Sara jay and samantha g double team black dicks

Sara jay and samantha g double team black dicks
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"Uuuuuughhhh!" My head is throbbing right now. What the fuck!

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Awee! Something is being stuffed up my ass, it hurts so bad! I feel like I'm being split in two! What the fuck is going on?

I try to move, but my hands are restrained. I open my eyes to see my wrists are tied to the feet of a bed as my head hangs off. There is some weird contraption in my mouth, that keeps it open. I look around to see a desk with a dual monitor computer in the corner and a mini-fridge next to it. Uhhhhh! Fuck! My ass! A long pole-like object slams deep inside me. "Auuugghghhll" Smack! A hand lands on my ass, leaving a sting. What the fuck is going on?

A hand grabs my shoulder as that object plunges deep down my ass. It's huge! It's too big! The pain is crippling. I feel the body weight of someone lean on top of me. Their breath against the back of my neck. "Take my cock, slut! From now on, you're my bitch!" How did I get myself in this situation!

What the fuck happened!? --- Earlier that day Oooooh fuck! Why did I drink so much! I crawl out of the bottom bunk bed. Thank god I have no classes today. I walk out into the living room of our dorm to find Luke Houghton of all people rummaging through his bag.

What a faggot. "What the fuck are you doing here, tranny lover!" "What the fuck is your problem," he asked me. "You and your fag boyfriend are my problems," I told him. "She's not a boy, she's a girl and you're the problem," he told me.

Of all the people that could have been our roommate, we had to get stuck with this homo. "Whatever you want to convince yourself, he has a dick, therefore he is a guy and you're a fag who probably likes sucking his cock," I told him. "What the fuck are you doing here anyways?" "This is just as much my dorm room as it is yours," he said. "I thought you were moving in with those fucks next door?" I asked. "It's not that simple," he said.

He then grabbed his bag and left. What a fucking homo. I took a seat on the couch and turned on the TV. 'John Farrell and his Promethean task force have saved countless lives after the 9.8 magnitude earthquake trapped many of Chili's civilians under a collapsed building.

This has been the largest recorded earthquake in history.' Should of just let them die if you ask me. I changed the channel to yet another news channel.

'More Ghost sightings have been recorded in the L. A. area. Multiple people have reported spotting a figure covered in a tattered cloth with burning red eyes. They're calling it the Grim Reaper.' Click. Once again, I changed the channel, this time to Sports Center. 'James Valler, the rising superstar that lead the Santa Barbara Gouchos to their first NCAA Division I Championship has gone missing.

He was rumored to enter the NBA Draft, but.' Just then Brandon walked in. "God I can't stand my roommates, I can't believe they're friends with that fudge packer," he said as he sat down next to me on the couch. "Tell me about it, I have no idea how we got stuck with him," I told him.

"So what's the plan tonight? Are we going to the Frat party?" he asked. "Well I've got a date with this super hot Asian chick I met online," I told him.

"Nice, get some!" Tate just walked in from the bedroom. "God, you guys are fucking loud." "Dude, it's fucking 11:30, it's not like it's fucking early," Brandon said. "Whatev, I'm starving," he said. "Well let's get something to eat," I said. "Sounds good to me," Brandon agreed. We made our way down to the usual cafeteria we eat at. I loaded my plate up with everything I could possibly find. A slice of pizza, a burger, some fries. I was starving. I found Brandon and Tate sitting in the far corner of the cafe.

"Dude, I'm telling you, rumor has it, that there is another tranny on campus. This chick is roommates with this guy." Tate said. "There is no way they would ever let guys and girls share a dorm room together." "Yeah no shit, she's definitely packing. Do you know what their room number is?" Brandon asked.

"Maybe we should go pay them a visit." "I think they're on the floor six," Tate said. "I think someone said the dude goes by the name of Jessica." "This shit would never have happened when Trump was president," I told them. "Damn right!" Brandon agreed. "He was a trailblazer." "Dude, Senator Lucian looks like he'll make a good president.

He wants to put things straight. I like his stance on those fucking evolves," Tate said. "God, what the fuck is this world coming to when you've got freaks who can fly and do whatever the fuck they want?" I asked.

"Shit ain't right," Brandon agreed. "Homos and freaks," Tate said. "Wish we could just get rid of them all." "Ha, in high school there was this one little Asian kid who was a real fag," I told them.

"One day My friends and I found him staring at us in the locker room while we showered. We took that faggot and shoved his head down the toilet. I told the little cocksucker if I ever found him looking at me again I would beat his ass. I think he ended up transferring schools or something." God that kid was such a fagboy. He honestly looked like a little girl. God, what was his name?

Chad maybe? That's got to be it. "Nice! We should do something to that butt bandit Luke and his little sperm gurgler fairy boyfriend." Tate said. "I agree," Brandon said. "Maybe after we hit up the frat party, we can teach them a few lessons." "Well, unfortunately, you're going to have to do it without me," I told them.

"I'm hoping to be balls deep in this Asian slut's pussy." "Hell yeah!" Brandon said giving me a high five. "Get some!" Tate said. We finished up our lunch and headed back to the dorm. We chilled there for the rest of the afternoon. I was supposed to meet his sexy Asian at this restaurant at 6 PM. After I showered, I grabbed a beer and chugged it. It was pretty close to 6, so I made my way to my car and headed over there. I finally arrived, it was a little Italian restaurant.

I entered and recognized her immediately. She's even sexier in person. She stood up once she saw me. She was wearing a short blue dress.

She had silky long black hair, a very slender tanned figure. Her dark brown eyes light up along with a beautiful smile as we embraced in a hug. A cherry scent hit my nostrils as I breathed in her aroma. "Julius, right?" She asked. "Yep and you must be Dakota?" She smiled and shook her head in confirmation. We both sat down at the table. The waiter came over with water and asked if we were ready to order. I looked at the menu and decided on Chicken Alfredo and she ordered the Chicken Parmesan.

"So Dakota, do you go to school here?" I asked her. "Yeah, I'm a freshman right now. How about you?" God, there is something familiar about her, I just can't place it. "Yeah same here. Do you know what you want to major in yet?" "No, I was thinking maybe some form of computer science, what about you?" "No idea, I guess I'm just taking classes and seeing if anything sticks," I told her.

"Nothing wrong with that," she said. We had a bit of an awkward silence, which was broken when the waiter brought out our food. It smelt so delicious. I didn't hesitate before digging in. She also began to casually eat her food. "How's yours tasting?" she asked.

"Good! I love alfredo! How about you?" "No complaints here," she said. She looked rather nervous. As we continued to enjoy our food, the conversation slowly became less awkward. She dived into her interest in computers. "I always loved how computers worked. The way a simple line of code can affect how a program will function. I also love the hardware side of things. How each component works in unison with the others," she explained.

"What about you, has anything stuck so far?" "Well not really, I don't mind math, but it's not something I'm strongly passionate about," I tell her.

"Although I do enjoy economics." "Economics huh?" "Yeah, the way consumer behavior affects the economy as a whole. How businesses react to changes in demand and supply." She seemed to relax as our conversation deepened. "I also enjoy finance as well. Come to think of it, I just enjoy learning about business and money." "Any idea what you want to do in business?" she asked. "Not really, but… I've always loved the idea of starting up my own business." I told her.

"That sounds interesting, what kind of business would you start?" she asked. "No idea… I just love how businesses run and operate," I told her. "Say, how would you like to continue this conversation at my place?" she asked. "Yeah, that sounds great!" I replied. I paid the tab and we both got in my car and drove back to the dorms. We made our way up to her dorm. I kicked my shoes off at the door and took a seat at her bed.

She had the entire dorm room to herself. It was an impressive setup. Her bed was in the far corner with a nightstand next to it. She had her desk with a dual monitor setup in the corner to the right as you walk in. Next to her desk was a small fridge. "Want something to drink? I managed to get my hands on a fifth of vodka," she said. "Sure, that sounds great!" This night couldn't have gone any better. It was a little awkward at first, but hopefully, it'll end with me getting my dick wet. She seems like a nice girl, definitely hot as fuck.

Although, there is just something about her. I can't place my finger on it, but I feel like I've met her before. She pulled the vodka out of the fridge along with a big jug of orange juice. "Is orange juice alright with you?" "Yeah that's fine, I'll drink pretty much anything." She grabbed to plastic cups and went into the bathroom. After a few minutes, she came out and handed me the drink. I took a sip and noticed it was a bit strong, but like I said, I'll drink anything.

"So… Have you built any programs or anything like that?" I asked. Her face lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July. "Actually, I've been working on a program that collects data from pretty much, just about anything.

It can also organize the data in just about any way you can think of. It's pretty neat." "Sounds awesome! What do you plan on doing with it?" I asked. "Using it for research mostly. It'll help people who need information on and can't afford to spend the time digging for it. It'll do the work for them." "That's awesome! Are you going to sell it or something?" I asked as I took another sip.

"Maybe, there are still a few things I need to finish with it." "Okay, how much more work do you have left on it?" "Just a few more adjustments. I need to figure out how to make it so it doesn't collect useless information and only the important things." She took a sip of her drink as she crossed her legs. I took a huge gulp of mine. She seemed anxious for some reason.

She kept looking at my drink and at her alarm clock. It's probably nothing. I took another sip. "So, Julius… What was high school like for you?" she asked.

"Hmmm, not bad. I played every sport you can think of," I told her. "So you were a jock? I bet you had tons of friends…" "You could say that…" I didn't want to come off cocky, but yeah, I ruled High School. "Any girlfriends?" she asked. "I had a few relationships, but nothing serious. What about you?" I jugged the rest of my drink.

"No, I moved a lot back then," she said. I really started to feel a bit fuzzy. I couldn't be that drunk. I only had a beer and the drink she gave me. "There was one boy I had a crush on, but he was kind of a douchebag," she said. I tried to focus on what she was saying, but I couldn't. I felt so tired! I closed my eyes for just a second. … "Uuuuuughhhh!" My head is throbbing right now. What the fuck! Awee!

Something is being stuffed up my ass, it hurts so bad! I feel like I'm being split in two! What the fuck is going on? I try to move, but my hands are restrained. I open my eyes to see my wrists are tied to the feet of a bed as my head hangs off.

There is some weird contraption in my mouth, that keeps it open. I look around to see a desk with a dual monitor computer in the corner and a mini-fridge next to it.

Uhhhhh! Fuck! My ass! A long pole-like object slams deep inside me. "Auuugghghhll" Smack! A hand lands on my ass, leaving a sting. What the fuck is going on? A hand grabs my shoulder as that object plunges deep down my ass. It's huge!

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It's too big! The pain is crippling. Tears start to form at the corners of my eyes. I feel the body weight of someone lean on top of me. Their breath against the back of my neck. "Take my cock, slut! From now on, you're my bitch!" How did I get myself in this situation! What the fuck happened!? Her cock pulls out and instantly rams back in causing me to gasp for air.

Wait a sec… I know this room. I've been here before. That girl! The Asian girl! What was her name? Dakota! "Do you remember me, Julius?" she whispers in my ear. "You probably don't, do you?" I try to speak, but the gag device muffles my words. "You and your friends shoved my head in a toilet after gym class one day. Do you remember that?" No fucking way! It can't be! Can it? Chad? "Back then I went by a different name, a boys name." She continued to pound that dick in my asshole.

Fucking shit! When I get out of here, I'm going to make him pay. Fuuuuck! She gyrated her hips in just the right way to tickling my prostate sending a ripple of pleasure right through me.

It still hurt a lot! "I use to be called Chad, remember?" She asks as she continues to milk my prostate. Oh my god! Do I have a boner? No way is this turning me on. I'm no homo! "I had such a crush on you. and you… you treated me like shit…" I felt water droplets land on my shoulder.

I titled my head back as far as I could to get a glance at her. She was crying. No… He… He's a dude. He wiped the tears away. "Now it's my turn to treat you like shit! You're going to be my slave from now on." She pulled back and slammed her cock in me. Fuck! The more she fucked me, the less it hurt. It was actually starting to feel good. No! There is no way I'm enjoying this! She humps my ass like there's no tomorrow.

Pounding me. That cock sinks deep inside me. I can feel her balls against mine. I can't believe it. It feels so good right now! My cock is as stiff as a board. I feel like any minute I could cum right now. What the fuck is wrong with me? If my roommates found out, they would surely kick me out. And what if my parents found out!? God my life is over! Now she really starts to thrust hard into my ass. The whole entire bed is shaking and creaking.

Oh, fuck! I'm cuming. I explode all over her sheets. Fuck! She pulls out of my ass. I hear her get off the bed and she steps in front of me. Before I know it, she has that big dick shoved so far down my throat, I can't even breath. I strain against my constraints. She then starts to fuck my face with the same vigor she fucked my ass with. This is so disgusting! I can't believe a cock is in my mouth.

Not only that but a cock that was just recently in my ass! And what's worse is that I got off to it! "Fuck! I'm going to cum!" She grabs my head with both hands and forces her cock all the way down my throat. It starts to pulse and before I know it, her dick explodes, shooting a load straight down to my stomach.

She pulls out to the tip and shoots another load of her sticky seed in my mouth. Gross! It tastes so musky and… Salty! "Good boy, eat up all that cum because it's the only thing you're going to have to eat for some time now," she says. She pulls all the way out of my mouth and shoots one last load all over my face.

Tears are now streaming down my face. I can't believe this has happened. "That was amazing! At least it was for me." She reaches under me a feels my cum covered dick. "Looks like you did enjoy yourself as well. Either way, you better get used to it. I'm going to fuck you all weekend long!" "By the way, take a good look at my computer and give it a wink, you're on film!" She pulls my hair and I look over at her computer. Holy shit!

I didn't notice the webcam there before! Oh, fuck! My life is over! "You see, if you don't do exactly what I tell you to, I'm going to email the entire school some clips of you sucking my dick. Everyone will know how you like to take it in the ass." What am I going to do?! I can't let that film get out.

My life will be ruined! "Now I'm going out for a few hours. The night is still early. Why don't you contemplate exactly how you want this to go. You really only have two options… You can submit to me and become my sex slave or I'm going to make sure that video goes viral! Either way, I'm going to fuck that ass a few more times." She gets dressed and leaves me still bound to her bed, still covered in her cum.

I can't believe this. How did I let this happen? There has to be a way out of this. There is no way in hell I'm going to be her slave, but I can't let that video get out! What the fuck am I going to do? Things couldn't possibly get any worse. Right? What else could she do to me? I need to get the fuck out of here. God, I just need to get free of these restraints. If I can do that, I can get on her computer and delete that video! I'll break that damn thing if I have to. I spent the next few minutes trying to bust my bindings, ultimately ending in failure.

There is no use!

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I can't break free! She's got them on too tight! I could try to yell, but I can't be seen like this! Besides, with the gag in no one will hear me. What am I going to do? What can I do? It's hopeless. I'm so tired and exhausted.

I close my eyes for a few seconds. --- I wake up to the door closing. I look up to see Dakota, or should I say Chad returning back. "Holy shit!

There was a huge fight at your fraternity!" How does she know I'm in a fraternity? Is everyone all right? "I got it all on film! I can't believe it! Fuck, I'm so horny right now!" She starts to take her clothes off. "Here check this out!" She places her phone in front of my face. I see someone crouched and a group of guys punching and kicking him. Wait a sec. Tate and Brandon are in the video! Holy shit! Is that Luke they're kicking?! I don't believe it! They said they were going to do something, but this?

It looks like Luke is hunched over someone else. It has to be his tranny girlfriend! Ouch, he is taking a beating! Oh fuck! He just exploded from the ground, tossing everyone back. Holy shit, Tate just smashed his head with a baseball bat! The bat split in two!

It barely even phased Luke! What fuck?! Is he an evolve? Damn, he's starting to fight back! Wow, he just knocked Brandon out cold. "See! That was crazy.

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I saw them trying to beat him up. Isn't he your roommate? They were at your fraternity!" she was speaking a thousand words per second. I still can't get over what I just saw. Luke just knocked Brandon's ass out. He took a bat to the face and didn't even blink! "God I'm so horny right now! I'm going to fuck your ass so hard!" she stammers. She must have had a few more drinks. She can barely stand up straight.

Her dress falls to the floor, followed by her underwear. "Oh! I have such a good idea! How about while I fuck your ass, you can watch the video we made earlier.

How does that sound?" "It sounds so fucking hot to me!" She grabs a shoulder bag and pulls a small laptop out of it. God damn, how many computers does she have? She then pulls out her desk chair and puts it in front of me. She opens up her laptop and places it on the chair. Then she gets on her other computer and I can't see exactly what she's doing.

Finally, she goes to her laptop and pulls up the video she recorded of her fucking me and plays it from the beginning.

Oh my god I can't watch this! She climbs on top of me and straddles the back of my thighs. God not again! I've never felt so helpless. I feel something warm and wet slide up and down the crack of my ass. Did she just lick my ass? Now it's poking my butthole.

I look up into the screen and see her riding my ass like a horse at the Kentucky Derby. Watching myself get fucked is so weird. Now I can't look away. I watch as she slaps my ass.

Seeing her lean down and press her breasts against my back makes my cock twitch. I can hear her tell me to Take my cock, slut! From now on, you're my bitch! Through the computer. Am I getting aroused by this? "Oh god, I love your ass!

It's perfect!" she says as I can feel her slap her dick against my ass cheeks. Oh no! Not this again! Anything but this! I squirm as she presses the tip of her cock against my rose little pucker. "The more you struggle, the more it's gonna hurt!" She says as she leans in. Oh fuck! She was right! It hurts just as bad as the last time! Do you remember me, Julius? You probably don't, do you?

Her dick pushes past my sphincter. "Uuuuuughhhgh!" I mumble into the gag. Uggghgghgh! I hear myself groan in the video. I can feel her push her cock deeper into me. It's still so tight! The pressure overtakes me. I focus on the video and watch her ram her hump my ass.

"Isn't it so hot to be fucked while watching yourself get fucked!?" she says. "God, you're still so fucking tight!" You and your friends shoved my head in a toilet after gym class one day. Do you remember that? She slams her cock inside me with one long thrust. "Aaaaahhhh!" I groan. "Why were you such an asshole to me?!" she asks as she pumps her cock in and out of my butthole. I can hear her sniffle and feel tears drop onto my back.

She seems more than a little intoxicated. "I liked you so much when I first laid eyes on you. Why did you have to be so mean?" She collapses on top of me as she continues to use my ass as a cock-sleeve. I can hear her start to sob a little. I didn't realize how much I hurt her back then. I just… She was… I mean HE was gay. Everyone bullied him. If I was nice to him, they would all turn on me. She pushed her cock deep inside me.

"I just wanted to love you." She rests her head against my shoulder. I can hear her sob as she slowly pushes her cock in and out of me. "Now your mine," she whispers. Why did I have to be so mean? I could have just left her alone back then. I could have just ignored her. It was my friend Jake that said he saw her watching us shower. Why did I have to suggest shoving his head down the toilet?

I'm such an asshole. But… I wasn't the only one who picked on him. Everyone else did it too. Back then I went by a different name, a boys name. I look up at the laptop. She's fucking me hard as she whispered in my ear. I can see the pain in her expression, mixed with anger and desire. This is all my fault. Everything! I deserve to be her fucktoy. I used to be called Chad. She's still on top of me, but she stopped moving. I lean back to look at her and she passed out with her dick still inside of me.

She looks so innocent, with her eyes closed sleeping like that, on top of me. I had a crush on you… and you&hellip.

You treated me like shit… God, I feel so terrible now! I treated her like shit! This is Karma. Watching the video of her fucking my ass causes my dick to go hard. Now it's my turn to treat you like shit!

You're going to be my slave from now on! I deserve to be treated like shit. I watch her expression as she continues to slam her dick inside me. She was crying, but she was mad as well. I also see the confused look on my face as her dick sank in my ass. It's clear as day, I was enjoying it. I feel her stir on top of me. She lets out a small whimper. Her cock was still inside of me, but it was no longer hard.

I watch the video as she hammers me like a jackrabbit. She then pulls out of my ass and walks in front of me. She then slams her cock down my throat. Watching her fuck my face sends a shiver down my spine.

She looks so beautiful, it's hard to believe she has a cock, let alone the fact that she used to be a boy. A boy that I was such a jerk too. The sad part is, I really didn't even hate him. I kind of liked him. The way his dark raven hair was always in a mess. He was so small and meager. So fragile.

His face was so girly and feminine, but yet, it was beautiful. He was beautiful.

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Every time I saw him, I didn't know if I wanted to hit him or kiss him. It's just… he was outcasted. If I was even just a little nice to him, everyone would have turned on me. But I didn't have to be so cruel. I didn't have to shove his head in the toilet. I didn't have to do all those messed up things to him. Fuck I'm about to cum. I watch as she grabs my head and slams her cock down. She fills up my throat and mouth full of her sticky cum.

Good boy, eat up all that cum because it's the only thing you're going to have to eat for some time now. She pulls out and sprays my face with her sticky seed. I can't believe it, but seeing her cum all over my face arouses me like no other. That was amazing! At least it was for me. I see her walk over and feel my cum covered cock.

Looks like you did enjoy yourself as well. Either way, you better get used to it. I'm going to fuck you all weekend long!

She has such a nice, tight ass. Her tan skin shines with sweet.


It's so smooth. I can only imagine what life was like for her after she left my school. To think she spent all those years thinking about all the cruel things I did to her. It so sad. By the way, take a good look at my computer and give it a wink, you're on film!

Uhhhh. What am I going to do? My world has been flipped upside down. I can't let her post that video. I doubt she'll ever forgive me, let alone trust me. You see, if you don't do exactly what I tell you to, I'm going to email the entire school some clips of you sucking my dick. Everyone will know how you like to take it in the ass. She's got me between a rock and a hard spot.


Holy shit! How long has she been planning this? There is no way this was something spontaneous. She must have been thinking about this ever since that day. Well, she succeeded. She broke me. She got her bittersweet revenge. If only things could have been different. --- "Oh my god! What have I done!?" Oh shit! My neck is killing me.

I can feel the drool falling from the gag that kept my mouth open. I open my eyes to see Dakota sitting naked on the floor with her knees against her chest, liquid falling across her cheeks.

"I… I screwed up so bad! What I'm I going to do?" She looks up at me, those eyes full of tears. She seems surprised to see me awake. "You probably hate me even more than you did…" She breaks her gaze away from mine, as water continues falls like rain from her eyes.

I make a noise to get her attention. She looks back up at me as she wipes her eyes. Her face contorts in strife. "If I remove the gag, do you promise not to yell?" I shake my head yes.

She hesitates but crawls over to me.

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Her hands gently caress my face as they make their way to the back of my head, unlatching the gag. As it pops out of my mouth, I flex my jaw.

It's so sore from being held open for so long. I look back up into her eyes, those beautiful brown, tear-soaked eyes. "I'm so sorry…" "You're sorry? I should be the one apologizing. What I did was…" "I deserved it. I treated you so horribly back in grade school. I was such an asshole. I'm so sorry." "Why were you so mean to me?" "I… I was afraid.

I was afraid that if I was kind to you… If I stood up for you…" "You would end up like me? Getting your head shoved into a toilet?" She let out a soft laugh. "Ha, yeah… I'm so sorry about that… The truth is… I liked you. I just didn't want to admit it.

I couldn't let anyone know that I was…" "Gay?" she sat back bringing her face to my level. "Well, yeah. I guess maybe more bi. If my family found out, they would probably kick me out or something. They just…" "Don't understand?" "Yeah…" "Yeah, I know how that feels." "At least you were brave enough to be true to yourself. I'm a coward. I hid behind insults and I did cruel things to hide what I knew deep down was there all along." She leaned in bringing her face close to mind.

She placed her hands gently on my cheeks, lifting up my head so she could place her lips against mine. Her hand slid behind my neck as her thumb caressed my cheek. We shared a deep long passionate kiss until she finally pulled away. "Can we start over?" she asks.

"I would like that." She traces her fingers across my shoulder, down my arm to my bindings and releases my wrist and then does the other. My wrists ache after being bound for so long. She stands up, her cock brushes up against my face. "Sorry…" I laugh, "It's okay, after last night, I think your dick and me are well acquainted." "Ha, I guess so." She walks over behind me, grazing her hand down my back, stopping for a brief moment at my ass.

She gently gives it a squeeze before sliding her fingers down my thigh to the bindings against my ankles. She undoes both of them, finally setting me free. I sit up on her bed, leaning against the wall, rubbing my wrist where they were bound.

She sits down on the bed, patiently waiting for me to do something. I look up at her and our eyes meet. She reaches over and places her hand on my thigh. I gently reach up and pull her into my arms. She leans her head against my shoulder. I touch her neck, softly tracing my thumb across the side of her chin. She closes her eyes as I slip my hand behind her head and pull her up as our lips lock in another sweet embrace.

She slides her hand down my arm. Our tongues discover each other. I stroke her soft cheek. Her skin feels like silk. She pulls away and looks into my eyes as her hand slips back up my arm until it's on top of mine. She closes her eyes once more as she rubs my hand against her cheek before giving it a gentle kiss. "This is all I ever wanted," she whispers softly looking back up at me. I take her and lay her down gently on the bed as I lay down behind her, wrapping my arms around her.

I place kisses on her shoulder. She leans back and looks into my eyes. I lean in and kiss her lips. I feel her hand grasp my hip. My fingers travel across her breasts, up her neck and gently caress her cheek.

I feel her hand slide down my hip as it lands on my cock. She wraps her fingers around my shaft and gently starts to stroke it. I break away from our kiss. I look into her eyes. "Is this alright? Is this what you want?" She nods her head. "This is more than alright." She rubs my cock up between her butt cheeks.

"Do you have lube?" I ask. She smiles as she lets go of my dick and reaches over to her nightstand and pulls out a bottle of lube. She squirts a blob into her hand and rubs it all over my cock.

It feels so good. I hold out my finger. "Here." She squirts a little on it and I reach down and slip my finger in between those soft caramel cheeks, brushing up against her beautiful star. I gently press my finger in, penetrating her, causing a gasp to escape her lips.

I kiss her shoulder once more to comfort her. She reaches back and drapes her hand on my head. I gently massage her sweet little asshole, smearing the lube all around. Her hand falls down and slides between us, wrapping once more around my cock. I pull out my finger and grab her ass cheek, spreading it wide as she rubs my cock up and down the crack of her ass, finally landing at her stary entrance.

I slowly thrust forward as she pushes her butt back. My the tip of my cock presses against that tight little starfish of hers. With a gasp from her lips, the head of my penises slips in. I let it sit there for a brief moment as I run my fingers up across her stomach, gently grabbing a handful of her breast. She moans as I push my hips forward, sending my cock deeper inside her.

She places her hand on my hip. My other hand slides underneath her, wrapping around her stomach, pulling her closer to me. I slowly gyrate my hips, rubbing my dick up against her prostate.

She lets out a whimper. Her hand slides from my hip and grabs my ass as I slide out she pulls me back in. She leans back, bringing her lips against mine. My hand slides from her breast, up to her neck. I start to pump my cock in and out of her in a slow rhythm. Our worlds begin to unravel and intertwine.

Our tongues dance in each other's mouths. She breaks away from the kiss, her breath is heavy. She looks deep into my eyes and I stare right back. My thumb gently strokes her cheek. She squeezes my ass. I push forward and she presses back. Our bodies collide. My hand takes a journey down south across her body. Trailing down her breast, slowly making my way past her stomach, until I find her cock.

It's steely hard. I wrap my hands around it and gently stroke it. I can feel she is close, as am I. I squeeze her cock as I pump mine deep inside her ass. A few more thrusts and my dick starts to pulsate, erupting inside her. I can feel her cock try to explode, but I squeeze the tip, delaying her orgasm just a little bit longer as I fill her ass with my load. She gasps and moans as her climax continues to build.

I pull out leaving a sticky trail of cum. I quickly get on my knees, still squeezing her cock. She looks at me as she rolls onto her back, begging me for release with those beautiful eyes. I straddle her legs and lean down, finally releasing my grip on her dick as I wrap my lips around her shaft. Her hands latched onto my head, grabbing handfuls of hair. Immediately she explodes in my mouth.

Her cum sprays the inside of my mouth. The musky taste of her seed overtakes my senses. I swallow her first load as another one follows. She screams out, the pleasure overtaking her.

With one more blast from her cock, her body trembles at the sweet release. I swallow down the last of her cum and crawl up her body until our lips are together once more. After a long deep passionate kiss, I collapse next to her.

Both of us are desperately trying to catch our breaths. "That was incredible," I whisper. "I've never thought anything like that was ever possible," she says as she rolls on her side, gently resting her head on my chest. I wrap my arms around her and pull her tight to me. "Now what?" I ask her. She looks up at me with a smile that could brighten up the darkest night.

"After I upload that video, do you want to go again?" "Wait… The video of you and me?" I ask in a panic. "No silly, the video of the fight, people need to see it." "Oh, that video… Yeah sure." I sigh somewhat relieved. I almost forgot about that. The fight between Luke and my fraternity brothers. Life just got way more complicated.

I have to apologize to Luke and his girlfriend, but what about Brandon and Tate? "Do you not want me to upload that video?" she asks. "You're right, people need to see it." I grab her chin and lift her face up and plant another kiss on those soft, sweet lips. After that intimate moment, I pull back and stare deep into those beautiful eyes. "Dakota, thank you! You've changed me. I know realize you're all I ever wanted."