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Darknight Sexuellen Ausgesetzt
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Amy Bagwell stood in her house, she looked around at all the things she'd be packing away. Thoughts of the memories she'd be leaving behind weighed on her mind as she began wrapping pictures of her and her children up.

She stared at one of the pictures for a particularly long time. It was a picture of her and her now ex-husband together with their four children. They looked happy in that picture.

She conceited that infact they were happy at one point. Those times were long gone. He forced her to miscarry her twins and then sometime later assaulted her, throwing her down the stairs, nearly killing her. Feeling her emotions overwhelm her, she flung the picture across the room. She shook with emotion as she looked around. Suddenly she didn't feel like packing up. She didn't feel like doing anything, but still she knew she had too.

She had no choice. She glared sharply at a picture of her smiling with a girl who was her best friend and little sister all rolled into one. It was a picture of her and her cousin. A girl she'd have given anything for, but instead this girl was now costing her everything. Her safety, her home, and her children, all gone because of this girl.

She stood up sharply and grabbed the picture from the mantle, smashing it on the ground and stomping frame to bits. She grabbed her lighter and held the picture. She lit the picture on fire, watching it as it burned to ashes, releasing it just before the flame reached her fingers. She wiped a tear from her face as she sighed. After the emotional out burst, which was really rare for her, she continued packing her things.

It had been several hours since she'd destroyed the pictures when she heard a knock on the door. She grabbed her gun and held it behind her as she walked up to the door and looked at the peep hole. She felt her hands tremble around the .38 pistol as she saw several men standing on her porch.

Two black men and two latino men. Four total. She knew why they were there. They were the men she was attempting to run from. She suddenly wish she'd taken her friend from North Carolina's offer to come down there and help her pack, but she said she'd be able to take care of it and he was doing enough just allowing her to move up there with him for a bit. Amy stared at the door. Images of her shooting through the door ran through her head.

Those images ended in them gunning her down with their shotguns. Her next thought was to make a run for her phone and call the cops, but that ended with them hearing her and busting through the door and attacking her. Amy decided her only real option was to stay still and hope they didn't come in.

She she softly leaned against the door. She heard the lock jiggle a bit like someone was trying to pick, but some loud profanity indicated that they had failed.

She looked back into her home, all the boxes packed with pictures various items from the living room. She knew she'd probably have to leave everything else behind. This encounter told her that she didn't have much time. She stared at the one picture left on the mantle. It was another picture of her and her little cousin.

The girl who put her in this predicament to begin with. She stared at the picture, the two of them with their arms around each other smiling. Amy felt the rumble of a large truck driving down the street.

Suddenly movement caught Amy's eye as she saw the picture slowly start to tip over. Everything was in slow motion as she saw the picture slowly fall to the floor, the image of her little cousin's sweet devilish smile burned into her head as the crack of the frame hitting the ground shocked her from her trance. Amy stood up and started to turn when the door exploded into her knocking her to the ground. One of the large black guys stood in the doorway looking down on the prone, stunned girl. Amy saw her gun laying several feet infront of her, knocked from her grip as she fell from the impact of the door.

Amy's head was still ringing as she scrambled to her feet. She ran for the gun, but she was immediately seized by the 6'3" 235lbs dark skinned black guy with dreadlocks. He spun Amy around and punched her in the stomach as hard as he could. She could feel her body wrap around his fist as the impact literally lifted her from her feet.

The other guys quickly rushed inside and closed what was left of the door. "Time to pay up bitch!" the dark skinned black guy said in a hard thuggish tone. "Yeah snitches get stitches mamicita!" one of the Mexican guys, a thickly muscled and short man with a goatee and no hair said as he walked passed Amy and picked up her pistol.

The large dreadlocked black guy stepped back as the guys stood around Amy. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as her eyes darted around the room searching for an escape route or any means by which to stall them until the police arrived.

Amy knew she had nosy neighbors and the sound of the door exploding open would certainly get their attention. It would only be a matter of time before the cops showed up. "W.w.wait!" Amy spat out weakly, still recovering from the punch. But even that fell on deaf ears as she felt someone kick her in the back, stomping her onto the floor.

The large black guy stomped Amy's head then the bald mexican guy let her back up. The large black guy picked her up by her hair and punched her in the face, splitting Amy's soft pretty lips.

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The world spun as she recoiled from the impact. Then another impact, this time in the eye. Her attacker released her after the second punch and Amy fell roughly to the floor. She couldn't see anything through her right eye. The mexican guy kicked her while she was down, driving his foot into her ribs. It didn't take long for the others to join in. They kicked the helpless young redhead until she was a bloody mess. Everything hurt as Amy just felt impact after impact as the men beat her.

They seemed to be avoiding her face and most of them had just began stomping her limbs before they rolled her over, then they started kicking and stomping her in the back. Through all of the stomping and yelling Amy never even heard the final man walking into the place. "That's enough.

Don't want to mess her up too bad before you have some fun with her." the final man said. Amy's battered and bruise body froze at the sound of his voice. The guys parted to let her get a good view of her ex-husband. He smiled at the broken, bruise covered Amy. The taller, scared Mexican brandished a knife.

Amy's body started to tremble uncontrollably as he made his way towards her helpless body. He slowly started to cut into her dirty, ripped, camisole top, making sure to cut her as he sliced her top off. Amy's pale freckled skin was covered with bruises and contusions from the savage assault she'd received. Amy stared up at her ex-husband. "Please." she said weakly. As much as she hated him she knew that he seemed to be in charge and she knew that at one point he did love her.

She hoped that maybe, just maybe she could get him to spare her. He smiled down coldly on his battered ex-lover. "Ruin her." he commanded, as he took a seat in his favorite chair. He glanced over at her phone and started going through it.

He smiled looking at the contacts and seeing no one, no one from his world anyways. Just a few correspondences between Amy and her friend John from North Carolina. He sent him a txt message and smiled. "He thinks you're moving in with that piece of shit you were cheating on me with." He smiled.

The thin, bald black guy grabbed Amy's torn panties and ripped them from her body, tossing them across the room. He straddled Amy and immediately jammed his long, thin cock right inside of her.

Amy moaned in pain as his thin hard cock banged roughly against her cervix. Her husband pulled out his cock and started to stroke himself as he watched the man rape his ex-wife. The man grabbed Amy by the hair and used it as leverage to pound her even harder, pounding his cock painfully against her cervix. Amy screamed in pain as she tried to crawl from under him.

She winced as she tried to grip the floor with her fingers, several broken and dislocated from the assault. He slammed Amy's face into the ground several times as he raped her. Amy was in dazed agony as her pounded her dry pussy. She felt his body tense up as he jerked back on her hair like he was trying to rip her head off, his cock pressed right against her cervix as he came deep inside of Amy's broken body.

He shoved Amy's head against the ground as he finished. Cum leaked from Amy's violated little fuck hole as she laid there, tears dripping down her face. She felt her body being rolled over as the short bald Mexican man climbed on her. "Get her hands Vato!" he said. The scared Mexican grabbed both of her hands and held them above her head, before taking his knife and jamming it through both of her hands into the floor.

Amy screamed in pain as the blade pierced the palms of her hands. The scared man grabbed his lighter and burned the wounds, to stop the bleeding before, stomping the knife as far down as it would go into the floor, crushing her hands against the hilt of the thick blade.

The short Mexican man mounted Amy, and stared deep into her eyes as he pressed his modest but thick cock inside of her.

"You love this latino cock, don't you." he said as he jammed himself inside of her. Amy stared blankly at the ceiling. Only him slapping her over and over brought her out of her shock. "Say "I love this latino cock." you dirty gringa bitch!" he said as he pounded his thick cock into Amy's moistening pussy. Amy cursed her body for responding to this assault, she saw her husbands face smiling down at her as the bald Mexican continued raping her.

"Say it bitch!" he screamed as sweat poured from his face and dripped onto her body. He wrapped his short thick fingers around Amy's throat and began throttling her as he fucked her. Amy struggled to get free her, her legs kicking helplessly around his body as he choked her. Amy's face was bright red as he rammed his cock into her now moist cunt. Amy could feel her orgasm slowly creeping upon her.

Endorphins had already kicked in, dulling most of the pain she'd endured. Amy's world slowly started to go black as her strength started to fail her. He continued to pound her until her body was convulsing under his. He released her and she immediately took in a large gulp of air. As much as it hurt her to breath, her ribs shattered, those where the most precious breaths of air she'd ever tasted.

But that quickly ended as he clutched her throat once more. "Tell me, "you want more of this big Mexican cock."" he said. "I.I.I want.more!" Amy stammered out as she breathed deeply. As much as it hurt her to say this, her life was much more important than her pride. Amy body began to tremble as the bald Mexican continued to rape her, his passion fueled by her admission of desire.

He felt Amy's cunt pulsing around his thick cock as her body started to succumb to orgasm. She hated herself for letting this happen, for letting him make her cum.

Amy bit down on her lower lip hard, as she tried to fight off the orgasm, her body was shaking as he hammered himself inside of her. He grabbed her now bruised throat again, squeezing as tightly as he could as he pounded his way to orgasm. Right as Amy was about to cum, he climbed off of her, his cum poured from her well fucked cunt.

"Looks like you're up homes." the bald Mexican said to the large black man. He smiled and walked over to Amy. He slowly unzipped his pants and revealed his massive 12" cock. It was almost as thick as Amy's arm. Amy's eyes widened in fear. She'd had some pretty large cocks before, when she was "working" at the club, but nothing like this. Nothing even close. The large black man smiled, pleased by Amy's reaction.

She slammed her thighs shut, but she was already beaten, battered, and weak.


He easily overpowered the injured girl and threw her legs over his shoulders, bending her in half. He ran his shaft up the length of her cunt, several times, lubricating his cock with the Mexican's cum as he teased her sensitive cunt. He then lined his cock up with her ass. Amy wiggled and struggled as much as she could, but to no avail.

"Please.please don't! I'm sorry! I'll do whatever you want!" Amy stammered. The black guy bared his weight down on Amy's asshole, she could feel her hole ripping apart as her ex-husband held his hand up, the black guy stopped. "I want the kids." he said staring hatefully into Amy's eyes.

"Eat shit and die!" Amy spit hatefully. With that statement Amy felt the black guy bare all of his weight down against her asshole, but still no real penetration. "This dirty white bitch, is too fuckin' tight yo." he complained. The scared Mexican's eyes lit up. "I'll open her up for you." he said, as he pulled out yet another knife. The black guy got off of Amy. Amy kicked wildly, bucking as hard as she could, trying to dislodge her hands from the ground.

The black guy seized Amy's legs and pulled them over her head, exposing her dripping cunt and tight little ass. The scared Mexican took his knife and started teasing Amy's asshole with it, poking Amy's tight little pucker with the point of the knife. "I want the fucking kids." he reiterated as the scared Mexican pressed alittle more firmly with the knife. Amy's head spun as she felt the blade lightly digging into her asshole. She saw herself watching her own funeral.

Her kids were there with her little cousin, there were tears pouring down there faces. Even her friend from NC was there, his eyes locked coldly at her cousin and her ex-husband. The thought made her heart break. The idea of her children going to her funeral, the thought of her husband and little cousin having the nerve to show up.

She knew what she had to do. "OKAY!!! OKAY!!!! You can have the kids. Just please don't kill me!" Amy broke down. "Please don't kill me, you can have whatever you want!" Amy cried out, moreso for her children's sake than for her own. A cruel smile formed across her ex-husband's face. "I promise I won't kill you. Fuck you up." he nodded to the Mexican with the knife. "Yeah, kill you. I never planned on killing you." he smiled as the Mexican shoved the thin switchblade into Amy's anus.

Amy kicked wildly as the Mexican twisted the blade inside of her. As strong as he was, the large black man had a hard time holding her legs as she bucked and kicked wildly. The large black man had to stomp the blade back into the floor as her struggles had almost pulled it free. He hollowed Amy's asshole out with the shortish blade, as blood ran down her back.

He pulled the blade out and the black guy let go of Amy's legs. Her legs limply hit the ground, exhausted from her struggles. "I bet she's nice and loose now." the black guy said, grabbing Amy's legs and once again pressing them over his shoulders.

He lined his cock up and fell into Amy's shredded ass, tearing ripping her all the way up the length of his 12" cock. As exhausted and worn out as Amy was, she still found the strength to scream as her asshole was torn asunder. He drew almost all the way out and then pressed his full weight back into her driving it all the way back down again. Amy screamed each time he pounded his meat pole into her destroyed asshole, each thrust driving the air from her body.

He pounded Amy's anus for almost a half hour, blood squirted from her torn hole with each agonizing thrust. Amy's eyes were rolled into her head as she sat on the brink of consciousness, the pain from each thrust shocking her back to reality. All she could feel was him slamming himself into her one last time. She felt a crack in her back as his final thrust nearly broke her in half, his cock buried to the hilt inside of her. She felt his the rush of cum fill her ass. The black guy pulled out and pulled Amy back down.

As her lower body hit the ground, pink liquid poured from Amy's ass as her blood had mixed with his cum. A thick pink mess pooled beneath Amy's ass. Amy, just stared at the ceiling and convulsed. All she could do was pray that her ex wasn't lying. That he would spare her life. But she knew one thing. No matter what she said, he'd never have those kids. She'd never let a cold heartless monster near her kids, the way her cold, heartless monster of a father was allowed near her.

Amy's breath was slow and labored as she stared up at the ground. She was just barely aware of what was going on around her. Only the eruption of disapproving sounds and a tingling between her thighs told her anything was going on.

The men around Amy started yelling insults and complaining as the final man knelt down between Amy's thighs. Without hesitation he began licking Amy's cum filled cunt and broken asshole. He expertly began massaging Amy's sensitive little clit with his thick rough fingers as his tongue flicked inside of her, lapping up the cum deposited by the two previous rapist. Amy's mind drifted back to her childhood and how her abusive father would eat her prepubescent pussy.

Tears rolled down Amy's face as she relived her previous sexual assault the whole time her she could feel the rumblings of another orgasm bubbling up inside of her. A soft moan escaped her lips as her attacker continued. He was an expert at oral sex and it showed as he slurped and sucked Amy's clit, alternating between sucking, licking and rubbing her clit, he was going to force her to cum. All Amy could see was her father's face between her legs, but this time he was going to make her cum.

He was going to make Amy like it. "PLEASE.STOP!!!!" Amy cried out. "Fuck me! Just fuck me! I want to feel your cock inside my dirty little fuckhole. Use my dirty little ass too. Fuck my ass, please!" Amy begged, desperate to stop him from making her cum like that, but again her pleas fell on deaf ears.

As he continued slurping and eating her now dripping wet cunt. She could feel his tongue slurping the cum and blood from her ass as well. He pinched Amy's clit as he shoved is tongue as deep inside of Amy's ass as he could. Amy yelped in pain as he licked the cuts he'd made inside of her ruined ass. He then went back to her cunt, jamming his long thick tongue deep inside of Amy's wanting pussy as he massaged her clit, wetting his rough fingers with her juices, making his fingers the perfect texture for her.

Amy's toes began to curl as she involuntarily thrust her hips into his face as he tongue raped her, driving his tongue even deeper inside of her. He licked and rolled his tongue, licking her insides as he tongue raped her. Taking in every ounce of her sweet nectar. Amy moaned uncontrollably as the waves of pleasure mounted.

Her ex-husband stood from his chair and stood over her. His rigid cock firmly in his hand as Amy moaned in pleasure. Tears flowed freely from her eyes as her moans masked any attempts of her telling him to stop. It was going to happen, her father was going to make her cum and cum hard. She would have to admit to herself that she liked him raping her and that she was nothing but her father's fuck toy.

Amy's eyes rolled up into her head as the building waves of orgasmic pleasure came crashing down upon her. Cum erupted from her cunt forcing her rapist tongue from her pussy as her moisture covered her face. Amy moaning wails of pleasure and sorrow erupted from her busted lips as a torrent of orgasms tore through her body. Her ex smiled as he locked her head upward and unleashed his own torrent, a torrent of piss onto the face of his helpless, moaning victim. Amy couldn't even control herself enough to close her mouth as he choked and gagged on the vile liquid.

He looked down on Amy's defiled form, shaking, battered, bleeding, saliva and urine dripping from her lips as tears still poured down her face. "Tell me that you want my cock. That you want to fuck me." he said hatefully. Amy stared back up at him, a stare that sent shivers down his spine and made him avert his eyes. "Fuck her till she begs for my cock." he said, sitting down in his chair.

The dreadlocked black guy grabbed Amy by the wrist and jerked her hands free. The blade of the knife still lodged through both of her palms, but she was no longer pinned to the ground. He picked her up and dragged her towards the basement. Her ex sighed and followed, as did the other men. He roughly threw Amy's body against the pool table and bent her over.

He grabbed the blade of the knife and jammed into the pool table, now pinning Amy face down on the table. He and his friends grabbed pool sticks and started beating Amy across the ass, leaving long thick welts across her ass and back as Amy, jerked and struggled with each strike. Amy screamed and cried out as the continued to beat her for a full five minutes. "You want to fuck him now, bitch!" the dreaded black guy said.

"Fuck you!" Amy spit. He walked around to her and grabbed her by her lower jaw. Amy screamed as he forced her mouth open. He grabbed the 8-ball and started to work it into her mouth, pushing it harder and harder as he pulled her mouth open wider and wider, eventually dislocating her jaw, but forcing the hard black pool ball into her mouth.

He then walked around behind her and started to force his massive cock into her sopping wet cunt. Amy screamed around her makeshift gag ass his cock tore her cunt open. Fortunately for Amy she'd already been raped several times and was wet or she'd had been injured much worse than she was being injured. He gripped her hips and pulled back roughly as he thrust himself into her, bottoming out her cunt as he banged painfully against her cervix.

He still had a good four inches to go before he buried himself all the way inside of her. "Beat this piece of shit whore." he commanded. The other guys started laying into Amy with the pool sticks, pounding her outstretched arms and her back with the pool sticks, The scared Mexican stood on the pool table and started jamming the tip of his pool stick into Amy's lower back.

The large black guy continued ramming her harder and harder, trying to force himself into her womb, but to no avail. Amy's insides were sore and cramping as he continued to pound her. She felt like his cock was going to come out of her mouth as he tried to hammer it through her.

Her ex walked around infront of her and smiled at her, before taking his fingers and pinching Amy's nose. Amy struggled to breathe around the large 8-ball forced in her mouth as the big black bull continued to rape her. Her toes scraped on the ground as she tried to do something, anything to get some semblance of relief.

He gripped her hips as hard as he could and drew back as far as he could and pulled her back with all his might as he pulled Amy into him. "MOTHER FUCKER!!!!" he cried out as his cock banged against Amy's cervix. He pulled out and stumbled backward holding his cock, which he'd almost broken. Only the constant beating kept Amy from passing out from the assault. Amy's normal fair skin was covered in black and blue bruises and red welts from the beatings.

She laid on the pool table tembling from the nights assaults. She could imagine her neighbors laid out with there throats slit. That was the only reason she'd imagine them not calling the police after hearing all of that noise. She could barely feel the next two men rape her battered raw cunt. All she could feel was the their bodies banging against hers.

Amy's legs kicked wildly as she tried to tried to get free.

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Her head was getting cloudy from lack of oxygen. Everything started to get blurry. Just before it went black, her ex released her nose and Amy took a deep breath. That breath was shortened by the hard thrust of her latest attacker, the bald black guy with the long thin cock. He savagely poked at her battered cervix with his long thin cock banging against it's opening as hard as he could.

Amy stomach was in knots from the latest assault. The other guys were yelling and joking around, encouraging her rapist as he savagely pounded her, his pace was much quicker than the previous attacker. It felt like a jackhammer pounding against her cervical opening. Amy cried out into her "gag" clawing the table in pain as he also attempted to pound himself into her womb. He slapped her bruised hips painfully as he stabbed her over and over with his cock.

As bruised and damaged as Amy had been, her pussy began to tighten up from it's previous assault, slowly closing around his cock. Wetness and blood leaked from her cunt as he sawed his cock into her. She once again started to feel some semblance of pleasure as his cock rubbed against the sensitive insides of her walls.

As Amy's breaths became more ragged, her ex put his hand over Amy's nose again. He nodded to the other men who were just standing there and they began beating Amy with the pool sticks once again. Amy's eyes widened as blow after blow landed upon her soft, battered body.

As numerous as the hits were, none of them were hard enough to do any really damage, just hard enough to hurt her a lot as they battered to a pulp.

The scared Mexican smiled as he pulled out a flask of Everclear and smiled at Amy's ex. "You wouldn't want her to get infected would you." he said, his eyes shining with excitement. Her ex-husband nodded. With the approval of his apparent boss, he began pouring some of the flask onto Amy's raw and lacerated back. Amy clawed and screamed frantically as the 150 proof alcohol spread across the wounds on her back.

She screamed as much as her raw throat and dislocated jaw would allow as the alcohol burned her exposed wounds.

The men continued to beat her as the bald black guy raped her. Gone was anything resembling pleasure. Pain ruled her body as every nerve in her body seemed to be on fire from the various assaults. She didn't even notice the man blowing his load inside of her, still failing to penetrate her womb. Her ex released her nose and looked down at the broken shell of his ex-wife.

He held up his hand and smiled looking down at her. Amy was barely breathing, her body twitching on the pool table. The scared Mexican took some of the Everclear and poured it on the wounds on Amy's hands. The large black guy came around and forced the pool ball from Amy's mouth.

Her eyes fluttered open. At first Amy that she'd dreamed it all, but the pain and the sight of the blade impaling her hands, pinning them to the pool table erased that idea. "Don't you want to fuck me Amy." her ex teased. Amy weakly nodded. "That's not good enough.

I want you to say it, beg me to fuck you, you piece of shit. Your father was right about you. This is all you're good for, being a little piece of shit fuck hole." he said hatefully. Amy's heart sank. "Please.please fuck me. I need your cock inside of me." Amy started, her heart breaking with every word. "My father was right.I am a.I am." Suddenly Amy's dead eyes sparked to life. "You're nothing. You're less than nothing. Atleast my fucking father had the fucking balls to take me all by himself, instead of having a bunch of bitch ass pussies to do all the work.

What's wrong, worried you still can't fucking satisfy me you limp dicked bitch." Amy spit, nothing but hatred and venom in her eyes.

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Her ex-husband looked like he'd just been punched in the face. He balled up his fist and punched Amy in the face. Blood erupted from Amy's nose as his fist hit her face. Then again, this time in the side of the head. Amy saw the third hit coming but it never landed.

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The large black guy with dreads grabbed her ex-husband's hand and shoved him roughly against the wall. He shot back up to his feet and stared at the large black man, but then backed down. "Pussy!" Amy spit. The rest of the guys busted out laughing. "Make her fucking say it!" Amy's ex said, staring at his "allies". The scared Mexican smiled.

"You're next vato." he said to the short bald Mexican with the goatee. He unzipped his short thick cock and walked around behind Amy. With on warning or ceremony, he jammed his cock right into Amy's ass. "AHHH FUCK!!!" Amy cried out as her as was again ripped open. He made short hard thrust ripping and tearing the insides of her battered anus. Amy screamed and kicked as he fucked her ass raw. "You like this thick ass Mexican cock in that sexy white ass don't ya mami!" he said as he continued raping Amy's ass.

Blood once again began to leak from her damaged anus as the vigorous fucking ripped her open even more than she had been. Amy's husband grabbed her by the hair and pissed in her face once again as she screamed from the rape. He turned her head to the side and pressed it into the piss soaked felt, pressed her face into it, rubbing her face vigorously into the warm, foul smelling fabric. Amy screamed the whole time, her ass being fucked raw and ripped open as her ex-husband rubbed her face in piss.

Amy felt the Mexican man cum inside her ravaged, raw asshole.

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Pink liquid once again leaked from her battered anus. "My turn!" the scared Mexican said excitedly. He grabbed one of the pool sticks and walked around behind Amy. Her ex-husband smiled evilly at Amy as the scared man walked behind her. He'd already demonstrated that he was the most vile and sadistic of the four men his brother had sent with him. He let Amy's head up from the piss soaked fabric and held her head in place, staring directly at him.

There eyes met, then suddenly Amy cried as she was hit with the most intense pain she'd ever experienced since the birth of her first daughter. He legs were lifted clear off the ground as the scared Mexican rammed the pool stick directly against her cervical opening. Her lower body was being held up off of the table by the pool stick.

All of that weight pressed directly against her cervix. The world went black, but only for a moment as Amy felt something thick and bitterly cold shoved up her ass. The cold bottle of beer was half way inside of Amy's ass and going deeper by the second. Amy tried to struggle, but every move she made put more pressure on her cervix, which shot waves of pain through her body. Amy screamed until her throat was raw as her ex-husband stared at her, his hands on her face, locking her gaze on his.

"You're not looking so tough now are you Amy." he taunted, before spitting in her face. Amy just barely registered that he was talking. All she could focus on was her anus being ripped apart while her body was being impaled on the pool stick. He cradled Amy's face lovingly with his right hand before as he drew back with his left and slapped her roughly across the face. "Did you fucking hear me bitch!" he yelled. "Not talking again?" the scared Mexican said. "When I'm done she'll say whatever you want." he smiled devilishly.

He walked around infront of the battered young girl with a pool stick. "Hold her head up." he instructed. Amy's ex-husband complied, taking her by the hair and lifting her head from the table. Amy's distended jaw hung open, still dislocated from the pool ball.

The scared Mexican smiled as he took the pool stick and started shoving it down her throat. He slid it down slowly and carefully. Although it bruised her already raw throat, no real damage was done. He stepped away, looking at his work. Amy laid on the pool table, her hands impaled with a knife while a pool stick was shoved in her mouth, on the other end another pool stick had been shoved into her battered cunt, lifting her feet off the ground, while a beer bottle sat lodged halfway up her destroyed asshole.

Her ex-husband smiled. "If I didn't know better, I'd say we could spit roast this dirty little fuck pig.

What do you think boys." her ex said, his eyes lighting up in excitement. Amy looked back at him now pleadingly.

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There was nothing she could do. If submitting would end her torture, end this agony, she'd do it. Anything to make them stop. The scared Mexican was giddy with excitement. "Get me a heavy wet towel ese." he said. The bald Mexican hurried up the stairs only to return moments later with a wet towel. "Watch this shit vato. The CIA don't got shit on me." he said, barely able to contain the excitement in his voice.

He started spreading Everclear across Amy's back until her back was wet with alcohol. "Get me some more alcohol and grab the big mirror out of the bathroom." he commanded.

The other guys seemed confused, but there was a large creepy smile across the face of the sadistic scared Mexican, and they felt inclined to do what he said. "You might want to take a video of this.

She'll love it." He continued. He paced back and forward yelling several times for the others to hurry up although it had only been moments. Finally they returned with several bottles of alcohol and the large mirror.

He placed the mirror infront of Amy and then sorted the alcohol, only taking the "good" stuff. He made a spectacle of pouring the alcohol on Amy's back. Although it stung quite a bit, it was nothing compared to the pain she was already feeling.

He cleaned the alcohol off of the table and off of Amy's sides. Then he struck a match. Amy's eyes widened with terror as he danced the match over her alcohol soaked back. Amy made hollow squealing sounds around the pool stick lodged in her throat. "Squeal little piggy." her husband taunted, his cock hardening from the sight of Amy being tortured so brutally.

"I wonder if you'll tan or just burn." he joked. The fire match fell in slow motion. Amy kicked frantically, her lower body suddenly fell as her struggling and frantic kicking moved her enough to drive the first pool stick through her cervix. Blood leaked from Amy's broken cunt as her legs kicked wildly on the ground. If it wasn't for her defibrillator kicking in, her heart surely would've stopped as a large flame shot up from her back.

It only burned for a second, the scared Mexican quickly beating the flame out with the heavy wet towel, but it did it's job as piss poured from Amy's body as she shook in terror. Her ex-husband smiled and pressed the send button. The scared Mexican walked around infront of Amy to survey his work.

Amy's eyes were dead, she had no more tears to cry. All she could do was tremble in shock. Satisfied the scared Mexican sat down. "She's all yours boys." he said.

They pulled the knife from Amy's hands and removed the pool stick from her mouth. The large black guy worked Amy's jaw until it popped back into place. They then removed the bottle from her asshole. It stayed open. The guys made several lewd comments, then they removed the last instrument of Amy's violation, the bloody pool stick lodge inside of her cunt.

It was only the pain of them removing it that shocked Amy back to reality. She tried to speak, but she had no voice. The bald black guy rolled Amy onto the floor. She hit the ground hard, not even trying to catch herself. She landed on her back. He immediately climbed on top her and put her thighs over his shoulders. He immediately stabbed his long thin cock right inside of her. This time, it went all the way in, going right through her ripped open cervix. He pounded her hard, the bald Mexican with the thick cock walked around to her head and pulled out his cock.

The black guy slid back into more of a sitting position, pale legs rested up against his chest as he continued pounding her destroyed hole. The bald Mexican mounted her face, and began face raping her, ripping at her breast roughly as he thrust his thick cock down her throat. Amy could barely breath her nose covered by the Mexican's sweaty, hairy scrotum. Every breath she took was filled with the foul smell of old sweaty testicles. She didn't even have the strength to struggle.

All she could do was take it. Her ex-husband walked over and placed his foot on Amy's stomach. He he stomped her in the stomach as hard as he could. The bald Mexican winced in pain. "You betta stop da shit homes!" his tone much harsher than it had been with Amy.

"If she bites my fuck dick off, I'm gonna cut yours off and rape you with it muthafucka!" With that her ex-husband took his foot off Amy's stomach and just started jerking himself off. The two men fucked the destroy fuck doll to their hearts content. The only real reaction they got from her was when the bald Mexican bit hard into her breast, drawing blood as he came down her throat. The bald black guy, just hammered away, excited about the thought of cumming directly into Amy's womb.

He'd been told about how fertile Amy was and he was turned on by the idea of knocking Amy up. Her child being born out of such a brutal act, a constant living reminder of the night she was destroyed. That though alone drove him to a frenzy as he relentlessly pounded Amy. The Mexican stepped off of her and he folded her over again. "You gonna git dis black baby, bitch!" he screamed as he pounded her.

"Bet you don't got no fuckin' nigga babies, do ya! You bout to get one! I'm gonna cum right in that dirty white pussy!" he continued as he jackhammered her to orgasm. His sweat dripped down on her face as he dropped all of his weight down on her, driving his cock even deeper inside of her womb.

Amy felt wave after wave of his hot cum pour into her fertile womb. He pulled himself out of Amy, but not a drop of cum came out. "Move da fuck outta the way. I'm gonna show this bitch how a real nigga fucks!" the large dreaded black guy said pushing the other guys out of the way. He grabbed Amy and lifted her into the air, he lifted her up some and shoved his massive donkey dick inside of her. Amy's pussy was bright red and raw from the repeated brutal fucking.

Her eyes bulged from the sudden pain of his massive cock once again ripping her open. Amy wrapped her arms around his neck for support. Not because she wanted this to happen, but because she was too tired to fight or to resist. All she wanted was for him to hurry up and cum inside of her so he could let her be.

The large dreadlocked black man bounced Amy up and down on his cock, still trying to force his massive cock into her womb. He lifted Amy up almost all the way off of his cock and then dropped her and thrust upward with all of his might. This time is was the remainder of Amy's cervix that gave as he drove all of his 12 inch cock inside of her.

Amy clawed his back as she was impaled by his massive cock, but he didn't seem to mind as he bounced her up and down on his cock. Amy's legs hung limply at her side as he drove himself into her. Blood dripped from Amy's raw broken fuckhole as he pounded her for almost 45 minutes. Amy had passed out several times, just to be fucked back to consciousness, before he wrapped his arms around her waist tightly and drove her down onto him one final time.

He squeezed with all of his strength breaking several of her already cracked ribs in the process. Amy felt a constant stream of hot semen fill her cum flooded womb. He threw her on the floor and smiled down at her broken form. The scared Mexican walked over. He had a cattle prod in hand.

"Hold her legs." he instructed. The bald Mexican and bald black guy grabbed her legs and held them open. Amy found the strength to feebly swat at them as the sparked the cattle prod. Amy wailed in agony as he jammed the cattle prod inside of her and started shocking her cervix. Amy laid there convulsing as he pulled it out. "That should close her back up." he smiled, looking at the knot in her stomach, her womb bulging from being filled with cum.

Amy was awakened by several slaps to the face. Amy looked up at the several men standing over her. Her eyes locked on to her ex. "F.fu.fuc." she struggled. She coughed up a bit of blood from her damaged throat and esophagus. "Fuck.me." she continued. "Please." Amy begged, finally finding the strength to speak. He smiled down at her devastated body. "You have to do better than that.

I'm just not feeling it. Maybe my friend over here can convince you to try a little harder." he smiled. Amy's heart sank. She was never going to survive this. They were going to torture her to death. She always loved the idea of being tortured and even of losing control. But not like this. In the end, the person would cuddle and hold her and make her feel better after the torture. There would be no cuddling or holding here.

Only agony. The thought of her never seeing her children's faces again dominated her mind. The idea of them being raised by someone who could do this to someone he'd once loved. Her mind went back to her father and how he'd abused her since she was 9. Her oldest daughter was 6 and she had two other daughters as well. Images of what had been done to her ran through her head. She sat displaced from the scene running through her head. It was a scene that had replayed many times in her head.

She was watching her own rape. It played out just like it had every time it invaded her mind. As the man was about to cum he looked up at her and instead of her father, it was her ex-husband and instead of her, it was her daughter. Fire once again boiled in Amy's blood. This would never happen to her daughter. Even if they killed her, he would never touch her daughter like that. But as much fire as Amy had in her, she barely had the strength to stand, let alone kill a room full of men.

The scared Mexican stared at Amy's dazed face for a moment. He saw her eyes flare up. His hardened as he saw his victim regain her strength. He slowly began to unzip his pants. The other guys stared intently. As many times as they had raped women together, they'd never seen his cock. Although they were all straight, the were curious. Amy as well as the other men stared as though he was unveiling some sort of secret weapon.

But instead of some super massive horse cock, that they were expecting, it was short, maybe three inches at best and truncated. Clearly someone had bitten his head off. The other three guys burst out laughing until they realized what happened.

His sharp look made them immediately shut up. He pulled something out of the cargo pants he'd been wearing. The other guys were confused, but Amy's eyes widened in fear. She knew it was a strap on. When he got done assembling it, it was 13 inches long and thicker than the bottle that she'd been sodomized with. It had raised metal protrusions running the entire length of it. He sat down on the pool table. "Put her on my cock." he commanded, much more sternly after the show of disrespect earlier.

The large black man with dreads easily lifted Amy up. She summoned all of her remaining strength to kick the large black man right in his balls. He crumbled to the ground, as did Amy, who lacked the strength to remain upright. The other two men quickly grabbed her, this time each grabbing one arm and one leg. "Amy closed her eyes and bit down into her lip hard enough to draw blood as they lowered her onto the monstrous device.

Amy nearly passed out as it tore straight into her anus, ripping it wide open. He started raping her savagely. She knew she would probably die like this.

He bounced her up and down as she flailed helplessly. She screamed and cried as piss sprayed from her. He almost completely tore through Amy's taint as he savagely sodomized her.

The other two attackers were too busy trying to restrain their friend, eventually having to take him upstairs. Her ex-husband and the scared Mexican remained. Her ex walked up between her legs and pulled out a lighter. He struck the lighter and a large flame flickered out.

He immediately pressed it against Amy's pale pink nipples, alternating between them. Amy couldn't pass out, she couldn't scream, and she couldn't fight. All she could do was survive as she was brutally ass raped while having her nipples burned. Her nipples were bright red and burned before he finally stopped torturing her. She had nearly passed out several times. Everything was spinning as a pool of blood sat at the edge of the pool table. The scared Mexican used his legs to spread hers wide open and put her in a full nelson, her arms raised up with his arms behind her neck forcing her to look down.

Then he laid back, forcing her to look at her ex-husband. She shook her head "no" as tears poured from her face. He balled up his fist and violently jammed it into her. The scared Mexican stopped thrusting, allowing the impact from him fisting her to do all the work.

He violently punched the insides of her pussy, even opening his hands and clawing her insides. Amy bucked and struggled but to no avail. After he finished assaulting her, started being more gentle. He started massaging Amy's clit, the only part of her body that hadn't been brutalized.

He started rubbing her, just how she liked it. Amy closed her eyes. She tried to imagine something pleasureable, but there was nothing. Nowhere her mind could go that would make his machinations anything but horrible. Her mind finally found something. She thought back to her first time with friend from NC and how after they'd fucked, he cuddled with her for a bit before his lust got the better of him and he began rubbing her.

She could feel his fingers clumsily rubbing her clit as he attempted not to move too much. That's what was happening. That's what she allowed herself to feel as her ex-husband tried to force an orgasm from her. For the first time in what had to be hours, she'd started to feel pleasure.

The first moan escaped Amy's lips as he started to suck on her clit. Amy wasn't going to fight this. She'd hurt so much she needed something, anything to make her feel good.

So she took it. She could feel small ripples of pleasure pulsing through her body as he licked and rubbed her clit. He gently reached inside of her gaped open cunt and started to rub her g-spot as he sucked and licked her clit. Amy's toes started to curl as he licked her and rubbed her. Images of her father again creeped into her head, but she would not be denied. She would not allow him to take this from her. She thought about her friend said that he wanted to eat her out. Although she wasn't that into the idea, right now that's what was happening in her mind.

He was fingering her and eating her out. The pain she'd felt was all him. All the things he'd said he'd do to her and once he was done they'd lay in the bed, her quivering and exhausted and he'd hold her and everything would be alright.

With that thought her body relaxed even more as she came nearer and nearer to orgasm. Amy's sweet juices started leaking from her, covering her exes hand as he fingered her more vigorously, but still gentle enough not to hurt her. Amy's fingers gripped at the felt as she was slowly being taken by orgasm. Her whole body began to quiver and spasm.

Her ex could feel her cunt contracting around his fingers as he continued to finger fuck her. Amy's head was swimming in pre-orgasmic bliss as every nerve in her body was on the edge of exploding. She closed her eyes and remembered the second time her friend came inside of her that night and how good it felt how his cum felt dripping from her hot, wanting cunt. The thought pushed her over the edge as her body spasmed and shook as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.

Her ex watched in awe as Amy came for almost two full minutes. He slipped a bag over his head and waited. As Amy's eyes slowly fluttered open, her eyes were blurry but as she looked down between her legs, all she saw was her daughters face, her tongue still rubbing Amy's clit.

Amy's eyes rolled back into her head as her body fell limp. Her ex-husband took the bag from off of his head and turned it around to look at the picture on the front.

They'd done a pretty good job on the picture. He smiled and pulled out his cellphone. He had a text message. It read: "Loved the video, you better not have fucking killed her. I'm bring her ass over here I want to have some fun >:)". The text message was from Lia. Amy's eyes flew open. Memories of what had been done to her still fresh in her head as she looked around. She wasn't in the same place she was before, she was in.a basement of some sort. A very large basement.

She was still in quite a bit of pain from the assault, but to her surprise she had the strength to stand and even move around a bit. She looked at the bars lining the cell she was in.

She was naked and had a thick metal collar around her neck. She looked down at her hands expecting to see relatively fresh burn marks, but instead, they were pretty well healed up. How long was I out? Amy thought to herself, knowing it would take at the very least a week or two, maybe even longer for the injury to heal up as much as it had. Amy started towards the bars before the collar snagged her. "Hello?!" Amy called out. Although she knew that only one of her captures would answer her call, talking to someone would be the only way that she could get any answers.

"HELLO!!!" Amy called out again, this time more forcefully. After a few moments the scared Mexican from before walked over to her. He looked different than before, he had claw marks across his face as well as his previous scars. He smiled at Amy. "You're up.good. I thought I'd killed you." He said with a smile.


"Maybe now she'll stop being such a bitch." he said with a sigh. "She? Who's she?" Amy said, immediately, eager for answers. "You'll see soon enough." The scared Mexican said as he started to walk away. Amy sighed, exasperatedly before sitting down. A few moments later a petite blonde girl walked in flanked by two large white men, one had a bald head and a tattoo across his chest, the other a fauxhawk.

A broad smile crossed her face as she saw Amy sitting naked in the cell. Amy's eyes locked firmly on to those of her cousin Lia's. Fire blazed through Amy's veins seeing the smug, satisfied look on her younger cousins face.

The same cousin that she'd sacrificed so much for. The same cousin who'd cost her everything. "I'm going to fucking kill you!" Amy screamed, violently jerking on her restraints as Lia looked on.

"No you won't you're just mad." Lia replied. "Come over here and you'll find out how "just mad" I am." Amy continued. "Do you know what they fucking did to me.

They almost killed me. Do you hate me that much?" "I.I don't hate you." Lia replied, the glee falling from her face. Lia had always had a love hate relationship with Amy. As much as Amy had done for her when she was young, she couldn't help but hate Amy for having everything she could never have.

Lia's face turned red frustrated with her own sudden change. She knew only one thing would make her feel better. "Alright, it's time to have some fun with my little bitch!" Lia said, her eyes lighting up with false enthusiasm.

"Get her out of there. I want see you guys fuck her." Lia smiled as they walked towards the cell. "Oh yeah, use this." Lia smiled, brandishing a sharp switchblade. Amy's eyes widened as she saw one of the men grab the knife. Flashbacks of when she'd been raped at knife point at Lia's behest before flooded back into her mind. Her staring at Lia pleadingly as she sat there in her drug haze, smiling as Amy was being raped. Amy couldn't help but start shaking. "Lia.please." Amy said to herself, as she continued to relive the assault.

She didn't even notice the men open the cell door until she felt their hands on her. The bald man laid on his back and stared expectantly at Amy. "Get on it bitch, I don't have all fucking day." He smiled. Amy slowly climbed on top of him, and sat up slightly, but instead of positioning him inside of her, she quickly dropped her knee down into his rib cage, quickly following it up with a punch across the face.

Before she could turn to try and dispatch the second guy, she felt the blade of a knife at her throat. Amy froze immediately. Lia smiled seeing that Amy was as vulnerable as always. The bald guy looked sternly at Amy, trembling above him, but he decided to take his revenge while fucking her.

He quickly positioned himself and plunged himself into Amy's dry, unprepared pussy. Amy gasped slightly, still trembling as the guy with the fauxhawk, slowly pulled the knife from her throat and started positioning himself at the opening to her recently repaired anus.

Without warning, he jammed his 8" cock straight into her clenching anus undoing much of the healing that had been done. The both immediately started pounding their cocks into Amy's shaking body. Amy closed her eyes, biting down on her lower lip hard as she tried to endure the pain, unwilling to give them the satisfaction of hearing her scream or cry.

Taking her silence as a personal challenge the pounded her even more vigorously. The bald man, clasped his hands around Amy's throat and started choking her roughly. Amy grasped his wrist and tried to pull his hands free, but he was far too strong for that. She was tempted to claw at the guy, but she remembered the guy behind her still had the knife.

Amy's face started to turn red as she started weezing, as she was slowly choked out. Panic struck Amy as she felt something sharp pressed against her breast. The man behind her was scraping her breast with the knife as she was being choked. She saw Lia smiling, her small hand sliding between her thighs as she started to massage her scarred little cunt.

Amy screamed, unable to contain her fear as the blade slid beneath her hanging breast, lightly biting into her flesh as though he was going to cut off her breast. "That got her going." The guy with the fauxhawk smiled. "Bitch you better fuck me back before I cut your goddamn breast of." he threatened, the tip of the blade pressing into Amy's sensitive flesh.

Amy started fucking the two men for all she was worth. The sheer terror was too great for Amy to feel anything but as the two men sawed their large cocks into her unlubricated holes. Amy tried to relax her body as much as possible, but couldn't think of anything but her father's blade piercing her skin. How she laid their bleeding helpless to stop him as he raped 10 year old Lia before jamming a broken bottle inside of her, scarring her body and mind forever.

Tears flowed from Amy's face half from her own ordeal, half from staring at the girl who'd been that 10 year old, the girl who she failed to protect from her father all that time ago. The girl who was now having her savagely raped at knife point.again. Lia slowly made her way towards the group, her fingers now wet with her own cum as she stared down at Amy.

"I think I want my bitch to finish me off." She smiled, lifting her skirt slightly. Not enough for the guy behind Amy to see her her scar. Just enough for Amy to see it, the only one who'd understand. Amy glanced up at Lia one last time before her head was covered by her skirt. Although she was being strangled she eagerly lapped at Lia's glistening cunt. Although they were cousins, this was not the first time Amy had been sexually intimate with Lia.

When the two girls ran away, Lia would make a habit of getting guys all hot and bothered only to sate them by allowing them to watch a young 16 year old girl have sex with her 19 year old cousin. Also Lia at the time had a girl crush on Amy who'd done what she could to keep Lia safe. Amy's body started to give out as she started to fade.

The bald guy slowly slid one hand off of Amy's throat, now sliding his finger slowly up Lia's skirt, pressing his finger against her before she immediately stomped him. He immediately moved his finger and let go of Amy. Amy gulped in a deep breath before Lia's hand clasped the back of her head, shoving her head into Lia's crotch.

Amy was nothing but an instrument of pleasure for the moment. Amy's head and heart were completely lost as Lia grinded her sopping fuck hole against Amy's face. Amy opened her mouth, encompassing Lia's tiny cunt, before sticking her tongue directly inside of her. Lia was surgically repaired after the incident, but that was years ago and she was still incredibly small for her age, her vagina closer to that of an 10 year old's than the 22 year old woman she was.

As much as Amy hated her right now, seeing Lia's scar made all of the old memories and feelings come flooding back to her. For the moment she was able to forget about the knife and the rapes where just a dull burn inside of her.

The only thing Amy could think of at the moment was doing something to help her little sister, the girl who she loved so much. Amy could feel Lia's body quaking. "Catch her!" Amy called out as she remembered how violent Lia's orgasms could be. Her warning was too late as Lia collapsed onto the bald guy before falling backwards to the floor. The fauxhawked guy quickly moved his knife to Amy's throat. "Now that the bitch is out we can have some real fun." he said standing up from behind Amy.

He handed the knife to the bald guy and walked over to the unconscious Lia. "Damn this bitch has a fucked up pussy." He said cruelly before rolling her over on her stomach. Amy wanted to say something, but she had other concerns as the guy placed the knife to her throat and told her to roll over.

Amy complied rolling over on her back. She could see the other guy mounting her unconscious cousin. Amy could feel the anger raising up in her, but the knife against her throat quickly quelled it.

The bald guy thrust himself into Amy's raw cunt, pressing the knife between Amy's cleavage. As he thrust, the blade slightly bit into her flesh. Amy yelped in pain. "You're not so tough now are you bitch." the bald guy said, roughly slapping Amy across the face roughly, leaving a red hand print across her face. Placed the blade on the bottom of her breast, before thrusting roughly into her, the blade once again piercing Amy's tender pale flesh.

Amy once again yelped as the blade cunt into her. She could barely think straight, completely paralyzed with fear as the man continued knicking her with the blade as he thrust himself into her. She could hear the other man groaning and grunting as he pounded Lia's unconscious body. The bald guy once again slapped her, this time harder, splitting her lip as he continued his assault with the blade.

All she could see was her father molesting her as he hammered away at her, knife in hand, ensuring Amy would do nothing to resist. Tears poured from Amy's face as the man violently raped her, slapping her roughly while leaving long painful scrapes across her skin with the blade. "You like this shit don't you bitch. That little twat of a cousin of yours said you liked it rough." he continued as he brutalized Amy. "Oh my god this little bitch has a tight fucking ass." the fauxhawked man said as he pounded Lia's tight little rectum.

"Ive been waiting so long to fuck this bossy little cunt." he continues, slapping her on the ass as he continued. "Oh fuck!" he called out, shooting wave upon wave of cum into Lia's tiny ass.

He pulled his cock out with a pop, his cum dipping from her spasming rectum. He looked down at her hatefully. "Spoiled little twat." he said, spitting on her before walking off. "Alright bitch, time to clean the princess up." the bald guy said, standing up from Amy. A cruel smirk crossed his face as he looked down at Amy's bruised face and scraped up chest.

"Stand the fuck up whore.No, crawl over there and clean that slut cousin of yours dirty little shitter." he said. Amy looked up at him hatefully, but there wasn't much she could do. So instead got on her knees and crawled over to Lia's still unconscious body. Amy was worried. Obviously her state wasn't caused by the orgasm. "Let me check to see if she's okay." Amy pleaded.

Her plea was met with lash across the back with the bald guy's metal studded belt. Amy cried out in pain as the studs left bruises imprinted into her flesh. "Please, she might be hurt!" Amy continued, her plead once again met with a brutal blow from the belt. Amy ignored the lashing as she started standing up. The bald guy slammed his fist into Amy's ribs, sending pain shooting through her, but still she ignored it. Blow after blow, lash after lash Amy continued until she was close enough to see that Lia had a knot on her forehead and was probably just knocked out.

Amy's body was suddenly wracked with intense pain as the metal studded belt lashed up between her thighs, crashing against her fucked raw cunt. The tip folding up and slapping her clit. Amy screamed in agony clutching her bruised clit and falling to her knees. The bald guy pushed her forward with his foot. Amy landed on her forearms, inches away from Lia's ass. She could see the cum pooled up in her ass. "Drink it whore.

You're her bitch, you get to clean her ass." the bald guy said, leaning down and grabbing Amy's hair, burying her face in Lia's ass. The guy with the fauxhawk walked up and placed his foot on the back of Amy's head, trapping Amy's face against her cousin's ass. Amy immediately tensed up as she felt the blade of the knife slip passed the entrance of her slightly opened ass. He pressed it inside of her until just alittle bit of the handle stuck out, before he once again slammed his cock into Amy's bruised, raw cunt.

He hammered away vigorously, the blade nipping at Amy's insides with each thrust as Amy winced in pain. The other guy took his foot from her head and instead placed her mouth right against Lia's asshole. He then pulled out his gun and put it to Lia's head. "Eat her fucking ass!" he said, pulling the trigger. Amy's heart almost stopped as she saw the hammer hit the firing pin.

Only the click sound kept her snapped her back. He spun the cylinder. You want to see what happens this time. Amy, jammed her tongue right inside of Lia's tight little pink asshole, hungrily licking the cum that was pooled inside of her. The bald guy continued pounding her, the knife still slicing her insides with each thrust.

Blood leaked from her ass, onto his cock, lubricating her dry cunt. He the sight of the blood leaking from Amy's ass only fueled his vigor as he redoubled his efforts, smashing Amy's nose against Lia's tail bone as he lanced Amy's cunt. He gripped Amy's hips firmly as he gave one final push, ramming his cock through Amy's torn cervix, blasting cum directly inside of her womb.

Lia started to stir as he pulled the knife from Amy's sliced asshole. "What.what happened?" Lia said, still dazed. She suddenly jumped forward, feeling someone tonguing her ass, she glanced back to see Amy.

She smiled. "Mmmmmm, that feels good." she moaned softly as she again slid her finger between her lips and started to rub herself.

"God, I love you." Lia continued. Lia began vigorously rubbing herself to orgasm. The bald guy looked down and smiled. Watching the two cousins, a slight bulge again forming in his pants.

Lia's tiny body twitched and convulsed as waves of pleasure washed over her. She shook violently as her juices erupted from her little cunt covering Amy's chest. Amy backed away from Lia as she trembled on the ground. After a few moments, she stood back up and crawled slowly towards Amy. Her "blue" eyes locked on Amy's a sweet smile on her face as she backed Amy up. Amy leaned back as Lia crawled atop of her. "Oh my god, what happened to you?" Lia said, genuinely concerned as she saw the cuts and scrapes on Amy, chest and breast.

"I'm fine." Amy said, coldly. At this point Amy was just confused and lost. She knew the push pull game of Lia all to well. Her being horrible then being sweet, acting as though she never did anything wrong. Almost like she had split personalities.

"Let me make you feel better." Lia said with a sweet seductive smile. Amy leaned back as Lia slowly started kissing her. Amy for a moment allowed herself to feel something as she leaned back, letting Lia seduce her, like she was used to. Lia gently started rubbing Amy's breast as she kissed her. Amy saw a tear forming on Lia's face as Lia continued kissing her. The guys looked on excitedly as Lia kissed and rubbed the bruised and battered Amy. Amy just seeming to accept it as Lia slowly started kissing Amy's neck.

She kissed around behind Amy's ear, trapping her sensitive earlobe between her canines and nibbling on her ear softly. "I love you Amy Amy." Lia whispered in her ear. Amy let out a soft moan as she Lia nibbled on her earlobe, knowing that was one of Amy's spots. Lia raised her knee, pressing it against Amy's cunt. The blood leaking from Amy's ass mixed with the cum dripping out of her cunt lubricated Lia's knee. She gently rubbed Amy's pussy as she'd done many times before. In this sexual relationship, Lia was always the aggressor, not only because she was the one who saw Amy that way but because Amy had always been submissive to Lia.

Lia knew that Amy would do anything for her, that Amy would probably even die for her and until recently she believed that Amy was completely loyal to her.

That changed when Amy ratted her out to the cops on a drug deal she was trying to make. Lia got off, but the dope boy, Amy's ex-husband's brother, got arrested. Since Lia had turned once before she was in a lot of trouble, so Lia did the only thing that she could do. She told them that it was Amy who narc'd her out. That action was what caused this whole situation. The truth was that Lia's ex-boyfriend narc'd her out, but she decided to keep him out of it, not wanting him to be involved with these people.

But although she knew they where going to hurt Amy, she wanted to be involved, not just to sate her desire to inflict suffering on Amy, but also to keep them from hurting her too bad. Lia, rubbed Amy softly before sliding down, rubbing and kissing the scrapes on Amy's breast.

Amy's nipples started to harden as Lia's lips softly wrapped around them. She gently started suckling Amy's pale pink nipples, blowing hard on her moist nipples sending sweet chills through Amy's body. Amy's natural moisture started mixing with the cum already inside of her as her body began to succumb to Lia's manipulations. Amy gasped softly as Lia's small hands slid down her body then slowly between her moist cunt, replacing her knee.

Lia expertly began rubbing Amy's clit, stroking it and rubbing it just as she'd learned from years before. Amy's body was again shaking, for now it was just her and Lia, no one else. Lia doing what she could to try to make up for hurting Amy, like she always did. Lia pressed her tiny fingers into Amy's hungry cunt. Immediately her pussy clamped down around Lia's small, probing fingers. She used her thumb to continue rubbing Amy as she slowly probed for her cousin's g-spot. Upon finding it, Lia's pace changed.

She started rubbing Amy's g-spot vigorously. Amy's body started bucking and trembling as Lia continued thrusting her fingers into Amy's now sopping wet cunt, Lia's eye still locked firmly on Amy's face as it twisted with pleasure.

Lia leaned down and pressed her wet lips up Amy's as she gasped. Their tongues seductively danced inside of each other's mouths as Amy's body trembled in orgasmic pleasure. Lia slowly pulled her fingers from the clutch of Amy's spasming cunt and slowly brought them to her face. Lia quickly stood up, a disgusted look spread across her face as she glanced down at her knee, which was covered in the same pinkish liquid as her fingers.

"Oh my god, you're fucking disgusting!" Lia said looking hatefully down at Amy who sat at the very edge of orgasm. "You fucking floed all over my fucking leg you dirty fucking cunt!" Lia screamed.

Kicking at Amy violently. The bald man giggled to himself, knowing it was more likely the blood from Amy's sliced anus that made it look like she'd menstruated on Lia's knee. "I.I didn't." Amy stammered, her orgasm quickly fading as Lia stormed away. "Put that filthy fucking animal back in her goddamn cage!" Lia raged as she walked off.

The bald guy smiled down at Amy who laid on the ground frustrated and sad. For a moment Lia was the girl she loved again, but as quickly as it came on, it vanished just like that. The bald man grabbed Amy by her arm and lifted her up, the guy with the fauxhawk watched intently his gun trained expertly on Amy as the bald guy took her to her cage and attached the collar around her throat.

After exiting the cage, he disappeared for a moment returning with a water hose. Amy's eyes widened as he turned it on full blast. The ice cold water bit into Amy as she was blasted backward by the intense pressure of the hose.

Only the chain attached to her neck kept her from banging painfully against the cage. Amy screamed as the pressurized cold water blasted her sensitive body. He sadistically sprayed Amy for a full 5 minutes, ensuring he got every inch of her body before finally stopping. Amy's body was practically numb as she laid on the ground shivering.

Amy thought of pleading her case, perhaps these men didn't know anything about her. That she had a family beyond Lia, that she was a mother with young children that needed her. Despite those thoughts entering her head, she'd lost all hope of finding any kindness in this place. Perhaps only brief moments of pity from Lia was the most she believed she could expect at this point and she knew even those would be fleeting.

After insuring that everything was secure, the two men turned the lights out and exited the room, leaving Amy alone, naked, trapped, nothing but darkness surrounding her. Occassionally she'd hear scampering and the squeaks of rats running around She couldn't see anything but she could hear them in the dark searching. Despite her tiredness the idea of rats being all around her, easily being able to get into her cage made her way too tense to sleep.

Even when she dozed off, every little squeak would wake her. By morning time Amy was even more of a wreck than she was when they'd left her. As much as she knew that she'd likely be tortured, she couldn't help but be alittle excited when she heard footsteps enter the room. The lights came on and Amy quickly looked around, expecting to see mice scattering. Instead, nothing but a clean concrete floor. She glanced around the room finally noticing several small speakers.

She wanted to say something, make some kind of comment about her figuring out their little game, give herself some sort of victory, no matter how small, but instead, she decided to keep quiet, comforted by the fact that when it was time to rest, she'd have nothing to worry about. Amy's ex-husband John walked in. He smiled looking at his naked ex-wife collared and trapped in a cage.

"Hey baby." He said carrying a tray with food on it. It looked to be all of Amy's favorite breakfast foods. He sat it just outside of the cage, before he pulled out his cock. He vigorously started jerking himself off. Amy could feel her stomach rumbling. She didn't know how long it had been since she'd last eaten. All she knew was that she was starving.

"John, please. Let me go. My uncle will be looking for me, you know that. I'll be declared missing and then what. The first person they'll look at is you and your brother." Amy said, trying to reason with him. "If you let me go I swear I won't say anything." Amy said.

He smiled down at her. "You're not missing, you just ran away. You and your "friend" that you were supposed to be staying with had a blow out. You said that it wasn't safe to come back and that you'd text him as soon as you figured something out. You've been texting him every so often just to let him know you're okay." he said, taking particular joy in Amy's hopes being dashed. "You're mine until I get tired of you." he said before continuing his business.

He seemed to be even more aroused by crushing Amy's hopes than he was by him stroking himself. He let out a loud moan as cum sprayed onto Amy's food. He squeezed every single drop of cum he had into Amy's breakfast before sliding the paper plate into the cage. Amy stared hatefully at him, then at the plate, then at him again. "If you don't eat it, you won't get anything else today." he warned staring at Amy intently. Amy's stomach growled violently as the smell of the food enticed her, but her pride wouldn't allow her to eat it.

She grabbed the plate and started as though she was going to eat it before she suddenly flung the plate full of cum filled food right into her ex-husband's face. "You fucking bitch, I'm gonna rip your goddamn head off." He raged as he stood infront of the cage. He grabbed the bars, shaking them violently as he stared at Amy. It quickly became obvious to Amy that he didn't have a key. Amy smiled in delight. Although her body cursed her for her actions, she had gotten her victory for the day.

He hurried up the stairs stomping angrily as he left. Amy couldn't help but laugh. She knew she'd pay for it eventually, but for now victory was hers. It took another twenty minutes before her ex-husband flanked by the four men who had brutalized and nearly killed her before.

He smiled sadistically at her as he came back down. This time she saw that he had a key. "I'm gonna fuck you up tonight bitch. You're gonna wish we'd killed you." he said unlocking the door to the cell. The large black man who Amy had kicked in the balls earlier walked into the cell. Amy stared at him hatefully as her food quickly smashed against his crotch once again.

This time it was Amy who cried out in pain. There was blood dripping from her foot. A smile crossed the large man's face. "Not this time bitch." he said removing the collar from Amy. Amy immediately punched him in the face with all of her might, but it wasn't even enough to stagger the mountainous man. He slammed his fist into Amy's stomach. Amy folded over his fist and collapsed to the ground.

He violently flung Amy from her cage. Amy looked up, she was surrounded by men. She got ready to be attacked, but instead her ex-husband ushered in a a gurney. On it was the man her ex-husband accused her of cheating on him with, although it was he who had cheated on her first. His hands and feet were cuffed to the gurney as the bald man and the fauxhawked man wheeled him in. His cock was at full attention and there were some sort of electrodes attached too it.

"We're going to play alittle game called "how good is my whore wife."." Amy's ex said with a cruel, sadistic smile. "You're going to fuck him. If you don't make him cum in 5 minutes, I'm going to cut a limb off and we're going to try again.

Each time you fail to hit the 5 minute mark, a limb is going to be removed. Oh yeah, and that thing attached to his cock is going to shock your fucking cunt the whole time." He smiled.

"If you fail 4 times, the last time, I'm cutting off his head.and it'll be all your fault. Or I could just kill him now." "NO!" Amy cried out. "I'll do it. I'll." Amy said defeated. The large black man lifted Amy up onto her friend's cock.

It seemed much larger than she'd remembered as she was forced down on it. She winced in pain, as the cock was already pressing painfully against her cervix. A tear rolled down Amy's cheek as she started riding him. Being a submissive, she wasn't exactly used to being on top, but it wasn't anything she couldn't deal with. Fortunately for her, being on top allowed her to moderate penetration as she worked her hips, bouncing on his cock.

She leaned over and pressed her lips on his. "I love you." Amy said. Although Amy cared very much for him, she didn't actually love him, but she knew that he wanted her to be his and hoped the admission would help him cum. Amy slowly and seductively rode her bound friend it was a full minute before she felt the first jolt.

Amy cried out as the electricity surged into her sensitive cunt. Her ex-husband smiled. Amy had trouble keeping any rhythm at all as the electricity painful electric shock jolted her body every three seconds. She bit down on her lower lip and gripped the railings on the gurney as she pounded through the pain. It wasn't nearly as sensual as it had been before, but still Amy managed to soldier through it.

Her friend thrust himself into her as much as he could, banging himself against her cervix with each stroke. He knew all he had to do is survive this, then call the cops and get the soon mother of his children out of there.

He was going to do whatever he could to bang his children into her. Another minute passed and Amy was again racked with even more intense pain, as the device started shocking her even more. Almost making her hop off of him, but again Amy bared down on it, suffering through each stroke as she was now shocked every two seconds.

Tears now freely fell down Amy's face as the pain was almost too much to bare. She knew she would have to make him cum soon otherwise, she'd imagined the pain would be even more intense. His hands gripped Amy's hands as he thrust into her. One benefit to the shock was that each shock caused Amy's normally tight pussy to contract even more with each jolt, making her body squeeze and massage his cock with each stroke. Amy started rolling her hips on top of him as he feebly thrust himself inside of her.

Although it was more painful than bouncing, she knew that the idea of him cumming so deeply inside of her would make him even more excited. Making him cum even faster. Amy nearly passed out as the jolt intensified yet again it's frequency increasing as well. Amy screamed frantically as she fought herself, trying to keep herself on top of him despite the pain.

Amy's cunt clamps down around her friends cock violently as he pounds her. Amy couldn't even feel his cock swelling inside of her, her body only feeling the jolts frying her cunt. Amy couldn't even think, the only moving she was doing was induced by the painful jolts running through her body.

"Oh fuck!" Amy's friend said as cum erupted from his cock spraying right against her cervix. "I came, I came! Let her up!" he said, trying to shake the nearly unconscious Amy off of his cock.

Her ex-husband turned the device down. Amy collapsed on his chest. The large black man raised Amy's pussy, long enough to see her friend's cum leaking from her body. The large black man nods. "Alright Amy, looks like you just saved his right arm. Good for you. Now next is his right leg." He smiles sadistically. "But.but.but." Amy stammers. "Oh no, I forgot to mention. You have to do this for each limb. If you manage to keep him from losing any limbs, I promise to let him go.

Deal." He smiles. Amy sat there stunned for a moment. Her husband looks at the scarred mexican who pulls out the same dildo he used to ravage Amy all those months ago. "I guess not. Rape his ass until he bleeds out." He says to the scarred mexican who smiles as he unzips his pants and straps the dildo to his truncated penis. "I'll do it. I'll do it. Just please.don't hurt him. It's me you're mad at remember." Amy begged unwilling to make someone else suffer for something she had done.

"Hurt me, do whatever you want to me. Just leave him out of it." "I am hurting you. I'm going to dismember the man you love unless you do what can make him cum." he said with a grin. "Wait a minute. I know what the fuck you're doing." He said realizing that Amy was stalling, hoping to give her friend enough to recharge so that he could cum in the time allotted. "You think you're so fucking smart don't you bitch. Start the timer!" "PLEASE!" Amy cries out as she starts grinding on him feebly, still hurting from the previous shocks.

"I.I'm sorry!" Amy continues. "I'm so sorry!" A tear falls from her friends face. "It's okay Amy." He says closing his eyes, trying to think of the most erotic thing he could think of. Although he was quite in love with Amy, even leaving his wife to be with her, seeing her like this even with her riding him as seductively as possible was anything but erotic. Amy managed to hold on up until the fourth minute. The sudden constant shock of the intense stream of electricity now flowing into her cunt make her leap from him, hitting her head on the floor hard as she fell.

Amy didn't even feel her ex-husband's cock enter her unconscious body. He vigorously pounded his ex-wife. Instead it was her friend's scream that awakened her. Her eye's fluttered open just in time to see her friend's penis being hacked off by the scarred mexican with a machete.

Amy immediately screamed and her ex, who she hadn't even noticed was fucking her yet, immediately grasped her jaw, forcing her mouth open. "Shove it in there. Shove it down her fucking throat!" He said hatefully. The scarred mexican happily complied, grabbing the severed cock and shoving it into Amy's forced open mouth. He then forced her lips together and super-glued them shut.

Amy screamed as much as she could as she stared at the sight in disbelief. "Now you've been unconscious long enough to have killed him, but I'm going to give you a chance to redeem yourself.

He pulled out a microphone stand with a hitachi vibrator attached to it. He pressed it beneath Amy, aiming the vibrator right against her clit. "See the way this works is that if you cum, our scarred friend is going to cut off one of your lover's limbs. Each time you cum a limb will be removed. We'll do this until either A) My viagra wears off, or B) your friend dies. Good luck my love.

I know how sensitive you are." And with that being said he turned the vibrator on as he began thrusting into Amy. Amy screamed with all of her might struggling to somehow push him off of her and dislodge the vibrator as it quickly started past Amy's defenses. She could already feel herself getting wet, as the vibrator worked it's magic. She could barely breath passed the cock that was forced into her mouth. Her friend's cock. A tears continued streaming down her face as her body started to betray her.

Unconsciously she was grinded her cunt against the vibrating knob as her ex-husband worked himself into her. Her friend's eyes were locked on to hers, pleading for her to resist, but despite all of Amy's willpower, her body almost demanded that she cum. She closed her eyes, trying to imagine anything that would help her hold herself back. Suddenly she was a little girl, beaten and battered and laying on the bed, her father's cock lodged between her legs, thrusting relentlessly as he attempted to pound every bit of innocence from his daughter.

Suddenly it wasn't her ex-husband, it was her father. She had her mouth glued shut, not to keep her friend's severed cock in her mouth, but to keep her from screaming. Amy's mind swirled out of control, despite where she'd gone in her mind, the vibrator was quite powerful and sent waves of pleasure rippling through her body. But she refused to let her father make her cum. She refused to let her body give any indication that she was enjoying what was happening to her, but the wetness that poured from her abused cunt told him otherwise.

She heard something being said, but instead of what was actually being said as her husband reached his first orgasm, instead she heard the words of her father. You like it don't you, you dirty piece of shit.

This is the only thing you're ever going to be good for. The voice in her head said to her as she imagined her father raping her. I can feel that little whore pussy getting wet. What kind of worthless whore are you to cum on your father's cock. I bet I'm not the first guy to make my little slut daughter cum, am I.

Am I you useless fuck rag. The voice continued to admonish her. This obviously still wasn't working as her body started to tremble her hands clutching the table she was bent over, but it was too late to escape now. Amy was trapped inside her own nightmare, reliving her various sexual abuses, the whole time feeling her body pulsing with pleasure.

Amy gripped the edge of the table as hard as she could. Her body had finally succumbed as she felt the pleasure wash over her. Every nerve in her body alight with the sweet bliss of orgasm. Her nightmare was interrupted by an even worse reality as she heard her friend shriek in agony, the scarred mexican's large blade slicing into his leg.

It took several blows before he finally got all the way through his leg. The scarred mexican quickly used a tourniquet full of rock salt to stop the bleeding. The rock salt only adding to the pain. Amy started shaking violently as bile erupted from her nose. Her ex-husband quickly ran around infront of her and dissolved the glue with nail polish remover.

The penis had become lodged in Amy's throat as she tried to inhale as she vomited from the sight. He pulled Amy back off the table a bit and slammed her diaphragm roughly against the point of the table. Amy quickly coughed up the soft, severed penis. She took several deep breaths as she tried to recover from the shock. "Please." Amy said weakly looking back at her ex-husband. The man that she'd loved with all of her heart, the man who'd betrayed her then murdered her unborn children, before throwing her down the stairs.

He slowly walked back around behind her. Amy's legs were bound to the table legs so she couldn't move or escape the constant, relentless vibrations. Had it not been for her almost dying she would've long gone over the edge again.

Instead she began to feel device doing it's job, the sensation felt even more intense after her ex-husband's cum had leaked over it, coating the vibrating ball as it rattled her sensitive clit. Amy felt her ex-husband grab her hips again, jamming his cock into her sopping cunt once again. He again started pounding away at his helpless ex-wife, tugging firmly on her hair forcing her to stare at her friend, who appeared to be going into shock.

"I'll do anything you want.I swear. Please just stop hurting him." Amy begged breathlessly, the vibrator bringing her to the edge of orgasm yet again. Unfortunately for her, there was nothing at all she could do. She knew her ex wouldn't release the man that she'd "cheated" on him with.

As much as she hated to admit it, somewhere deep down, she knew he was going to die and there wasn't anything she could do to stop it. She knew that she couldn't hold out for two hours minimum. Not with this torture device pressed against her clit. A light moan escaped Amy's lips as her body again started to shake. Her friend stared at her pleadingly, as though begging for her to hold off, but she couldn't and she knew it.

She could feel her ex-husband's cock expanding inside of her, adding just enough sensation to push her over the edge yet again. Amy cried out in sorrow and pleasure as she felt her ex-husband's cum erupt inside of her. She screamed and cried helplessly as her body shuttered in ecstasy. She closed her eyes, but she could hear her friend screaming as the blade cut into his left leg. She could hear the sickening crack of the blade hitting the bone, before the other leg was finally severed.

"Two down, two to go." her ex smiled.

Two beauties admire each others curves

"Let's see how long you can hold out." He said, his cock still rock hard. He quickly started back, pounding Amy harder than he'd ever pounded her when they were married.

He pulled on her hair so hard it felt like he would break her neck as he pulled her body into his thrust. "This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home." the scarred mexican man taunts as he plays with the toes on the man's severed leg.

"You're fucking sick. I swear I'm going to fucking kill you!" Amy said, frustratedly pounding on the table, trying to focus on anything else but her oncoming orgasm. Amy was a very orgasmic woman. She could cum only minutes after she'd just cum. Normally this was a blessing for Amy, making sex very enjoyable in most cases.

But not this time. Instead her body was betraying her and her friend, almost on the edge of orgasm again, less than a minute after she'd just cum.

"That's my little slut wife. Keep on cumming, I'm going to have my friend there cut him to ribbons." He looked up toward the scarred mexican with the machete.

"Take his fingers next. One at a time. I want to make this last for her." He said as Amy's body again erupted in orgasm spasming enough to push his cock out of her. This time there was no sound of bone splintering, just a quick chop and the flash of a lighter as the wound was burned closed. "STOPPIT! PLEASE STOPPIT."Amy manages to mutter out as she tried to catch her breath. Her head was spinning, her heart broken by what they were doing to her friend as her body continued to betray that friend, almost cumming with a abandon.

Within two minutes he'd lost all of the fingers on his left hand. The drugs they gave him ensured that he'd be awake for the entire process. Her ex-husband continued raping her.

Amy's body shuddered uncontrollably as waves of orgasms continued to wash over her body. She watched on helplessly as her friend was chopped up by the scarred mexican. Finally only the man's head remained. "Grab the kiddy pool from upstairs." her asked. The goateed mexican started up the stairs. Her ex-husband had a cruel glint in his eye. A few moments later he returned from upstairs with a small plastic kiddy pool.

Amy's ex-husband pulled the vibrator from the near unconscious, cum drunk Amy. Her body trembled uncontrollably, as liquid freely poured from her clutching cunt.

He stared impatiently at the woman he once called his wife, waiting for her to recover from her blissful stupor. After nearly twenty minutes Amy was able to pull herself together. "I forgot how much of a whore you really were. What kind of woman can cum watching her friend get dismembered. You really are one sick piece of shit." he continued.

"There's no way I'd ever let a worthless piece of dog shit like you every come near my children." "FUCK YOU!!!" Amy suddenly screamed out. "You're never going to get my fucking kids! You hear me! Never! I don't care what you do to me!" Amy raged. Any man who would do this to another human being, would do this to a woman that he claimed to love was easily capable of doing to her children what her father had done to her and worse.

"What about his kids." her ex says looking down at the trunk that was her friend. "He'll never hold his children again. He'll never run or jump or play with his children at all and it's all because of you. You're the one who cheated on me with him. You're the one who couldn't control her whorish tendencies enough to keep from cumming, even though you knew what would happen if you did." He looks over at his ex-wife's adulterer.

"Look at what you did to him!" He says as the large black man pics him up around the waist. All of the fire drained from Amy as she gazed upon the tattered trunk of her friend. "You did this. This is your fault." He says, smiling. Amy hears the hose turn back on and sees the thin bald black guy filling the pool.

Her eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen. The large black guy carried her friend to the pool.

"Please.please don't. I'm sorry!" the man cried, as his body was tossed into the pool, the water slowly raised up just enough so that his nose was sticking above the water level. "You should've thought about sorry when you had your dick in my wife." Amy's ex-husband said bitterly, nodding to the thin bald black guy to continue filling the pool. The water slowly raised over his head. The scared mexican unbound Amy's legs from the table. She rushed to try and save her friend, but her legs immediately gave way, her body literally in knots from all the orgasms.

She crawled towards the pool desperate to do whatever she could to save him. She felt herself being lifted off the ground, her arms held behind her back. She was dragged to the pool. The scarred mexican switched his grip to almost a full nelson like hold, forcing her to look down and watch as her friend struggled helplessly in the pool, bucking his torso as much as he could, trying unsuccessfully to keep his head above water.

Amy's heart slowly began to break, her ex-husband had won. He had just taken everything from her. She had nothing left to give. "I'm sooo sorry." Amy softly wept. There was nothing she could do. Nothing she could say to help or save her friend. Even if her ex-husband had spared his life, he would never be the same. Never live a normal life. She cried even more when she realized she'd never live a normal life either. Even if she did somehow escape, she'd never be free of this nightmare.

She closed her eyes, trying to shield herself from from the sight of her friends last moments. She tried to remember him as he was before, but only visions of him being dismembered came to her head. Her legs collapsed and the scarred mexican let her fall to the floor.

Her ex-husband slowly walked over to her as she sat on the floor crying, Amy's heart shattered. He knelt down infront of her. "Are you hungry?" Despite the torment and torture she'd just witnessed, her body ached from hunger. She didn't know how long it had been since she'd eaten but it had been quite some time. Atleast several days. He slowly stood up, tense, almost expecting her to attack him. But her fight died with her friend. She nodded her head, not looking up at him. "Alright. I'll bring you something.

You better not pull a stunt like you did this morning or I'll have to find someone else to make pay." He said standing up to walk away. Infuriated, Amy's blood boiled, like taking him away from her wasn't enough. That he'd even threaten the only people she had left. Her children and her uncle. Amy snapped, she attempted to tackle him, but her legs collapsed. The scarred mexican man standing behind her quickly grabbed her up by the hair and flung her to the ground.

"You haven't had enough yet bitch!" he screamed, stomping her in the stomach. Amy's broken body folded like an accordion as she sat up. He quickly kicked her in the face. Blood splattered from her broken nose as she impacted the ground.

Amy could barely see straight as she felt the weight of the scarred mexican land on her chest, knocking the wind from her battered body. He slowly lowered his face over hers, staring her right in the eyes.

Inches away was the man who'd murdered her friend. The man who'd brutilized her. For the first time, she had a chance to take out her frustration, her rage on someone.

Amy lunged forward with her mouth, biting his nose violently. He tried to pull away but her bite was too strong. He screamed as Amy bit deeper into his nose before she felt the satisfying crunch of her teeth biting through the cartilage of his nose.

She pulled away, tearing a large chunk of his nose off. The others quickly moved to rescue their friend from the assault. Amy felt hands grab her, but instead of trying to fight them off, she lounged forward with her hand in a claw, violently raking her fingernails across the right eye of the scarred, bleeding mexican. Amy let out a bestial scream as she slashed him across the eye, fluid leaked from his damaged eye as he finally managed to escape the enraged beast that was Amy.

She continued slashing and clawing at him as the others pulled her away. Her ex-husband, enraged as well, but secure in the fact that the others were holding her, rushed over to her.

He was holding a knife, an exact replica of the one her father had stabbed her with so long ago.


Amy could see murder in his eyes. The same look her father had when he stabbed her. Suddenly the enraged woman was a scared little girl, helpless in the face of a crazed man. "I'm going to slice your fat ass up so bad, no one is ever going to even think of looking at you again!" he screamed.

Amy shrieked in pain as the blade slashed across her chest, leaving a long red cut. Then again across the stomach. The three men let her go, Amy's still weak, cramping legs collapsing. Amy rolled on her stomach which didn't seem to matter to her ex-husband much as he slashed her over and over again across the back. Amy struggled to crawl away as he stalked her, slashing her as he followed her until her strength failed her and she collapsed on the floor.

It's over. Amy thought to herself as she fell face down on the floor, knowing that her husband would slash her until she bled out. Suddenly a shot rang out from the entrance to the room. She saw the blade fall to the ground, the heard a familiar voice. "Amy.please don't die! Please don't die! I love you! I'm sorry!" Lia cried, dropping the gun and running over to Amy's fallen body. Amy wasn't sure whether to be disappointed or relieved. It was almost over.

But now, despite how scared Lia was, she knew that Lia wouldn't let her go. Everything slowly started to fade. ****** Amy's eyes slowly opened as she felt someone's arms wrapped around her waist. She jumped as everything that had happened flooded back into her mind. She looked down at her chest, she saw there were stitches in her chest where she'd been slashed. She slowly tried to get out of the bed, until she heard the voice behind her. "Don't leave me." Lia mumbled half sleep as held Amy tightly.

Amy hated Lia for everything she'd done. To a large degree, everything that had happened to her had been Lia's fault. Amy thought to herself how easy it would be to kill the little bitch. How she could just wrap her arms around Lia's frail little neck and squeeze the life out of her, and no one would even know.

She slowly started imagining it, imagining her hands slowly wrapping around her younger cousins throat. The look in her eyes as she slowly faded.the look in her eyes as she slowly faded, her sex torn assunder as her father walked out, dropping the knife that he'd stabbed Amy with, the same knife he'd just finished raping her 10 year old cousin with. The same girl who was laying in the bed with her, begging her not to leave. Although Amy was only a young girl when it happened, Amy always blamed herself for not being able to stop it.

For not being able to protect her young cousin from her father. If only she was stronger, or tougher. If only she'd said something, perhaps Lia would be okay. He'd been abusing Amy for 4 years before Lia had walked in on him. Amy knew she'd never be normal, but she could've saved Lia and she failed. She let it happen. Or atleast that's how Amy felt. Those thoughts filled her head, quickly pushing any thoughts of revenge out of her head. Perhaps I deserve this. Amy thought to herself.

Amy stared into the darkness, strangely comforted by the feeling of Lia's arms wrapped around her. "Amy. Wake Up!" Lia said shaking Amy softly. "Amy, get your ass up!" Lia continued, shaking her harder this time. Amy slowly stirred. She still hurt, but it wasn't too bad. She slowly turned around to see Lia's bright blue eyes locked on hers. "Morning Amy." She smiled happily.

"How are you feeling." "I'm okay." Amy replied. "I'm going to take a shower." Amy said, hoping to get alittle space, so she could check out the damage. "Sure, I'll join you." Lia smiled, eager to spend time with her cousin, her protector, friend, and lover. Amy sighed and slowly made her way out of the bed. She walked into the large, lavish bathroom.

It was a bathroom fit for a princess, complete with hot tub and separate shower. Amy walked up to the mirror and slowly pulled off her silky white top. She frowned as she saw the two large scars across her chest. The black stitches contrasting her milky white, freckled skin, making them all the more noticeable. She turned around, slowly, almost afraid to see what her back looked like. Amy nearly burst into tears seeing the multitude of stitches and scars on her back. It looked more like someone had tried to patch the skin onto her back than stitched her back together.

Lia walked up to her and turned her face away from the mirror. Then slowly, passionately kissed her on the lips softly. "Shhhh. You're beautiful. I'll take care of you when the stitches come out." Lia said softly, smiling up at Amy. Amy could feel the love radiating from Lia. Again it was just her and Lia.

But something inside of her was uneasy. Just waiting for the shoe to drop, for Lia to snap on her and do something horrible. But for now she was going to enjoy it. Lia slowly took Amy by the arm and led her into the shower. Lia turned the shower on and watched as the water cascaded down Amy's body. Lia was already getting turned on, as her nipples slowly began to harden. She rubbed the bath lotion on her hands and started rubbing the lather onto Amy. Usually Lia would be the one being catered to and coddled.

Usually it was Amy was the obedient, subservient one, but today Lia felt like nurturing Amy. The girl who'd always been there for her. The girl who'd give her life for Lia if she asked her to. The girl who comforted Lia and made her feel safe. The girl who Lia had been so horrible to recently. If Lia could just make it up to her. Get Amy to forgive her, perhaps she'd wouldn't feel like such a piece of shit.

She slowly bathed Amy's tired body. Having been the one giving Amy sponge baths while she recovered, Lia knew exactly how to clean her with minimal discomfort. Amy was surprised by Lia's actions, but again she was just going to accept it. She'd been hurt enough through all of this to just accept any good that came her way. She closed her eyes and focused on the feeling of Lia's touch on her body, the feeling of the warm water as it flowed down her body.

She felt Lia's tiny hands lingering as she gently rubbed washed Amy's breast. She slowly opened her eyes as she felt Lia's lips wrap around her nipple. Lia slowly sucked and teased Amy's nipples tweaking and pinching one with her hand as she slowly sucked and nipped the other.

Lia backed Amy against the wall of the shower, the water now flowing down both of their bodies as Lia continued having her way with Amy. Although being against the wall was painful, it was quickly washed over by Lia's masterful manipulations. A soft moan escaped Amy's lips as Lia slowly kissed her way down Amy's body. Lia looked up lovingly at Amy as her tongue pressed against her now swollen clit.

Lia kissed and sucked on her clit, lightly running her nails up and down Amy's sides and over her pelvic bone, sending shivers up her body as the nails slid across the thin, sensitive skin. Amy looked down at Lia's sweet face. As horrible as Lia could be, Amy had no doubts that Lia really did love her. It was times like this that she knew it the most. Lia flicked her tongue over Amy's clit before finally, sliding one of her hands between Amy's thighs, slowly rubbing her finger between Amy's slit, her other hand sliding between her own legs.

She slowly slid began rubbing her own clit, immediately drawing a soft moan. Amy closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall of the shower as her body started to heat up.

She felt the water stop as Lia turned it off, as she wanted to taste Amy, something she'd been wanting to do ever since she'd shot Amy's ex-husband. The move that changed her life. She had wanted to kidnap Amy and wanted to torment her, but she saw what her ex-husband wanted. He wanted to destroy her, to ruin Amy. Lia's guys helped them escape, but she cut ties with them, knowing that they were only so loyal.

After she'd gotten Amy patched up, she'd gone into hiding. She couldn't go to her father and she couldn't goto Amy. She was alone, but she'd managed to keep Amy safe.

And now that Amy was awake, they could take care of each other, just like old times. Lia and Amy against the world. Just how she liked it. Lia slowly slid one finger inside of Amy's moist little hole, immediately finding her g-spot. She started slowly penetrating herself. She'd been trying to work herself up to some sort of real penetration, but it hurt so bad, she'd usually give up.

As the pain set in Lia's mind drifted to the conversations she'd had with her ex-boyfriend. She told him she wanted him to penetrate her.

Turn her memories of painful penetrations that was forced on her by her uncle into something good. Her pain offered as an expression of love to him. Unfortunately that never happened. She got mixed up in the drug scene and didn't want him involved, even going as far as protecting him when he narc'ed her out to the cops, blaming it on Amy instead. The moment of sorrow was broken as another soft moan escaped Amy's lips. Amy could feel her body tensing up.

Lia slid a second finger into Amy. She moaned softly, her eyes rolling into her head as she feels Lia's second, tiny finger enter her hot, soaking cunt. Lia smiled, as she began rubbing Amy's velvety insides. Amy's body slowly began trembling as she ran her nails across the smooth tiles of the wall. Amy's moans became louder as Lia twisted her fingers inside of her. Lia's own moans became louder as well as she vigorously rubbed her clit, moisture now freely dripping from her.

Amy's sweet juices dripped down Lia's arm as Amy slide down, bracing her legs against the edge of the shower, exposing herself to Lia even more. Lia, slid her fingers from Amy's quivering slit, taking a moment to lick her sweetness from her fingers before she began pinching her own nipples as she started feeling her own body heating up. Lia's slight tongue now flicked between Amy's clit and her slit. Lia put her mouth right beneath Amy's dripping, hott cunt. Smiling as her juices fell into Lia's waiting mouth.

Unsatisfied, Lia put her lips against Amy, sliding her tongue inside of her, flicking her tongue inside of her. Amy cried out in pleasure as Lia's tongue entered her. She twisted and pinched her nipples as she moaned and writhed, her breathing ragged. Lia sucked Amy's insides hard, forcing them to tighten around her tongue as she slides it in and out of Amy. Amy again cried out, unable to contain her pleasure.

Amy's eyes shoot open as she gasp, trying to catch her breath as though awaking from a terrible dream. Amy quickly wipes the tears from her face, her body still lost in a sea of ecstasy.

Amy softly began pushing Lia away from her. "Please stop." Amy begged, her eyes distant as though she was in another world. The scene of her friend being murdered flooded into her mind. Amy struggling to resist as her body sat on the edge of orgasm, finally succumbing, then forced to watch in horror as the machete crashed down on her friend's leg.

The haze of orgasmic bliss she was forced into as she watched her friend slowly cut to pieces by the scarred mexican. "I can't." Amy said. Lia looked up at her genuinely hurt. "What's wrong? I wasn't doing it right." Lia said, discouraged. "No.it's not that. Not that at all." Amy, said cradling Lia's face. "It's just weird. It feels different. I'm not sure I'm healed up all the way." Amy lied. "Come here." Amy said, raising Lia to her feet before pressing her lips against Lia's.

She could taste herself on Lia's lips as they kissed, caressing each others naked, wet, still sensitive bodies. Lia's body still burned, begging for release, their embrace only turning her own more. "Come here." Lia said, taking Amy's hand and leading her to the hot tub.

Amy smiled. She could feel Lia still shaking slightly, the hunger in her kiss. This she could do. The two young girls sat in the hot tub. Lia laid against the edge of the hot tub, her legs splayed against each side.

Amy slowly crawled between them, pressing her lips against Lia's. They again began to kiss, lost in each others embrace, their tongues dancing in each others mouths as Amy pressed her knee against Lia's sex. Lia slowly began grinding herself against Amy's knee as they passionately kissed one another.

Lia's hands began once again twisting and pinching Amy's nipples, this time less gentle than before. Amy squealed as Lia's nails bit into Amy's stiff nipples, pulling and twisting, pinching and tweaking them as she continued grinding her swollen sex against Amy's knee.

Amy's lips slowly drifted down Lia's neck. Lia tilted her head and pulled her long blonde hair to the side, allowing Amy full access, to her vulnerable throat. Amy tenderly kissed and sucked on Lia's neck, as Lia leaned back against the edge of the hot tub, pulling Amy atop of her, their bodies now pressed against one another.

Amy slowly started kissing her way down Lia's neck, the soft kisses sending chills through her body. Amy lowly began kissing down Lia's ample cleavage. Although Lia's breast weren't as large as Amy's they were still a pretty good size. Amy softly massaged Lia's breast, softly pinching her nipples as she did. Lia moaned softly as Amy manipulated her sensitive body. "Oh my God, that feels so good!" Lia said breathlessly as her body continued to heat up.

Amy looked up at Lia with a smile, much preferring to give pleasure than to receive it. Right now Lia was the most beautiful creature in the world. She was the only person who'd shown her any kindness throughout this entire ordeal. She looked up at the glowing face of her younger cousin and felt a warmth in her heart that she hadn't felt in quite some time. "I love you." Amy said, as she progressed down Lia's tight stomach. Amy's face slowly submerged beneath the water as she slowly began sucking Lia's firm clit.

Sucking it into her mouth and rubbing it with her tongue, as she began to rub Lia's sex. Amy felt Lia's hands wrap around the back of her head as she started to grind herself against Amy's face. Amy heard Lia's loud muffled moans through the water as she licked and sucked Lia vigorously, her fingers rubbing Lia's tiny hole.

Amy pushed away just enough to take a breath before submerging herself again beneath the water. To Amy, it was exciting having Lia pushing her submerged face against her little cunt, knowing that at any moment Lia could flip and try to drown her. Although she didn't to die, just the risk was enough to spur Amy's fantasies as she slipped her free hand between her own thighs and began rubbing her own clit.

She slowly started licking Lia's slit, licking her tiny little entrance, pressing the tip of her tongue just inside of her. Lia moaned loudly as she pressed Amy's face into her. Amy felt Lia's body tense up and start to tremble. Lia gripped the edge of the tub as she ground and thrust herself against Amy, now completely lost to orgasm as Amy continued eating her. Amy felt her own orgasm start to build as she slowly penetrated herself with her fingers. Amy felt the rush of water squeeze from Lia's cunt as her body started shaking violently.

Amy quickly pulled herself from between Lia's legs, instead rubbing her, so she could make sure Lia didn't hurt herself as she shook violently, her limbs flailing helplessly as her body was taken by ecstasy. Lia's eyes slowly opened to see Amy's beautiful face staring into her eyes. She wrapped her arms around Amy and buried her face between her breast. Amy leaned back as Lia cuddled on top of her. As wrong as Amy knew it was, somehow, it felt right.

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