Bollywood new naked gay porn first time Zack amp_ Mike Jackin by the

Bollywood new naked gay porn first time Zack amp_ Mike Jackin by the
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Walking down the street, daydreaming about what her husband did to her that morning, a slight grin crosses her face as she remembers how easily he manhandled her while she sucked his cock. Pulling his cock from her mouth, spinning her on the bed like she weighed nothing, grabbing her hips and burying his cock deep in her pussy.

It was brutal, no foreplay, stretching her pussy and pounding his cock into her like it was his to use. He did not make love to her that morning, he fucked her, and she loved it! "I wonder if he will be up for a rematch?" she giggled to herself. For now, it's almost time for him to be home and she needed to get dinner going. Pulling her keys from her purse and reaching for the car door, the van door slides open behind her, an arm around her neck, a rag over her face, the last thing she sees before darkness is the van door closing after she is dragged inside.

"Wake up Alison" she groggily hears. What the fuck is talking to me. "Wake up Alison. It's time to play." The more she comes to her senses, she realizes she is blind folded, she can't see anything. Trying to move, she finds her hands are restrained above her head and something is bound between her ankles holding them apart.

"Are you awake Alison?" What the fuck is that? It sounds like a digitized voice out of the movies.

. Fuck! "Who are you?" she asks, noticing her voice is shaking a bit. "In due time my dear, for now, we have other things to attend to." the voice states calmly.

"Like what?!" she asks starting to get worried. Suddenly hands come from behind her grabbing her tits through her t-shirt, squeezing roughly, pinching and pulling her nipples. "Get your fucking hands off me you freak! There is no way in hell your are gonna. .

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. ." A hard round object is stuffed into her mouth, straps are pulled behind her head and fastened to hold it in place. "I have no use for your mouth, for now," The electronic voice calmly states. "and you have apparently not learned to use it politely. So for now, you will not use it until I allow you to my dear." I don't know who this fucker is but if he thinks, OH SHIT! She thinks as clamps are placed on her nipples and tightened. Alison loves to have her tits played with, it drives her insane, and her body is beginning to betray her.

She can feel her pussy getting wet already. A hand slides over her ass and squeezes through her jeans, another slides over her pussy caressing it and giving it a slap. Struggling, she can barely move. Jesus Alison what the fuck have you gotten yourself into, she thinks to herself. "My dear. . ." Alison screams for all she is worth.

All is quiet. "Is there a problem my dear?" Alison turns her head in the direction of the voice, seeing only darkness. "You disapprove of me referring to you as My Dear?" Silence. "Fine then, we will pick something else.


However, even though I intend to use you like a cum thirsty whore, it would be ungentlemanly of me to call you one!" the voice says calmly, as if to mock her. Hands come from behind her, grabbing her shirt by the collar and ripping it open. Squeezing her tits roughly, pulling on the clamps causing her to moan. She can feel his breath on her neck. One hand moves up, firmly holding her throat, the other down into her pants, squeezing her pussy, slowly sliding a single finger inside.

Alison cries out at the sudden intrusion. Exhausted from struggling, her body betrays her. She can feel how wet her pussy is, how she is getting turned on and wetter. His finger slowly is removed, her jeans are ripped in half and slid down her legs. The restraints over her head begin to move forward, pulling her over an object in front of her, forcing her to bend over at the waist. "Alison, have you ever used a dildo, more to the point a fucking machine?" She shakes her head no as she feels something wet and hard being slid deep into her pussy."First time for everything isn't there?!" The machine slowly, rhythmically, drives the dildo deep inside her pussy, then back out, fucking her, forcing her to moan out, her pussy getting wetter as her body gets more turned on.

She feels something else being slowly forced into her ass. Squirming, fighting, no where to go, as it slides deeper into her ass. As it nears the bottom, her ass slowly stretches around the base, drawing it in to rest deep in her ass. Alison loved that feeling. Her husband would let go at that point and let her ass pull the butt plug to a rest in her ass. She always moaned and sighed when it happened.

"Alison, you are acting like a common whore. Bent over, legs spread, moaning from a good fucking." the voice says to her. The fucking machine speeds up, driving deeper, forcing her into deeper pleasure, she can feel the orgasm building. A hand lands on her ass with a smack and a sting, again, and again, and again! Alison throws her head back screaming with each swat.

Her pussy being brutally fucked by a machine, she can feel the stinging heat on her ass.

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She hears him walking around the front of her, he removes the gag, and she cries out incoherent profanity and gibberish. "We still haven't learned to speak politely I see." He grabs her hair and forcefully pulls her head back.

Her mouth opens as she gasps, only to be filled by his cock. All the way in, just at the entrance to her throat. "Now my little slut, I will punish your mouth until you learn how to speak like a lady. Understand?!" Pulling his cock from her mouth for her response. "Fuck yo. ." she yelled as his cock was shoved back into her mouth. He began fucking her mouth, holding the back of her head, slowly fucking deeper and harder, she was beginning to struggle less.

A machine fucking her pussy, and a cock fucking her face. Her and her husband had discussed abduction scenarios, role playing, she always thought it would turn her on.

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Some stranger grabbing her, restraining her and using her body to make him cum, not giving her a choice, simply taking what he wanted, and now it's happening and her body has taken over her mind.

All she wants to do is feel this man take her, fuck her brutally, and force her to swallow every drop of cum his balls can make. She can't believe what she is feeling. "Have we learned to speak politely slut?!" Removing his cock, drool running down her chin, panting, trying to catch her breath, not yet able to speak. Shaking her head by her hair "Answer me slut!" "YES!" she screams.


He shoves his cock into her screaming mouth and goes back to forcefully fucking her mouth and throat. Hands on the back of her head, shoving his cock as deep as possible. "Polite ladies don't yell my little fuck toy! They answer respectfully!" She finds herself craving this, wanting him to keep fucking her face, the feel of his cock taking her mouth, knowing there is nothing she can do to stop him. She is feeling it coming, he is brutally fucking her face, slamming his cock into her throat.

She is almost begging for what she hopes is soon to come. "I'm gonna cum sexy, deep in your mouth, in your throat, and you will NOT spill one single drop!" he orders, and it hits her, the orgasm that has been building. Driving his cock into her throat and holding her there, she can feel the warm cum pumping into her throat, over and over. The machine relentlessly fucking her pussy as she cums, screaming around the cock buried in her mouth.

It racks her body, making her pull on her restraints. He pulls out a bit, cumming once or twice more in her mouth and on her lips. Slowly sliding his cock into her mouth. She can't believe how much she wants it to stay there, the feel, the taste. His cock is beginning to soften, sliding into her throat easier. "You did well." He says quietly. "Did you enjoy that?" he asks pulling his cock from her mouth.

"Yes. . .master." MASTER! She thinks, where the hell did that come from?! She realizes what he had done to her, taking control of her, taking what he wanted from her, it fit, and she knew it. "You will NOT let my cock go limp my little slut. You will suck my cock until it is usable again! We are not done yet." he says as he feeds her his cock. She can't believe how hungrily she accepts it. Sucking it like a starving woman, moaning around it, begging for it deeper in her mouth.

SMACK! She winces as his hand lands on her ass. The stinging heat from it, the machine still fucking her pussy, his growing cock slowly fucking her mouth, she can feel it building within her again. Having her will stripped away and used like a toy to make a man cum, she can't believe how much this is turning her on.

"You suck my cock well my dear. Soon we will be able to continue." Hearing this makes her strangely happy, like the compliment she had waited her whole life to hear. Slowly pulling his cock from her mouth he asks "Do you know what I am going to do now slut?" "No master." She replies softly as he is squeezing her tits, pulling on the clamps.

She gasped at the pain, loving it, desiring it, feeling her pussy leaking down her thighs. "Do you want to know?" he asks. "No master. Use me as you wish." Hearing the sound of her voice uttering those words sends a shock through her body. Use me as you wish?!

Who the fuck have I become?! She can feel his hands slowly sliding down her back, across her ass, giving her another swat.

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She gasps at the sensation. His hand caressing her hip, she feels the head of his cock pressing against her asshole. She flinches at the surprise feeling.

He doesn't stop, slowly stretching her ass around the head of his cock, slowly sliding it deep within her. Reaching forward over her, he releases her restraints. She is surprised that she ignores her freedom. All she wants right now is to feel this man take her, fuck her, use her to make him cum. She can feel his hand on the back of her head, grabbing her hair, pulling her upright as he pulls his cock back and drives it up her ass. She screams!

The machine has sped up, now pounding her pussy mercilessly. He is fucking her ass, pulling down on her hips as he drives up into her. She can feel his breath on her neck, the kissing, the biting, the feeling of two cocks fucking her is too much. It hits her like a bolt of lightning, no warning, screaming through her orgasm, neither he nor the machine letting her go through it gently.

Instead, ripping it from her, taking her ass as he sees fit and her body WILL comply. The machine begins to slow, the rubber cock that has brutalized her pussy falls away and strangely she misses it.

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The man however, remains in her ass, holding her hips. He has slowed, making love to her ass in the afterglow of her orgasm.


It feels amazing. She knows he won't last long, she can hear him groaning, his breathing increasing. She slowly begins to grind on his cock, visualizing it in her mind, finding herself needing him to cum in her ass, wanting to please him, and she feels it. He drives deep and she feels his hot cum filling her ass. Then she hears it, softly in her ear, "Is this how you imagined your fantasy my love? Being taken by a stranger?

Being used?" Once the shock passes of the digital voice being gone, and replaced by her husbands, a slight grin crosses her lips. "Be careful what you wish for my love, you might get it!" he says caressing her tits, still grinding his softening cock in her ass.

"Yes master" she says with a sly grin.