Cute smart boys gay sex clips download xxx Welcome back to Broke

Cute smart boys gay sex clips download xxx Welcome back to Broke
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Part 1 Chapters 1-6 If you recognize part of the story it's because someone else partially wrote it and I changed much of it to improve on what could have been a good story, and continued it.

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I hope you all enjoy this story. Chapter 1 May-Ling was from a well off family. May-Ling's family lived in a walled off neighbourhood called Walton Estates. There are 128 households in this neighbourhood. May-Ling is of Chinese ethnicity, but born American.

May-Ling has several friends her age but Billy and Kevin are her closest friends. Billy was born on this side of the pond; his parents are English. Billy's parents were well off also, old money as they say.

Kevin was the tallest of May-Ling's friends. His family had moved here from Australia a few years back, Kevin's dad is a computer genius and makes huge dollars. May-Ling, Billy, and Kevin are all 'only children' in very successful families, and all fourteen years of age with birthdays only a few weeks apart.

They had talked about this and agreed that this commonality was significant in their becoming such close friends. They also attended an exclusive school; Crandall Private School.

They are all about a half a year ahead of where they should be in schooling. What happened in May-Ling's private lives forced them to forge an alliance, to plot, to subvert, and to take proactive action against the very people she should admire.

Their fathers. In this piece of protected real-estate there are parties every weekend at one house or another. Twice a year these respected families would throw a major party at community center.

The community center was not your typical community hall. This building had everything one can imagine. May-Ling Cheung; Billy T. Budd, and Kevin S Shadier' dad's where all involved in erecting this community center.

The two major parties served in a business promotional manner as well as a vehicle for drunken behaviour, and all that can lead to, in this case rape. These two parties are held six months apart, one in late June on the first Saturday after school is out, and before many go away for summer.

The second was held the second Saturday of December. It was at this particular gathering for pre-festive celebrating that an incident occurred, and subsequent events, which prompted May-Ling to move in different direction from her friends.

May-Ling had news, she knew her father forbade her from attending these parties, but she was sure he would want to hear the news. His mother was ill back in China and may be dieing. May had run the four blocks to the community center. She stopped to rest a minute and survey the festivities from afar. The parking lot was full, adults were yelling and drinking openly, which she knew was illegal but these people thought they were above the law, just as her father did. May-Ling walked quietly to the edge of the trees which surrounded this center.

'Wow", she thought; there are a lot of people here. How am I going to find my dad? May-Ling headed for the main entrance dodging thru parked vehicles, getting the odd strange look from adults.

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One old guy even offered her a drink. May declined and laughed to herself; 'ADULTS'. May-Ling was near the half way point in her navigation toward the main entrance when she spotted three men and a woman going up the side steps in a darkened part of the community center. She was sure one was her dad so she headed in that direction. When May-Ling arrived at the door it was locked.

May-Ling knew another way so she ran toward the main entrance scurrying past drunken adults. May-Ling ran past several small groups of adults and was approaching another group when their conversation caught her attention.

"Where's Chuck, Fred?" "He's passed out in the lounge; I think its Mary's turn tonight. Mike." "Mary, fuck man, this has got to stop." "What can we do, they've got us by the balls. They can ruin any one of us and they know it." At that moment May-Ling ran past the men in huddle.

"Whoa, go easy kid." MayLing kept going, but kept listening. "Who's the cute girl Mike?" "May, the big boss's girl." "Looks like she is heading toward her father. She shure looks like an Angel Fred." May-Ling caught the last part of the conversation just before she was out of ear shot. What a nice thing to say, she mused to herself as she ran towards her father's surmised location (an Angel).

May-Ling felt very warm inside. He called her May and thought of her as an angel, she thought as her feet took the stars two at a time, most people called her May-Ling.

May-Ling pushed open the second floor door and started toward the part of the building she thought he father would be in, she stopped suddenly. When she heard a slap, followed by a whimper. "Shut up, it's your turn Mary, shut up or I'll hurt you." May-Ling stood in silence; that sounded like her father's voice. She stealthely moved toward the sounds until she was standing in the hall right next to a room where something was happening to Mary. Mary who she wondered?

She only knew one Mary, that was her English teacher, and that was her favorite teacher. "Let me go, please let me go, I won't say anything. Please!" "NO. . NO,NO Please No" Mary was crying and and barely able to scream that with a hand over her mouth.

"Hold her still Brad, I don't want to tear her clothing. Mel get in here and help out, your second tonight with Mary here." "No . please no." May-Ling could only hear the voice of Mary being hurt, May-Ling was getting mad, she thought (but what can I do I am still just a kid).

"Look at those tits, fun, fun, fun with Mary tonight . Oh YA!" . Mary striped of her sure has a great body and I want to sample all of her. You shouldn't have fought Mary, remember that for the next time". "I'm going to suck your nipples raw tonight Mary. and fuck your cute ass" May-Ling was so sure that was her father's voice, but why would he be hurting Mary.

May-Ling dropped quietly to the floor by the door to look under the door to see if she could see what was happening. There was only ½ inch between the floor and the bottom of the door, but May got her little eye full. There in full view was her dad, Billy's dad, and Kevin's dad staring at Mary's beautifull body. May's dad had his finger pressed firmly against one of Mary'spressure points leaving her defenceless.

May knew this because her father had taught her this, along with 10 years of Kung Fu. May' dad had his 2nd or 3rd level Black Belt in Kung Fu. May-Ling had been taught by her father so she did not have any distinction in level of competency.

However, she could kick ass. Like dogs they attacked her body, sucking her nipples, and May's father between Mary's legs. She is held firmly by the two men as they use their mouths and hands on her body May-Ling notices. May watches with detachment as her English teacher is raped. Her dad is first: "Oh look at the tight looking ass Mary, oh ya!" May's father takes his pants down, May sees the scare on his thigh from surgery. Her dad lines himself up with Mary's ass, as May-Ling sits waching in horror.

Mary no longer struggleing just lays there saying, "No, please don't." as she is crying. "Put your hand over her mouth Mel, I'm going to fuck her." May's dad says. May watches with sudden fear as she hears a muffled scream from Mary and sees her body jump. May knows from Sex-Ed and school ground conversations that Mary's has just been raped by her father, and soon the other two men.

May-Ling watches her father fuck her English teacher. Mary's is crying in paing from getting fucked in the ass raw. May-Ling's dad is fucking Mary hard as they say on the Porn sites. May gets off the floor and slowly walks toward the stairs, head down, as she ponders what she has just witnessed. What should I do May-Ling asks herself as she descends the stairs to the ground floor?

Walking toward the group of men who called her an Angel, May looks up at them and sees three worried faces. May stops and looks at the three men, she sees fear in their eyes. May notices that there are no other adults in the area so she speaks: "How many men are in on these rapes my father organises?", May asks. "There are 3 plus your father May." The man she thinks is called Fred says. "I need an adult contact to keep me informed" She tells tham as she works on a plan.

"Why May?" the third man asks. "Because I am going to stop this. I know where you live sir, I'll stop by to look at your garden from time to time. You'll have to keep our secret sir, or you'll get me hurt or killed." May-Ling turns and walks out the main door feeling like she has never felt before.

There are deep feelings within her, those must be the feelings her father has tried to get her to use during Kung Fu lessons. May-Ling Cheung is ashamed of her father; he is not an honourable man. Chapter 2 Over the next two weeks plus a few days May thought about what she could do to stop these men from raping women.

She has enrolled in Kung Fu classes with a wonderfull and handsom male sensei and continues to spar with her father. Her father is proud of her renewed commitment to Kung Fu, and has expressed pleasure at her ferocity when attacking him. May-Ling Cheung just pretend smiles at her dad and attacks again.

When May-Ling gets hurt, she gets up and attacks her father again: no tears or love for this man, just hatred for this man now in her heart. When her dad asked her why she had a renewed interest in Kung Fu, May-Ling simply said, "it is good for me to use in self defence and self discipline".

He was very proud of her. May-Ling continues to show the respect her father would expect from his daughter, unlike here inner feelings tell her to do.

Mary quit teaching they all heard, May_Ling new different. When this is over May was going to visit Mrs C. no matter where she was. May's mother knows nothing of what is happening, she stays out of her husband's affairs, a good Chinese wife.

May started keeping an eye on her mother, looking for signs of abuse. May progressed quickly in Kung Fu, at White Crane school without her father's knowledge. Still not nowing what her belt is considered because she asked her sensei not to go into that for personal reasons.


Respectfully he didn't tell her what her skill level was at just gave her a black belt to show near what here level was, and was quickly becomeing smitten with this beautifull young litle asian. But he was smart enough to keep his distance because of her age. Christmas came and went uneventfully at the Cheung household. May-Ling liked the Christmas holiday but her father would have none of it so May-Ling celebrated it quietly on her own.

May-Ling's dad tolerated this although he made it clear he was not Christian, and neither was May-Ling allowed to be while she lived under his roof so she read the bible and worshiped on her own. This helped here keep her mind fresh and at peace as she came to know the lord and eventually accept God into her heart and soul. Chapter 3 May-Ling's father went to China for three months on business after the holiday season.

May took advantage of this opportunity to accelerate her training even further. Her school marks suffered a bit but she hid this from her mother. Her marks had always been very good so she figured she could get away with a drop in grades.

May-Ling Cheung turned Fifteen in early March; she was the first of the threesome to do this. Her mom held a party, and her father was still in China. May had been very preoccupied with her martial arts training so much that her relationships with her friends had faltered.

She noticed Billy and Kevin talking as the party ended, and May-Ling went over to see them. She had been very busy with family and traneing so she missed talking to her two best friends. As she approached she overheard some of what was being said. When Billy and Kevin turned and saw May-Ling their faces turned red with embarasment. "Hey you's two, what's up." "Umm. . Nothing May.". Billy replied. Billy was nervous, that was very un-Billy like.

"Would you two gentlemen like to escort a lady." May teased them thinking boy's growing up are horny and trouble, laughfter in her voice and eyes, but no true interest in them. She did however relise at that point that she did have fealings for her sensei who is 30. To old she told herself trying to force her mind away from him but finding it hard. With the tension broken the three went for a stroll down the street.

They laughed and joked but May could tell there was a distance between the three friends. So she asked; "What's so embarasing?" They replied they had ben talking about how hot she was now that she is no longer looking like a skinny litle girl.

May-Ling just laughs and lets them down gently telling them they are to close of friends for her to see them that way and loves them as if they were brothers.

. [silence]. "Come on you guys tell me what troubles my two best friends." "Nothing May. . really." Kevin said. May-Ling relises that they wished she hadn't said that and that they probably have feelings for her.


"Sorry guy's that I feel that way but it's true to me" "We know we can live with that besides there are plenty of other hot girls out there just not many asian ones in this area." Kevin says bumping his hip agains hers and laughing good naturedly. The conversation tailed off after a that and May-Ling needed to get home. May-Ling Cheung knew she wasn't alone but at the same time still felt alone because of the situation.

So the fifteen year old girl cried herself to sleep on the night of her birthday feeling lonely, and found herself wishing her sensei was there. May-Ling's mom Lily informed May-Ling that her father would return from China after Easter. May notice her mother's mode change to the withdrawn person she usually was when her husband was about.

May was getting some insight into her family, May-ling told her mother that everything would be good in the end not imploring anything else, and thinking she finally has an ally inside her own home.

But she would keep the fight to herself so her mother wouldn't get hurt, she love her mother whole hartedly. Her mother said she saw that her grades were slipping abit and that she new her daughter had been putting extra time into kung fu. May-Ling looked slightly scared so her mother reasured her that she wouldn't say anything to her father, and that he never took the time to see how she was doing in school believeing that was strictly Lily's job. May's dad would not be home for nearly four weeks so she set about her task.

Over the course of this time period May dropped a few subtle phrases when she and her mother where alone. May picked up on her mom's vibes and glances. May-Ling ran some ideas by some of the girls at school, disguised as understanding English Literature.

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The final week before her father's return, May spoke to her mom. "You be careful May-Ling, your father is a tough man." her mother said. This surprised May, she now knew her mother knew and believed in her but felt sad for her mother because she new her mom was very scared of him. This gave May renewed strength. May hugged her mother, something she rarely did, and even more rarely her mother hugged her back tightly.

Lilly didn't shw efection much at all because of her husband and was always depresed and subdude when her husband was home. Chapter 4 During this four week time period May paid a visit to Mr. Browne, her silent, handsom sensei. May was fifteen years of age, plus a month and some, she was tall for her age, 5 foot 6 inchs. With her working out her slender body she gained great mustle tone and was filling out very nicely. May went to visit Mr. Browne the last Saturday before her father returned.

Usually she had a private lesson on Saturday after all the other students and gone home for the day. "Hello Mr. Browne." "Hello May-Ling." . " What, no class this evening May." Mr. Browne had never seen May dress up so maturely before.

She looked like an amazing women today. May wore a short white blouse, knee length skirt, bare feet with sandals, and a matching handbag. "Wow" he said outloudly makeing May-Ling Smile. "I'm flatterd" "Mr. Browne, can we talk before we talk now and trane later" "Yes, of course May-Ling." May walked over to Mr. Browne, he didn't like formal titles and May would not call him by is Christian name, Bryan. May took hold of her instructor's hands and placed them on his lap.

May vaulted upon his lap, placing one knee on each of Mr. Browne's thighs and on her way down he got a view of a sexy thong that he thought looked a bit like a buterfly in lace.

Mr. Browne looked intently at May. May moved closer to him and whispered into Mr. Browne's ear. "Please just call me May Bryan" she whisperd in his ear. Bryan pulled back, looking at May, she moved close again continuing to whisper. May pulled away from her sensei looking into his eyes. "I love you Bryan and have for some time.

I just can't let you get away, you will alway be mine" then she pulled back smiling at him. "Please be gentle sensei I am very inexperiance in love!!!" Bryan gently wraped one arm around her back and the other around her cupping her butt lifting her slightly. "Hold tight" he sad as he stood to carry May up the stairs to his apartment above his dojo while her head nestles in his neck kissing there softly and lovingling. Whe they reach the bed Bryan gently sets her down then kiss's her tenderly.

She reach's over and pull's his belt off then slips his arms out of his open shirt, then pulls his tanktop up and over his head to stare at his brod chest in all it's glory. Then she push's him up and pulls his pants and underware down in one slow movement seeing his manhood standing erect and ready for her.

Never experienceing sex of any kind she gently grips his shaft and moves her hand up and down waching his face to see if she is doing it rite. Seeing him smile at her and hearing him moan she knows he is atleast enjoying it.

Feeling brave and truly loveing him she wants to give him her all so she leans forward and kiss's the head of his dick then gently putting it in her mouth and trying to suck on it like a popsickle for a couple of minates. Bryan feels as if he is in heaven as the girl May he has come to care about but hid his feelings for gently and tentivly took his cock in her mouth and obvioulsy gives her first blowjob but feels her determination to try and do it rite.

He now gasps and moans as she slides her tounge around his cock in her mouth pulling his forskin back and hitting the under sensitive side of his head. Then sinking his 7 inch in her mouth as far as she can to her gag point. He wachs as she then pulls away from him. May pulling away push's him away just abit as she stands up just staring into his wide excited eyes. Slowly she unbuttons her blouse and drops it to the floor. Then a small white lacy braw exposeing her small B sized but firm breasts to him.

Now her hands unbutton a couple of her skirts buttons and lets it fall to her feet. Now showing Bryan what he thought he saw earlier, the sexiest bikini with a lacy butterfly in the midle showing that she must have a shaved pussy since he couldn't make out any hair. Now May tentivly push's her favorite thong to the floor that she bought just for him and his eyes.

Bryan couldn't believe how lucky he was. He slowly walked to her enjoying the sight of this child, flowering into a beautiful women who said that he was hers forever and he liked the idea verry much. As he reach her he pulled her into his arm's kissing her, letting his tounge slide into her mouth, and then to her ear.

"I love you" Bryan said in her ear he slid a hand between her legs and feeling her venus mound and noticing that her clit is just slightly protruding. "I have liked you for some time and thought I cared more for you than I should because of your age. I don't care anymore I will allways be yours and love you the way you deserve May my darling." After that last word he laid her down on the bed one hand on her back guiding her and the other now pushing her flowering pussy open tease her clit better.

May is amazed by what she just heard and was now feeling it was everything she truly wanted from him and more than she felt she deserved, but was thrilled that her directness toward him in the beging alowed him to open his feeling that he already had for her. Now flat on her back Bryan was kissing her sensitive breasts and teasing her nipples with his mouth, while his other hand was rubbing litle circles on her clit with a finger inserted to just to her hymen.

Now he was kissing her belly and then the shaved skin just above her pussy listening to her moan in pleaser. Now his lips reached her clit kissing her there, tasting her with his tounge, then finally sucking her clit into his mouth and feeling her small bead with his tounge and her body going rigid. As she screams "OH GOD BRYAN I LOVE YOU!!! YES MORE, MORE, NO MORE!!!" he chuckles on her clit sending more sensations threw her and slides a secound finger in her then she gasps and grabs his head trying to hold him still as he continues to finger her.

Finally pushing him away. Laughing and crying at the wonderfullness of what he did causeing her to have his first orgasm she had ever experienced and the fullness of two fingers in her pussy.

She Pulled him by the hand up next to her and slid her arms around his kneck hugging herself to him feeling his cock still hard since he just paid tribute to her. Kissing him hard she push's him on his back and then climbs on him, stradling him, and his cock just a few inch's infront of her. She leans back streaching barely able to reach her bag and pull out the condoms she just but on her way to see Bryan. "Did you like the show of me having to reach for these" she ask's as she pulls the unopend box from her bag and pulls them out.

Opening and only removing one and thoughing the rest on his nightstand next to his bible. Then roleing it over his hard cock. "Yes I did, thank you very much!!! We don't have to go this far yet you know, I won't force you if your not truly ready for this.

We can wate." "No I am ready for this. I want this. I want you." With that she slid herself down on his hard cock forcing it into the opening, gasping at the size of it in her. "Hold still please and be ready to just hold me for a few, because you are big and it hurts and it just only entered me." She say's with a small smile and some tears in her eyes.

Seeing the look of love and pain for what she is about to experiance, she slams herself down to the hilt and a scream of pain and fullness. He sits up supporting himself at an angle and raps his free arm around her kissing her cheak and ear whispering to her that it will stop hurting soon as she clings to him. Five minates later he feels her start to move against him slowly riding his cock but still clinging to him.

Her legs now wraped around his back he lifts her and himself staying inside her as he lays her on her back. May releases him with her legs and spreads herself as wide as she can to take as much of him in her as she can. They make love for about twenty minutes then he feels May's legs wrap around him, nails digging into his back as she pants and moans and screams in exticy, sending him over the edge.

"That was wonderfull. Thank you for being so gentle with me" "It was an absolute pleasure, and your place will always be at my side May as long as you will have me." "Always!!!" May says grinning from ear to ear at her lover. "I may have to move some clothes and things in." May says jokingly "Yes I would like that." Bryan says in all seriousness.

May just looks at him and throws her arms around him crying and laughing, kissing his chest telling him how much she loves him. Chapter 5 Life returned to normal for May, school, Kung Fu. Sparring with her father started off strong but he got very busy so she lost out on that part of her training. So May trained more on her own and more with her LOVER Bryan, and actually had two droors of her own and a bit of his closet for some of her stuff now. She smiles inwardly at, as Bryan and her keep there love a secret for now because of her age.

The days went by and the Memorial Day weekend came with a party at one of the homes in this elite neighbourhood.

May stayed away, she paid a visit to Fred's house to look at his garden and check to see if he had any intel' for her. It seemed the party went off without a rape. A prayer come true May thougt It was June now and exams where coming. May had already passed but she liked to write and take the exams, she was looking forward to them this year. A challange to the mind and body she thought were the best ways to stay in shape and excel in her life.

May had gone shopping for a new book and clothing. Then decided to walk thru the park, over the litle bridge and up a street she almost never traversed on her way home just for something differant.

May was quite happy as she turned up the street, she had six blocks to go and then she could read her new book. May looked up and saw her dad's car parked in front of a house. May did not know these people, she wondered what her father was doing here when she was struck with a sickening thought.

May approached the house and saw three small children on the lawn in front of the house playing. As she walked toward her father's car May noticed the children kept looking back toward the house. May looked inside the vehicle, and sure enough it's her fathers. "Do you know where the man who owns this car is?" May asks the children. "He's in our house. He is a bad man, he hurts our mommy." The biggest child answered. May takes off her wrist watch, earings, and promise ring, presses a button and hands her things to the the oldest child.

"Here, hold these for me, when the bad man comes outside you go to your mommy and tell her to call the police. If you do not call the police the bad man will hurt your mommy again." The oldest child agrees to May's request. She then pulls out her cellphone and calls Bryan telling him to just pick up her mom Lilly and call the cops to come to the house where her dad was raping these poor kids mom.

She then calls her mom and tells her to just trust him and where he is taking her and that she might need her. Thankfuly her mother agrees. May jumps on the car, and starts the alarm. She jumps up and down on the hood, denting it out of anger and haitred for this man.

Out of the corner of her eye she sees her father appear in a window to see why his car alarm is going off. She sees his mouth move but cannot hear what he is saying. May keeps jumping on the hood of the car.

Her father's image disappears from the window and suddenly he is running toward her and the alarming car. May jumps off the car into the street where she wates for him. May-Ling's father comes around the alarming car mad as hell that she ruining his car. He reached her yelling at her asking what the hell she was doing.


She sneared at her father and said "You and your friends are done rapeing women." What the hell Mr. Cheung thought as he look into her eyes reliseing that she knew.

He takes in her posture and relises that he will have to defend himself against his own daughter. May knows there is only one thing she can do, and quickly the distinction that makes the man May faces her father disappears.

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Soon she only sees an enemy. She thought about Mrs. C., the faces of those children on the lawn, and as of lately, the look to her mother's face when dad is about. He can't be in there lives any more one way or another she thought. May's mind focuses, on her enemy. Then letting her hard practice of long hours in differant forms of martial arts take efect.

Over matched, May-Ling Cheung attacks her own father. Chapter 6 Mr. Browne had taught May a combination of styles which he knew gave his girl the best chance to survive. May's plan revealed on this eventful Saturday had left Bryan Browne aware of the rapes.

The June party was to be the place where young May would intervene in these assaults with Bryan nearby to rush to her aid and put an end to it all. But somehow something had changed and raced to do what she said. Get Lilly then call the cops.

He finds Lilly standing at the end of her drive way. She ask's "Bryan?" being that she never actually met him, and just knew that May was going to his school and that May probably had a crush on him. "Yes." He say's throughing her door open from the inside for her to clamer in. "Why are you helping my May?" She asks.

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"Because she asked and said to be whole heartedly truthful with you. I Love her, I want to protect her, but something must have happened if she called me. As well as you." Lilly sits in silence for a moment as she considers what he just said. "Yes I see you do and does she love you?" "Yes" "She chose you and she almost always does whats rite I will stand by her in this desition of her Choosing you" "Shit, call the cops he says handing her his cell phone" She does as he says.

In five minutes time they reached the seen of people waching a man and girl battle in the street looking as though they could be danceing as they took turns attacking, blocking, and dodging. They both jump from the car but Lilly block's Bryan telling him to wate for the cops since they could here the sirens People where came out as they heard the camotion.

Of the alarm and yelling of two kids calling for help. As May and her father went at each other with fists and feet flying, but when they saw the fight they were to afraid to try and interveane except for two.

Mr Cheung made short work of two men that did atleast try. The sun shone down upon May this day as her and Cheungs fought infront of a small crowd gathering of people. Mr.

Cheung watched his little girl as he evaded her attack, she was beautiful to watch, what style, what poise, her mechanics flawless. He knew he hadn't taught her these techniquesand to his amazement she changed styles. Her variations showed very high skill. "I hope she kills you, you raping bastard." Multiple female voices rang from the crowd.

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They were tradeing kicks and blows, damaging each other badly. Then her father fell uncontously to the ground from there fight and her dads partner attacked her from the back as she was lost in a blind rage and quickly dispaching him as well and looking for who was going to attack next not realy comprehending anymore what was going on then seeing a familiar looking man pushing a lady aside to come to her she charge not comprehending that it was her lover Bryan Browne.

Bryan wach's in amazement as she defeats an obviously skilled man then another not so skill. Seeing her like this brakes his heart and he looks at Lilly saying "I have to now she is in a blind rage she could hurt someone by mistake, haveing to fight her father brought this out I know because she is always so controlled." "I know" With that he gently push's her to the side and notice May now flying at him.

He quickly starts to just block her not wanting to hurt her any more at seeing the damage already done to her by her father and the other man. His heart broken at the bruises, cuts, and welts on her face and body.

Finaly able to get ahold of a hand as it flew for his face he was able to spin May and lock it behind her back and get ahold of her other arm since she was so draned from fighting for the last twelve minutes with everything she had. Bryan whispered in her ear that it was now over as he held her tight to his chest and then her mother holding her from the front crying as May went limp in his arm tears draining from her.

The croud steped asaid as the eight police cars came into view along with a couple of ambulances. They asked all the questions of the people and May. Then loading her father and the other man that attacked her into one ambulance and covered another man that her father had aperantly killed.

The loaded the other man her father had hurt badly but gave there word to here that he would live while they checked her out and told her she needed a doctor.

She refused to ride in the ambulance so Bryan and her mother where told to follow the ambulance atleast which they did because they knew she was worse than she was letting on. The E.R. had to tape her chest because she had to broken ribs, and cleaned a number of cuts and bruises.

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Then releaseing her telling her to keep checking in with her doctor about her ribs till they healed. On the way out the saw her dad still out cold and handculfed to a bed. Stoping to stair Bryan and Lilly tell her how proud of her they are. "I am going to divorce this man now that I don't have to fear him any more." May hugging her mother gingerly tells her mother "I am so glad he can't hurt you or anyone else anymore, and I am sorry I didn't tell you about Bryan and I." "We will discuss Bryan at his house over dinner and you better be good she said with a smile." Making them both laugh and Bryan smile.