Gay boypatron twink porn story Undietwinks faves Ayden Kayden and

Gay boypatron twink porn story Undietwinks faves Ayden  Kayden and
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Have you ever had one of those experiences that both appeals and excites at the same time? Well, I did. I'll never forget late last summer when I decided to take a nice, long mid-day nap after having worked several hours on my vegetable garden.


I remembered the day was a very hot and humid, and my body was as sweaty and fatigued as it had been in a long time. As a 31 year old divorceee with no children, I live alone in my house, unless you count my cat, Mantissa, and our newest "family" member, Barney, who is my year-old Golden Retriever.

(My husband hated those pets and the feeling was mutual!) Uncomfortably hot and barely able to hold my body upright, I decided to remove all my filthy clothes, slip on a cotton sun dress and lay on my thick-carpeted floor since it was a tad cooler down there.

I typically sleep in the nude, but with my body still drenched in sticky sweat, the last thing I wanted at that moment was to have floor filth stick to me.

Ah yes, wearing only a comfy sun dress would give me enough freedom I needed to sleep soundly, yet it would keep my body from serving as a magnet for fur, crumbs and whatever else my carpet had attracted since I last vacuumed.

It didn't take long for me to fall deeply into sleep; pure exhaustion from working in the heat and humidity will do that to a person. In fact, the last thing I remembered before my eyelids closed was seeing Barney kneeling by my side and studying my face in the funny, curious way that dogs often do. I slept soundly for the next hour or so until, in my half-asleep, half-awake state, I felt something unusual between my legs that had clumsily sprawled out during my slumber.

With eyes half open, I tiredly lifted my head and saw that my dress was around my upper thighs and noticed rather numbly that Barney was licking furiously my genital region with his wide and extremely warm & wet tongue.

Reflexively, I closed my legs and brought my knees to my chest but as persistent as a puppy can get, Barney burrowed his cold nose in my cunt trying very hard to lick the remaining salt that had settled within the folds of my vulva, my inner thighs, and my pubic hair.

Slurp, smack, slurp, slurp. This dog was relentless to get whatever prize he desired and, frankly, I was quite disgusted with what my own dog was doing to me. What nerve he had in taking liberty of a "meal" he had evidently found on and around my pussy without consulting me first! But I didn't stop him. Whatever need he had to have met, a need of a very different sort had to be met for me as well.

The sexual stirring Barney had already created in my body had reached the point of no return. My clit had already stood erect outside its hood and my pussy juices had begun flowing.

My entire body was hot with desire! So, with no one around to witness this sickning travesty, I decided not to disappoint my loyal and loving pet (my God, my ex-husband, David, would crucify me if he knew what I was allowing Barney to do to my cunt. However, I had to hold back a chuckle when I soon realized that Barney was getting more of my pussy in these few minutes than I allowed David during the last year of our marriage!).

Let me lick your tight hole

Lying flat on my back, I grabbed my ankles with both hands and spread them out as wide as I can get them so that Barney could have full access to my salt-drenched body. He continued to lap me up with long, broad strokes of his soft tongue; the lips of my pussy being stretched and tugged at each stroke.

My body continued to tremble with pleasure. Slurp, slurp. Instinctively, I began pinching my nipples. The more he licked, the more my pussy oozed with its milky fluid, which made Barney lick even more furiously. What a marvelous chain of pleasure we had created between ourselves. He coudn't get enough of me and neither could I. Ohhhhh. I was ready to cum at any moment, but I held back as best I could.

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I wasn't done experiencing that wonderful tongue from this equally wonderful creature. Having spent several more minutes licking clumsily the folds and clit of my cunt, I wondered what sensation I would experience by feeling Barney's dripping tongue swirling around my asshole.

So as not to startle him, I gradually turned over to my stomach and with head down on the carpet I began to lift my ass high in the air and spread my knees as wide as I can make them go. Barney would be allowed to have any inch of my body he wanted.

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Immediately I could feel the cold, awkward wetness of Barney's nose as he sniffed deeply into my asshole; my nipples hardened and my toes curled with excitement and anticipation. "How could I be doing this?

This is crazy and so fucking desperate!," I muttered to myself. "God, I NEED a boyfriend!" Still, I continued to allow Barney to enjoy that tender part of my body that I've kept protected and private for much of my married life with David. Just then, I felt Barney's tongue lap up juices that had streamed from my cunt down to my dark brown pubic curls.

From my dark fur, he licked straight up to my asshold in one giant, exquisite motion.

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Once my asshole was savored, Barney didn't seem particularly interested in going elsewhere. He focused on my asshole almost exclusively. I don't know, perhaps he was interested in the musty, oaky scent; maybe salty sweat had settled there that had been previously unlicked; probably a combination thereof.

Whatever the reason, he licked even more passionately than before. I was in ecstacy! Absolute horrific ecstacy! Ooooooo.

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I felt my body reaching the brink of a tremendous orgasm. I couldn't wait any longer; the pent-up excitement within my sex could not have reached any higher.


With my ass still high up in the air, I stuck two fingers from one hand deeply into my cunt and finger-fucked it with fervor, while pinching roughly the left nipple with my fingers on the other hand. All the while, Barney was lapping up my asshole like it had just been basted with turkey gravy, which, until now, was his favorite treat. All my orifices opened with desire. Smack, slurp, slurp, smack.

"Oh God. How fucking nasty is this?!," I thought. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! My body convulsed with several consecutive climaxes that lasted several minutes.

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With my body laid out exhausted on the carpet, Barney came to my face and licked it happily. And all I could mutter feebly was, "Atta boy, Barney. atta boy."

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