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Hot Shemale fucking ihr Mann condomless)
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Long, yes I know, you don't like long stories. But don't worry, you'll like it, just try it! Come on? Come on? Now let's get back to the story. The night had been dramatic for the Reed household, as the rag-tag family had learned that an insidious and elaborate plot had been working around them for the past few weeks. The four residents of the small two story house had decided to got to bed, and with the addition of Lynn to the family, the house was crowded.

For the time being, Lynn was going to share a bed with Will, not because of any biases against her sexual orientation, but simply because Will's bed was much larger than the bed that Brook slept in. As the two tucked under the covers, Will felt incredibly awkward. He had found himself continually taking glances at his new bunk mate, and was drawn to her attractive teenaged body.

Will turned off the lamp on his bedside table, and he and Lynn lay starring up at the ceiling. "Will?" "Yeah, Lynn?" "What do you think tomorrow will be like?" "What about tomorrow?" "Well, don't you and Pierce have to turn in Ms. Lewis tomorrow? I mean, I would feel kinda bad about turning her in now. She did apologize and told you guys about this reverend" "I kinda do.

But she wants to go to prison.

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She said it'll be the only safe place for her" "I understand" "What about you? Do you think people will give you a hard time?" "I hope not. I got detention for a week for kicking Brad's ass. I don't want to do it again and get in more trouble." "Fair enough", Will laughed in response.

As Lynn drifted off to a sound and hardy sleep, Will found himself captivated at the girl sleeping next to him. She was a beautiful girl, and she had developed a lot over the summer. Will couldn't help but look at Lynn, something about her made his hormones rage, and something about her being a lesbian only heated the fire that began to burn in him. Still, Lynn was not like a girlfriend, and she was not like a 'booty-call' either.

No, Lynn was more like a friend than anything else. But whatever Lynn was at the time to Will, the 14 year-old boy was now just looking at Lynn's body. She had worn a white night gown that left little to the imagination. Lynn also must have over-heated under the blankets, because she had crawled out from under the blankets and rested on top of the blue comforter, curled in a ball while facing in Will's direction. Her positioning gave Will a perfect angle to look at her exposed cleavage.

He felt himself beginning to get hard, as he impulsively reached towards her breasts, gingerly pulling the loose fabric down to reveal her nipples. "Ohh.", Will quietly moaned as he gazed upon Lynn's smooth round tits.

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Her nipples were quarter-sized, and her nipples became erect as they made contact with the air. Will decided not to touch them, thinking it would wake Lynn, but merely laid in bed and admired the perfect round breasts in front of him. Will, who was wearing only boxers, reached under the blanket and slowly stroked his dick. His eyes were glued to Lynn's chest as he began to to stroke harder and harder, the entire time gazing at the two erect nipples pointing back at him. "Ahhh.", He moaned softly to himself again as he continued to feverishly stroke his dick.

Will slowed down slightly so that the bed rocking back and forth wouldn't wake Lynn. He felt his breathing increase as he moaned and sweated at the sight of Lynn's naked nipples.

She was perfection, she was flawless, and Will couldn't look away. He felt the big moment coming, and he knew what the consequences would be if he squirted in his bed tonight, but Will kept on jerking his dick. "Oh.oh.oh.Ahhh.", Will moaned as he felt himself about to explode with cum, but as he did, something very unfortunate happened. Lynn rotated, and faced the other way, leaving Will with a view of her back. However, as Lynn turned in her bed, she got a little to close to the side and slowly she began to edge over the side of the bed and fall off.

Will, unable to control himself, jizzed at that very moment in a very unrewarding orgasm, that shot cum all over his blanket and sheets. "Damn.", he said quietly to himself, as he felt his testosterone reside and his dick deflate. The "lost" orgasm was unexpected, yet the disappointment was short lived, as Lynn immediately popped up and looked around the room in confusion. "Wha-what the fuck?" She said groggily. She looked down to she that her breasts were exposed, and in embarrassment pulled her night gown up to cover her tits, "That's embarrassing, did you see my tits?" "No", Will lied.

"So what happened?" She asked, yawning and crawling back into bed. "You fell off the bed", Will responded blankly, pulling the sheets over his chest so as to hide the cum from Lynn, who now sat in the bed.

"Well that sucks", Lynn muttered softly to herself as she stretched her arms and curled up around her pillow. As the night went on, Will wasn't as pleased with rooming with Lynn as he was before. She ended up hogging the sheets and the comforter, snored loudly, and continually kicked in her sleep.

Will had rotated the blanket in the bed to keep the cum stained side on his side, but Lynn's persistence in hogging the blankets made this task difficult. Needless to say, it was not a great night for Will. Tuesday was a big day, all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to be in place, all parties were ready for their role in the events about to take place, and the plan was ready to be executed.

Yet at that same night, in San Bernardino, California, another event was about to occur. "Hey, kid! You didn't pay for those you can't just walk out!" The clerk of the gas station yelled angrily. "I would just sit down and shut the fuck up, how about that?" Sam Andrews angrily screamed back at the suddenly intimidated clerk.

"It's your loss, we have your finger prints, your image on camera, the police will-" "I'm not in your goddamn records, and good luck trying to find me", Sam growled back as he walked from the store.

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Sam shoved the cigarettes into his left pocket and put his right hand in his right pocket. As he reached into one of his jean pockets he chuckled as he felt the switch blade he had stolen from a sporting goods store in Tucson a few days ago. Smiling, Sam walked up behind another man who sat on the cement curb in front of a large, navy blue, F-150. "This your car?" Sam asked in a calm and polite manner. "Why yes, son, it its", the man said, standing from the curb and dropping his cigarette to the ground.

"Cool", Sam responded in a low and sadistic voice. He quickly pulled the blade from his pocket and flicked it open. Holding it up to the man's throat, he whispered in his ear, "Give me the keys" "Su-sure!" The man yelled, his body shacking in fear as he struggled to pulled his keys from his pocket. "Now give me your cell phone" "I-I-I don't have a ce-cell phone" "Don't lie.

I see it in your pocket", Sam said cruelly yet calmly. The man, biting his lower lip, reached into his pocket and handed Sam his cell phone, which the angered 16-year-old quickly flipped open and snapped in two with his free hand. "Thanks friend", Sam whispered maniacally in the man's ear as he walked over tot he driver's side of the truck, opened the door, started the engine, and drove off, leaving the terrified man stranded at the gas station.

"I know that asshole's in California. And I'm gonna slit his fuckin' throat when I find him!" Will did a lot of thinking over night.

He thought about what would happen to Amy when she went to prison, he thought about Lloyd Greene watching them, he thought about Blane, he thought about Pierce, but the one thing that Will thought about the most, was that now he and Brook were no longer even.

In fact, he owed her, and even though the woman in the restroom was sent by Greene to sabotage him and Brook, he still felt guilt for falling into her temptation. Nevertheless, today was going to be different, he was going to tell Brook about the woman, about Rachel, and even about Pierce.

Today, he was going to come clean. As Will, Lynn, and Brook entered the school building, they saw Amy Lewis walk into the building holding her purse in one hand and a suitcase in the other. She smiled and winked at the trio, and turned the corner to her office. Pierce and Will both held their towels around their waists as they stood in front of the showers.

They both knew what needed to happen, yet they both were only half prepared for the task they had to do. They thought about what Brook had told them that morning, "It's very simple, at 4:10, when you guys head to the showers, Ms. Lewis will be ready and waiting". Will looked at Pierce, who nodded, and the two walked over to the two shower heads that stood parallel to the peephole. Dropping their towels, the two began to lather and rinse themselves off, all the time attempting to not stair at the hole in the wall.

Amy's heart was beating faster than ever before. Her hands trembled as she watched Will and Pierce, and she felt sweat form at the top of her forehead. She bit her lower lip, and clenched her fists. "Remember the plan, Amy!" She yelled to herself, "Overcome this temptation! Overcome it!" Amy looked, at what she thought would be the last time, at Will and Pierce's naked bodies.

Both were glistening from the shower water, and their athletic bodies were on full display. She softly moaned as she saw Pierce pull back his foreskin to clean his uncut cock. This made her about lose control and she almost shoved her fingers into her now wet pussy.

She glanced at her watch and saw that it was 4:09. She took at deep breath and put her eye all the way up to the peephole. She quivered as she starred at the boys in the shower, and tried her hardest not to make a noise.

Will saw Amy's eye at the peephole and nodded to Pierce, trying his hardest to not look down at his friends exposed genitals. Pierce nodded back and took a deep breath. "What the fuck!" He yelled covering his cock and balls, as he ran from the shower-room frantically. "Holy shit! Someone's fucking watching us!" Will shouted, repeating the same actions Pierce had taken and running from the showers in an agitated manner.

Quickly and frantically, all the boys began to panic and ran from the showers. The coaches, seeing and hearing the distressed boys, ran from their office and quickly glanced over at the peephole. The school was a-buzz with activity as students and faculty alike gossiped about the event that had just unfolded.

Amy Lewis was now leaving the front office, while an on-campus security guard held her arm. The guard guided the now cuffed teacher towards the front door, keeping one hand on the captured Amy, and another on a can of pepper spray strapped to his belt loop. Will and Pierce stood at the front of the building, and walked up to Amy as she and the guard exited the school. "By, Ms. Lewis.thanks for telling us", Will said, looking at the ground as he and Pierce stood solemnly by the doors.

"Don't thank me, Will. Be safe, and be careful. And remember, I'll be perfectly safe, so don't worry about me", Amy responded calmly closing her eyes and bowing her head. The guard opened the back door of the patrol car parked in the circle drive. He let Amy sit in the rear of the car and closed the door. Waving at the officer in the car, he walked back to the school. As Amy sat in the back she smiled to herself, "I can finally stop.

I can finally end this life of lies" "Why are you smiling?" the female officer asked. "You-you're! Oh god!" Amy yelled, she rotated in her seat to kick the window in a desperate attempt to break free of the police car.

"Don't be so surprised, Ms.


Lewis. Rachel told us you abandoned", Hayden spoke in he monotone and robotic voice. "Let me go! What are planning!" Amy screamed. She kicked the glass one more time and the window suddenly cracked i the center.

Seeing her success, Amy kept on kicking the glass over and over again, still desperately trying to escape.

"Sit down, Ms. Lewis", Hayden ordered as she pulled a gun from her holster and held it inches from Amy's face, "Sit down and be quiet. I would prefer to not kill you." Brook had stayed at school to see if everything had worked out.

Smiling with joy as she saw the patrol car drive off with Amy in the back, she walked from the empty class room and out into the hall. As she closed the door to the room, she turned the corner and stopped in her tracks, as her newest arch rival stood in the hallway. Rachel glared manically at Brook, as she quickly shoved a manilla envelope into Brook's hands. "Open it. Look at them", she demanded coldly. Brook opened the envelope and, still angrily glaring at Rachel, she pulled the photos of Will and Pierce from their manilla folder.

Brook's heart skipped a beat as she starred at the pictures. She had never felt as horny or aroused as she did at that moment. Her face lit up, and she flipped through the photos slowly, enjoying each one. Rachel noticed the sudden arousal in Brook's eyes, and felt furious. "Well how do you like that, Brook? You're boyfriend seems to be enjoying that BJ from Pierce" "I already know that this wasn't their choice. Anything that they did when Lewis was around was forced on them", Brook said calmly, still looking contently at the pictures.

"We-well, how about this!" Rachel stammered, grabbing the video tape and handing it to Brook. Putting the pictures in her purse, Brook grabbed the tape and laughed. "What's this? I already said I already know about what Ms. Lewis-" "It's not that!" Rachel snapped back, suddenly feeling back in control, "It's Will, but it's someone else!" "Okay? Is it that Hayden chick?" Brook asked, suddenly recalling Amy mentioning that Hayden was one of Lloyd's hench-men.

"It-uh-it.", Rachel angrily turned around and angrily stomped off. Brook look at the tape and rotated it in her hands. Shrugging, she walked over to a nearby trash can and pulled the film from inside the tape.

She tore, pulled, and stretched the film before dumping it in the trash can and tossing the tape in with it. Tuesday night in the Reed house was full of excitement and joy.


Though the group knew that the reverend was still out there, and that his allies were just as wicked and cunning as he was, they felt as though a happier chapter in their story had just started.

Maria had another date that night with Kevin Forest, and Lynn was going out to a party with friends from another school, so Brook and Will had the house to themselves. Will had decided to apologize to Brook that night, and had said that he would make Brook dinner.Though he had tried to make some sort of pasta dish for Brook, which at this point was a hopeless uneatable pile of slop, he had ended up ordering a pizza instead. As Will was busy cleaning up his failed dinner in the kitchen, Brook had decided to go to her room and take another look at the pictures.


She had never been so turned on by anything before, and was almost dying to get off. "Tonight's the night!" She thought to herself, as she pushed the photos under her bed and walked downstairs. Will had just finished cleaning the kitchen, and was walking back from the front door with a pizza box in his hands.

As Brook sat next to him at the table, she couldn't control herself any longer. "Will?" "Yeah?" "Tonight, I want to have sex", Brook said seductively, starring into Will's eyes.

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"Yes!" Will responded quickly, he felt instantly aroused as he thought about sex. Will looked into Brook's eyes and saw her desire, he felt his heart begin to beat faster, and he felt his dick began to become erect. He leaned over and kissed Brook on the lips, and was rewarded with her returning the kiss by slipping her tongue into his mouth, and twirling it in his mouth.

The two made-out for about a minute, when Will felt himself began to drip pre-cum at an increased rate. He and Brook stood and went to the couch in the living room, both quickly shedding clothes.

As they sat on the couch, Will suddenly felt guilt overcome him and he pulled away form her. "What's wrong?" "Brook, I-I have to tell you-" "Don't worry. Whatever happened, I forgive you" "But I don't think I can forgive myself-" "Listen, Will. What if we do this. If you do three things for me, and I mean anything, no matter what it is, then will you feel better about yourself knowing you made it up to me?" "Yeah, i guess so-" "Then we'll do that", Brook said happily, as she softly stroked Will's fully erect dick.

Will did feel better about his situation, and he certainly felt better that Brook was willing to forgive him. He briefly let his mind wonder back tot he first time he and Brook had had sex.

He remembered going down on her and he remembered the taste of her soft pussy lips. He felt a sudden jolt in his chest and he knew what he wanted to do to Brook. He knelt on the floor in front of her and spread her legs apart. Her twat was hairless, recently shaved, and her pussy lips were swollen and glistened from wetness.

Will leaned his head forward and licked her twat. "Ahhh.", Brook moaned. Will knew she liked the feeling, and continued to lick her twat's lips, moving his tongue back and forth across her opening, and up and down over the lips. He stuck his tongue in her twat and wiggled it, softly and gingerly licking her clitoris, as he felt her smooth thighs with his hands. Brook was close to an orgasm as Will continued to go down on her.

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She moaned loudly and quivered from pleasure as she felt him slide his tongue across her clit. "Will.oh.Will.ah.ah.OH!" Brook felt herself erupt with a powerful and mind numbing orgasm that shook her entire body. Will could sense her muscles tighten as she reached the big moment, and he withdrew from his position, now happily awaiting his turn to cum. Brook, breathing heavily from her orgasm, looked Will's body over. He was taller than she was, and he had grown a few inches since the summer.

He was still broad shouldered and he was still lean and had a swimmer's body. His hair had grown out a bit, and was somewhat shaggy, almost in a skater kind of way, yet his face was still boyish, and eyes full of innocence. Brook smiled as she reached forward to grasp Will's circumcised dick. She stroked it a few times, using his pre-cum as lube, and decided to stand up.

Still stroking his dick, she and Will passionately kissed as she massaged his hanging balls with one hand. "I know you want sex, Will.

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But remember our deal" "What deal?" "You have to shave them", Brook said, looking down at Will's growing pubic bush. He was certainly hairy for a 14-year-old, and this was a turn on for Brook, but nevertheless, she hated how itchy they felt, and the stench the held repulsed her as well.

"Come on, Brook", Will said, holding her arm in place so that she would keep stroking him, "Can't I just trim them or-" "Will, I already came. If you want to cum, I suggest you do that" "Brook.", Will moaned, he didn't want to shave off his pubes, but the promise of sex made him think other wise.

Both Will and Brook stood in the steamy shower. They were there to shave off Will's pubes, but the sight of each other wet and naked had made the two teens almost instantly horny.

Will and Brook were both making-put passionately, as Will cupped Brook's tits in his palms. Her nipples were flaccid from the steamy shower, but her tits still felt smooth and warm in his hands.

Brook felt Will's pecks with her hands, she squeezed and rubbed them as she began to slowly pull away from her lover to grab a razor sitting the shelf in the shower. Will lay on his back as Brook straddled his legs, putting the razor at the top of his teenaged pubes. Will looked down at his hair sadly, as Brook next smothered his bush with shaving cream. KNowing that he was unhappy about losing his hair, Brook gave his dick a few strokes, and then began to shave his pubic hair off.

Starting form the top, she worked her way down, shaving around Will's inner thighs and the base of his dick. Will was now dying to cum, though he was sad about losing his hair, Brook being so close to his boner caused him to be instantly aroused. When Brook let the water wash away the remaining cream, she and Will both gazed upon Will's pubic region.

It was now as bald as s fourth grader's, and Brook smiled with joy, as she opened the shower door to grab a condom from the box she had felt on the bathroom floor. She pulled it over Will's 6" dick and lay on top of him, allowing his dick to penetrate her twat. The two kissed, and slowly they maneuvered around each other so that Will now lay above Brook. Supporting himself with his arms, he slowly humped and thrusted into her twat, the tight and warm sensation squeezing his dick and making him feel closer and closer to an orgasm with each hump or thrust.

Brook moaned softly, as she rested her arms on Will's shoulders and he buried his face in her breasts. Licking and kissing her nipples and cleavage. "Ahh.", He moaned, "Brook.Ahh.I'm gonna cum soon.any minute.Ahh!" He felt the sensation began, and its he let himself melt away into the pre-orgasm feeling, he quickened his thrusting, and he felt his face become hot. Will new the big moment was only seconds away and he looked into Brook's eyes.

Kissing her, he felt the moment happen and he moaned, "Ooohhhh.Oh.OOoohhh!" He felt he himself explode with cum and he slowly stopped his thrusting and looked at Brook. He leaned back and removed the condom, throwing it carelessly out of the shower before returning to his previous place next to Brook. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. She blushed and returned his kiss with one of her own, and soon the two lay on the shower floor, embracing one another and kissing, letting the warm, steamy shower spray them, and wash away the end result of their night home alone.TO BE CONTINUED SHORTLY!!!!