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It was a disaster! I couldn't believe something like this could happen! This was the Senior Prom, the last dance before graduation, the biggest and best of all the school proms and three days before my boyfriend had to fly to Memphis because his grandmother died. I felt bad for him but it was still a disaster, we wouldn't be able to attend the prom. I was devastated. I lay on my bed and sobbed tears of sorrow as I looked at the ball gown hanging on my closet door.

I don't know if I cried for him, his grandmother or myself. Maybe all three. I'd been dating Steve for 8 months, almost the entire last year of school and we were both looking forward to the Prom. It was the night we were going to consummate our relationship. I'd fended off his advances for months but I promised him in a moment of heated petting on my 18th birthday that I'd come across for him after the prom.

I mean, after all, isn't that the custom? Actually, I was looking forward to sleeping with him. Betsy, my best friend and I were going to a hotel with our boyfriends after the dance.

They already had the rooms reserved and were crooning to us how good the night was going to be. Of course my parents didn't know. Dad had demanded an itinerary from Steve because we had asked him if I could stay out late. Steve, Betsy, her beau and I worked up a reasonable list of activities that covered us until 8 am.

Nothing on the list said anything about a hotel room at midnight. Dad was satisfied and reserved the right to call me at any moment, I had to agree to keep him from hounding me.

Later mom told me in a conspirator tone that she would make sure dad didn't call and ruin my evening. After all, I was 18. But now that was all wrecked! Steve was a thousand miles away attending a funeral and my dress was hanging limply from the hanger. I cried myself to sleep. The next morning we gathered in the kitchen, mom was torn with anguish at my predicament. Dad was more nonchalant and wondered out loud if we could get a refund on the dress.

I was aghast at the thought of returning the dress new and unsoiled. I started to cry again. Then my dad hit me with an alternative plan. "Why don't you ask Chuck to take you to the prom?" I didn't hear him right. "Who?" "Chuck, you know, Charles." "Charles!? I can't ask him to take me to the prom. How would that look to Steve and Betsy and everybody else?

God dad, get a clue! I can't date my cousin." Chuck is my cousin on my mother's side, his father is my uncle. He's three years older than me and attends a local university. Even though we grew up together in a close extended family, none of my friends knew him. "It wouldn't be a date sweetheart," my dad said, "you'd have to think of it as a favor." "Nobody knows him dad, how would I explain showing up at the dance with a strange guy on my arm when Steve is in mourning." "Sorry girl, I was just offering an alternative to returning the dress." Mom shrugged her shoulders at me, patted dad on the arm and flipped a pancake.

Two hours later Betsy called me and fucked up the rest of my life; my world as I knew it changed with her shocking revelation. "Guess what I saw! I can't believe it!" she gushed as soon as I answered her ringtone. She didn't give me a chance to guess, "I saw Steve in the Southside mall. He isn't in MEMPHIS! He's here and he was with LouAnn Myser." I was having trouble with my ears, first dad and now Betsy "What?

What are you talking about?" "Misery, dammit, he was holding hands with that bitch Myser. Remember her?

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We call her Misery because she's such a slut. She caused more than one girl a lot of misery by stealing their boyfriends. Well now it looks like your turn." I was slow on the uptake. "She dropped out of school last year, why would Steve be with her?" "Maybe because she's screwing his nuts off?

Come on, he's 18 and you haven't exactly been a sperm bank for him." Betsy had to be wrong "Steve is in Memphis. His grandma died." "Well maybe it was a fast funeral, cause he's back and LouAnn was glommed to him like she owned him. You better call his mom." With that bit of advice Betsy hung up.

My stomach felt like I had swallowed burning coal as I punched in Quickdial 4, Steve's home. The phone rang three times before Steve's mother answered. She recognized my number, "Hi Diane, what can I do for you?" I was stunned. It was supposed to be her mother who died, at least that's what Steve told me. I was grasping for anything to say but my mind was blank. "Diane? Are you there, are you okay?" "I'm sorry, I don't know how to say this but I heard your mother passed away. I'm so sorry." "My mom?

God, I hope not, I was just talking to her yesterday. Where did you hear this?" "It doesn't matter if she's okay. She didn't die two days ago?" "No sweetie, she's doing fine but now you got me worked up, I'm going to call her again." I was fighting the dread building in my heart, "Can I talk to Steve?" She paused, "Steve?

Why - I thought he was with you." "I haven't seen him today; I was hoping he was home." "Well, sorry dear but he's out. Have a good day; I'm going to call my mother now." I dropped the phone to the floor and bolted for my bed where I spent the next hour wreathed in sorrow and self pity.

I knew I had to confront Steve but I didn't want too. There had to be a reasonable explanation for him lying to me, ditching me three days before the prom and hanging out with the easiest cum sucker in the city. For the second time in 24 hours, I cried myself to sleep. Betsy woke me up. "Diane? Hey girl, wake up. How do you feel?" I opened one eye to see her sitting on the bed next to me, concern and worry plastered all over her face.

"I feel fucking great!" I snarled, "Can't you tell? I just got fucked without a dick and I liked it!" Betsy stood up "Hey, don't take this out on me, I didn't cheat on you." I rolled over, "I know, I'm sorry but I feel really used and shitty right now." "You should. What did you find out about Steve?" "He lied to me.

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He dumped me for that stinking bitch," I looked at Betsy, "and if he didn't, he'll wish he did." "What are you going to do?" I hadn't thought about that but her question triggered a fledgling plan of action.

"I'm going to get a date for the Prom" I snapped at her. She looked at me surprised "Who?" "I have someone in mind, he's a friend, you don't know him but you'll like him." "Is he cute?" Good ole, Betsy, always thinking practically. "Not cute, he's too old to be cute. He's handsome." "Tell me about him!" she demanded. "No, you gotta go; I've got things to do." After Betsy left I went to find my mother.

I told her what had happened, that Steve had lied and cheated and that I was going to dump him then I told her I still wanted to go to the Prom, "Should I ask Chuck?" "I think it's a good idea. It's short notice but if he hasn't anything to do I'm sure he'll go with you. You want me to call him?" "No, I know how to ask a guy on a date." Whether or not Chuck could be my Prom date I had to face down that lying, cheating little bastard who would never touch me again.

I called his cell and when he answered I asked him how things were going. He lied through his teeth telling my how sad everything was and how much he missed me. I promised to see him soon and hung up. Twenty minutes later I showed up at his house, his car was there so he was home. I didn't even bother to knock; I barged through the front door and straight to his room. When I slammed the door open he jumped, startled out of his chair. I banged the door shut and slapped him twice as hard as I could, right, left.

"You weaselly fucker! You lied to me! You cheated on me!" My blows knocked him backwards to the bed where he sat heavily looking at me stunned, his cheeks were bright red with the imprint of my open hands. I was almost done with him but I wanted two things.

"Give me my pictures back you asshole, and the information for the room. I'm taking it." It flashed though my mind that if he had the hotel room he would take that slimy bitch up there and for some reason I'd didn't want to think about that too. We had reserved that room for us and it would have been special, I didn't want that specialty ruined by her. I felt elated when I drove away from Steve's house. I had faced him down and thrown him out of my life.

I didn't cry on the drive home; I had dumped the two-timing ass, I was in charge and I felt good. I had the pictures. I had the hotel.

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I had the power. "Chuck? It's Diane." My heart was pounding hard and I felt faint, for some reason I was nervous, afraid to talk to someone I had known my entire life.

After he answered I jumped into my story of betrayal and deceit. He listened quietly as I related the whole sad affair. When I paused he asked "Is there anything I can do? You want me to smack him down for you?" At 6'1 and 190 pounds I had no doubt that Chuck could beat Steve solidly but that wasn't going to be necessary.

"No, there's something else. I don't want to miss my last school dance because I don't have someone to go with." Not only is Chuck big and handsome, he's intelligent "Diane, are you asking me on a date?" I could hear a humorous lilt in the question.

My heart rose into my throat "I didn't say date. It wouldn't actually be a date. I was just hoping maybe ……… Well," I stuttered, "I don't want to miss it and I really don't want to go alone." I don't know why I was so fucking terrified. "When?" I told him in two days, he replied, "Let me call you back." Three minutes later my phone chirped. I looked at the picture of my cousin on the screen but hesitated to answer.

I was shaking when I keyed the phone "Hi." Chuck launched into a normal conversation with me. He chatted with me as if he hadn't heard from me in days. Finally he got to the point. "Diane," he paused, "I was wondering if you would go to the Senior Prom with me?

I know its short notice but I'd really like to take you if you can go." It was like a punch in the stomach, the question took my breath away. For over a minute he was acting out, laying the groundwork to ask me on a date! Not only was he agreeing to go with me, he took the initiative from me and asked me out.

I was thrilled, he wasn't talking to me as a cousin, he sounded like he would have been disappointed if I said no. My heart started pounding as if Ben Affleck was on the phone. I squealed with delight and finished the conversation with the minutiae of when and where. After I hung up I thought that this could be more fun than a night with Steve. Nobody knew my cousin, he would be a mystery.

Even Betsy would be pestering the crap out of me all night, wanting to know who he was and the 'details'. I was floating when I went to find my mother, I was elated. Two nights later I was sitting in the front room, panicky as hell. I'd spent hours getting my hair done; I bathed, oiled, powdered then put on my dress and make up. Dad was effusive with praise and compliments, mom looked pleased; but I was still terrified.

Normally Chuck just wandered in as if he were home but this time he rang the bell. Dad opened the door and greeted him with a handshake. Chuck stepped into the room and I stopped breathing, I couldn't; I can't remember if I had ever seen him in anything but grungy t-shirts and levis and I didn't know what to expect but what hit my eyes stunned me. God he was good looking! He wore a tailor made dark charcoal suit, with medium lavender dress shirt and white silk tie.

The jacket fitted his broad shoulders and tapered smoothly down his body. The slacks were creased sharply, loose enough to be comfortable but tight enough to cling to his narrow waist and show off the firm roundness of his butt. A small white rose adorned his lapel. He had asked me what color my dress was but I didn't think about why until I saw him. The shirt and tie combination closely matched my dress, lavender with white accessories.

I couldn't even begin to believe how thoughtful my cousin was being. He was carrying a corsage and a bouquet of flowers. He gave the flowers to my mother and pinned the corsage on my dress strap, just above my left breast.

I was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane when he put his hands on me.

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For the first time in my life, I saw my cousin as a man and it caused a cauldron of mixed emotions and feelings to boil through my chest and stomach. The most surprising of all was the unbidden thrill of lust I felt in my womb. I almost swooned when he looked into my eyes and said "Christ Diane, you clean up really well." My entire outlook on the evening changed in an instant.

Up to this point I'd been quietly apprehensive about the night, but as I stood beside my cousin and looked into dad's camera, I knew this going to be a once in a lifetime affair. As we were leaving dad asked when I'd be home. "I don't know, maybe early, but I think Betsy and Rob still want me to go with them after the dance. Can I call you?" He assented then went back into the house.

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We talked about mundane things on the drive, his classes, my school. He asked me about after the prom and I told him that I had planned on a late dinner with my friends and maybe some goofing off after that. I didn't mention the hotel or that I had planned on giving my virginity away that night.

On the walk from the car to the building, Chuck said "I'm not in a hurry to get home tonight; we can goof off with your friends if you want." His voice was as soothing and luxurious as the music coming from the open doors of the building ahead of us. Another shiver of suspense weakened my knees. Betsy was waiting. She dashed across the room as soon as she spotted us.

After a hug she stepped back and looked up at Chuck. "Who in the hell is this Diane?" She turned to me, "Damn he's pretty" Betsy isn't known to be subtle. He took her hand and held it lightly as he introduced himself. We don't have the same last name so I was sure she wouldn't catch on. I could see the bitch melting as he talked, telling her that he had heard about her several times from me, complimenting her on her gown and appearance.

I didn't realize how smooth he could be and as I watched him talk to her I felt a sharp stab of jealously, another surprise in a night that would be filled with them. I finally wrested her away from him and we followed her back to our table. The rest of the night was a blur of punch, laughter and dancing. I caught many sidelong glances from others who knew me; I saw a few whispered comments.

Having a total stranger on my arm started a lot of rumors. It was fun. I'd danced with Chuck a few times before around the house when our families got together but I'd never been taken into his arms and guided around the floor to a slow beat.

The first time he held me, hand on my lower back, he kept a respectful distance between our bodies. I wasn't very experienced on the dance floor but he led me with ease as we talked quietly. "How am I doing?" "This is going better than I thought. Thank you. Nobody knows you are my cousin, if they found out I'd die right here." He flashed a big smile, his deep hazel eyes dazzling, "You mean you would die right here in my arms?" I looked into the smile and almost died right there in his arms.


The next three hours vanished in seconds. 'Last Dance' was called so we moved to the floor for my final whirl as a high school student. By now we were a lot more comfortable with each other and when he held his hands open I stepped in close while he wrapped me up in his long arms. My Cinderella evening was coming to an end and I was tired so I rested my head on his shoulder. He laid his cheek on my head and pulled me against him. My breasts were buried in his broad, strong chest, our legs brushing as we moved slowly in time to the music.

I was getting turned on. "Your hair smells good." He murmured. I lifted my head to look into his face when he added "You have a nice perfume. I'll be reminded of tonight the next few times I wear this jacket. It will be a memory worth having." I tilted up and kissed him on the cheek "Thanks again Chuck, I couldn't have had a better date with anyone." Then he did two things that I will remember vividly for the rest of my life.

He put his lips on mine and at the same time dropped his hands until my ass was cradled in them. My heart didn't know if it should stop dead or slam hard in my chest.

I felt a rush of adrenalin from my lips to my butt where his hands rested. In an instant he went from being a relative to the hottest date I had ever been with. Every fiber in my body wanted to return the kiss, hotly with passion, I felt a natural urge to pull him even tighter as it ran though my mind I wanted to feel his erection grow against my stomach.

That's what I wanted; what I did was reach back, pull his hands from my ass and break off the kiss. "What the hell was that?!" I whispered angrily. He looked down at me "I really wanted to do that, you're the prettiest and sexiest girl in this room tonight. I stopped thinking of you as my cousin the moment I saw you at the house and I figured now that I have to take you home, it was time make a pass." He smiled wryly "With me you get the whole dating experience.

Just consider it part of the package. You wanted a date for the prom; groping and necking are Prom night activities." "Well you surprised the hell out of me.

Let's go sit down." As he led me back to the table we wove between the closely clutched couples, I thought on something he said, something that peaked my interest "You think I'm sexy?" He stopped dead, spun me around and pulled me close to him again.

We hadn't gotten off the floor yet so we began to sway with the music. "Very, you look hot enough to cook anybody's eggs right now." The words weren't the most romantic I'd ever heard but the look in his eyes conveyed the message without a doubt.

I pulled his hands around my lower back and let him rest them on rise of my butt, put my lips on his then began to neck with him as we finished the dance. His lips were hot and soft, my skin was warming under his touch. We were moving slowly, stomach to stomach, thighs rubbing on thighs; by the time the music faded, I could feel his erection pressing through his slacks.


What the hell, it was part of Prom night activites, it felt right. Betsy was waiting when we got back; she made excuses to Rob and Chuck and dragged me by an arm to the restroom.

"Damn, you two looked hot out there. Are you going to take him to the hotel?" "He's a friend Betsy, an emergency date. I'm not gonna take him to bed." "That's not the story I just saw. Did he slip you the tongue?" "Forget it bitch, I'll be in my own bed after dinner." Betsy shot me a 'Yeah, whatever' look.

We had reservations for late dinner so Chuck followed Rob to the restaurant. He didn't say anything about our last few minutes in each others arms and I didn't tell him I was buzzing with endorphins and hormones. I could still feel the moisture behind the shield of my panties. He had made me hot and itchy and I was silently enjoying the lingering feelings.

Just before the Sorbet arrived, Betsy, my dearest friend Betsy, asked Chuck "Are you going to the hotel with us?" He looked at her, "What hotel?" I tried to kick her under the table but I couldn't reach her "We have rooms reserved. Rob and I are going after dinner, Diane was supposed to go with Steve but that didn't work out so well." Chuck swiveled his head toward me "You got us a room tonight? Isn't that a little impulsive?

I mean, this is our first date." The butter knife in front of me wasn't sharp enough to cut her throat so I threw her a look I hoped would kill. "We had a different night planned before you." I could see my cousin's entire attitude change from quiet and polite to teasing and mocking.

"Why didn't you warn me Diane, I would've worn my Superman underwear." Betsy almost choked with glee, I died the first hundred of a thousand deaths. "Betsy, you can do whatever you want but Chuck and I will be going home after dinner." She paused with a spoon of ice-cream before her mouth, "You'll be wasting the room, and maybe a night you'd never forget." "It's already been a night I'll never forget." As Rob was leading Betsy from the restaurant Chuck pulled me aside.

"We can follow them to the hotel. If your friend sees you going into the room, she'll think the worst and won't have anything to harass you about. If you don't go up there, she'll remind you for the rest of your life about how you wimped out on Prom Night." "We made the reservation online, it isn't paid for." "Don't worry about it, I brought plastic." "But if I go into that room with you, she'll want to know the details.

I'll have to lie until my teeth fall out." "So lie. Are you really ready to go home, it's only midnight?" "They have cable TV" I said carefully. "Okay, we'll put on some boring black and white movie and fall asleep in chairs. What time do you have to be home?" He pulled his tie off and opened the top two buttons of his shirt. That little gesture caused an earthquake in my thighs.

I was not ready to go home. The ride to the hotel was the most nerve-racking surreal few minutes I have ever experienced. I was supposed to give my virginity to Steve but he was out of the picture forever. I knew I couldn't have sex with Chuck because he was my cousin but I also knew he was more man than I had ever been with and my body was building a strong desire for him. Just the thought of having him near a bed for a few hours warmed me.

My nipples were rigid under the strapless bra, I had a million butterflies migrating from my stomach to my sex. I didn't know what was going to happen and that apprehension thrilled me to my very core. I kept wondering if giving him my womanhood was worth violating the ban on bedding relatives.

Assuming of course he even wanted my womanhood.


Chuck and Rob registered while Betsy and I waited near the elevator. Betsy was beaming, happy to be there with Rob and happy to see me going up with Chuck. My heart was crashing and I almost fell over when Chuck showed me the keycard for the room. "We're on the top floor, the view should be great." "Who gives a fuck about the view" muttered Rob. He handed me the keycard which I slipped into the slot. When the door opened he asked me if I wanted him to carry me over the threshold.

I reminded him that this wasn't our honeymoon and led the way into the room. All of a sudden the nervousness was gone. I felt normal and in control even as I looked at the king sized bed. I knew I could spend the night with Chuck here and not give in to the intimacy of the situation. He took his jacket off and tossed it on the end of the bed then pulled open the balcony doors.

I watched his broad back while he stood in the night and looked over the city. He gestured to me "Come here, look at the lights." I moved to his side and looked down on the spectacle of colors spread across the dark horizon. Chuck moved back until he was right behind me. I felt his hands go to my waist; he bent close to my ear and said "That's the second prettiest sight I've seen tonight." I stood at the edge of the balcony 18 floors above the twinkling city with his hands on my hips.

I was soaring on the wind; the only thing that kept me grounded was the pressure of his fingers on me. I turned in his arms; I liked the feeling of my dress slipping through his hands "Chuck, you're my cousin." He understood what I meant and nodded "You were fifteen the first time I saw you in a bikini, until that day you were always my little girl cousin hardly worth noticing; but when you took off your clothes and I saw you in that red two piece I got turned on hard for you.

I was eighteen but I remember the feeling of that day every time I see you anymore. Being with you tonight is something I've dreamed about many more times than once." Then he kissed me.

I would like to tell you that I was strong willed and turned him away, rejected him. I would like to tell you that I sat in a chair and watched black and white TV all night but I can't and I didn't. When he put his lips on mine every nerve in my body screamed for joy "YES!" I broke the kiss and turned back around. I was trembling with anticipation as I felt the zipper shiver down my back, my body was floating on air when he put his hands under the top of the dress and pushed it down so I could step out of it.

He laid it across a deck chair then I stood in the night air and watched as he pulled off his shirt and slacks. I was in bra, panties and sheer stockings, he in his boxers; under the shorts his excitement for me was obvious. He wrapped his strong arms around my body, pressed his erection against me and locked his mouth on mine. His tongue lanced through my lips where I tasted the sweet flavor of the kiss. He put his hands under the cheeks of my butt and lifted me easily off the floor then carried me into the room while our mouths mated.

Chuck set me down and began to pull off what was left of my clothes. He unclasped the bra and let it fall to the floor. He dropped to his knees which put his mouth level with my breasts and licked the nipple of the right side.

He began to suckle my breasts, I began to melt from the solar heat radiating inside me. As he mouthed my nipples eagerly, his fingers went into the band of my white silk lingerie and pulled them over my butt and down my thighs.

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I stepped out of my panties as he ran a hand up the inside of my leg from the ankle to the heated crack of my sex. I was far beyond turned on, I was far beyond any embarrassment or shame.

Never in two years of dating had I ever experienced the raging turmoil of lust, need and wild emotions I felt as he fondled the outer lips of my body.

I had only my sheer mid-thigh stockings left. Chuck stood to pull his shorts off and I moved to pull my hose down. He put a hand over mine, "No, leave them on." I looked at his nakedness. I'd seen three other erections in my life but looking at what Chuck had for me drove a diamond hard spike of desire directly to my quivering womb.

His hard-on stood long, thick and firm, angled up so I could see the single eye glistening with clear fluid. I'd handled hard cocks before but I hadn't screwed them. I'd jacked off two of my boyfriends to keep them happy but I kept my girl covered and away from them.

That was about to change. I reached for my cousin's solid, heavily veined shaft and admired the dark purple, heart shaped head. As I stroked him I could imagine how it would feel slipping into my body, I was wracked with impatience.

I looked up at him and smiled into his liquid hazel eyes and backed up to the bed. Chuck put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down then got up and over me. When I was twelve we were in a car wreck and I had some bad internal injuries. The surgical team patched part of me up by working through my vagina. I didn't have a maidenhead so that wasn't going to be a problem.

I wasn't about to tell him this would be my first time and he wouldn't know. As I lay on my back with Chuck poised between my legs it was important to me that he treat me like an experienced woman. I did not want him to be gentle or cautious because I was inexperienced. Chuck lowered his hips and put the head of his cock against the outer lips of my pussy and slid it up and down, mixing his lubrication with the wetness flowing from me.

He reached between us and held it still while I shifted my body. I felt him slide into the entrance between my thighs. Chuck pushed up on his arms, looked down at me and penetrated slowly until I felt his pelvis bumping mine.

In spite of what I was feeling, how much I wanted him; I was tense with anxiety and could feel the tightness around his cock. When he couldn't get any deeper into me he stopped moving. I reached up, put my hands around his neck and pulled him down for a much needed kiss. My nipples were erect and brushing the light cloud of his chest hair, another source of intense stimulation. Chuck pulled back from my body then plunged back into me.

He began to fuck me, slowly at first but with more urgency and passion as we got used to each other. I didn't know what I should be doing for him, if anything, so I just let nature and my cousin take over my body.

I don't have an internal clock so I don't know how long we had sex that first time.

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I just know I had never experienced anything so fantastic in my entire life. The longer he screwed me the looser and more animated I got.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter and warmer as he thrust in and out. I had my hands on his ass, I liked the feeling of how it clenched when he drove deep into me. All of a sudden his entire body froze in place. He looked at me and whispered "Diane?" then he nailed me to the bed with his hammering cock.

The intensity in his eyes, the unleashed excitement of his movements triggered a reflective reaction. I locked my arms around him as my body convulsed and bounded against his. I knew he was cuming, I could feel the shaft of his hard-on pulsing as he filled my womb with seed, I wanted everything, I held him tight and murmured to him, "I want it all Charles, don't ever stop." He lay beside me, I nested in his arms awed at the tumult of passion and emotions he had unleashed in me. We were resting, slowly recovering from the breath taking intensity of first sex.

Chuck kissed me softly "I never dared to hope you would do something like this with me." I felt a sly grin turn up the corners of my mouth "And I never would have but you took advantage of me in a weak moment." He looked momentarily startled then put a hand over a breast, "Yeah?" He stroked the nipple which stiffened in appreciation, "Are you still having a weak moment?" "Weak and vulnerable, I don't think I have the strength to even protest much less fight you off." He twisted to his side, slipped a hand between my legs and felt the source of my resurging excitement.

Like an experienced outdoorsman preparing a fire, Chuck began gathering lust from deep within me and bringing it to the pit of my womb. As he explored my skin with his mouth, his hands plied from me more hunger for him and added it to the growing mountain of need and desire.

I could do nothing except revel in the attention and sensations caused by my cousin. Every part of me was begging for his touch, with every touch, I begged for another. I was writhing on the bed, overheated, lost in a world of sensual chaos when he knelt between my legs and pulled off my stockings. He rolled each one down my leg then pulled them off my feet.

Once my legs were bare he licked the inside of them from ankle to thigh. The incredible feeling of his mouth on my inner thighs caused my legs to splay across the bed involuntarily and I dimly realized that he could give me an orgasm. I needed him inside me again. I reached for his hair and lifted his head from between my legs and pulled him up until he was over me.

I mashed my mouth against his while groping for my objective. I pumped his cock then pointed it at my opening, Chuck flexed his ass then took me to paradise again. His stomach was smacking mine, our bodies slapping together.

I heard a girl moaning with pleasure somewhere in the room, I was raking his back with my nails, my legs entwined with his as we fucked. Chuck rested his head next to mine, his rapid hot breath caressed my neck, adding more fuel to the mountain of need. I wasn't expecting what happened to me.

My legs began to cramp, the muscles hardening and twitching without will. The feeling of his balls slapping me started a reflex in my gut, I began to convulse under him. Chuck pushed up until only his erection connected us and looked into my eyes "I want you to love me Diane." With those words he ignited the fire that fed off the fuel of passion he had built up.

My lust exploded into a blaze so intense it burned me from inside out. The first wave of the orgasm grew from the flames and seared my entire body as I spasmed. I had no control, I had no power over myself. My rapture peaked then began to fade, my body relaxed slightly but Chuck wasn't done.

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He put his hands under my still quivering ass and drove harder and faster into the depths of my pussy. I watched his body bending and flexing as we coupled which started me on another trip of ecstasy. the sensual fire hadn't been put out, it flared again, brightly through my loins just as his balls gave up their burden. Chuck's climax collided with mine. I threw my legs around his waist and tried to pull him inside me completely.

I didn't want just his sperm, I wanted all of him in my womb. He was gasping, neck strained, eyes clamped shut as his cock shuddered and spewed into my craving body. I had no control as my climax reverberated through me in waves of exhilaration and pleasure.

Gradually my orgasm faded into a memory that would stay with me forever. We fell apart panting heavily. My pillow was damp with sweat, my cousin flushed red from the heat of love making. As I drifted softly on waves of sexual afterglow I started thinking about where I was and who I was with. This whole night started because of a desperate situation, I'd lost my date for the prom. But here I was in a room with my cousin, lying naked on a bed that we had tried to destroy in our need for each other.

He had just made me a woman, as proof I could feel his ejaculate seeping from between my legs, and I loved him for it. My only regret was that I would have to go home in a couple more hours. We didn't sleep at all that night, we talked about us, how we felt about what we had done and what would happen in the coming days. We had sex two more times. We tried to behave normally. For two years we dated others but every once in a while we would gravitate to each other.

We would end up in bed acting as if we were on our honeymoon for a few days then break it off because society frowns on our type of relationship. About a year ago we gave up pretending to ignore each other and started dating full time, our families quickly accepted the union. I eventually told Betsy that Chuck is my cousin; she was scandalized but delighted, then she asked me when she would be the bridesmaid.

Marry my cousin? I'm not sure I want to do that, for some reason it sounds a little perverted.