Reife Tranny Strip necken und Spielzeug fuck

Reife Tranny Strip necken und Spielzeug fuck
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Owning your own business has it's downsides, sure. Bills, resposibilty, there's no real stability and a hell of a lot of pressure, of course it does have perks as well. You can make your own hours and you don't really answer to anyone but the government I suppose. And you have employees to do the shitty work for you. Being the boss can be fun, but much of the time there are hard decisions you have to make. That's what this story is about and I swear to god it's true! Michelle had been working for me for a couple months in the store.

We sell music and this is a pretty laid back job and what many would consider a great place to work.

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She was actually an animator just between jobs and I only hired her to be nice to her boyfriend. He was a regular and we talked alot in the store. I didn't particularly care for him, but I liked his money and always enjoyed when he brought Michelle with him. It's not that she was so hot or anything, but she was pretty cute and she had a couple things going for her. The first thing was her height. I'm not into short girls or anything, but she was maybe 5'3" and I have to tell you, double d's look fucking huge on a girl that short!

Maybe they were just d's and not double, but on her they just looked so fucking big and delicious.


The other thing she had going for her was her attitude. She wasn't rude or anything, but she always had a bored look on her face, like a bitch that thinks she's too cool for everyone.

Truth be told, she was pretty fucking cool. She liked all the same music that we liked and she wasn't one of those girly girls that can't hang out or look like they spend an hour on their makeup. She just had a bit of a "fuck you" face.

I didn't care. Instead of talking to her jerkoff boyfriend, I would just try to sneak a peak at her cleavage whenever she wore a low cut top. I suppose another bonus she had working for her was her ethnicity.

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I don't know what she was, but she was most likely white and part Spanish or Philipino or Thai. Kind of like Jessica Alba, but let's be real, she was no Alba.

She often had dark cirlces under her eyes like she didn't get enough sleep and she was nowhere near as fit as Jessica Alba. She had some weight on her. Not that you would say she's fat, but you wouldn't think she was thin and whatever fat she had, you knew it was just adding to her melons.

So I hired her to work the till and do some sales for a while. Cute girls behind the counter never hurt sales. But after a few months I was through.

She was terrible! She had no energy and she didn't like helping customers at all, so she was very slow in dealing with them and she gave half hearted smiles that were totally see through.

Sales went down on her shifts and truth be told, I didn't care how big her tits were, I would have fired her within the first 30 days when this all became apparant except about a week after hiring her her boyfriend and I were talkign about girls and fucking when he tells me about her.

How she likes it rough in the ass and how deep she can throat a cock! So that held me off for the next couple of weeks. Everytime I saw her slacking on the job I just started thinking about her taking it balls deep in her ass or between those full lips of hers. I couldn't get it out of my head. I wouldn't say we became friends, but we definitely talked more without her boyfriend there all day. She seemed sweet enough, but between all the words she actually said, all I could hear her say was, "Fuck my ass harder!" I even felt the slightest hint of attraction between us.

Nothing Hollywood or cliche, but just the moments during a conversation when you look into each other's eyes and within a laugh or pause you feel a little vulneraility on her part. Before flirting.

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A slight acknowledgement of sexual chemistry that is never said or acted upon. But I couldn't put it off any longer. She had to be let go. She wasn't even watching the floor for shoplifters anymore! And it cost me more to have her on than she made on her shifts. I was actually losing money! So I waited for the end of her shift one night and decided to break the news. I was sure it come as a shock since I never led on that this coming or that I was dissapointed.

We had just had a boxset worth over $150 get stolen on her shift today and it wasn't the first time. So I was pretty pissed off. She came into the back room after closing and I asked her to sit down. "I have to let you go. I'm sorry, this just isn't working out." I was cold. I had to be, this is what you do as an employer. She was calm and I guess I would say shocked but it never really showed on her bitch face.

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"Really?" She said. "It can't be a complete surprise, Michelle. Come on! You don't even try to look like you're working anymore!

You have a shitty attitude and you don't bring anything to the store to make you an asset!" I usually shut people down hard when I have to fire someone and they want to argue with me. She was pissed now. "I guess it just doesn't feel that way when your boss stares at your tits everyday!" Oops! I guess I wasn't as slick as I thought. This was trouble. We'd stepped off the path of legal employment standards and were now on our way to sexual harrassment!

She continued. "What do you think Stephen would have to say about that, huh?" This was bad. I needed to say something that would get her down off her high horse and fast before she walked out.

So I said the only thing that was on my mind for the last couple weeks. "Well it's his fault anyway! Fucking guy tells me that you like rough sex and taking it in the ass and then leaves me to work with you every day? What else was I going to think about?" She stopped cold. Stunned. Embarrassed. Violated almost. "He told you that?" I nodded. "Did he say anything else?" I knew she was making a case against her boyfriend to ream him out later or maybe dump him.

"He said you can really deepthroat." "Oh. Okay." She said not really knowing what else she could say. After an brief silence I decided to change the awkward topic back to something more appropriate. "Look, I don't like firing you and I don't want to, but you're not even trying! I have to do this on a business level, even if you do improve the scenary," I joked. She softened a little. "I DO like working here. I just don't like working, period!

I'm lazy!" We were getting back to civil tones again. This had to be the biggest ice breaker.


"And to be fair, now that I know what Stephen told you. I can understand why you were staring so hard." "I didn't mean to, honestly. And I think Stephen was just bragging like guys do. It was kind of a compliment to us guys. I know that isn't much consolation though." "No it isn't really. In fact. " She trailed off. "What?" "Never mind. It's stupid." I wasn't going to let this go.

"What's stupid. Come on, you have to tell me now!" "I. I was just going to ask you if you want to see my tits?" She smiled cutely. "I mean I know you do. I just though it would drive Stephen wild if I told him I showed you." She got her bitch-face again. "You want to see'em?" She started to reach down to lift up her shirt. "Well." I couldn't know what to say. Of course I wanted to, but it didn't seem like the right answer to say out loud.

"Take a good look." She had removed her shirt and was now unfastening the bra. "In fact, come over here and give'em a squeeze. Then I'm going to go home and tell Stephen that I know what he said and then tell him that I took off my shirt and let you grope me in the backroom for a while." Before she was finished her sentence I had my hands all over her.

Her tits were everything I had hoped that might be. They were huge of course, each more than a handfull, but they also stood on their own as perfect hanging globes with beautiful pencil eraser nipples that I could previously only make out when the air conditioning was on. I squeezed her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger pretty hard, giving it a little twist. She inhaled and bit her lip. ".and that I let you suck on them a little maybe." I looked at her biting her lip and knew what we were about to do.

I kissed her deeply and sucked on her lower lip before dropping down and working on her nipples. The harder I bit and pulled, the more she would squeel and the more turned on she would get. Eventually I said. "Maybe you should show me how deep you can swallow me. Do you think Stephen would like to hear about that?" "No," she said, "I don't think he wanted me to suck his friends dicks to save my job." She dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants, putting my already rock hard cock inot her mouth.

I smiled jokingly, "I don't know about that. This better be the best blowjob I ever had. I lose money everytime you work. ugh!" At that, she drove her head down on my cock until the entire thing disapeared into her throat! When she came back up she smiled mischeiviously asking me, "What were you saying?" I loved that bitch face, so I grabbed her hair and forced her head down again until she was gagging.

I only let her up for air when I thought she might pass out while I fucked her face. This was unreal. I couldn't believe we were doing this! I was getting close to cumming when I realized something that made me stop.

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She had one hand down the front of her pants! She was getting off on this. "Take off your pants." I told her sternly, but didn't stop fucking her face while she tried to do so. "Stand up." She paused, looking up at me and realizing that we were about to go a little further.

As though sucking me off was one thing, but fucking was going too far. I decided to test her out. How kinky was she? I grabbed her with one hand around the throat and brought her to her feet. With the other hand I slapped her across the face so it would sting a little.

Before she could react I turnd her around and bent her over the office desk. I grabbed her panties with one hand and yanked on them, ripping them to shreds as I pulled them from her body. I knew it must have hurt, but before she could do anything but moan, I pushed a couple fingers into her to see if she was wet. She was dripping wet! After rubbing her clit raw I put my fingers into her mouth and mounted her from behind. She sucked on them trying to taste every bit of her that she could while I pounded my cock into her like a piston in an engine.

"Don't pretend like you don't want this you lazy bitch!" She was so cool and collected, she just grabbed the edge of the desk for support. Her ass flew back and forth as it was severely worked over by my hands slapping each big cheek.

I knew what would make her cum, so I pulled my fingers from her mouth and rubbed thm on her asshole teasingly. "Yessss." Was all she could manage. I thrust three fingers into her ass and she came instantly, bucking and spasming all over my cock.

When she was finished I pulled out and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her down onto her knees again to suck me off. She opened her mouth and deepthroated my 7 inch cock until her nose was pressed against my stomach.

Jerking back and forth, her tits were swinging freely and my hand went down and started pinching her nipples again. Her skin was so perfect and smooth. I had another idea. I pulled myself out of her mouth and slapped my cock onto her big titties. "Fuck me with your tits." I said bluntly.

With her bland expression she went to work forcing her giant meat mounds around my prick tightly and fucking me with them. She looked up and saw that I was in ecstacy. "I don't think you should fire me. sir." "I like the "sir" touch, but really, why wouldn't I? Just because you're a hot fuck, doesn't make you a good employee." She sped up. "Well that depends on what you're paying me for, doesn't it?" "Well let's find out how well you take instruction.

Then we'll find out how much you want the job." I was loving every minute of this. "Bend over the desk again and spread your ass open." "Okay," she said and without hesitation she did just that, spreading her legs open as well. "But I don't want to help customers anymore or run the till." "Don't you mean, 'okay sir?'" I asked. "Yes sir, I do sir." She said it almost deadpan in her uninterested voice. Fucking bitch!

I wanted to skewer her so badly. I pressed the head up against her ass until it disapeared into her. "So you'll just do nothing all day and then be a whore in the backroom every night?" "I might also go shopping to other stores during my shifts for as long as I want." She pushed her big ass back onto me, taking the length of my cock into her while still negotiating.

"No way. You have to stay on the floor and you have to always wear low cut tops to work.


Even if you're not going to help the customers, they still like looking at your big tits." I was fucking her hard now, plowing her ass permanantly open. She was breathing hard now. I reached around and grabbed a nipple, twisting it.

She bucked again and came rubbing her clit hard and fast and I loved it. "Then I want a raise!" She was panting hard like a dog and beads of sweat were forming on her back.

"You just came twice and you want me to give you more money?" "You don't think I deserve it?" She was fully trying to drive me over the edge by fucking me as hard as she could. I was holding on by a thread, but didn't give in. I managed to get out, "Someone who gets a raise has to go above and beyond the call of duty." I was so close to blowing my load into her ass and she knew it, but I wasn't about to break.

I needed to be strong here. I don't know whether or not this was a real negotiation or just dirty talk, but I couldn't lose. "Oh, really?" she said as she turned around, grabbing my cock and jammed it down her throat.

That's right people, my first ass to mouth! She was going to town, swirling her tongue around and wroking the entire shaft with her lips, holding onto my hips and forcing herself onto me again and again. "Oh God!" I couldn't contain it any more and started shooting into her waiting mouth. She held the cum in her mouth and licked me clean and as a last show of deserving skills, she opened her mouth and showed me how much cum was in her mouth before swallowing it all down.

Spent, I sat down at the desk as she put on her pants and shirt. I think she was just a little embarrassed now that the heat of the moment had died down. Opening the back door to leave though, she said, "I'm taking next week off with pay." I shouted after her. "Only if you fuck my friends too!"