Twink video After some more kissing Sergio is well prepped for

Twink video After some more kissing  Sergio is well prepped for
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My name is Jill and I have a predilection towards very young girls and boys which I share with a German guy. We travel to South East Asia once a year to share these delightful creatures with relative safety especially if you were careful and a couple I first met Max over the internet and he would be the most perverted guy I've ever met and I have encountered a lot.

He had made annual visits for the past 10 years and has a lot of contacts, and I have joined him for the past 5 years. On the plane, an hour out from Bangkok, I went to the toilet and changed into a very short denim skirt and a tight white singlet that was tight against my breasts. Before, I left my home city I had slid a pair of my juicy wet panties into my cunt as I know Max gets very aroused by my dirty wet panties and boy were they wet as I had been in anticipation of having a young girl in bed with me and doing kinky things with her tight bald slit!.

Thinking about that makes my pussy really wet and I was surprised the guy sitting next to me staring at my legs couldn't smell my juicy cunt. Max was waiting for me at the airport and we were soon on our way to our Bangkok room in a hotel used more with single men who had come to Bangkok for sex with the local Thai girls who were readily available in the lobby of the hotel.

"Fuck, I'm horny!" he said, when we were in the taxi. I reached over and touched his crotch. He was rock hard. I smiled, whispering in his ears that I had a very wet pair of panties inside me. We arrived at the hotel and went into our room. On the bed was a young girl about 10 years old, naked, legs splayed so I could clearly see her bald slit, glistening "Have you had her yet?" I asked. He shook his head. I climbed on to the bed and placed my finger inside her pussy.

She was wet. Max had been playing with her I was sure, but I didn't think he'd fucked her yet, but he certainly had been fingering or fisting her. That I was certain. I was kneeling on the bed so my rear was exposed-my short skirt riding up my thighs- so Max had a good view of my arse.

While I was fingering the young girl's pussy he was getting his fingers into my pussy, withdrawing the pair of thongs that had been up there for many hours.

I removed all my clothes. He undressed and wrapped them around his throbbing erection while the girl and I enjoyed each other. Max liked watching me get it on with young girls. He sat in the chair, naked, masturbating with my panties and sniffing the juices on them while I was now fisting the young girl. I could only get 3 fingers and finger fucked her until I could feel my fingers get wet. I rolled her over so that I was on top of her and pressed my clit against her and began tribbbing her so that our pussies were rubbing against each other.

It felt really nice. My pussy was getting wet. Max, I could see, wanted her. So I rolled her over again so I was beneath her and she was pressing down on my clit. Max's fingers started to slip into her anal opening and he fingerfucked her arsehole hard and very fast with them.

He had 4 in there, but I could see she was very tight and needed some lubricant. I reached into my handbag on the floor and gave him some wet stuff, which he applied to his hand and pushed some of the liquid inside her hole.

I wondered whether he could get his 7" cock inside her tiny hole. I didn't need to worry. After applying a liberal amount of lubricant inside her arse hole, I made the Max kneel on the bed so that as she was tonguing my wet pussy he was raping her rear hole and as he was so hard he soon managed to get over a half of his throbbing hard erection inside her, enough for him to give her a good fucking.

Soon, he had forgotten about me, and was literally raping her arse. I could see from the look on her face that she was in extreme pain and was starting to cry. I grabbed her head and placed it on my cunt ordering her to eat my pussy out whilst he had his wicked way with her.

I knew it would only be a matter of a few minutes before he had his whole cock inside her very tight anus. The sight of his onslaught and the tongue of her cock against my slippery wet pussy sent me over the edge as my body was wracked with a multiple orgasm. I came and came and came filling her face with more pussy juice than she could handle as she stared to splutter.

Max had finally shot his load inside her arse and collapsed on top of her. The girl was crying.Max withdrew his cock slowly from her arsehole and I maneuvered myself so I could tongue her hole to soothe the pain that I knew she was feeling.

At the same time I could lap up Max's spunk that was deposited inside her. It tasted nice and sweet as I knew it did. This seemed to quieten the girl and after I had lapped all the juice out of her arse I put some special anesthetic cream into her hole to relieve the pain.

I knew Max was still horny as he always took Viagra when he was in Asia. He took my panties and stuffed them in the girl's cunt using the top of a bottle to force them deep inside her. Then he went down on her with his tongue and fingers to withdraw the pair from her hot, wet, dirty hole. When he had withdrawn them he put them over his face and lifted the girl up and dropped her cunt straight onto his cock. I went behind her and started to play with her tits.

Her nipples were small, but her breasts were budding.

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Yet I could still get a hand over each of them. I pinched her nipples hard between my fingers until she yelped. That got me wet again. Max was bouncing her up and down on his erection and had his cock all the way to the hilt.

I moved back and let Max push her back on the bed with legs wrapped around his shoulders so he could get a deeper penetration. I sat down on her face, brutally grinding my cunt on her face so that she could hardly breathe. She had no option but to get her tongue into my pussy. While I was enjoying her tonguing I could watch Max pound her pussy time after time.

My hands still around her nipples pinching her areolas between my fingers hard. The look on his face as he was approaching his climax made me grind my cunt harder into her face, sending me to my second multiorgasm just as he spurted inside her. I was sated and exhausted and I could see that Max was sweating from all the fucking he had done to this girl. Max and I left the girl, on the bed curled up whilst we went to shower together. "Max that was one of the loveliest girls you have found!" I whispered to him in the shower." I can tell you enjoyed raping her, didn't you?

I hope we will have as much pleasure in Cambodia as here. It's a pity that Svay Pak has been closed." I was referring to the child brothels 11 kms from the capital where for $5 you can have a girl or a boy for anything you like with them "You'll see. I have a place even better lined up for us. What'll we do with the chick?" Max asked. "Keep her till the morning. Then we can have another session with her!" I replied We sandwiched her in bed.

I had her front against my front and max was pressing his cock against her arsehole. I fell asleep within a few minutes and woke relaxed and fresh late in the morning with a tongue pushed up into my pussy. "What a nice way to wake up to!" I thought, enjoying the tonguing from the girl I was receiving.

Max had disappeared- he had probably fucked her earlier and was going for a walk. I let her tongue my pussy for 30 minutes holding her head and roughly forced her tongue deeper into my hot wet hole so until I had another series of mini orgasms.

I saw Max had set up his camera and was glad that our night's entertainment had been filmed. I knew was going to have a lot of pleasure watching it in the privacy of my own home. Max returned. He said we should let the girl go and I agreed. I had begun to tire of her. Like Max I too enjoyed variety.

When she had gone, we went down to breakfast in the hotel restaurant. It never ceases to amaze me that there were so many older men with young Thai girls with them. Max, I could see was eying a lovely girl in short skirt about 17 years old. I put my hand on his crotch and unzipped his fly, extracting his cock which was hard again, asking him what he was dreaming about. He told me. After breakfast we went back to our room. Max climbed into the bath wearing my panties that had been up my pussy and inside the girl's hole.

I stripped down to my panties and straddled his face and pissed through the gusset into his mouth and over his pantied cock, flooding the material. I bent over and let him look up at my pantied arse so that he could see me shit into my panties, the white nylon stretching as the shit came out of my hole into the flimsy material. I peeled the shitty panties off and placed them over his face so that he could both lick the contents and smell the aroma of my waste products.

I reached down and grabbed his cock through the panties and stroked his erection up and down. I went over to the fridge and took a coke bottle out and gave it to him.

He took the base of it and shoved the top of it into my shitty arse until almost all of it had disappeared inside me and raped me with it before taking the top off and pouring the whole bottle into my hole. He had a butt plug and shoved it in there. He left it there for a few minutes before pulling it out and letting a mixture of coke and shit spray over his cock.

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Then he sodomized me for about an hour until I could barely walk, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. His lovely cum deposited in there. The next day we flew to Cambodia and were met by a 12 yo boy at the airport who took us to a guest house in the outer suburbs.

The guest house was a haven for pedophiles.There were about 20 men there- all there for the same reason- to fuck under age girls and boys. The boy was quite sexy and Max and I decided to have a quickie with him. While I bent him down and sucked his small cock, Max fucked his arsehole. Then Max and I swapped places and sucked the cum out of the boys arse while Max fucked the boy's mouth. He left and we went to the pool outside. Just about all the men were naked and I noticed 2 women up there too in their late 40's Young boys and girls were moving around offering to massage sunscreen into their bodies.

The girls were Vietnamese and they were proficient in all sexual activities whereas the Cambodians were not. Their mothers had sold them to the Mamasan at the guesthouse. Some of the girls were naked, some had short dresses. The guy sitting on my left side had his hand under a girl's skirt and was fondling her pussy. I put my hand with his and together we felt her up. The man smiled at me as we both wrestled to get our fingers into her cunt.

"She's nice and tight and only 8 years old. Let's see if we can get both our fingers up inside her perverted young cunt!" I whispered to him. Max at his attention on a 7 year old boy and was playing with his cock. "I'm Jean from Belgium. This is one of the best places in the world." Our fingers went together and he had taken my finger and was shoving it deep inside her cunt. I had no control over my hand: John had taken control of it and was thrusting it up her. "Feel how wet her cunt is. Would you like to share her cunt with me?

He asked "I'd love to!" I said. He took my hand and and licked the juice off my finger and led me down to his room. Max was enthralled with the young boy so I left him to it. "Last time I came to Cambodia Max and I had lots of fun with the kids from Svay Pak.".

"Too dangerous now!" He said. I nodded. Once in his room he ripped off the girl's dress and shoved her face up on the bed and quickly cuffed her wrists and ankles to the 4 corners of the bed. From his case he took out a baseball bat and slid the side along her pussy lips, trying to slide the bat inside her, but her tight cunt could in no way accommodate it. I took it from him and reversed it, slipped the handle into my cunt which was always wet.

I got most of it in and invited him to fuck me with it for a few minutes until the handle had enough of my juice to lubricate the handle. After a few minutes I removed it from my cunt and slowly slid it into her pussy. Jean was masturbating while I was fucking her with the baseball bat. I handed the bat to him so he could rape her with it.

"My aren't you the kinky one!" He exclaimed. I nodded "Juice her up for me, Honey! Make her pussy dripping wet for me!" He didn't need a second bidding and roughly shoved as much as it in her as a cock substitutes. Men sometimes are surprised and what a cunt can accommodate and this one could take over a half of the handle. Whilst he was working her pussy over, I went to the other side of the bed and shoved 3 fingers into her arsehole and fingered her hole in and out.

Jean had had enough of the cock substitute and removed my fingers from her anus and shoved his cock into her hole and fucked her roughly, hard and fast. I shoved a couple of fingers into his hole, massaging his prostate until he had shot his load into her hole. "Did you enjoy that?" I asked.

He nodded. I went down on her wet cunt and put my tongue inside of her so I could taste her lovely love juices. Jean lay beside me watching a hot lesbian scene being played out in front of his eyes for about 10 minutes until the girl had orgasmed, squirting her young juice over the sheets of the bed in a puddle.

"Do you like fucking boys?" I asked. He nodded." I would like to watch you and my friend, Max, fuck each other and then you can do what you want with me." He agreed. Max had his cell phone with him so I called him, asking him to bring a young boy and girl with him and meet in my room, we went to my room and we waited only a few minutes fro Max to arrive with a gorgeous young girl in short dress and a young boy wearing tight underwear.

I introduced Jean to Max and told Max I wanted to watch the 2 of them fuck. To get them in the mood I got the 2 young chicks to do a hot lesbian scene for them by putting them in a 69 position so they were both sucking each others cunts.

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While they were watching I put my hand inside the boy's underwear and fondled his young cock until I felt him harden. Then I lowered his underwear and knelt in front of him and started fellating him.

At the same time I could see the young girls heavily licking each other out and sliding fingers into each of their holes. The guys were masturbating themselves, ordering the girls to do things that they had had deep fantasies over such as fisting each other, and peeing into each others mouths.

The boy had cum in my mouth and I judged the time was right for the 2 of them to fuck each other. I got Max to bend over the bed and got one of the girls to sit legs splayed on either side of his face so he could lick the girl's cunt while Jean stood behind him. I prepared Max's arse with some wet stuff to lubricate it and Jean started pushing his cock inside Max's hole. I grabbed the other girl and settled her kneeling on the floor so that she could tongue my pussy out.

I grabbed her head between my hands and pressed her mouth tight against my throbbing, wet cunt as I watched Jean sodomize Max. We were all as sexually excited as each other. Jean ploughed Max's arse time and time again. The sight of the 2 of them together aroused me more and more as I am sure Max was licking on the girl's juicy wet, tight hole and Jean could see me being face fucked.

After 15 minutes or so Jean announced that he was about to cum and thrust even faster until he shot his load into Max's hole. We all were exhausted and collapsed. Jean was walking around and was pawing my underwear and said that I had promised that he could do what he wanted with me. I smiled and nodded. He threw me a pair of wet panties, my denim skirt and a tight t shirt and asked me to put them on.


From my case he picked out some pantyhose, bra and a pair of thongs and put them on. He looked quite sexy in my clothing. I put the items on that he selected. He pushed me against the wall and made me spread my legs. He was behind me. His hands went down my neck, over my t shirt as he squeezed his hands on my breasts hard, rubbing my nipples until they had become erect. His hands moved down my body and went under my short skirt to the gusset of my panties.

His finger slid along my cunt lips as he pressed his hard cock against the crack of my arse. I could feel his hardness and was enjoying his molestation of my hot wet horny body. He was rubbing himself against me as his hands slid inside the panties, fingers entering my pussy. "Oh yes Jean! Make me wet! Make my pussy squirt all my cunt juices into my panties"! I reached back and grabbed his cock. He was so hard I could not wrap my whole hand around it. He was so fucking excited that the next I knew he ripped my panties off and thrust his manhood against my anal opening and pissed over my buttocks and managed to get some of his piss into my hole, fingering me with it.

Max was there and he joined in, bending me forward and pushed his cock against my face and pissed all over it.

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When they had emptied their bladders they rubbed themselves against me and shot their loads over my face and my mouth. "I don't know which of you 2 perverts is the sickest!" I smiled at them, taking off my skirt and throwing my discarded panties at Jean as I hopped into the shower to clean all the piss and cum off of me.

When I got out of the shower the guys had gone. I slipped on a pair of panties as I realized I was constantly wet and the panties prevented my juice from leaking down my legs. That night I dressed in the items I wore earlier today and max wore some shorts.

We went down for dinner. After dinner we went into the entertainment area with the other men and women to watch an erotic show on a raised dais. Where the mamasan had a 12 yo girl tied face up on the floor, legs spread, her slit facing side on to the audience. In the Mamasan's hand she had a golf club and a ball lined up about 10 meters away from the young girl's cunt.

She swung the club and hit the golf ball lightly. The ball moved and hit the centre of the girl's pussy. She went over to the ball and picked it up and rammed it into her pussy so that it disappeared inside her. She placed another ball and handed the club to a guy who was beside her. He swung the club and hit it a lot harder. I could only imagine the pain she was feeling between her thighs and that thought made my pussy squirt into my panties.


He handed the club to another man and he swung the club. He did not miss and hit the 3rd ball against the second and both balls slammed against her labia. The girl started to scream. The mamasan picked up both balls and slipped them inside her cunt.

I could see all the guys touching themselves and the Mamasan invited the guys to surround her on the stage. They formed a circle around her and pulled their cocks out from their clothes and began masturbating themselves for several minutes until one after another ejaculated over the girl's naked body, covering her with cum. When they had all came, her body glistened with a filmy white sheen. One of the older women whom I saw beside the pool approached the girl and began licking the cum off her body for several minutes before speaking to the Mamasan who untied the girl.

The woman and she walked off the stage with a loud applause from the audience. Next, the Mamasan brought out a 10 year old boy and tied him over a frame in the middle of the room on the dais. She strapped on a dildo about 4" long and lubricated it before forcing it up the young boy's tight arse until most of it had disappeared.

She withdrew it and rammed it home several more times before unstrapping it leaving in the boy's arse. She asked for volunteers to continue the raping and I put my hand up. She invited me on the stage.

I strapped it back on and rammed it as far as I could into him. One of the guys from the audience knelt in front t of the boy and took his cock into his mouth and sucked him off. For a few minutes I dildo raped him as the man fellated the boy and as soon s the boy had cum., I unstrapped myself from the dildo.

Immediately, another guy took my place. The dildo was hollow so he could put his cock inside the dildo and ram it in the boy's arse. I left the area and decided to wander around and see if I could find a young girl to abuse as my pussy was absolutely saturated.

It did not take me long to find the woman who had taken the girl from the stage as she had left the door of her room open. They were both on the bed with another woman and a couple of guys watching from the doorway, stroking themselves. When they saw me they made room for me.

One of the women got up off the bed and beckoned me in, shushing the guys away, closing the door behind them. 'I've heard about you, Jill. Jean told me how kinky you are. My name is Anne and my friend here is Michelle I leant over the pre teen and kissed her softly on the lips and she kissed me back. Her little tongue making fast laps around my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed hotly for a long while. Her hands started to explore my body. And mine did as well.

I slid my hand between her thighs, sliding my fingers inside her cunt. She let out a little moan as my fingers run over her bare pussy and clit. I began kissing down her body. It was not long before I was licking her pussy.

The juices running over my face. We switched positions to a 69 one and she started licking me out. I looked up from what she was doing The girl's movements became very jerky and uncontrolled as her cries got louder.

I continued licking the child out and my tongue pressed into the small swelling that would someday be a fully formed clit. Even in its immature state however, it could still do what it was designed for, and the preteen writhed and shuddered as she climaxed. Now it was Anne's turn. As Anne moved her head back, the child flopped back onto the bed and curled into a ball as her body continued to convulse. She lay there with eyes closed and there were a few more short jerks before she slowly recovered and stretched back out again.

She grinned up at Anne, who was still kneeling beside her and she didn't understand her when the woman said, "You're not finished yet baby. that was just so I could taste your cunt!" The girl's legs were closed as Anne pushed the palm of her hand between the child's thighs and they automatically opened again with her knees wide apart.

The preteen had always associated fucking with pain, but she loved the way Anne had brought her off with her mouth. If the woman wanted to do her again, the girl was very happy to let her. The two fingers were sliding in and out of her cunt, but now Anne curled them to press into the roof of the child's fuck tube and jerked them Up and down with so much force that she was lifting her ass on and off the rug.

The little girl cried out loudly, but not because she was in pain. The woman's fingers were producing the most amazing feelings that the child had ever experienced and within a few seconds she began to buck wildly, cumming so hard that her entire body shuddered and convulsed uncontrollably.

The child had neither the experience nor the words to describe the sensations that flooded every sense she had. The waves of ecstasy were Intense and she felt like she was flying in the air and that there was a beautiful numbness that was spreading through her body.

Michelle took over and continued to finger the preteen furiously, she could actually feel the waves of pleasure flow through her flesh. Every new wave built on the previous one and her climax intensified to such a level that she was no longer aware of her surroundings. She didn't know that she was screaming and that her body was jerking like it was being electrified. She didn't know that in the middle of her orgasm, her bladder muscles went into spasm and powerful jets of her piss were squirted out of her cunt and arced high Into the air before falling in to my waiting mouth.

Eventually, it all became too much for the little girl and the sensory overload forced her brain to shut down and she slipped into blissful unconsciousness, but she was still twitching and shuddering as Michelle pulled her fingers out of her body. I stood in front of the girl. Turning around so that her back was towards the woman, the young girl bent over at the waist and I used my hands to pull her ass cheeks open.

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I gazed with delight at the pink little asshole that seemed to wink at me enticingly and I couldn't resist stretching out my hand. I did not believe that the slime dripping out of the girl's cunt was all natural. I thought that the Mamasan must have used something to grease up her girl hole and when my fingers made contact with the preteen's open slit, I scooped up some of the juice.

Bringing my fingers to her nose, the smell was pure cunt and when I sucked the juice into her mouth, I was stunned to find that it was the girl's natural secretions she tasted. Anne glanced at Michelle who had an, "I told you so," look on her face and she couldn't help the grin that spread over her face.

Dipping my finger back into the young girl's cunt, I then spread a little juice over her tight asshole and gradually increased the pressure.

Both Michelle and Anne leaned closer to watch me and I gradually wormed my finger into the child's shit hole. "Fuck is, she tight!" I said in surprise. "I guess she uses her cunt more than her asshole." Her holes were now so loose that we took it in turns to fist both holes. I got the whole hand inside and decided to have a competition to see who could fist her up to the elbow. Each of us slid a hand into her arse and cunt.

She was so fucking wet with all her slime juice oozing out of her cunt that we smeared the juice onto the hand we were going to fist her arse with to help deeper penetration of her arsehole. After the 3 of us had finished fisting the preteen's 2 wet, hot, dirty holes we took it in turns to lick each others fingers and hand clean. Anne was squirting her juices over the sheet on the bed.

I had grabbed the girl and placed her mouth over Marie's cunt ordering her to get her tongue in as deep as she could and make Marie squirt as much pussy juice as we were able to. I forced her head tight against her cunt, but at the end she could not compete with us. So Anne and I straddled Marie's mouth and let our juices run into her mouth. Marie avidly lapped all our lovely juices up. I left the 3 of them to it and went back to my room. The door was open and there were about 7 men including Max and Jean surrounding a 7 year old girl, tied kneeling on the floor her top part of her body stretched across the bed being fucked front and back.

Cum was dripping out of all 3 holes. I watched them for a few minutes taking their perverted pleasure with her. I licked the juice and cum out of her 3 holes. Some of the guys were limp so I guessed they had their fill off her and stood watching. Max suggested to them to ":thigh" her. A term I had not heard before. They untied the girl and retied her on the bed with her legs shut tightly.

One of the guys climbed on top of her and slid his cock between the closed legs. In this position he could fondle her tits, molest her sexy, tight young body and kiss her.

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At the same time he could slide his limp cock between her thighs, simulating a fucking. He slid up and down a few times and soon came. 3 more of them repeated this and after they had had ejaculated they all left me, Max and the girl who was covered in creamy cum. We had a thoroughly enjoyable week fucking boys and girls between 4 and 12.

Max had a thing for the girls in school uniforms and I must confess the sight of these hot pre teens in short school uniforms is another fetish I have added to my list. We definitely will return next year if not sooner. Max had taken lots of videos and he will send them to me when I return home