Delectable Guy With A Large Cock

Delectable Guy With A Large Cock
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He looked down at his unconscious captive, allowing a smile to draw up one corner of his mouth.


Everything had played right into his hands. Commander Mira Garrett, a highly respected operative of the Fleet's intelligence agency, was supposed to be in deep cover aboard his ship, seeking out the person supplying their enemies with classified information. Little had she known that it was him, Captain Martel, who had been the one to do so.

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Now it was time to repay the favour, to find out what she could tell him. Taking out his datapad, he tapped a few commands into the computer, changing the air composition to include an airborne aphrodisiac. Of course, he had already taken a drug to inhibit its effect. He wanted her driven to the point of madness by her lust. Palming an injector, he took a step closer to her, to where she had been strapped to an x-shaped interrogation plate.

He had changed her into her intelligence uniform, the black leather clinging to her soft, part human curves in a way that made his trousers feel distinctly tight and uncomfortable.

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Yes, he was going to enjoy this session. Placing the injector on her neck, he sent a cocktail of stimulants and hypersensitivity drugs into her system. Mira had no idea where she was. The last thing she remembered was being called to the captain's office on the starship Explorer to deliver a report about their survey of an asteroid belt, then a prick at her neck. She blinked a couple of times, trying to adjust to the gloom. She tried to lift her hand to her face, only to find that her arm had been securely locked down, as were all of her limbs.

She tugged at them, testing their strength. "Nice to see you've decided to join me, Commander," purred a voice at her ear. Mira froze. She knew that voice. Captain Martel. She turned her head to see his greyish grinning face. She bared her teeth at him, her fangs glinting in the low light. "Let me go, Martel, or I'll report you!" "Tsk, tsk, tsk," he replied with a mocking shake of his head. She could see the dark blue scales that covered the back of his neck and disappeared down beyond the collar of his uniform as he turned away from her.

"Such bad manners. I thought Intelligence was all about instilling manners into their operatives." "I don't know what you're talking about." "Commander, please." His voice was dripping with a sneering charm.

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"Let's not begin this by lying to each other." He walked around her prone form, letting his hand caress the swelling of her breast as he passed, his fingers lingering on her body to come dangerously close to her crotch before veering off to continue their path down her inner thigh.

Mira growled in frustration, the sound leaving her throat without her brain's permission, her hips bucking up of their own accord. Her eyes widened Martel's grin grew. "Ah, I see that the rumours of the sex drive of your species were not exaggerated. This should make for an… interesting interrogation. I'm sure you're aware of the procreative nature of my species as well." Mira was all too familiar with the warnings about the Scosians.

Their reproductive cycles were based around a fight for dominance. The initial mating determined which partner would become the alpha of the couple and the other would be forced to comply with their every wish.

Her eyes narrowed at the captain. "You wouldn't dare." "Wouldn't I?" Martel placed himself between her splayed legs, placing his hands on either side of her waist as he leant forward over her, pressing the bulge in his trousers against her hot core. Mira gasped at the sensation, her mind battling her body for control of her reactions. It had been so long since she had last had sex that her body was craving the contact, forced or not.

Sliding a knife from his belt, Martel pressed the sharp blade against the collar of her uniform and dragged it downwards, cutting through the leather and the thin cloth of her undershirt. A line of dark beads of blood sprang up where the knife had traced a thin, shallow line into her skin. Pushing aside the ruined uniform, Martel feasted his eyes on the c-cup breasts now bared to his hungry gaze. He dropped his head to lap lazily at the blood pooling in the valley of her chest, grinning as he felt Mira squirming beneath his attentions, her breathing becoming heavy.

Her nipples were standing erect, desperate for attention from that tongue, and Martel obliged, sucking one into his hot mouth before biting down viciously.

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Mira yelped, the pain bringing her back to her senses. Martel growled, using one hand to pin her squirming midsection to the cold metal of the cross. "You're mine," he snarled. "Your body belongs to me!" Mira whimpered, trying to pull her wrists out of the restraints, desperate to free herself, but Martel was licking his way up her neck, the rough texture of his tongue rasping against her skin interfering with her rational thought processes.

No, no! Not the ears! Martel's hot breath against the sensitive points of her ears seemed to be communicated directly down to her pussy, which was protesting the lack of attention it was getting. A low mewling sound of complaint left her throat as he pulled away from her, leaving her body cold. "I think you're enjoying this all too much, Commander," he purred, the knife once again between his fingers.

"I might have to do something about that." From out of nowhere, he produced two small clamps. He rolled her sensitive nipples between his fingers, listening to the moans Mira was trying to stifle.

Without warning, he attached the clamps to the hard nubs, grinning at the scream of pain from his captive. But that wasn't enough for him.

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Clipping a chain to the clamps, he pulled down a hook from the ceiling of the interrogation chamber, slipping the chain onto it before carefully choosing the height to force Mira to arch her back if she wanted to keep her nipples attached to her breasts. Moving on to his next target, he used his knife to cut away her trousers, smiling at the sight of the lacy underwear she was wearing. Most definitely not Fleet issue. They went to, leaving him an unobstructed view of her dripping snatch. He ran his finger lightly through the creases of her dripping folds, collecting her juices.

He sucked on the tip of his finger thoughtfully, wondering how to proceed. His cocks demanded that he take her right now, as roughly and forcefully as he could. It was certainly an attractive proposition. He wanted to degrade her more, but there would be plenty of time for that once she was forced to obey his every whim.

He took a step back to observe his captive, absentmindedly rubbing the bulge in his trousers. She looked positively delectable with her back arched upwards to relieve the stress on her nipples and her legs spread, inviting anyone to shag her pussy, the same pussy that was dripping with her fluids and creating a puddle on the floor.

His cocks twitched, aching to be buried inside her.

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Mira panted heavily, the strain on her back muscles second only to the burning lust she was feeling. She needed to be fucked right now! She heard the sound of a zipper being lowered. Hands brushed against the insides of her thighs, teasing her.


Something rough touched her pussy, making her jump. No! She could remember her exobiology lessons, remembering looking at the diagram of Scosian reproductive organs.

She couldn't have that fucking her! Martel stroked his dual cocks, grinning as Mira obviously came to the conclusion as to what was going to happen to her.

He looked down at the impressive lengths standing proudly erect between his legs. Two cocks, each the length and girth of his forearm, lined with barbs so as to keep him anchored inside his mate for as long as he wanted.

They twitched at the thought of burying themselves inside her hot, slick, cunt. He placed himself between her legs, rubbing himself against her, smearing his oozing precum over her. Without warning, he pulled back and slammed one of his cocks into her. Mira screamed in pain, her cunt spasming around the intruder.

She might as well have tried to jam a baseball bat up her pussy and it still wouldn't feel as thick as Martel's cock.

He continued to push into her, less than half of his cock currently inside her. He could feel the pressure of her cervix against the tip of his cock and growled. He wanted deeper.

Pulling out, he thrust himself back in again, determined to bury his entire length inside of her. The barbs lining his cock scraped against her pussy walls with each stroke, dragging a scream from her throat.


He gripped her waist, his hips working madly, balls starting to churn. He was so close to claiming her, to forcing her to be his mate. "Yes, yes, yes!" he grunted, pushing more of his length inside her, the head of his cock ramming through her cervix and into her fertile womb. She screamed again, her cunt clenching around his cock. That was the last straw. With a roar, he slammed himself home, spewing his sperm deep into her belly.