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Playboy gay porn xxx photos His tight man cooch twitches and blinks
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Peaches followed the tug of her lead to the Franklin Gate she's helped set up. The first world they were going to was the 13th in the series listed by Franklin, the one she'd suggested herself, was her destination. But she wasn't going alone! Peaches' original plan had been to attempt to enter the societies she would be visiting, alone, and use her Slaveworld-given charms and training to bring back things that Samuel and his society would find useful.

But the Slaveworlders were a bit unsure about letting her off her leash. They didn't think she'd escape, she realised as they discussed it over cards, her head in Lady Cleobell's lap.

They just didn't want to entrust something that was actually important to a slave! It just rubbed them all the wrong way. So Peaches was going simply as herself.

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No disguises. Rather than reveal the existence of a Gate, the man who held her lead would tell the citizens of the world they were about to enter a cover story, and her role would be similar to her own original plan, except that she would have n respite from slavery even while on her mission! Peaches, her new name engraved on a shiny metal disk hanging from her cute pink collar, shivered in fear.

Her mind was a whirl of emotions, and one of the strongest was confusion what had she done? How had she landed herself here? The man holding her lead was a tall, patrician-looking minor aristocrat, a friend of the family of Colonel Ewing, Peaches' legal owner. His name was Ross, and he was a Baronet, a low-ranking aristocrat but an aristocrat. He was the obvious choice, she realised he was important enough to be trusted, but not too important to be lost should the plan fail.

He was dressed this morning, and warmly it was autumn on the world the Gate would drop them into. Meanwhile Peaches, for the first time in months, was wearing clothing of sorts. Her body was encased in a red latex catsuit, more than skintight, with a matching red latex corset over the top. Her blonde hair was tucked up in a ponytail, exiting out of a hole in the red latex hood that covered her head, leaving her face exposed.

Thigh-high PVC boots with 4 inch platforms and 7 inch heels, hobbled at 18 inches by a tiny steel chain between her ankles, completed her basic outfit. Peaches' arms were cuffed together down her back, wrist to wrist and elbow to elbow, forcing her breasts out into increased prominence. A typical Slaveworld gesture, her catsuit was open at the crotch and her nipples protruded too, a small, pretty weight dangling painfully from each one. Her crotch chain simply clipped onto her catsuit, the tiny steel links holding a teasing dildo and butt plug inside her.

She hadn't slept last night she'd been busy being introduced to the man who would be her pretend owner for the next two daysand afterwards the Colonel had wanted to give her a goodbye screwing and she was terrified, humiliated and desperate to come! Just a normal day, then, Peaches reflected wryly. The Gate shimmered into life, and her new master looked her over.

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Seeing that she was nervous, he slipped his hand between her legs, stroking her clitoris against the rough-yet-smooth chain. When she sighing behind her mouth-stretching red ball gag, he stopped, but he had done enough Peaches would follow him anywhere now, on the offchance that he might do that some more!

In fantasy, being a slave had been much less scary and much, much less humiliating, but on the other hand Peaches never could have imagined the effects of the best brainwashing she could imagine, plus the modification, the surgically implanted aphrodisiacs and the constant affirmation of her place as a slave, a possession. When she told her owner or one of his friends that she existed to please them, Peaches wasn't lying! Her groin on fire with lust, wiggling her walk more than she had been taught to try to increase the sensation from the dildo and plug strapped inside her, Peaches walked forward on the end of her lead into a new world.

She felt dizzy again, almost falling to her knees, the world spinning around like it did when she'd had way too much to drink. But her owner grabbed her, holding her against him tightly, and smiled down at her. She felt herself relaxing, and then he took out a map and compass and set off across a thin gravel track.

Peaches couldn't help but notice that she was not dressed for hiking, but they seemed to be in a fairly civilized wilderness, with neat tracks and pretty waterfalls. She felt it was familiar, but she couldn't seem to make her mind work.

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things slipped away from her, leaving ehr a mindless, panting, drooling mess, with nothing in her mind that hadn't been put there by her owners. She fought against it, but on one level she knew she welcomed it and that was when she got really scared. In the early days, she'd woken up crying just like all the other new slaves and been dragged from her cell for extra obedience training.

The best thing to settle a slave down, the Slaveworld trainers reckoned, and after they'd finished with her she'd always slept the next night at least. But in the colonel's slaveblock, she'd woken up crying still sometimes. And then one of the stable hands had come to talk to her, a kindly man in his forties with a paunch and a short beard who sat by her cell, feeding her sugarcubes through the bars and stroking her flawless velvet skin until she stopped sobbing.

He never made her come at night, though she always hoped he would bribe his colleagues to look the other way while he did, and she really had wanted him to enjoy her, but he was more sentimental than anything else, She knew his interest was the same as an old man talking to a horse or a dog back home, but he still made her feel better. Peaches was jolted out of her reverie by the realization that a man was walking towards them.

She stopped as her owner did, automatically, and thought in the back of her mind about how differently she and Sir Ross were looking at the man. He's just thinking about the mission, she thought, but the mission depends on me being a good toy.

I have to be this stranger's plaything. The man was kind of walking, kind of running, and he reached them a lot sooner than Peaches would have thought. He was obviously fit and muscular, shorter than the aristocrats Peaches was used to seeing on the Slaveworld and wearing loose fitting breeches and a collarless shirt with three-quarter length sleeves.

He smiled broadly, his weirdly pale skin hardly creasing, and offered his hand to Sir Ross. 'Hi, I'm Jaq'uu-iz, but my friends call me Jaq.' 'Delighted to meet you, my name is Michael Ross,' Sir Ross told the man.

'And this is?' 'Oh, her name is Peaches,' Sir Ross said, offhand. 'Like the fruit? How delicious!' Sir Ross was obviously a little surprised that the man was accepting of a sex slave so immediately, but he said nothing. In another life, he and Peaches might have shared a glance of puzzlement; but she wasn't here for that. 'My house is just a few minutes' walk this way,' Jaq' said, gesturing expansively. Perhaps you'd like to.' 'Delighted, thank you.' Sir Ross moved off, chatting with Jaq' who kept shooting little glances at Peaches, obviously curious and, as a girl with some experience, Peaches would have said he was obviously attracted to her too.

Jaq's house turned out to be a huge, mostly underground complex with walls that showed the views outside, so it felt unnervingly like you were somewhere else. The house was warm enough that Peaches was beginning to sweat within moments of entering the place, her catuit ovbviously well designed as heating. Jaq offered both of them refreshments, and Sir Ross gratefully accepted. While Jaq' was out of the room, seeming to wink out of existence as he stepped out of the hidden doorway, Sir Ross pulled the kneeling Peaches in front of him and undid his flies, taking his jacket off and unbuckling Peaches' ball gag.

Peaches obediently opened her mouth and began to suck and kiss her owner's cock. Using the tip of her tongue, pierced twice for the purpose, she could tickle and caress the tip of his cock. Unusually for her, she was being allowed to run the show to some extent and she relished the freedom; like all Slaveworld sex toys Peaches was tit trained and she was often controlled by her user's squeezing, pinching, twisting and rolling her nipples and breasts.

She bobbed her head, feeling herself get wetter as the heavy cock in her mouth swelled further, and sighing in pleasure around it. If she was wearing a bigger dildo, or she had more time, she could come from sucking cock, she knew, but it wasn't going to happen this time, she reflected as she slurped.

Still, sex isn't about pleasing me, she reminded herself as Sir Ross' cock began to flex in her mouth, salty precum on her tongue. Peaches heard footsteps that stopped in the doorway and mentally reconstructed the scene: Jaq' returns, sees me on my knees with a cock in my mouth, wonders how to react.

Then. the footsteps returned to the table and Jaq' sat, Sir Ross' cock momentarily getting less close to filling her mouth with cum as he greeted their host and began chatting.

'So have you walked far today?' Jaq' asked. Peaches felt herself chill; would Sir Ross remember to hide the fact that they'd appeared out of nowhere? 'Not too bad, but we didn't really know where we were. I'm useless with one of these things!' Sir Ross held up his map and compass.

'What is that?' Jaq' leaned in to take the map, feeling it, and turning the compass around in his hands. Sir Ross went on to explain the basics of the art of map-reading, his cock barely hard in Peaches' eager mouth now, his attention elsewhere. Jaq' was stunned. 'That's amazing,' he said. 'You're so Prim!' 'Prim?' 'Oh, um, yeah that's just what my friends call it, like Primitive you know? Seeing people face to face, I mean I like to make my own tea, but that's about as far as I go.

When I want to find my way around I normally let my mover do it for me but if I'm out walking and it's a part of the estate I haven't been to for a while, I use this.' He looked slightly shamefaced as he held up a little flat thing as big as a credit card.

'Here,' he said, 'I've got a dozen, you might need it!' Sir Ross shifted in his seat as he accepted the gift. 'Thank you, that's very kind of you! I couldn't help but notice as we were walking over here that you seemed to like the look of Peaches?' Peaches could imagine the look on Jaq's face. According to the original Gate team's research, there were plenty of worlds like her own Earth, where the idea of people belonging to each other was OK but it was never as one dimensional as the Slaveworld.

And there were even more like this one, where men like Jaq' would be surprised at the 'that's my bird' response, but would be totally nonplussed at the idea of being offered a slave to play with. Maybe.

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'Um, yes, I suppose.' 'Would you like to play with her, do you think?' 'Really?' Jaq' answered a little too quickly, Peaches thought. 'Absolutely! I can finish with her, or you can join in, up to you?' 'No, no, you, um finish with her.' Jaq' stood, and began to watch the proceedings more closely as Peaches renewed her efforts.

Sir Ross just wanted to come as quickly as possible now and Peaches gulped and slurped noisily as he held her head by her hair, pushing himself into her mouth in hard little thrusts.


She squeaked and moaned with excitement as he neared orgasm, his cock twitching and pulsing, then he pushed himself to the back of her mouth as he came, shooting his semen straight down her throat. As the sour salty liquid stuck to the inside of her gullet, Peaches reflected that he had been considerate to their host. He hadn't made a mess of her! 'MMmmm.' Sir Ross sighed in satisfaction, then let Peaches lick his cock clean and zipped himself up. 'Now,' he said to Jaq', have you ever used a slave before?' 'I don't think so,' Jaq' replied.

'What's a slave?' Sir Ross was momentarily stumped. 'Um. OK, you know how this place belongs to you?

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Or your clothes do?' Jaq' nodded uncertainly. 'Well, a slave is like that. Peaches is a sex slave, so she exists for people to enjoy sexually, don't you Peaches?' Peaches looked Jaq' in the eye when she answered, rather than Sir Ross. She knew it was a breach of etiquette and for a slave that could mean a whipping or worse, she just had a hunch. 'Yes Master.' Sir Ross smiled at both of them. 'Do you mean she's.' Jaq' searched for a word, 'property?' 'Yes, of course!' Peaches was tempted to laugh.

What a comical misunderstanding, she thought; one of them can't imagine what property is, the other is shocked that I could be anything else. 'So what, um.' He's made up his mind, Peaches thought.

She wasn't surprised. Faced with the reality of a helplessly bound, attractive girl who proudly said she existed for your sexual pleasure, she could easily see why most people would leave the thinking until afterwards. Peaches felt her lead handed over, and with it the key to her restraints. 'If you want to use her ass or pussy, you just unlock this chain, here.' Sir Ross demonstrated as he stroked Peaches idly through her latex second skin. She whined in soft lust, feeling relaxed now she knew she was going to be fucked.

'Is there anything I'm not allowed to do?' Jaq' asked Sir Ross. 'You mustn't injure her, basically. Otherwise, she's yours to enjoy! Jaq' advanced on her with a big grin on his face.

Even in this unbelievably rich world, Peaches thought to herself, he's been handed the keys to the toy store!

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She felt his hand touch her head hesitantly, then stroke her face, shivering as she instinctively nuzzled his hand. On Slaveworld she would probably have been punished for that, but here she needed to show him how eager she was.

Slaveworld aristocrats already knew! Peaches stood when Jaq', discovering his confidence, pulled her to her feet by her hair, his face a picture of delight. She couldn't help herself; she was desperate to please him! Maybe it was for the best that she wasn't here alone, she thought idly as Jaq' ran his hands over her body, making her nipples tingle, her clit painfully hard, pussy so wet her thighs were wet too. There was no way she could do this and be a spy too!

Jaq' stood face to face with her, his hand slipping between her thighs, finding her crotch chain and the dildo and buttplug it held inside her. Peaches moaned in helpless lust as a stranger touched between her legs, but without the professional ease or practiced sadism she was used to. Jaq's erection was throbbing in his trousers, Peaches' eyes locked on her user's as she had been trained. Jaq' looked over to Sir Ross.

The aristocrat nodded encouragingly. Jaq's hand moved between Peaches' legs, caressing her pussy lips and touching her clit, making her squeal and gasp, the palm of his hand making her dildo move inside her, fucking her. She felt herself flush, her eyes wide, lightheaded with lust as Jaq' grinned happily, overjoyed at how wet and responsive she was. Peaches was used to being a nice surprise more sensitive to the Slaveworld's aphrodisiac than most toys, Peaches was unusually hot and wet even for a sex slave, but Jaq' had never seen the regular article.

He was obviously getting some kind of contact high! 'If you've never played with a slave before, you might want to just use her mouth and then maybe wait a bit. She's hot, isn't she?' Jaq' nodded, then said, 'how do I, um.' 'Just move her or order her.' Sir Ross replied. 'Like this.' Peaches twitched in involuntary fear as she felt her owner's hand land hard on her ass, pushing her down.

'Kneel, slut,' he told her. Peaches sank to her knees, and Jaq' undid his flies and his extremely hard cock was waggling in Peaches' face.

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She bowed her head to him and let him slip into her mouth, her tongue caressing him. Her eyes remained locked on Jaq's as he gazed down at her, his face distorted with pleasure. Peaches had only bobbed her head a couple of times when Jaq' came, filling her mouth with his hot, sticky come.

Peaches sucked and slurped eagerly until Jaq' had finished his orgasm, then knelt open mouthed, tongue out, as she'd been trained, displaying her semen-covered tongue, dripping onto her boos as she waited for Jaq' to order her to swallow. But jaq' had gotten the idea of sex slaves pretty quick. He was talking to Sir Ross, looking at her but with a totally proprietary glance.


She was savvy enough to realize that he would never regard her as anything but a slave now; just a few seconds of total, unthinking obedience had been enough. The two men were chatting about their plans for the evening, and Peaches listened with half an ear as she drifted in erotic reverie, waves of need and lust, drifting through her mind; she could have come with maybe a few more seconds' groping.

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Sex isn't about pleasing me, she reminded herself, her hips moving slowly, barely perceptibly, as she tried to get some friction from her crotch chain.