Kitchen Pleasures by Sapphic Erotica with lesbian hotties Aly and Irie

Kitchen Pleasures by Sapphic Erotica with lesbian hotties Aly and Irie
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Two weeks ago was my 18th birthday. My family celebrated with cake and a party, it was great. But tonight I was planning on celebrating my birthday the right way. I told my mom I was going to go hang out with my buddies but instead I went to a cheap motel and called an escort service. I asked for the nastiest, naughtiest slut they had. I felt bad about lying to my mom, because I'm really all she has. My dad walked out on us a few years back and since then she has been struggling to make ends meat.

I figured what mom doesn't know won't hurt her. I am excited, it's 7:50 and the service said she'd be here at 8. I showered and dressed nicely, even though I don't plan on being clothed for very long. I sit wondering what she'll look like, and I have a hard on just anticipating it. Then there's a soft knock at the door. I wait a second to make sure I don't seem desperate.

Calmly walking to the door, I open it with a grin a mile wide that vanishes in an instant. "Mom!" My mother is leaning against the doorframe in a skimpy black dress that barely covers her shapely ass, a pushup bra that gives her incredible cleavage, seer stockings and high heels. When she sees me she shrinks from her sexy pose to cover up her tits and short dress. "Carl!" We stand there motionless, both of us shocked at what happened.

When she regains her sense she runs from my door and is soon in her car leaving. I am still standing by the door dumbfounded with a hard-on. I walk into the house, several hours earlier than I had expected. And find it dead silent. Good, mom's not home. I go into my room to think about what happened.

My mom is a hooker, and she came to my room to fuck me for money. That's all I could think about. Then I thought about her outfit. How tight and short it was, how I could see her beautiful figure. And my dick would not soften. I've had this erection since before my mom came to my birthday fuck, but seeing my hot sexy mother made it so much harder than before.

Part of me wanted to ignore it and go to bed, but an eight-inch part of me wanted to cum. I pulled my boxers down and started stroking my dick.

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I tried thinking about a hot actress, bikini models, ex-girlfriends, girls in my school, teachers, any woman I could think of but none were doing anything for me. Then the image of my mom leaning against my doorframe popped in my head.

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That made my dick jump. Then I imagined what would have happened if she didn't run off.

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How she would have dropped to her knees in front of me. Taken my stiff prick in her mouth and swallowed it whole. The image of her beautiful face bobbing up and down got me excited like nothing else ever has.


I could almost hear her voice saying, "cum in my mouth baby. Cum for mommy." And I did. I can't remember any orgasm being that intense, even with a real woman. I just kept coming and coming, and when my balls were empty I stopped. I was panting when I heard the front door close. Mom was home. I hurriedly wiped the cum from my stomach and chest and put some clothes on.

I opened my door and stood in the hallway. When mom came up the stairs she saw me and froze.


She was still in her slutty looking dress, but trying to cover it up with a jacket. She tried to walk past me with head down not saying a word. "mom-" "Goodnight Carl." With that she shut her bedroom door. I went back to my room and went to bed. That night I had the most incredible dream.

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I was in the motel room when my mom and her twin (she doesn't have a twin just a sister who I two years younger) who looks exactly like her walk in. We are all naked and rubbing out bodies together. It's a blur of flesh as we indulge in the soft warmth of each other building in intensity and speed when I hear, "Carl! Could you come down here please?" I wake up with a dick so hard it hurts.

I want nothing more than to jack off to this fantasy but I know I in for an uncomfortable time talking with my real life mother. Dressed and frustrated I head down to the kitchen where my mom is sitting at the table in her robe, nursing her coffee. I sit down across from her and wait for her to speak. "Was that the first time you called a service?" "Was that the first time you answered a call?" I sat there studying the wood grain of the table while mom studied her coffee.

She answered, "No. I've been working for them for a year now to cover some expenses. Now you answer me." "Yes." "Why did you call?" "To get laid." She looked up at my smart-ass comment. "What about your girlfriend?" "We broke up a month ago." "Two weeks before your birthday?" "She's a bitch." This made mom chuckle. It was good to get back to familiar, comfortable territory.

"So you couldn't find another girlfriend? "I honestly just wanted to fuck a nasty slut and move on." I realized I just called my mom a nasty slut but hoped she wouldn't notice.

"I can understand that." "You can?" "Honey after your father left I had some trust issues, I didn't want to let someone into my life that was just going to make me miserable.

That's why when we were having some money problems I let my friend Samantha talk me into joining the service." "Holy shit Samantha is a hooker too?" "Escort and yes." "Sorry." It was weird talking to my mom about prostitution, yeah we've always been close and informal with each other, but this was a new high for us. I was curious how far I could take this. "Do you enjoy it?" "I enjoy being able to keep a roof over our heads." "So you don't enjoy the sex?" "It depends.

There are men that rock my world and make me feel like a goddess. And there are men I have to grit my teeth and wait for them to finish." She looked at me and smiled, "you know its great to be able to talk to you about this.

I've hated having to keep this a secret from you for so long." "I'm glad I know now too." She got up from her seat and gave me a kiss on the forehead. As she leaned over I got a great view of her cleavage. As she pulled away I kept a hold on her waist. "Mom can I ask you a favor?" "Sure honey what is it?" "Well, I was really looking forward to last night, could you finish the job?" She pulled back but I held on.

"What!?" "Come on you do it with complete strangers, why not me?" "Because you're my son." "And I'm really horny. My balls are starting to hurt. Please mom you have to take care of it." "Go masturbate then." "But I'd rather you did it for me." I know I am sounding childish, but balls were seriously blue and needed release. She kept saying no, but I was able to talk her into giving me a handjob, just to release the stress and pain.

She got down to her knees and told me to open my fly. The second I did eight inches of pure rock hard meat flew out ready for attention.

The look of shock and awe in my mother's eyes was priceless. It took her a few seconds to process what she was seeing. She then leaned closer to me and took my tool in her warm hands. At first she was exploring it, just looking at it from different angles. "Ever see one this big before?" "Only in pornos." She replied, still in a trance. "Your hands feel nice." With that she was reminded of what she was doing in the first place.

She grabbed my dick with more purpose and started to stroke it. Long slow movement up and down my shaft, caressing the head. I just laid back and enjoyed the feeling. "Do you like that honey?" "Oh god yes mom that's great." "You know it would feel better with some lube." "Can't you just spit on it." She tried to spit on my dick and her hands, but it still wasn't working.

She looked up at me and asked, "Would it be ok if I licked it?" after stammering I managed to let out a yes. She smiled up at me and leaned in close to my dick. She slowly liked from the base to my throbbing head, where she flicked her tongue and drove me crazy. She then moved to the sides of my dick and repeated the process.

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"Your dick tastes good." "You could always taste some more if you want." She gave me a knowing grin as she placed herself above my dick.

She opened her mouth took the head into her warm moist mouth. There her tongue continued to do things I did not think possible. Then she slowly lowered her head, taking more of me inside her. I was really impressed at how much she was getting. She got more than half in mouth, more than any other girls ever has, before she starting coming back up. But she was far from done.

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She jacked my dick while bobbing up and down, licking the entire time. My leg was shaking at how good my mom was sucking my dick. She then picked up speed, moving faster and faster until she finally managed to deep throat my entire prick. At that point I lost control and just shot my load deep down my mother's throat.

I grabbed her head so she wouldn't pull away but she wasn't trying to. She was happily taking my load down her throat. And what a load, I was spurting more spunk than I ever have before. And my mom was taking every drop like a champion; eventually though the streams of sperm stopped. She slipped my still hard cock from her mouth and just sat there with a giant smile on her face.

"Did you enjoy that?" "Holy fuck, you are amazing." "Apparently not that amazing, you're still hard." She was right, my dick was still rock hard, with no signs of softening.

"I guess you'll just have to blow me again." "I have a better idea." With a wicked glint in her eyes she took me by the hand and led me up stairs. She threw in my room and told me to wait there for a minute and shut the door. I sat on my bed with my rock hard cock still hanging out of my pants. Then I hear a knock at the door.

I tell her to come in but she doesn't, so I walk up to open the door myself. And there against the doorframe is the call girl I ordered last night. Mom is in her tight black dress, push up bra, stockings and heels.

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This time though she doesn't run away. In the sexiest sultry voice I've ever heard she whispers, "Hi there stud." She then comes in, closes my door and sits on the edge of the bed. I just stare at her dumbfounded. "You did call the service right? They sent me here." She then pats the spot of bed next to her, I take the hint and sit down next to her.

"I'm Ashley, I'll be your date for the evening." I loved where she was taking this, picking up on this I continue, "Hi Ashley I'm Carl. So the service sent you. You know I asked for the nastiest slut they had." "Don't worry baby that's why they sent me." She put one hand on my thigh and another caressing my face.

She pulls me in close and gives me a deep passionate kiss. I pull her down onto the bed with me as we continue to explore each other's mouth with our tongues. Meanwhile our hands were exploring new body parts. She was caressing my muscular chest while I grabbed her ass. I gave her a smack on her ass and she moaned into my mouth. I was getting bolder and rolled her over onto her back. Her short dress rode up her thighs revealing her trimmed pussy.

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My exposed cock was rubbing her slit as we made out. She kept moaning every time my rod rubbed up against her. Then the inevitable happened. Her wet pussy made my dick so slick that it slipped right into her hot crevasse. From there I humped her brains out. This was not sex or making love, this was raw animal lust. I pounded my hard cock into that hot hole as hard and fast as I could. My mother was writhing under me as I grabbed her perfect tits.

"Oh holy fuck son." "Yes mom, you like that?" "Oh god yes!" "You like fucking your son?" "Yes son fuck me, fuck me more." I held onto her hips and lifted myself so that I was putting all my body weight behind every thrust. "Oh fuck yes, just like that OOOO!" my mother was hit hard by her orgasm.

Her hands dug into my back as her legs and pussy clamped down on me. If her cunt weren't so wet I'd never be able to keep thrusting. She went through wave after wave of pleasure getting higher and higher, and then I pushed her over the edge. "This whore ready to have her son cum deep inside her?" "Yes, please cum inside me. Cum in mommy's pussy." Just like her mouth I pumped record amounts of jizz into this woman, and she was in another world of pleasure.

I filled the boiling hole with all the seed my body could produce. We were sweaty and tired and breathing heavily. I rolled onto my side next to her. She clung onto me as we were both glowing in the after glow of incredible sex.

She smiled up at me, "enjoy your birthday call girl?" "Can I call her anytime I want?" "Oh yes, you can have me anytime, anyplace, anyway you want me." I'm thinking of a part two. Let me know what you think.