Cute Blonde Teens in One POV One Acts Linda Leclair Alana Moon Rocco Siffredi

Cute Blonde Teens in One POV One Acts Linda Leclair  Alana Moon  Rocco Siffredi
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Let me describe myself im forty two years old, about six feet two, and two hundred pounds. I have a nine inch cock that I use to masturbate daily, since my wife's passing.

I have a daughter who is fifteen, a beautiful brunet. She often bring her friends over and I can hardly keep myself from Cumming.

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I often fantasize about sticking my nine inch cock, up there nice fifteen year old ass. And last weekend I got that opportunity. On my way home from a long day of work my daughter Camille called to ask if her friend could come over for the weekend she begged me and told me that her parents were out of town.

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I thought about it but I really had no choice. That night Camille's friend Tory came over, it was about nine o'clock when she got here. She was wearing a super short mini skirt and a super tight shirt that opened up to show everyone her perfect rack. I got rock hard just looking in her direction. As she walked by I saw her look down at the now very obvious bulge in my pants and she smiled and thanked me for letting her stay the night.

After that confrontation I decided I would hide out in my room. I was embarrassed and most of all nervous that my daughter would be mad at me for my very obvious erection.


At about twelve thirty, I heard a knock at my door. "Who is it" I answered politely. Tory didn't bother to answer she just walked in. this time she was wearing a tiny white see though nightgown. Under that she had a pink thong that was giving her a camel toe, and her perky tits weren't covered by a bra so I could tell they were perfectly round.

"Can you make my bed Camille is sleeping and I don't know where the sheets are for the guest bed" Tory spoke up. "Just bring your bag over to the guest room I will make your bed" I replied She met me in the guest room where she dropped her bag on the floor she told me she needed to go have a shower and that she would be alright.

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She thanked me and went on to the bathroom. I finished making her bed and went back to my room, but all I could think about was her beautiful preteen ass.

I got hard just thinking of her, I decided to go back to her room. In her room I saw her bag. I decided to take a quick look; at the very top she kept her panties and thongs. I couldn't resist I grabbed her sexiest thong a started sniffing it. The smell was like nothing I ever smelt before.

My dike was hurting it was so hard. I decided to start rubbing it around my dick, it felt so good, and then I heard a crack I turned around to see Tory standing there all she had was a towel that let me see her perfect shaved pussy. Oh Mr.


Brown what are you doing. All I could do was tried to put her thong back, I couldn't possibly hide my nine inch rock hard. She looked down at me and seemed amazed; "it's very big Mr. Brown". I was speechless.

I tried to avoid conversation and snuck by her, my dick brushing against her on my way out. I almost blew it all over her just then. The next morning I woke up late since it was Saturday I could sleep in till whenever I wanted. As I went to the kitchen I saw Tory and Camille they were getting ready for there ringuette practice since we live only a small walk away the girls both walked leaving the house to me.

I made myself breakfast and was siting down eating when I saw Tory walk in she was limping around. She explained to me that she fell on the ice and hurt her inside thigh. She asked me for a massage she said that whenever she got hurt her mom gave her one.

I agreed and told her I would be a minute and she could wait in the guest room. Five minutes later I came in she was on the bed. She was still wearing her jeans. I told her she needed to take her pants off, and that I wouldn't look. She just smiled, and told me she didn't mind. I had some massage oil that I was rubbing in to her legs, slowly I crept upwards. Soon I was rubbing about an inch from her cunt.

I decided to take a chance and rub against it. she let out a soft moan that was hardly loud enough to hear.

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I decided to take another big chance; I jumped up on the bed and sat on top of her perfect ass. Now I was sure she could feel my dick but she didn't seem to mind. I started rubbing her back and asked her if she didn't mind taking off her top she did, and I started rubbing the sides of her tits. I was so worked up I decided to take the last chance and pull my dick out of my pants, I started rubbing it between her ass cheeks.

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"Wait" she turned and yelled at me. I thought she was mad. "I need to suck it first!!" She grabbed my dick and started sucking me so hard, it was the best blow job I ever had. After five minutes I made her stop and told her it was my turn she lay down and I started licking her tight wet teen pussy that smelled like lavender.

The moment my tongue touched her clit she started to moan very loudly. I ate at it for a few minutes before she started to have her first orgasm. She shoved my face against her cunt making me lick up all the sweet juices that came out. I loved holding her shivering teen body against my own.

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Now can I fuck you I asked? She nodded and lay on the bed. I started to stick it in she was very tight and I didn't want to hurt her but she was taking it quite well so I started to push farther in and pump faster.

I lasted another ten minutes before I told her I wanted to fuck her up the bum she said she never had anal before. I told her it would hurt at first but would feel better later. She agreed but only if I went slowly. My first attempt didn't work, it was way to tight so I went to get some lube, after I lubed her up it was still incredibly tight. She was almost crying, and I hadn't even gotten seven inches in. we lasted ten minutes of anal before we stopped I told her I was out of energy and I was going to cum soon but she wanted more so she decided to jump up and ride me I lasted ten minutes before I told her to get off but she didn't listen.


She kept riding me and when she was sitting down on my dick all the way I lost it. Just like that I came nine inches in her tight teen pussy. I started to panic. Have you not had your first period yet, or are you on the pill I asked.

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She said she has had her periods and she isn't on the pill. The next day I brought her to the pharmacy and got her the morning after pill, we also decided that she should start taking the pill, so she could fill her sex drive without worrying about getting pregnant.

Every week my daughter invites Tory over and we secretly fuck, cream pie and all.