Blonde milf double teamed outdoor

Blonde milf double teamed outdoor
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The Cop and the Bartender - Chapter One Author's note: I'd like to thank my good friend, lover, editor, and inspiration for this story, Mel (melanieatplay), I couldn't have completed this without her support. Additionally, my thanks to Jim (Mojavejoe420) for his grammar and wordsmithing advice.

===================== Jones, what the hell were you thinking, it's a hundred and fucking ten degrees in the shade. What the hell are you doing in Las Vegas Metro? You had a great job at SDPD I said to myself. I took a sip of my Ginger Ale, wishing it was a single malt Scotch.

I thought back over the years, actually almost twenty years. I'd spent ten years in Submarine and Special Warfare in the Navy, five years San Diego Police Department Vice and Narcotics units and was promoted to Sergeant. Then, five years in SWAT and was promoted to Lieutenant, the youngest Lieutenant to lead a SWAT squad in over 20 years.

Then I left it all, including a beautiful three bedroom beachfront condo worth about eight hundred thousand dollars, fully owned, in Ocean Beach.

Thank God for a trust fund and appreciation. I accepted a position with a shiny, new gold Captain's shield and a fancy title. Well, Director of Special Intelligence and Counterterrorism Task Force, was kind of sexy I had to admit. Metro Chief Joe Lombardo created the task force in the aftermath of the Mandalay Bay/Route 91 Harvest music festival shooting in October of last year. I took my glass and spilled a little of my drink on the floor, in tribute to my fallen brothers. At thirty-eight years old I guess I'd done alright for myself.

Good career, great new job, new one point two million dollar home in Summerlin. That was a story in itself. Seems that the DEA had a very high-class safe house and sting operation base in Summerlin. But with the budget cuts and change in operational mandates, they were forced to liquidate it.

The Chief and Deputy Director of the DEA were old drinking buddies, and I was able to get it for six hundred twenty-five thousand dollars.

I really hated selling the condo, but I really couldn't pass up that deal. I even had enough left over to buy a new 2019 Maserati GranTurismo Sport Convertible.

If that high maintenance, pain in the ass fashion model of an ex-girlfriend hadn't left me for a frigging bull dyke, my life would have been nearly perfect. I'm sitting at the far right side of the Main Room lounge in the XS nightclub in the Encore, looking across the bar.

I want to say I was a guest looking to get laid by one of the many hot, sexy young women here. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I was waiting for the arrival of two of the world's most deadly terrorists to make an appearance. If the intelligence was correct, Mohammed Badie, the eighth Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood was meeting with Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri, the General Emir of ‎Al-Qaeda. This was unprecedented and never occurred on American soil, much less in the most popular club in Las Vegas.

Also unprecedented was their very light protection details to prevent undue attention. Besides being in a perfect position to see the entire bar and club area, the restrooms were right behind me, and all the women had to pass by me on their way to pee, get high, or have sex in one of the bathroom stalls.

The XS had quite a reputation for on-premise sexual acts. "Hi I'm Melanie. can I get you another drink?" Her voice brought me back to the now. I looked up at the bartender; she must have just come on shift as I hadn't seen her before. She had the body and face that instantly get men hard.

Melanie was about five foot nine with legs that went for miles and then formed into a perfect ass. A wisp of purple satin barely covered her firm, tight, well-rounded ass. She had a completely uncovered flat, sculpted stomach with a light trace of six pack abs.

A very tasteful diamond piercing hung down an inch from her navel. Her top consisted of a very sexy half cup black and purple lacy bra that hardly covered her nipples but pushed her 36D breasts up into an amazing cleavage. If you had the willpower of Hercules and could break your gaze away from her chest, you would see a face sculpted by the Roman goddess Venus herself.

Long flowing blonde hair almost to her ass, eyes as green as the finest emeralds from Zimbabwe. Her smile could bring a man to his knees, and her voice was angelic. In that moment, looking into her eyes, I knew I had to have her, and I wanted to make her mine. Wow, did I just say I was going to marry this woman.

"It's a true pleasure to meet you, Melanie, I'm Bob, Bob Jones, Ginger Ale please." I extended my hand and got the distinct impression people didn't usually shake hands with her when she was tending bar.

However, she shook my hand, and while our hands were firmly clasped together, she spoke. "A true pleasure huh? Do you intend to keep holding my hand? "I'd like to do just that if, you don't mind too much." I laughed, offering her my best smile and reluctantly let go of her hand.

I couldn't help but get lost in her eyes. "Thank you, Bob, for looking at my eyes and not just staring at my chest; most guys don't get past them." "Then they are fools, you have the most mesmerizing green eyes I have ever seen." "Aww&hellip.

Thank You… But I'm sure you say that to all the girls." "Well yes, actually I do, but in your case I really mean it." Melanie smiled and moved down the bar to wait on an older, salt and pepper haired guy in a designer business suit. "Yo Cap, a hundred bucks says you strike out." Jim's voice crackled in my ear. He was a newly promoted Sergeant sitting on the opposite end of the bar.

I smiled at him as I pretended to scratch my nose with my middle finger. Our eyes met.


"Eat shit and die… But I'll take your bet, you're gonna regret, 'Cause I'm the best there's ever been." "Oh so cocky… How the mighty will fall," was his retort. The Angel walked back up the bar and smiled at me. Alright Jones, showtime. "Melanie, I'm sure you get hit on a hundred times a day, but I've just moved to Las Vegas and I was wondering if you would be willing to show me around the city and then have dinner with me?" "Well yes actually I do," she laughed copying my earlier remark, "but in your case, I'm glad you did… I'm assuming you're hitting on me?" At the same time, her hand covered mine as it was sitting on the bar.

Her smile was enchanting, and her crystal green eyes sparkled. Oh yeah baby, I'm fucking hitting on you. "NO, No fucking way that just happened," Jim sputtered as he attempted to take a sip of his drink.

"No, Melanie I'm not hitting on you, I'm asking a goddess to have dinner with a mere mortal." That was a little over the top Jones, even for you. She looked me up and down and smiled. "Oh my… I am not a goddess… and Mr. Jones, I am thinking that there is nothing 'mere' about you." She giggled while her hand moved from mine and stroked lightly up my arm. Then again, maybe it wasn't. She looked over and saw a customer down the bar who needed a refill.

"I'll be right back, Do Not Move!" Like there was any chance of that happening. "Fuck me… no way… She bought that shit?" "What was that… Jim… I'm sorry for ever doubting you Captain; I humbly bow before your greatness?" I said.

I didn't mean to be so cocky, but I couldn't help screwing with him. Besides, it was a lot of fun seeing him squirm and knowing he was about to lose a Franklin. I hoped he was going to lose our bet, but I hadn't actually got her to commit to a date yet.

A voice started talking in my concealed earpiece. "Captain Jones, Sergeant Roberts, be advised subjects of interest are entering your location at this time, close but do not apprehend or provoke an incident." Fuck me to death! Really, now? "Jones, acknowledged." "Roberts, acknowledged." I didn't miss the laughter that accompanied Jim's response. I glared at him, got up, and started to move to his position. Melanie was heading back to my side of the bar and saw that I'd left my seat.

She frowned and put her hands on her hips as if to say, no fucking way; you ask me out, then leave. She came around the bar and approached me at a fast gait. Everything happened all at once. The two gunshots, the "shots fired, man down" in my earpiece, followed by Jim's voice "Fuck, I've been shot." Melanie inadvertently grabbed my right arm just as I was reaching for my weapon which prevented me from defending myself. The mind is an amazing thing.

Just as the deadly scene was playing out, I was reminded of the Hollies song, 'Long cool woman.' Well the D.A. was pumping my left hand And a she was a holding my right…' A huge Arab man was coming at me with a submachine gun drawn. I pushed Melanie away and grabbed the Uzi before Arab dude could fire.

I kicked him hard in the balls and freed the weapon from his possession. I clipped him in the head with the butt of the Uzi, and he went down hard. Then, a second Arab pushed me back, grabbed Melanie, and held a knife loosely to her throat.

Loosely was his mistake. No blink, no hesitation, no choice. I pulled my Glock G19, raised it, aimed and squeezed off two rounds. The second Arab went down with two slugs in his head. Melanie screamed, ran to me, and wrapped her arms around me as I holstered my weapon. The song lyrics played in my head. And I told her don't get scared, Cause you're gonna be spared, I gotta be forgiven If I want to spend my living with, A long cool woman.

By this time, ten heavily armed Metro Police SWAT officers rushed in and began securing the club. Two hours later, the paperwork and initial interviews completed, I was driving Melanie home. She was still visibly shaken. It was a little hard to drive with her practically sitting in my lap clinging to my right arm.

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The scent of her perfume was intoxicating. She was intoxicating. I didn't even know this gorgeous creature next to me with a death grip on my arm, but I felt something.

something I had never felt before. We'd driven to the police station, and I was taking her home because she was in no state to drive. We'd stopped by Sunrise hospital to check on Jim. He was doing quite well considering he'd just been shot. It was actually a through-and-through, so no slug to dig out, they didn't even put him under, just gave him a local.

He smiled when I came in because he heard my voice talking to the officer posted at the door. When he saw Melanie clinging to me, his mouth dropped open. Guess I win that hundred after all, huh Jim. I just offered him my best shit-eating grin. "Everybody knows you jumped in front of that round just to get some attention…" He flipped me the bird. "Asshole," he said, smiling, then remembering Melanie was there. "Oh… I'm so sorry Miss." I don't think she even saw or heard him; she was a little out of it still.

"Jim this is Melanie, Melanie, this is my partner, Jim Roberts. "Nice to meet you, Jim." She said softly. It was strange, looking at her two hours ago.she was just a beautiful young woman I'd asked out. She looked different now. I saw so much more, the real woman behind that gorgeous smile and flirtatiousness.

She was soft, vulnerable, and desperately holding on to me. We talked to my partner for a couple of minutes and then said our goodbyes. I couldn't help but notice the looks on the faces of the officers in the hallway as we left… It was pure envy. However, I wished it was under a different situation.

As I pulled the Maserati out of the hospital parking lot, Melanie squeezed my arm and looked at me with wide, doe eyes. "Bob… will… will you stay with me tonight? I… I just don't want to be alone." Under any other circumstances I'd have been ecstatic, but it just didn't feel right.

I felt an overwhelming responsibility to protect and care for this beautiful young woman and having sex with her was the furthest thing from my mind. "Yes… Of course Melanie. I can do that." She smiled. It was the first genuinely happy smile since the shooting.

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"Please call me Mel, all my friends call me Mel." She must have been feeling more comfortable. She was no longer practically sitting in my lap, but she still had an iron grip on my arm. Friends… Are we friends now? I guess saving her life put me in that category. I had to admit; I liked that she considered me a friend. I couldn't help but think of her as so much more. My future wife. Get a grip dude; you're not in High School, you don't even know her.

Out of the blue, I laughed. Mel looked at me as if to say… What's so funny. "I was just thinking that tonight was just going to be another dull stakeout." I had to say something, give her a reason for my outburst. It was a quick drive from the hospital to her condo which was in a gated community. The top was down, and she reached across me to enter the access code to the main gate.

Even wearing my sports coat, her magnificent breasts rubbed against my chest. My hand came up and almost instinctively stroked her back and long blonde hair. "Umm… that feels good." She turned and wrapped her arms around my neck, and our faces were just inches apart. My arms enclosed her body, drawing her closer to me. Noooo, too soon… Don't kiss her. Luckily, she moved and nuzzled her face into my chest. I pulled up to clear the quickly closing gate.

Then we just sat there, her head on my chest, our arms holding us together. I could feel her heart beating against my chest. My hands gently caressing her back. Mel was almost purring. She looked up, smiling at me dreamily.

"Do we have to move?" "As much as I would love to let you continue to lay on my chest, I need to take you to bed." Damm, Put you to bed… I meant put you to bed…Talk about the preverbal Freudian slip. She blinked at me and a big smile crossed her face.

"Sorry, put you to bed, I mean." She kissed me on the lips, lingered a few seconds and broke the embrace. "Is this where I say 'Take me to bed or lose me forever'?" She asked. She smiled. "How about tonight I just put you to bed and you agree to keep me for at least a week." "I can do that… I mean that's the least I can do.You did just save my life." "Oh, does that mean you owe me a life debt?

" I smiled. "Maybe…" she replied, giggling. She reluctantly let go of me and sat back in her seat. "My parking spot is up there on the left by the elevators, number thirty-six oh six," she said and pointed with her left hand. I parked, got out of the car and opened her door. She got out and immediately clung to me. "Bob, thank you so much for staying with me tonight, it means so much to me." She said barely above a whisper. Baby, you have no idea how much it means to me.

"Absolutely, let's get you inside." "Okay." She said quietly, taking my hand and leading me to the enclosed elevator bay. She flashed a key fob at the door and entered.

The elevator door opened, we went in, and she pressed the button for the thirty-sixth floor. The door to her condo was about six down from the elevators.

She had one of those keyless entry systems and punched in the access code. There was a slight click, and the door opened. Melanie led me thru the entry hall and into the living room. Her condo was fairly new, built maybe in the last five years. It was very tastefully decorated and decidedly feminine but not overly so. I could tell immediately she had very good and expensive tastes. "Can I get you a beer?" "Please… That would be great." I walked to the large picture window.

There was an outstanding view of the Las Vegas strip. I could see New York-New York, the ARIA, Excalibur, and the Luxor.

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A million lights all at once, it was a truly spectacular sight. "It's beautiful isn't it?" she said handing me a, 'Never Pass Up a Blond' pale ale, from Sin City Brewing, a local microbrewery. I took a sip; it was very good, a crisp, fresh taste with a little hops bite to it. Holding the bottle up I said, "Never Pass Up a Blond… Are you trying to tell me something, Mel?" She giggled and snuggled up against me, my arm naturally wrapping around her thin bare waist.

She had taken off my sports coat and was just wearing what she had on in the bar. We just stood there taking in the view and drank our beers. It was nice; it felt very natural being with her. She looked up at me, "I'm a little tired… Can we go to bed?" Under different circumstances… I'd love to have heard those words. "You bet… Can I get a pillow and blanket?" She looked at me like she did when I asked her out to dinner at the bar.

Like she was trying to make up her mind. "When I asked you to stay with me tonight. I said that I didn't want to be alone…" she said as if asking a question. "Yes?" "I meant would you sleep with me tonight… as in share my bed?" I think my mouth dropped open.

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She saw the look, blushed a bright red. "I meant really sleep… just hold me. Is that okay?" she said a little self consciously. Wow… This woman just met me, and she has that much trust in me?

I have a lot of willpower, I really do… But this was going to put it to the test. "I'd like that Mel, just holding you in my arms all night." She smiled and led me into her bedroom. It was a large room with cream-colored walls and a sort of peach-colored accent wall. The south wall was a picture window like the one in the living room. There was a modern four-poster king size bed on one wall, it was made of Oak and although well built was elegantly designed.

A matching large mirrored dresser and night tables completed the collection. The only light illuminating the room was coming through the window from the strip. "I'm too tired to take a shower… Do you mind? Baby… You could have just run a marathon. I wouldn't mind. I noticed she hadn't let go of my hand. Except to get the beers she hadn't let go of me all night, well since the shooting. "No worries… Do you by chance have a spare toothbrush?" "I do… Yes." Smiling she guided me into the bathroom.

She opened a drawer and pulled out a new toothbrush handing it to me. I quickly brushed my teeth and left the bathroom to give her some privacy. I walked into the hall and used that bathroom.

I returned to her bedroom. I took off my shoes and socks and shirt. I set my badge and gun down on the night table and was looking through the window at the strip below.

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I realized that in worrying about Mel and checking on Jim, I hadn't started processing the fact I took a human life tonight. It was by no means the first, and it was definitely a righteous shoot, but it was still a life.

I would go to Mass on Sunday. A soft hand coming around my chest brought me back to the real world. It was my turn to say, "That feels nice." I turned around to face her as I said it. Oh My God ! She was standing there in nothing but a very sheer and incredibly sexy black nightgown that barely covered her upper thighs. I had the forethought not let my mouth drop open this time. The nightgown clung to her magnificent body and left nothing to the imagination.

She wordlessly turned around and walked to the bed and got under the covers. I quickly undid my belt and took off my slacks, and got into her bed.

No sooner than I rolled on to my back, Mel was laying on my chest, her leg lying next to mine and her hand laying on my upper thigh. I looked down at her and smiled. "You comfortable?" She looked up at me and smiled. "Ummm" I assumed that was a yes and quickly tried to force myself to sleep before my body started to betray me.

I wasn't quite asleep when I felt Melanie's hand move on my thigh and her lips softly kissed my chest. I instantly started to get hard. "Ah… Mel, what are you doing? She giggled. "I thought it was pretty obvious…" I leaned up on one elbow. "Mel, I don't think this is a good idea." What?

Yes I do.! I think it a fanfuckingtastic idea… No, no you don't. "I think you are still in a little shock over what happened tonight and your body is reacting to the adrenaline and excitement." She blinked and pouted, visibly upset. "You. you don't want me… want to…" I put a finger to her mouth. "Melanie, I want you more than I ever wanted any woman in my entire life, I just feel I'd be taking advantage you in this state. "My state is just fine thank you very much!" Ah… No… No, it isn't… and I probably just ruined any chance I had with you… But I can't take advantage of you this way.

I reached out to stroke her face. "Mel, If you feel this same way tomorrow… there is nothing in this world that could keep me away from you." She pulled away from my touch like it stung. "Yeah… Good luck with that… Good Night!" I could hear the venom in her voice. She rolled over and moved as far away from me as she could. I thought about getting up and going to sleep on the couch in the living room but I suddenly felt very exhausted.

Instead, I just rolled on my side and tried to go to sleep. You are a fucking idiot.! Yeah maybe… but my integrity is still intact. I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep, although it felt like hours only about ten minutes passed.

I felt tears on my back then Mel's warm body spoon me. "I'm. I'm so sorry. You are a good man." She was crying softly. I rolled to face her and wrapped my arms around her.

"It's okay. Baby… just fall asleep in my arms." I thought, no matter what happens I have a very special woman in my arms, as sleep overcame us. ============== I woke up to the smell of bacon. I got out of bed, still in my boxers, and followed the smell into the kitchen. Melanie, in my white dress shirt and nothing else, was standing with her back to me scrambling eggs. A radio was playing light jazz in the background. Did I already tell you she had a fantastic pair of legs? I started at her feet and slowly worked my way up her body.

Her feet, I thought were a little small for her body, for as tall as she was. Very cute, with French painted toenails. She had a tiny gold ring on the middle toe of her right foot and a very lovely Black Hills Gold tri-tone double heart anklet on her left ankle. Her calves were toned and tanned, as was her entire body.

Mel must work out a couple of hours every day I thought. Her legs were a light almost golden brown and were well-muscled runners legs. Her thighs lightened to a creamy soft shade of light brown as they disappeared under my shirt. Damm. Why did my shirt have to be so long? My shirt might have been too long but it was very tight around her magnificent ass. She still hadn't realized my presence behind her as she was slightly moving that glorious ass to the rhythm of the music.

It was truly a sight to behold. I had seen several very lovely assses in my day, but none matched the one I was currently staring at. Yes, I was staring, if fact I couldn't keep my eyes off of it.

Full, round, tight and swaying gently to the music, it was an ass created in Heaven. While I was a self-proclaimed chest guy, I did love a sweet ass to worship from time to time. Mel's was truly worthy of worship. Being that chest guy, I couldn't help but notice that hers were quite visible from my vantage point. My manhood was noticing everything I noticed as well and was quite prominently bulging against my boxers, almost to the point of being painful.

Her long blonde hair cascaded loosely down her back reaching almost to her ass. I couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like hanging down in my face as she was riding me cowgirl. She had just set the whisk down and was starting to move to her left as I approached her from the right. I came up behind her wrapping my arms around her waist just barely below her breasts. I nuzzled her neck and said, "Good morning," She turned around, lifted her arms and put them around my neck and hugged me tightly, her head resting against my chest.

I was getting quite fond of her being there. She looked up at me with the deepest green eyes. "Hi." Before I could respond, she kissed me. Not like the quick spontaneous kiss last night in the car, that was a response to my Freudian slip.

This was an impassioned kiss full of emotion and need. Not raw and sexual, more meaningful, like she was saying, I'm sorry, I care about you, and I want you, all rolled up in one passionate kiss. As I started to kiss her back, she broke the passionate embrace. "Shit… Breakfast…" She almost screeched. She untangled herself from me and quickly turned off the burner and saved the eggs. She dished up the eggs and bacon and picked up the two plates. As she turned, her gorgeous ass was directly in front of me.

She took the plates and set them down on the kitchen table. Looking back over her shoulder, smiling, "You wanted to grab my ass, huh?" Damm… Busted. "Why… Yes. Ms. Johnson, I most certainly did." I closed the distance to her in two steps, turned her around and looking deeply into her eyes, I kissed her. All the pent-up passion from the last twelve hours surged through my body as my tongue sought hers and wrapped around it, sucking it into my mouth.

My fingers roaming up and down her sides and then moved to cup her tight ass. She moaned into my mouth; It was so sexy.


As I pulled her firm body into mine, I felt my erection growing as it pressed into her stomach, my balls resting on top of her moist sex. She rubbed her body up and down on my cock, and this time it was me who groaned into her mouth. We stayed in each other's arms for several minutes. I reluctantly let her go. "You cooked us breakfast?" "Why… Yes. Mr. Jones, I most certainly did." We both laughed as we sat down to eat. The bacon and eggs were great, but the last thing on my mind was breakfast.

The sexual tension was so thick it could be cut with a knife. Finishing the last bite, I stood up, picked up both plates, went to the sink, rinsed them off and placed them in the dishwasher.

Melanie had just stood up and smiled approvingly at my attempt at domestication. I moved back to the kitchen table and in one smooth move picked her and put her over my shoulder. That elicited a squeak from Mel, but she didn't resist. I took her to her bedroom and gently laid her down on the bed.

I stood over her. She smiled up at me. "Last night I said there is nothing in this world that could keep me away from you… If you feel the same way tomorrow…" I paused for effect.

"It's tomorrow…" "Well, I'm still on my bed, and have no intention of moving…" she said as she sat up and began to unbutton my shirt, her movements slow, deliberate and very sensual. As I stood watching her, part of me was enjoying the show, and part of me wanted to jump on the bed and rip all the buttons off at once. She was a consummate tease, her eyes never leaving mine as she slowly unbuttoned each button.

She undid the last button, pulling one arm out and then the other. She let it sit there on her shoulders. Her very full breasts almost completely uncovered, she slowly let the shirt fall to the bed. Melanie's breasts were truly magnificent. I had felt then against my chest and saw them thru her nightgown in subdued light last night. But now in broad daylight and unencumbered, Oh. My… God. I was watching her breasts rise and fall with every breath.

Her coral-pink nipples, just starting to harden, in the middle of the most perfect three-inch reddish brown areolas. "I assume that caveman performance of putting me over your shoulder and taking me to bed meant that you intended to do more than just stare at my body?" She asked invitingly.

I'll get there… right now I'm admiring the most perfectly formed breasts I've ever seen. She smiled and then blushed. "Thank you." Shit, I said that out loud? "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I said that out loud." This beautiful angel was causing my mind to reel, so many emotions, all at once.

I didn't even know her and I had already decided she was the 'one.' Yo.McJones… get a grip… again… What's with this whole wife thing?

I had no idea… But this woman was pressing all my buttons… I mean all of them. I looked down, and my erection had pushed its way thru my boxers and was proudly standing at attention. Mel noticed too. She blinked, and her eyes got a little bigger. "Oh My… Someone seems happy to see me." Wordlessly I climbed on to the bed next to her. My hand traced up her thigh, over her tight, flat stomach, across to her side and up to her face.

My hand stroked her face as I leaned in to kiss her. While not a model or professional bodybuilder I had a good muscular build, a handsome if rugged face and the self-confidence to be able to attract very good looking women. I had been with more than my fair share of beautiful women. But with this woman, Melanie Johnson, I was like a young schoolboy and his first kiss. I intended this kiss to be one we remembered… forty years from now. As my lips came close to hers, I let my tongue lightly lick her moist, full lips, before pressing mine to hers.

Just the act of our lips pressing together was an incredible feeling. My tongue softly and slowly parted her lips, savoring the feeling. My hand was caressing her face, and as I moved it to play with her almost golden blonde hair, my tongue moved deeper into her mouth. Mel's tongue, now responding to mine, started to swirl around mine. I pushed her back onto the bed and moved my right thigh to cover hers.

She moaned deeply into my mouth as my rigid cock pressed against her stomach. We kissed more passionately as my hand moved its way down her back to rest lightly on her glorious ass. At the same time, her hand began stroking my chest. Mel moaned deeply as my cock throbbed against her when she started to move her hand lower. I kissed her neck as my hand, nails extended, raked up her side. Her hand paused just before she would have brushed up against my cock, caught by surprise and the feelings she was experiencing with my mouth on her neck.

Most women have sensitive necks, Mel was no exception, in fact, she was incredibly responsive as my tongue licked up just below her ear. She moaned loudly and reached out and grabbed my cock. I groaned as I bit her neck.

In this state, I wouldn't last long at all if she started to stroke me in earnest. I lifted my body and laid entirely on top of Melanie and then slid down her body just enough to dislodge her hand. She seemed to love my weight on top of her as her hands moved to my back as my right hand moved from her ass, across her hip, up her stomach and rested just under her breast.


With her hand dislodged from my cock I slid back up her body enough to kiss her again. I kissed her deeply as my hand lightly started to caress her breast.

"That… That feels wonderful." she said as she took her mouth off of mine momentarily. "You like that?" I asked as I flicked my thumb across her hard nipple. She groaned and dug her nails into my back. "Oh yeah… I love that… Please…" I rubbed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger interrupting her. "Oh God.

Please don't stop." Oh, baby, I have no intention of stopping, not until you are a mass of raw quivering flesh in deep orgasmic bliss. I brought my left hand from her face to her left breast. Both of my hands now thoroughly massaging Mel's soft and ample breasts as I took my tongue and lashed down between her cleavage. She gasped loudly. She was alternating between moaning and making almost purring sounds as my fingers played with her very sensitive nipples.

My tongue came around her breasts in a large figure eight pattern as my hands now moved up and down her sides. I slowly decreased the figure eights getting closer to her nipples with each pass.

I lifted my tongue and looked up at Mel, to see her looking back at me, as I sucked one firm nipple deeply into my mouth. As my mouth sucked in one nipple, my hand came up her side and lightly twisted the other nipple. Melanie groaned and bucked her hips up into mine. Her breathing was getting faster and shallower.

I let my tongue swirl around her nipple and then flicked it rapidly across the top, and bit it gently. At the same time, I was squeezing her other nipple harder between my thumb and forefinger. She gasped and raked her nails across my back. I enjoyed teasing her and seeing her respond.

The light pain felt good and invigorated me. While I could fondle, squeeze, lick, suck and bite her amazing breasts and nipples all day, I wanted to see and feel Mel cum. As I moved my body slowly down hers I alternated between kissing, licking and lightly biting my way down her firm tummy, pausing to play with her cute little innie belly button. My hands moved down Mel's sides and were lightly resting on her hips as my thumbs started to massage her upper thighs.

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As I moved lower I saw Mel's clean shaven vagina up close. But it wasn't shaven exactly; there was just no hair at all. Like her bellybutton, she had the prettiest little innie pussy, her lips just starting to pout. I could see a hint of moisture on them.

I took my tongue and licked all around her sex careful not to touch her lips or clit. I then moved and playfully sucked on her inner thighs. Mel let out a guttural moan and with her hands in my hair tried to push my face deeper into her. I placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks and raised her up giving me a perfect view of her little light brown rosebud. I flattened out my tongue and ran it from Mel's asshole all the way up to her clit and back down.

Then I started to lick her rosebud a little harder. Mel's entire body shook when I licked her, and she was trying to push her hips up into my mouth and my head down into her now very wet sex.

Wow, she gets really wet when she is excited. I have heard that some guys hate the smell and taste of pussy. I, on the other hand, absolutely loved it. A woman with her juices flowing is like proof you are doing it right. Looking up at Mel, I took my index finger and inserted it into her wet vagina, moved it around and pulled it back out.

I took it into my mouth and sucked off the sweet juices. Melanie's body quivered, and she let out a loud, deep, almost growl when I inserted my finger into her tight wet sex. " Ahh… Fuck… Fuck me…" Not quite yet… I need you to come on my mouth and tongue first. "Not quite yet, my sexy goddess." "Please don't tease me. I need to feel you inside of me." "Don't tease you…" As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I took my tongue again from her ass to her clit, but this time I drove my tongue deep into her blood engorged lips and toyed with her clit.

"Oh My God… Yes… Like that… Just like that." Mel was very close; her body was ready to release, she just needed a little push. I took my tongue and flicked it rapidly across her clit, and as she was ready to peak, I sucked deeply on her hard very swollen little button.

Melanie screamed as her thighs became a vice squeezing my head tightly. Seconds later I was rewarded with her warm juices. She didn't squirt but did release a lot of very tangy liquid. I pushed her thighs open just enough to look up and see her face contort and her eyes roll back, her mouth making a soundless O shape now. I had no idea if Mel was multi-orgasmic and while I could eat and play with her sweet pussy for hours, I decided to grant her request to have me inside her.

I had an almost primal need to fill her with my manhood. I would show her a caveman performance. I wiped off my mouth on my arm as best I could and moved back up Mel's body, pausing to lick and suck on each nipple. As my mouth found hers, I started to rub the head of my blood engorged cock against her lips and clit. "Oh, Fuck… Oh My…" She stopped short as I lowered myself into her. "Fuck Meeeee… Yes… Fuck Meeee." She thrust her hips up trying to push me deeper into her.

I thought about starting out slowly and building up but once I entered her wet sex and felt the delicious contractions of her muscles I knew that wasn't going to happen. She was just starting to come down as I fully entered her. Mel was almost panting now as I moved her legs up to her shoulders.

I pulled completely out of her and rubbed the head of my cock across her clit several times. She looked up at me lustfully almost pleadingly. I thrust myself fully inside her and started fucking her very fast.

Two babes take turns with big dick

I knew I couldn't last more than a few minutes at this pace but I could feel that Mel was getting close again.

She moved back on the pillow and started to arch her back. She tried to speak, but all that came out was unintelligible sounds between loud moans and groans. I grabbed her upright legs for balance and fucked her like a wild animal. Her entire body shook, and her pussy started contacting rapidly around my cock.

I didn't even slow down or let her come down from her incredible orgasm. I had about 30 seconds left in me at this torrid pace when she screamed out and bucked wildly as she came for the second time with me inside her in as many minutes.

I guess I answered the question of being multi-orgasmic. I slowed to an almost stop as her legs lowered and I covered her body once again. As she was coming down, I kissed and bit her neck and increased my thrusting just a little.

Sweat was literally pouring off my body as I maintained a nice leisurely pace, not fully entering her on each thrust. I lifted up my body up just a little, so my cock was rubbing her clit on every stroke. I twisted my hips a little to widen each stroke inside of her. I knew I was about to cum but wanted her to peak and release at the same time. I looked in those amazing green eyes as I started thrusting with everything I had.

Hard, fast, and as deep as I could, I drove myself into her sweet tight pussy. I came so hard my vision blurred and I thought I might pass out. As streams of my hot seed entered Mel, she came, very loudly and violently. Her hands grabbed my upper arms and raked her nails across my flesh so hard that she drew blood. I pounded her very hard as the last of my cum left my body. Seconds later I collapsed on top of her still shaking body.

After a couple of minutes, I rolled off of her and moved us on to our sides while being careful to stay inside her.

We were both gasping for air and neither one of us could speak yet, as we just looked at each other, our arms wrapped very tightly around each other. After several minutes, Mel pushed me on to my back, rolled her thigh across mine and laid her head on my chest. I started stroking her hair as I smiled at her. She looked up at me and said, "Yes." "Yes?" I questioned.

"Yes… I will show you around town and have dinner with you." We both laughed. Eat your fucking heart out, Jim… You owe me a hundred bucks. The Cop and the Bartender will return… As Mel surprises Bob and shares a secret.