Jaimi Brookes fucking and sucking black

Jaimi Brookes fucking and sucking black
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I know that there are a lot of parts to this - I have tried to break this story up into smaller, easier to digest segments. It has also grown as I tried to incorporate some of the other ideas and fetishes that have been given to me in feedback. Some of them aren't really my thing, but I guess I am trying to please as many readers as possible. I am also trying to flesh out the story with a little more character development because there are many parts of this that are true, some that are pure fantasy, and some are embellishments of things that have really happened.

Of course, I would love any feedback, positive or negative, in the comments or through a message. I am still new to this and trying to get better! Thank you so much for your support kind readers! I hope you enjoy! ***************************************************** I looked at Amy and Steph, trying to gauge the weird vibe that was between them. They were definitely happy… giddy even. But there were strange looks flowing between the two of them.

They have a secret, but aren't willing to share it. I bit the bullet and tried to get them to open up. "So, what's going on? What are you two hiding?" Amy gave me a pat on the knee. "Do you trust me? We might have something in the works, but don't want to spoil it until we know for sure." "Yeah, we think you will love it, but we really don't want to get your hopes up until we know for sure." Steph gave me a really big grin.

I resigned myself to waiting. It was going to be tough… I was always terrible about waiting until Christmas morning to open presents as a kid and that never really went away. "Anyway, we do have two great things planned for the rest of the day but we need to get going now to make it all work." Amy and Steph got up from their seats and I started to gather my books. As we were getting ready to leave, the owner walked up and gave us a great big smile.

"I look forward to seeing you tomorrow." and gave Amy a big hug. I thought I saw a flash of panic cross Steph's face. The owner seemed to notice as well. "Well of course, your wife told me how much you love books and I just figured our little shop would be a regular stop for you during your visit." Amy gave him a real tight squeeze before letting him go from her hug.

"Of course! I absolutely love it. I wish I could just pack up the whole place and take it home with me." This seemed to really please the owner and he shook my hand. "How about I put your books behind the counter for you. Your lovely lady friends here told me about your surprise and it may be a little difficult to take these books with you." I thanked him for his generosity and we left.

******* We climbed into Steph's rental car and we started to leave the small town. Getting onto the highway, we sped through the light traffic, zipping in and out of the cars. I was a little nervous at first, but then I realized that was how everyone seemed to be driving on the island.

We had already been in the car for a few hours when we came to the capital city. "We really wanted to go to a pretty cool shop here in the city, and it also happens to be where our next surprise starts." Amy explained to me. We turned off the highway and after a few brief twists and turns, we pulled into the parking lot of a very non-descript, old warehouse-looking building.

The girls could tell that I was confused. "Don't worry, it is much different on the inside." With that, Steph took mine and Amy's hands and pulled us towards the front door. Upon entering the store, I was a little shocked. It was an adult store that was brightly lit and packed wall to wall the adult paraphernalia.

About half the store was filled with lingerie and costumes. The rest were different adult toys and movies. As we wandered through the toy section, I noticed that it ranged from very mild to extremely kinky and wild. As I shuffled around the toy section, picking up packages and trying to figure out just what some of them were used for, Amy went over and started looking through the dvd section.

Steph wandered off towards the lingerie. After about ten minutes, Amy skipped over to me with a dvd in her hand. "Come on, I want to see if you will like this type of movie or not." She wouldn't show me what it was, so I was a little confused.

"Oh, you'll see. They actually have areas where you can view a movie before you buy it. Follow me." She took my hand and walked me back towards the counter in the back of the store. She handed the movie to the clerk and said that we wanted to preview it. She slipped him some money for the fee and he walked us over to a door in the corner. "The booths along the right are video booths and require tokens. You can flip through 32 different movies and the tokens last about a minute each.

The preview booths are on the left and they are numbered.


You will be in booth number 6 at the very end of the hall. Give me a minute to get you set up and then just press the green button when you are ready to start. Just press the red button when you have seen enough and ready to leave. Just let me know if you want the movie or not when you come out.

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Enjoy." With that, he pressed a hidden button and we could hear a buzz and click. We opened the door and headed down the hall. As we walked down towards booth 6, we could hear the soft sounds of porn floating from a few of the booths on the right.

Over each door was a light, and some were lit up red. I guessed that showed which ones were occupied. It was strange because you could hear the sounds of two or three different movies overlapping each other. When we reached the door, I opened it and Amy stepped in and stood next to the wall on the left. The room was not super large, maybe five feet by five feet.

There was a plexiglass-covered television on the wall opposite the door. Against the wall by the door was a plastic lawn chair. The only light in the room was a soft glow coming from the blue screen adorning the t.v.

and it cast a strange hue to everything in the room. Below the t.v. was a small trash can and on the floor next to it was a box of tissues and a small bottle of lube.

I glanced down at the tissues and back at Amy and gave her a grin. Not having grown up a lonely teenage boy, it took her a second and then a look of shock and laughter crossed her face. Amy gestured to the seat and I looked over it to see if it was at least relatively clean. I plopped down on the chair. I began to fidget, not really knowing what to do next. Amy reached over and pressed the green button by the television and the screen flickered to a bunch of snow and then slowly a new screen came up.

The volume wasn't as high as the other televisions across the hall, but the traditional porn music began to float around the room. Filling the screen was a large bed and few pieces of traditional bedroom furniture. From behind the camera angle in walked two women. One was very tall with long black hair and wearing a black body stocking made of lace.

She had a great body… her ass was round and firm and it looked like she definitely stayed in shape. Holding her hand and following behind her was a shorter blonde woman. She was a little thicker than the other woman but all of her curves worked well for her.

I could see from behind that she was wearing a metallic pink mini skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks, thigh high fishnet stockings, and a short white shirt that exposed most of her back and probably stopped just under her breasts.

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Amy and I heard the door of the booth next to us open and close. There was the tell-tale sound of someone sitting down on the plastic chair as the feet of the chair scraped on the floor a bit.

A few seconds later we heard the sound of a porn movie coming from the t.v. Amy just looked at me, gave a wink and shrug. When we looked back at our t.v., the ladies had sat down on the edge of the bed next to each other, legs crossed. They were talking to each other and spreading the usual corny porn dialogue. They leaned in and began kissing and caressing each other. I wondered why Amy would wonder if I would like this type of porn… it seemed your typical lesbian porn.

A little cheesier music and all, but nothing really out of the ordinary. Heck, she knew I enjoyed girl-on-girl porn (let's be honest, it was probably my favorite). I had very limited experience with porn, but a few of the dvds we had stashed in our bedroom were specifically chosen because it was all girls. Amy stepped up beside me and wrapped her arm around my shoulder and we continued to watch. The shorter blonde girl climbed up on the bed and got on her hands and knees with her short skirting riding up over her ass and exposing her panty-less body.

The tall girl leaned over and began to lick her and rub her hands along her thighs and ass.

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This continued for a few minutes and then the girl on the bed crawled off and got on her knees, pulling the tall girl in front of her with her ass pointed at the camera. You could see the kneeling girls hands running up and down her lovers legs, over her ass, and on her inner thighs. You could hear her kissing the girl. Then the blonde reached in front and it looked like she was grabbing the lace body stocking. You could hear a ripping sound and the girls arm spread outward as the material gave way.


Amy stood up a little bit and turned her body. "Oh my!" she whispered and I looked up at her. She was looking over at the wall that stood between our booth and our neighbor's. There was a round hole cut into the wood, and sticking through it was a large penis. There had to be at least seven inches exposed, and it had pretty impressive girth.

Amy gave me a smile. "You keep watching and let me know what you think. I think I am going to have a little fun." With that, she stepped over and kneeled down in front of the hard cock and wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft.

She started licking the head and then looked back at me. "No, watch the video. This will still be here for a while." I dragged my attention away from my wife and forced myself to turn to the movie. I was shocked. The girls had shifted their bodies towards the camera more.

The blonde girl was still on her knees in front of the tall black haired girl… she was sucking on a long, thick cock. Cool, strap-on stuff is pretty sexy! Then I looked closer. There were no straps around the girls waist. That was a real penis! I really checked out the tall girl again to see if I could tell if they had a wig on and had stuffed her bra… but she wasn't wearing a bra and she had very full breasts, probably at least a D cup.

Now I have to admit, I grew up in a very small town in the Mid-west. While I had a handful of friends who were gay and performed drag shows, I was pretty naïve. I had seen females with penises in the anime I sometimes watched. That is just a drawing and wasn't real. I had seen females wear very realistic strap-ons in movies before, and now over the last few days had even experienced it in real life. I just didn't know that there were females with penises as well. I continued to watch the video, much more enthralled at this new experience.

I felt my pants shift as blood flowed to my member. I glanced over at Amy and she was kneeling beside the cock still.

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She was licking the side of it and stroking the shaft, but had her eyes glued to the television screen. She cut her eyes over to me to see if I was still watching the video and caught me looking at her. She used her head to motion for me to come over to her. I shifted out of the chair and came over and sat next to her. She reached down and took my hand and placed it next to her other one still stroking the cock.

We sat together stroking the length of the cock for a moment. "So, what do you think? Do you like the movie." I could only nod yes.

"Good. I know that your biggest hang-up with your bi-sexuality is that you aren't actually attracted to men… just the sexual part. I saw this video… heck, a whole section of them, that had this type of sex in it." She dropped her hand from the penis and looked intently at me. "I want you to do something for me. I want you to pretend that this penis is attached to a beautiful woman.

I want to sit here and watch you." With that, she stood up from the floor and walked over to the chair. She turned it so that she could sit facing me. Before she sat down, she untied her sarong and folded it up, undid her board shorts and dropped them to her ankles.

She sat down and slid her bikini bottoms over to the side to expose herself to me and began to rub herself slowly. I glanced back at the video, over at Amy, and then turned to the problem "in hand." I closed my eyes and pictured the woman in the video in my mind.

With my eyes still closed I leaned forward and searched until the head brushed my lips. I darted out my tongue and flicked it over the tip. I raised the penis up with my hand and used the broadest part of my tongue and licked from the edge of the hole and base of the penis up to the top and then took just the head into my mouth and gave a gentle suckle. I released the head and repeated the process over and over.

Picturing the woman from the video in my mind and hearing her moan with pleasure in my ears… it was like I was pleasuring her myself.

I felt my penis getting hard in my pants and the butterflies in my stomach. This time when my mouth reached the top, I took as much of the throbbing, warm cock into my mouth as I could.

My head began bobbing up and down. I pressed the flat of my tongue to apply pressure to the underside as my mouth slid up and down. I used my hand pressed up against my lips to stroke the base of the cock that I could not reach with my mouth. My free hand reached down and began to rub the crotch of my shorts. I could feel my hard cock pressing against my palm. "Hmmmm, are you enjoying yourself?

I know I am." As I slid up to the tip of the cock I let it momentarily slip from my lips and I stole a glance at Amy. She had her legs thrown over the arms of the plastic chair, spread wide. She had two fingers buried deep in her and she was stroking furiously.

I turned back and began my blowjob again. A brief time later I heard the tell-tale scrape of the chair as Amy stood up from her seat. I feel her pulling me up from my knees. Standing, I continued to stroke the cock in front of me. Amy reached around me and began to undo my shorts and pulled them down around my ankles. She slid her fingers up the outside of my legs and grasped my penis with her right hand and gave it a few strokes.

She let go and stepped back. A few seconds later, she pressed forward on my back and I bent over at the waist. I was able to return to my blowjob. Suddenly I felt the now familiar coolness as Amy began to spread lube along my anus.

When it was good and covered, she pulled me backwards and stood me up again. She then reached down and began slathering the protruding cock with lube as well. "Remember… sexy woman. Don't forget. Are you ready for this?" With that, she turned me around and pulled me over at the waist again. She slowly eased me back until I could feel the pressure against my ass. She held the cock in place and helped ease me back further and further. Slowly I felt the cock fill me up until my butt cheeks were pressed against the wall.

Amy lifted my upper torso a bit so that she could climb down under me and put my cock in her mouth. I heard her tap her hand against the wall and I felt the stranger on the other side begin to pump in and out.

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I looked at the video on the t.v. and watched the tall black-haired lady taking the blonde from behind doggy-style. It was easy to imagine that it was me taking the place of the blonde haired girl.

Between the cock in my ass, Amy's mouth expertly manipulating my penis and my imagining a beautiful woman taking me from behind, I could already feel my orgasm building deep inside my stomach. I felt the stranger picking up the pace and a few minutes later I felt the cock go rigid, pushed as deep as it could go and held in place.

The penis began pulsing and twitching, and I felt the warm liquid splashing my insides. It was enough to send me over the edge and with a grunt and moan, I released my load into Amy's mouth. After a few seconds the stranger slipped out of me and Amy got up from the floor. She was using her finger to wipe up a few drops of cum that had slipped from her mouth.

Eyeing me seductively, she stuck her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. She leaned down and picked a few tissues from the box. "Well, these definitely came in handy." She reached around me and used the tissues to wipe the excess lube and little bit of cum that was dripping from me. She tossed the tissues into the trash can and then squatted down and began to pull my shorts up. Right before my shorts lifted up to my hips, she leaned in and gave the tip of my penis a kiss.

She fastened the shorts and then began pulling her shorts up. She picked up her sarong and tied around her waist. Noticing that we were pretty much in order, I started to reach over and press the red button to stop the movie. Amy stopped my hand before I could press it. "Wait. I want to know… was it better that way? Thinking of a woman instead of a man?" "It really was.

It was the best of both worlds because it allowed for my sexual desires and none of my dislikes. Does that bother you?" With a smile, Amy reached up and kissed me deeply. "Not at all. We have been exploring my fantasies and desires and it really pleases me that this is your desire." She placed her hands upon my chest and looked me in the eyes.

"So, another question… did that cock satisfy you? Was it too big… too small?" "No, I mean yes. Okay… it was very satisfying. It was the perfect size. Not too big around and did not hurt at all." Another smile and kiss. "So, did you like it enough to have it a part of our regular sex life?" "Yes, as long as it didn't upset you. I love making love to you and I don't want you to ever feel like I would want it more than you." A really big smile and a deep, passionate kiss.

After we broke our kiss, Amy stepped back and pressed the red button. ************************* (to be continued) *****************************