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College gay boys sex movieture blogs and male sex hormone music I
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Not my Redheaded Sister Written by Hard93 Let me start by saying your honor, in a few months I will graduate from high school. I have completed my classes this semester. Although I do not think I will continue with my education not that I really need. You see I am independently wealthy, and have enough money to live extremely comfortably, unless something goes wrong with the economy. I guess that really does not matter except for the fact I can support the three of us, if that is one of the deciding factors in this case that is the only reason I pointed it out.

I know there will be several other factors you will consider; I hope I can satisfy all your questions. I guess I should begin at the beginning of the story; it is long so I hope you do not mind this may take an hour or more. You are deciding the rest of our lives so I hope a few hours is not too much to ask. Judge Michaels shakes her head and I began my story. This all started like most things my father and mother have me, I was a bit unexpected and came early in their life.

Mom and Dad just turned eighteen when she found out she was pregnant, they had just join the military and Mom decided to leave the military and raise me.

Before I was even born, Mom lost my father. He died on active duty thirty-two days before I was born. Mom named me John B. Benfield after him, but since he was deceased, I was not stuck with Junior. My grandparents passed before I knew them. When I was about two years old, Mom began to date again. Before my third birthday, Mom married him and I had started calling him Dad. I was so young, and he was the only Dad I known as mine. My birth mother died only a few months into their marriage. A car wreck where a truck missed the stop sign and struck my mother, she died instantly.

Dad been doing good taking care of me, but I did miss a Mom around the house. Dad's cooking could stand some improvement. I just started preschool, I was five years old when I met the woman who is now my Mom. That is also when I met MJ, you see MJ is Mom's daughter. MJ and I hit it off on the first day we met. We were both five and seem to be connected at the hip whenever we were together. We were young and had no idea what sex was we just liked each other.

By the end of the first week of preschool MJ and I were best friends. You could not find one of us alone, even at naptime we would put our mats together. Mom and Dad met one afternoon as they come to pick us up. MJ and I had been planning, as they talked MJ and I, accidentally, bumped our parents into each other. All MJ and I were planning on, was to get the two together so MJ and I had more time together. Maybe we were hoping they would start up a friendship, and hang out together so MJ and I would have time away from school together.

They say the best-laid plans often go awry. Before MJ and I knew it, my Dad and her Mom were dating. MJ and I loved the time together, no matter what we did from watching a cartoon to walking through the zoo. It was on one of our excursions that our parents had the two of us hold hands; I am not sure why we were hardly ever more than four feet apart anyway.

When MJ and I took each other's hand, I know things changed between us. Beforehand we were just friends, best friends but as soon as MJ's hand was in mine, we were more. It was middle of the fall that year, MJ's Mom was a realtor, I think Dad was selling cars at the time, dad got stuck at the office and asked MJ's Mom if she could pick me up too.

After he called the school office and explain what he wanted they allowed MJ's Mom to take me home. I did not mind because I love spending time with MJ. MJ and I had a project we were working on, we had to collect leaves from different trees and tell something about them.

We just finished when Mom's phone rang, Dad was calling explaining he would be on his way in about half an hour and ask if she would like him to pick up something for dinner. MJ and I both noticed how her Mom changed talking to Dad. She smiled a lot, giggled at things he said. We both knew they really liked each other, she seemed happy even after the phone call ended. We were both very happy, because our parents have been sad for a very long time.

MJ and I went into the living room to watch TV and we snuggled together on the couch. About forty-five minutes later Dad was there with two pizzas. MJ noticed the two of them first then she got my attention, we watched as they kissed. Our parents were too busy to notice us watching them kiss, MJ and I were learning fast or maybe old memories came to surface.

When they went into the kitchen MJ turned to me with a smile, she leaned in and I follow my instincts. Our first kiss I was only about five and a half years old, and MJ had turned five a few days before. What had started at the zoo with us holding hands went to the next level with that kiss. MJ and I knew we were more than just friends from that moment.

Things seem to move quickly, and our parents spent almost every day together. They would leave us more to ourselves spending time with each other. Maybe that is why they never noticed, that MJ and I kissed often and cuddled together on the couch. Having MJ in my arms even at that young age was heaven for me.

MJ and I never did anything more than kiss and cuddle together. One day our parents have been spending a lot more time than normal, they normally give us an hour or an hour and half together before one of us would have to go home. We were at MJ's house that day; a small two-story home with two bedrooms upstairs, the bigger her Mom used and MJ's bedroom was just down the hall from it.

We were curious and after I show had gone off wondering why Dad had not come yet to collect me and take us home. We started looking to the house, after going upstairs; we heard sounds coming from her Mom's bedroom. Opening the bedroom door silently, we saw them on the bed entangled in each other's arms and legs. Even at five years old, we knew they were doing something we were not supposed to use that word describing it.

MJ's eyes got large and she turned from the room. MJ ran to her room and thrown herself on the bed and begin to cry. I soundlessly shut the door followed MJ quietly as I could. Seeing MJ cry for the first time broke my heart. I crawled onto the bed and cuddle close to her caressing her back. I kept telling her, "Everything will be fine." After a few moments, MJ asked me to get her some tissues. I quickly returned with a box. I handed MJ a tissue, and watched as she dried her eyes.

MJ was looking into my sad eyes and asked, "John do you love me?" I begin smiling as I said, "I love you, more than anybody else." MJ begin to smile. With a determined look in her eye MJ asked, "John will you marry me?" In the blink of an eye I answered, "Yes of course I will.

I always thought I was going to be the one to ask." Giggling MJ moves forward stopping she said, "Now you do not have to." I moved in and kissed MJ. From that moment on, I looked at MJ and me as a couple. Not just boyfriend and girlfriend, we were engaged in my mind and heart. It was way, after dark when our parents found us. MJ and I were cuddled together on her bed both of us have fallen asleep. We were actually in bed together; we still had our clothes on.

We just stretched out together looking into each other's eyes until we fallen asleep. The next morning I nearly panicked when I woke up by myself, until I realized I was in my own room. The night before almost felt like a dream. The more I thought about it, the more correct it seemed to be, MJ and I fit together so well. When I came down to the breakfast table like normal a bowl of cereal awaited me, and the milk.

Dad was there looking at a small closed black box in front of him. He had not even notice me, until I started crunching away at the cereal. He looked from the box with a smile he said, "You really like MJ and her Mom?" With a smile I said, "I love MJ. I do like her Mom." Dad had a puzzled look for a moment but he said as he turned to look back at the box, "I am going to ask Carol, to marry me." MJ's Mom is name Carol. About couple of weeks ago, she asked if I would start calling her Mom.

I did not really mind, but I guess it was a big hint to my Dad. Once I finished eating mouthful of cereal, I asked, "Would it still be all right if I married MJ?" I think that got Dad's attention, his mind definitely was not in the room before. With a shocked expression Dad turns to me, his expression turns to one of amusement, as I shoveled another large spoonful of cereal into my mouth.

Dad was suppressing his laughter as he stated, "You are a little young to get married." Finishing them mouthful, I said, "MJ is my girlfriend, and we are going to get married. We have not set a date yet, so I guess we can wait until we are older." Dad could no longer suppress his laughter at the situation. The woman he is contemplating marrying will be my mother-in-law by MJ and my plans. That is something that definitely is not normal, but what in my life is. Once Dad controls his laughter, looking from me to the box then back he says, "MJ will have to wait thirteen years before she can get married.

Many things can change during that time. In thirteen years the two of you may not want to get married, I am not willing to wait and find out. John, you and MJ need to change your plans, because you are going to be brother and sister." I looked at my Dad and said, "We are not changing our minds.

MJ and I love each other. We will get married." Dad and I go back and forth for five minutes until he sends me to my room.

I laid there in my pajamas looking at the ceiling. I know Carol and Dad make each other happy, but I love MJ and would do anything for her, if MJ wants to marry me, I will do that. I hear laughter from downstairs, both my Dad and Carol.

My door creaked open and MJ came in. She looks at me a little sad and she said, "Mom says we cannot get married because we're going to be brother and sister." Rolling onto my side to look at her I said, "Dad told me the same thing this morning. He has a box he keeps looking at I think it has a ring in it." MJ said, "It did. Your Dad asked Mom almost as soon as we got here. She said yes already.

When I asked if it would be still okay if we got married that is when they started laughing." MJ jumps onto the bed and slides next to me she begins to cry. Between her tears MJ says, "My Mom has forgotten my Dad. She is going to not let us get married it is not fair." It is a long time that MJ and I stayed together on my bed before our parents even looked for us.

I guess they were going to let us cry it out and then break it off, but that did not happen. As MJ cried I told her, "We only have to wait thirteen years until you are old enough. We can do that. Just because they get married does not mean we cannot." MJ does not say anything she simply cuddles into me and I wrapped my arms around her and give her a kiss. She cries on my shoulder a little longer but we both fall asleep. When we wake up is to giggles from MJ's Mom. MJ looks at her and begins to cry again with her head on my shoulder.

Carol asked, "MJ why are you crying?" MJ looking at her says, "You forgot my Dad." Carol takes a sharp breath in before she sits on the bed and rubs MJ's back. Carol says, "MJ I will never forget your Dad. I see him every time I look at you. I have been very lonely, and you need a Dad. John's Dad is a very good father, and we both need him." They leave us gave us some more time, I do not know if they hoped we would change our minds but we never did. We just decided not to bring up the subject anymore.

We did not agree with them, but we knew we were not going to change their minds too. They got married like they planned, I was Dad's best man, and MJ was the maid of honor. It was a small wedding, maybe a dozen people there. MJ and I stay with her grandmother while they were on the honeymoon. Nine months later, our baby sister was born. I liked MJ's grandmother and sorry to see her pass a year later.

That left the five of us, MJ and I when we started first grade they separated us at school, one more reason to dislike being brother and sister. We lived fairly close to school and usually got home around three thirty. Until we were, ten we would go to a neighbor who watched us until Mom or Dad got home. Our neighbor moved, and Mom found a sitter for us. Vicki was about sixteen when Mom hired her. Mom made Vicki promise she would not let anyone in the house until Mom or Dad got home.

I think that lasted about a week, until Vicki brought Charlie over. Vicki introduced Charlie as her brother, and he just needed a place to stay because it was raining outside. We like Vicki so we did not say anything. Besides that, Vicki did not keep a very good watch on us and MJ and I would sneak into one of our bedrooms. That way we could kiss for a long time. We knew once the TV came on Vicki and Charlie would be too engrossed in it to pay attention to what we would do.

We normally tell them we were doing our homework in our rooms. MJ and I were both very good students and often finished our homework well before we came home. Having different teachers and being in different classes occasionally MJ would be ahead in the subject, or I would. We were in the fifth grade, and some of the subjects were getting harder. One of the reasons Vicki was hired she volunteered to tutor us. We normally did not ever bother her, but there was a science question, and MJ thought Vicki could answer it.

It was about two weeks since Charles started coming over, as we walked down the stairs we heard familiar sounds coming from the living room. MJ had her hands over her mouth to keep her giggles under control, sneaking around the corner into the living room we stood there silently watching the two have sex. He played with her breast with her shirt up to her shoulders and her bra nearly as high. Her skirt was around her waist. His pants were down to his knees. Charlie's butt bounced up and down, and Vicki made a moaning sound each time he was on her.

MJ pulled me from the room and we try to be quiet as we went back to her room, but with the way those two were I do not think they would notice. Once inside MJ closed the door something she normally does not do. I looked at MJ and she pulled me over to the bed.

MJ practically whispered when she asked, "Would you like to see what I look like. I will show you if you show me." I have to admit I had been wondering about the difference in a boy and a girl for a while. I know MJ had softer areas of her chest than I did, but I have never tried to fill them like Charles was filling Vicki's chest. Seeing Charles and Vicki I did not get to see much of her other than one of her breast in his hand. I was still very excited, and my young cock was as long and hard as it had ever been.

I did not just want to see MJ's chest I wanted to touch it too. My head was shaking yes before I even realize I was. MJ lifted her shirt showing her training bra, and then she slid her bra up as Vicki's bra had been.

MJ was beautiful to me, not nearly as big as Vicki was, but that did not matter to me. MJ let me look for a long time it seemed like, and then she slid her bra in place and straightened her shirt. I knew it was my turn and MJ did not want to see my chest. I unfastened my belt, and then my jeans and let them slide down my legs, I pushed my underwear down, and my cock jumped when it came free of them.

MJ's eyes widened at the site of my cock. It was the first time she saw it ever. She was mesmerized by me as I had been by her. I stayed frozen in place and MJ seem to move without realizing. Her hand touched me and it felt so good to have her hand there. Her fingers wrapped around my eleven -year-old cock before she ever realized what she was doing.

As soon as she did, she pulled her hand back quickly. Looking into her suddenly shy face I said, "We are going to get married remember, it belongs to you." MJ smiles then again she raises her shirt and bra. This time I do not hesitate my hand touches her breast for the first time. Her small nipple hardens and MJ moaned at my gentle touch. Her hand reached and she again touched my cock and I to moan in delight. Our bliss is broken, hearing Mom screaming from downstairs.

MJ and I quickly straighten our clothing, although we find nothing wrong with our exchanging caresses. We know Mom does not like us to do any more than hold hands. She found us kissing once when we were just five, she punished us then explained that a brother does not kiss his sister on the lips. If I kissed MJ like that again, I would receive another timeout, probably all day. We did not want to see what kind of punishment she would give us, finding us touching each other like that.

She was very angry from the shouting downstairs; it would not be a good time to push her. After MJ and I were dressed we quietly checked, and Mom was still talking angrily at Vicki, so MJ and I went to our own rooms to wait a little longer.

Mom came up knocked once and walked in, I was at my desk finishing my homework. Mom actually was relieved seeing that I was okay. I was not excited at that moment; I was too worried about what was going to happen next. If Mom asked, did I know what was going on downstairs? I would have to tell her, I am a terrible liar. Thankfully, Mom only asked if I would like pizza for dinner tonight. I shake my head yes, and turned back to my homework. She said, "Come on now, you can finish that later." At MJ's door Mom knocks again and go straight in MJ is on her bed listening to her music with earphones in, Mom walks over and lays a hand on her shoulder and MJ jumps.

MJ pulls the earphones as she turns to Mom. MJ asked, "Is dinner ready yet? I think I dozed off listening to my music." Mom repeats, "We're going out for pizza." MJ brightens and says, "That is great I miss pizza, we have not had any in a few weeks." MJ and I would add a new topping to our pizzas occasionally also remove a few. That day MJ ordered for us, it was her turn. MJ ordered Canadian bacon, banana peppers, mushrooms with extra cheese I smile thinking that sounds great.

Our baby sister got a personal pan with just cheese. Mom and Dad got the normal pizza, peppers, mushroom, red onion, and ham. We slide in together, MJ and I always set next to each other, and I was in the edge MJ between my little sister and me. Kimberly was nearly six years younger than I was. I was eleven at the time that would make her five years old. I am not certain if what MJ and I did or saw earlier today had turned her on, but she was acting a little different.

Whenever Mom and Dad were not paying attention to us, MJ would reach over and rub me. First, it was just my leg, but she got bolder when no one noticed by the time the pizzas arrived MJ was rubbing my throbbing cock. I reached over and rubbed MJ between her legs just as she was doing me. When my hand met her jeans, I noticed that they were damp.

Not understanding why, I pulled my hand back and MJ did the same thinking I noticed Mom or Dad about to catch us. Curiosity made me raise my hand to my nose I was wondering MJ had wet herself. The scent that met my nose made me even harder than I thought was possible. For the first time in my life I smelled what arousal on a young girl smelled like, that it was MJ's arousal made it all the sweeter.

Maybe it was instinct that told me what it really was, at that point, what I pictured in my mind was MJ on the couch and me over MJ, her legs wrapped around me and driving deep into her. I needed it really so badly that I went to the restroom, and quickly masturbating getting a release but not the one I truly wanted. On our trip home, Mom mentioned to Dad that she was going to have to find another babysitter, because she fired Vicki today. Dad was inquisitive to why and Mom said, "I caught Vicki and her brother having an incestuous affair.

If I were their mother, one or both of them would be going to military school tomorrow." Dad chuckled, "If I was Vicki's brother." Mom cuts him off saying, "You would be packing tonight because you would be in the world of shit." Dad realizing what he was about to say would make sure he slept on the couch for the next week wisely shut his mouth.

MJ and I look at each other, realizing it would be much worse than a timeout if Mom ever found us doing anything. Anything like I had pictured when I was in the restroom.

That made life worse for us knowing what we wanted, knowing it was just setting next to each other. Knowing MJ wanted the same thing. Knowing if we gave into our desires, we would lose each other. From the look on MJ's face, I knew she felt the same, had the same frustration, the same desire as I did.

It is one thing to know what you want, it is one thing to know whom you want, it is very different when you know both, and find it just out of reach. I hope that we get another babysitter that does not pay too much attention to us similar to Vicki did.

Mom hired and fired about a dozen babysitters through the rest of the school year. MJ and I both were in advance classes. At the end that school year two things occurred, Mom and Dad decided to relocate, a larger house in a better neighborhood, with better schools for the three of us kids.

When Mom was checking out the new school, and doing a pre-transfer, although a better school in many ways the school did not have advanced classes available due to limited space. MJ and I offered the option of skipping the six grade to begin the seventh grade the next year, all we needed to do was pass standardized test for the sixth grade.

MJ and I both took the test, both passing them easily. We began the seventh grade year younger than most, as a result I was much smaller than most of the young men in my grade. MJ hit her growth spurt over the summer, and puberty her body changed into that of a young woman while mine was a little slower for that change.

MJ and I were both in advanced classes because of that one of the class requirements were for laptops, once capable running Office, and a few other programs. MJ got a new laptop, but because of the funds, I got Dad's old laptop I did not really care that much. Dad had not even bothered to clean off his files from the laptop, and everything was there just as he had left it. Dad was not the best when it came to computers; he even left his password inside the case.

Maybe it was curiosity, or just because I could, I logged onto Dad's profile. After looking around a little, I found the pictures he left on the laptop. I was surprised to find how many pictures of women he had. Most were customers of his, Dad been selling cars for years and apparently he did very well with female customers. I really did not pay much attention, to his photos, he only use the laptop for emails, almost no documents at all.

My real surprise came when I went through his Internet usage, as I said I got the laptop shortly after we moved. On his favorite files was a link to an investment company, I clicked onto it just curious.

What I saw a really change my opinion of him. There was a large account in my birth name, with a very large withdrawal just before they purchased this house. From other houses in the neighborhood that were for sale, I knew the approximate value of this house. Other than a hundred thousand, about the sale price of our last home the withdrawal completely covered the price of this house.

I went all the way back to the very beginning of the account, the account started shortly after my birth. I realized my father's life insurance was the initial deposit.

Another large deposit was shortly after my mother's death, she must have arranged for her life insurance directly deposited to this account. Examining the account, I noticed two other things periodically he would draw out a certain amount of money, usually at the beginning of school, December 1st and June 1st.

The other was the amount on the account was just a little over three million. It received quarterly dividends, and the amount should been much larger except for his constant withdrawals. The amount of money that withdrawn was far more than what he spent on my clothing, even all of the family's expenses at that time. I arranged for 10% of the dividend payment to go into a separate account, this would be less than his withdrawals.

It would give me some money of my own; at that point, I was angry. I have total access to his laptop and his financial life. I logged on to his bank account, it did not take me long to realize he was living off me, what he withdrawal pay for his car, and every expense he had.

The money he made only went to his own investment account. I did not do anything at that point to his accounts. I did go back and change the passwords on any account having my name on them. I knew a month's time the dividend checks paid, and from what it looked like, he did not visit the investment account in the last two years, other than to make that large withdrawal, the other withdrawals done automatically.

MJ and I had started martial art classes together, but she quickly dropped out finding them not to her taste, MJ really did not like violence in any form.

That was the beginning of summer between our fifth and seventh grade. Summer was good, because MJ and I had an old woman as our sitter. She took more naps than Kimberly did. I teach Kim how to swim that year, MJ look great in her bathing suit although Mom would not get her a bikini. It was getting harder on me, and I found myself dreaming of MJ many nights.

MJ had become very attractive, and larger and stronger young man surrounded me. I still felt like a boy in many ways, I was smarter than most of my class. That did not seem to matter so much. The constant attention MJ was getting from even the boys in the eighth or even the ninth grade kept me tense. MJ and I still when we found a moment alone acted like boyfriend and girlfriend, but I could tell my physical size made me less attractive to her.

It was January, and MJ had withdrawn from me. She would not kiss me even at the most opportune moments. She was making it hard on me, but my thirteenth birthday was coming up and I knew boys usually started their growth spurt around thirteen. My only hope was the spurt would come before MJ decided to find someone more her size.

Of course, this made me moody and sad which did not help the situation. I had not paid much attention when one day MJ ignored me again so I had plenty of time on my hands.

I checked that 10%, what I found startled me. I had nearly $100,000 in my account. A friend of mine, an older boy knew of this website and he shared with me. They were tons of videos you can watch free; large number of pictures, but what I really liked it had erotic stories. Reading a few the authors they talked about their characters trading on the Internet, some traded stocks; some were trading commodities, the authors stressed doing the research before trading.

I felt that was some good advice. Since I had plenty of time and more money than I thought I could use now. I begin doing some research and found a startup company, looked into the product they produced then I decided to buy into its initial public offering. I did not want to risk too much so I only used twenty thousand, the initial offering was for ten dollars a share in three more days.

I placed my order. Then begin researching a second company, a repeated the process with it. My second and third choice I felt a little more confident and used twenty-five thousand for their IPOs. I was surprised when the three companies that I chose after thirty days, their stock had split, doubled split, tripled split, repeatedly. The seventy thousand dollars I had invested by the end of three months was over twelve million.

I had sold, researched, purchased, and sold several companies' stock by that time. My initial three companies I still maintain a large stockholding in, but still I research new companies all the time. Because I did not need it anymore, I returned the money from the first account, and discontinued the ten percent transfer.

Trading become almost addictive, I found I spent more time each day doing my trading. Because I was so preoccupied that I did not notice that MJ had stopped paying much attention to me. Fortunately, for me my body had started growing, and before I knew it, I was as tall as MJ. Unfortunately, MJ had been receiving attention from one certain eighth-grader, his name was Mark, I am unsure of his last name. The reputation he had among my classmates labeled him as the Asshole Mark what no man wants to see in his girlfriend's underwear.

He would still girlfriends; he would use them and dump them to still another.

One day at dinner, MJ announced that she had a boyfriend. Unfortunately, it was Mark. I tried to tell her about his reputation but she was not in the mood to listen to me.

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Of course, I still was terribly hurt after pleading with her I retreated to my room. I locked my door I was not in the mood for anyone to bother me. I finally broke down and began to cry. This was the first time I actually feared that our relationship has ended. I realized all the money did not mean anything to me, without MJ. The nearly forty-four million I had could not replace MJ. I even did not care Mom and Dad figured out that I was still in love with MJ, I had just pleaded with her to end the relationship with Mark.

Maybe they think I was just trying to be a protected brother, but I did not care either way. MJ came to my door, she nearly ran into it finding it locked for the first time. She knocked on the door for a while. I did not pay her any attention; I was lost in my sadness.

Mom came to the door once. She asked, "Do you want to finish your dinner?" I only managed to say, "No. Thank you." The next day at school, MJ cornered me in the hallway looking me in the eye she said, "John, we cannot have a relationship because." I cut her off, my anger coming to the surface I said, "Because the man you think is my Dad married your mother.

He is not my father he married my mother after my father died. He is not my father, and since my mother died no relation to me, and other than my trust fund, I do not know why he keeps me around. As for your Mom I do not care what she thinks." MJ is wide-eyed at my reaction, and the other gathering students around us she realizes she made a mistake in trying to discuss this here. MJ says, "I am sorry John. Could we talk about this later?" I look at her in the eye and say, "I will probably be busy, maybe if you find me at lunch." I knew she hung out with Mark during lunch, and had for the last week.

Normally we would be on the quad together or in bad weather the library. I figure MJ would look at both places if she wanted to talk to me, but I did not plan to be at either one.

When the lunch bell rang, I went to one of the more deserted bathrooms. I knew some of the boys would come there to hang out when the weather was bad. It was a real nice day outside, that bathroom should be more or less empty the entire lunch period. It was a Tuesday, I checked my trading on my laptop using the school's Wi-Fi. At school, I used automatic buys and sells and my trading did well the day so far.

I replaced the laptop in my backpack. Mark came in; I had forgotten he hung out here when he was not with a girl. Maybe that is why you can find this bathroom usually deserted, except for Mark and his three friends. Mark bragging about this stupid girl he is dating, laughing about her name Mary Jane. He has invited her over to a party Friday night, the only parties going to be him and her. His parents are gone off for the weekend. His aunt supposed to come over, but canceled and he did not tell his parents.

When one of his friend says, "I know that girl. I do not think she will give it up." Mark laughs cruelly then says, "I am not going to give her the opportunity to say no, if the bitch opens her mouth I will stick my Dick in it. She had better not be like the last bitch who bit me. I will rape her ass too; hell I got all weekend to do it as much as I want." One of them remarks, "If you get tired of the bitch, you call us again like that bitch that bit you." They are laughing at that, their attitude, just hit me wrong.

I do not give a shit that MJ does not consider herself my girlfriend, and I do not consider her my sister, but I am not going to stand for this. He might just be talking big for his friends but he needs cut down a notch. I come out of the stall. I am angry as he turns to me as if I am nothing.

He laughs as he says, "Oh look Mary Jane's brother." I punch him so hard he spun completely around before falling. His three friends turn, before they can do anything I am in my stance. I say, "If you want to join him on the floor make a move." They do not do anything the cowards. They pick him up off the floor and move out of the bathroom in all but a run.

Before they reach the door, I tell them, "When he comes to, tell him this. If he hurts a hair on MJ's head I will punch him again until he cannot remember his name, I will break his legs, his arms, and I will make him wish he never touched her." Lunch period is over before I find MJ, so I had to my afternoon classes. I guess the school nurse did not believe his friends when they said he fell that is how he ended up knocked out.

After some effort, the principal got most of the story out of the three. of course they did not say anything about the conversation that caused me to intervene. All he got was that I came out of the stall and punched him without provocation. The principal summons me to his office shortly after my class began.

I provide my side of the events that occurred and their conversation, the principal knew rumors about him although no one had come forward about him yet.

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The principal tells me, "Unfortunately, all I have is the physical evidence. The school has a zero violence policy, and you admitted to striking him. I am going to have to give you a day suspension. Personally, I do not blame you. If he said that about my sister, I would hit him too. Let us keep that between us, go finish out the day.

I will see you back here Thursday morning." On the bus ride home MJ is looking at me very angrily. In front of her are two girls their talking about the asshole. The girl in the seat in front of them turns and says, "Who was the guy that knocked him out.

I wish he were my brother, because that fuck really deserved it." MJ asked, "Why did he deserve something like that, somebody blindsides you would you deserve it?" The girl said, "Because he is a rapist, he raped a friend of mine but she is too afraid to come forward." One of the girls in the seat in front of MJ said, "I heard of another girl, she said all four of them had her, she is just too afraid to come forward as well.

That was a year ago." I relate their conversation, and the three girls shake their head yes, and then one says, "That is what he does He will sweet-talk a girl for a month or two, does not matter if she has a boyfriend are not. He does not care about anyone but himself." MJ had turn white; she knows I am a terrible liar so what I said was the truth.


When we get off the bus, the site that confronted us frightened her even more. There is Mark and his three friends. They allow everyone else to leave but they blocked our way each time we attempt to leave. After everyone else has left the bus stop Mark says, "We are going to your house, and were going to have a lot of fun MJ.

If your asshole brother tries to do anything were going to beat him to death in front of you." Before he can say anything else, I kick into the side of his leg and his knee buckles sideways with a ripping sound. He goes down screaming. That creates an opening that I push MJ through, moving into my stance I dodge as the other three strike out with baseball bats.

When one turns like he is going to go after MJ. I sweep his feet out from under him and he goes face first into the sidewalk. I just managed to avoid a bat as it swung at my face. When the one on the sidewalk tries to get up, I kick him in the side of the head and he goes back down.

I am still avoiding the other two as they swung the bats at me. I hear footsteps running towards me and I turned just far enough to see an older version of one of the boys running at me. He has his fist drawn back as if he is going throw a half-mile punch at me. I sidestep at the last moment using his momentum to throw him into his own brother who is bringing his bat down right where I stood. That strikes his own brother opening a gash in his forehead.

His now limp brother crashes into him with such force that they bounced across the sidewalk. A police siren sounds as the car comes around a corner. The last one of his friend standing throws his bat at me. He turns to run as a second police car rounds the corner, the first car had witnessed him throwing the bat and through their loudspeakers call for him to halt.

He can run quickly, but not as fast as a police car. They catch him before he makes the corner. The second car pulls up beside me, as neighbors come from their homes. A female officer steps out of her car, seeing Mark on the ground holding his knee as he curses me. She calls for an ambulance. She has me stand several yards away, MJ returns with Mom she has gotten off work early today. MJ run straight into my arms and cries as she embraces me.

Several of the neighbors give their statements; the officer takes MJ statement and mine. Additional cars came and each of the four seated in the patrol cars. None of them heard our statements, and each of their statements are different.

The physical evidence is gathered; each bat placed in a plastic bag and marked after photos taken. Three of my attackers goes to the hospital for exams. Mark undergoes surgery for his torn knee. In the next two weeks, one turns against the others and please out for a lesser charge for his testimony, their arrest brought forth several girls, and rape charges against the four. What he thought would be a fun afternoon ended up being thirty years of his life in prison.

Mom looked at me a little differently after that day. The other thing that occurred because of all that happened the laptop took a whack and the screen a little bit messed up.

I definitely needed a new one at that point. Fortunately, it had a solid-state drive that is pretty well indestructible. That evening at dinner, I explained everything that happened in the bathroom. I told MJ, "He saw me before I hit him. Therefore, it could not have been a blindsided punch." MJ look down before she said, "What do you expect, he lied to me. I am sorry that I believed him." Mom asked, "What were they going to do?" I explained, "They said they were going to have some fun with MJ.

However, they meant they were going to rape her and if I did anything to stop them, they were going to beat me to death. I could not let that happen, because I would not been able to stand by and watch. If they killed me, I am sure they would left no witnesses." Mom shaking she is so mad, MJ is white from fear.

Dad says, "You did the right thing then, once inside it would have been much harder to fight them. By picking your ground, the neighbors called the police along with MJ and your mother. I am sure the fifteen calls they got, brought a faster response." I told Mom I needed a new laptop, my laptop took a hit during the fight, glancing blow just hard enough to mess up the screen.

Mom asked, "I do not think we have enough to buy a new one right now, could you wait a couple weeks?" I look at Dad knowing that at the first of December he got over twenty thousand dollars transferred from my trust and asked, "There is no money to replace my old laptop?" He said, "Sorry, everything I got is tied up." I question, "You sure a new one only runs around seven or eight hundred dollars." Dad said, "Sorry, I do not have that much free at the moment." I smiled knowing the truth, there is no way he spent the money he got during December none of our Christmas presents, new clothing, utilities are everything spent would come close to what came out of the trust.

I said, "It is a good thing I have my own money now. I can afford a new laptop, while I am at it, I could get a new computer mine is ancient. If you just take me to a computer store, I would like to build my own." Mom raises an eyebrow, "As if you could have that much money." I laughed so hard, they had confused looks until I said, "Let me borrow your cell phone. I will show you." Mom reluctantly hands me her cell phone, "I open my local bank account, I moved about twenty thousand dollars into it, over a few months.

Beforehand it only had ninety-three dollars that I worked long and hard to make." Looking at her cell phone Mom is in shock looking at the total on my bank account. Dad's eyes are wide seeing the money there he asks, "Did you take that from your trust?" I said truthfully, "At one point I took ten percent of the dividends and moved it into another account, but I have paid that back.

That some of the money I earned trading stocks online. That is one reason I need a new laptop badly." Dad looked at me and said, "I am not as bad at computers as you think, I know you changed passwords to your trust, but I get a hard copy every six months. I saw you rerouted some of the money, I also saw that you replaced it.

I just assumed you thought better of taking it." I looked Dad in the eye and said, "I am far better at computers than you realize, I know my trust paid for two thirds of this house, I know you get out twenty-two thousand five hundred twice a year, plus another ten thousand at the beginning of every school year.

Since it is removed from my trust I think I have a right to know where it goes." Mom and MJ had a shocked expression. Dad taken aback but recovered then he said, "Most of it pays the expenses, but some goes into a college fund for MJ and Kimberly." Mom looked angry before she asked, "And what happens to your paycheck?" Dad stutters, "I I, I invested for our retirement." I laughed, and again everyone had confused expressions.

I explained why I was laughing, "You really need help on your investing, I looked at that account and you have about five million in it six months ago. I have made nearly eight times that in the last six months, after I paid my taxes of course." Dad Mom and MJ all would have fallen out of their chairs if I shook a feather in their direction.

Kimberly laughed, she said, "You know he does not lie." Mom recovered first, she said, "you got a show me." I chuckled and said, "O ye of little faith." Mom giggled then said, "Do not blame me, I am from Missouri." Taking back her cell phone I tried to go to the account page, but it does not really work so I say, "After we go to the computer store I can show you. Your cell phone will not display the page." Mom giggled again before she said, "Since you are buying your own, I guess I will drive you." MJ asked, "John since you are a millionaire could I get you to buy me some software?" Looking at MJ I tease, "It is not enough that I save your life today.

As soon as you find out I have money you want me to spend it on you." MJ's lower lip protrudes in a pout that had Kimberly giggling. Looking into MJ's eyes, I see that they are playful and not sad but I say anyway, "You are just too cute to say no to." MJ smiles, and then gives me my first kiss in nearly six months of course it is on the cheek like a sister. I thought about turning my head and catching MJ's lips but I believe that Mom is not ready to accept that.

On our way to the computer store, Mom sets me in the front seat. Normally I am in the back driver-side, Kimberly in the center, and MJ beside Kim opposite me.

Mom glances over at me without Dad around she asked, "Do you really think he is going to use his money for our retirement?" Looking at her I said, "I looked at his accounts closely, six months ago. For the last couple of years he has been using my money from the trust to live off, two thirds of the purchase price of the house come from my trust.

If I had the power to do it, I would stop him from removing any money from my trust. If MJ or Kimberly wants to go to college, I can pay for that. Considering they are not two, more accounts with Kimberly or MJ's name on them.

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I do not know what to think." Mom says, "I will see if I can get a lawyer to look over your mother's will." With a smile I said, "While you are at it, have them look over my father's will too." Mom had confused expression before she asked, "Father? Your Dad is alive." I inform her, "Dad is my mother's second husband, my father died before I was born." Kimberly despite her young age was the first to say, "John that means you are not my brother." I said, "Kimberly, I still love you even though I am not your brother.

Does it matter that I am not your brother?" Kim giggled and said, "Since you are not my brother that means I get to marry you. I love you too." Mom has this look on her face, sort of a cross between confusion and fear until suddenly she starts laughing.

Fortunately, we just pulled into the computer store parking lot; because I am sure, she was laughing extremely hard driving would be dangerous. Mom finally says, "Kimberly I am sorry to tell you this, but MJ asked first." Kimberly pouted for real before she said, "That is not fair, because I did not get a chance to ask." MJ looks hopeful at Mom before she asked, "You mean it would be okay if John was my boyfriend." Mom looked deep in thought for a few moments and said, "MJ you are a little young to be that serious in a relationship." She catches MJ's hurt expression as MJ turns to me.

Mom quickly glances at me seeing also that I have the same desperate look. She continued asking, "Are you two in love with each other?" Being a little braver seen Mom's attitude has changed MJ and I said simultaneously, "Yes." Mom giggled then said, "No kissing other than at home, each other's bedroom is off limits, absolutely no sex between the two of you. If you two break up and start fighting all the time, so help me I am sending one or both of you to a Military Academy." I chuckled and said, "MJ and I have been engaged, other than this boyfriend deal, even before you and Dad were engaged." MJ with sorrow-filled eyes looked at me and said, "John, I am so sorry.

I was not sure if you still wanted me. You seem so mad or sad. Then you state in your room." I saw MJ's sorrow, again she broke my heart much in the way her tears did seven years earlier.

I confessed to MJ, "It is just so hard, hiding the fact that I love you from Mom and Dad. All the boys at school started chasing you.

I guess I was a little jealous because they could openly say the things I could not." Kimberly still pouted before she said, "Do not say them now, I am still mad." MJ looked at her sister and said, "Kimberly I am sorry, but I did fall in love with him when I was only five. That was before you were born." Mom laughed and said, "You did ask if you could still marry John before I got pregnant with Kimberly." Still pouting Kimberly said, "It still not fair, I did not get a chance." MJ giggled looking at her sister she said, "If I ever break up with him, you will get your chance then." Kim's tears began as she said, "I am never going to get a chance." Kim's tears really tug at my heart so after giving Mom a wink, then MJ I said to Kim, "MJ did get a boyfriend, that I am still mad about Kim.

What do you think MJ needs to do to make up for that?" Kim blinked a couple times and then she looked at me. What Kim said, did not sound like it come from a child her age. "You could be my boyfriend, that way MJ would know how bad it hurt you." Mom began to laugh then she said, "That is a great idea Kim, John for the next week you are going to be Kim's boyfriend, and you better be a gentleman to her." MJ groaned, "Hey that is not fair.

I just got to be his girlfriend." The next few days was difficult and awkward for MJ. She loves Kim, but Kim pushed MJ to the point of tears, until I had enough. Speaking with Mom I begged her to end MJ's torture. I believe she has learned her lesson and anymore would just serve to create negative feelings.

After a little convincing Mom agreed, I had to tell Kim her week had ended early. She had really been enjoying the power over MJ. Kim asked, "John do you really believe MJ has truly learnt her lesson?" I gave Kim hug then said, "I believe so, but any more of this and she will learn a different lesson. That she cannot trust her family that is not the lesson I want her to learn." Kim giggled, "I guess I was being mean to her. MJ deserved it not telling you she had a boyfriend, not breaking up with you before she did." I said to Kim, "Then you need to tell her that, tell her that that is why you were so mean, that you do not ever want to see her hurt me that way again, because what she was doing was cheating on me.

Then you can tell her that she can be my girlfriend from now on." Kim giggled, "So you are going to make me hammer the message home, then give her the good news." I said, "That way you can always tell her you ended the week early once she knew what she had done." Kim giggled still, "Okay, MJ should behave herself." Later that day, MJ did come into my arms. She looked into my face and told me, "John I did not really realize how much it hurts.

Kim was a little devil was and she? She did make me understand, and I will never hurt you again." I confessed to MJ, "You know Kim and me did not do anything more than hold hands. I did buy her a few presents and I know she tortured you with them.

I promise I will make up for that. But I have something very important I need to ask you." I went down on one knee, and reached into my pocket and drawled out a ring box. MJ's favorite color was blue. She was a true redhead; with fair skin, she did not really like gold, so I bought her a platinum ring with a large blue diamond. When I opened the box showing the diamond ring I looked into MJ's face, which displayed an expression of total shock.

I said, "You asked once, but you messed that one up when you got a different boyfriend. Now I am going to ask you. Will you marry me?" MJ shook so violently I had trouble sliding her ring on. It did not take her a second to say yes, more like she shouted yes. As soon as the ring was on her finger, MJ wrapped yourself completely around me.

Her body felt so good against me, and we were kissing. When Mom walked in, MJ was waving her hand without breaking the kiss. Mom walked up and took a deep breath seen the ring she caught MJ's hand and held it still as she examined the ring. Mom giggled then said, "I guess I better get used to seeing you two kiss, because I am still not letting you go into the others room." MJ and I both moaned.

That cause Mom's giggles to turn to laughter. Once in control of herself again Mom said, "You two do not need to be in a hurry. You both know where you are going no need to rush to get there." When summer started Mom warned, "John I do not care if you are a millionaire, you and MJ are not ready yet.

If you have sex I swear I am going to send you to military school." MJ turned white at hearing that, apparently she had plans for us to occur during the summer. MJ argued, "Mom most of my friends are not virgins and some have not been for a couple years." Mom shot back, "I do not care about your friends and what their parents let them do. You are not ready yet, you are not on birth control, and your body is not ready for birth control. You are definitely not ready to be a mother." MJ almost said something that she was going to regret if I had not grabbed her and kissed her.

Once we broke our kiss, I said, "MJ, I know what I am waiting for. I will wait, because it you. I do not want to go to military school, and Mom does not want to be a grandmother." Mom without a giggle said, "That too." Dad drew out my mother's will from the safety deposit box where he kept it. He allowed me to read it gave him forty-five thousand dollars a year, and ten thousand dollars at the beginning of each school year, and provided for housing drawn from my trust; where we were currently living at my trust actually owned the house.

Dad explained, "I know you found out, I should have told you how everything was working, when I get the money I pay the bills six months in advance. You can believe it or not, that usually does not leave a large amount of money in the account. My check goes into a single account as you saw, but I will pay for MJ's college and Kimberly's college from it. What will be left is Carol's and mine retirement." My mother's will names him as the executor of my trust and my guardian.

What he said did make sense, and I am a little less mistrusting of him. I still do not plan to allow him access to my other account, guardian or no. The only thing I found out that I need his signature on my tax paperwork. I usually did my investing during the day, a lot of the time with MJ on my lap. She loved watching me make money. I told her I was going to retire once I made a hundred million. Mom had video cameras installed, not in our bedrooms, but if we both disappeared from view, Mom would soon call.

MJ would tease her, she would disappear every time I went into the bathroom, MJ would argue, "I know you two were sexually active before your engagement. Why can't we? We have been engaged longer than you were before the two of you got married." Mom would always tell her, "You are only thirteen years old. You do not get to start having sex until your sixteen at least." I overheard that several times, and I said to MJ, "At least it is not eighteen, I guess she figures if she makes us wait that long she will not see is for a couple years.

I will buy you a house and the only time we leave, it is to get more groceries. The rest of the time, I am going to run you around the house nude until I get you pregnant. Then you have to go to the doctor's appointments but other than that we are still running around the house nude." Judge Michaels giggles, is the first time she has actually reacted to the story.

That summer came and went. MJ needed braces Mom did not let Dad off, and she made him remove money from his trust to pay for the braces. Mom said, "It is only right, John is supporting us." Dad finally came to me and asked, "John could you help me with my investments, I know how much you make. I am a little surprised how well you are doing, but I am very proud of you." I did start helping him with his investments, and they grew quite a bit faster. It takes about two hours, and I explain some of the things that he is doing that gives very little profit, and nearly no dividends from certain stocks.

We change some of the stocks for higher dividends, and I show him how some of the IPOs work. We choose two more companies that will do their IPOs within the week. By the end of the month both MJ and Mom, watch as the two of us dance around. When Dad spends his laptop showing that he made ten million they fainted. We both had to catch them, MJ fainted into my arms, and Mom fainted into Dad's arms.

That started some of the best times of our lives. Dad quit selling cars to trade stocks from home. Of course, that meant he was home all the time. He would take us to school, and pick us up after.

It was nice driven around in his new Jaguar. The next summer we actually had a vacation somewhat, you see you can trade online from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. We did not spend as much time trading as we normally did, usually just an hour or two during the heat of the day. MJ, Kimberly and Mom were laying out by the pool tanning, while we were trading. Dad was overjoyed he had made over thirty million during the year, he noticed that I was putting my stocks into long-term investments.

Dad asked what I was doing, I replied, "I promised MJ when I reached one hundred million I would retire and I am setting up my stocks for my retirement. I reached one hundred million yesterday." Dad was a little shocked, and then he grinned and said, "You think your Mom might let you get married now that you are an old retired man." There was a little frustration in my voice as I said, "Mom is going to make me wait until MJ is sixteen, we can marry at sixteen back home.

MJ and I should both finish high school that year as well." Dad and I are silent for a while. He did not want to say anything against Mom although I do not think he agreed with her. I finally asked, "You think it is about time I start looking at land, I know it takes a couple of years sometimes to get a house built. I am not looking just for the normal house, in a normal subdivision.

I want a mansion for MJ, a place that feels like were on vacation every day for the rest of our life. Dad said, "I bet your Mom could help you find some land for that. It might be just the thing to convince her how serious you are." After a moment in consideration I said, "That might not be a bad idea, when we get back I will make an appointment with her. I will do it through her office, and I will use my retirement trust to buy the land." Dad chuckled, "If she does not know the name of your company, she is going to get all excited about this big spender using her as their agent.

I want to be there with a camera when she sees it is you." I chuckled and then I pointed out, "It will be myself and MJ, I will be the CEO, and MJ can be the CFO." Dad chuckled before he said, "I know you are new to relationships so take my advice let MJ be the CEO, the way you make money you could be the CFO." I shake my head and begin laughing and then Dad joins in.

Hearing the two of us laugh, MJ comes up slides into my lap and gives me a big kiss. Mom almost groans at seeing MJ in my lap and us kissing. Dad simply pulled her into his then give her a kiss. Kim was a little disappointed not having a lap to set in. Mom breaks the kiss first then she asked, "What is so funny?" Dad said, "For a really good looking young man it is kind of bad that he did not lose his virginity before he retires. John has decided to retire now that he has reached a hundred million." Mom looking at Dad asked, "I bet you would let them move in together." Dad shown a little frustration said, "You know how serious they are about each other, you keeping them apart is just torturing them.

It makes them want each other even more. You should put MJ on birth control as soon as we get back home." Mom flashed anger in her eyes before she said, "I am not letting them have sex until they have a home of their own." Mom got up and walks out of the room she was so mad.

MJ turns to me and says, "Is the house next door still up for sale?" I looked into MJ's eyes and say, "Hand my computer and we will look." About thirty seconds later, we found it for sale, Mom is the listing agent, Dad and I both chuckle seeing that.

Now I explained to MJ why Dad and I were chuckling. MJ began to giggle, and I call MJ my new CEO, MJ was all smiles. Using my trust, I placed an offer for the house next door, their asking price. Of course, I knew how real estate worked, and knew it was ten percent over market value but I did not want to take a chance on not getting the place.

Especially with what Mom said, eventually she will learn not to say things in anger. From the look and Dad's eyes I knew he was going to make her live up to her own words.

Especially as he watched MJ and I prepare the email, requesting that Mom, meet with us at the beginning of next week, a check would be ready for the total purchase price on the residence next-door.

We use the address not to let Mom know who it was, and then MJ signed the email CEO J. B. Enterprises. I called a lawyer I used, and found out that J. B. Enterprises was available for use, J. B. Enterprises Incorporated opened for business fifteen minutes later.

The lawyer drawled the Corporation up as a partnership between MJ and me. MJ insisted that I still maintain 100 percent control of all the financial assets of the corporation. Because I listed myself as the CFO, I could sign but if MJ needed monies, I would cosigned to authorize her spending.

I created accounts for J. B. Enterprises, and then transferred fifteen million in to the Corporation. I arranged for a cashier's check drawn from the accounts to be ready for MJ and me to pick up next Monday. I smile at MJ then said, "We are going to need business suits, for our meeting next week. You think we can go shopping without Mom tagging along?" Dad laughed, "This is going to be fun.

I have wanted to make your mother open her eyes about the two of you. I will drive you to an upscale mall; I will have to trust that you too can handle yourselves." Kim negotiates, "Long as I get to come over and visit maybe stay overnight I will help too.

I can keep her busy long enough for Dad to drive you to the mall." Two hours later, MJ and I had picked out matching business suits, although hers had a skirt that come down below her knees, they were both made from the same material in the same designer.

Matching shirts and ties completed the ensemble, of course MJ needed a new bag to go with the suit, the shoes were we differed, I got a playing high quality black shoe, MJ went for a pair of stylish high heels, although also black. We arrange for them tailored on a rush, and would be back to pick them up after having a second fitting. MJ and I went to a movie at the mall, of course Mom called and we explained we were just watching a movie and would go shopping a little and be back afterwards.

On the way to the theater, we passed a nice jewelry store, and I decided to buy Mom a tennis bracelet as a surprise, and to tell her I am sorry for fighting with her.

Seeing the tennis bracelet I purchased MJ joked, "Maybe I should fight with you more often, if your apologies always include jewelry." I smiled at MJ then said, "You do not need to fight with me if you want jewelry, I will get you anything your heart's desire." MJ said, "I will let you know what I want in a week." Three hours later were leaving the mall.

Mom and Dad along with Kim pick us up. I put our packages into the trunk and I separate out the tennis bracelet I purchased for Mom. I suggested we go for a nice dinner before returning to the hotel.

I reached the tennis bracelet across the seat, still in its box. Mom's eyes widened as she opened the box and I said, "It is for you, I do not want you mad at MJ or I over some silly fight.

Sorry if I upset you." At the next stop, Dad looked over and said, "That is one hell of an apology you got there." Mom's eyes were bright and wet with tears of joy as she said, "I am not mad, I never was. Thank you anyway I really love it." I smiled as it sparkled on her wrist and said, "You are welcome." Mom allowed MJ and me to spend a little more time alone, I guess she figured if we abate her rules and did not give her a reason to mistrust us.

Allowing us to be together was not hurting anything, we are completely across the country, what harm is it in us walking around in a mall acting like boyfriend and girlfriend. After dinner, we went and saw another movie this time altogether. During the movie, Mom and Dad set together, but they put Kimberly between MJ and I. Little Sis held our hands through the movie, we looked across to see Mom and Dad kissing several times.

Even though not related to her, I always treated Kim like my sister. She is the closest thing I have ever had to one. I cannot say that I really know what a normal brother sister relationship is.

Kimberly was eight and had an infatuation with me. Maybe because the number of years between Kimberly and I we were not like normal brother and sister, not even like MJ and I. MJ and Kim both did not have their birthdays yet that year making Kim eight, MJ fourteen, and me fifteen at the time. My birthday is in late May, Kimberly's is in early August, and MJ's birthday is mid-September. The rest of that week seen the go by very quickly, and we managed to keep Mom from seeing the business suits.

When Mom left for work on Monday, I knew the emails she would receive would get her attention immediately causing her to call the number we gave. We picked up a cell phone on vacation so it had an out-of-state area code. In the second email, we included that number for her to contact us. When the phone rang about five minutes after Mom had gotten to work, we knew we hooked Mom. MJ's voice sounded extremely mature as she spoke to Mom.

I knew Mom would not recognize her own daughter the way MJ sounded. Dad and I were struggling to keep from chuckling as we listen to MJ talk to Mom.

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MJ said, "I understand you are the realtor listing the house that I am interested in. I just flew in this last Friday, and if you can show me a home inspection without any major repairs that are needed I would like to close on the house as soon as possible." Mom's voice sounds almost a little excited as she replied, "I see you have made an offer of the asking price.

I can provide a home inspection, their only are a couple small items that need repaired. If you would like I would be available to show you the house in about an hour." MJ hesitated a moment then said, "How about we make it at 12 o'clock; if we close you can buy lunch." Now it was Mom's turn to hesitate, a moment later she said, "That is a little out of the normal for this office, but I guess it would be all right." MJ in the same mature voice said, "Good, I will see you at the listing at twelve." MJ quickly hung up not giving Mom the opportunity to say anything else.

Dad drives the three of us to the bank, and I pick up the cashier's check. The cashier's check equals the price that we offered on the home. Dad drives us home, and MJ and I begin dressing in our business suits.

At about eleven fifteen Mom comes home as very nervous as she walks around. Fortunately, for us Dad runs interference, and he walks Mom over next door to await her clients. Our second email mentioned J B enterprises would be in the market for a ready-made home around the five million dollar mark, if one already existed that met our needs.

If not we would be in the market for around twenty more secluded acres, along with help finding a suitable contractor. It is 11:53 AM as MJ and I walk up and ring the doorbell Kim has a camera with her and she takes a picture of MJ and I all dressed up.

It only takes Mom about fifteen seconds to open the door. We have our backs to her like were looking back at the street for a moment. We hear the door open and Mom asked, "Are you the executives from J B enterprises?" Before she turns MJ answers in the same mature voice, she used on the phone, "Yes, I am the CEO and this is my CFO and my future husband." Kim quickly clicks pictures as MJ and I spin around. Mom's expression is one of total shock, and then her expression goes to anger thinking were playing a joke on her, I display the cashier's check before she says something or grounds us.

Mom's eyes seeing the cashier's check then go wide as she realizes it is not a joke. MJ does not miss a beat as she reminds Mom in that mature voice, "You do have the home inspection ready for me to look over." Dad barely moved in time to catch her, and Kim continue taking pictures. Dad eases Mom into a setting position in the unfurnished hallway. It only took Mom a few seconds to recover, as she begins to giggle that turns into laughter.

She finally says, "You two are not buying this house." Laughing I say, "J B enterprises is going to buy this house, I have looked through the yard and pool areas yesterday.

I noticed a couple things in the home inspection should show those as well, if not we are requesting a second inspection done. As long as the repair cost are not too exorbitant we will honor our initial offer. Is that correct Ms. CEO?" MJ answers, in her now signature mature tone, "That is correct Mister CFO." Dad whisper something to Mom and she jerked her head around to look at him. He finally smiles and says, "Remember you said it in California.

Look how far John and MJ are willing to go to stay within what you will allow. Trust me it is not because they want to hurt you." MJ says, "John I guess we can go home and get out of these business suits." Dad reminded Mom she said MJ and I could start having sex when I owned a home of my own. Mom does not faint from hearing that until again Dad leans in and whispered something to Mom's ear. Her eyes go wide then rolled back into her head and she is out again.

Dad carried her back to their bedroom it is a good ten minutes after that before Mom awakens. I think I know what Dad said to her that caused her to pass out the second time. I believe he asked, "Who owns the home we live in now?" I am just speculating on that from the bits and pieces of what MJ and I heard while we waited in the hall. After a while, MJ just pulled me away saying, "It is best that we do not ease drop.

Mom might be more upset if she found out. Let her and Dad work it out." MJ and I have yet to change out of the expensive clothing and into something for lunch so that is exactly what we did went to change clothes.

MJ was walking in front of me with a sway to her hips that made me want to follow wherever she went. Remember I was a fifteen-year-old boy at the time, not much older now but far the wiser.

That started an interesting couple of months, Mom and Dad argued quite a lot and I worried for their marriage. She did let us close on the house. We found a few minor things that need repaired that was not on the home inspection but the cost was minimal for the repairs. She insisted that we have everything perfect before we moved in, that included MJ on birth control.

Mom even went furniture shopping with us, when we did not stop at some of the cheaper furniture outlets she only smiled. I did not want cheap furniture that would only last a few years. I was looking for heirloom quality furniture for MJ and my home.

MJ and I decided to play a trick on the salespeople, we always heard that often they treat people differently because of the way they are dressed. MJ and I dressed like a couple normal teenagers.

I had spoken to MJ before we left home, and we had both looked over the Internet at what the furniture store offered. MJ agreed that the better quality furniture would be worth the price. It would be something that we would be carrying forward into our new home after we had it constructed.

Mom looked at the prices a little wide-eyed, but MJ and I knew and had previously selected from the Internet and only confirmed what our choices were at the showroom. We only differed from the bedroom suit, and added a patio set that we had neglected before. One of the major differences was I decided to get a memory foam mattress with an adjustable bed.

MJ looked at me questioning until I whispered in her ear what we could do with the bed because it being adjustable.

MJ's pupils dilated thinking about it, and I noticed her nipples were pushing the material of her T-shirt outward. Mom asked, "John why do you want a bed like that, that is for someone with a bad back." MJ whispered to Mom and her eyes got large as she looked back at MJ. MJ definitely shocked Mom, but she recovered quickly and asked, "John can you get one for me and Dad, I will pay you back later." The clerk that was helping us has a shocked expression unable to hide her disbelief.

I wonder if she assumed that Mom would be the one paying for everything, or perhaps charging the purchase. She almost walks away, but she put a good hour and a half into helping us. I can see her mind working as she wonders if her large commission has just evaporated.

The total for the furniture so far was a good half the price of the home. Mom knew that normally only use a quarter of the house price as your guide for the cost of the furniture. You would not put a silk sofa into a cheap apartment. MJ and I only look like we could afford a cheap apartment even if the clerk assumed we were older than what we are. Mom knew we planned on either building or finding a perfect mansion for the two of us; she did not raise an eyebrow at the total.

When I wrote out the check, the sales clerk was definitely skeptical.

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The system they use verified the check at the register. When it cleared, she was relieved before looking at us again. MJ and I giggled before we said, "Do not judge a book by the cover." For the first time in the last ten minutes, she smiled and replied, "That is pretty good advice I will have to remember that." We stopped and got dinner on the way home. MJ and I set in a booth across from Mom. Without little sis between us MJ begins to stroke my leg when Mom does not notice she moves higher.

MJ has not tortured me like this since the day Mom caught Vicki. After a couple minutes of MJ stroking my hard cock I whisper to her, "MJ you need to stop for now or you are going to send me back to the bathroom like the last time you did this." MJ turns to me looking into my face she has a moment of realization, she begins to giggle as she removes her hand from my throbbing cock.

The longer MJ giggles it seems to turn to full laughter as she looks into my face. Mom's face is a little strained I believe she may have overheard. MJ finally comes under control and she whispers to me a question. MJ asked, "You mean when I was playing with you, you had to go to the bathroom because?" I answer in a whisper, "Because if I stayed I would definitely have a wet spot to explain.

It was all I could do to make it to the bathroom." Now Mom begins to giggle, that turns to full laughter as MJ and I turned to her realizing we were overheard. Fortunately, our order is ready and I pick it up as MJ and Mom head to the car Mom still laughing all the way. In the car Mom says, "I keep forgetting how long you two have been interested in each other." MJ reminded her mother, "I was five when I asked John to marry me." Smiling I said, "I immediately said yes, of course that was just after the first time we caught you and Dad having sex." Mom's face turns red and she remarked, "I never knew you guys saw us." MJ said, "Mom, I really understand now.

I am in love with John, which is never going to change. I was still in love with him even when I was not acting like it. I knew I was not going to let Mark do anything.

I was really just using him to make John jealous." I looked at MJ just a little angrily and she nervously says, "Remember you stop paying attention to me. I wanted you to realize if you continued that you might just lose me." Looking at MJ I said, "I was worried I was losing you, you had so many boys biting for your attention.

That was before I had my growth spurt. I was afraid I was not good enough for you." MJ giggled as she leaned in and kissed me. After we break MJ said, "You have been and will always be the love of my life." I pull MJ into another kiss as we pull into the driveway. Mom giggles as she says, "You two make my head hurt, I cannot figure out if it is daughter and son-in-law, or son and daughter-in-law." MJ giggles and helps Mom, "It is just John and MJ.

Remember John is no blood relation to Dad, and I am not a blood relation to Dad." Still giggling Mom says, "It still makes my head hurt, he is stepfather to the both of you." I make a point Mom may not have thought of, "MJ and I were engaged prior to Dad becoming her stepfather." Mom makes her point, "You two were five years old.

No one that I know of gets engaged at five years old." As I hold the door, for MJ and Mom I say, "When it is right and you know it, it does not matter how old you are." MJ comes into my arms when the door closes. Mom shakes her head but does not say anything else and we let it drop. Delivery of our furniture scheduled for a week after that day, and MJ and I both become more excited and count the hours to we can move in to our home.

Mom is just the opposite she dreads every hour that it gets closer. I do not know why she felt that way, maybe she was afraid that MJ and I were not compatible but the two of us never really had a fight. Once we had a heated discussion that ended up with us passionately kissing each other. Of course I gave MJ her way, it did not matter that much about what color the paint was anyway.

MJ ended up hating the color she originally chose, three months later, we repainted. After the furniture delivery, it took us another three days to finish setting up all the furniture, but we moved into our bedroom that evening. We had just gotten the sheets on the bed, when MJ left to the bathroom. I finished putting the pillowcases on and the pillows on the bed as I hear MJ clearing her throat. I turned around and MJ stands nude in the bathroom doorway. MJ smiled and asked, "Are you ready to try out the bed." I practically ripped my shirt off as I begin to take off my clothing.

Before I started my pants MJ says, "Go down and lock the doors I do not want anyone interrupting us." I complained, "You should have asked that before I have such difficulty walking." MJ giggled and said, "Where would be the fun in that.

Now hurry before I get cold." It did not take me thirty-five seconds to lock the two bottom doors, check the garage doors, and start back up the stairs. As I walked into the bedroom, MJ is on the bed with her knees raised slightly and together.

Playfully MJ says, "Brother, what are you doing here in my bedroom. You know you should not be here because I am not dressed." I say, "MJ." MJ gives me a look that says play along or sleep on the couch. I am slightly confused, but I think MJ is playing out a fantasy, we talked about those a couple times and I decided to play along, besides I do not want to start our life together with me sleeping on a couch.

Beginning again I say, "Sister, I just could not live my life without at least once tasting you." MJ's flashes me a brilliant smile letting me know I am on track with her game. MJ gets a scared little girl look as she begins her acting again. She begins first by sliding her feet apart as she moves towards the edge of the bed.


Once seated near the edge MJ raises her knees higher and then finally spreads them. MJ was so turned on that she is actually begin to leak down to the crack of her ass. Her labia opens like a flower to me displaying the inner lips as the outer lips become puffier. Her bush neatly cut shaved clean to above her clitoris a small heart-shaped covers the top of her pubic mound. The smell of her sex hits me as I kneel. The musty aroma has my cock drooling. I have been waiting to taste MJ since the first day I smelled her.

That near her nude and eager sex had me fighting my hormones not to just push her back and fuck the daylights out of her. I have been dreaming, hoping in planning this first time with MJ for most of my life at that point. Everything I learned about sex was something I wanted to do to please MJ.

I wanted MJ to have the best first experience I could give her. I raised my face to MJ's and kissed her passionately. MJ can no longer hold back as she pushed herself to the very edge of the bed and rubs herself against me. I kissed down her body delaying at her breasts to get a very close up look at the beautiful breasts that I have only touched once before. Her nipples were larger, and her areolas had darkened and were much larger than last time I saw them.

The areolas slightly raised and I could not help but lick them and suck her nipple into my mouth. With each lick and suck, MJ moaned. It did not take very long before MJ was pressing into me hard, my mouth moved back up to find hers, it was not a second or two before MJ took my face into her hands she pushed my face back down and I only delayed a moment to tease each breast.

When I moved back from MJ she almost lassoed me with her legs to pull me back in until she realized where my head was going. MJ thrown her legs further apart and leaned back onto the bed slightly and now granted the access to her sex I have wanted for so long, my tongue licked at her moist outer lips.

MJ's taste drove me to new heights of desire, and my tongue continually licked at the moist flesh it found. It was not long before my tongue found the inner lips. As my tongue parted MJ's inner lips MJ quivered and thrust her hips forward. My tongue slid a quarter of an inch into her opening that seem to grasp at it.

More moisture seem to run down MJ's inner lips as I drove my tongue even deeper. Deep as my tongue would go, it found no resistance, no barrier to our pleasure; MJ did not have a hymen.

A memory flashed back of MJ when she was only nine and we had been out riding our bikes, I hit a pothole, and MJ was right behind me, as her bike bottomed out she screamed.

I did not understand at that moment what had occurred, I was scared to death and I carried a crying MJ the half block back to our home and to Mom. Dad helped me get the bikes that we left on the sidewalk. MJ must have lost her hymen at that moment. On the way, back I asked Dad what had happened, he only told me I need never worry about it.

That he was proud of me for what I did helping my sister like that. MJ must have sensed what I was thinking she said, "I lost it that day you carried me home. I was so in love with you, you are my hero after that day to. I only wish I had it to give to you instead of losing it to the stupid bicycle." Rising for a second to look into MJ's face I said, "In a way I am glad, I never want to cause you pain.

Now I will not have to." I go back to where I had been licking and teasing MJ sex, I want to give her one good orgasm from this, just in case I cannot hold out long enough when MJ and I start to make love. I ran my tongue all the way from her grasping opening up to her sensitive nub that seems to pulse with each heartbeat.


It looks like a cock, but smaller and shorter, all pink hidden inside her folds. Sensitive little end pokes out, I run my tongue around the base of it MJ moaned loudly. I ran my tongue back down and into her tasting MJ, moving my tongue in and out a few times made MJ moan. As I moved up one more time this time as my tongue touches the base of MJ's clitoris she grabs the hair on my head and pulls me tighter to herself.

MJ moaned loudly, "Lick me there now I am Cuming." I close my lips around the base of her clit. I sucked to hold it in my mouth as I tease the entire short length of it with my tongue. MJ's hands holds tight to the back of my head as her legs nearly ripped my head off my body she pulls so hard with them.

Every muscle in MJ's body tightens and she shakes violently. I worried that she is going to snap my neck but what a way to go. When MJ's orgasm begins to subside her leg slide from my back, her hands relaxed their hold, MJ's breathing was fast and I raised my head and body watching her, her nipples seems even longer than they had as I licked and sucked them. Small spasm still travel throughout MJ's body as she slowly came back to this world.

Not fully recovered MJ slid back onto the bed kept her legs as wide as possible. I followed MJ onto the bed and settled between her legs, when my cock touched MJ sex it was as if an electric shock ran through both of us, it was not painful but it was the most thrilling moment of my life to that point. We both moaned and pushed forward, MJ's vagina opened and I slid in only aware of the feel of her tightness around me. I held in my arms at that moment my whole world, and MJ still is the most important thing in my life.

I looked into MJ's wide-eyed face and we both broke into a smile. We both pushed forward again, enjoying the feeling of the most intimate contact. I pulled out slightly, and MJ's face showed her disappointment until I pushed back in slightly further than I had been.

As I began to repeat the process MJ moaned, "Brother I have been waiting for this forever." MJ still wanted to play the game even though it was much more serious than that. I was making love to my wife, maybe we had not had the ceremony yet, but to me, MJ has always been more than a girlfriend. I realized at that moment that I wanted MJ to have been my wife from that first day we slept together at five years old.

I moved forward and MJ locked me into her arms and legs as our body pushed together for the first time. We could not hold each other tight enough as we kissed and pushed into each other. I had just bottomed out with all of my cock in MJ, the tip of my cock pushed against the end of her pussy, her cervix.

MJ shook again wildly, and I held onto her while she had her first orgasm from my cock. MJ relaxed her hold on me and I began to move needing to increase our pleasure.

MJ and I still clutch to each other kissing passionately, but the exertion of our lovemaking was causing our breathing to come quicker and we were forced to move apart or slow down. I raise back up on my arms as MJ and I pushed slamming together. She met each of my thrusts with her hips thrusting into mine.

We are both so very close to having an orgasm together. MJ's vagina clamped down as it tried to hold my cock as I pushed deep into her. The orgasm that I was having was nearly painful it was so large.

One huge spurt left my body and MJ screams at the sensation of my sperm gushing into her. "OH FUCK YES!" The second huge gush leaves my body and flows into MJ swelling womb. MJ shrieks, "MOM." My eyes open to see MJ's terrified face. Looking over my shoulder there is Mom standing with her mouth hanging open. I pull out quickly, which is a great mistake my body is in the middle of gushing out its third huge jet of semen. My cock bounces up as MJ sets up.

I spray semen from her clit completely up to her braces. A fourth and fifth squirt again hitting MJ in the face and chest the sixth weaker covers MJ's chest and belly as she trembles. I covered the head of my cock and cum one more time into my palm. MJ and I were so afraid of this moment for so long, that we lose ourselves in a moment of desire and give in to our longings only then caught in the act.

It takes a second for us to realize where we are at, and we did nothing wrong. At that, moment Mom began to laughed so hard. MJ and I were uncertain what she was doing here, or what actions she was going to take. After all, I think this was her biggest fear since we were five and she found us kissing the first time.

Mom walks into the room and around the bed and she gets a good look at MJ, I did not think she could laugh any harder until she did. She practically sank down to the floor holding her ribs, MJ and I were stunned, we looked at each other dumbfounded. We looked over the edge of the bed, and Mom pointed at MJ and laughing all the harder. I moved off the bed, grabbed my underwear, and pulled them on. MJ got off the bed and walked into the master bathroom, a second later I heard MJ laughing just as hard as I heard Mom.

I followed MJ into the bathroom, she stood there holding her sides then looked at me and pointed into the mirror at the image reflected back at herself. MJ covered with cum, from her upper lip completely down her body to the heart-shape of pubic hair.

It had begun to run down her body dripping from her breast has MJ shook with laughter. Her laughter also forced my Cum to begin running from her vagina, it was slow at first then a couple huge drops falling onto MJ's thighs got her attention. Looking into the mirror MJ turned her legs outward to see the mass dripping from her vagina.

MJ laughed all the harder, no longer able to stand I caught her as we sank to the floor together. Mom cleared her throat as she stood in the doorway although this time we had no fear as we turn to her. Mom said, "My daughter you really need to keep my son better drained." MJ and I looked at each other and began to laugh as hard as we had before. Mom cleared her throat will more time and asked, "John what does it feel like Cumming over your redheaded sister's big tits and braces." MJ and I looked at each other again and wondered how long Mom had been watching, did she hear us as we called each other brother and sister?

Mom answered the question for us, "MJ I do not really care what you call John in the bedroom. Never call him brother again outside of your bedroom. Now take a shower so you can come and eat dinner." I helped MJ stand, she playfully rubbed her chest and body against me, now I was as cum covered as MJ was were both totally covered.

We pulled each other into the shower and teased each other as we wash. It is a little harder to get off than you might think. Judge Michaels no longer able to contain her mirth raises her hands as she begins to laugh aloud and I since she needs me to stop.

She looks at my face and asks, "You are not leaving anything out are you?" I shake my head no, then say there really is not that much more to tell, that was the start of this summer a little before my sixteenth birthday.

This June I turned sixteen, got my driver's license, purchased a car for myself, this September MJ will turn sixteen, she will get her driver's license and I will purchase her a car. We had already picked up a large plot of land only a few miles west of the city. It is close enough to major shopping to be very convenient yet far enough away that the city will be quite a while before it approaches on our quiet home. Where the area is it will be limited for the type of housing normally associated with the city, another reason why the city would not approach very quickly.

Nearly six weeks ago, my stepfather and stepmother died as you are aware. For the first time, since we were five years old, MJ and I were not under the same roof. We each were first into different foster homes by child protective services. Kim and I placed in the same home as I was, although MJ is completely across town. Your honor my request is simple, I understand it takes a judge's order to allow MJ and I to wed. I need you to understand that MJ and I have been together for ten years despite a few hiccups along the way.

MJ is the love of my life and I of hers. I have the means to ensure MJ's financial well-being along with Kim's financial well-being. Dad's and Mom's life insurance, along with his trust fund have been moved to trust funds for MJ and Kim. If you allowed our wedding, I would also request that we be Kim's guardians. I know that requires some supervision.

However, if that is what is required we would gladly take that step. Kim cries herself to sleep most nights still yet, not only for her parents but because MJ is not near us. MJ is constantly threatening to run away from the conditions her foster parents have placed. I fear for her safety, they have removed MJ cell phone, and will not allow her to visit Kim or myself.

The area town that she lives in is unsafe during most of the day, if MJ escapes at night it may be jumping from the frying pan to the fire. Judge Michaels looks at me and holds up a hand, writes out a couple things, she signs a few papers then then touches her intercom. Her assistant answers and she requested him to pick up her paperwork she had just completed.

Judge Michaels has me wait outside, it is nearly an hour, and I wonder what is taking so long it is nearly 3 o'clock in the afternoon. MJ would be out of school soon, although she knew I possibly could not pick her up today. I know I really should not, but I would pick MJ up at her school to take her to her foster parents. That give is our only opportunity to spend time together, only about fifteen minutes a day.

I had to have my classes rearranged so I could have that last period free. MJ's foster parents are not bad people, they do not abuse her, and from what I can tell, they are not neglectful. They are older couple with outdated and old-fashioned ideas. It is just they will not accept the fact that MJ and I are in love, and will be for the rest of our lives. MJ comes in, and her face lights up the instant she sees me.

It feels like we both fly across the room into each other's arms the attraction we have is so strong. I hear Judge Michaels giggle as she watches MJ and I embrace and kiss. Judge Michaels gives us a moment before she causes into her chambers. MJ and I for standing before her she looks into my face and asked, "John everything you said to me has been truthful?" I answer, "To the best of my recollection your honor, I have told you the truth and spared no details." That was something my lawyer told me that I should do.

My lawyer prepared paperwork, but had me tell him what I was going tell Judge Michaels, when I simply asked if I could marry MJ he shook his head no. That is when he told me that I should not just ask, but given impelling reason why.

My lawyer asked if MJ is possibly pregnant. I explained to him about the birth control MJ was using, and that he required a surgeon to remove it. There is very little chance MJ could get pregnant without that occurring. He did ask why I wanted to marry MJ so badly. Why could not to simply wait until September, or even her eighteenth birthday. That is related my story to him.

I finished, he smiled and said, "Just tell Judge Michaels that story of yours and everything will work out." Standing there, I am so nervous my knees almost knock together.

MJ is in a similar state. MJ's hand holds mine and it is hard to tell whose palm is sweating more, but MJ squeezes my hands so tightly I know she needs my support. Judge Michaels smiles and asks, "MJ, I will need to ask some questions of you and it would be best if John is not in the room. Can you manage to be without him for a short time?" MJ's hand instantly tightened to nearly painful, she turned to me and I shook my head yes. I smile and say, "MJ I love you, just tell Judge Michaels the truth.

Whatever she asks just answer it truthfully." MJ goes up onto her tiptoes kissing me across the lips quickly. She smiles saying, "I can do that. I love you." Reluctantly we part, and I am slow to walk out the door of the large judge's chambers. Judge Michaels asks, "MJ how does it feel to have your brother shower you with his ejaculate?" I am nearly completely out the door when I hear that, the bailiff has a hand at the center of my back because I am hesitating.

I hear MJ giggle then say, "He is not my brother, Your Honor." The bailiff was witness to my story. He was chuckling as he continued to push me through the door. With a good shove, he has me through the door four foot in the waiting room before I can turn he smiles and shakes his head no, before he closes the door.

I do step closer to the door and pause to think before knocking on the door, while I contemplate I swear I hear Judge Michaels laughing, followed by MJ. Think it better not to interrupt them if they are in that good of a mood. I sent in the silent waiting room that is the anti-chamber to Judge Michaelss office. The secretary goes through papers at a desk, and I know she has we working a judge's schedule.

It has been more than half an hour, and occasionally I do hear laughter coming from Judge Michaels's chambers. The door to Judge Michaels's chambers open, and MJ emerges she smiles and asked, I need my CFO approval on some purchases, but you do not need to know what they are yet.

I smile and pull out the preloaded debit card that I keep, it even has MJ's name on it. I hand that to her, and she disappears back into Judge Michaels's chambers. It seems like I am waiting forever, and I swear I heard the other door close shortly after MJ when in. MJ may not have realized it, but I just handed her over a hundred thousand dollars. Time ticks by, and I am just as nervous as I have ever been in my life.

I do not think anything could make me more nervous than this. Maybe I will be a few times more when I wait for MJ to deliver our children, but that some years in the future. The secretary called back into the chambers for a moment before returning. She gathers her purse and leaves without saying a word just gives me a smile on her way out. MJ's foster father shows up twenty minutes later, he hands me a velvet box before he says, "I do not have to like what is happening.

You will need this." He leaves without saying another word. When I opened the box, I nearly fall as panic runs through me. I am looking at MJ's engagement ring. Her foster parents had her remove it, not allowing her to wear the expensive ring to school.

I almost start to beat on the doors. His words echo back, you will need this. I realize why I will need the ring. My worry turns to exhilaration. It is all I can do to contain my joy, but it still displays on my face. The secretary returned with Kimberly.

Kim is dressed in her best Sunday dress, she even looks like she has a touch of makeup. Kim hugs me, looking into my face she can tell that I figured out what was happening. Jokingly Kim says, "My brother is a real smart one, my sister is a lucky girl to marry him." The secretary gasps in shock, but Kim walks on in the doors leaving the secretary looking at me. I give her the quick explanation; my biological father killed in action while in the military, my biological mother remarried, shortly after that she died in an automobile accident, her will named my stepfather as my guardian.

When he remarried, it was MJ's mother, later Kim was born, and I have been her brother for all her life. You might think of it as this, my stepfather remarried giving me a stepmother, MJ and I had already fallen in love and engaged before their marriage.

The secretary says, "You poor thing, but since you put it like that it makes perfect sense, really sad but perfect sense." I never thought of my life as sad, sure it was not the happiest. It had too much tragedy, but through it all I have MJ and Kim. If I am lucky I was still have them for the rest of my life. Nothing guaranteed, the whole world could be wiped out before we even see it coming. However, I will live my life as happily as I can make it, make it for MJ and Kim and hopefully MJ and my children.

The weighted that thought hits me. I am requesting MJ's life as my responsibility. I find it oddly weightless, even Kim being my responsibility does not feel heavy. I know some people would turn and run from the situation, but I welcome it with open arms. The doors finally open to me, MJ is not insight but Kim stands in front of Judge Michaels's desk.

Kim motions for me to stand beside her. I take my place in front of Judge Michaels's desk. Judge Michaels stands behind her desk as music begins.

MJ walks from a doorway into the room with the bailiff holding her arm. In front of Judge Michaels's desk, the bailiff gives me MJ's arm.

Judge Michaels begins the ceremony, and I have a brilliant smile as she instructs me to lift the veil of MJ's recently purchased wedding gown. I am vaguely aware of the questions to which I answer I do, and I truly do, my life begins as I kiss my bride.

MJ and I sign documents, first are the documents claiming us as independent adults, and then our wedding license. The next is the visitation orders, although we do not get Kim yet, every weekend, holiday and supervised visitation during the summer vacation Kim is with us. On my eighteenth birthday that changes to full custody.

Overall, it is really, as much as I could hope for; even the supervised visitation will not be that difficult. It takes MJ and I a week to finishing empting out our old home, even just being next door is an improvement the house we shared with their parents seems to be full of gloom.

They are so many things that remind us of them and that they will not be with us. We realize will miss them every day.

It is hard to spend time in places where we lived together. We will only have to use the house next door for a few more months. I am paying the contractor extra to have our home finished as rapidly as possible.

Other than, some minor holdups and some back ordered materials everything seems to be on schedule. The odd thing is Judge Carmen Michaels comes to be a great friend, on several occasion spending some time on Saturdays when Kim is here. Of course, it is her son, Jamie asking to share the Saturdays. Kim and Jamie are the same age, the two took to each other just like MJ and I did.

I wonder if they will wait until they are eighteen or push to have the same freedom MJ and I shared together. My lawyer, he is a very wise man and I am not sure how he managed to get Judge Michaels to hear my case. However, the fact is she is one of the few people who would truly understand what MJ and I have and why it so special.

Jokingly my lawyer James Michaels says, "Sis told you they would be a great couple to have as friends." The two of them had grown up together in a foster home, not until they left for law school together that they truly realize what the relationship was.

Carmen looks at James with love in her eyes, "You know you are not my brother you are just my husband."