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Dude Muscle daddy fucks muscle cub
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"Your pregnant!" Marie said in a shocked voice, the shock was showing on all Kim's sisters too and Lee faces. "Yep, I am… your not mad are you mum?" Kim was a little nervous at how her mother would react, but April grabbed her hand and held it for support.

"Lee what about you?" Marie asked looking at her son, as did all his sisters. Slowly he got up and looked at April, who smiled at him before he looked at Kim, a small tear welling in her eyes as she thought the worse.


"Kim" he paused for a while, everyone holding their breaths "You will make a great mum and I can't believe that I'm gonna be the dad of the most beautiful baby in the world" he rushed over and grabbed his sister, hugging her close as she burst out in to tears, April and most of his sisters all joining her in floods of tears as they rushed up to join in a big, naked family hug. All eyes went to Marie who was still on the bed. "Mum?" Lee said "I can't believe it, I'm gonna be a grandmother" April rushed over and hugged her mother who was crying "You'll be the best grandmother ever mum" she said as Marie smiled at her daughters and son "And just think you'll be an aunt" she smiled through some tears as the rest of the family once again joined in the hugs.

"We'll be a big happy family, all of us!" Lee said as he and April shared a kiss and cuddle. Two weeks passed since the night Kim announced her pregnancy and Lee and April were as strong as ever, the whole family had talked over Kim and Lee's baby and they couldn't be happier, all agreed this would be the most loved baby ever.

"I can't believe your gonna be a dad" April said as she and Lee laid in bed together, a slight sweat on their brows from the night of sex they had just enjoyed "I know, its all surreal still" Lee said as she hugged his naked sister to his body, her breasts firmly pressed into his chest as she kissed him lovingly and he caressed her hair.

"You will make an excellent dad Love, and Kim will be a perfect mum" she beamed as she kissed her brother again, her legs over his as she straddled his thighs to lay over his body, his soft cock slightly springing back to life against her stomach as her breasts brushed against him. "Just think what it will be like to have a kid around again" April smiled as she felt the cock harden against her skin and push into her stomach It had been decided that Kim would go over to stay with Lee and April a lot of the time after the baby was born, but because their place wasn't really big enough for a family it best if she stay at home with their mum and sisters.

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"I don't remember having any kids around, I'm the youngest remember" Lee teased as April laughed and kissed him hard on the lips, her body rubbing against his as his cock throbbed against his sisters body. "Well I sure do remember it" April said as she reached down between them and grabbed his cock, stroking it as she looked into his eyes and smiled "Hmmm April that's so nice" Lee moaned as his sister rubbed his cock up and down with her hand, squeezing at different points to add different pleasures.

"I know Love, but this is better" April slipped under the cover and kissed down her brothers stomach, trailing her lips until she felt his cock head hit her throat and begin to slip closer to her chin. Once it was there she moved her head up and in the dark sucked the head into her mouth, her tongue licking around it as she lowered her mouth down, the soft lips closed tightly around the shaft as it went.

Lee moaned out loudly as April sucked his whole cock into her mouth, her throat filling with his cock as her tongue licked the underside of his cock the best it could.

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"Ohhh god April!" he called out as he reached down under the cover and grabbed her hair, slowly massaging it as she bobbed her head on his cock, her teeth running up and down the shaft lightly as she sucked harder still and licked all over the head when she had enough cock out of her mouth. April was near the bottom of the bed as she reached down and began to rub her own pussy while holding her brothers cock in the other hand, the fingers of her right hand slipping in and out of the dripping hole between her thighs, the hole still filled with Lee's cum from about thirty minuets before when he had fucked her.

Lee couldn't help but moan loudly as his big sister worked like an expert on his cock, sucking and licking in all the right places before taking him deep into her throat, her breath washing over his cock and making the pleasure more, herself in a wash of orgasm as she felt the cum on her fingers as she pushed them into her own pussy and scooped some out smearing it onto her clit which she pulled and rubbed.

"Hmmm" April moaned in the darkness beneath the sheet the smell of sex all around her as she sucked her brother's cock and came over her own fingers, her mouth closing tightly around his cock as she squeezed her pussy muscles onto her fingers in orgasm.

Lee couldn't stand this new tightness in her mouth and his orgasm came hard, a jet of cum shooting into his big sisters mouth, cum that April swallowed fast as she felt a second load come and a third dribble out, all filling her mouth and resting on her tongue as she swirled it over his cock and sucked it off.

"My little brother is gonna be a dad, wow this is such a special day" Stacey said as she and Lee sat in the living room of their mothers house and chatted.

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"I know" Lee smiled at his sister who smiled back, before leaning in and kissing him softly on the lips, her tongue licking his lips as his hands and arm's moved around her waist and hugged her close. "I have been thinking about it all the time since she told us" Stacey said as she broke the kiss. Lee too had been thinking of Kim's pregnancy and the night they had shared together, it was so special taking her virginity.

"I know, this was the last thing I was expecting," he admitted "Don't you like the idea or something?" Stacey asked as she ran her hands over his back. "I love the idea, knowing Kim is having my baby it's just strange" he said as Stacey leaned in and kissed him again.

"Yeah I bet it is Lee, you know I have been thinking all about what's gonna happen to Kim, how her belly will swell, her tits getting bigger, the emotions she'll have…" Stacey trailed off as she looked into her brother's eyes; he looked back with a smile as she thought about being a dad.

"Its all such a weird thing that's happening, my sister having my baby…" Stacey's lips pressed onto his cut off Lee again.

"Lee I want your baby too!" she said leaning back and looking deeply into Lee's face "What?" Lee said his eyes wide open like his mouth. "I want to have your baby too Lee, I want to feel it grow and kick inside me, watch my belly swell knowing that its your baby that's there, us loving it together with the others all a happy family" Stacey went on, telling her brother how she has fantasised about getting pregnant since the first time they had sex together.

Lee couldn't help but feel a twinge of arousal as he listened to his sister and thought about how it would be to knowingly get her pregnant. "Me and April have talked it over and she said if that's what we want, she's cool about it, she said we are all a family and she loves us all, so the more of us who have kids the more of us there is to love" Stacey said suddenly, Lee had worried about what April would think if he did indeed get Stacey pregnant The thought of getting Stacey pregnant washed over Lee, he had really got turned on by the thought Kim having his kid and to knowingly get another girl pregnant well that was something he couldn't resist.

"You really want to have my baby too?" he inquired, Stacey nodded eagerly as she saw the look in her brothers eyes "I sure do Lee!" "Well we're not going to make a baby sat here talking are we" Lee said with a grin at his sister who grabbed him around the shoulders and neck and pulled him over to her, their lips pressing together as her tongue's found each other's.

"Lets go make a baby!" Stacey said standing up and dragging her brother by the hand to the stairs. In the bedroom Stacey pushed her brother onto the bed, quickly she jumped next to him, ripping his t-shirt over his head Stacey began to kiss his chest, her lips kissing over his nipples and down to his stomach.

"Hmmm" Lee moaned as Stacey licked around his bellybutton and kissed back up his torso to his neck and mouth, once again her tongue finding his as she held his head tightly, her hair loose and falling over their faces. Stacey broke the kiss and stood off the bed looking down at her half naked brother, the lust in his eyes showing just how turned on he was, as did the bulge in his pants.

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Quickly Stacey pulled her top off, revealing her naked breasts; she'd not worn a bra, as she normally didn't when it was just her and family in the house. Lee looked at her perfect breasts, her nipples already hard and pointy as they heaved with her heavy breathing; she was so aroused that her pussy juice was soaking her panties. Looking into Lee's eyes, Stacey slid her pants down, standing clad only in a pink pair of tight fitting cotton panties she wiggled her body at her brother, her breasts jiggling, they weren't as big as her sisters but still they were a nice size and perfectly shaped.

Lee's eyes went down her sleek body to the panties covering her pussy; a visible dark patch was coming though them much to Lee's excitement. Stacey smiled and leaned over at the waist, her breasts falling from her body as she grabbed Lee's jeans and undoing the belt and zip, pulling them down his body along with his underpants, his cock springing free and throbbing in front of his sisters face, before she licked the head and smiled up to him as his eyes closed tightly in pleasure.

"I think your enjoying this" Stacey said as she stood again and wiggled her hips pushing the wet pink panties down her long legs, to the floor, quickly she picked them up and tossed them to her brother, Lee felt them fall onto his chest just below his head, the aroma of her aroused pussy filling his nose and driving his cock wild, it throbbed and bounced as he sniffed up more and more of that scent.

Stacey smiled as she watched her brother cock bounce, she was thinking about that cock, buried in her tight pussy, filling her with seed, making her pregnant, she had worked out that now was the ideal time to get pregnant she was right on her most fertile time. "Want to make a baby then little brother?" Stacey said seductively as she slipped onto the bed next to her brother, laying her arm over him she kissed his cheek and nuzzled his neck.

Lee smiled as he felt his sisters' face on his neck, her breath making all the thoughts of what he was going to do flood into his mind, and making his cock throb harder and get firmer!

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Stacey reached down and took his hard cock in her hand, slowly working her palm up and down the shaft as she kissed her brothers neck and moved to his mouth kissing him deeply again. Lee moaned as he felt his sister tighten her grip on his cock, she worked her fingers over the head and down the shaft quickly before moving to slower more deliberate strokes, a big blob of pre-cum coating the head as she played with it, Stacey's fingers rubbing it all over the shaft as she moaned into her brother mouth and felt her own juice drip from her pussy and down her inner thighs, soaking them before she pressed one over his stomach and slipped into position on top of her brother, his cock just inches away from her wet, needy pussy lips.


Stacey looked down at her brother as she held her body over his and smiled down at him, his eyes filled with lust for her and hers with lust for him too. She leaned down, keeping her pussy over his cock and kissed his ear before whispering into it "Are you ready to get me pregnant little brother?" she just said quietly "YES!" Lee shouted as Stacey lowered her body down to her brother's, his cock head hitting its mark on the first try, opening up her lips and pressing into the heat of his sisters tight pussy, the shaft slipping in too as Stacey moaned out and shut her eyes tightly taking her brother's cock deep into her own tight body.

Finally she had him fully in, her pubic mound resting on his as she slowly ground into him, Lee's cock throbbing deeply in her pussy as she moved her hips all around, moving him to different angles and changing the pleasure for them both. "Ohhh god Lee" Stacey called out as she began to lift her pussy off her brothers cock, her thighs straining to push her up leaving only the head of her brothers cock in her tight pussy before forcing the whole thing back in deep in one downwards thrust.

Lee grabbed his sisters waist tightly as she ground into him again and began a fast passed thrust up and down his cock, her breasts bouncing as she flung her head from side to side and shouted with pleasure as her clit hit her brothers pubic bone with every thrust he began to make. "Ohhh god Lee… yes… fuck me… harder!" Stacey moaned as she bounced on her brothers' cock harder, his own thrusts upwards adding to the intense pleasure they were sharing.

Stacey's tight pussy gripping him tight and not letting go as Lee's cock pounded into his sister. Reaching up Lee grabbed Stacey's head and pulled her down to him, kissing her hard as she fucked him, her ass hitting his thighs hard as the tight, wet pussy between her thighs took his cock deep, Stacey would hold him there for a second letting it throb inside before making another thrust leaving half his now wet and shiny cock exposed before letting it slide back inside hard.

"Ohhh yesss!" Stacey called out as she felt Lee fuck her hard, thrusting his hips up to meet her downward ones, his mouth kissing hers and his tongue finding every little place in her mouth as her breasts and hard nipples rubbed into his chest, sending shocks through her body right to her pussy.

Lee moaned too, knowing that at the end of this he would be dumping his cum into Stacey, cum that would, they hoped, make her pregnant, that thought was driving him wild with desire and pleasure as it was Stacey too, knowing her brother was going to fill her tight pussy with his seed sent her into orgasm.

Stacey's mouth opened wide as she leaned back and her body tensed, Lee could feel her pussy tighten as she came hard on his cock, her juice flooding the tight hole he was in as his cock throbbed inside her.

Quickly he rolled Stacy over, her orgasm still in full flow she could do nothing but let Lee push her onto her back as he was now between her thighs, Stacey screamed as she felt him begin to thrust his hips hard, his cock pounding into her hard as her orgasm washed over her harder, Lee fucking her all the way though it.

Stacey finally began to come down from her orgasm and wrapped her legs around her brothers' waist, holding him tightly to her body as he fucked his hard cock deeply into her pussy over and over, his body hitting her clit and making her cry out with every one, Lee himself moaning between kisses on his sisters lips and neck.

"Ohh god Lee… do it… fill me full of your precious cum… make me pregnant!" Stacey encouraged her brother as he fucked her hard and deep, his balls aching they were so full of cum, cum he so wanted to fill his sister with. With Stacey telling him to cum in her and make her pregnant Lee could hardly hold off any longer, he felt his balls tightening with every thrust into her, the new cum added from her orgasm making it even nicer to shove his cock deep into her tight sexy body, the tightness of her inner walls gripping him as the sweat on their bodies made their skin slap together when they met.

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"Ohh god Stace I'm gonna cum so hard!" Lee said as she felt his cum getting ready to blow from his cock into her. "Do it Lee… fill me soo much!!" Stacey shouted as she felt him thrust as deep as he could get into her.

Lee couldn't hold on any more, his balls pushed his cum up his shaft and just as he got his cock deeply into Stacey a massive blast of cum shot out into his sister's body. Stacey instantly felt the cum fill her so deeply, she knew that it was racing to make her pregnant and that thought sent her into orgasm again, Lee's cock blasting yet more of the thick cum into her body, as his cock throbbed and swelled the more cum he shot.

"Ohhh god!" she managed to moan as Lee pumped more cum into her tight pussy, she felt so full as it was packed so deeply and full that some of the white liquid began to backflow past Lee's now shrinking cock and coated the lips of her pussy.

Finally Lee slipped out of her and Stacy lifted her hips off the bed, the cum sliding back down her tight tunnel, sighing happily she slipped a pillow under her ass and settled on the pillows. "Lee come here" she patted the spot next to her before Lee laid with her hugged up tightly as they looked at each other.

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"Yeah Stace" "You don't know how much fun it will be when we are pregnant" Stacey said with a wink.