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Hornysluts live dildo fucking webcam show jincamcom
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You wake up to the sun streaming through your curtains. You can feel the warmth radiating off of the sheets covering your scantily clad body.

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You smile to yourself and sit up. You are never in this good of a mood in the morning and you start to question what events are to take place later that day. Work. That's it? But work should make me annoyed.

oh right, the new boy. Cody. Ever since he started working with me at the convenience store, he's basically slacked off and joked around. He barely got any work done. The only productive thing he does is bring in money from buying loads of snickers bars during the day. Your alarm goes off again and you snap out of your thoughts.


You slap the snooze button and turn off you alarm while you swing yourself out of your cozy bed and slip into your uniform. You grab a muffin on your way out the door and drive the few streets over to the convenience store. You clock in, put your muffin on the counter, turn on the neon light, and unlock the doors. No one is waiting outside and Cody is nowhere in sight.

You sigh to yourself and take a big bite of your muffin. Crumbs go everywhere but you don't bother dusting them off as you're alone. Cody slips in through the back and stands in front of you at the counter. He chuckles and brushes the crumbs off of you. You can feel his hands brush against your breasts and touch your nipples. They get instantly hard and you turn red. "Keep your crumbs in your mouth" he says and scampers off to the back to change into his uniform.

He must have forgotten his shirt here yesterday.

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You swallow and toss the muffin. You are too embarrassed to finish it. You brush your tits through your bra to make your nipples NOT raging hard.

As you're doing this, an obviously drunk group of girls come stumbling in. Cody comes out of the back and looks all of them up and down. You feel the anger as he says "head to the back, I wanna take gooood care of these girls". You roll your eyes and walk to the back anyways. You watch him flex for the girls and them fall all over him with oohs and ahs.

They buy some more alcohol and some chips and leave. You walk back to the counter and take a seat on the stool. You and Cody talk for a bit and then the customers start to trickle in more frequently. The day goes on and soon it turns to night.

It usually gets pretty quiet around 9 and the store usually closes at 10. You start to do stock checks while he closes the store early. At this point you're pretty pissed off at people's ignorance but you try to control yourself. Also, you're very hangry and Cody has started to notice.

"Abbey, I think you need a snickers. You're muttering to yourself babe." he says as he takes a snickers from the display. Cody walks around the counter and over to where you're taking stock by the alcohol. He shows you the Snickers but slowly lowers it to his crotch area. "You really need this Snickers babe. I'll give it to you good." He says with a wink. You feel the anger boil over the edge but somehow feels kinda turned on.

You scoff and shove him backwards into the walk in alcohol freezer. "Chill out!" You retort and you both chuckle. "I was just kidding Abbey. Just wanted to see how you'd react with how angry you already are today. It's been a bad day. I know. People are idiots. I'm not actually a douche. Just a really good actor. So. Snickers?" You smirk and lunge at him. He grabs you, the Snickers goes flying, and your lips connect with passion. He closes the door to the freezer and pulls you in deeper to the kiss.


Your skin is on fire and all you want to do is rip his clothes off. You try your best to control your urges but he has the same urges. He takes his shirt off while you take off your own.

You both kiss and fiddle around with your pants and shoes. You both get those off and you're left with your underwear. He picks you up and pins you against the wall of wine. Some bottles clink together as he kisses your neck, chest, and his hands explore your skin. You can feel his hard cock pressing into your panties and you reach down there to stroke it but he stops your hand.


"Ladies first" he whispers in a husky voice. His lips suction to your neck and makes you gasp from pleasure. He sets you down and he drops to his knees. He slides your panties off of your body and tosses them aside.

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He lays your guys shirts down and instructs you to lay on them. It was a kind gesture and you do as he says as you toss your bra to be with your panties. He teases your aching pussy as he trails kisses all down your body.

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Along your neck, chest, across your breasts, down your tummy, and finally his lips land on your inner thigh. You gasp and grip his dirty blonde hair. His beautiful hazel eyes stare into your dilated blue eyes and you beg him to eat you out. You are so desperate for his mouth on your clit.

Your body is screaming for it.

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He smirks as he licks your slit and watches you squirm in pleasure. He expertly slides his mouth over your clit, his tongue darts in between your folds, and into your pussy. You moan and shiver. You are on the verge of cumming but he senses that and stops eating you out.

He shimmies out of his boxers and his cock springs up. He has a beautifully sculpted 8 inch cock. You stare at it in shock and anticipation. It's beyond perfect. You can see the veins popping out of the sides, pubes are minimal, and the tip is throbbing and red.

You don't even need to suck it to life. He sticks his fingers into your pussy and takes some of your wetness to slather over his cock. He strokes himself as you lay there exposed and waiting. He slowly lowers himself above you and steadies himself with his forearm.

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He navigates his tip to your wet hole and slowly and gently pushes in. You both moan as the tip slips in.

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Then he pushes the rest in as your body opens and accepts all 8 inches deep into you. He starts off fucking you slowly.

He stares into your eyes and then you two make-out passionately. He bottoms out everytime he pushes deep. Your orgasm builds and builds until it becomes too much. You pull out of the kiss and pant "I'm gonna. gonna. oooh!" And you came as he started fucking faster.

You wanted him to stop because your pussy was super sensitive now that you came but he said "trust me, you'll thank me in a minute" and sped up even faster. He was thrusting fast and you could tell what he meant by you'd thank him in a minute. You were going to cum again, and this time, you didn't know what it would be like. It felt different. better. There was also something else going on inside of you. He was pulsing as you pulsed. Oh shit. he was gonna cum inside.

"Cody pull out! Pull out!" "But you're almost there" he begs.

"Don't cum in me. Cum on me." You beg but he doesn't listen. Your orgasm reaches the point of explosion and your body jolts back as a reaction to the intensity of it. As you cum, so does he. He pulls out and squirts his cum all over! You hear him mumble "shitshitshit" as he empties his balls on your pussy. You lay back completely exhausted and he lays next to you on the makeshift blanket. You glance over at him and say, "I knew you were cumming. BUT FUCK!" "Butt fuck?

We can do that too." Cody retorts with a wink. "Just give me a minute to recover". You both laugh. After you recover, he has you get dressed while he cleans up the mess you two made. That's the most productive you've seen him in weeks. Butt fuck huh? Maybe next time. ;)