Fitness coach fucks busty hottie in gym

Fitness coach fucks busty hottie in gym
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Cassie Far From Home Series Chapter 1 Stripped By Miss Piggy Written By: Mr. Mongo Despite a bad head cold Cassie took a shopping trip to the mall on her Fourth of July vacation. She hoped to take advantage of the fact everyone is at the beach or barbequing in his or her backyards it gave her a near empty shopping mall. For once she won't have men gawking at Cassie as she shopped. As she walked through the nearly deserted mall, Cassie decided to try on clothes at the Fashion Hub a local thrift shop that actually had nice clothing.

Every time she went in on a slow day the all female staff liked to put on mini fashion shows with the customers as models. She guessed it is pretty much an excuse for grown women to play dress up and have a few giggles and make some sales. "Hi Cassie," shouted Mindy, one of the sales clerks at the Fashion Hub. "You guys trying on clothes today or did I come at a bad time?" "Were waiting for Miss Piggy to go home, she is the boss's niece Peggy. Every time we try to do a fashion show, she tells her uncle to stop it.

She's mad because the clothes don't fit her so feels the need to ruin everyone else's fun," Mindy said in a hushed tone. "But you guys get some good sales from those shows," Cassie complained.

"You know what. Tell Miss Piggy's uncle that, he's here today doing inventory." Mindy said as she pointed to the store's owner Mr. Clark. He's an older chubby man who is writing on a clipboard in front of a row of dresses. "Excuse me, Mr. Clark. Why aren't you letting the sale clerks doing one their fashion shows?

You got five other women in here just milling around not buying anything. When your clerks do a fashion show with the customers everyone buys the stuff they tried on." "Well my niece complains that every time I let customers and staff do a fashion show we ended up loosing merchandise to shoplifters because everyone is being distracted," complained Mr.


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"Have you seen any loss due to shoplifting when you were doing inventory today?" "This was the last rack and I have to admit nothing really has come up as missing," Mr. Clark said with a smile. "You can tell Mindy I'll let her and the other clerks do one of their shows if the other customers want to join in." Cassie walked up to Mindy to give her the good news, but a sales clerk she has never met before stepped in between the two women and asked.

"Why were you talking to my uncle," The woman was morbidly obese with a very pig like appearance. Her up turned nose and squinty brown eyes really did make her look like a pig. On top of her looking like a pig, Cassie could not believe a woman that big would try to wear red and white horizontal stripes. She looked like a demented hard peppermint candy. "I asked Mr. Clark if we could do an impromptu fashion show and he said yes," replied Cassie. "Are you freaking crazy?

Who told you could determine what we do in this store? Every time the clerks play dress up, someone makes off with hundreds of dollars of merchandise," Miss Piggy screamed at Cassie.

"Peggy, God damned it, can't you try not to be an asshole for once in your life! These shows create sales and if you haven't noticed we did not make a single sale today! Why are you keeping me from earning," Mr. Clark was pretty upset with his niece as he scolded her. "If you're so concerned about shoplifters, you can stand guard over the product and the register while everyone is showing clothes." "This is bullshit! You always make me do the dirty work," Miss Piggy yelled and stomped her foot.

When Miss Piggy walked past Cassie, she shot Cassie a look that put shivers up Cassie's spine. "Just you wait Bitch," Miss Piggy said under her breath as she gets behind the register. "Do you think she will do anything to me," asked a worried Cassie.

"Only if she sits on you," giggled Mindy. The female staff, customers, and very stunningly attractive Cassie took turns in the changing room to try on new clothes to parade around in front of everyone in attendance. The naturally blonde Cassie loved how the dress she had on showed off her B-cup breasts and her athletic five foot eight inch body, she was going to purchase this one after she took her turn on their makeshift runway.

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Just as Cassie said, she and all five customers made substantial purchases. It made Mr. Clark so happy he decided to let everyone go home early. Cassie was the last one to check out of the Fashion Hub. When she got up to the register Cassie noticed that Miss Piggy just got up then walked out the door before she got there. Mindy took her place then said. "Man she is pissed!

If I were you I would get home before she tries to jump you in the parking lot," said Mindy in a worried tone. "I am not afraid of that bitch. Besides I can run circles around her if I had to, I was on my high school long distance running team. I got stamina and speed there is no way she could even touch me," boasted a confident Carrie as she waved good-bye to Mindy.

As Carrie was headed towards the mall exit, she saw movement from the corner of her eye two security guards coming up behind her pretty fast. Cassie was about to turn around she heard Miss Piggy say, "That's her! She's the one," after the security guards heard that they each grabbed Cassie by a bicep, then turned her around towards the security office. Right behind them was Ms. Piggy, she was doing her best to keep up with the trio as they made their way to the security office. Cassie could not believe the fat bitch was cackling in between wheezes and coughs.

She figured it was the most exercise the bitch got in months. The security guards handcuff Cassie to a green vinyl seat then turn to face Miss Piggy. "Do you have video tape of her stealing the merchandise," the security guard asked Miss Piggy. "Yes and no," she replied. "What do ya mean by that," asked one of the security guards. "I mean my uncle went home early for the Fourth of July he locked the store up and the security tapes are inside.

He told me to retrieve the merchandise then bring it back to his house," Miss Piggy said when she tried her best to convince the security guards of Cassie's guilt.

"What she steal," one of the security guards asked.


"Two hundred and fifty dollars worth of cheap gold earrings, I think she stashed them in her panties," Miss piggy said with an evil smirk. "You two search her I'll search her bags.


I'll do it outside if you don't mind?" "Make sure to get back soon we would like a female present when we strip-search her," the security guard said to Miss Piggy. "Did you just say strip-search," yelled a very panicked Cassie. "Are you menstruating," asked a security guard. "No, I just got a really bad head cold," complained Cassie. "Don't worry about that head cold honey. Just as long as your pussy ain't sick," laughed the other security guard.

"Would you like to remain hand cuffed to that chair until Mr. Clark gets back to his shop tomorrow morning? You're naked in front of your doctor right? Consider us to be like doctors, we see people of all ages naked in here everyday. You ain't anyone that demands special treatment," said the security guard in a stern voice. "Where's your proof? She said the store is locked. Can't I come back tomorrow," asked Cassie, as she was about to cry?

"You suppose we should search you tomorrow then," laughed one of the security guards. "Give me a break you just left the store, so if you stole the earrings, they should still be on you. We gonna search you right freak'n now!" "Miss Piggy re-entered the room with the bag. "The bag is clean. There was no sign of them in the bags, so they must be still on her." Miss Piggy said. "I am afraid you are going to have to remove your blouse so we can search it," said the guard with a smirk on his face.

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Cassie began to cry as she started to unbutton her blouse and pulled the tail end out of her jeans. It left her in a white lacey bra and her jeans. The guard ran his hand across every inch of the blouse, then looked up said, "It's clear," Miss piggy extended the bag for the security guard to put the blouse in. "Now empty your pockets on your jeans ma'am. Then remove them." Cassie took everything out of her pockets, as the security guard looks them over then dropped them in the bag Miss Piggy was holding along with the jeans.

"Ma'am, you are down to your panties and bra I suggest you come clean and give up the stolen goods. This is your final warning. You passed a sign entering the mall that states you can be subjected to a strip search if you are suspected of shop lifting." Cassie began to sob.

It made both guards feel bad for her. They both looked over at Miss Piggy, but she only smirked then said, "The skank probably has them stashed in her bra and panties. I say keep hunting, no telling what she has stashed up in her cooch." "I am sorry ma'am but I'll have to ask you to remove the bra," the guard said as he tried not to make eye contact with Cassie.

When Cassie undid her bra, Miss Piggy extended Cassie's shopping bag then shook it in front of her to signal for Cassie to drop her bra in. Cassie's lower lip quivered as she dropped her bra into the bag. Cassie tried to cover her puffy dark pink nipples, but the security guard told her to keep her arms at her side.

She began to cry again as she complied with the mall cop's order. "I don't think she has the earrings on her Piggy, oops I mean Peggy. You can tell when a shoplifter has something rat holed on her body. They give off a certain vibe and she ain't showing it," the security guard said while shaking his head in disgust. "Are you calling me a liar?

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My family runs at least five shops in this mall, if you want to keep your jobs I suggest you two make her put her panties in her shopping bag," yelled Miss Piggy. Without being told to do so, Cassie put her thumbs into the waistband of her panties then shimmied out of the panties.

It exposed her neatly trimmed blond bush. Cassie felt every eye in the security room as they stared directly at her exposed pussy. Cassie could only stand there fully humiliated, but with anger in her eyes and a red face. "There! I don't have your stinking earrings," screamed Cassie into Miss Piggy's face.

She found it hard to contain her rage and embarrassment. "I think she's got it hidden up in her pussy or up her asshole. She probably needs the money to fuel her drug habit. Junkies always hide stuff up inside them, I see it all the time on TV shows," Miss Piggy said in a calm voice. "By law male security guards can't do cavity search on female detainee's. You have to do it Peggy," the guard said while shook his head. "Just let me put her bag in the next room then we can precede with the body cavity search," Miss Peggy said as she took Cassie's shopping bag.

The bag contained all the clothes Cassie purchased and that were stripped off of her. When the door closed Miss Piggy hid the bag behind a filing cabinet in a dark corner of the office. She hoped no one would find it right away. Before Miss Piggy went back into the room she made sure to buy a diet soda from a vending machine. It was cold right out of the vending machine. Miss Piggy held the diet soda bottle after she put on some rubber gloves, she made sure to get her fingers nice and cold for Cassie's cooch hunt.

"Ma'am please bend over while separating your ass cheeks. Peggy you need to first take both of your thumbs and place them on either side of her anus. Once your thumbs are in place make her to cough. If she has anything up her butt it will pop right out like a jack in the box," instructed the security guard.

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Hearing the guard's instructions when waiting for Miss Piggy to carry them out was worst of the tortures for Cassie today. With every word spoken by the guard added to her humiliation. Miss Piggy touched Cassie's anus with her freezing cold fingers it caused goose bumps and the fine hairs on Cassie's body to stand up. It gave Cassie the worst chills she ever felt. Seeing this, one of the security guards rubbed Cassie's arms as he tried in vain to warm poor Cassie up, but he just made it feel creepier.

"Well I didn't see anything turtle head out of her ass.

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I guess that leaves her snatch." Miss Piggy said. "Ma'am, you're going to have to bend again and separate your legs a shoulder length apart. Now Peggy insert your pointer finger into her vagina as far as you can get it," Miss Piggy's freezing cold rubber clad finger penetrated deeply into Cassie's vagina.

Miss Piggy's finger was so cold as ice, it took Cassie's breath away as it entered her. "Did you find anything," asked a guard. "No, better safe then sorry though. I better get her clothes back to her then. I am deeply sorry Cassie if I embarrassed you.

Please accept this coupon for one hundred dollars of in store credit," Miss Piggy said with a fake smile. She turned and then left the office to retrieve Cassie's clothes.

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Just as quickly as Miss Piggy left the room she ran back in screaming, "Someone stole Cassie's bag with her clothes in it, right out of your office!" Both security guards ran into the other room to try to help find Cassie's clothes.

"Holy shit! They took the bag right out of the security office," yelled one of the security officers. "Get out there and find that bag before they get away you freak'n morons," screamed Miss Piggy as she held the door to the mall open for the guards. Both security guards ran out in search of the bag. As soon as they left the room Miss Piggy calmly walked back into the rear office where Cassie stood naked.

Cassie did her best to use her arm and hands to cover her naked body. "The guards went back to patrolling the mall! They told me to escort you to the backdoor then kick your ass out. You are never to come back to this mall ever again or we will have you arrested! Do you understand me you skinny blonde slut," screamed Miss Piggy into Cassie's ear. "You can't send me out naked! Where are my clothes, I know your fat ass hid them," screamed Cassie.

"It doesn't matter if I took them or the guards took them or a wild pack of dogs took them! All that matters is that you are not going to get them," Miss Piggy sang in a singsong like tone.

She sounded like a child teasing another child with a nursery rhyme. Miss Piggy easily dragged the very naked, very embarrassed Cassie by her blonde pubic hair out of the office into the mall.

The few mall shoppers pointed and laughed at Cassie as cell phone cameras were held up to capture her forced nudity and Miss Piggy's sweet victory. Cassie is so filled with anger she does not have time to be embarrassed. Miss Piggy kicked the backdoor of the shopping mall open then pushed Cassie out onto her bare ass. "Have fun in the dumpsters Cassie. Your clothes might be in one of those dumpsters, why don't you do some dumpster diving to retrieve them," laughed Miss Piggy after she slammed the metal door shut.

Cassie made sure the coast was clear then made a break for the dumpsters. She opened the first dumpster she hoped to find her clothes or at least a cardboard box to cover herself with. To horror the dumpster looked completely empty. Cassie ran to the second dumpster only to find that it has been emptied as well, with the exception of a half empty garbage bag. It looked clean so she was going to go for it. As she leaned closer and closer to the garbage bag she suddenly felt hands grab her by her ankles.

A crusty homeless man pulled Cassie towards him so he could stick his cock into her blond pussy. Cassie let out a shriek when she felt the scumbag's cock slip inside of her. The homeless man jack hammered Cassie's tight pussy. She kicked, screamed, and squirmed as the homeless man fucked her like an animal. Half through the forced entry, Cassie found herself breathing hard.

Her thighs started to tremble. Cassie was embarrassed at how turned on this was getting her. When the homeless pulled his cock out he came all over Cassie's pretty white ass. Cassie wiped off her ass then ran off, she hoped to find her way home without being spotted. Cassie looked over her shoulder. All she could saw now was the naked homeless guy chasing after her. Cassie figured he wanted a second go at her, maybe her asshole this time. She easily out ran naked homeless man.

Cassie could not help but laugh at the homeless man as he ran with an erection.