Some good ole fashion ebony hardcore fucking and sucking

Some good ole fashion ebony hardcore fucking and sucking
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I couldn't even believe I was about to get my second and third holes pierced. I was petrified of needles. What was I thinking?

Would I even be able to go through with this? I walked into what was supposed to be the best piercing parlor in Manhattan, and my heart rate instantly increased. Even though the place was very clean and bright, it really hit me that I was about to have four needles jabbed through my skin.

The man at the front, Emmanuel, greeted me warmly. I tried to keep my voice from rising five octaves.

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"Hi", I said. "I'd like to get my second and third holes done today". Emmanuel took me over to the correct jewelry and helped me pick out four rose gold studs.

He informed me of the piercing procedure and healing process, had me sign a few sheets of paper, and then said "That'll be $522, sweetie". $522? Whoa! I knew this place was high end, but I didn't know it was that expensive.

I reminded myself that this was supposed to be the best piercing salon in all of New York, and it would be well worth the price. After I had paid for everything, Emmanuel directed me to walk up the stairs and sit on the couch. "Your piercer will be right out, your jewelry is just being sterilized". I waited on the couch, palms sweaty and knees weak, waiting for my piercer. I sat there imagining the most terrifying man in the world. He would be 6'5" and over 200 pounds.

He'd be bald and covered with tattoos from head to toe. He'd have gauges the size of my head, and he definitely wouldn't be gentle.

I was scared shitless as this point. I tried to tell myself I was at the point of no return, but a part of me was trying to convince myself that I could still back out if I really wanted to. After internally arguing with myself for a minute, a man who was just a few inches taller and not much heavier than me walked out.

"Hi, I'm Ben, and I'll be your piercer today". Ben was pale, with a thick mop of ink-black hair on his head that fell onto his forehead.

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He had tattoos up and down his arms, and even on his neck and face, but he wasn't scary at all. He was cute actually. Sexy, even. Through his black shirt, I could see just a hint of his muscular chest.

He had lots of piercings, and I could tell that at one point, he had gauges, but we wasn't wearing them at the moment. I tried to resist the urge to stare, but failed miserably. "Come right in", he said to me, his voice bringing me out of my thoughts. I stood up and followed him in. Sitting down on the bench, I informed him of my fear of needles. "Well you really have some balls then to get four piercings at the same time.

This is gonna hurt". My eyes must have nearly popped out of my head, and Ben, seeing my expression, backed up. "I was just kidding around. Trying to lighten the mood, you know?

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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I won't hurt you". Like a small child, I asked him "You'll be gentle with me?" "Yes", he responded with a smirk on his face, "I'll be gentle with you". He made small talk with me while he cleaned the finished sterilizing the equipment and cleaning my ears.

I couldn't resist the urge to stare. He had a well-defined jaw and an adorable smile. He was geeky and adorable. His voice wasn't necessarily high pitched, but it wasn't deep either.

He was still extremely masculine.

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He had long fingers that looked graceful yet strong. I couldn't help but imagine what his fingers would feel like on me, on my face, my hips, my breasts, or even… "So you're ready to do this?" asked Ben, snapping me out of my thoughts once again.

"As ready as I'll ever be", I replied. He brushed my hair aside, sending a wave of chills through my body. He looked into my eyes and smirked once again. He drew four dots onto my ears and asked if they were where I wanted them to be.

I said yes, and sat back down again, trying to prepare myself for the pain that was about to come. Ben reassured me, saying "Ear lobes don't hurt at all. You aren't piercing your tragus; you'll be fine". I tried to calm down, and decided to close my eyes to avoid seeing the needle. Once I had shut my eyes, I realized that I couldn't see Ben, and I almost chose to risk seeing the needle just so that I could look at him even more.

"Ok, I need you to take a big breath in, then a big breath out". I inhaled deeply, then exhaled, and as I exhaled he pushed the first needle through. I barely felt a thing. I opened my eyes and exclaimed "I barely even felt that!" He smiled back and said "I told you so", before sticking out his tongue at me in a way that made me giggle like a little girl and also shift around on the bench. Looking into his eyes while feeling his soft but strong hands on the sides of my face was making me uncomfortably wet.

"Ok, let's keep going", Ben said. We quickly got through all of the rest of the piercings, and Ben led me to the mirror so that I could see them for myself. "They look great", I exclaimed. "Yes, they do", Ben agreed in a voice that only added to my wetness. Why was he having this affect on me? I had only just met him. I turned around to look back at him, only to realize that this may be the last time I ever see him. My tears started to tingle with unshed tears at the thought of never seeing this man again, even though I didn't even know his last name!

We stood there looking at each other, neither of us saying a thing. I was the first to break the silence. "Thank you so much, I really love them", I said. "If I ever want another piercing, I'll come back to you." "I hope you will", he replied. "I'll see you soon". I handed him his tip and walked out, feeling happy about my piercings, but dissatisfied for some unknown reason… 4 MONTHS LATER My piercings had healed, and I had not given Ben much thought since the last time I had seen him, except for a few (ok, maybe a lot) of times late at night when I was touching myself.

He was the only thing that would cause me get wet and cum without a vibrator. I had decided that I wanted to get my nipples pierced, so after a lot of thought, I headed back to the same piercing salon I had gone to before.

The same man was at the front desk, which made me excited.


Maybe I would see Ben again! Maybe he would do my piercing. As Emmanuel helped out a few customers in front of me, I imagined sitting topless in front of Ben. I couldn't help but think about how it would feel to have him touch me.

As I stood in front of the case of jewelry, looking for a pair of bars to get for my piercing, a familiar voice asked, "How can I help you Arielle?" I looked up, startled, to see Ben standing there with his trademark smirk.

"Hi again", I said in the sexiest voice I could muster. "I'm here to get another piercing". "Oh really? What are you looking to pierce today?" "My nipples", I informed him as nonchalantly as I could.

A look of complete shock spread across his face before he could stop himself. After he collected himself, he said, "Ok, I'm the piercer again today, I'll help you pick out your jewelry". Listening to Ben talk about my nipples and what jewelry would look good in them had me just as wet as the last time I had seen him. He helped me pick out my jewelry and he checked me out, and then it was time to head upstairs.


He shut the door behind him and locked it, to ensure that no one would come in while I was getting one of the most intimate parts of my body pierced. "Ok, then, there's no point in beating around the bush. You need to take off your shirt and bra." He turned around for me to remove my clothing from the top half of my body, but I so desperately wanted to tell him he could watch me.


I sat on the bench and he must have heard the paper covering the bench crinkle, because he turned back around to see me sitting there topless. His eyes widened, and he couldn't seem to tear his gaze away from my exposed breasts. When he finally looked up again, his expression had changed. His pupils were dilated, and he slowly licked his lips.

Seeing his tongue dart out and run along his lips got me even more wet, and I decided that I would seize the moment and make a move. I didn't want to look back on this moment and regret not doing anything. I reached out for his hand timidly, and held it for a short moment, before bringing it up slowly to rest on my thigh. "This isn't legal", Ben said. But I could tell he was struggling to control himself.

"I don't care. I just want you", I told him, and that was all it took. He brought his hands up to hips and held them, while he bent in slowly to kiss my neck. His tongue was warm and wet, and I couldn't help but imagine how good it would feel to have him lick and kiss my pussy.

I hoped I would get the chance to find out. He finally kissed me on the lips, slow and tender, and I melted into his arms. His tongue started to explore my mouth, and all I wanted was to be naked with him. I reached for his shirt, and he helped me to take it off.

He then reached out to my breasts and cupped them, while avoiding my nipples. "Please," I begged him, "Touch me". He ran his fingers gently over my nipples, casing them to harden instantly.


I felt it in my pussy, as if there was a direct connection between my nipples and my clit. I moaned softly, causing him to throw all caution to the wind. He leaned forward and brought his mouth almost to my nipple, then looked up at me, silently asking for permission.

I nodded at him, leading him to stick out his tongue and lick my nipple. It felt amazing, and as he continued to lick and suck on my nipples, I writhed before him. He was getting faster and his touch was getting stronger.

Suddenly he stepped back and pulled off his jeans.

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He urged me off of the bench and dropped to his knees in front of me. He kissed my navel, then reached for the button of my jeans. He undid the button and unzipped my jeans, then slowly pulled them off. I stepped out of them for him, and he looked up at me in awe. He then grabbed my hips and buried his nose between my legs, inhaling deeply.

I was shocked and mildly embarrassed, but he obviously liked it, causing me to relax. He slid of my lacy thong, leaving me completely naked. He touched every part of my body with his long fingers, except for the spot I needed them most.

He then laid me down on the bench, smiling up at me with a devilish grin. He spread my legs apart, and he started kissing around my most sensitive area. I couldn't take my eyes off the enormous bulge in his boxers.

He was driving me crazy, and I continued to buck my hips. Finally, he decided to stop teasing me and actually give me what I needed. His tongue flicked out gently along my clit, causing me to almost scream out loud. He continued to kiss, flick, and suck on my clit, while also inserting one finger, then another, into me. I felt myself start to tighten up, and I knew I was about to cum. Ben sensed it too, and he said in the sexiest, raspiest voice I had ever heard "Let go for me baby".

I lost it and I came into his mouth, moaning and groaning and repeating his name. When I had finished, he looked up at me with his adorable smirk again. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself", he said, "But I think we should go ahead and get on with what you came here to do", referring to the piercing.

Although I had just came, I was not completely satisfied, and I knew he wasn't either. I reached for the bulge in his jeans, distracting him, and he climbed on top of me.

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"Do you really want to do this?" he asked me. "Yes, I really do". I reached for his boxers, and he helped me remove them. His enormous erection sprang free, exciting me even more.

Ben ran his fingers through my lips. "You are so wet. Please tell me you're on the pill". "Yes, I am", I told him. He smiled back at me, the rested his head on my chest, kissing every inch of me. He held my face and positioned himself at my entrance.

I held on to him, and felt his head enter me. He groaned as he moved further and further inside of me.

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Once he was completely inside of me, we laid there for a minute, just reveling in each other's bodies. He starting to move his hips, and his incredible girth felt amazing as it moved inside of me. We were both moaning and groaning. He started to move faster and faster, and he rubbed my clit for me.

I could feel his balls slap against me, and I thought to myself that sex had never felt this good before. His face tightened up, and I knew he was going to cum. He was holding back for me though, because he wanted me to finish first. I felt myself tighten up once again, and was barely able to say, "Ben, I'm going to cum". My words were our undoing. We simultaneously came moaning each other's names as we lost ourselves. I could feel his hot cum inside of me, and it was so erotic.

We lay there, sweaty and gasping for air, neither or us wanting to get up. "Do you still want that nipple piercing?" Ben asked. I giggled, "Yes, I do". We had to disconnect ourselves, causing me to put, causing him to laugh at my expression. He put his boxers and jeans on, to my dismay, but thankfully left his shirt off. "I think it would be best if you at least put your underwear back on, so that I'm not too distracted when I'm piercing you", Ben advised.

I put them back on, and as I walked back to sit on the bench, he slapped my ass. I turned around, my jaw on the floor, and he looked back at me, completely unashamed.

He sterilized my nipples, making sure that no sweat or saliva would get in them. He kissed my shoulders and the sides of my face tenderly while he was prepping me.

"Are you scared?" Ben asked. "Yea, really scared", I told him. "Don't worry, baby, I'll take care of you. I'll be gentle", he said, reminding me of the time I had met him. I smiled back at him, and he kissed the side of my mouth, telling me I had the most gorgeous smile.

"Ok, baby, lay back while I do this". I laid myself back on the table, my hear racing. He had marked me and made sure that I liked the placement, so all there was to do was actually pierce me. "Just think about how sexy you will look when it's done", Ben said, winking at me.

It was hard to be so nervous when he was being so playful. "Ok baby girl, you know the drill. Take a big breath in, and then exhale. I inhaled, and then as I exhaled, he pushed the needle through. "Owwwwwwww!" I exclaimed. "Sorry, about that baby, but at least you're halfway done". As I inhaled, and exhaled again, he pushed the other needle through, this one hurting even more than the last. Unwillingly, tears started to fall down my face. Ben kissed them away and kissed my neck, saying that he was sorry, but it was over.

I was glad to have him doing it, and not some other guy, because at least he was comforting me. He put the jewelry in and then let me see in the mirror. I did look good. Ben grabbed me hips from behind and said "Look at my sexy girl". What? His sexy girl? What did he mean by that? Did he mean that he wanted to date me? He didn't clarify, but he helped me get dressed and he put his shirt on. I didn't want to leave; I wanted to stay with him. I couldn't imagine not seeing him again.

I thanked him, and was about to walk out, thinking to myself that there was no way he would ever want to date me, when he reached out and grabbed my hand. "Wait, don't leave yet", he said. He asked for my phone, and he put in his number. "Call me later, after my shift ends. Let me take you out for dinner". I smiled hugely at him, making him smile back. He kissed me cheek, and I walked out holding my cheek like a girl who had been kissed for the first time.

In a way, I guess I was. I had never been kissed like that before, and I couldn't wait to have him kiss me again.