Gosando na madrugada para voces

Gosando na madrugada para voces
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Okay I'll admit I can be a pushover, well not some much a pushover but really nice person I mean should I really be labeled for caring so much. My dad thinks I should grow some balls and not let people walk over me, yet the thought that I might actually enjoy the feeling of domination has never occurred to him, but what he does not know will not kill him. As for me my senior year at high school has been very interesting. It's quite a cliche background story, you know boy meets hotter boy, boy fall head over hills for hotter boy.

Hotter boy is a straight douche bag that hangs out with a click that make him seem like more of a douche bag than he really is. Yes these are harsh words, but when you are constantly being tripped and having your ass grabbed by confused ass holes while the only ass hole you really want won't take 2 seconds to look at you. I think it's time for glasses wearing ,smart ,nice Reese that everyone knows and loves to get a little angryYet every time I think of when I first saw him and not knowing what the future would hold I can't help but to smile.

It was my first day of my last year at high school and my parents were neglecting me as always. They own their own company and almost never have time for me, So I just ate eat some cereal and headed out the door I have never really been the one to dress up but I decided what the hell it's my last year of high school I mind as well do it big.


So I wore some semi tight skinny jeans a white plain shirt and my favorite glasses. My most favorite person in the world Amanda said I look cute in them, you can say she's pretty her nice boobs and strawberry shaped hips, soft ready lips, and long gold hair.

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She's like the only girl that can make me hard; I haven't told her that I think she knows. "Hi Reese" "Hey Mandy" "How was your summer?" " It was okay besides the fact that my parents sent my birthday present in the mail." "Sounds rough wanna talk about it?? " Nah it's okay and how's was yours?" "Oh well. I lost my virginity!!!" "Omg Amanda you naughty girl!" " I know right I have to go I?ll tell you everything after school bye babe." "Okay see you later Mandy" I continued to walk on until I came to a hall with a paper that had students homeroom names on it, "Reese "Reese".Bingo!!!" I exclaimed "Mrs.

Jamerson" I thought to myself as I walking down the hall looking at class room numbers. Then that's when I saw him .Chase Washington a 5 ft7 black haired green eyed body of Greek god with the skin of a freshly tanned model not to tan but just right. Our eyes met I looked away quickly and turned the other way at the same time my stomach tickled god I hate that. I told myself not to look back because that would just mean I really did see him and I didn't really want him to know that I saw him.

Yeah sounds funny but we have all done it. With that one person you try to act like you don't see but you really do middle school stuff I know but it's true. Anyway I got to my first class it was boring Mrs. Jamerson was hot it's just that learning is something that I just don't have a passion about. The only thing that kept me interested was the roundness of Mrs. Jays ass and his nicely cut blond hair and his muscles about to burst through his blue school shirt. Anyway Later on that day I discovered that I would have 2 classes with Chase and his click and they were going to try to torture me with taunts and the constant whispering and giggling through whole school year.

I got home and Mandy told me all about her "Experience"It wasn't until that October things started to get interesting. I was in chemistry class the 2nd class I have with Chase and we were being partnered up with people then teacher told us all to pick someone of course I picked Amanda.

Then the ass hole of a teacher told us to all stand in a straight line and turn left to each other and that was our new partner for the remaining of the year. Your probably thinking of course Chase was right there but that's not exactly how it happened. See I was at the end of the line so no one was there and Chase was late to class so when he walked in the teacher announced that we would be partners.

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He looked at me and gave me sexy yet scary smile. And walked towards me I saw one of his friends give him a wink and called him a lucky bastard. I didn't elaborate on it I just kept on going like him or his companions weren't there. We received our assignment he came and sat next to me.

"Look fag I think you know what the deal is you don't talk to me don't look at me and just to the fucking paper." His voice was so sexy and smooth I almost didn't realize what he was saying to me were fighting words. "No you look you fucking cocky bastard you're going to do half of this project whether you like it or not now get your fucking head out of the clouds and read these two paragraphs."Wow did I just say that I thought to myself bracing myself to be punched so I closed my eyes really tight but nothing happened.

I opened them he had on the same chilling smile as before and said "Okay" and began to read as if nothing happened. The whole class looked at me for a good 30 seconds and got back to work I didn't know whether to be happy or want to run for dear life. I did not see him the next day so I started to feel bad like it was because of me he wasn't there and from the way everyone was whispering I think they agreed. Mandy broke my train of thought when she ran up to me as if something bad had happened.

She held panting as if she had been running for hours. "Reese I'm so sorry I didn't mean to". "Mean do what? Mandy what happened?" I started to get that tickly feeling that I hate in my stomach. "They forced it out of me well my boyfriend kind of asked and I gave in because he' so dame sexy." "Mandy!! What did you do?" "Okay well Ryan kind of asked me where you lived but I didn't know he was going to tell Chase I thought he was asking because.well I don't know I'm really sorry .That's why I already asked my mom if you could stay the night at my house." "Mandy why?!!!" "I said I'm sorry" "Okay I'll have to handle this myself I don't think I'll need to stay at your house but make sure the offer stays open just in case." " Im really sorry about it though.love ya babe see you later .be safe.

Shit! I thought to myself what if he planning to beat me and record it or write on my house while parents are away?All these thought poured into my head and tortured me until the end of the school day I told myself stand up for yourself and deal with the scars later. I got on the bus and walked really slow to my house not rushing to get my ass kicked. Once I got there I saw him sitting on my porch on a swing chair my mom got when she was going though her Martha Stewart phases.

I continued to walk he looked up and his eyes were full of excitement as if I was a million bucks. I approcoached him waiting for him to say something. "I didn't appreciate what you said to me." "Well your word weren't so pleasant either Chase." "Oh so you do know my name Ryan owes me 5 bucks anyway I came to whope your ass but actually don't feel like it anymore." "So I'll let you off with a warning the next time you say something like that to me again me friends are going to gang rape your pretty ass." "Hold on did you just call my ass pretty?" "Shut up you know what I meant." "Whatever you won't do anything all you do is talk but deep down you're a coward" "Excuse me." "You heard me." "I am not fucking coward you piss pipe!"He said grabbing me by the neck and pushing me against the door.

"Prove it." I heard the birds whistle for a slight second he looked me in my eyes and left in one swift motion what just happened I thought to myself. The next few days were awkward he didn't say much in chemistry except pass me the formula for blah blah blah. Then after 2 weeks of this none sense I finally got enough courage to ask the question that had been burning on my head. "What is with you?" he looked at me with his vibrant green eyes which almost immediately gave me a hard on.

"Can we just not talk right now?" Responding in a better tone then I thought he would. "No let's talk now because I know you don't like me but to the point where not hanging with your friends or grabbing girls tits for fun I have a feeling your setting me up for something." "Can just shut up you paranoid bitch!

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". " I said I don't want to you or anyone else right know just leave me alone." "Okay whatever coward." "Stop calling me that." "Why because you are." "You're a fucking prick you are my problem you're like a fucking disease just fuck off."Then he left the class room.

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My feelings were quit hurt and I felt like ass but he's been an ass all year to me so why can't I be. I felt the niceness that I was born with takeover I will go apologize to him. Fuck I hate myself sometimes for being so dame caring. I already knew where he lives from all the times Mandy had me give her ride to his house to go hang out Ryan .I decided to walk there .have time to think over my apology when I arrived I was about to turn but something told me you get it over with.

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"Ding dong"I heard noises at the door assuming it was someone about to open it. Then there he was standing there with no shirt so I could see his sculpted abs and the best dame "v"shape ever leading to his what I expect to be a shaved crouch it made my mouth water. I started to think of how he would taste. That's when I looked up to see his crooked smile.

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"You know it's not nice to stare." "Ummm yes.yes I do I just came to apologize I'm sorry for what I said and.bye I began to walk away I felt his hand on my shoulder and I heard him say you know you owe me right.

" "For what??I responded" "Do you remember that time in 2nd grade you said I was so mean and you would never say sorry if you were mean to me so we made a deal that if you ever apologized to me for any reason I would get to pick someone for you to kiss.?" "Wait what that was you?" "Yep I'm surprised you don't remember me." "Oh my gosh that was you .you were the glue eater!" "It was not glue anyway you made deal and you can't break it." "Okay who do want me to kiss and why are acting so nice?" "Shut up and I want you to kiss me ." My stomach dropped I had never kissed anyone before in fact I'm still a virgin I looked into his innocent eyes and gave in I leaned forward he met me half way it felt weird but good I stated to get hard I didn't want him to notice so I pulled away and started to walk away once again.

He pulled my arm I couldn't escape his grip. He took to his bed room. I started to get really nervous my knees were shaking.

He put his hands on them and looked at me. "You're shaking real ba.wait you're a virgin!!

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Hahaha Reese is a virgin!" He teased. "Leave me alone!"I yelled about to exit. "Okay I'm sorry"and threw me on the bed where he mounted me and said "its okay ill be gentle" he lifted up my shirt and took it off while exploring my body in amazement exclaiming that he never knew I was this sexy.

He licked my nipples they were sensitive I could not help but breathe deeply. He undid my pants and palmed my dick. "Oh fuck" I whimpered "I love the way you moan baby"then he kissed me deeper than before he made put my hands above my head.

"You're making me so hard and wet Resse I want you to taste me have you ever done that before?" I shook my head in a no motion he took me by the hand and lay on his back and instructed me. "Take off my shorts slowly"I did as he said his big 9 inch boner sprung up and hit my lips he sighed "Now stroke really slow"I obeyed he started griping the sheets my dick started to leak precum Sounding like he's running out of breath he says lick the tip I taste a salty sweet infusion he grabs the back of my head and runs his fingers through my hair.

"God that feels good suck it harder baby"I do it enjoying my new found passion .Sex He pulls me up by the arms and I lay there beside him I feel his fingers brush the tip your so hard he find his way on top of me and lefts my legs over his shoulders and continues to kiss me his hand find his way to my hole he licks his finger and pushes it in. "Oh fuck that feels good do it harder .oh shit" in the mist of my enjoyment I feel weird sensation that makes me shiver it feels so good I can't help but muffle my moans with his pillow I look down to find his tongue in my ass.

He removes the pillow from my mouth. "I want to hear you scream" and that he does. "Oh fuck your tongue is so soft and wet!"after at least 10 minutes doing this he tells me that he wants to fuck me until I come.

I agree he takes some lube and fingers me until he satisfied then puts some on his dick.


"Are you ready?" "Yeah .ouch fuck that hurts!" "It will feel good I promise" and it does my moans of pain become moans of pleasure. "Fuck me harder Chase!" "Beg for it bitch" "Please fuck me harder please oh fuck just like that ." Then he whispers in my ear "say this ass is mine".I don't say it I said say it he thrust into really hard hitting my spot.


"This ass is yours. I say I a strained low voice "Louder!" "This ass is all yours just keep fucking me like that please!" I yell in a whimper as if I was going to cry from all the pleasure. I began to feel something builds up in my balls I was about to come. In the matter seconds I feel a warm liquid hit my spot a few seconds after he yells and came in my ass and then I come on his stomach digging my nails into his back.

We lay there panting for a few minutes then he says I'm still not doing that project we both laugh and that leads to another good friendship.