Japanes sexs movie porn story

Japanes sexs movie porn story
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I felt him reach an end. He was as deep in my back pussy as his cock would go, and I was hunched over the side of the couch, stiletto heels barely touching the floor, ass up as high in the air as I could get it, panties pulled off to the side and snugly gripping around my right ass cheek, and with an 8-inch cock being forcefully used to violate me by 225 pounds of pile driving man muscle. I was, in a sense, in heaven. Here it comes again, this time even more forcefully than the last.

He liked to get in me as far as he could go, then grip my hips as tight as he could with his hands, and bluntly grind into my ass. This forced my clean shaven legs to quiver in delight, and also required that I grip the couch with my long fingernails dug in like a scared pussy cat to avoid being pushed over the arm and onto my face.

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Daddy didn't like it when I lost my position. He would yank me back and slap my ass as hard as he could before reinserting and pounding my back pussy ferociously in revenge. As he plowed away, and as I shivered and began spewing little shots of cum with each thrust, I began reflecting on what got this girl where she is today, and reviewing the details that made me who I am and defined what gets me off.

I had an affinity for satin as a little boy. As I matured I discovered my sisters satin bras, panties, and slips, and began using them for masturbation tools. At first I could be satisfied by just rubbing them on my cock and around my legs, and the smooth, cool, shiny feelings made my cock grow and erupt in no time flat.

I would find a pair of panties in the dirty laundry hamper in the bathroom and would first sniff at the crotch of them, then drop them around my cock and would practically cum upon them touching me. I soon worked up the nerve to put them on one day, and the soft and silky snugness with which they gripped my cock and between my legs where my pussy should have been was bliss.

Back to the couch "You like that, don't you Tina?" he barked at me as he pulled his cock out and began slapping my ass cheeks with it.


"Yes I do, baby, keep it coming," I would reply back, in broken spurts of dialogue between fighting for breaths in between so much sexual ecstasy. He pushed me down on the couch and I felt his fingers spreading my back pussy open as wide as it could go. He buried his face in my back side and began eating out my hole. I was squirming like a little bitch and was trying very hard to get my lips to his cock and reciprocate this pleasure, but he would have none of it. He kept me forcefully down, with one hand on my back right against my bra strap and the other hand picking, rubbing, and prodding my pussy hole while he licked it repeatedly, gouging his tongue into my boy pussy.

The urge to suck cock while this is being done to me is overwhelming. I love to feel the head of the cock swell in my lips, and love to put my hands on his ass cheeks and force fuck my own face, taking his cock down as far as I could in my throat. When I turned to try and get away from him one last time he pushed me back down and pulled my bra back as far as he could with his hand and slapped it into my back like a slingshot.

I took his insistent tone seriously and laid back to enjoy being eaten like a meal by this wonderful man. As I laid there my mind wandered back to where I was a few minutes prior when he was fucking me on the couch arm. I was never a hairy guy, so it never really went noticed that I shaved my legs and underarms just like a girl did. My father wasn't around and I was raised by mom along with my sister. They were both ultra fem and it rubbed off on me. I could have been a manly man and gone fishing, dipping snuff, telling dick jokes and playing sports, but why?

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Why would I do any of that when I could stay at home and smother myself in the lap of luxury that is acting like a bitchy little girl? I was always so jealous of girls. My sister was hot, she had a ton of boyfriends, and she was always working on making herself hotter.

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She constantly had her nails perfect, she was always very tan, and would slink around the house in a t-shirt and panties while watching TV. I would sit there with her and daydream about being like that. As I got older I pursued it. I went to college far away from home in South Carolina where no one knew me. I can remember like yesterday when I got my first place of my own and went shopping for my intimate apparel. I would walk into a Victoria's Secret in the mall and unabashedly shop.

Girls could sense what I was and what I was doing and most of them would be really sweet about it. I got really good at it. I would stay home at night, smoke a little bit of pot and would go through my rituals. I would run a hot bath, make a glass of wine, then relax in my tub listening to music while shaving my body clean and moisturizing my skin to be as soft as any girl out there.

I would get out of the bath and would dress up, working on perfecting walking in really high heels. I began self regimenting estrogen to myself and would take so much delight in seeing my titties coming in ever so slightly, and would swoon when I felt my hips widening and my ass taking real girly girl shape. Back to the couch.

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"Turn around, sweetie" he said to me, as he flung my body over and pushed my legs up in the air over my head, pinning my knees on the couch behind me, plopping his cock back into me and kissing me as deep as he could. I loved being kissed wile being fucked.

I love to reach my arms around my man and draw him into me, guiding him and letting him devour every inch of my insides while our tongues intertwined. He would break from kissing my lips and would bring his mouth down to my tits, pulling my bra away with his teeth and putting my entire areola into his mouth, suckling like a newborn baby on me, letting his teeth clinch on to my nipple and biting ever so sweetly, just hard enough to make me flinch with pleasure.

As this all occurred I would feel myself widening. I could feel my little back pussy flower out, longing to be capped and stuffed by his cock.

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He pounced, and pounced, and pounced. As I would start to cum I would take his tongue in my mouth like it was another cock and would suck on it with my pouty pink lips. This would drive him crazy and he would begin throttling his cock into me as fast as he could. I could feel the couch sliding on the hardwood floor as he intensified his thrusts.


"Fuck that pussy, baby," I would say to him in as he wailed into me, "fuck that pussy till you can't fuck it anymore". With this he was set to pop.


He began grunting and thrusting as hard as he could. I would wince in pleasure, moaning like a little bitch as he came near his end. Plop.

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Plop. Plop. Plop.

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Plop. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" he screeched, and pulled his cock out of me.

I loved the sound of a cock sliding out of my pussy and out of being submerged in my pussy to see the light of day. I grabbed his thighs and tried to hurriedly pull him into my mouth so I could eat his cum. He couldn't make it. He pulled out and as I pulled him forward he began to shoot.

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His cock was right in my face, so close to my mouth that I stuck my tongue out trying to build a bridge that he could rest it on while he fed me protein. His cum hit my lips, my cheeks, and my eyes, some of it spewing into my hair. With my free hand I began gathering it on my nails and licking it up as fast as I could.

It burned my eyes but I grabbed as much as I could from that region and ate it as well. He was breathing heavy, groaning, and coming down from his high of assfucking me to orgasm but still found a way to stick his still rock hard dick back in me and we kissed as he went all the way to my bottom and he lay on top of me. He began licking up his own cum off of my neck and face and would deliver it to me, and I would eagerly lick it all of his tongue and lips and swallow it down.

I had cum really hard myself, and my panties were full of it. Drenched in cum and short for breath I squeezed him tightly, and we dozed off on the couch, my legs still behind my head, his cock still as deep inside of me as he could get, and we were both incoherent. We had both been fucked senseless. I will tell you more about my past as we go along. This is all for today. I hope you cum look for me again!