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The Film Author's notes: This is a new series of mine.


Incase none of you knew, I am the creator of Jessica's Adventures, and I am putting a hold on that for now. I hope you all like this. Also, none of the characters in this story are the same from my Jessica's Adventures. There isn't much action in this one, but the others will be better than this one also. I hope you like it.

"Oh my god!" were the only lips Jessica could muster, as she saw her new neighbor step out of her car. Jessica heard that she was getting a new neighbor soon, but she never thought she would be this hot.

Jessica is 22 years old, and very very hot. She had nice long brown hair that went down to her midway back. Her breasts were gorgeous, and to die for. She shaved her pussy every time she found a hair on it, and she was a total slut. But this girl was also amazing. She had blond hair, with brown highlights. She didn't have better tits than Jessica, but her ass was more amazing than her own.

Jess was just getting up from the couch when she saw her new neighbor arriving at her house. A moving van followed her, and they all started unpacking, and loading it into the house. Jess had been in that house, and loved it. Jess kept watching, for at least 2 hours. She was just so hot.


She loved watching this babe, in a tank top, 2 sizes to small, and shorts that barely covered her beautiful ass. She watched this girl sweat, and loved it.

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She started getting hot also. Soon, the girl was done, and she went inside. She soon came out in a bikini that really showed her body off. Jessica, incase you didn't notice, was a lesbian, but also liked guys, which makes her a bisexual.

Jess walked outside, and up to the girl who was now lying in a beach chair. "Hi, I am Jessica, I live next door!" Jess gave her a hand, which she shook kindly, "Hi, I'm Jaimee!" she said getting up, "Oh, you are gonna love this neighborhood. It's great! No crime, everyone is friendly, no gangs or violence." "That's good to know!" they both smiled, and chatted for a long time. "Well, I have to go to work." Said Jessica, as she shook her hand once more, "Ok." She said, smiling.

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"Do you want to come over later?" asked Jess. "Sure, I would love to.

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7?" "7 is fine." They both smiled, and Jessica went into her house. Jaimee went into her house, and into her room, which was right across from Jessica's. Her curtain was closed, but her window was open. Jessica's curtain and window were open. Jess walked into her room, not noticing Jaimee, and took her clothes off, turning her computer, webcam, and microphone on. "Hey guys!" said Jess smiling. "No, Mike, you are not gonna get this webcam for free, everyone pays the same price." She laughed, reading the people's texts, who were watching her.

"Hey, guys, guess what." Jaimee, watched Jessica, and listened intently. "Oh my god, she has a webcam!" thought Jaimee. "My new neighbor moved in today, and oh my god, she is a BABE. Her ass is to die for. It's even better than mine!" Jaimee looked at Jessica's ass, then her own, "She is right." "Yes, Mark, I would so fuck her if I could.

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But I don't know her preferences. No, I won't rape her." She laughed, and started playing with her pussy.


"Look, guys, It's almost 7, she will be here soon." She put her clothes on, and turned everything off, going downstairs, waiting. Jaimee was shocked at everything she just heard.

Jaimee was scared of going over, but decided to. She rang the bell, and was greeted by Jessica, who hugged her. They both smiled and sat on the couch. "So, Jessica, what do you do for your job? I never saw you leave." Jess started blushing, "Uhhhh, work…on the computer…&hellip." "Really? Doing what?" "Oh, you know……stuff&hellip." "Like?" Jess blushed crimson, "I have my own webcam&hellip." Jaimee smiled, "I know.

I saw you not to long ago." Jess blushed brighter, and was scared. Jaimee smirked, "It's nothing to be ashamed of. Oh, and by the way, I am straight." Jess frowned, "Oh&hellip.ok……" Jaimee looked at herm and felt bad for her, "God, this lesbian girl wants me but never can have me, because I'm straight. I feel bad for her." She thought.

"Look, Jess, I'm sorry, but I still want to be your friend." "Even after how I feel about you?" "Yes." "Thanks Jaimee." They both smiled, and for another hour, they talked about their life and other stuff. "Jaimee, I want to make my own porno company. I love that stuff, and I want to be world wide." "Good for you." Jaimee smiled, loving porn herself.

"Yeah, but I want a partner. Will you help me?" Jaimee was shocked, "Jess, I am already a Lawyer, I can't give that up&hellip." "You don't have to, just do this when you can." They both looked into each other's eyes, until Jaimee said, "Sure." They both smiled, "Great! Wanna start tonight?" "No, but, tomorrow morning, I promise." Jess smiled, and nodded. "Well, I better get going, if we wanna get up for tomorrow morning." They both smiled, and hugged.

Jaimee still thought about poor lesbian Jess, and she being straight. "Jess, don't think you are gonna get any more that this, this is just for a friend in need." "What do you&hellip." But Jess was cut off short, with Jaimee kissing her hard on the lips. Jess was shocked, but flowed into it. They both kissed each other for 5 minutes, until they broke up, "Bye!" they both said, as Jaimee left.

Jess shouted, "Wow!!" as she ran up to her room, getting naked again, and turning on her stuff again. Jaimee got into her room soon, and watched Jess, hiding.

"Jaimee kissed me guys!!" she started playing with her pussy and tits. "No, she's straight. She just kissed me because she knew I wanted it badly. No, I still won't rape her you sicko. But oh man, is she hot. Her tight hot ass, her gorgeous lips, her beautiful tits!" Jess went on, still masturbating. Jaimee chuckled, and watched. "God, I want to fuck her so bad!!!" Jess exploded, cum flying onto the webcam.

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She laughed, and licked it off, along with all the other cum. "Goodnight guys!" she said, shutting them off. "Goodnight Jess!!" shouted Jaimee, from her room. Jess looked at her, and blushed, "Goodnight!" they both laughed, and Jaimee blew her a kiss, before they both jumped into bed, sleeping. End of Part 1