Meine dummen Tante nicht meine cum zustimmen

Meine dummen Tante nicht meine cum zustimmen
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The following story is essentially true. The first part is recounted from an earlier story, and the rest continues the story of my long affair with my first cousin. The events happened pretty much as described, though some parts occurred when I was very young, and I can't remember everything precisely as it happened. Names have been changed where needed. Just a bit of background first. My grandfather molested my mother and her oldest sister when they were in their teens.

Her older sister, Peggy, left home as soon as she got out of high school, and went into the Navy, where she later met another sailor and got married.

He already had two young daughters, Dale and Debbie, and they had two children of their own, Robin and Richard. Robin, the oldest, was in fact born just a few days before I was, and Richard was two or three years younger.


Once Peggy had left home, my own mother was next in line for her father's attention, and he began molesting her. This continued for three or four years, until just before she finished high school. Her older brother returned from WWII, found out what was going on, and beat the old man within an inch of his life to make him stop molesting his daughter. My mother's youngest sister was thus spared the same abuse the two older girls had endured. On a side note, though, my mother's older brother, my uncle the one who had beaten their father for molesting her then had an incestuous affair with my mother for several days, until he had to report to his new assignment, and as I understand it, they met a few times afterward, until she finally got married.

I have no idea what my grandfather did to amuse himself in the interim, but when my mother left my dad and moved my two younger brothers and me closer to her parents, just a few houses down from them, it didn't take long for him to begin taking advantage of me. I hesitate to use the terms molest or abuse, because to tell the truth, I liked it. I was seven years old, or perhaps just about to turn seven, when he began showing me how to play with his cock, sitting in the front seat of his car in the driveway, listening to baseball games on the car radio.

That very quickly turned into me laying across the seat, my head on his lap, sucking his cock, all while my grandmother and mother often sat on the front porch of the house nearby, maybe twenty feet away, never suspecting a thing. My mother took over the job of taking my grandmother to get groceries on the weekends, and my grandfather couldn't have been happier.

He never liked having to go shopping my grandmother never drove a car in her life and it gave him a chance to go further with me. He would keep me behind while everyone else went shopping, and he and I would swap blowjobs while they were gone. All this time, he never could get his cock completely hard, and his cum sort of just seeped out as we went along, never spurting out…I never knew until later that most men cum in spurts, since I was so young my fluid just seeped out too.

At the time, I really didn't care, I just loved sucking his cock, and having him suck mine. About a year later we moved again, this time about an hour and a half away from my grandparents.

My mom still drove us all up to visit them on the weekends, and took my grandmother and my two younger brothers shopping, and my grandfather and I still used the time they were gone to swap blowjobs and have a good time.

In fact, shortly after that, he became bolder, and would actually take me to bed with him. He and my grandmother slept in the same room, in separate beds though, and my mom would sleep in the next room in the spare bed.

There was a doorway between the two rooms, but no door, just a curtain. My two brothers and I slept in a pallet on the living room floor, or did until one night my grandfather came out and got me and took me to his bed.

I could hear my grandmother on the other bed and knew she was awake as I sucked my grandfather's cock. She never said a word, and never made any attempt to stop it, just eventually got tired of hearing us having sex and got up and went to sleep in the other room, in bed with my mother.

From then on, my mother and grandmother knew exactly what was going on, and neither of them ever made an effort to stop it. They simply made a deal with my grandfather to allow him to continue molesting me, as long as he didn't try to do the same with my younger brothers. By the time I was ten years old, I was an accomplished cocksucker, having been shared with one of his friends by my grandfather, and swapping blowjobs with a few friends from school.

I had also discovered girls, and learned about fucking them, and especially about anal sex. My first real orgasm, the first time my cum actually spurted out rather than just kind of seeping out as I went on, came the first time I fucked a girl in the ass.

She had enjoyed it so much, I had to experience it myself, and had one of my schoolmates fuck me in the ass. I found I could cum just from that alone. I never told my grandfather about any of the other sex I had been having, though. When I was ten years old, Peggy, my mother's oldest sister who had been molested by my grandfather, and her family came down to visit my grandparents for a week or so.

They stayed with my grandparents, and on the weekend my mom loaded us up in the car and we drove up to visit. My aunt knew my grandfather's history, having been molested by him herself, and took care not to leave her stepdaughters alone with him, because they were about the same age she was when he started molesting her.

She slipped up, though, when we came up to visit for the day there wasn't room for all of us to stay in that small house at night, so we were going back home that evening - and everyone decided they had somewhere to go. My uncle took the older girls to visit some friends they had across town, then he was going to run around a bit, and everyone else planned to go shopping, except, of course, my grandfather and me.

He convinced my aunt to leave Robin with us, and I guess she thought Robin would be safe because she was only ten, and I was there, so they all went on without us. My grandfather had both of us in the bedroom with him almost before they had gotten out of the driveway. He asked Robin if she had ever seen a boy naked, and she said yes, she had seen her brother in the bath a few times. Grandfather said we were going to play a game and had both of us strip naked, and he did the same.

Robin was a bit hesitant but went along when she saw me taking my clothes off. She and I had always been close, and she trusted me enough to go along with anything I did. Once we were all naked, my grandfather invited Robin to check out his cock.

She wasn't sure about that, but I took her hand and guided it to his cock, and moved it along the shaft for her, and around his balls, then I took my other hand and slid his foreskin back so she could see. There was a small drop of pre-cum there, and as she watched, I licked it from the slit of his cock. My grandfather then lifted her onto the bed and positioned her on her back, and checked her little pussy out, taking quite a while to explore her hairless slit with his fingers.

My grandfather let Robin watch as I took his cock into my mouth, sucking it and licking the pre-cum from the head of it. He had her watch as he directed me to show her how to lick and suck his cock, how I stroked the shaft of his cock as I sucked him, and how I used my other hand to play with his balls.

After a few minutes he asked if she was ready to try it, and I took my mouth off his cock as she moved closer. I showed her how to grasp the shaft in one hand, and watched as she lowered her face toward the tip of his cock. She saw the bit of cum at the slit and hesitated, and I reassured her that it was all right, that it didn't really taste bad. She licked the bit of cum off the tip and tasted it, then she wrapped her sweet lips around the tip of our grandfather's cock and began to take the head of it into her mouth.

Grandfather was still only able to get his cock half-erect, but, as he had done when I first started sucking his cock, he gently put his hands behind Robin's head and began to push down, so she took more of his cock into her mouth.

As soon as she started to gag, he released the pressure and let her back off a bit, then he would gently push her head down again. I told her to move her head up and down and let the cock slide in and out of her lips, and watched as she quickly caught on. I moved her free hand up to his balls, and whispered to her how to rub them and squeeze them gently as I watched her head bob up and down, her lips wrapped around his cock.

As she sucked his cock, I slipped one hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy. That startled her, and she almost stopped, but I whispered to her to go on, that it was okay. Robin trusted me, and continued sucking grandfather's cock as I began to play with her little pussy.

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At first I simply rubbed her small mound with the flat of my fingertips, then I slipped one of my fingers into her slit and rubbed it up and down her slit a few times, barely penetrating her.

I spent a few seconds at a time gently rubbing her clitty each time I slipped my finger near the top of her slit, then I would slide it down the full length of her slit and back up again, once more rubbing her clitty. My grandfather watched as I fingered her pussy for a bit, then lay back and simply enjoyed his blow job as Robin worked her lips up and down on his cock.

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Robin was able to roll over and spread her legs a bit more as she continued to suck my grandfather's cock, and I began to slowly fingerfuck her, pumping my finger in and out of her pussy rather than slipping it up and down the length of her slit. Her small pussy lips had opened by now, and she was actually beginning to get rather wet, and it was getting harder for her to concentrate on sucking grandfather.

Grandfather was finally satisfied, for now, and allowed Robin to release his cock from her sweet lips and roll over onto her back. I asked him if I could taste her pussy and lick it like we had his cock, and he said that would be okay. I don't think my grandfather had ever kissed a pussy before himself, but on the other hand, he had never sucked a cock before, either, until I happened to give him the opportunity.

He watched as I lowered my face between Robin's thighs and began to lick her sweet little pussy. I used the fingers of one hand to spread her pussy lips a bit, and licked up and down the slit a few times. Then, as I slipped a couple of fingers inside her pussy and began to fingerfuck her again, I began licking around her clitty and occasionally bumping my tongue up against it.

Robin began to moan, and my grandfather said maybe it was time she had a good fucking, and as I stopped licking her for a moment, he explained to us what fucking was, and asked if we would like to try it.

I was all for it, of course, but Robin was still a virgin though she probably had no idea what that was and she wasn't sure, so I told her it would be all right, it might hurt just a bit at first but it would feel so good, and I would stop if it hurt her too much.

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By now she was already pretty excited from sucking grandfather's cock and from the oral and manual stimulation I had given her, and she wanted that good feeling, so she said yes, she would try it. Grandfather was all ready for me to fuck her right away, but I wanted to taste a bit more of her pussy first. I had kissed quite a bit of pussy over the last year, but Robin's pussy somehow tasted sweeter to me, and excited me so much more, probably because we were first cousins and I knew it was incest.

I had learned what that was since the first time I had sucked my grandfather off, and even with him, as much as I had loved sucking his cock before, once I found out it was forbidden, I had come to enjoy it that much more.

Robin lay back and I continued licking and kissing her pussy, fingerfucking her as I did so, until she began to moan and wriggle around a bit. Then, as my grandfather looked on approvingly, I mounted her, and began to ease my prick into her pussy. I got the head inside her slit, and used my hand to rub it up and down her slit a couple of times, and told her to let me know if it hurt.

I gently slipped the rest of my little pole inside her. There was just a bit of resistance at one point, then I was quickly past it as Robin gave a little gasp, and finally I had it all the way inside her. I asked how she felt and she said okay, and I began to slowly pump my pecker in and out of her wet cunny.

It felt so incredibly good to be fucking my cousin, so much better than fucking just any girl, and I was absolutely thrilled to be taking her virginity. Robin seemed to be enjoying it as well, as she had started pushing her pussy up to meet my prick on its downstrokes, and gotten the rhythm pretty well.

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My grandfather began to moan as he watched, and I looked over and was surprised to see that he was holding his rock hard cock in his hand, stroking off as I fucked his granddaughter. I had never seen him with a full erection before, and I guess it took seeing his grandson fuck his virgin granddaughter to get it up for him.

He moved over closer and put his cock in Robin's face, touching her lips, and told her to suck it for him as I continued to fuck her. She managed to get the head of his cock inside her lips, and began sucking and licking on it as he continued to stroke on the shaft.

By now I was pumping my dick in and out of her pussy as fast as I could, and a couple of minutes later I pushed my pecker as deep into her pussy as I could and began to cum.

My grandfather, watching me shoot my cum inside her, began to cum as well, a real spurting cum, the first time I had seen him do that as well. Robin tried to catch his cum in her mouth, but most of it spilled out onto her face, and as my grandfather sat back, satisfied, I leaned over and began to lick his cum off her face.

Afterwards I again licked and kissed her pussy for a few minutes, tasting my own cum mingled with her sweet pussy juice. My grandfather, not used to that much excitement, was unable to get another erection, and decided he was going to take a nap for a while.

Robin and I cleaned up and got dressed and left him in his room. We went out back on the covered back porch and found an old blanket to spread in one corner, then sat down and talked a while. Robin said she had enjoyed me licking and playing with her pussy, and had enjoyed being fucked, but said grandfather had been a bit rough, and she hadn't cared for that so much.

She was glad he hadn't tried to fuck her, because his cock was so much larger than mine, and I told her I didn't think he would, because he normally couldn't get it hard enough for that, and he had never tried to fuck me in over three years.

She asked how he could do that, and I explained I had been having sex with other boys and girls for a while, and explained to her what anal sex was. Robin said she wasn't sure she could do that, let a boy stick his 'thing' up her butt, but I told her I had let other boys do it to me, and it felt great. She said okay, maybe we could try it sometime, then asked if she could see my 'thing' again. I was happy to oblige, and quickly stripped off my pants and underwear. I stood in front of her naked as she knelt on the floor to get a closer look, then I felt her take it into her mouth.

I hadn't had a chance to let her suck my dick before, and I was more than happy to let her do so now. I gently pumped my hard little pecker in and out of her mouth, and she picked up on the rhythm and began to suck me off. Since my dick was smaller than my grandfather's, she was able to take it further into her mouth without gagging or choking. Again, the fact that it was my cousin made it feel so much more incredible than any blowjob I had ever had, the difference is indescribable.

In just a few minutes, I warned her I was getting ready to cum, but she kept sucking greedily as I shot my load of cum into her mouth.

She swallowed it all, and kept licking and sucking my shaft until it was limp again. She asked how long it would be before it was hard again, and I told her it would be a few minutes.

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She said that was good, because she wanted me to fuck her one more time before grandfather got up or everyone started getting home. I told her it might get hard again quicker if she would just let me taste her pussy some more while we were waiting, and she was out of her clothes and lying back on the blanket in a flash.

This time I began by paying a little attention to her tiny titties. At ten, they hadn't really even started developing yet, but I had already learned that having their titties licked and sucked was a great turn-on for some girls. Robin was soon squirming and moaning as I kissed one nipple, then the other, and I began licking and kissing my way down her belly.

I stopped and spent a couple of minutes licking and kissing her navel, then continued on down to her little clitty. I slowly licked around it with my tongue, then wrapped my lips around it and sucked gently, then ran my tongue up and down her slit, lapping up her juices. Every once in a while I would stop and pay attention to her clit for a few seconds, then I would go back to licking and kissing the rest of her pussy for a bit.

My little pecker was stiff again in no time, and I asked if she was ready. Robin was moaning and panting, but managed to mumble a yes, so I quickly mounted her and thrust my dick inside her. There was no slow and easy this time, I simply fucked her as hard and fast as I could, pumping my pecker in and out of her. She caught on to the rhythm and her pussy began to rise and fall in time to my thrusting dick, and we fucked like that until I came and we both collapsed, exhausted but happy.

It had felt just as stupendous, just as deliciously evil, fucking her the second time as it had the first, and we had both gotten a fantastic cum out of it.


By the time my mother and those who had gone shopping got back, Robin and I were well fucked, but had cleaned up and dressed. After dinner that night, as we were driving back home, I hoped Robin and I would get a chance to get together again. The next weekend, the last weekend Robin's family would be visiting, her parents stayed home with Robin, my grandfather and me while everyone else went shopping or visiting, so my grandfather wasn't able to get Robin and me alone together. I think my aunt had picked up that leaving Robin alone with the old man, even with me around, maybe wasn't a good idea.

Robin and I did manage to slip away from the grownups for a while, though, long enough to get in some oral sex and a good fuck.

My grandparents' home had a root cellar underneath the back porch, with a dirt floor, and they used it to store potatoes and onions from their garden. My grandfather also used it to store his lawnmower and garden tiller, his toolbox, and various odds and ends. There was a workbench built across one end, bare except for his toolbox and a large vise, and once we had cleared some of the dust off it and covered it with an old blanket, Robin and I used it to have sex on. Robin had loved letting me eat her pussy, and was more than happy to let me lick and suck her young slit until she came.

She returned the favor, sucking my cock and taking my cum into her mouth, and continuing to suck until my cock was again erect. I fucked her then, and it was just as incredible as the first time. The idea of fucking my cousin, eating her pussy and having her suck my cock, turned me on probably more than anything had up until then. We had always been close, had always had some sort of bond between us, and we both loved the sex, maybe because it was forbidden, maybe because we were just so eager to please each other.

We were able to spend a couple of hours alone, sucking and fucking each other, until we finally heard someone calling us to come in for dinner. We stashed our blanket and slipped out of the root cellar, and managed to make it into the house without anyone paying any attention to us. As my mom drove us back home that night, I was already looking forward to the next time Robin's family came down to visit.

As far as I know, my grandfather never got another chance to molest Robin. Whenever her family came down to visit, once or twice a year, one of Robin's parents was always around whenever grandfather was around, though it seems they never caught on to the fact that Robin and I were slipping off and fucking.