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Mayara rodrigues em uma dp anal com dois negao linda
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I awoke suddenly, to pounding on the door, I looked around and there was Jazy, still laying in my arms. The pounding continued, this time a voice hollered my name. Shit, its Jason, he must have gotten curious as to why he never got a call to come hang out.

In a frenzy I got up and got some clothes on, I tried waking Jazy but she was out, so I just covered her up nice and cozy. Another time he pounds on the door, I walk quickly to the door and open it a bit.

"Hey man what's up?" I ask not letting him see into the room. "We were supposed to hang out, remember?" Jason asks trying to figure out what I'm hiding. "Oh yeah thats right, sorry I must have fallen asleep, I'll go get dressed properly and we'll get going huh?" I say scratching my head.


As I step back into the room and start to close the door, he puts a hand out and stops it. "Is Jazy here?" he asks suspiciously. "She was yes, but she's not here now," I lie through my teeth, and he can tell i'm lying. Before I can react, he pushes his way through the door and walks into the lit up room and sees Jazy laying in the bed.

"God damnit!" He shouts waking her up. As she wakes she sees her brother standing at the foot of the bed. In a startled frenzy she makes sure she is completely covered up. "What are you doing here Jason?" she asks softly.

"When I didn't hear from either of you I got kinda worried so I came here, I wish I hadn't," he says angrily. After I had gotten the door closed, I came into the room. Jason turned to me and looked as if he were disgusted by me.

"What the fuck do you think gives you the right to be doing this shit with my sister?" He sternly asks. "Doing what shit?" I ask hoping we weren't thinking the same thing. "I'm not fucking stupid," He shouts pointing out her clothes laying on the floor. Jazy and I exchange looks, he sees this then cracks a smile. "I'm just fucking with you guys, damn," he says laughing, "it was bound to happen sooner or later." "So you're not mad?" Jazy asks.

"Why the fuck would I be mad, you should have seen your faces," he says laughing as he slaps his leg.

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"That wasn't very funny," I say stepping towards him. "Oh don't be a debby downer, you two get up and get dressed, we are going out," Jason says walking to the door.

As he walks out we both breathe a sigh of relief. Jazy then uncovers and starts looking for her clothes.

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Im marveling at her sexy body as she searches for something to wear. During her search through her bag i got another chance to admire what was in front of me. I watched her get dressed, into a tight fitting shirt, panties, and a pair of skinny jeans. I got dressed in more casual clothing than I had originally planned, a black shirt and some black cargos, not really special to wear.

After getting dressed we followed Jason out to his car and took a short drive across the street to the bar. We walked in and Jason went straight to the bar for drinks, while Jazy and I took to a pool table and started setting up to play a game. After a few games, and me losing most of them, and a few drinks, Jazy decided she wanted to dance.

The dance floor wasn't too crowded, for it being as early as it was, I was surprised. She stepped out on the floor and just started dancing, it didn't matter to her that she wasn't in sync with the others, who by the way had no emotion in their dances, she was just having fun.

I watched her dance for several minutes, kind of in a trance, like watching a fire dance over the logs, a natural beauty that you just can't take your eyes off of.

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I personally don't like to dance, never knew why, maybe I was just self conscious, and didn't like people looking at me. Although I didn't get a choice in the matter, as when I set my drink down for a moment, Jazy grabbed my hand and lead me to the floor.

The music was loud, the people even more so, Jazy tried making me dance, right there in the middle of the floor. It didn't seem like anyone was watching, but I couldn't do it, I tried to slink down and avoid the forming crowd, but I was stuck, nowhere to run, no way to get through. Then out of nowhere, I asked myself why it matters, why does it matter if they watch me, i'm sure everyone looks like an idiot every once in awhile right? So I danced, or tried to anyway, I didn't care anymore, here I was, the middle of the floor, love of my life next to me going wild, laughing at me while I fumbled my feet to look like I was dancing.

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She enjoyed every moment, I looked like an idiot, not even in good motion with the music, nothing about what I was doing could be called dancing, but it didn't matter to me anymore.

In that moment it was like I was alone with just her, and seeing her happy, made me happy, I was having way too great a time to let my two left feet ruin the night.

After a few songs, another couple drinks, more dancing, and a lot more laughter from Jazy. Something dawned on me, there I was, too busy to even care how much of an idiot I looked like, realizing that everything that I want, is staring me in the face, she's right here, and I have a chance to fully make it right this time. So what do I do now, I stop dancing, and before she even has a clue as to why, I pulled her close and kissed her, in the middle of the floor, all eyes on us now, didn't care.

We kissed for what seemed like forever, but when we pulled away, and looked at each other, something kind of clicked. We looked around and saw several people just looking at us with drunk smiles, a few clapping, really for no reason, and a very drunk brother of hers cheering.

We decided that the bar wasn't the right place to continue for the night, so we decided to go back to the hotel room. We made Jason take a cab so he wouldn't drive, he only lived down the street but we didn't want to risk his health. Then we walked back across the street to the hotel, hand in hand.

We got to the hallway leading to the room and we started getting more physical, we kissed more and more, more passionate with each one. We got to the door and fumbled with the key card, turns out, it's not exactly easy to open a door while you're in a make out session.

We finally managed to get the door open, and as soon as we stepped in the clothes started coming off. We kissed more lustfully as I took my shirt off and reached for hers, she helped me take it off revealing her breasts. My hands started fondling them as we made our way to the bed, she then pushed me onto the bed and stepped back and started unbuttoning her pants. All i could do was sit and watch, watching her slide her tight jeans down her legs than kick them off.

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She looked at me and smiled and looped her thumbs around the sides of her panties and slowly started lowering them. She got them off and threw them at me, and laughed when i caught them with my face. As i reached to grab them from my face Jazy had kneeled and started unbuttoning my cargos. I got the panties off my face and started helping her get me undressed, although she didn't seem to want my help because she kept pushing my hands away.

After getting my pants and boxers away enough to get to my cock, she didn't hesitate to play with it. Her first action was grabbing ahold and squeezing gently, after getting a satisfactory heave from me she took it into her mouth and started working her tongue around the head. She then started to take more of it into her mouth, i was in heaven at this point. Before she got too carried away she pulled herself away and stood at the end of the bed and started pulling my clothes off more.

Once she got them off she gleefully smiled and straddled me, making sure she didn't let my cock enter her pussy.

I could feel the heat of her pussy against my cock, I wanted so bad to just flip her and pound her till she was screaming, but I wanted to take this at her pace. She leaned down and kissed me very passionately, I'm sure she could feel the lust in my kiss because just after the kiss she gave me a sly smile and lifted herself just enough to free my cock.

As soon as the tip found her opening, she stopped and slowly lowered herself onto me. She let out a small gasp as the head of my cock entered her pussy, i grabbed her waist with my hands and softly guided her down until she stopped, just after the head was fully engulfed in her pussy.


She was so tight, i felt like i was going to explode right there, but i knew if i did, i would have ruined everything. After a few moments of holding there, she slowly dropped and took my full cock into her, she stopped and reveled in the feeling as she sat on my hips. It was slow at first, she would raise herself then lower, only until she got a little more comfortable, then she started to pick up her speed. We looked into each others eyes as we got into a rhythm together, she would pull off then back down and then grind her hips a little before going back up.

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The feelings were intense, the first time either of us did anything like this, I knew i wouldn't last much longer like this so i had to change it. I then pulled her off entirely and rolled her onto her side and then got up. "What are you doing?" She asked with an innocent look on her face. "Just re positioning" I say with a bit of a smile, I then help her get situated on her back in the middle of the bed. I got between her legs and set the head of my cock against her pussy and softly pushed in.

She let out a moan that made it so much harder for me to resist just fucking her full force. So i softly pushed into her, then softly pulled, then repeat. "Faster" She said sharply. So i sped up, pumping in and out faster, not intending to but harder as well. Her breathing became erratic, so now i knew she was getting close to her climax, good timing because i was getting close too.

I got harder and faster until i could feel her tensing up, which made me get that much closer, the feeling of ecstasy overtook me and i couldn't stop.

Her orgasm ripped through her causing her to scream out in pleasure. I pushed fully into her and with a loud moan started shooting cum deep into her, she let off a soft moan of pleasure as she felt it, when i was finished i pulled out and collapsed next to her.

"I'm sorry" I said between breathes. She looked over at me and asked, "For what *huff*?" I looked back at her and replied, "For cumming inside." "Oh, don't worry about that," She pauses to breathe a little bit, "I was hoping you would," She smiles a cute yet evil smile.

"Why?" I asked. "Because you're mine now," She said with a giggle. "What does that mean?" I asked. "Well it doesn't mean that i'm pregnant, at least i hope not, i just wanted to claim you," She looks down at herself and then looks at the ceiling. "Why now though, why not before? Why did things change all these years?" I asked as i looked down at her body.


"After you, i tried other relationships, but they all lead to the same basic thing," She rolled onto her side and looked at me, "They weren't special." I looked back at her and asked, "And what makes me special?" "You've always actually cared about me, you were there when i needed you, you were always respectful, hell even now, after getting what you've wanted for years, you didn't just walk out." She said with a smile.

"So you waited for me to come back, to tell me that you want to try again?" I asked. "Well it didn't exactly go as i planned, but yes," She said as she started shifting closer to me. "And how did you expect this to go?" I asked as i wrapped an arm around her. "A lot less physical." She said pulling herself to me, and resting her head on my chest. "Either way, I'm glad you're here." I said pulling her close. "Me too," She said softly.

"I love you," I softly whisper before falling asleep.

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