First time a girl fiking story

First time a girl fiking story
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Chapter 9 With her in bed I decided to organize the new pictures with all the others, I have gathered quit a collection.


When I was done I opened the forum to check her profile, to my surprise she had added some pictures to her album and had made some posts in a few threads but the biggest surprise was she had started a thread too. "18 And Waiting For Mr Right" was the title.

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Her first post included some of the pictures in her album along with a description "Hey everybody new here, a friends dad thought I would like it here so here I am. These are some of the pics I have took for him, I hope you like them." She had a quick response from viewers complimenting her and asking for more, after that she had posted some more pictures still none of her face though. After a few more posts viewers asked for a verification pic and explained what it was to her so she included one in the next set.

These were the first of her with her satisfying herself with the hairbrush, and one of her with her legs spread wide with "daddyzdream" wrote in lipstick across her stomach. A few posts later someone asked what her name meant, she replied "I like to tease my daddy, I hope he will give in some day!!!" I decided I should let her know the girls dad found her posts so I logged out and logged back in under my fake name.

"Nice! I bet that man has cum to your pictures a lot he is very lucky, but I think your daddy is the lucky one!" With that done I logged out and back in with my normal account and checked out a few new threads ending on one from a young girl, turned off the monitor and made my way to bed. I woke to the alarm that I purposely set early enough to catch Amber still in bed, hoping to get a view of her naked body before I showered.

Turning the hall light on outside her room I had enough light to see her naked body laying only covered up to her knees, her back to me giving me a nice image of her plump ass.

I positioned myself at the foot of her bed trying to see her slick love hole, no luck.

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I placed my hand on her knee and shook her telling her to wake up, after a few shakes she rolled over on her back kicking the covers the rest of the way off her. Staring at her slick, swollen mound I felt my dick starting to grow in my shorts. With my hand still on her knee I shook again "Wake up baby, time to get up." I said one more time.


Knowing she has always been ticklish I slid my hand up her thigh to tickle her but as I did I noticed her slowly spreading her legs giving me a direct view of her slick lips hanging under a swollen clit, running my hand closer to her pussy I could feel the heat from between her legs. Tempted to run my hand across her welcoming slit I decided to stop only inches from her pussy, after a tickle she spread her legs even farther as she opened her eyes.

I told her to get up I was getting in the shower as I run my hand back down her spread legs and made my way to the shower. After a quick shower I toweled off looking at the clock thinking Amber should still be here I decided to give her a chance to see me naked like she wants. With my dick hanging in full after the load I just blew in the shower I headed through the house toward the den where she waits for her bus.

I could hear her in the kitchen so I changed my route, I walked into the kitchen as she was leaving the kitchen.

Not knowing I was there she ran right into me her hand brushing against my swinging cock, stepping back looking down at my cock she couldn't take her eyes off of it.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were gone." I said as her eyes left my cock to look at me. "No, its ok!

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I will get used to it I'm sure. It just surprised me, I don't mind at all." she replied. I looked over her seeing her in her short shorts and tee shirt wondering if she had on any panties or not. I stepped to the side to let her by but she didn't go, she stood looking at my limp cock hanging in front of me so I walked toward the kitchen and poured me a drink and walked back toward her.

By now thinking about her seeing my dick had got it started swelling a little so it was starting to rise in front of me, her eyes went straight to it as I got closer. "You had better get ready for your bus." I said as I stood in front of her. She turned and picked up her bag and reached her arm out to me for a hug. I leaned down and wrapped her in my open arm and kissed her on the cheek and told her goodbye. I watched her thick ass in the short shorts as she went outside. After checking my email all day at work and not having any from her I felt like my luck had run out.

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Just as I was pulling in the driveway Amber called asking if I could pick her and Emily up after cheerleading and if she could stay the night. I couldn't turn down another chance to see Emily naked again, I told her I would pick her up and yes Emily was welcome to stay.

I only had enough time to turn around and pick them up so I headed that way. When I arrived to pick them up Amber was sitting on the steps alone wearing her normal cheering shorts and tee shirtshe walked over and climbed in the truck telling me Emily's mom was taking her shopping tonight but she said she could come tomorrow and stay the weekend if we wanted her to.

Our normal conversation changed when Amber said "I cant wait to get home and get these panties off, they're soaking wet." as she reached inside her shorts and pulled them away from her body.

I couldn't help but to notice the crotch of the blue shorts were wet also. "Even your shorts are wet, you must have practiced hard today." I said as I tried to pull my eyes from her wet crotch. "Yeah I cant wait to get home and rest." she replied. Thinking about her sweat soaked pussy kept my mind busy the rest of the way home. Amber went straight to her room when we got home, I took care of normal house things.

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I was folding towels when she walked into the laundry room already completely naked and asked me for one of the towels. "I'm getting in the shower, I guess I can take a towel with me this time." she said smiling at me. As she walked away I realized I somehow fell into a lot of men's dream, I had a beautiful young lady which made it a point for me to see her naked as much as possible and wanted to see me naked just as much not to mention was taking pictures of herself doing things I could never imagine my little girl doing only a week ago.

With her in the shower I decided to check my emails again, this time she had sent one. "Hey sexy are you tired of me yet? I showed my friend the picture you sent me she said it made her horny and then told me I was lucky to have two big dicks to look at anytime I wanted.

She is coming home with me so we can try to take some pics of my daddy's dick for her. I showed her the ones of me putting things in my pussy she told me there was a store in the mall that sold big rubber dicks we are going to try to get one.

Want more pics let me know." "No im not tired of you, I cant wait to see more of you! Tell your friend I can send her some pictures of my dick if she wants some. I would love to see you playing with a dildo, if you need some money I can mail you some just let me know. I would like to see you doing daring things around the house, maybe showing you naked around the house.

Have fun!" With that done I logged on the forum to see if she had been on, her thread had became pretty popular. She had posted wanting requests and was getting anything from her feet, face shot to pissing.

She had added some more pictures since had been home, I almost flipped out. They were taken with her phone at school, it started out with one of her sitting in her desk looking up her shorts barely able to see some of her white panties.

The next two she was in the locker room dressing for practice, the last one was of her soaking wet crotch on the steps where I picked her up. She had really started enjoying taking the pictures. I kept browsing the forum until I her water was cut off, turning the monitor off making my way to the den and turning on the tv so I could see her walk through on the way to her room.


As she paraded naked through the den I could only stare at her freshly lotion rubbed body shined accenting her fresh shaved pussy. "Don't worry about dinner, I'm not hungry. I have some homework to do before I go to bed. Ready to relax an watch some tv I go to my bedroom and strip down to my underwear and kick back in my favorite chair.

Shortly after laying back I heard Amber in the kitchen followed by the sound of her camera, she was taking pictures for the man. I sat and listened as made her way around the house wondering if she would come in the den. Thinking about her taking the pictures had my dick starting to swell, I wonder how brave she is.

I slid my underwear down and pushed them under my chair picturing her taking pictures of my dick made me even harder, I wanted to make it easy for her to do this so I stretched out on the sofa.

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"Daddy, you awake?" she asked and repeated it again. I closed my eyes and didn't answer, I could hear her getting closer. By now my dick was throbbing, she was about to see me as hard as I can get. "Oh my god! Look at that!" I heard her whisper.