Slender babe gets pounded and mouth jizzed

Slender babe gets pounded and mouth jizzed
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Sharing Cindy Chapter 5 After finally fucking Cindy in front of someone, I knew that I wanted to take it to the next level. I wanted Cindy to be a willing participant, know that she was being watched. And once again, fate seemed to drop the perfect opportunity into my lap. It happened to be my birthday and one of Cindy's friends, Ron, came over and wanted to get high with us. Ron was one of those guys who clearly has the hots for a girl but since she was already taken, will hang around as a "friend" hoping for his shot.

It didn't bother me too much as Ron was definitely not Cindy's type and he seemed harmless. After my older brothers and sisters moved out of the house, I was able to convert the basement family room into my room. It was big enough to have its own couches and table with chairs, so naturally we would hang out there and party from time to time.

RonCindy and I were down there during the day why my parents were gone to a sales conference in the next state. We sat around partying and playing darts for a while. Once I had a buzz I kept asking Cindy if she had a "special" present for me and teasing her with innuendoes. Ron got into the teasing and kept telling her it was alright with him if she wanted to give me something special. We all laughed but I knew once I started with her, I just might have a shot of having someone else watch us fuck.

I kept handing her the joints and soon she was very stoned. As she would take her turn at darts I would sneak up behind her and rub her ass or grab her tit.

It must have started to get to her because while Ron would shoot, she was all over me, with kisses and even rubbing my cock through my jeans. I made sure that a couple of times Ron saw my hands on her ass or under her top.

After a few minutes of deep kisses, I told Ron to go ahead and practice for a little while. He joked once again that she should give me my present. I couldn't agree more.


I sat Cindy down on the couch and really got into making out with her. She started to protest but I kept telling her how it would be to tease Ron and how hot she was. I kept pushing the envelope and soon had her shirt off.

She was embarrassed but I kept up the compliments and kept telling her how sexy she was and how hot she was making me. She began to loosen up and enjoy it. Ron knew not to interrupt and continued to act like he was interested in the darts. But each time he would walk up to the board to get his darts, I noticed he would spend a good deal of time watching us. I kept telling her she was making me hard and I was sure Ron was definitely getting off on seeing her sexy body.

Pretty soon Cindy relented and let me strip her naked.

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I had her very horny as I was rubbing her clit and making her wet. She began to push her hips into my hand so I could tell she wanted to get fucked. I wanted to take this to the next level and wanted her to ask me out loud to fuck her. She whispered it back to me but I wanted Ron to hear it. "Louder", I told her. "Fuck me" she said.


"Louder. I want him to hear." "Fuck me" she said a little louder. "Again" I told her. "I want your cock in me. Just. Fuck. Me. Now." she said forcefully.

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I slid my cock into her and I don't think I have ever felt her so wet without me going down on her first. As I bottomed out she let out a big moan. Ron turned and began to watch. I just got into the moment and began to really give it to her.

This was incredible. To be fucking her in front of someone else and for her to want it also was the best. My mind was racing as I knew that all three of us were enjoying this and that Cindy was now open to more than I thought. I would like to say I fucked her to several major orgasms and for hours on end, but it was more like about 15 minutes and we both came very loudly while Ron stood and watched. Sweat was dripping off of both of us as we had gotten carried away and really went at it.

When we had both come down a little, Ron finally spoke up and said "Happy Birthday to you." That had us all laughing and broke the tension. We got up and I slipped on my jeans and handed her her clothes.

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We decided to smoke another joint and Cindy only slipped on her top and panties. As we sat around, I would casually touch her and watch her nipples get harder and harder.

Ron was really having a hard time keeping his eyes off her body. She got up and walkedover to Ron to pass the joint and I watched as he stared at her ass as she walked back over towards me. I caught her hand and pulled her onto my lap, facing me.

This gave Ron a very clear look at her sexy ass in her panties. I slid my hands up her legs and around onto her butt.

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I then slowly rubbed her butt as she felt my dick getting hard under her. She began to rotate her hips on me, so I knew she was getting horny again. I slowly moved my hands under her panties and exposed her ass to Ron again. He just stared at her ass as I stroked it lightly. She knew what I was doing and kept looking at me like she wanted to tell me to stop, but like she also wanted to feel good again.

I pulled her towards me and whispered in her ear, asking her if she wanted to get fucked again.


She just said "uh huh" in my ear. "By Ron?", I asked. "No" "You want my dick?" "Yes" "Then take it out" I think she started to get a little nervous all of the sudden and realized what had happened. She leaned over and whispered for me to get rid off him, then she got up and ran to the bathroom.

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I now had experienced fucking Cindy in front of two different guys and wondered how long that would satisfy my perverted mind. Would we progress beyond this? Would Cindy agree to go further? I guess I always knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to watch her take another dick.

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Thankfully it would only be a couple of weeks before that happened…&hellip.