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Part 6 Plans Are Discovered. It was the first time that I went to sleep with Sam and woke up next to her. It was something that I was looking forward to in the future. Sam was lying towards me, still sleeping. So, I grabbed a lock of her hair and tickled her nose.

Sam's brushed her nose first, with the back of her hand, then she opened her eyes. She looked straight at me and started screaming. Her voice was so loud, that I jumped out of bed without thinking.

The screaming stopped as fast as it started, and I was wondering what had happen. Sam wrapped herself in the bed sheet around her body and was now looking around the room, with a wide eye expression. I couldn't fathom what's happened, until she said something,"You. I'm giving my body to Sam, for you!" Then it hit me it wasn't Sam, it was Samantha. I looked at her and didn't know what to say. So, I grabbed my clothes and ran out of my room. I went into the bathroom, dressed and came back out.

Samantha was out in the lounge room now, still wrapped in my sheets. She was sitting on the lounge and looked as if she was deep in thought, when I walked past her into the kitchen. I put the kettle on and came back out looking at Samantha's back. I wondered what happened to Sam? Why was Samantha back in her body? I must have been thinking for a while, as the kettle started to pitch it's loud whistle.

So, I made tea and brought it to the table with two cups. I sat at the table and said,"Cup of tea, Samantha." She turned her head and her features changed a little, softening. She nodded her head and walked over.

She still had the changes, that made her look like Sam. But, this was a different walk, a different attitude, I didn't know what to make of it. Samantha sat across from me, still wrapped in the sheet. She sat if she'd been violated, legs drawn to her chest and all up on the chair. I sat there quiet, with so many questions running through my head. The main thoughts I had, which worried me, where was Sam? was she gone?

and was I left with shell of a human being, who didn't like me? It was Samantha who started off,"I suppose your worried about Sam?" I nodded and said,"Yes. What's happened? Are you alright?" Sam shook her head and started to cry. Now I didn't know what to think, so I said,"Samantha can I help you? Tell me what you know?" Then Samantha started to recount the past several days.

She told me that she felt free of pain, when Sam had taken possession of her. She narrated the chat that she and Sam had in limbo, especially Sam's story. She enjoyed the nether side and that she was willing to let go for Sam, because she was happy. It was when she discovered that her body was pregnant, that she wanted to feel that experience, if only for a short time.

And so, she took over from Sam, just before waking. She didn't know that I was partially responsible for making Sam so happy, and she wanted to experience that feeling too. The last thing that she said was, all she wanted was to go on to meet her parents and be with them. I listened intently, as this woman, or her human part, was going to be apart of my life. I needed to help her as much as I could, to get Sam back.

I asked Samantha what the nether side was and she told me it was the place where you waited for the hereafter. You were free from pain and worry, love and hate, thought she didn't understand how Sam felt so much for me. The next I asked her was the baby alright? Samantha grasp her stomach, smiled and said yes, he was. I was happy for that. We sat there for a while, when Sam asked about my life, before coming to Sydney.

I told her of my parents and sisters. How we loved each other, how we played as children, though we fought. I recounted when I had another girlfriend, several years ago. How she promised to be with me, but was sleeping with another, on the side. Then she broke her promise one day and left with the other male. I told her of my house and property, out near Young. I also told her why I came to Sydney, to find a new life and maybe leave the other behind. Samantha nodded and sat there for a while contemplating my life.

Then the strangest thing was said, by Samantha,"If I refused to let Sam take possession of me, and killed myself, what would you do?" I looked at Samantha and shook my head and said,"Are you that selfish. I'd not only loose Sam, but you too.

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Sam may have your body, but I've made love to both of you. We have a child growing and I'd have nothing to live for." Samantha was taken back by my statement. It was now that she realised that it wasn't just her and Sam, but the four of us. Samantha started crying again when she looked at me and said,"Adam take me and make love to me please." I stood up and walked around to Samantha.

The sheet fell to the floor as Samantha stood up, and I escorted her to my bedroom once more. Samantha was different, thought not so much and only something that I could distinguish. I laid her down on the bed and stripped off my clothing, once more.

I thought that Samantha wanted to feel what Sam had felt with me. So, I lay next to her and started kissing her. Our mouths melted together as one.


I realised that Samantha had her eyes closed, so as to savour the experience. It was then a voice in my head, that sounded like Sam's, said,"Let me Adam. Let me take over and watch my love." I kept kissing Samantha, when I thought to the voice that she could take over. Then a flash happened inside my brain. It was a blinding white light, so brilliant, so pure, that I didn't know what to make of it. Then I was wrapped or enveloped in another form and floating out of my body.

It was as if something entered me, became me and I was moved away from myself. I felt myself floating only inches above my body, looking at two naked humans, kissing. We were naked, with a strange whitish orange glow surrounded us, in us. I could see that there was a second glow in Samantha, small, strange like. Then, I watched as I took Samantha into my arms and started kissing her earlobes. I got as close as I could and saw how my teeth nibbled on Samantha's ears.

Then every so often my mouth would drop and nibble on Samantha's neck. I have seen myself in the mirror, but now I could see myself in real form, which was a little apprehensive. I could see how long my cock was, which I knew was long but I didn't realise how thick until now. Samantha was holding my cock, stroking me up and down. Then she stopped at the head and rub her thumb over the top. Soon I could see trails of pre-cum being dragged from the slit, by Samantha's thumb, over the head of my cock.

I watched as my hand was cupping Samantha's groin, with the index finger swirling inside her pussy. All the time we, they, were kissing, sharing tongues, biting lips. My own senses, or what ever they were could detect a taste of Samantha's neck, feel her pussy on my finger. I wondered how my astral form was feeling it? Though that thought didn't linger. Soon, I could feel the rising of my passion for these, two bodies. I was connected to them by something, I knew not what. Then, I looked at the small whitish orange shape in Samantha's womb, it was no bigger than the head of a pin.

My attention now returned to my lips pulling on Samantha's nipples, with my teeth biting, pulling on them. Samantha was groaning at each onslaught to her breast, but from her expression, it was met with anticipation and longing.

She held my head close to her breast, as my body attacked one nipple, then the other. My hand was still coupled to her groin with my finger now being dragged inside her. My own passion was fast rising, when my body placed itself over Samantha's, who still had my cock in her hand.

She guided it to the entrance of her tunnel of carnal delight, placing the head just inside.

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Now my body pushed slowly into her, as if to savour each inch of her body. My hands went around her legs and hoisted them up so they could join around my back. Samantha grasped my shoulders, with her arms and clung to me, as if her life depended on it. Now I couldn't see, but felt the tip on my cock touch her cervix.

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The feeling that flowed between me and my body was unexplainable, though I already knew the feeling of her satiny cunt, enveloping my cock. Soon, my body was thrusting a little faster and Samantha was meeting my thrusts. The one thing that I could not get over was how, as we coupled, our glow deepened to a shade of red. That as we went further that shade became more defined and moved together as one. My body was ramming into Samantha, I couldn't fathom how she could take that type of beating, until I looked at her face.

She was in ecstasy, her mouth was open and moans were leaving every time my cock shoved into her. There was no expression of pain, only that of rapture. As I saw both Samantha and my body come ever closer to our climax, I knew in my own spirit that I could feel both of us.

It was like I was linked in with Samantha's body and feelings, too. I could tell that this was something that she had never experienced before. The experience of two souls being in sync with each other. It was at that moment that both bodies came as one. They climaxed, my body shooting it's seed, which I could see flow into all parts of Samantha's womb. And her womb closing tightly around my cock. I watched as both bodies went rigid in their orgasm knowing that this was more than sex, but that of a union.

As both bodies relaxed, with Samantha releasing her legs from my waist and my body going limp, I was suddenly drawn back into myself.

The blinding white was there again and Sam's voice saying,'Thank you darling. Samantha wanted to share me and you together, for this one and only time.

Now lie with Samantha and talk. I'll be with you soon.' It was like I just woke up from a strange dream. Here I was, feeling wasted, drained. Samantha laying under me, with my cock still buried in her pussy. It was then I though that I could be to heavy for her, so I lifted myself off her and rolled to one side. I laid on my back with Samantha next to me, when she rolled towards me and lay on my chest. It was then she spoke,"Adam, you were wonderful. I couldn't believe that you handle yourself so masterful." I smiled and said,"That was Sam.

She asked if she could make love to you and I leant her my body. But I did watch." She responded,"Still it was your body, and you would have to have some mastery of sex." I smiled at that and though 'wait till round two babe.' We sort of drifted off then and I slept deeply. While we slept, Kylie returned to my apartment, after leaving something behind that morning. She retrieved the key that Sam left the previous night. Kylie had watched Sam put the key on a ledge, which was kept there until now.

Kylie let herself in, entered the apartment and wandered around until entering my bedroom. On discovering Samantha and I asleep, she came over to us and ran her hand over our naked, uncovered bodies. Dipping her finger into Samantha's wet pussy and then placed it into her mouth. She enjoyed the taste of our mixed juices, covering her finger, so much that she laid between Samantha's opened legs and licked the fluid flowing from her cunt.

Kyle would stick her tongue out and catch the juice that seeped down from her cunt onto her arse. Kylie would play with Samantha's arse hole, where the fluid would sometimes catch, and suck it into her mouth. Kylie would also stick her tongue into Samantha's pussy and retrieve more of the collected juices. Every so often, Samantha would twist and turn, to the invading tongue, trying to gain more of this delicious fluid.

We were unaware of Kylie or her enjoyment of our combined bodily fluid. Finally Kylie had her fill of these juices and rolled off the bed. She got up, left my room and retrieved the camera from the lounge room, then turning it on, began watching it.

She watched the 24 hours recorded, including our earlier conversation. It took some time, but after replaying the recording several times, Kylie started to understand that Samantha was possessed by Sam and that I knew more than I should. Kylie wondered at the implications of such a union, especially since Samantha was her friend and sometimes lover.

Samantha was being possessed by Sam and I was in love with Sam, or maybe Samantha or both. Kylie didn't know what she would do, but she decided to have it out with Samantha and me, on our waking. I woke to the sound of the kettle whistling. I looked over at Samantha, Sam, and wondered what would be the next. I looked at Samantha eyes, when she opened them up just a little.

She closed her eyes and then opened them up once more. She smiled and said,"Hello darling." It was Sam, I smiled at her and asked her about this morning. She started off with,"Samantha and I talked during the night in limbo, once more. She had seen us making love and saw how beautiful it was with you. So she wanted you, or your body, but she wanted me to make love to her." It was my turn and I told her how I experienced this morning and saw glow merge into one.

Sam and I talked for a short while, when a "Hump" entered our room. We were both still naked and uncovered, when we turned around and looked at the door. There stood Kyle with a tray, three cups and a pot of tea. She walked in and sat at the end of the bed, saying,"I'll play mother and pour the tea." Which she did. After she poured the tea and handed a cup to Sam and I, She picked up hers and looked at us.

I was wondering what she was thinking when she burst out with,"So you're Sam? How is it that you can possess Samantha's body?" Sam responded saying,"Yes, I'm Sam.


And Samantha has given her body to me, so that she could go on and be with her parents." Kylie nodded at that, especially after remembering Samantha's threat of killing herself. Kylie then asked,"So, what's going to happen now.

And be straight with me, cause I may be your only help." I told Kylie of our plans. After hearing them, Kylie added to the plans. She suggested that Samantha and I leave for Young and that she would say that Samantha had gone overseas. She would also have the furniture moved to Young, so it didn't need storage.

She stood up and moved the tray, pot and the cups to the night stand. Sam and I were happy, but I watched Kylie, as she returned to the bed. She always seemed the person who never did anything without a reason. It was at that moment that Kylie came out with her reason for helping. Kylie said,"So, would I be out of line if I asked that sometimes I could join you two, or just Sam, in bed then?" I looked at Sam and returned my gaze to Kylie. It was Sam who answered,"Yes, Kylie any time.

I think it be nice to have a visitor to spice us with a visit." At that Kylie got up and dropped her slacks.

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And took her blouse, bra and panties off. I didn't expect that we be entertaining now, but Kylie crawled up the bed and slid in between us. Kylie first turned to Sam, and kissed her. I watched as Kylie laid back, dragging Sam with her. Kylie was tweaking Sam's breast with her thumb and finger. Pulling on them, twisting them and rubbing them.

Sam would groan into Kylie's mouth, who appeared to suck all of Sam into her.

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They broke their kiss, when Kylie said,"Are you really pregnant?" Sam responded with,"Yeah, but it's only been a week. The next 13 weeks are delicate." Kylie then placed her arms around Sam and kissed her again.

I watched as they're tongues exited their mouths and entwined with each other. Now Sam was tweaking Kylie's breast, who moaned into Sam's mouth. They had been kissing for a short time, when they broke away from each other.

Kylie said,"You really do taste different to Samantha." then she turned towards me, and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around this small framed woman, and cupped her breast, as my tongue invaded the inner recess of her mouth. Our tongues swirled together, when I felt another mouth, sucking my cock. I broke our kiss, to see Sam sucking on my cock, while she fingered Kylie.

Then I saw Kylie lower her head and start sucking on my nipple. I loved this feeling of my nipple being ravished by a mouth, sucking, nibbling and biting.

I laid back when Kylie laid on top of me and started on my other nipple. I could feel Sam still sucking on my cock, but every so often she would leave it then return a short time later. All I could think was that she was sucking on Kylie's pussy.

Kylie then lifted her head and started kissing me again, this time invading my mouth with her tongue, accessing my recesses.

This was my second threesome in under two days and I was enjoyed everything thrown at me. Kylie was still on top, when she rolled offlaying on the bed. I looked up and saw Sam moving over Kylie, kissing her way up to her mouth. I moved down, so I could get in between the legs of these two honey's. Sam was now laying on top of Kylie, kissing her deeply. I moved down between their legs and laid down between them. I started at first on Sam's juicy pussy, licking up from her clit to her arse hole, licking around her sphincter.

I could taste Sam's juices as they were dripping down from her succulent quim. I could never get enough of this girl. Then I bent my head down to Kylie's quivering cunt and ran my tongue up to meet her clitoris. I clasped her clit to my lips and sucked. I could hear her moan, through her kisses with Sam. I ran my tongue back down and licked on the small part of her skin, under her pussy.

From the way that Kylie was moving to my tongue's movement I could tell she liked it. My cock was sticking hard and uncomfortable, into the bed and as any man knows the only way to get rid of that discomfort, is to stick it where it's most comfortable. So I knelt up on the bed, behind Sam's bottom and held onto it as I guided myself in to her waiting cunt. Her juices were copious and I heard the noise of air being pushed out, as I slid my cock into her.

I was fully seated within Sam as I held her hips and started thrusting into her. I could feel the grasp that her pussy had of my cock, and loved the sensation of her velvety inner walls.

I kept on ramming until I wondered about Kylie and wonder what her pussy would like on my cock. So, I withdrew from Sam, and heard a disappointed groan escape her lips, but she must have known what I was doing as both women rolled over, so Kylie was now on top.

I manoeuvred myself so the head of my cock was position to enter Kylie. I rubbed the head up and down her slit until her juices were covering my cock also. Now, I slid in slowly, finding a tighter pussy than that of my Sam's. I was able to pushed myself in until I was stopped by her cervix, finding that I was still a centimetre or two outside her quim.

I pushed against the pressure of her cervix until I felt the head of my cock slip between the tightness, into her womb. I could not believe how women were different from each other. How Kylie was a satiny feel while Sam was velvety. That the aroma, escaping from their sex, was two different spicy fragrances. Now I held her hip tight into my groin as I began to slowly withdraw then push hard into her, again pushing past her cervix.

Soon I was humping into Kylie like I've been doing it ever since we met. She now started to push back against me to give me greater depth into her.

When I felt a hand underneath Kylie, starting to touch my shaft, as it moved in and out of Kylie. I looked in front of Kylie and both hands were firmly planted beside Sam. So, I knew that Sam wanted to give as much pleasure to Kylie, as I did. As I rammed into Kylie,I could feel the build up in my cock, that familiar tingling sensation.

I knew that it wouldn't be long before I was shooting my seed somewhere. I said, to anyone in particular,"I'm about to come." Sam said,"Good honey give your load to Kylie. I want her to have you too." the idea that I could make Kylie pregnant too, sent me over the edge and I pushed hard past her cervix into her womb.

The cervix tightened around the head of my cock and I began shooting my seed deep into Kylie. Kylie's pussy, on feeling my seed, started to spasm and contract around my cock, holding me there, milking me until I was finished. After I wilted and slipped from Kylie, Sam turned her over and got between her legs, starting to lap the over flowing seed from her cunt. I laid down next to Sam and watched as her tongue snaked into Kylie's cunt, licking towards Kylie clit.

Kylie was breathing and panting harder, letting little moans escape from her mouth every so often. I watched as Sam set on her clit, finally sucking it hard. Kylie clamped Sam's head, with her legs and let a deep groan out. When Kylie finally calmed down she released Sam, who rolled away onto her back and sighed.

I moved over to her and planted a deep kiss, tasting my seed and Kylie juice in Sam's mouth. Kylie got up and walked out of the room, as Sam and I kissed. Soon she returned holding a pink plastic dildo, on returning to the bed, she got between Sam's legs and slid the plastic dildo into Sam's quim.

I turned around to watch Kylie in action, as she clamped her lips onto Sam's clit and sucked. Sam groaned just from this action, and as I watched, Kylie rimmed her clitoris and sucked some more. She paid a lot of attention, which I could hear from Sam's moans, just to make her come. Then I felt Sam's hand on my cock pulling on it, dragging towards her head. I watched as Kylie rammed her pink dildo into Sam, who started sucking on the head of my flaccid cock.

Kylie captured Sam's clitoris and just sucked it into her mouth, when she moved her arse towards, inviting me to eat her out. I moved my head forward and started sticking my lips on her pussy, letting my tongue glide over her pussy lips, then splitting them apart.

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I could taste myself and Kylie's juices, as they flowed from her quim. Sam was deep throating me, taking all of my cock in as far as she could. As she reached the head of my cock, she started to rim the edge on the head, letting her tongue glide around it. I could tell she was trying extra hard to please me while she was being pleased herself.

So I tried extra hard to please Kylie. I pushed two fingers into Kylie, starting stroke the inside walls of her pussy, especially where her G spot was.

As I sucked on Kylie's clit, I kept her G spot, which stopped Kylie and produce deep moan from her body. I kept sucking and stroking Kylie, until she stiffened holding my head into her crotch. Sam kept on sucking me into her mouth, running her mouth up and down my shaft. Sam kept this up until the sensation of my seed running up my cock began. Then I told Sam I was coming, and she clamp her mouth around my cock, as my seed was ejaculated into her mouth and the back of her throat.

Sam seized all the cum that she could, trying to hold as much as she could in her mouth. I watched as some cum, dribbled from the corner of her mouth, until she could swallow what she held. Sam lifted her head up from my cock to lick her lips, then returned and clean what was left. I looked over at Kylie who was also watching, when she turned to me and said,"let's finish her off good and proper." Kylie returned to attack Sam's pussy as I moved up and started nipping and biting Sam's breast and nipple.

I was pinching Sam's other nipple as she started moaning harder and deeper, panting as we ravished her body.

I moved up to Sam's lips and kissed her deeply, tasting my cum in her mouth, on her tongue and lips. I let my tongue roam through her mouth, then down to her neck and allowing my fingers roll her nipple, between my thumb and finger.

I pulled on it as Sam moaned louder, when all of a sudden Sam grabbed my head and pulled me to her lips once more to kiss me and moan. At that point I knew Sam was climaxing to a powerful orgasm.

As Sam subside from her rapture, I looked down at Kylie who was smiling like a Cheshire cat. I looked back at Sam, kissing her again. Then, I lay next to Sam and Kylie came up, laying on the other side. Kylie leant over and kissed Sam too, then laid back down. We lay there until we slept Part 7 The End