two beautiful daughters. We did like to experiment with sex. Positions, toys, story telling in bed and even anal. She didn't watch porn very often, but didn't object to me watching some times. We made love at least two nights a week and we both had super climaxes. I heard the shower stop and I knew Judy was going to be in bed in a short time.

I turned off the TV, made sure lights were out and the doors were locked. I knew Judy checked earlier, but I also checked on the girls before heading to bed. I was now in the bedroom and undressing. I usually slept nude, so I got under the covers and snuggled up to Judy. Tonight, she was nude also so I began to 'spoon' her. My cock was becoming erect and pressing into the crack of her ass.

I heard her begin to breath heavily when my arm reached over and I began to caress her breasts. With a slight moan, Judy lifted a leg allowing my cock to reach further toward her pussy. She reached down and grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her hot, wet pussy lips. The next thing I heard was Judy saying, "Eat me, lick my pussy." I turned her over, spread her legs apart and placed my face close to her labia.

I began to run my tongue around her lips and at the same time my nose was rubbing her clit which was not yet erect from its folded shield. As I worked my tongue, I began to penetrate her vagina and swirl my tongue around the inner membranes causing her legs to shake and spasm. It wasn't long when she threw her head back, her back arched upward and she pushed her pussy into my face. She had a very powerful orgasm. She kept holding my head in place as I continued to get my tongue further into her canal.

It wasn't long before she had a second uncontrollable quivering orgasm. Her vaginal secretions were now flowing into my mouth and I was having an adrenalin rush. The next thing I heard, "Fuck me hard, Fuck your cock deep into me." Slowly, I licked and kissed my way up her body, licked both breasts and then continued to her mouth. I was now in position where my cock was rubbing against her pussy lips. As we were kissing, Judy reached down and guided my cock to the goal she wanted.

I eased into her and sensed she was wanting more and fast. Her hips kept thrusting against my pubic bone. Her deliberate move caused my penis to penetrate further. When I felt resistance, I knew I was pushing against the cervix. Judy continued thrusting trying to get more of me into her. Judy began screaming, "HARDER, HARDER, FUCK me deeper.

FUCK ME, FUCK ME." Looking at her face, I saw the landscape of ultimate bliss. She was having another or a continuous orgasm. I slowed my thrusting which allowed her to calm. I watched as her lips curled to a grin and then she said, "Put your finger in my ass." Anal was nothing new to us so I licked my finger and put a bit of spit on it.

I reached behind her and began to work my finger into her tight rectum. Judy then began to moan and groan. I got my finger all the way into her when she started to thrust forward again. She was beginning another ecstatic orgasm. Judy then said, "See how many fingers you can get into me." I then pulled out slightly and added another finger. She was breathing heavier now and then said, "More, get more fingers in me." When I had three fingers fully inserted into her rectum, she moaned and groaned as she gyrated her hips against my fingers.

She then spasmed and another orgasm rifled through her body. That's all it took for me as my balls were ready to explode. My seed started to surge through my body on the way to her womb.

I erupted in a hot flow of man juice flooding and mixing with her own emissions. Judy wrapped her arms and legs around me in what seemed as a death hug. Both of our bodies were spamming. We were both moaning and groaning with lust, passion and sexual desire. We lay quiet, my cock still hard and residing in her sheath.

As my cock was softening, her vaginal walls contracted and squeezed my cock not wanting it to leave. When she couldn't hold me any longer, I slipped out along with copious amounts of cum following my cock. Judy's eyes were closed, but she had a grin on her face and she seemed to have a radiant glow.

Her eyes opened and she said, "I love you so much. I hope nothing ever comes between us." I replied, "I love you too. Nothing could ever come between us, we will be together always." After we basked in the calming afterglow, I said, "You were thinking about that video, weren't you?" Judy admitted that the video with two men fucking that woman was a turn on.

She had fantasied of being double penetrated as we were making love.


I didn't say anything else. We cuddled for a long time and then I said, "I love you more than you know. Your fantasy does not affect my love for you." We then fell asleep in each others arms.

When I woke, I smelled coffee coming from the kitchen. I put on a robe and went to have a cup of fresh brewed coffee. I greeted, hugged and kissed my daughters and then gave Judy a long sensual kiss as I held her body close to me. After my coffee, we all watched the news and weather for the day. Not seeing rain in the near forecast, I went to get a shower before a light breakfast and off to work. Judy would drop the girls off at school. They had after school activities so that meant that I would pick them up on my way home.

I took my flash drive with me to work and when everyone was off to lunch, I put it in my computer and watched the movie, in total for the first time.

I got so turned on. The woman looked so much like Judy, my cock was hard as a rock and I began to wish I was watching her with two other men. I watched the video once more and again envisioned Judy being fucked my other men. Seeing other men entering her pussy or ass with hard cocks was beginning to occupy my brain. The rest of the day was very unproductive as far as my normal work load was concerned.

I unplugged the flash drive and slipped into my pocket before leaving to pick up the girls. I stopped and picked up a bottle of wine for after dinner. The girls wanted a treat too, so I got some root beer and ice-cream for them.

It was Friday night so they could stay up a bit longer than usual. We normally got together as a family on Friday nights to watch movies.

Pop corn and root beer floats sounded good even to me. Judy and the girls picked out a movie to watch and I quickly cleaned up the kitchen. Judy came into the kitchen and poured another glass of wine, looked at me and gave me a very long sensual kiss.

She said, "I want to make love to you like last night." After the movie, the girls helped clean up the glasses and pop corn bowl. We saw them off to bed and returned to the living room for some quiet time as we watched the news.

Around eleven, Judy announced that the girls should be asleep now and she was going to go to bed. We both looked in on the girls and then retreated to the bedroom. I pulled my laptop close to the bed and plugged in the flash drive. Judy seemed to be hypnotized watching the video.

I watched her and saw the arousal growing. She pressed her nakedness against me. She reached and slowly began to pump my cock as I heard several sighs and moans emanate from her half open mouth. I knew she was imagining two men fucking her ass and pussy at the same time. I then asked her, "Who would you like me to ask to help me fuck you like that?" Her head jerked toward me, her eyes wide and she just stared with her mouth half open.

Judy then asked, "What do you mean? Would you want me to be fucked by you and another man?" I just said, "Yes, I have thought about it all day with a hard cock. I really want to have another man help me fuck you, just like this video." Judy said, "I don't think I could do that, but it is a juicy fantasy. I thought about it too today, wondering what it would feel like to have two cocks in me at the same time. I even talked to Susie and asked her if she ever saw a porn video of double penetration.

She had but would like to see it. Leave the flash drive plugged onto the computer so I can show her Monday when they are back from their trip." I pressed replay and as the video was playing, we began to make wild love again. Judy jumped out of bed and got her dildo, got back into bed and pushed the dildo into her pussy and told me to fuck her in the ass.

After several wild and extremely satisfying orgasms, Judy then told me that she enjoyed the feeling, but still wondered if it would be the same with two real cocks. She had her legs spread wide pumping her dildo into her pussy as I loaded the flash drive onto the desk top computer for her. Saturday and Sunday nights, Judy and I watched the video again and again we had wild uncontrollable sex, not love but raw sex.

Our sex life has now picked up to two long cum shattering sessions a night after the girls were asleep. Now we have included the dildo regularly for double penetration. All day at work Monday, my mind envisioned Judy's orgasms while she was being double penetrated and I wondered who we could find to be the second man.

Just watching the expression on her face with my cock in her ass and the dildo in her pussy. Who would Judy be comfortable with as a sexual partner. The more I thought about the prospect, the harder my cock got. My pants were being strained as I drove home that evening.

Judy flew into my arms as I walked in the door. She planted a very wet, long kisses on my lips and rubbed her groin against my straining cock. As the girls were already eating in the kitchen, they didn't see mommy and daddy groping each other just inside the front door. Judy said that she had a lot to tell me, but she had to wait until the girls were asleep. Judy and I had a nice meal as the girls were finishing. The girls were being real sweethearts as they washed and put away their own dishes.

Judy finished and was helping the girls bathe and get into bed. With the girls in bed, Judy and I watched some news, waiting for the girls to fall asleep. We then went into the bedroom, quickly undressed and jumped into our bed. Judy said, "Susie watched the video. She also thought the woman was me and asked how I got away with making a porno without you knowing." I laughed and asked, "Did you tell her that I was the camera man?" Judy then laughed and said, "I wouldn't put it past you to film your wife being fucked by two men." I rubbed my chin and said, "That sounds like fun, maybe we should do that.

I have a nice video camera and I can edit a very nice porn DVD for us." Judy then said, "Get serious. Back to Susie. She tried to hide her reaction from me, but I know she had a quiet orgasm watching the video. She was rocking a lot in the chair and the cushion had a large wet spot when she left. I'll bet she will discuss the video with Allen tonight." Judy told me that she watched the video a couple more times during the day and masturbated having two rapturous orgasms.

I reached between her legs and felt that she was still quite wet. Again, that night we rocked the world of sexual bliss twice. The second time I kept telling her how she would look with two cocks pumping into her, one in her pussy and the other in her ass.

I described their genitals buried deep inside her, but this time I never mentioned that I was one of those men. Her cunt oozed sweet juices along with my cum as she listened to my story. As she began to nod off to sleep, I noticed that her fingers were still in her pussy. Saturday and Sunday nights were repeats. I kept talking about her having two cocks in her pussy and ass, the two constantly changing from ass to pussy for many hours.

By Monday morning, Judy and I were fucked out, but walking on clouds. I was trying to get work done, but my mind kept lapsing back to the video. I was in a deep trance when the phone rang. I answered and it was Allen. "What's up Allen?" I asked. Allen said, "Susie told me about a video you had that involved DP. I don't know what she was so excited about, we've seen porn with DP before.

What's so special?" I told him that he had to see it to believe it. He kept asking why Susie got so hot from the video. He said, "She actually raped me last night she was so hot." I told Allen to come over tonight and I would show him the video and then he would understand. I called Judy and told her that we were going to have company tonight and to chill some wine and be sure we had some beer.

I wasn't sure if Susie would be coming, but Allen was going to come over to see the video. Judy said, "I think I will hide when Allen comes over, I don't think I could face him to see a 'double' of me getting fucked." I said, "Judy, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I'm sure Allen has had fantasies of fucking you, so this would spur his mental image of what you would look like getting fucked." Judy said, "I've thought about him too, but this is just too weird." "Judy," I said, "Let him get his kicks. I bet he goes home and fucks Susie three times." After dinner, the door bell rang and Allen was at the door with Susie. Hugs and kisses were exchanged as they entered. Allen said that even Susie wouldn't tell him what was so special about the video I had.

I let him know that he was in for a treat. The girls went into the kitchen and poured their wine, got two beers from the fridge and came into the living room. We did some general chat and then it was time to put the girls to bed. Judy returned to the living room and made sure the wine was refilled and got two more beers for Allen and me. When we felt the girls were asleep, we all went into the den. I turned on the computer and apologized that my monitor was only 23", so we had to sit close together to watch.

Five minutes into the video, Allen said, "Oh, God, Judy, when did you do this video and was Russ there? Did he know his beautiful wife was getting fucked by two guys?" Judy started laughing and said, "No, Allen, Russ didn't know I was fucking two guys.

In fact, that isn't me, but somewhere in this world I have a double." We continued watching and both Judy and Susie were intent on watching and Susie was now rubbing Allens crotch. It was obvious his cock was hard as a rock. Judy leaned to my ear and said, "You're right, they are going to fuck each other silly tonight." The video finished and Allen said, "My God Judy, you have such a beautiful body, I wish I was one of those guys fucking you." Susie smacked his arm, gave him a dirty look and announced that with that comment, they were going home.

Again, Judy and I made very passionate love, filling her pussy twice and then once in the ass as we DP'd with the dildo. We calmed for about 10 minutes when I said, "Judy, could you imagine Allen and I double fucking you?" Judy answered, "I hadn't thought about it, but now that you brought it up, that would be interesting." I said, "Judy, why don't you tell Susie about that thought. I think as hot as she was tonight, she probably would enjoy watching you being DP'd by us.

It seemed to be on Allens mind from his comment." Judy didn't answer right away, then said, "I don't know. Susie and I have been friends for a long time. I don't want to ruin a good friendship." I took Judy's hand and placed it on my hard cock. She then got up and straddled me and guided my cock into her pussy as she dropped hard on me.

That was our fourth fuck that night. I hastened her orgasm by telling her about what it would be like with Allen fucking her pussy while I was fucking her ass. Her eyes were glassy staring into my eyes. Her legs began to spasm and she humped up and down on my cock. Her mouth opened slightly as she began to make guttural noises as her head jerked backward and she stopped her fucking motion with my cock buried deep in her pussy.

She went into euphoric ecstasy as her orgasm hit. I felt her vaginal muscles squeezing my cock like a vise. That did it, I began to pulse and pushed hard against her. My cock began to throb as I pumped more cum into her womb. She fell onto my chest and fell asleep with my cock still immersed inside her. I too fell asleep for a short time and then rolled to the side and we were still connected.

We sleep soundly that way for some time. I woke with Judy working my cock hard in her mouth. She refused to let go until I filled her throat with my cum. She looked up at me with a big smile and said, "Coffee's ready." I went into the kitchen and both girls had eaten and were ready for school.

We kissed them good bye and sat down to a hot cup of coffee. The radio was on as we listened to the morning news and weather. Then Judy asked, "Would it ruin our marriage?" I asked, "What are you asking?" She said, "If you and Allen fucked me. What would it do to our marriage and what would it do to my friendship with Susie?" I told her that our marriage was solid.

We loved each other and I for one would never leave her. We would be together and there would be no cheating involved. It would only be fucking, nothing involving love. I also didn't think it would cause a riff between her and Susie, especially if Susie was right there with her husband. She was very quiet then and gave me a nice kiss as I left for work. Again, I had enough on my mind to keep me from my work.

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I knew from Allen's comment about the video, he wanted to fuck Judy, he wanted his cock deep in her pussy or ass. My mind was interrupted when the phone rang. It was Allen. "Hey," Allen said, "I hope I didn't upset you from what I said last night.

Susie gave me hell. She said I should have kept quiet. I'm sorry if I offended either of you." "Allen," I said, "you didn't offend anyone. Judy is now thinking of you and me DP'ing her, but doesn't want to hurt Susie and ruin their friendship." I then asked him, "Did you and Susie have a good night after you left?" "Hell yes." He said, "That's why she wanted to leave so soon.


She was almost naked before we got in the house. I didn't have to fuck her, she fucked me. Oh, and did she ever fuck me. three times. She was fascinated imagining that was Judy in the video." I asked, "Be honest with me.

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Would you like to fuck Judy, the both of us double up on her?" "Oh, God, yes." Allen said. "I would love to pump my cum deep into her pussy." "That would be hot." I said. "When Judy and I talk about double fucking, I will keep using your name." I then asked, "What about Susie?

Would she allow you to fuck another woman, especially her friend?" He said, "Last night when she was fucking me, she sort of hinted that she would like to see me fuck another woman.

She didn't specifically mention Judy, but the intent seemed to be there." When I got home, Judy was in a super mood with a bubbly attitude. She told me how she watched a movie with the girls when they got home from school and now they were ready for dinner with us. We ate as a family and much of the conversation was around the animated movie they watched.

With dinner finished, Judy took the girls for their bath as I cleaned up the kitchen. With a beer in hand, I retired to the den and turned on the computer to search. Judy joined me after she got the girls off to bed. She wanted to see what other DP porn there was. We watched two more 10 minute DP videos and Judy said, "Nothing as hot as the one we downloaded, the one that looked like me." I agreed with her and pulled her into my lap and we began sensual kissing.

I asked her, "How would feel having two cocks in you at the same time. Maybe Allen's and my cock filling your pussy and ass?" Judy said, "I haven't done anything all day thinking about the feeling of double penetration.

Susie visited and we both discussed how hot the video was. We watched it again and Susie had her pants open and was fingering her self right in front of me. I pulled my pants down and did the same. I really want to do that." I asked her what she and Susie discussed and she said, "Susie said that she would like to watch me and that she wants to do it too." I then asked, "Do you want to feel Allen's cum pumped deep into your womb?" Her eyes got big and she said, "Oh, God, yes.

Let's go to bed, I want to be fucked." Every time I thrust hard in her pussy, I asked her how Allen's cock felt and the answer I kept getting, "YES, YES, fuck me deeper, FUCK ME HARD, CUM IN MY PUSSY.

FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM." And then she had hard trembling, quivering convulsions as her orgasm took control of her body.

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After the kids left for school, I told Judy that it was up to her and Susie to make all the plans for her double penetration. I said, "Be sure Susie would be OK with Allen fucking you." She rubbed my crotch and gave me a long loving kiss good bye.

I knew it would be another unproductive day at work. Again I got a call from Allen. Allen told me that Susie called him and she was going over to see Judy. They were going to plan a double penetration and he said, "Susie told me that I was going to help you fuck Judy.

She had no reservations, just that she told me. no ordered me, to fuck Judy." The girls were put to bed and Judy gave me a smile and wicked look saying, "Susie and I have plans for Friday night." I pulled her to me and said, "I can't wait to see Allen pumping his cum deep in your womb." Needless to say, we fucked long and hard.real lustful sex for three hours.

Judy wouldn't tell me what they planned, but only said that she got Allen and me some 100 mg Viagra pills. Friday, finally.

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I thought that Viagra was not necessary as I had been hard all day at work. I walked into the house and Judy met me with a kiss and wearing a sheer black teddy. She could have been nude as I could see her shapely body through the teddy. There was beer and wine in the kitchen and she ordered me to hit the shower and wear only my robe. She said, "The girls are spending the weekend with Grandma.

When your shower is over, dinner will be ready. Hurry baby." She handed me a blue pill. With the girls gone for the weekend, I wondered what Judy and Susie were planning for all that time. I jumped into the shower for a quick clean, making sure my cock was 'squeaky' clean.

Downed the pill before going to the kitchen. Me in my robe, and Judy in her teddy, we ate dinner and then cleaned the kitchen together. Judy kept 'accidently' bumping her hand into my hard erection obviously tenting my robe. Judy had me open a bottle of red wine to breathe while waiting for Susie and Allen. As we waited, Judy asked, "Will you be upset to see Allen fucking me?" I answered, "No, in fact I am looking forward to seeing Allen pounding your pussy.

I've been thinking about it for a long time now." Judy squeezed my hand and made a purring sound as her lips curled in a smile.

Judy told me not to drink too much as the instructions for Viagra recommended modest alcohol consumption. My mind was now thinking that I wanted to be fairly sober to remember the events of the weekend, so moderate drinking was in order. The door bell rang and Judy ran to the door. Both Allen and Susie were wearing overcoats. Once the door was closed, Judy took their overcoats from them and I knew that this weekend was going to be fun.

Allen was wearing a robe like mine, and Susie was wearing a red sheer teddy similar to Judy's. I always envisioned what Susie would look like naked and with that teddy, the real nakedness was better than my fantasies. As Judy and Susie were getting their wine glasses filled, Allen and I opened our beers and we all congregated to the living room. Before Allen and I could sit, the girls were immediately on their knees.

Susie in front of me and Judy in front of Allen. They opened our robes and took our cocks in their mouths. Susie saw my cock for the first time and Judy saw Allens cock for the first time. They sensed when we were ready to cum and pulled our cocks out of their throats telling us that all ejaculations were meant for Judy's pussy and ass. It wasn't long before we all retired to the master bed room where Allen and my robes were taken from us.

Judy gave me a devilish smile, stripped off her teddy and climbed onto the bed spreading her legs wide. Judy said, "Allen, eat me. Your cock will be the first in my pussy." I watched as Allen placed his tongue and lips on Judy's pussy. Susie then took my hand and whispered, "He does that well, that is hot to see my husband with another woman, especially Judy." Susie now had my cock in her other hand as she said, "I can't wait to see my husband fucking your wife." My cock was as hard as a rock because I also wanted to watch him fuck her.

I began to rub Susie's pussy, she was so wet her juices were running down her legs. Judy sounded like a banshee as her first orgasm hit.

She was convulsing with her pussy pumping into Allens face. She then began to scream, "NOW, NOW, GET YOUR COCK IN ME. FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME. Allen lay on his back and pulled Judy onto his cock. Judy was still in her sexual arousal as she laid forward onto Allens chest. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her rectal passage and yelled, "FUCK MY ASS, I WANT COCK IN MY ASS TOO. FUCK ME." I climbed onto the bed and as I got close to Judy's ass, I saw that she had sometime earlier smeared lube in and on her ass hole.

My cock met no resistance as I plunged into her. Judy's body was shuddering as she screamed, "YES, YES. FUCK ME DEEP, FUCK YOUR COCKS IN ME. SO GOOD, FUCK ME HARD." I don't think her orgasm ever decreased, her whole body was trembling uncontrollably, her head buried hard in Allens chest, her hands clinching the sheets with vise grip strength.

Allen and I had formed alternating deep stroking into her pussy and ass. I looked to the side and saw Susie was now naked and was pumping her pussy with four fingers. Any more stimulation and she would be fisting herself.

I could see her hand was glistening with her juices. Her eyes were glazed over as she watched her friend being fucked by her husband, penetrated in the pussy and ass at the same time. The feeling of Allens cock rubbing against mine, separated only by a thin membrane was causing me to reach my own climax. Allen was groaning and I knew he was also ready.


I saw Allens eyes widen as he was staring toward me. Then his eyes rolled up and I could feel his cock throb as I knew he was pumping his cum deep into my wife's pussy. I wasn't far behind when my cock erupted filling her ass with my own cum. I began to understand why men liked Viagra. I just shot more cum into Judy's ass than ever and I was still hard.

I pulled out with my cum following the withdrawal. I got off the bed and Allen, still imbedded in Judy, flipped over and slowly pulled his cock from her pussy. I saw his cum beginning to seep from her vagina when Allen buried his face back into her pussy. Susie was now standing behind me, holding my cock and leaning to my ear saying, "I love that, he does that to me. I love the feel of his tongue in my pussy when it's filled with mixed juices.

He loves the taste." I felt my cock twitch as I watched Allen cleaning Judy's pussy. At the same time, I saw Judy squirm and yell, "Oh, God. YES, EAT ME. CLEAN ME AND TONGUE FUCK ME. YES, DON'T STOP, LICK MY PUSSY." Allen throughly cleaned Judy's pussy and sat up. Judy was now yelling, "FUCK ME, HURRY FUCK MY HOLES. I WANT MORE. FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW." Allen got back on the bed, pulled Judy toward him and buried his cock in her ass and pulled her back to his chest.

Now her pussy was exposed and I crawled between their legs and pushed my still hard cock into her. I felt her vaginal membrane pulsing around my cock. Again, Allen and I pumped in and out of the ass and pussy. I lay forward and began to suck Judy's breasts as Judy was wailing with ecstasy as her body quivered.

I now saw Susie crawl onto the bed and lowered her pussy to Judy's lips. To my knowledge, Judy has never had sex with a woman, but here she was suddenly extending her tongue into Susie's pussy.

Judy's head was in the way for Allen to see the action, but he reached up and pushed his fingers in Susie's ass. Susie moaned and groaned with pleasure as her own orgasm sent her into rapturous passion. Allen and I again sent our seeds deep into Judy and we all laid still while Susie pulled away from the tongue and fingers. I saw the moisture glistening on her engorged labia from Judy's tongue. Allen and I moved off the bed as Judy turned over, laid back and spread her legs allowing our cum and her vaginal juices to flow from her pussy and ass.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth partially open as she kept saying, "Yes, Oh, so good, so good." Then her hand went to her pussy and she inserted four fingers. I went to the bed, climbed up and removed her fingers as I buried my face between her legs and just like Allen, I began to lick and suck the mixture from her vagina.

Judy realized that it was now me cleaning her pussy. She thrust her pussy up into my face as she had yet another orgasm. With her reaction, I could see how Allen liked cleaning fresh fucked pussy. We all decided to rest and I was impressed that Allen and I still had erections. The girls refilled their glasses and sat lovingly stroking our cocks. Susie said, "That was so hot, I want you guys to take me next weekend. You still aren't done with Judy yet, we still have two days." Susie was standing in front of me, spread her legs, lifted one leg up and guided my cock into her pussy.

"I've wanted to feel your cock in me for over a year now. I want a sample." Judy then took Allen to the couch, bent over and guided his cock into her pussy. After that quick fuck, we all returned to the bedroom. The rest of the weekend, Allen and I took turns fucking Judy's ass and pussy, throughly filling her with our male seeds. Copious amounts of cum and vaginal juices that Allen and I could not consume, soaked the sheets.

Her mons was reddened and swollen, but it didn't seem to distract Judy for wanting more and she didn't seem to have any pain. There was no stopping Judy's raw emotions as her orgasms caused her body to spasm over and over with unsated lust, passion and sexual desire. Sunday evening, I was totally spent, but mustered enough energy to pick up the girls from Grandma's, get them home and into bed.

Judy and I slept in each others arms all night and woke with smiles Monday morning. The normal routine getting the girls fed and off to school that morning. Judy didn't give me my usual passionate kiss before I left. Instead, she ground her pelvis hard into my groin, grabbed my ass and pulled me hard to her and tried to force her tongue down my throat. Judy said, "I love you so much.

Thank you for this weekend and allowing Allen to be our third. I enjoyed Allen's cock, and I'm sure Susie will enjoy yours next weekend. It made me so hot to see your cock in her pussy." I told Judy, "Yes, it was hot to see you with Allen too. I want to see Allen fuck you on a regular basis." With another deep kiss, I left and drove to the office. Another unproductive week at the office. Just thinking of helping Allen double penetrating Susie next weekend as Judy watches.

not sure yet, but it was a treat to eat pussy that has been freshly fucked. It really turned Judy on, something new for both of us.