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2 Zäpfchen 2 Einlauf
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Hello readers this is Krishnan from Chennai. This is my first story which I'm going to share with u all and it happened just one year back.

First myself 22 yrs of age doing MBA 2nd year and my family is rich, my dad is a business man who perfectly do his business, at least once a month he will be out of station for atleast 10 days, my mom Sitha is a home maker looks very beautiful who always wears saree and she will be very conscious about her health so she is keeping her body very fit till now her age is 40 but she looks between 30-35 yrs of age and her structure is 36-28-38 her ass and boobs are biggest assets to her which can make any one to see at her.

In our house there are two male workers and one female worker their names are Ramesh and Prabhakar between 35-40 and Radha 36 is a widow her husband died just a month back of the incident and she is staying just behind our house, She also looks good and her structure is 38-32-40 and I'm very much interested in fucking her but I don't know what made me interested in her.

Lets come to the story, On one day my mom went to some relatives marriage and my dad was on business trip, I as usual went to college and when I returned to home, my mom was not there and the door was also locked so I thought that the key would be in Radha's house and I gone to her house and when I tried to knock the door I hear someone crying inside the house I peeped through the hole in the window and I was shocked to see the scene going inside, it was Ramesh and prabhakar trying to undress Radha.

Prabakar ordered Radha to strip. She said, ' Never' he gave her a quick and strong slap, she started to weep. To that, Ramesh said, 'ok we will undress ourself first then u do' saying this Prabakar unzipped his pant and a 8″ black creature lashed out. Seeing that, Radha gave a stare to Prabakar's huge tool. Ramesh used this vulnerable state of Radha to quickly undress her out of her Saaree, Blouse, and petticoat even before she could protest.

Radha is now standing in her panty and bra. Her long hair, fair complexion, beautiful face, and well-curved body amazed them and me. Then they tore apart her last two pieces of clothes to make her completely naked.

She is now wearing only her earrings, necklace, and bangles. They picked her up like a doll, and made her lie on her back on the big dining table. She was throwing her legs to resist their advances, so Prabakar held the legs forcefully and kept them apart to make the pink pussy clearly visible.

By that time, Ramesh undressed himself and was ready for the action. Ramesh lied on Radha, caught her gently by her hair, and positioned his huge purple-colored cock onto her pussy lips. Radha begged for mercy and said 'I am like your sister.

Please don't do this with me.' To that, Ramesh told, 'I don't care to fuck my sister. If you cooperate, your pain will be less. Moreover, your husband died, Why not use this opportunity to taste a real fuck? You can get pleasure instead of pain!'Hearing the poisonous words, Radha hesitantly stopped for a moment.

She could clearly understand that there is no escape. By that time, Ramesh dick grew to be 11″ and erect as a iron rod. With slight pressure he slowly inserted the purple tip of the cock into Radha's cunt. Radha was under immense pain and tries to escape but her effort went in vain. With some more pressure Ramesh inserted around 4″ of his huge thick black cock into her tight pink pussy. It was really tight and Radha gulped in pain. Ramesh was caressing her silky hairs and kissing her in her eyes, lips, neck, boobs, etc.

Radha felt the moment of losing her chastity to a big stranger man. Another hard push, and half the cock inserted deep into her pussy. Radha shrieked in pain. Prabhakar on other side with his 9" dick he went on to radha's face and started to carse his cock on her face and he tried to put his cock in her mouth but she shuted her mouth tightly so he cloed her nose after some seconds she opened her mouth to inhale at that time he inserted his cock inside her mouth and started to mouth fuck her at the mean time Ramesh inserted her dick fully inside Radha and now Radha lost her control and started to give full co-operation to them after mouth fucking for about five minutes Prabhakar took coconut oil and applied on the ass of Radha, immediately Radha told to stop him and told that she didn't even let her husband to ass fuck her.

For that Ramesh told so only we are trying to give u the real pleasure, saying this Ramesh got up from Radha and Prabhakar lied on the table and make Radha to sit on his cock showing her back to him and Prabakar pointed his cock to the asshole of Radha and slowly made Radha to sit on the cock and he gave her some gentle push but her ass hole is very tight and she is also feeling pain badly, Ramesh applied some oil on Prabakars tool also and now it became easy for him to enter his tip of the cock into Radha's ass and Radha started to cry in pain.

After lot of struggle he fully inserted his cock inside the ass and now Radha somewhat felt comfortable and they started to and fro motion and now it is Ramesh came forward to enter his tool inside the pussy, Radha told that it will be very painful but Ramesh convinced her by saying it will give more pleasure to her, so she let him to insert his penis and he was fully inside within some 5-7 strokes and now they three are in top pleasure and I was also enjoying the scene and they fucked like this for more than half an hour and they exchanged their position frequently and I was amazed because they both didn't cum till now but Radha cumed almost 7-9 times Radha also asked the same doubt for that they told they had some drugs which stops from cuming for some time and they gave her a tablet.

After some fifteen minutes they both increased their speed and started to groan Radha clearly understood that they are going to cum And asked them not to cum inside her pussy but they told it is an opportunity to her to get a baby which is not possible for her to get if she misses the opportunity because her husband died just a 25-30 days back and she can also cover her pregnancy in the name of her husband, for that she accepted and they increased the speed and one by one cumed inside her pussy and filled her.

By seeing this action I also masturbated there itself and decided to leave the place and come after sometime and the intension to get Radha also increased within me. Just before leaving they started to talked about having some fun tomorrow also, so I eagerly awaited to hear their talk but Radha said that she is too tired and she was not sure about tomorrows fun.

They both were disappointed and me too. Ramesh told that if there is one more women means it will be good And immediately Prabakar told "what about our madam?" I was shocked to hear this and I became angry but I controlled and waited to hear their full conversation, for that Ramesh told great idea dude, immediately Radha feared and told not to even think about that and she told if anyone know the intensions like this means they will kill you, so don't try that.

For the comment of Radha, Ramesh told that we can make her to surrender herself like u surrendered today, then we all can have fun all day but Radha refused the idea and told that she is going to take leave tomorrow and she don't want to involve in those matters. Ramesh told ok we'll take care and we are sure we'll get her. Then they started dressing so I left the place and I don't know what to do.

On that night fully I thought of the Ramesh and Prabakar's idea after some time my mind started to think that can they make my beautiful mom surrender to them and I was excited to see the behavior of mom while the servants approach to her. And I was also interested to see how she behaves to them after having sex with her. After knowing the intentions of servants I was much interested in seeing them in action with my mom.

Next day according to their plan Radha didn't came for work, she took leave by saying that she is not feeling well. When I hear that Radha was on leave I conformed myself that they are going to fuck my beautiful mom. As usual at 9'o clock I leave to my college and in loud voice I told my mom bye and the intention behind saying bye in loud voice is that the servants should know that I left the home.

After half an hour I returned home and I came through the back door of the house which is near Radha's house and I entered into my room and closed the door but I didn't locked it. I went to the balcony which is common balcony for my room and to my mom room, I looked in to the room, my mom was sitting on the bed and she was reading something and I can see Ramesh and Prabakar cleaning the floor of the hall.

I was upset because I thought that servants will be in action with mom, but I decided to wait for sometime and sat on the floor and watched the servants and mom. I can see Ramesh and Prabakar talking something in low voice, I know that they were planning something regarding fucking my mom, I was waiting eagerly to see my mom being fucked up by the servants. After some fifteen minutes I saw both of them were swallowing the tablet and I am sure that was a drug that they used when they fucked Radha and now I became much eager to see them in action.

My mom also saw them while they swallowed the tablet and she asked them what they were swallowing?, for that both of them came into my mom room without telling anything, but with a smile on their face. Mom looked confused Prabakar locked the door and Ramesh sat next to mom and he put his hand on the shoulders of my beautiful mom, she was totally shocked and shouted "how dare you to touch me?" and she understood what they were planning.

She tried to run but Ramesh caught her hand and said "madam you are very intelligent you understood very quickly what we are intend to do?, likewise it is better to co-operate with us" Prabakar said "any way today there is no chance to escape from us if you co-operate there will be less pain and huge enjoyment, so it is better to co-operate with us" Ramesh pulled her towards him she fell on him like a ripen mango.

He then caught both the arms and Prabakar grabbed her from behind. Prabakar said "Oh my madam u are looking so beautiful, your boobs and ass are making me mad on you" saying this he kissed her neck she was almost like sandwich in between them getting crushed by their heavy bodies.

Prabakar opened the clip and her hair fallen on his face And he said "what a hair? I'm interested in seeing her hair in other parts too". she was getting irritated by their talk and movements. Ramesh grabbed her head with his palms and kissed her on forehead eyes her nose and then he started kissing her lips. she tried to get free from the grip of Ramesh but he was very strong for her. She resisted much and sometimes she screamed, By that time Prabakar took off his shirt and pants and was now in inners.

she really got frightened and didn't had any idea what to do. she was struggling to get free but couldn't any how. Then Prabakar caught her hands and Ramesh took off his shirt and pants. She was still struggling to get free from their grip but they were really strong guys. She pleaded them "pls leave me I'll not tell anyone about this and if u want I'll give you money". But they simply laughed and didn't show any mercy on her. Prabakar then grabbed her from behind and pulled her waist towards him.

Ramesh started to suck on her lips but she was resisting very much so he gave her a hard slap and she started weeping and started to scream, to stop her scream Ramesh put his lip on hers she pushed him down and tried to escape but it went in no use. Ramesh got angry and gave her another two hard slaps across her face, she nearly lost her conscious, but they showed no mercy.

Prabakar was now rubbing his hands over her belly and inserting his index finger in her belly button and was simultaneously pressing his dick in the crack of her ass.

Ramesh then pulled her sari out and threw it away. She was now in blouse and petticoat. Prabakar's tongue was running all over her back and he was kissing her violently on her back and biting her neck and ear lobes. Then Prabakar started to open her blouse buttons one by one.

Ramesh pulled her petticoat down. Now she was only in her bra and panty infront of two servants. By now she regained her consciousness but somehow her resistance was less but she was crying.

Then both of them became nude in front of her. Her eyes expanded as she saw their huge dicks Ramesh's dick was 11" inch long and where as Prabakar's was little smaller but not much difference atleast 9" inch long. She was terrified. Then she pleaded again to leave her but they were not going to listen to her. They were now getting horny and excited and they told her "madam by seeing your fear on seeing our cock we think you are not having your sex for long time, am I correct?" Ramesh asked, she kept silent, then again Prabakar asked same question in loud voice she said "yes" in low voice.

Then Prabakar asked her to suck their dicks. she refused, so he gave her another slap which was more powerful than the before one and tears came out of her eyes again. But Prabakar had no effect of her tears. He pulled her hairs and a cry escape out of her mouth which enabled him to put his dick in her mouth. She hated all that but was helpless.

First she felt a bit weird to suck their dicks but they said "madam if u are not sucking my cock means then we'll make you to do well" by hearing this she got more frightened.

So she began to suck their dicks one by one and they both were moaning in pleasure, now she started to obey them and also listening to these words she began to suck more violently and taking their dicks till the fullest length she can. she sucked their tips and their balls. After 10min of sucking Prabakar then Ramesh's pulled her hair and put his dick in her mouth and she sucked for 15 min.

Then Prabakar came back with oil in his hand my mom was confused but I understood what they were going to do she asked them about the oil they said they will let her know later and then they made her stand against the wall.

Prabakar then lowered the straps of her bra and then opened the hook of bra. Her boobs were exposed to them. Both of them and I as well delighted to see her huge boobs. Even at the age of 40 her boobs were not saggy it was looking very firm and I was very interested in touching them, Prabakar took one of them in his hand and started rubbing it very hard pinching her nipples while sucking the other and biting her nipples.

she was crying in pain but her cry had no effect on him. Then Ramesh pulled her panty down. Now she was totally naked in front of two servants. They were now looking her body like hungry dogs.

She have huge, pink nipples, clean shaved pussy and very nice ass. They were very delighted and said "madam though you are not having sex you are maintaining clean shaven pussy and very good structured body". Then Prabakar went near her and started to kiss her lips and sucked them while he started pressing her boobs.

Ramesh was kissing her legs and rubbing her thighs and by now she was co-operating to them and responding to them very well by kissing them back. He was sucking her pussy like hungry dog. He inserted his index finger in her pussy and moans were coming out of her mouth and I was delighted to hear her moans.

He finger fucked her for a long time. He then sucked her pussy for 10min and then she started to twist her body and pushed Ramesh head further in her pussy and she started to moan louder and had the orgasm of her life after long time and he drank all of her liquid and said "madam your juice is very nice ". Prabakar was pressing her boobs violently without any mercy as if she was their randi. Then again suddenly she pleaded to them to leave her but they were not going to stop till they achieve their mission.

Prabakar then lifted her in the arms and lay on the bed and pulled her legs apart as wide as he can she again pleaded him not to insert and break the tradition. But he said that "you bitch you enjoyed till now and asking me to stop now better co-operate with us".

She closed her eyes as she was now going to be fucked anyway today. Then he placed his dick on the opening of her pussy and rubbed his dick on her pussy. While Ramesh came near her and slept besides and was pressing her boobs Now Prabakar was ready to pump his dick inside her pussy. He took her legs in his hands and parted more wide and with one hand hold his dick in his hand placed it on her pussy. Then he made a gentle stroke and his penis head entered in her pussy and made a harder strokes half of his dick entered into my pussy.

He relaxed for a second and gave another harder stroke and his dick totally entered her pussy she started to scream because it has been long time that her pussy was fucked.

He immediately started pumping her. She felt like a hot rod of iron has torn her pussy. She was crying badly. All of her body started to paining badly. He was simply pumping her. After some time her pain seems to be reduced. He was pumping as usual. He pumped her for about 25 minutes and cummed inside her pussy.

Now it was the turn of Ramesh his dick was more longer and thicker than Prabakar's. He too shoved his dick into her pussy. This time she felt much more pain than fucked by Prabakar and this time his cock was also struggling to enter into her pussy and after some hard strokes it entere her pussy.

She was moaning after sometime and she was enjoying it seems. Ramesh made much more harder strokes than Prabakar and was fucking her like a wild lion. He fucked her for 30 minutes and during this time he pressed her boobs very badly. He then lifted her up and made her sit and came in between and facing each other while sitting in her laps and made harder strokes. She was now enjoying the game. He hugged her in a very tight position and her boobs were crushed against his chest. After sometime she saw that Prabakar was erect again and was ready for another trip.

Seeing this Ramesh slowed his fucking speed. And he laid down on the bed with her sitting over him. Then Prabakar tried to penetrate her from behind in her ass. Immediately my beautiful mom told him that it will be painful and asked him not to do that for that he simply smiled and took the oil and applied it on his dick and on her asshole now she was clear why he bought the oil.

But her asshole was too small for his huge lund. So he parted her ass cheeks as much as he can and then he made a harder stroke and his dick penetrated her ass. This time she cried much louder as he had tore her ass apart and blood was oozing out of her ass. They both pumped her for an hour in that position. Her both holes were pumped badly by the two. After a hard pumping Ramesh took out his dick from her pussy and Prabakar made her in the doggy style and Ramesh shove his dick into her mouth.

His dick was coated with cum of all of them. She tried to get away from that dirty thing but no use. Soon Ramesh was over and he threw all his cum in her mouth. Soon Prabakar was too over and cummed in her ass. After relaxing for about 15 minutes they again pumped her. In this way they pumped her for another 3 hours.

And looked they were not going to leave her till night and I became very horny and I hear something fallen in my room and I entered the room and I was shocked to see Radha in there watching me seeing my mom being fucked by those servants. I thought that the servants will not leave my beautiful mom till night and I became very horny as well. Suddenly I heard something fell in my room, so from the balcony I entered into my room and I was shocked to see Radha in there and I'm sure that she must have saw me watching her fucked by the servants.

When Radha saw me she tried to get out of the room, I became nervous and I want to console her and in my mind I thought that this was the good chance to fuck her so I went behind her and pulled her to me by her shoulder and hold her in a tight embrace from behind and started to feel her bare navel with my hands from the side of the saree and kissed her ear lobes, neck, etc, Immediately a light moan came out of her mouth and the small hairs on hands stood up indicating her excitement.

This encouraged me to go further. And my cock became very hard and started to press on her ass crack above her saree. I made her to turn towards me and started to kiss everywhere on her body and finally I locked my lips with hers and started to French kiss her she also responded to me by kissing back.

And when I was about to go further she stopped me and said "shall we go to my house because we might disturb your mom who is having good time in the next room" for that I said yes and we reached her house.

Before going further in action she asked how I know about her being fucked I narrated her from the starting, seeing her fucked and servants decision to fuck my mom, etc, she smiled cunningly. And I enquired her how she caught me, she told that she also want to know whether my mom submitted to them or not so she came there and saw me seeing my mom fucked. Then I told, leave their matter and I went to hug her, again she stopped me and gave the tablet to with stand long time I swallowed and proceeded further.

I slowly started caressing her chest and stomach. I slowly removed her pallu at that time and my cock became very large by seeing her curves and especially her cleavage and her boobs looks like going to bursr out from her blouse because her blouse is that much tight and later only I realized that she is wearing my mom's old blouse which is two size lesser than her actual size.

Then I removed her black Saree totally, now she is in blouse and petticoat. Slowly I started to caress her boobs and thighs, slowly opened her blouse hooks one by one now I removed her blouse now she is in black bra. Wow what a sight that has been for me just like a sex goddess for me she was just awesome. Now I made her hair loose. Slowly from back side I removed hooks of her Bra. All of a sudden my eyes were lightening by seeing her big boobs they were large and huge.

Her boobs were so big and her areola was around 6cms (approx) in diameter if I'm not wrong with 1cm nipple. Her areola is in light brown and I was looking her boobs so close and it absolutely looks like tender coconuts. Then I undid the knot of her petticoat and it felled down making almost naked with only pink panty.

I squeezed her huge butt over the panty. And I put hands on both sides of the panty and lift it by holding them. With that, the back side of the panty got disappeared in-between her butt cheeks. She let out a moan when the panty pressing against her ass hole. I squeezed her ass madly she let out a soft cry and started to moan, she seemed to be getting aroused by this act. And I started pressing her boobs Oh my god! I haven't seen such big boobs ever in my life. They were so nice and round and seemed so soft.

My palms were not enough to keep those biggies. I got mad with the feeling and pressed her breasts so hard making her scream in pain. She got weaker with his acts.

And I understood it was the best time to take her to bed. On the bed i again started licking her boobs and I almost sucked her life out of her. Then my attention was changed into her hairy armpits. I started licking the hair of her armpits while holding her hand over her head. I lifted her head for a while and said, "Oh Radha, your armpits are so salty. Yes dear, those are real womanish armpits with lots of smell." I then came down to her body and stopped at her fleshy belly.

She got aroused by the touch and started struggling. I put his tongue in her deep navel and started moving it round. While doing this, I pulled down her panty and made her completely nude. To my surprise she was completely shaven. First time in front of me one woman was standing completely naked. I stared enjoying her and started running my tongue on each and every part of her sexy body.

And I thought that it was the time to go for the ultimate act. I sat on her body and started removing my cloths. Once I removed my underwear, my big Lund came out like a pressed spring. My cock was 10 inches long and very thick one than my servants with a huge reed top.

She was stunned by seeing it and said Oh my god I haven't seen such a thickest cock in my life. Her mouth got open and I saw a slight fear from her eyes. When I was about to put my cock in her mouth "Oh no&hellip." came out of her mouth. "What's wrong Radha. Haven't you seen a Lund before?" Recently you are given a nice fuck by two big cocks, then what I asked her. "Oooo…h No… It's so much thicker than those cocks." She moaned.

"How big is your husband?" I asked while rubbing the Lund on her cheeks. She felt shy and turned her face away. "Tell me Radha. How big is he?" I asked again. "Mmm&hellip.h o…h not as big as you. Just half of your size" She moaned.

I got even aroused by hearing it. And I tried to insert my cock in her mouth. But her mouth was small to my thick cock. After lots of struggle I inserted1/4th of the cock inside her mouth and started too and fro motion and she co-operated to me well and I caught by her hair and started to fuck her really fast half the size of my thick cock was inside her mouth and fucked her nearly 15 minutes.

Later I felt the pre cum and I don't want to waste my cum in her mouth so I took my cock out of her mouth and I went down to her pussy and started to lick, from the very moment when I started licking she started to moan this made me to go mad for licking and started biting her clit and figure herPussy and did this very fast both licking and figure fucking her she started to scream in unexplainable joy and she started to shout that she can't take it anymore and her thighs started to shiver and I understood that she is going to cum and even she pushed my head away but I didn't let her succeed in pushing me away.

Finally she cum in my mouth and I drank all her juice, then she told that this was the most enjoyable orgasm that she ever had in her life, I thanked for her complement and proceeded to next step.

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I made her to lie on the edge of the bed and positioned my tip of the cock on her pussy and made her to spread her leg to maximum and slowly started to penetrate her "Oooh no it hurts" Radha cried in pain.

But by the time, I was deaf for her cries and my cocks top was now inside her pussy, she lifted her head up and saw my monster disappearing in-between her thighs. And she screamed loud because of maximum pain of her life. I slowly started going up and down and Radha let out a cry for each stroke because of pain. Her big boobs started to jump up and down. After fifteen minutes of struggle I was completely inside her. After reaching the full depth inside her pussy, I started giving her deep strokes.

Radha was struggling with both pain and pleasure. She was unable to hold any more and asked me to slow down. But I got more and more aroused by her cries and moans. It was so hot seen to watch the naked women struggling on the bed, I started to fuck her as fast as I could, she cried because of pain and after fifteen minutes she nearly cum for 7-8 times and her cum juice made some lubrication to her pussy and she started to enjoy the fuck session. I fucked her for some half an hour in different positions and finally it became time for me to cum.


I started to thurst her deep almost talking my cock out fully and thursting it to the maximum depth and I did this very fast and I started to groan, by now she understood that I'm going to cum and she too co-operated to my cock to reach the full depth in her pussy and finally I thurst my cock fully inside and shot a loads of hot cum inside her pussy. Both of us were very much tired because of this entire act.

I was lying on her still my cock inside her pussy for 15 minutes. We both were kissing each other passionately and I was fondling her boobs and played with that for some time. And I slept on other side of her for 10 minutes and when I got up. Radha also got up from the bed and immediately she bend down with some pain.

It seems that my huge member had done some interesting operation inside her. She went to bathroom to get clean up. And came back to room and started getting dress.

She was putting some effort on wear her panty and while having a look at her half covered body, I got hard again. I lean towards Radha and pull her on me by holding her panty. She just said "Oh no, not again" and started to kiss me on my lips. I want to do something different from the previous sex and I told her that I'm going to do something different. She asked what's different, for that I told first suck my cock as good as you can. She also started to suck my cock really good than previous time and this time with lots of struggle she took 3/4th of my cock in her mouth.

And I took my cock out of her mouth and made her to lie on the bed showing her shoulder towards me and tried to part her ass cheeks and she understood what is to come and she begged me not to do this but I consoled her by telling that this is the first time for me and I love ass fucking the women and please co-operate me, she accepted with little hesitation. I happily put my tip of the cock on the entrance of the ass of Radha. And when I tried to push my cock inside as usual because of my thick cock she screamed because of pain but she didn't stopped me this encouraged me and I started to push further, her saliva on my cock helped me little bit to get my tip inside her.

But she can't take anymore so she stopped me and asked me not to penetrate her ass with my thick cock. But I have no idea to stop so I tried to push more inside her ass. 'Oh, no Krishna…please&hellip. Why you are doing this to me' Radha cried. 'You want to know why… This is a dream that I had from the age of 18 years and I was dying for this opportunity to fuck your ass, Not only mine, I'm sure it's a dream of your husband, friends or anyone who sees you to fuck this big ass.

And today, I got that opportunity and I'll not miss that chance for anything. So, don't even think about getting away'. By telling, this I strongly thrust my cock on her ass. Radha almost jump and cried in pain. I became so horny by seeing her act.

I was now pushing again and again my cock inside Radhas ass. And my 10 Inch monster was disappearing more and more in-between her ass. Her cries got louder with each thrust. I saw her butt was shivering with pain.

And finally I went all the way inside her ass and my balls were pressed against her butt. By now I was successfully in and released her hands. Then I put my hands under her armpit from behind and got hold on her boobs. Then I lifted my body up and took the cock half way out, and gave her a deep hard thrust. Radha screamed and struggle hard. But have controlled her well. And gave her another one hard thurst. Then I slowly increased the speed and started fucking her Ass.

My monster was hitting hard against her big butt. And a thump. Thump.' sound came out. Those fleshy buttocks were jumping up and down and I was sure that she had fire inside. She was moaning and by now she started to enjoy the hardest ass fuck of her life and I was also enjoying it. I fucked her like a machine and Radha got weaker and weaker. And finally I groaned loud and pushed her hard against the bed. And my thighs started shaking.

Yes, I was filling her with my thick cum. Radha was feeling my cum inside her ass and she relaxed little bit by losing the grip of the bed. Then after coming I too became tired and fell on the side of the bed. I slept for some time and got up and saw Radha was still sleeping. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself and I want to see my mom.

It was 7'o clock in the evening and I went to my room's balcony and looked into mom's room. There was also all the three of them were sleeping naked. My mom was between the center of two servants. Prabakars mouth was on my beautiful moms boobs and Ramesh hands were on my mom's pussy. That scene made me very horny and created pain in my cock. I slowly entered the room and took the pictures which may be helpful for me in future. I leave the room silently and gone to Radhas house. I slowly entered the room and took the pictures of my mom along with servants, which may be helpful for me in future.

I left the room silently and went to Radhas house. When I reached her house, she was under shower and I waited for her after 5 minutes. She came out with towel tied to her chest which just covers her pussy. She came towards me and asked, what they are doing? Are they finished with her? I told yes but they are still sleeping.

I dragged her towards me and made her sit on my lap and started to kiss her neck and ear lobes and slowly my cock started to gain momentum. She too felt my cock on her ass and told that she was tired so she don't want again. As I was also little bit tired, I responded positively to her. Then she asked me, am I having great lust towards my mom?

I told yes and I showed her the photos I took, she was shocked and asked why I took these photos? I told her, I have lot of lust towards my mom, I am sure I will fuck her. If she resists or she want to tell my dad about my activities means I will blackmail her with these photos.

Radha told that I was really a cunning fellow. I asked Radha to help me in fucking mom she smiled and said that, she'll definitely help me. I became very happy kissed her on lips and she too responded by kissing me back. I don't want Ramesh and Prabakar to know about my plan, so I told Radha to keep my intention as secret. After an hour I again went to my house to check them and I found all the three were dressing up.

My mom told them thanks for giving her wonderful sex which she had after a long time and she gave them Rs.5000 each, but as she doesn't want the relationship to continue, she asked both of them to find another job. Both the servant as well as I was stunned to hear this from mom.

Mom told them that someday this relationship might get revealed to others, so only I am asking both of you to get out. As both of them were very poor they pleaded mom to forgive them.

Both of them promised that they will never repeat this again, until she asked for. Mom thought for a moment and said ok. As the conversation was over I managed to get out of the house and came after fifteen minutes through front door.

As I walked into the house my mom was sitting on the sofa and both of them were ready to leave they said bye to me and went out. I went near mom and asked how was the day passed? She told that it was fantastic and she enjoyed the day and I told that I too had a great day.

A month passed by I didn't saw any change in behavior of mom towards Ramesh and Prabakar. They too also didn't show any change, I am sure this was because of the condition of mom. In that month I had nearly 5 times sex with Radha and she also said that the Ramesh and Prabakar doesn't want to lose job, so only they are not concentrating on mom but they fucked Radha for nearly 7 times in that month, which Radha told me. One day I got a very good opportunity to fuck my mom, at that time my dad as usual went to 15 days business tour and my friends planned to go for Ooty for 10 days and they asked me to arrange for servants to do the works there for 10 days.

Immediately my mind started to think cunningly. As I don't want Ramesh and Prabakar to be around, while I am fucking my mom. I asked both of them to accompany us.

On the day when we are supposed to leave I told that I was not feeling well and I told that I'll send servants to one of my friends house, after so much compulsion my friends agreed to go without me.

I informed mom that I'm having some important work here so I'm not going for Ooty she told that its all right. I sent Ramesh and Prabakar to my friend's house. As Radha heard all my conversation she wished me all the best and gave me the tablets. I ignored the tablets she asked why I showed her another two set of tablets which I got from France. She asked wat was that tablet for.

I explained that the tablet was used by porn stars (men) which help in increasing the segregation of cum and other helps in temporary increase in size of penis and stamina to last for long time.

She told that I'm really a lustful fellow. I planned to fuck my mom in night. So at afternoon, after having lunch, I had one tablet which helps in increasing the segregation of cum (supposed to consume at least before 7 hrs of sex).

Finally time became 9:30 p.m. after having dinner together she went to bed. At that time I had another tablet. I asked Radha her to stay in the hall and I told her if anything I was in need means that I'll call her to help.

She said ok enjoy and kissed me on lips from that time onwards I started to feel pain on my cock. I entered the room and locked the door, I saw my beautiful mom lying on the bed with pink saree. Her navel was exposed and her curvy hip made me mad, I sat beside her and kissed her navel strongly, she woke up with a shock and let out a scream. I quickly closed her mouth, she kept quiet, then she asked me what I was doing here, I explained her about the lust that I had towards her and my intention to fuck her, then mom got up and went far away from me and asked what are you saying?

Are you gone mad and asked me to leave. Then I tried to convince her, but my beautiful mom shouted towards me angrily to leave, I too got angry and I pushed her on bed and said no way I came here to fulfill my great lust towards you and not to leave you.

By hearing this from me she got much angrier and started to beat me, I again pushed her on bed and took my mobile phone and showed her the photos I took while she was with the servants, she was shocked and tears started to flow from her eyes. I went near her and took her hand in mine kept it on my penis and said, you have done this and now you got to do something. Then I said just co-operate with me otherwise I'll show these photos to dad, she didn't tell anything but tears were flowing from her eyes continuously.

Then I made mom sit on the edge of the bed and removed my pants off and then underwear. At that time I felt lot of pain in my cock and I was amazed to see my cock because the tablet I had really worked my cock was grown at least 3-4 inches than my normal cock size of 10 inch that is it looked like it was around 13-14 inches in size. My huge monstrous cock stood out straight pointing at my mom.

The first thing mom said is Oh my God! I cant do this please leave me, it's a sin, I said don't worry mom there is nothing sin it, nothing will happen, you will enjoy it, then I guided her mouth towards my cock, then what followed was the most surprising thing to me which I thought was never going to happen, my beautiful mom closed her eyes and was saying please, while I put my had through her hair and cupped the back of her head and pushed my huge cock against her lips, I heard mom say mmm.

mmm. mmm. no please mmmm. and then with one firm push I could see her open her mouth and my huge tool enter her mouth, It was great to have my beautiful moms mouth on my cock and I let away a loud moan and kept my cock pushing in her mouth, I could hear voices of mmmm.mmm. from her and her hands was on my hands trying to stop me from pushing her face more, it was wonderful to have her lovely lips warped against my monster cock, as my cock grown large.

I wondered how she was going to take such a huge thing fully in her mouth, still only the head of the cock and an inch more was in her mouth, then asked her to take more and pushed more in, till half of my cock went in, I felt the head of my cock push against the back of her throat, then I stopped and put both my hand around her cheek and cupped her cheek in my hands, she was holding on to my hands, then I pulled my cock out slowly.

Then I removed my cock from her mouth and said you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen mom and then asked her to suck my balls and I guided her face to my huge balls, she took each of them in her mouth for about a minute and then I again put my cock near her mouth, this time without saying anything my mom opened her mouth without any resistance and took half of it in her mouth and held it like that and then pulled away and then in again, I was in heaven close my eyes and really enjoy myself, this went on for five minutes and then I said, mom take the whole thing in, this time mom removed my cock and said no I can't, it's too big, I said just push it into your throat and breathe through your mouth(which Radha do while sucking my cock to take whole thing in her mouth), and then mom took my penis again in her mouth and this I put my hands behind her head and pushed her slowly in, after half a little more went in and mom started resisting.

I said shhhh. don't worry, breathe through your mouth and saying so I pushed more and more of my huge cock went in and I could see moms eyes closed until finally her nose touched my pubic hair, I held her there for some time and then pulled out, mom coughed and said please, I simply pushed it in again and deep inside then pulled it out, did this for five minutes, then I sat on the bed and told mom to sit on the floor and take my cock, she immediately kneeled down on the floor and took my penis in her mouth half way and then I pushed her head she took it fully in and this went on for 15 minutes, I could see my mom sweat and me too and I was moaning and moaning and telling mom I love her and so on, and told her, come on sweetheart do it faster and my lovely mom immediately started taking my huge cock in and out of her mouth fast, I could feel the heat on my cock and I felt lot of pain in my cock and I too started to mouth fuck her.

She was not able to cope up with my speed due to my huge cock, now I realized that my cock increased few more inches.

Then I took my whole cock outside and again pulled her towards me and this time she kept her mouth going up and down on my giant cock, She was able to cope up with my rhythm I guess she loved it too.

This went on for five more minutes. After that I made her to lie on the bed and put my hand around her bare waist and pushed it up towards her breasts and pressed it hard, mom let out a moan saying aaaah! ouch! and I pressed her as hard as I could, she was literally screaming saying ouch its paining no. Then we started kissing again and this time mom wrapped her arms around my head and kissed back and then I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes and then I asked are you enjoying mom?

I could see her becoming sad. She said "I just want to make you happy and I don't want to commit sin by fucking with you" and said till now whatever happened is happened leave it and go away, I said no way, from the time I saw you fucked by Ramesh and Prabakar I planned to fuck you, she said no and said it is sin to have sex between mom and son, I became angry and said shut up you prostitute you had sex with servants and all then why can't you have sex with your own son.

She don't know what to say and she said your thing is very huge, I can never take it please, then I said it is just 4 or 5 inches longer than Ramesh cock, so you can take it and said any way I'm going to fuck you so better to co - operate and enjoy rather than putting up a fight, I could see tears in her eyes and she said please.

I just started kissing her madly, I became too hot by just sucking those lovely lips of my beautiful mom, she started saying please this should not happen. I didn't listen to her, I just kept kissing her and both my hands were around her bare waist his thumb pushing into her navel and then cupping both her ass globes and squeezing them.

She seemed to be enjoying because her hands were around my head but she seemed to be afraid. Finally I broke off the kiss and slid the saree pallu, I seen mom naked only from distance and so was very much exited to see her naked body, and I slid down her saree pallu and moved on to her waist and held the saree where she had tucked it in near her navel, She caught my hand and did not allow me to remove it, she hold her saree strongly and pleaded to me saying please I cant do this I'm your mother and you are too big for me, I cant please let me go now, but I just gave a final hard pull and her saree was loose I kissed her and in the process I pulled off her saree fully and threw it away and it landed on the floor!

Then we kissed madly and I pulled her on me and from behind pulled her petticoat up and put my hand on her ass and pressed it and that was when I saw my beautiful moms eyes went up bite her lips herself and I realized she was actually enjoyingI felt myself really lucky, but mom showed resistance while pulling her petticoat down, but I got grip in her panties and pulled her black panties down but her petticoat was still on her, then I lifted her petticoat and saw her lovely ass, milky white and round and plumpy, I then pressed her lovely bare ass and put one finger inside her ass she stopped resisting and was moaning like anything, she was aaahhh aahhaaaahhhh, I pushed it in and out 10 to 15 times and she just kissed me and was shaking, she must have had an orgasm, then pulled away her panties and threw it beside her saree on the floor and she shouted No!

again I kissed her and said remove your blouse mom and saying so I laid her on the bed and got on top of her, she showed some resistance to remove it so I tried to remove it but then finally I saw my beautiful mother opening her blouse for me to enjoy, we were kissing while she removed her blouse and finally that too was thrown away near her saree,She was wearing a black bra, it looked so beautiful and then I put my hand behind her back and unstrapped her bra and pulled it away, that was the treat of my life to see her huge soft breasts in view with oval shaped huge pinkish brown areolas was around 5cms in diameter, it looked so beautiful.

I was just looking at it and then I opened my mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while I pinched the other nipple mom moaned aaaah krishhhh, ooooh please. And then this went on for 15 minutes after which we kissed again, this time more passionately and my mom was mine, I sucked her boobs again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her pussyshe just put her head up and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything, the sexiest cries from my mom really turned me on and I started to suck her trimmed pussy hardly she did not resist one bit, instead she was moaning, I was kissing her knees then moved up and was kissing and licking and biting her thighs, that's when mom did the most beautiful thing, she herself pinched her nipples and pushed her, I again put my face on her pussy and she spread her legs and put it on my shoulders and caught my head and pushed it deeper into her and she started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words I love you!

and then I started bite her clits and inserted one finger and finger fucker her while biting her clits ,She was moaning like anything and pressing and pinching her breasts. This went on for 20 minutes, then finally mom was moaning enough krish, please. enough, I love you these words are said only by her mouth but she kept on pushing my head with her hands and legs and she started to scream I know she was having her orgasm and immediately huge load of her orgasm hit my mouth.

Then after two minutes my mom loosened her grip on my head then I came up and I could see my mom's beautiful pussy, it was reddish. but her hole seemed so small to grown up cock. Then I got up and kissed her a lot and told her to remove the petticoat, she said please don't hurt, be gentle, I said don't worry, it will pain a little, but it will be heaven after that.

I saw her hands move to the nada of her petticoat and she pulled it and the petticoat became loose, I removed it too and threw it on the floor. I could see the fear in her eyes, I heard her ask please wear a condomI said come on mom don't spoil the fun, u didn't asked those workers to wear condom but I'm your son, so don't ask me to wear condom and then I got up and sat and told her to suck my cock, she got up immediately and started sucking like a whore. After 5 mins I got her away and made her lie down, she was all afraid and tears in her eyes, and scared and she said, please I beg you, if it pains me then please leave me alone, and I said don't worry mom.

Saying so I got on top of her with my monster cock hanging and then I put moms legs on either side of my shoulders and kissed her, she kissed me back and then I positioned my monster cock on her tiny pussy and I could see fear in her eyes and she started crying while I started pushing into her, what a beautiful site, I could see her tiny pussy open up to take my cock and it was really stretching, and mom cried out, aahhhh krishhh noooooo its paining.

Please stop, she was literally screaming and crying, her screaming and crying made me more horny, so I started to pump more and more against her wish to stop, I pushed more and she was crying and pleading like anything, then I made my thirsting very slow and gentle, my huge punch was coming in the way so I took it out, my mom said thanks, I said we will try again don't worry my dear mom, she said no but I pulled her to the edge of the bed and had my legs on the floor, perfect position, I again put her legs on my shoulders, she already started crying and this time I told her don't worry honey we'll just try once and then finally I my mom took my cock in her hand and put it against her pussy and I immediately pushed forward and she cried aaaahhhh pleasee!!

no krish!! pleaseee I'll die, I said shut up bitch! I saw her cry and moan, to stop her cry, I said shut up bitch or I'll ram the whole thing in, she said no please slowly and was crying like anything and moaning too and pinching her breasts and touching her pussy where I was entering.

she put two fingers on either side of her pussy and was pulling it apart, Trying to take my cock in, then suddenly I pushed more in nearly half way in her pussy, she really screamed, I said shut up, mom kept quite with tears flowing and she bit her underlip and down it was a beautiful sight to see her little pussy being invaded by my cock, it stretched out and was tightly holding against my huge thing, slowly I again started pushing it and she again said no, then I pulled my cock out and wow, mom pussy was open, I could see inside a bit and again I pushed my cock in and it went half way and then to my mom's surprise, I gave a damn hard push and I could feel my balls against her lovely pussy, and my mom really screamed aahhhh krishhh!

My mom screamed "its pushing against my womb", and then I said, don't worry mom its all in, don't worry, then I started pulling out slowly and pushing back in and mom was still in pain, but she kissed me a lot and wrapped her arms around me, then I started doing it faster, and mom was moaning aaaawww, aaaawww, aaaaah, aaaammmaaa. oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh, kkkkrrrissshhj, aaaahhhh, sloww, please, I love you aaahh, and then I started hammering her damn hard and her pussy lips became damn red.

I pulled it all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole 14 inches inside, she was crying, moaning and kissing and what not, I was happy to see mom enjoy and getting the fuck of her life, that no one else could give her, other than her own son. She was moaning and screaming, kkrriisshh!!! slow please noo, aaahh ooooh and kissing and kissing, I bite her nipples from time to time and then while fucking her hard it was wonderful to see moms breasts bounce up And down so violently and she was moving her head side to side and moaning and biting her lips and kissing my lips and it was wonderful to see her pussy lips tightly clench my cock and milk it out, aaaahh ahhh ooohh went on for 25 minutes and mom tightly clenched me and bit herself, she had her orgasm many times, she said son please stop or I'll surely die.

But I didn't listen to her, just kept on mercilessly ramming in and out of her and then I picked my thrusts pace up and started to groan, she understood that I'm going to cum' she wrapped her legs tightly around me and put her arms around me so tightly, finally I thirsted deep inside her and started to cum deep inside my mom pussy and mom was moaning aaaaaaaah.

aaamm. kkrriisshh.I kept cuming for nearly 1 minute, her pussy was not able to hold all my cum, it overflowed all over her thighs and mine as well and mom said, oh krish there is much so of your cum inside me, I'm full with your sperms, I can feel it, we kept kissing and kissing and then I could see sperms leak from the sides of her pussy and then with a final kiss.

I got up and pulled out my cock, oh my God, my moms pussy was stretched so wide and my semen just flowed out of her pussy and there was slight blood also with it, she was bleeding slightly because of my monster cock, mom could hardly stand, when she stood she was going to fall, I caught her, my sperms mixed with slight blood flowed down her thighs, it was such a beautiful sight, I laid her on the bed and I too laid next to her by sucking her boobs.

I saw Radha seeing all these actions through window from the balcony which is common for my room and my mom room. Our relationship went nicely for a year and half, During this one and a half year I fucked my mom at least thrice a week and she became pregnant two times, she abortion both time, during this time my mom and Radha structure changed, now her structure is 34DD-30-42. Before some years her structure is 34DD-28-38, her butt size increased 4 inches, I think it is due to vigorous fucking by me.

Talking about the structure, previously I got it wrong, recently I found out about how the bra sizes are measured. I think most of u has this doubt, here is an explanation for your understanding. The smallest band size (size in inches just below boobs) is 28. From there it goes 30, 32, 34, 36. The smallest cup size (boobs size) is AA. Smallest to biggest: AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, H. Radha's present structure is 38G-34-44, before that her structure is 38DD-32-40.

In mom and Radha's body the part I love is their boobs and I always used to tell them that I want to taste breast milk. The happy news is Radha became mom for a healthy girl child within a year after her husband death, so it doesn't created any problem. But when Radha was found one month pregnant after three months of her husband death, it created a doubt in my mom's mind and she was sure that her cause for pregnancy is Ramesh and Prabhakar, So to confirm this she one day called Radha to make her to tell the truth without any of our knowledge.

When she asked Radha she refused to say anything, my mom became angry and she threatened to throw her out. Now Radha became very much scared and told everything like my affair with her, my plan to let my mom being fucked by Ramesh and Prabhakar and she also told that Ramesh and Prabhakar don't know about me fucking Radha and mom. Mom was shocked to hear the nasty things about me.

Next day morning while were having our breakfast, my mom was looking me in different way, as I didn't find Radha since morning, I asked mom about Radha. For that she asked me "why do you want to fuck her morning itself?" I was shocked to hear those words and then I tried to divert the topic. For that she told "don't try too much, Radha told me everything about your affair with her and you letting Ramesh and Prabhakar to fuck me". After that for a minute I was silent and don't know what to tell her, interestingly she didn't looked angry.

I myself gathered guts and said "I made them to fuck you because I just want to make you enjoy a most incredible sex and I will make you to enjoy many more incredible sex in future also" she was stunned to hear these words from me, then silently I left the place.

After that incident I didn't talked to my mom and Radha much. After a week my mom came to my room and said "I accept that u gave me incredible fuck and u will give it in future also".

I was happy to hear those words and she asked me why I fucked Radha, I told my liking towards her since 18. Then she asked Radha to come in and said here is your Radha u can fuck her also, I became very happy.

And mom asked Radha how many times I and Ramesh & Prabhakar used to fuck her, Radha told that I will fuck once a week and Ramesh & Prabhakar will fuck atleast four times a week, Mom was shocked and said that Radha you really are one horny lady.

I want to give my mom one incredible sex on her birthday which was three and a half month away, but I didn't have any idea.

I don't want to fuck my mom till her birthday and even I don't want to make Ramesh and Prabhakar fuck her. My mom asked why I'm fucking only Radha and not her. As I want to give her a surprise fucking gift, I told that as Radha is pregnant and cannot be fucked after some days, so I want to fuck her for my satisfaction.

My mom always wants to help poor people, so on her birthday she wanted to do some good to the poor people. One Friday We went to the temple and after worshipping I asked my mom to wait near the gate as I will bring the car from the parking area.

While I was driving towards my mom I found that she was surrounded by beggars she gave them some money and I noticed that most of the male beggars are watching her huge assets in a very lustful way. My mom used to keep the hanky in front folding of her saree and it fell down and one beggar took that without her knowledge and after she came into car I noticed those beggars are sniffing her hanky and they were fighting for hanky.

Then my mind started to think cunningly. Next day I went to those beggars and gave them some money and asked them to make sure that their health is fine.

They were confused, I asked them to take medical checkup but they showed no interest, I took 3 male beggars along with me to the hospital and I asked the doctor to do HIV tests for them.

Doctor told that result will arrive only after 3 months. After that I advised them not to have sex till the results arrive and to make them not to have sex, I told that there is some sort of competition going on, for which they will get bumper prize after the results arrive.


If they have sex in these three months means it will be found out in other test and then u will not receive any prize. For that they told that they were very much bored to fuck the ugly ladies out there, so we can control our urges. But to make sure, after a month I sent one beautiful prostitute to them for fucking for free without their knowledge, but they refused to fuck her. Finally the HIV result arrived and it showed that there is no HIV, my plan almost succeeded.

Then my beautiful mom's birthday also arrived, on the early morning itself me and mom went to the temple and immediately after getting out of car I noticed that those three beggars were looking at my mom lustfully. I asked my mom to go into the temple, those beggars came to me and asked about the bumper prize they were going to receive. I showed my mom who was going towards the temple and asked do you want her bumper, their face turned bright and said sure.

Then I asked them to be ready in an hour. After dropping my mom in home and I picked those 3 beggars and reached home. On that day all the servants were on leave and as usual my dad was also on business trip, so it was only my mom, me and 3 beggars in home. When I brought the beggars into home, mom was irritated and asked me why they were in our house. I took mom to her room and said they are her birthday gift, she was shocked and started to scold me. I made her to calm down and asked "do you want to do some good to the poor people?" she said yes.

I said it is the best thing that she can give to them, and they never fucked beautiful women from high class and no one can give this kind of gift to them except her. After some argument she somewhat calmed down and asked what if they had AIDS or something. For that I gave her their HIV test result. She sat on the bed silently, and then I asked will you give them what they want. She looked at me and said nothing, I understood that before she changes her mind they should start fucking.

Then I called the beggars into the bedroom, showed my mom and said "here is your bumper prize". I went out to the balcony, where I used to watch. Slowly beggars started to touch my mom, mom looked still she was in shock and slowly she turned towards them.

One beggar said "madam thank you for everything because no one is going to give this kind of opportunity" she said it's ok. The beggars looked very sticky and unclean which made my mom uncomfortable. Name of the beggars are Renga, Mari and Muthu. Among them Renga was a well built men and looks somewhat ok, Mari looked very ugly with some stains in his teeth and Muthu is short and fat fellow.

All of them were in between 35-45. Renga was the one leading them, he started to kiss my mom's eyes, nose, neck, etc. Muthu stood behind my mom and started to feel her boobs and mari sat down and started to feel her legs, mom slowly started to make herself comfortable with them.

Renga started to kiss her on lips, my mom also respond to him by crawling her hand behind Renga's back, Mari started to fondle her boobs over the blouse and fondled her navel in the other, he kissed her bare back and neck. Muthu got into the saree and started to kiss her thighs and felt her pussy over her panties. This continued for some five minutes and then they exchanged positions. When Mari came to kiss her lips, mom little bit hesitated because his mouth looked that much ugly, without waiting for her reaction Mari immediately locked his lips with hers and holded her head tight from behind and kissed her for almost 10 minutes, my mom also responded to him.

Now her chemistry with them was very good. Then Mari asked my mom, "madam shall I remove your pallu", for that she told, I'm yours for this full day, so you all can do whatever you want and don't call me Madam, call me Sitha. These words made them very happy and they removed her pallu, they were amazed to see her mountain like boobs, her cleavage and her deep navel. Then they started to kiss her all over the body and then Mari removed her blouse and saw a black bra which was finding it difficult to hold her huge melons, immediately they released the melons also.

Those beggars were amazed to see such a lovely boobs which a having a dark areole, which is 5cms in diameter. Then they went crazy and started to suck and bite her breast one by one, mom closed her eyes and started to enjoy their acts despite of their ugliness. Now my beautiful mom is standing in black panties in front of three ugly beggars. Finally Renga removed the panties, they were much more delighted to see a cleanly shaved pink pussy and my mom is standing like a sex goddess in front of a 3 beggars and then they undressed themselves fully.

There was a shock for my mom and for me as well, because among the three it was Muthu's cock which was unbelievably big and fat as well, who was short and fat. Others cock was somewhat small compared to Muthu's. Mari's cock was ugliest among all. All are in front of her face with the monsters in their hands. Renga asked her to hold and kiss his cock, she did as said.

The kiss of her hot, spongy lips made him moan offf. damn hot ur lips are he cried with passion. Take it in and suck it nicely Sitha, while other two was looking at Renga's face expression. He made to hold her other hand his big monster cock and started fondling her stiff nipples.

Renga's cock was also big that she struggled to take half inside but she was professional in blow job and managed to take a 3/4th deep inside her throat and now with other hand she was massaging Muthu's big cock. Slowly Muthu and Mari's hands cupped her both the melons and started squeezing it hard. Mom wants to cry with pain but no way for the sounds to go out from her mouth. Her eyes were red and tears rolled through her chin.

She was sucking in complete rhythm bearing all the pain, Renga suddenly with a quick push inserted his full length in her throat.

Her eyes bulged out and face becomes red, after giving some strokes inside her throat, then he released his first thick load in her throat which went in her stomach directly. Renga was moaning argghhh. ah. oooofff. what a sexy blower she is and kept his cock inside for some time, then took out, a long stream of his sperms and her saliva hanged from her mouth to his cock.

His cock didn't remain still in the same erection. Others were happy that Renga had finished as they were waiting for their turn. As soon as Renga removed his cock, Muthu showed his cock in front of her face which is very big and certainly smelled disgusting, I can understood this by my mom's expression, I thought that my mom will not take that cock in her mouth, but to my surprise she holded that ugly big cock and guided to her mouth, which was a big mistake.

She could not take it fully as it was an abnormal size but Muthu was forcing hard holding her head from the back. She waved her hands in no signal but Muthu want that to go in her complete. She cried bitterly but sounds were muffled only her .nnnnnn.m.mmmmmmm .annnnn. were coming out. In the mean time Mari was squeezing both her boobs hard with his hands biting her nipples senselessly by watching her sexy face and sexy moanings coming out of her mouth. Mom inspite of her severe pain moved her head here and there trying to pull her head away but all went in pain.

Muthu won in the struggle and his monster cock was completely in her throat with a loud cry from his mouth yeahhhhhhhhh. Her throat was swelled upto her chin and eye balls dropped out from the eyes, she kept beating the ground with both the hands. Muthu was still for a while without any movement and then slowly pulled out his cock.

She gasped some air and coughed a while, again Muthu pushed in completely. Then he started moving his hips like flash in and out with great force and speed. She holded his laps and he was riding hard and hard in her mouth.

Sucking a biggest male penis

In the mean time Renga started to eat her pussy and bite her thighs which created more struggle. Her body started shivering but no pity in any of those eyes, nicely mouth fucked and shot his loads after loads in her.

All she could do is to swallow them, Muthu was happy to realease his first shot and started giving jerks again without any stop. Mari said, enough Muthu she is ours for a day and we have other holes in her body. Muthu took out his cock, immediately mom pushed mari and renga and got up and asked "are u all insane, I almost died" for that Mari told, 'but u are not dead Sitha" and then they asked to lick and clean Muthu's dick, for that she gave a very angry look.

Immediately Mari kissed her lips and said, sitha you are the only one who can give this experience to us, these words calmed her down, then she licked to clean the sperms in muthu's cock. Then they made her stand, Renga and Muthu took one melon each in their mouth, Mari made my mom to extend her leg to get a good view of her pussy and started to suck it. Renga and Muthu bitted, nibbled and chewed her boobs like small babies drinking milk from the breast, Mari to make her aroused started to tease and bite her clitoris in her pussy, these babies have got big strong teeth's which hurted her, but she controlled to make them happy, she just moaned and cried with pleasure and pain.

While sucking the pussy Mari caressed her both the holes which made her moan louder with more feelings. After a few minutes of boobs sucking they started to massage and crush her boobs with their fingers. Her chest was swelled with some marks of their teeth's and was jiggling like huge water balls.

Mari still bite her clitoris which made her week to stand on her legs and fell down, even then he didn't let her go he continued to bite her clitoris which resulted in her first huge orgasm.

They laughed and said now your boobs and pussy look good, her hard boobs were made soft as milk cream. Mari said, now we are going to fuck you Sitha. In this round we want you to make the choice that is which cock in which hole, you can tell this.

Mom was little bit worried of taking any of this in any holes as she was not mentally prepared for such long cocks. Cocks she took in all her life till now were smaller when compared to any of those cocks.

After a minute of thinking, she told Mari Mouth, Muthu Pussy and Renga Ass. She guessed that definitely if Muthu put his one in her ass first means it will be torn. So she accepted the Renga's cock in her Ass as it can somewhat try to accommodate his Cock.

And at the same time she want to give Mari a very nice blow job in return for her great orgasm she ever had. Now they all were happy as they also wanted the same holes to be ploughed by them first. They again made her stand, widened her legs, Muthu knelt in front between her spread legs and Renga went back, knelt in between her ass. Muthu holded her thighs apart and inserted his tongue in her sexy juicy pussy and started licking it.

In the back Renga holded her tight ass parted it and started licking her asshole. Mom was completely aroused of this double action, she moaned louder and louder Mari put his cock near her mouth by standing on the table, she holded the most ugly cock tight and started to suck 3/4th of the cock which is inside her mouth. All her pain was disappeared and her both the hands started fondle heads of those licking dogs as well. She was moaning in pleasure with Mari's cock in her mouth mmmmmm.

.unhhhhhnhnn. .mmmmmm and again her pussy began to flow with her hot juices. Muthu was eagerly swallowing all of this sexy ladies juice.Muthu was abusing my mom, bitch you are soooo. tasty that i will eat your pussy and then told to others that she is ready for the ride of her life. Then they inserted one finger in the tight holes and made it fully lubricant so that she could not get hurt in the first time itself.

Then they inserted two fingers inside her holes and fucked for some time. She screamed with little pain oeeeeee. but Mari holded her head tightly towards his cock. Both of them finished their job and stood up, now Mari was about to reach the climax, mom holded his cock very tightly so it made him to last for some more time and while ejaculating he struggled a lot and finally while cumming he pushed his cock all the way inside her mouth and made her to swallow all his cum.

Now they watched her face and eyes, they were very lusty. They made her lean with her back on the bed and Muthu parted her pussy bent down and licked it again for sometime, inserted his two fingers and gave a finger fuck.

Mom realized that he is ready to dig her pussy, she saw with pity in the eyes of Renga and Mari. Renga noted her position and convinced her dont worry sexy Sitha, he is a nice fucker.

Just a little pain in the starting and then you will be in heaven. She somewhat convinced herself and tried to tell something, but her words were blocked by Renga's cock. She turned her head and waved his hand saying to be gentle. but Muthu enjoyed her afraid eyes and laughed loudly, hold her waist tightly with his hands, placed the head of the cock right at the opening of her pussy. Mari was squeezing and fondling her boobs while Renga fucking her in mouth, Juices were flowing continuously from her vagina.

Muthu started pressing her waist towards his cock and his cock to her pussy. With a loud shout aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann.arrrrrrrrrrr.he slided his cock inside her with a huge thrust. Only half his cock was inside, Mom cried with pain aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn. her mouth wide opened, her eye balls bulged out and black round went up showing complete white balls of eye turned to red with pain due to the severe pain she bitted Renga's cock in her mouth and he too panted in pain aaaaaa.aa.

u bitchhhhhhh. The area was filled with a loud sound like a bomb blasted. Muthu did not showed any pity and started going in and out, after some 10 strokes his cock was fully inside my mom, while Renga pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Tears were flowing continuously from her eyes some blood oozed from her pussy. A pinching pain in her pussy walls made her almost unconscious but the forceful strokes of Muthu was not allowing her to go unconscious also. Her eyes were half closed like someone fully drunken and bite her lower lips. Muthu kept going in and out his full foot length cock, after fucking her for half an hour slowly he found the walls of round small pussy was relaxing and got stretched.

At the same time my mom started moving her waist and again started sucking Renga's cock in passion. She started moaning in pleasure again which made satisfied three beggars, that she is now ok. She looked at them with lust that she wanted more. Mari went below the table and started to insert his finger in her ass.

Then he started to finger fuck her. Mom was gasping air bearing all the internal deep pain like this for the first time. After a fifteen minutes of fuck he pulled his cock out completely, blood started flowing from her pussy.

Then he again inserted it completely in and started moving his hips to and fro in a slow and steady motion. By the time Renga also started ramping her mouth slowly. The sounds like ummmmmm.

anhh. were coming out of her mouth. She had totally lost her conscious of what she was doing, this made her pussy go crazy and started moving her hips to and fro in rhythm. After fucking her slowly for 15 minutes he saw her vagina was stretched nicely so he pulled it out. At the same time Renga also pulled his cock from her mouth and get down from the bed.

But Mari was still playing with her ass, boobs and navel like a child, mom also encouraged him by caressing his head. Now they started to change the position. Now its Renga's turn to ramp her ass. He spread her legs wide opened and took the position in between her legs with his erected long cock in the hand. Muthu inserted his cock in her mouth which was mixed with his precum and her juices, she loved that mixture, ate all and started sucking with great pleasure and Mari started to bite and fondle her swelled boobs and played with her belly button.

She was ready for everything now and started sucking Muthu's long black cock nicely. Renga placed the head of his cock in the opening of her tiny pink asshole. Holded her waist firmly and pushed his cock with a wild force. He made a harsh sound aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh.due to the solid tightness of her little ass. At the same time mom made a loud cry aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. .rrrrr. with her mouth stretched up to her ears inspite of the big cock in her mouth and her eyes almost popped out.

But Renga's cock was just 3/4th the way inside her pussy and she started to shiver due to the unbearable pain in her ass, then after some slow strokes his cock fully entered her tight asshole. He holded for some time, blood oozed from the side walls of her ass. In the mean time Mari brought some ice cubes and ice water and poured it on her pussy. This sent a shocking wave inside her body and it made her pussy to shiver in cold and it little bit shrinked her pussy. Then Mari Started to suck her pussy vigorously, this act made her more aroused and started to push her ass to meet the renga's cock, this act continued for some fifteen minutes and yet again my mom had a shivering orgasm.

Mari drunk all her pussy juice. Both Muthu and Renga looked exhausted but my mom didn't.

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So they lied down on the floor. Now it is Mari's turn to fuck my mom. He said that he was now happy, mom asked why, Mari said "now it is only u and me". Mom smiled and welcomed him to fuck her with a great passionate lip kiss. Mari made mom to lie on the edge of the bed and placed his cock on the edge of her ass and slowly started to penetrate his cock in my mom's ass, though she was fucked by Renga in her ass, she found it difficult to accommodate his cock, it is because Mari's cock is little bit fatter than that of Renga's.

In contrast to other two Mari was very passionate towards fucking mom, after several strokes he got inside mom, the strokes slowly stretched her asshole. He fell on her for a minute and he started to fuck her in a great pace, she enjoyed the fuck thoroughly as her moan said it all mmmmyessssssss&hellip.

Uhhhhyyyyesssss&hellip. llllikkethatttttt… fuckkkkkk&hellip. It&hellip. After some twenty minutes of fucking. Mari pulled his cock out and blood slightly oozed out of her asshole.

They all were very tired and they rested for some fifteen minutes. Mom lied on the bed and 3 of them were lying down. They discussed something and Muthu asked mom, Sitha why don't we try some new position, as mom was ready for all, she said yes. This is the biggest mistake she committed because that position is going to fuck the hell out of her.

Mari lied on the edge of the table and asked to sit on his cock, without much difficulties Mari's cock entered her pussy, she wanted the nice fucking to be continued so she moved her hips up and down fucked herself, then he made mom to lie on him. After that Renga came behind her and placed his cock towards her, mom thought that he was going to penetrate in her ass, but he started to penetrate in her pussy.

She wanted to say something but was muffled by the mouth of Mari. He locked her mouth with his mouth and started sucking it harshly. Renga started moving his hips back and fro quickly, as he settled down to rhythm.

Renga started his ride stroking his back up and down. In a fraction of minutes mom was drowned in passion river making sounds ummmmmm.

anhhhhhhhhhh. .n.i.cc.e. .fu ck. .hard morrrrree. then came the real hell, Muthu stood on the table and placed his cock on the entrance of her ass hole. Mom was terrified and tried to scream but Mari holded her head tight for a kiss. Somehow she released her mouth and said please don't do that. Mari told her "just bear a pain for little time and u said that u are completely ours today and more over this is our only chances please satisfy us".

She bit her teeth and murmured you guys are shutting my mouth by this point every time. Then she said please Muthu please be slow, as it will hurt a lot.

Now they were happy and Muthu slowly started to enter her hole. It created a huge pain to my beautiful mom but she was somewhat able to control her pain. After 20 minutes of struggle mom's hole accepted Muthu's cock completely in.

Then all the four lied motionless for a minute in a position of mari lying on the table on his back mom lying on mari, Muthu lying on mom's back and renga standing infront of the table.

Then slowly they started to move their cocks inside mom's pussy and ass, after some two minutes of fucking they all looked comfortable and mom also started enjoying. Then slowly three of them increased their speed and they started stroking with full force.

The speed made my mom scream like bitch eeeaaa. ann. haaa. oooooooo. mmaaaaaaaa. anhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm. ummmmmmmmm. unnnnnnnnaaaaaananan . eeeeeeee. oooooeeeeeeee. yaaaaa. her sexy voice was giving them more power and their cocks began to grow in her holes ready to be filled. After 30 minutes of fucking one by one shot their heavy gallons of loads in her holes. She moaned ahhhhhhhhhh. dont t.ake. out. please.unnnnnnnn anhmmmm .

They took their cocks out after draining their cum deep in her holes and saw their cums oozing out of her holes mixed with her juice and blood. Mari took the oozing cum of them and swallowed some and spit some in her mouth, she also swallowed those. On seeing all this I cummed myself. Both of them liked the taste of the mixture. Mom was tired enough, but beggars cock didn't loose its rigidness and they were ready for another round.

Now they changed positions. My beautiful mom was not prepared to another round but she was convinced and fucked asusual. After that till morning they fucked her asshole and pussy continuously in turn by turn and in various positions without any break, because they don't want to miss the golden opportunity.

She lost her consciousness sometimes but their hard fuck made her to come again to conscious. But she thoroughly enjoyed this incredible fuck. Next morning when they got ready to go, she gave them a very good blow job, they all cummed deep inside her pussy and I'm sure that their cum must filled her entire womb and I'm sure that their sperm will penetrate her egg.

Then I dropped them in the temple and gave them some money, but they returned the money and said it was the happiest day, so they don't want the money. When I returned home I saw mom was just out from shower and she was finding it very difficult to walk, then she gave me a hug and said thank you for your wonderful birthday present. And she said that she will also give me a very good birthday gift for me on my birthday.

After the incident of my mom fucked by beggars, me and my mom became much more interested in each other and fucked almost every day. But my mom feared and requested me not to bring any outsiders and she told that it might land us in big trouble if any one comes to know about this. Then as usual I shared the incident in the internet and I got lots and lots of response from many readers. Then while chatting with them I became close with one of the reader Rajesh (name changed) and started chatting with him regularly.

Then on one day he asked is there any problem for me to share my mom with him, I thought for a while and I said I have no problem if she agrees to be with him.

Then I asked my mom but she strictly said no and scolded me for sharing these things with my friends. Then I informed rajesh about the problem, but he too not ready to leave the things easily, so he requested me to make my mom chat with him.

Then I somehow persuaded my mom to chat with him in my id kriskriba at gmail.com. Then they chatted something commonly but at the end my mom rejected his proposal to fuck her. But then my mind started to take some evil decisions, I and him planned to rape her and shared many more things, but unfortunately one day my mom somehow opened and read all my mails and she became very angry on my sharing with Rajesh and scolded me a lot and she even stopped talking with me.

Then I felt very disappointed and I gave her id to rajesh and I asked him to try his best. Then I almost stopped chatting with rajesh. Some 4 months passed in the mean time I was into my dad's business and most of the time I was away from home.

I tried many ways to persuade her but she was adamant and ignored me very much, then on one day I tried to talk to her but she didn't even cared to listen to me, I became very furious and slapped her very hard for some 3 or 4 times, she fallen on the floor and she started to cry very loudly luckily there was no one in the home and all the doors and windows were locked. Then I caught her by hair and took her to the bed room and fucked her very hard all the time she was crying, after fucking her I fell asleep for an hour, when I woke up I found my mom crying then only I realized my mistake and asked sorry.

She cursed me badly and said that these things are all happening because of me only and she pleaded that she wants to lead a normal life and told many more things. I felt very bad about myself and decided to stay away from her for someday and I informed her about my decision and begged her forgiveness.

She too felt happy for my decision, so I left to Manchester city of south India to look after one of our business unit. I totally forget about the fact that I Rajesh my mom's ID. Some 6 months passed in between my mom came to my place and stayed for some days, we were behaving in normal mom and son way everything has gone good.

After this only those disastrous incidents happened, on June 2012 one day my mom told that she is going to Delhi to one of her close friend and also a relative son marriage which in fact is true, due to work me and my dad were not able to go with her, so decided to send her alone.

She planned to stay in Delhi for 10 days. Flight and every other things like her stay were arranged. Then exactly on June-16 I received a mail from bank for using debit card to book room in some resort between 24th june to 30th june. The card used was my mom's card but my e-mail id is associated with it.

I was surprised and thought that it was some wrong communication and decided to cross check in my mom's mail-id before enquiring about it in bank. So I logged into my mom's id and stunned to see my mom's entire inbox is filled with Rajesh mail, then I understood that he succeeded in flirting my mom and made her to accept to get fucked by him.

Then I had gone through all her mails which revealed a shock after shock for me. She had a strange desire to get pregnant by Rajesh and she wants to deliver a baby and she wants her breast milk to be sucked out him.

I was totally shattered by reading those mails and I found out that it is my mom who booked hotel in rajesh native place. By knowing all these I became very angry and I want to beat my mom severely and went to home. When I reached home my mom was not there, I decided to wait in home for some time. After some half an hour my mom returned and she was surprised and happy to see me and came near to hug me, I furiously pushed her down and started to kick on her belly, boobs and ass.

She was in pain of her life and could not even shout properly, immediately I closed all the doors, windows and curtains before she shouted. Then I came in and slapped her senselessly and sat on the sofa. After sometime my mom asked why I am doing like this? I got angrier and I dragged her near me and showed her e-mail inbox and asked why is she doing this? Again she cried and asked me who gave her id to Rajesh.

Then only I came to my sense it was me who is responsible for all this mess, I was struck, I don't know what to do? Tears rolled down from my eyes, I went into my room and locked it and I don't know what happened I fell on the floor, I don't know what happened around me.

After sometime I heard someone shouting my name it was my mom shouting and banging the door, with some great difficulty I opened the door and again fell down she poured some water on my face and made me drink water. Slowly I was able to stand and without knowing how to react, I went into bathroom and took bath and came out, my mom asked me to come and take some food, so we both went to dining table and she served food.

I was not able to eat I felt very sorry for my mom and I asked her to forgive me, and I could see tears in her eyes. She too told me sorry and said that she should have been in control. Then we both convinced each other. After that I stayed with my mom for a week and by reading all her e-mail conversation with Rajesh I understood that my mom totally became a sex deprived bitch.

So I decided to make my mom happy but not with Rajesh or myself or someother person, I want my dad to understand her feelings. I requested my dad to come home as I had lot of important things to discuss, he too agreed to come, but then only the real disaster happened, both of us my mom and myself shook to core because of that incident, my dad had heart attack and died.

I want to be with my mom and take good care of her so I decided to dissolve all our business except some, my mom also agreed to that. Now I became somewhat relaxed and had enough time to be with my mom, I understood that she is not at all happy. I thought a lot and decided to make her fantasy come true which gives her some happiness, but if I ask her means she will definitely not accept and I am not sure how her reaction would be if I arrange some surprise.

But I know her well, somewhere in her mind real slut is still there, that slut needs just a spark to come back to life. So I planned something which makes herself to surrender to whoever it is.

I want to take her to some romantic place. I decided the place will be kodaikanalwhere we have our own house. Then I persuaded my mom that both myself and herself need some time off from our routine schedule and suggested to go to kodaikanal, she too accepted my suggestion.

Same day itself we left to kodaikanal, we reached there by early morning of the next day. When we reached there she was very tired, so after having breakfast she went into her room to take some much needed rest.

I was happy because everything is going as per my plan. She almost slept for 3 hours and she started to wake up slowly, when she opened her eyes her heart almost stopped, she started to scream with fear and anger. It was three beggars Muthu, Renga and Mari who tasted my mom in the last story. And she became more nervous when she saw me I was made to sit on the chair in the corner of the room.

She tried to run towards me but Mari put knife close to my neck, mom was shocked and fell on her knees and pleaded to leave us. Muthu with a wicked smile kneeled next to my mom and said how we can leave a goose which lays a golden egg. My mom said that she will give them whatever the sum of money they need, for that Renga laughed loudly and said "money? That we can get at any time, but a rich and beautiful housewife is impossible for us to get and moreover your husband is no more, after hearing that news only we planned to get to you and followed you this far, we asked your son's permission but he denied so only we are treating him like this, if you are not co-operating means we will slit your son's throat" saying this he started to encircle his hand on her bare back.

Her body felt a shiver by his touch but didn't resist and I could see tears from her eyes coming like waterfalls. Mom though that they would fuck her right away but they ordered her to go to next room and told her that they would like her to be dressed up like bride and they gave her a nice red saree and jasmine flower and asked her to wear matching low cut blouse, bra & panties and asked her to wear all the ornaments she brought and to do good make up also.

She moved to next room with tears in her eyes. After that I congratulated them and handed over a handy cam to them, and thought how to use it and asked them to film everything they are going to do. Then I asked them to tie me in a movable chair, which they did. After some 10 minutes my mom came out of the room, everyone present were stunned by her beauty. Then all the three beggars went near my mom and enjoyed her beauty very closely, slowly Mari tried to feel my beautiful mom's bare stomach, suddenly Muthu and Renga shouted "Mari!

Don't you have manners? You are not supposed to touch a woman who is not your wife" saying this they wickedly smiled to Mari, then they took me and my mom to pooja room, I could sense confusion in my mom's mind. They planted handy cam where it covers all happenings in the pooja room, then they made her to sitdown in front of gods and all the three sat surrounding her.

Then they switched on the old tape recorder they brought with them, it started to chant the mantras which are supposed to be chanted at the time of marriage, my mom was shocked to the core and tried to get up and run. Renga immediately got her hand and made her to sit down, I too acted like resisting heavily, and then Mari took the knife and placed it on my hand and even slightly pierced my skin and some blood came out of my skin, and then threatened my mom to sit in her place.

She was too scared and I could hear her trembling breath, even in the coolest climate she is sweating like hell. When the tape recorder chanted to tie the mangalsutra, all the three beggars in one go tied the mangalsutra on her neck. Then all the three applied sindhoor on her forehead just below the hair on head, she looked much more beautiful after applying sindhoor. She cried like hell, I too cried little really but I am doing this for her happiness so I consoled myself.

Then they took me and their newly wedded wife to the hall and placed handy cam in a very perfect position, now Mari exclaimed with happiness that he is going to enjoy his new hot wife. Again Muthu & Renga stopped Mari, Mari looked upset and asked now what? They said that all the three of them are her husbands now, so before starting first night she should serve something, they threatened her by putting knife in my neck that she should behave as a nice wife.

She then in a shaky voice asked them what they would like to have. They asked for a cup of tea. Their wife Sitha went to kitchen and Mari without waiting followed her. My beautiful Mom's ass was swaying from left to right and her boobs were moving up and down like anything. She entered the kitchen and Mari also entered. She started preparing tea and Mari caught hold of her from behind. He was now holding her from behind and started kissing her neck and back. Her back was almost visible as it was a deep back blouse and he kept on kissing her neck, licking her neck and also her back.

He then moved his hands to her boobs and started pressing those melons slowly. Mom closed her eyes and she felt very much humiliated.

Usually a beggar who was supposed to beg for a single rupee is now moving his hand through the outlines of her boobs. He was caressing her skin gently and also pressing boobs and also licking her back. By seeing these I had a hard on now and I found myself masturbating!! He then moved his hand inside her blouse started pressing her boobs over bra. He moved his both hands now and started playing with both boobs. In the meantime mom prepared tea and she filled cups with tea. She tried to move but Mari stopped her.

He was busy playing with her boobs and now he concentrated on nipples. He started pinching her nipples and playing with nipples. Though she doesn't want to entertain these moves, the slut inside her might made her nipples hard by now. Mari was playing with them pinching, pressing, etc., and suddenly something came in his mind and he started pressing her nipples very hard. My mom wanted to scream due to pain but for some reason she did not do it, may be thinking to behave like a nice wife.

He pressed her nipples very hard for almost ten minutes, tears were coming down from her eyes heavily and almost she was about to fall on the ground. Then only he took his hand off the blouse and signaled her to move with tea. Mom reached the room with tea in her hand and she gave tea to all the three beggars. While she bent she gave a clear glimpse of her boobs and her nipples were hard till now! Muthu and Renga also pinched her nipples and played with her boobs. Muthu made her sit on his lap and started to feel her navel and was also kissing her neck.

In the meanwhile Renga moved near her back and started to bite her ear lobes. They were rough guys and were giving lots of pain to my beautiful mom. But she wasn't enjoying all this and she was having pain alone. In the mean time they finished drinking tea, then Renga asked why didn't you put tea for yourself, mom don't know what to say, Mari interrupted and said that there is some tea left over in all the glasses and you drink that.

They offered their leftover tea's for mom to drink that. Mom hesitated to drink, probably because of their disgusting appearance and some foul smell from their mouth. Having no choice she drank the tea left by her ugly husbands. Then Renga put on some music in his tape recorder asked her to start dancing, but mom due to this humiliation started to cry, Muthu with a angry tone told her to behave as a nice wife or else and looked towards me.

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Mom out of fear started to dace to entertain her husbands. Her boobs were bouncing and after being played by these men her boobs grew bigger.

It seems they just wanted to come out and they wanted to be free. Her nipple impression were visible while seeing her in sideways, they were hard and protruded through her blouse. Seemed like her nipples would tear her blouse apart!!! Mari, Renga and Muthu also joined dance with her and they concentrated less on dancing and more on molesting my mom sexy fair body.

Renga was caressing her ass while dancing, Muthu and Mari were playing with her boobs and pressing her boobs and nipples hard while dancing. Mom was crying loud now due to painafter doing this for some time all of them took their dicks out. All dicks were very big, by seeing I thought that their dick grew thicker than before.

I was wondering what would happen to my mom when they would fuck her ass and pussy with such mighty dicks. But I am sure she is a slut and once the fire gets ignited in her she could handle any number of men like them. Then they made their wife Sitha to stand and started to share her body before that they get rid of the saree and now my beautiful mom is showing her globes for the second time to these hungry wolves, but the change is now they are all her husbands. Muthu slided his hand inside her petticoat and started to massage her pussy above her panties, Mari from behind caught hold of her boobs and started to fondle her boobs real hard and Renga with his foul smelling mouth started to kiss all over her body.

But my mom yet didn't show any kind of enjoying pleasure, she just cried due to pain. They undressed themselves and they looked just like ugliest creatures and started to undress their wife Sitha. Now she is standing in her red bra and panties infront of her ugly beggar husbands, now they started to slide their hands inside her bra and panties and started to handle her pussy and boobs real rough, Renga now lip locked her and started to kiss vigorously he bit her lips, tongue, etc., she tried to get away from him due to foul smell but he held her hair tightly and exchanged his saliva with hers.

After some five minutes they asked her to remove all ornaments, while removing ornaments her mangalsutra attaching with ornaments tried to come out but she didn't let mangalsutra go she wore it again, I thought that she will remove once they ask to remove everything else.

She looked stunning with red bra and panties along with mangalsutra and bindi which gives the look of new bride and she was looking like a sexy goddess. After enjoying her beauty in bra and panties they asked her to remove everything else that she is wearing, she hesitated and pleaded them to leave us, they moved their knife towards my throat, waved it below my chin. My mom didn't need another warning; she took her hands to her back and unclasped her bra, allowing it to slowly sliding down to the floor.

Her big boobs bounced back to life with their unexpected freedom. There were gently swaying side by side with gentle eroticism. She then put her finger inside the elastic of her panty and slowly rolled it down towards her knees and then slowly out of her legs. But she didn't removed mangalsutra, may be her subconscious mind accepted those ugly beggars as her husbands. She stood there in her all naked glory, exposed to four sets of hungry eyes, out of which one belonged to her own son.

I wanted to turn my face away from her, as she was noting me at times, but I could not resist the temptation of viewing my naked mom. I was spellbound. I forcible turned my head to other direction, however, i continued stealing the look of my beautiful mothers gorgeous naked body.

I looked at her big bouncy boobs, their dark areoles standing erect in their majestic splendor, the mouth watering mound of her cunt and the dark brown thatch of nicely trimmed hairs starting below her belly button and disappearing between her creamy thighs making a perfect vee. I could feel that the gentle stirring between my thighs was slowly converting into a solid bony hardness.

It seemed like her boobs grew bigger by pressing by these three hunks and looking at the sight of pink nipples over milky white boobs they gone mad and Mari pressed her nipples hard and Renga was smooching her so she was not able to shout but i saw that her eyes got filled with more tears. By seeing her big boobs, sexy ass and shaved pussy Muthu came with an idea, he got some cloth catchers and put them on all over her boobs and they even put those clips on the wall of her pussy which created immense pressure on her private parts.

They directed her to the balcony and made her move in the balcony and terrace on the terrace they made her to lie down with her legs wide open they started to bite all over her body especially on her boobs clit and ass cheeks, her boobs and ass cheeks had a teeth marks which were very deeply buried in her flesh mound.

They made her walk the stairs and also the entire house. She was in pain as the clips were too hard and were pressing her nipples and pussy like hell. Mari was pressing the clips on her pussy very hard so she felt immense pain, Muthu was pressing clips on her milky white globes with all his strength and Renga was crushing her ass cheeks with all his might, at that point of time only there came a positive response from my lovely mom, she pleaded them to do it slowly.

Then when they got bored of this they pulled the clips from her nipples and pussy walls and i could see tiny drops of blood on her nipples caused due to iron clips, there were also dark impressions of iron clips, and they got excited to see the blood drop.

Then they took her near the couch and made her to stand straight. She was all naked and I could see various scars on all over her body caused due to constant humiliation and exploitation.

Then they started to handle their wife Sitha very gently, Mari started to French kiss her very passionately, Renga started to tease her clit and insert one finger inside her pussy and gently stroke her and Muthu started to massage her boobs gently and sucked her boobs and encircled her nipple with his tongue.

Though her heart is not yet ready to co-operate, slowly her body started to betray her by responding to them occasionally like arching her hip towards figure fucking, without knowingly caressing beggars head and suddenly she will realizing it at some point of time.

Then after some time she started to go weak on her balance in standing due to immense pleasure that she is suddenly receiving after hard session. Finally all the four fell on the couch without being able to stand, but all the three were continuing their work without stopping. Within some 2 minutes my mom with a slight moan started to arch back and slightly bite Mari's lips and she crushed the cushion lying behind her head very hard.

Yes she had an orgasm which was overflowing into Renga's mouth even he let some drops down. Then they made her to sit on the couch Mari took out his monstrous dick and directed it towards his Sitha's pussy, he started playing and started touching her pussy lips with his tip. Renga immediately took his dick near her mouth and she she tried to turn away but he holded her chin softly and made her to turn his side and took his dick near her mouth again, she reluctantly opened her mouth then he shoved his dick in and started to slowly mouth fuck her.

Muthu, sitting from behind cupped her big white boobs and pressed them hard. Muthu then pinched her nipples and Mari slowly tried to enter his dick in her pussy. My mom wanted to shout due to pain but she had Renga's dick in her mouth so she wasn't able to shout. Mari found it very hard to enter her pussy and said to others that her pussy is very tight than before and again tried to enter his dick her pussy.

Now mom herself extended her legs more widely to accommodate Mari's dick. He took his hands behind mom and by grabbing her ass he pressed her body over his throbbing manhood. He was about an inch or two shorter than mom.

I could see his cock slowly entering inside mother's beautiful cunt.

Bhabhi ko devar ney chatt pe choda

In a while his entire cock length was immersed inside her pussy, now I could see he is somewhat comfortably taking his dick out and in and she started enjoying it now. Now I couldn't see the grin on my mom's face which she had it during the start of fucking session.

Mari's was pumping and circling in a fierce swinging motion, pulling his cock out of her cunt and then forcing it back into her pussy with all his might. A weird gurgling sound was continuously emanating from his mouth, accompanying his severe thrusting. Suddenly, emitting a sharp choking sound, he grabbed her body muscularly into his arms and jabbed his manhood deep inside her cunt.

I could only guess that he was squirting inside my mom's delicate pussy. By seeing all these action my cock was also tottering violently. I wanted to take it into my hands and relieve its pressing needs, but considering the situation I had to control my urges. After ejaculating his seed inside his wife's pussy, he withdrew his cock, which came out with a mild plop sound.

His cock was rapidly losing its hardness, beads of his frothing cum slowly dripping from his dick. As soon as, Mari moved away from my mom's body, Renga took his place. Muthu shoved his cock infront of my mom's mouth now this time she herself started to suck his cock as per his rhythm and Mari started to suck, crush and play with her boobs and navel.

Mom didn't offer any resistance and did as she was directed to do. She had already been raped many times before, so she knew that she could not avoid another. Her rosy lips were opened showing her inner pinkish depths, her dark brown cunt hair smeared with cum. Mom again caught my sneaking eyes and i felt nervous.

Unsuccessfully, I tried to appear disgusted, but failed to do so. I was sure that mom had noticed my hardness too. Renga position himself between mother's thighs, obscure my view of her delicious cunt. His right hand was between his thighs, griping his cock and guiding it to mom's open cunt. He was running the tip of his shaft along the length of mom's pussy.

After a while, i saw him lifting his ass in the air, his hand holding his cock and positioning it at the entrance of my mom's pussy. Slowly, his hard on moved inch by inch inside my mother's vessel, and then it was completely buried inside her, his hairy balls resting against her white ass cheeks.

Once he inserted his cock fully inside my mom's cunt he waited for few seconds, as if enjoying his time. Then slowly he started fucking my mother. His pumping was rhythmic, now mom started to moan slowly but she wanted to hide that, so she started to bite her lower lips, there is no sound in the house, other than their wild cries and mom's occasional moans.

With every stroke i could see his cock moving completely out of my mom's pussy and again plunging back into her starving depths, his balls striking heavily on her ass. Mom's bearded pussy lips were clinging to his cock during course of it's to and fro movement. I tried to guess how my mother would be feeling; her face was still not showing much emotions. Then Renga increased his tempo and grabbed his wife Sitha's shoulder and started ramming his cock ferociously into her cunt.

He was now thrusting at daunting pace, his throat emitting incoherent guttural sounds. His pumping was reaching to a climax. All of a sudden, with a sharp yell he hurled forward his hips and buried his cock deep inside my mom's pussy. His ass cheeks were completely sucked in as if he wanted to bury his entire pelvic region inside mom's pussy. He was howling rigorously. I knew he was cumming inside my mom's pussy he remained there for a while and then collapsed over my mom's body.

Now it is Muthu's turn who have biggest and thickest cock in their group, without even bothering to give my mom some rest he made my mom to lie in missionary position, the missionary position had positioned their faces away from me and I was directly seeing their genitals which was very close to me, like if I extend my hands means I can grab them.

He raised himself a bit and adjusted the position and angle of his cock so that its head was lying on the crack of mom's pussy. I was able to see everything clearly, he was going to invade the very place which created and expelled me to this world, the place which meant so much to me but nothing to him except merely an object to be enjoyed.

He then held mom's shoulder and lowered his wait slowly. I could see the top of his cock splitting mom's pussy lips and gradually disappearing behind the slit. Within seconds mom's entire pussy was occupied by Muthu's cock but only head of his cock was inside still at least 3/4th of his cock is yet to get inside the hole of glory.

He waited in the same position for few seconds and slowly he started to go in and out of her pussy, amazingly her pussy started to take more and more of his cock inside probably her hole got lubricated by her multiple orgasms she had and the cum of Mari and Renga also helped a lot. After some five minutes of struggle Muthu inserted his entire cock inside her pussy, Mari gave a gasp and waited there for few seconds enjoying his encounter with my mom after long time, relishing the warm welcome which his cock received he raised his waist to start banging her pussy.

This significantly broadened my looking gap and now the complete clear view was available to me, he started positioning mom's pussy and I could see his ugly long black rod moving in and out of vagina of my mom. Mom's pussy had formed a dark ring around her beggar husband's invading cock.

I slightly moved myself from my position to see whether she was enjoying or not, I saw Renga massaging and pinching her one boob and sucking and biting the other boob.

Mari was kissing her very passionately all over her face and also lip locking with her most of the time. In the mean time my mom's eyes were closed and her one hand was resting on the back of Renga and her other hand was resting just above her pussy and very slowly moving up and down, definitely she was enjoying this encounter along with her newly wedded husbands. Suddenly she started trying to twist her body and I noticed her hand near her vagina started to work fast and I could see slight smile along with moan escapes her lips, when she lifted her head to see her pussy rammed by one of her husband she caught me enjoying her encounter, immediately I turned away.

I am sure she was going to get orgasm, so I shifted my attention to their interlocked genitals which also hided me from her sight. I was able to hear her groan and she tightly buried her nails on Muthu's back which clearly was in my view and it confirms she was enjoying. And I saw my mom's pussy is spitting her big orgasm ever. Their genitals which now seemed quite familiar with each other, meanwhile I was able to see few drops of precum had deposited on her pussy lips and Muthu's cock was also wet with my mom's sacred orgasm.

Suddenly Muthu increased his speed and started going for deep penetrations, I understood the sign that he was going to cum and shove his seeds in the fertile pussy of my mom. Muthu went on like that for few minutes and took a very deep stroke almost reaching the cervix-opening of womb and stopped there and sighed heavily. I saw his balls squeezing as he put thick mass of his potent sperms in his wife sitha's fertile pussy which was already filled by her other two husbands.

And he exclaimed "ahhhhh!!! I was waiting for this very moment for a long time without fucking any one". After some few minutes he withdrew his cock from her pussy, to my amazement not much cum had oozed out of her pussy, I am sure that most of his cum was went deep in her pussy mostly in her unprotected womb.

I had an instinct that out of those three it is going to be Muthu's seed which is going to do the trick and her womb was destined to be fallen by him.

By now the other two became hot and their cock became stiff, mom saw desperation in their eyes and she made herself ready for another round but his time Renga told that he wanted her ass, mom was terrorized by this idea, but she didn't objected him instead pleaded him to do it slow. Muthu felt pity for her and said "you are our wife now, we won't hurt you just co-operate with us".

Renga applied some Vaseline on her asshole and also on his dick and started touching her asshole with his dick and now Muthu shoved his dick in her mouth. In the mean time Renga started entering his dick in her ass. Mom felt immense pain in her ass but she had to do this. There is no way for her, with lot of difficulty he entered his dick inside her ass. Now Mari had hard on so he placed his dick near the entrance of the pussy, but mom pleaded not to do so but he turned deaf ear to her and entered his dick in her pussy.

Due to unbearable pain, Mom stopped moving her hips to meet the thrusts of Mari, so he got angry and bite very hard on her boobs due to pain mom started to shiver and move her hips to meet Mari's thrusts, now she had dicks in all her holes. Now mom was in full flow sucking Muthu's dick nicely and Muthu started pinching her swollen nipples. Mari also took one nipple in his mouth and started sucking it.

This continued for another half an hour and they all had cummed in the hole they were fucking. Mom also had multiple orgasms in a single day, which she never experienced. After this they fucked her without giving any gap taking turn after turn and of course in various positions. After some two or three hours they all became very tired, then they noticed me having hard on and Muthu smiled at me, I too smiled back to him. Now it's your turn my dear step son fuck her. Mom suddenly emitted a husky scream and tried to sit and cover her genital.

But she was stopped midway as Mari slapped her across her face, driving her back to couch. She didn't try to move then but started crying. Listen Sitha Renga grunted. If we husbands say something you got to listen, otherwise we'll cut your son's cock and he won't be a man anymore. You want him to be a man? Want him to get married, have kids, then obey us.

I had not expected that the things would turn in this direction, because I had no idea to fuck her. I was afraid how mom will take this. Moments ago, i was enjoying the sight of my mother getting fucked by these beggars. But when they asked me to be a part of it, I felt paralyzed. I could not understand my own reactions. I didn't know whether I felt thrilled by this offer to bring back my sex relationship with my mom.

I was confused and dumbfounded. I could not continue with my dilemma as beggars forced me to my feet and push me forward. I fell forward between the opened thighs of my mother, her charming cunt only few inches away from my lips. I looked, in front of me; the most delightful cunt of universe was lying opened before my eyes. Mom's cunt lips were slightly opened showing its inner pink folds and the divine depth between those pretty lips.

Her dark brown trimmed hairs covering those lips were fully painted with a thick coat of white cum deposited there by her beggar husbands. A small chunk of cum fluid was oozing out of her pussy, slowly trailing towards the narrow valley between her cunt and ass. A peculiar fragrant aroma entered my nostrils, a musky smell of a female cunt filled with her orgasm and three other mans cum, and though pungent in nature it was so intoxicating, that I felt like kissing those opened lips.

Every sniff of her cum coated pussy was driving me crazy, making me realize that i too very much wanted to feel that pussy, very much wanted to fuck that pussy.

I could sense that i was enjoying this deadlock situation. I was no more puzzled as it was now clear to me what i wanted her. As if reading my thoughts from behind, Muthu bent forward and faced me. Nice pussy!

Isn't it? He winked at me. Want to suck her? He put his hand over my head and forced my head towards his wife sita's vis-à-vis my mom's inviting pussy lips. Why don't you just clean your mom's pussy before putting your cock inside her?

He continued bending my head till my face was buried into mother's hot pussy. My lips touched her pussy after long time. I felt cum glued over my lips, nose and chin. With every intake of my breath the sharp smell of my mother's cunt was entering my nasal cavity and driving me to the verge of restlessness. I never knew that the smell of a woman's cunt mixed with cum could be so fascinating.

With my lips buried into my mother's hot pussy filled with beggars cum, i didn't feel any disgust. Lick her cunt!? A call from behind pulled me out of my daydream.

I stick out my tongue and licked her cum dipped pussy, running my tongue along her open slit. A small lump of a mix of male cum and pussy juice entered my mouth. I tasted it hungrily. It was somewhat salty but it was rather tasty and again buried my tongue to pick another sum of cum juice.

Slowly, i licked the entire juice sticking to her pussy. I even licked the juice that had oozed out of her pussy and was deposited into her ass crack. Then i inserted my tongue inside mother's pussy lips. It was also filled with cum and i continued eating cum out of her pussy. My face was completely buried into my mother's cunt and i didn't know how my mom was responding to my sucking. I didn't remember how long i continued licking mother's cunt. I rubbed my tongue along her slit; i drowned my tongue deep inside her pussy.

Slowly, i was able to feel an initiation of mild rhythm in her cunt muscles and I could hear my mom's heavy breath. Gradually, the gentle trembling in her pussy aggravated and all of a sudden, i felt a gush of fluid entering into my mouth. My mom was ejaculating her orgasm into my hungry mouth. Without a whimper, i continued sucking her cunt, drinking every drop of fresh nectar released by her pussy.

Once her throbbing subsided i stopped my lapping and pulled my tongue out of her cunt. My tongue was aching because of the rigorous efforts it had undergone while eating my mother's pussy. I lifted my head away from mother's cunt and looked at mom. Her eyes were closed and her face was emotionless. She had stopped crying. I looked at our spectators who were keenly watching our escapade. All the three smiled at me, shrewdly. They seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the live demonstration of incest sex.

Renga turned to mom who had now opened her eyes, honey, help your son, put his cock inside your pussy. On finding that mom had not responded to his order, he moved from his place, took mother's palm in his hand and kept it over my rigid organ. I could feel my mother's fingers clasping around my hardness. Put it inside? Mari shouted and waved the knife near my manhood, I felt mother's grip stiffening around my cock. Slowly, she pulled my cock forward and planted its swollen head at the entrance of her pussy.

I gently lurched forward. Mom's well fucked pussy opened its gateway without offering any resistance, allowing my organ to trespass into her heavenly depths. Though my cock is thicker than all of them present there because of the earlier fucks she had received moments ago, her cunt were exceptionally lubricated and just with slight struggle my entire cock was buried inside her.

My balls slowly came to rest against her ass. I remained in the position for long, savoring the every moment of blissful delight. I could feel soft muscles of her vagina clasping my cock tightly. My cock seemed to have lost into a hot deep hole, but was not willing to search its way out.

Fuck her!? The command came, again pulling me back to real world. Muthu, Renga and Mari were shouting excitedly fuck her!!!

I bent my body over my mother, gripped her shoulder and started moving my boner in and out of her dripping pussy, pumping my hips rhythmically. With every pull my cock was moving almost out of her cunt and with every thrust it was again immersed into mother's divine pit. With every stroke i could feel mother's cunt releasing and contracting around my cock and then i suddenly felt an unmistakable movement of mother's hips.

She had moved her abdomen with my rhythm but immediately controlled her movement. It gave me a gut feeling that mom too was enjoying our fuck, but in an attempt to prevent showing her true feelings she was trying to appear passive and exerting to control her emotions. The realization gave my cock a new impetus. I increased my movements and my cock was moving fiercely into my mother's pleasure canal.

Our spectators were suddenly alive and all of them moved closer to us. Muthu moved near mom's head. He was again hard. Gripping his cock by his hand he directed it over mother's lips and started massaging her lips with his cock head. Slowly he forced his cock into mother's mouth. I felt a hand over my cock; Mari was feeling my cock moving in and out of mother's pussy.

Then, his fingers glided to mother's clitoris, he slowly griped her clit between his fingers and started rubbing it fervently. Ooohhhhhhh?? A long moan escaped from mother's mouth. Renga started to play with her deep navel by inserting his tongue and fucking it by his tongue and simultaneously pressing her both boobs hard.

Her resistance had reached to its limiting point and it appeared that finally she had surrendered to the overwhelming waves of lust flowing through her body. Her mouth was still filled with a cock, which she had started sucking now. She had stopped all her reluctance and it was clear from the way she started humping me back. With every stroke of mine, she was lifting her ass high in the air to meet my impinging cock and to prevent it from moving out of her delicious folds.

I had never expected her to respond to my fucking, and when she did it, i certainly loved it. The atmosphere in the room was extremely sensational. I was reaching my peak and so was Muthu who was now grunting lecherously.

Mari and Renga were furiously jerking their cock. Mom too was now howling relentlessly, though her wails of passion appeared more like an incoherent grunts.

She had gripped the Muthu's cock by its base and the remaining length of his cock was completely engulfed by her hungry mouth, which she was sucking like a delicious lollypop. Five bodies were approaching to their summit together, four cocks and a cunt; everyone wanted to prolong journey to eternity. I was the first to give in. With a deep cry, i lunged forward and drove my cock deep into mother's pussy, my furiously throbbing cock emitting loads of cum into her delicious pussy.

Muthu was second; with a sharp cry he grabbed mother's head and forced his shooting members into her mouth. Mom didn't shy away a bit and kept on sucking him. Almost instantaneously, i felt mom's cunt shuddering violently along the length of my drowned cock. Her cunt was pulsating involuntarily, alternately gripping and releasing my spitting organ. I was busy relishing the thrill of my mother's vibrating pussy around my manhood, when from the both side Mari and Renga ejaculated their load on mother's belly.

A part of their cum landed over my hands and the sides of my body. Slowly, the jerking in the every organ subsided and house was suddenly silent. Five mortals inside a house in chilly climate were trying to recover from intense fucking. I felt completely drained, slowly letting my body descent over mom's cum coated belly. My cock was still buried into her pussy and i had no intension of pulling it out. My head was resting over mother's tits.

Muthu pulled his cock out of mother's mouth. Mom had sucked every drop of cum out of his cock without wasting a single drop. Her lips were glistening with his cum juice. Finally, three beggars stood from their places. Reluctantly, i had to pull my limp cock out, which came with a loud plop sound. I moved away from mother's body and sat by the wall.

Mom didn't try to move, she continued to lie in the same spread-eagle position, my cum oozing from her open-mouthed cunt. Either she was completely spent with her continuous fucking or now she was not bothered about what was going to happen.

There was pin drop silence. Neither mom nor i said a word. As all of us were very tired we settled in the very place where we are. I don't know how my mom's reaction was going to be, she was avoiding eye contact with me. Only minutes ago our relationship again changed from that of a mother and son to a man and woman. Mom closed her eyes, I too closed my eyes. I didn't remember when the sleep overtook me. When I opened my eyes time was night 9'o clock, all the three beggars were still snoring but my mom was not there, I searched for her and I heard someone taking bath.

I went inside bedroom and waited for her. After some five minutes she came back from the bathroom just tying towel around her body which showed huge cleavage and it hardly covered her ass, she didn't showed any reaction to my presence in the room. I asked her what to do now? shall I throw them out or shall we leave without making any noise, still she didn't showed any response. She kept herself busy in taking her dress.

I was waiting for her response, when she bent to take something I could clearly see her pussy, then she turned suddenly towards me and caught me spying her but she didn't showed any reluctance instead continued her work. I asked her to tell something, then she turned towards mirror and kept Bindi which indicates that the women is married, and then only I noticed that she was still wearing mangalsutra.

She gave answer to my question without answering. I planned to involve beggars because I want the people who fuck my mom should be in my grasp. After my mom Sitha accepted those beggars as her husbands our life totally changed, those filthy beggars fucked her regularly and I too fucked her whenever I felt horny, she didn't mind me fucking her. After a month my mom missed her periods and she told me that she might be pregnant, which was expected but what I didn't expect was she told me that she want to get aborted, I was shocked to hear that.

And asked why she wanted to get abortion, she yelled at me "are you stupid, if someone comes to know about this means our reputation will be gone". I tried to convince her but she was adamant as she wants to get aborted. I asked her to give me one chance to figure out something else other than killing child in her womb.

She gave me one day time. I gave it a serious thought that night and came up with an idea. Next day I called my mom and said that she is going to UK tomorrow itself for dissolving a business over there which will take more time as it involves some legal cases over there. She said, "It is already dissolved know!!!" I said that is how she is going to inform our relatives but originally we are staying in kodaikannal till time comes and the baby which is going to born will be brought up by her only.

She asked me 'why we are taking this risk and what to tell when people who enquires about the child', I said that we are taking this risk to save the life in her womb which also makes her fantasy of getting her lactating boob sucked comes true and we will tell relatives that it was my dad's wish to bring up orphan child as his own. She thought for sometime and took her phone and dialed to her mother (my grandmother) and said that she is going to UK for business purpose and it will take year or more to return.

I was happy that she accepted my idea. Next day we went to hospital for check-up, reports confirmed that she was pregnant. We were happy, while returning home she brought her beggar husbands sweet. When we reached home they were snoring in bedroom, she went inside, waked them up and shared the news, they were overjoyed as rich house wife who is their own wife is going to give birth to beggars child but they were little bit worried because there is every chance for the child to be mine.

But no one was too much worried about that, they straightaway ready for sex, during sex one thing I felt different & also disgusted are they made my mom to spread her pussy and stuffed gulab jaamoons inside her pussy and ate it, actually I vomited by seeing this but to my utter surprise they offered it to my mom and she ate it willingly.

We all fucked her till month three of her pregnancy after that though my mom didn't object for sex, we found that she was facing difficulty while getting fucked, so we stopped fucking her. I know my mom's beggar husbands won't able to control their urges, I judged them correctly, they were not able to control their urges even for a week. They had sex with my mom when I was not in home. Though my mom willingly participated, she was completely exhausted after sex.

Next day I made all of them (including mom) understand about the much needed rest for mom. Beggars explained me that they were not able to control their urges. So I planned to send them for a tour to enjoy, they also happily agreed under two conditions, condition one - they will return to fuck my mom as soon as she delivers baby and condition two they will live a very luxury life while they are on tour, for that I should sponsor without complaining, I agreed to both their conditions.

After they left I took good care of my mom, everything went fine till fourth month of her pregnancy. During her fourth month all her dresses didn't fitted her.

So we both went for shopping to buy her some dress, she opted for cut pieces as we didn't find anything nice in readymade, so we brought some material for short kurta and went to one prominent ladies designer which is also very near to our house. When we reached there it was 3.30p.m, as it was Saturday there was just a woman name Uma around 30 years of age and a man name Chandru around 35 years of age, and they are husband and wife and also owner of the shop, shop looked very good with a big hall and with some four or five rooms which were also big.

Then Uma took measurements and Chandru noted it down. After two days Chandru came to home and delivered clothe, then he asked mom to try and give her feedback, mom went inside her room to try those dress. In the mean time we two chatted for some time and found that he was a very soft guy, within five minutes mom came out wearing newly stitched sleeveless short kurta.

She looked great my mom was very happy but I found the dress was looking very fit that it will not fit maybe after a month, my mom too had a same doubt. For that Chandru told that the cloth can be expanded if it became tight, I asked him 'how?' Chandru asked mom to come near us and lifted bottom of the kurta gently till her hips but not exposing her and showed stitched area on both right & left side inside out and said that he stitched the cloth by double folding which can be expanded.

And to make us more satisfied with his stitching he asked my mom to lift her hands above her head, she was surprised and looked at me, I too was little bit surprised by his request, he understood our surprise and immediately apologized and said that he just want to explain the advantages that the dress has.

I nodded my mom to lift her hands, she with slight hesitation lifted her hand and exposed her armpit in sleeveless short kurta to me and Chandru, then he slightly slide his hands inside her kurta and took inside out and showed us there too he stitched the cloth by folding which can be expanded, while explaining his stitching credentials he brushed his fingers in mom's armpits, though me and my mom were surprised by his actions he kept his face in such a way that he is a gentleman and he is not doing anything wrong.

I and my mom thought to ourselves that these things are common in his profession so only he is not bothering or reacting to his actions. He said that if my mom feels the dress need to be expanded he asked us to call his wife, so she will come and collect the cloth as the shop is very near to the house. By telling, that his wife will come and collect the cloth he made himself out of suspicion by us. After some twenty days as expected her dress became tight, I informed Chandru, within half an hour his wife Uma came and collected the dresses, and within another half an hour they refitted and delivered those dresses.

Uma told that still dress can be expanded so asked mom to call them if the dress need to be expanded. We were happy by their service, myself and mom felt sorry for being suspicious on Chandru when he tried to explain about comforts of the dress stitched by him. As mom felt bored she started to call Uma frequently for chit chat, Chandru too came along with his wife Uma every time. Soon mom and Uma became very good friends which I too didn't bother to question as she wanted to kill time.

After some thirty days it was almost my mom's sixth month of pregnancy again her dresses became tight, this time my mom called and Chandru picked the phone and said that his wife will be there in ten minutes. After ten minutes Uma came and collected mom's dress and they had little chat and said that she will return her dress in half an hour and then she left.

Suddenly after some ten minutes my phone rang and it was one important appointment which I had to go, when I informed my mom about phone call she became very upset as she had to be alone. While I was leaving mom asked me to drop her in Uma's shop as it will be boring for her to sit alone in the house, I too thought that it was great idea, because it will take more time for me to return, so I dropped her infront of Uma's shop and left, within a minute I received a message stating that appointment was cancelled due to some problem.

Then out of no option I headed back to home, I parked car in my house and walked to tailors shop, when I entered the shop there was no one as that day was Saturday.

My mom, Uma and Chandru were also missing, when I was about to call out my mom loudly I heard mom's voice in one of the room there. I entered room one, there was no one and voice was coming from adjacent room. It was Chandru's voice, he said that he will bring another magazine and left that room and rushed to the main door and locked it, I found something fishy in his activity and decided to wait for sometime in the same room. He took one magazine lying on the table and again entered that room, as I wanted to see what is happening in the next room, I looked around and found one window connecting to next room near storing slab.

I climbed to it which was very comfortable for me to sit and look into next room which provides full view to next room. From that view I was able to see everything clearly. My mom was sitting on the bed and viewing some magazine, Chandru entered into the room with another magazine in his hand and he handed over it to my mom saying that dresses in the magazine are available with him.

Mom took it from him and looked into it and said 'there are lots of designs, do you have all these? Chandru replied positively and waited for her selection, mom saw some dresses and said that she don't think that any of the model suits her, and she continued that she never wore any other dress other than saree, kurta and salwars.

For that Chandru told 'madam I think you are underestimating yourself, if you don't mind please come and stand infront of the mirror and look for yourself', mom said 'it's ok, leave it' but Chandru compelled and made her to stand infront of mirror and said 'look at yourself madam, though you are pregnant you didn't have any extra fat to reduces your beauty' mom slightly smiled and said 'still she don't think that those dresses will suit me'.

Chandru immediately took one dress and handed over to her and asked her to try it, though she wasn't interested he forced her to try it. She went into trial room which was in the same room after five minutes she came out, I and Chandru both were stunned, she looked amazing in that dress. Dress worn by my mom was just like the dress worn by women in the link below, but the colour was white tops and faded blue jeans. http://thestir.cafemom.com/pregnancy.es_controversy But my mom told that she was not feeling comfortable with the pant she was wearing.

Chandru told that there is no chance for that, because he brought those dress by having her figure in mind, mom with a light smile told that he may have got her figure wrong. Chandru asked mom to hold on and went near her and said 'I think you are not wearing your pant properly madam', without waiting for her response he just caught her pant in thigh area and dragged it down, then went behind her and lifted her tops and slid his hand in her back pockets which was right on top on her mountain ass and pulled it down until cleavage between her ass cheeks revealed.

And he wasn't yet completed his examination, now by hugging her from behind with both hands he slide his entire thumb inside her pant above pant button and asked mom 'is it ok now madam, do you feel comfortable now' asking this he pressed his crotch tightly on her ass, and by burying his nose inside my mom's hair he smelled her femininity, I'm sure my mom must have felt his hard cock on her ass, as a result she exclaimed 'what are you doing?' and she started to struggle to get rid of his lock, he understood that and left her and said sorry he just checked whether pant was fit or not and he adjudged pant is fit.

Mom too was happy, as it looked great on her and said to him that she was buying it. And said that she is feeling tired so she was leaving. As soon as she told that he felt too sad and he tried to bring up different topics, as a result his voice trembled, mom probably understood that and asked 'did you want to tell me something?' Immediately he brought one more cloth and said 'this will look great on you and you will feel more comfortable to wear it than previous one'. As she was prepared to leave she told him that she will try it in home and if it suits her means she will pay otherwise she will return.

But he insisted her to try it there itself, mom grudgingly took that and went into changing room. As soon as she went into changing room he jumped up in joy, now I'm sure he is going to seduce her, but other thing what made me much more interested was, he was planning to seduce a five and a half+ pregnant and that too she is my hot mom Sitha.

All the time when she was in changing room many things ran through my mind like, 'will my mom risk her child to have pleasure? Does she became such a bitch to have pleasure even in this state' whatever it is I'm going to get answers for those question in few minutes. But I prepared myself to save my mom if she really doesn't want to have sex.

Both myself and Chandru were eagerly waiting for my mom, in a minute I hear mom's voice from changing room, 'Chandru this dress looks very odd on me I don't want to come out in this dress and I don't want this dress', immediately Chandru said 'madam like I said before, I think you are under estimating yourself, please come out I will make you comfortable with it'. After a minute I heard the sound of door opening and I could see my mom coming out wearing the dress which is in the link below http://www.glitter.si/wp-content/upl.hes-images.jpg She looked awesome and I could see Chandru's jaw dropped, as the dress was low neck, there was huge feast for our eyes in the form of my mom's cleavage.

Mom said that she was feeling odd to wear that dress, definitely reason should be because of her cleavage, and anyone can say that by looking at her. But Chandru had different ideas, as if he doesn't know anything he asked mom why she was saying that dress is odd? Due to shyness mom said that she doesn't know why?

And she said to leave that matter, but Chandru had no plan to leave it. He again and again asked her why she was saying that. Finally mom asked 'are you not seeing it?', Chandru by keeping his face innocently asked 'seeing what?' my mom blushed and said 'my cleavage'.

Chandru exclaimed 'oh cleavage!!! Sorry madam I didn't noticed it properly' saying this he went very close to her, he almost touched her protruding pregnant belly and saw her cleavage. Mom due to shyness turned her face away, he asked my mom 'madam if you don't mind please turn around' saying this without waiting for her response he caught my mom by her shoulder and made her to turn backwards and without bothering to ask her, he took her bundled hair and tried to put it on her front, that is on her boobs, on the process he hardly brushed his hand on upper part of her boobs.

Mom immediately with a light shiver asked 'what are you doing?' He calmly replied that he want to have a good view of her back portion to identify what is creating huge cleavage. As mom doesn't know what to say, she kept mum. After having a good look of her back, he said that he had found the problem, mom asked 'what was it?' Chandru said that madam 'it is your bra which is creating huge cleavage, you should not wear bra for this kind of dress, so I suggest you to remove your bra'.

Mom said 'ok I will remove whenever I wear this dress'. Chandru objected 'but madam, before buying you should make sure whether this dress looks good on you without wearing bra, because we won't take returns after purchasing'. Mom asked 'what you want me to do?' Chandru said 'you don't worry madam I will make it right'. As he was standing behind her he unbuckled her bra in a flash, my mom didn't had enough time to react, he came in front of her and asked her to lift her hand above her head.

Mom just now got time to react, she with a husky voice asked 'what are you doing?' Chandru said that he is just doing his job and he asked mom to co-operate to complete his work, and mom without knowing what to do she just lifted her hands which made her boobs to go up. He then undid her bra straps and also straps of the dress. Now my mom was holding her dress by crossed hands on her boobs, now Chandru got very close to her, his hard dick pressed against her pregnant belly.

As soon as he pressed his dick on her, my mom returned back to her sense and turned away from him and in few seconds she removed her bra and put straps of the dress back on her shoulders without flashing her boobs to him but she flashed her armpits in the process, which was enough for him to make his next move. After dressing properly mom said that now her dress was looking good and tried to get into change room, but now Chandru started to make some bold moves, he stopped my mom by holding her shoulder and said 'madam I think you are having excess hair in your armpit, you should remove it'.

Mom said that she will remove it when she gets home and as she got away from his glitches, she tried to rush into changing room. But Chandru got her hand and said 'madam it will be difficult for you to shave it by yourself, I will help you, I am very much experienced in this' now he started to brush his palm all the way from her wrist to her armpit.

Without waiting for her further reply he started to rub his palm on her armpit. Now my mom was totally turned on by this act, Chandru started to lift her hand above to get good view of her armpit, my mom unwillingly lifted her hand. That was it he was very near to what he wanted, he forced mom to lie on bed and expose her armpits. He brought some water in one vessel and pouch which contained razor and some other thing, and then he seated himself near my mom.

He started to brush my mom's right armpit slowly, due to uncomfort my mom started to twist her body, he then placed his other palm on left armpit and started brushing it. He did like this for almost five minutes, my mom was out of patience and asked 'do you really need to brush like this' Chandru with excitement in his face said 'of course yes madam it will make your armpit hairs to go easy while shaving it off'.

After five more minutes he took the water and started to sprinkle it on my mom's armpit, as soon as water touched her skin, she almost shouted 'it is very cold'. Immediately Chandru replied 'madam we have to do it in cold water only' he again started to sprinkle more water on her armpits in the process he purposely spilled some waters on her boobs. Climate that day in kodaikannal was very chill. As soon as water spilled, her nipples started to get hard, that made very clear impression over her dress.

Chandru said 'madam your dress is getting drenched in water below your armpits, so you should just get rid of the straps of your dress' without bothering for her reply Chandru himself undid the straps in a flash.

Mom didn't know what just happened, to protect her body from getting flashed she holded her dress by her chest, he argued with mom for holding her dress, he asked mom how he can shave her armpits if she brings her hand down. So with no option she lifted her hand above letting her dress cover her boob without being strapped. He sprinkled some more water and now started to massage again, this time he is doing it with more pressure, he started to go down and down, in the process he dragged her cloth down now her upper part of the areole came into view.

Mom without knowing what to do just closed her eyes. He started to move his hands sideways, he started to do it hardly by pressing and slowly moving his fingers on the sideline of her boobs. He started to touch upper part of her boobs, now inch by inch he started to bring his hand down and applied more pressure. Now my mom started to twist her legs, definitely he made my mom wet, I could understand that by witnessing her facial reactions as she bit her lower lips, as she can't hold that any more she asked to stop it and asked him to shave.

Chandru understood her situation completely and he said 'one more process should be done before shaving your armpit' mom asked him to finish it fast. She again closed her eyes, to her surprise Chandru started to lick her armpits, mom opened her eyes and tried to get up but he held her shoulders strongly and started to lick her other armpit strongly.

Now mom started to pled him 'Chandru please stop it, this will hurt my child please' Chandru lifted his head and said 'don't worry madam I'm expert in fucking a pregnant women, I fucked my wife till her ninth month, my child was not at all hurt' hearing this my mom's physical resistance subsided but she said 'please Chandru stop it, please don't do it to me' though she was pleading, she was not showing any resistance physically.

This encouraged him and started to proceed in full mood, her hairy armpits seemed to excite him. Faltering with pleasure he fell upon her and began playing with the hair on her armpits. He then licked both armpits for a long time. After doing that, he got up and sat on the bed beside her. He pulled up her dress right up to hips and started touching her vagina over her panty.

He put his face close to it and began smelling it! Then Chandru caught my mom's legs and roughly pulled my mom, to lie on the centre of the bed. His enormous penis kept agonizing wildly with lust. He then began to feel her legs with his hands, going from her feet, gradually right upto her thighs.

Her thighs seemed to excite him a lot. He then bent down and started licking her thighs. My mom was feeling all kinds of sensations, as he licked her thighs and I know that by now her vagina should be moist. He then began nibble her thighs and as his lust grew, he began biting them hard. His bites were becoming painful. He then roughly turned my mom sideways, He began to fondle and pump her buttocks with his hands over her panty. He started to bite her buttocks and thighs very roughly.

My mom was in pain and probably enjoying all his bites, as there was no resistance from her. Chandru said, 'madam, you have lovely thighs and ample fleshy buttocks, for a pregnant woman. I am really enjoying playing and biting them'. He asked my mom, 'madam, do you have shaved pussy or hairy pussy?' My mom said, 'I haven't shaved my private parts since I became pregnant, he asked, 'So, does your pussy have as much thick hair, like you have in your armpits, or is it much more?' My mom replied shyly, 'I don't know'.

He grined with pleasure and began removing her panty. He removed it completely and hurled it away. He spread her thighs apart and began staring at her hairy vagina for a long time. Her vagina had an unusually thick growth of silky, black and curly hair. She felt humiliated and ashamed, for exposing her vagina, to a tailor who was also a complete stranger. But, she just kept quiet as she had no option as she was under complete control of her own lust for sex.

He said, 'Madam, I am amazed! What a thick growth of curly hair, you have on your cunt! What a beautiful, fleshy & pouting cunt you have! Wow! Now that your cunt has become my personal property, I am going to enjoy playing with it today' saying so, he began playing with her curly pubic hair.

He put his face next to my mom's vagina and started sniffing. He made my mom to spread her legs as wide as she can and started to eat her pussy, he almost inserted his nose inside her pussy and started to engulf her pungent smell of my mom's pussy, then he thrust one finger gradually into her vagina and began slowly taking his finger, in an out. My mom was getting excited by the kind of feeling she was receiving after after long time and her vagina started watering.

Chandru now started licking all over her pussy. My mom was getting very excited, she started to arch and twist her body. With his finger still in her vagina, he suddenly poked another finger into her anus. She was shocked. Reluctantly her anus closed itself and he was unable to insert his finger into her anus. He coarsely said, 'Madam, do not be afraid. Just relax. I wish to feel your ass-hole. Relax and loosen it, so that my finger can go inside'. As soon as he made this statement my mom began to plead 'please I don't want to do it, I won't be able to bare this pain'.

Chandru said, 'madam this is one way, there is no going back and I can assure you I won't hurt you or your baby I will be gentle, though it hurts little bit it will subside in matter of minute, now just relax yourself'.

She tried to relax her body, so that her anus would become normal and he could do what he wanted. Gradually her anus relaxed and he started thrust his finger little by little into it, until his full finger disappeared into her. Chandru now started massaging her anus and vagina simultaneously and thrusting his fingers in and out of them. His action was so crude and so vulgar. But, at the same time, she was getting more excited.

He kept moving both his fingers in and out of her vagina and anus for a long time, all the while licking and sniffing her vagina. After some time, he removed his fingers and sniffed at them. Chandru once again spread her thighs wide and once again began staring at her vagina. He put his mouth to her vagina and thrust his tongue into her. Cuddling his nose in between her vaginal lips, he started licking her clitoris softly, making my mom jump sharply, every time he hit g-spot.

He was looking into my mom's eyes, and said 'madam I'm going to taste every inch of your body which gives pleasure for me, since I fucked my wife when she was pregnant I was completely lost into its pleasure, after her delivery even though I fuck her regularly I didn't get satisfied, but I'm sure you will satisfy me today, will you satisfy me madam?

Will you?' for that my mom without answering started to moan loudly. He with a smile encircled his tongue all around her vagina, working it against her pussy and then inside. He shoved his tongue as far as he could, he heard appreciative little moaning sounds of my mom.

He rolled his tongue all over inside her vagina, while flicking it over her clitoris. He happily said, 'madam, your cunt tastes so good. May be better than my wife's when she was pregnant and for your information your pussy is watering like a fountain' she was embarrassed with shame listening to him.

While thrusting his tongue in and out of her vagina, he thrust one finger into her anus once again and started moving that too, in and out of her body. Despite her loathing, she was getting very excited and her vagina got very wet. She began moaning slowly. I was also got excited to see Chandru's tongue in my pregnant mom's vagina, Chandru started tapping his tongue over her clitoris.

After some time, Chandru hastily removed his finger from her anus and got up. He said, 'it's enough now please raise your legs as far as you can and spread your thighs wide apart. You need to position your pussy properly so that it will take my cock happily'. Mom stopped him and said 'please lubricate it otherwise it will pain a lot', Chandru said 'I don't want to use any artificial lubrication, if you want means do it in natural way'.

Mom understood what he wants, she kneeled on bed and stood straight and lifted her hands above her head, which signaled him to remove her dress and then he stood up and made my mom naked by removing the dress.

After three month I am seeing my mom completely naked, her breasts grew very much and her areole was enlarged than before and her perky nipples were standing straight. He moved his face close to hers and started staring at her whole body.

He touched her lips with his fingers and traced his fingers over her cheeks and hair. He lightly kissed my mom on her lips. Chandru asked, 'madam, you are so beautiful. What is your age madam?' she replied, 'I am 43 years old' Chandru said 'madam but you are looking really young, madam please get down from the bed and stand in front of me.

I wish to see your beautiful body' subserviently my mom got down from the bed and stood retiringly in front of him. He kept staring at her and then turned her around. He touched her long plaited hair and caressed it.

He slowly again turned her around, to face him. And he said, 'madam you have such lovely breasts. They look so appealing, so large, round and fleshy really beautiful. Madam see here madam my cock has stood erect just by looking at them'.

My mom shyly turned her face away. He then removed his shirt. My mom in the corner of her eyes glanced up. His chest was huge it was fair with brown hair, as soon as he removed his shirt she was able to figure out his huge cock it stretched out his pant completely. My mom and I could make out that he had a huge erection. Just like my mom I too was little bit worried looking at the size of his erection because there is every chance that the child may get hurt by it. Chandru went behind my mom and hugged her.

His huge erection was poking in between her buttocks. He caught her breasts from behind and started lightly fondling them, while pressing his erection into her ass crack. He kissed and nibbled at the back of her neck, saying, 'madam your breasts are really big and I am sure you can keep lot of milk in it'. He then asked my mom, 'madam, when your husband died?' my mom(lied) 'five month back' and he asked 'how many people fucked you other than your husband?' my mom kept her face as if she was shocked at his question and replied, 'No I would never do such sinful things, my husband and I loved each other, I would never even think of letting another man touch me' caressing her hips, he asked, ' Really?

Pressing his erection further into her ass crack, he asked, 'What was the size of his erect cock?' my mom said, 'I do not know Chandru' he asked, 'tell me the length and thickness approximately madam' my mom replied, 'Maybe around 6 inches in length and maybe around 1½ to 2 inch in thickness'.

Pressing her ass by his cock much harder, he asked, 'When was the last time he fucked you?' she replied, 'It was the night before his death'.

He came up to her front all the while staring at her body, pulled her close and kissed her pushing his tongue, deep into her mouth, while his hands were manipulating her breasts.

Then he knelt in front of her and began licking and kissing her thighs. As his lust grew, he began biting her thighs, gradually the intensity of his bites increased and they became painful, but my mom stood there silently, enduring his painful bites on her thighs, probably she didn't wish to put his mood off.

Chandru removed his dress completely. His cock was rampant erect with lust. He again caressed her breasts for a while. He then made my mom sit on the bed and bent down and had a close look on my mom's large and round nipples which seem to have excited him! He immediately started squeezing her nipples, he said 'madam, you have dazzling breasts with such stunning nipples!

I have never seen such out-standing nipples in my life ever!' He then got up and stood in front of her. my mom was looking down shyly, he brought his cock close to my mom's face and asked, 'madam, what do you think of my cock?

Is it nice? Is it massive, as compared to your husband?' she was feeling so shy and did not respond. She kept looking down silently. He lifted my mom's face and said, 'madam, don't feel shy, it is going to tear open your cunt in a short while! Come on touch it!' he caught her hand and placed it on his mammoth organ, she deftly touched it. His cock has several veins protruded from the sides running the full length of his cock from the base to the head. I could clearly see the veins on his penis, stretched taut, with lust.

I could sense my mom was horrified with fear, at the thought of how her pussy would be able to accommodate and in a disbelief of it will not hurt her baby, she continued staring at it. Chandru said, 'madam, I want you to suck my cock, right down your throat' out of patience his hands snaked through my mom's hair and pulled her close, positioning her head just where he wanted.

My mom nervously extended both her hands and clasped his penis. Slowly she pulled his foreskin down to fully expose his globular head.

She stared at it for some time, and her hands went downwards to clutch his huge testicles. Chandru was babbling with pleasure. My mom stroked his erect penis with her right hand, while softly grabbing and pumping his enormous testicles with her left palm. This continued for quite some time, while Chandru was relishing the pleasure that my mom's hands were giving to his penis. His passion was rising.

As she was massaging his cock with her hands, he caught her breasts and squeezed them roughly, tuning her nipples very hard which made her excited too. Her pussy started getting more wet. I was sick with shame and also with excitement, that my pregnant mom was getting fucked by a tailor. Chandru withdrew his penis from my mom's mouth and said, 'madam I think lubrication up to this level is enough, what do you think madam?', my mom just nodded her head indicating 'yes'.

Then he made my mom to lie on bed and stared at her for few seconds questionably, my mom understood his thoughts and turned sideways raised one leg as far as she can and spread her thighs wide apart. Her body was almost curled up and Chandru by lying sideways behind her placed his cock on the heavenly gate of my mom's pussy. He once again inserted one finger into her vagina and began massaging her. He was helping her to get wet enough to accommodate his cock. She timidly told him, 'Chandru, I really wish to give you pleasure, but I'm really scared that your penis may hurt my baby, please stop when I say so'.

Chandru replied, 'madam as I already told you I am an expert in fucking pregnant women so don't worry at all you may feel my cock touching your womb but it won't do any harm, so just enjoy it'. I could see my mom was engrossed with fear, at the thought that her child may get hurt by his penis, but at the same time she has slight belief on Chandru as he was an expert in fucking pregnant women but as far as I am concerned she given up herself to have a pleasure.

She closed her eyes and tried to focus her energy on relaxing her body to receive his cock. He toyed with her vagina for a few minutes, jabbing the thick head of his dick against mom's pussy and slid it up and down, rubbing it in, between the slits of her vagina. He then took his enormous cock in his hand and started lightly beating it around her clitoris.

Finally he began inserting the huge globular head of his penis into her vagina. Fretfully my mom spread her thighs further to be able to accommodate him easier. She strut herself for the pain. He pushed forward a little and the purple head slowly parted her pink vaginal lips. Her pink pussy lips were really being stretched, she struggled to give her best to accommodate him.

Her mouth opened in surprise and she wheezed, 'Oh God!' He pushed a little more, her vaginal lips made a strange sucking sound as they closed around the crown of his cock. He now tried to push further into her. Pushed as he might, the head of his penis filled her up already! She lifted her head and saw that still 3/4th of his cock is still outside waiting to enter into her heavenly hole. She stared at Chandru with shock and fear.

She knew that he would not let her go without thrusting his full cock into her. Chandru pulled his cock out, he brushed it on her wet pussy and then slipped his cock's head in, again.

She groaned, as it slipped into her, this time considerably easier than the first time. He began to thrust into the entrance to her vagina, my mom was loosening up slowly, with every push, and he was able to throb his cock slowly into her vagina.

He suddenly grabbed her pregnant belly by hips, and poke his organ deeper into her very slowly, as she chuck her head ferociously in sideways. She just laid there, softly sniveling, 'please slowly, slowly'. Chandru managed drill at least 3/4th of his organ inside my mom. His cock was stretching the walls of her vagina, wider and wider, with every thrust.

With a huge forward thrust, his penis reached the bottom wall of her pussy and next to that lies cervix and next to that baby, but still some cock is left outside, Now his organ head slammed right up against her cervix.

She stared at him, with her open-mouth and said, 'Chandru please I am in pain now', and she pleaded 'enough please stop no more. You have reached the end of my vagina. Please stop further thrusting more of your organ into me, it will hurt my baby'. He simply smiled and said 'madam it will not hurt you or your baby, nothing will happen just co-operate'. She stared at him with wide eyes, as he again started thrusting into her again. He firmly grabbed her pregnant belly and asked her to spread her thighs even wider and started slowly to slide his cock in and out which is already in her pussy.

She wheezed and arched her back and started to huff and moan. Tears from her eyes started to come out more and more every time when his huge organ thudded against her cervix. He again pulled out, until only the head remained lodged inside her vagina. He laid himself behind her and roughly grabbed her breasts in his hands and began to pinch and nibble upon them. She moaned as he teasingly pulled at her swollen nipples very harder Chandru asked 'madam you like my cock inside your cunt, don't you?

You want me to slide it fully inside you?' now the head of Chandru's penis was still half entrenched inside my mom. With a powerful jerk, he thrust his hips forward and slammed his penis into her with one solid thrust, it almost pierced her womb and I could see her entire eye ball popped out of her eye sockets. Still his cock didn't enter my mom fully. Then slowly he began to slide his cock in and out of her with slow even strokes.

My mom began to huff and moan. He avoided clunking against her womb and pleased himself with a good, solid intercourse instead. He continued like this for another ten minutes, now both of them were huffing and moaning.

Her vagina was driving him wild and soon his penis became puffed-up with my mom's juice and his precum. I got a feeling that maybe he was ready to ejaculate his sperms, into her pussy. He stared at my mom and both of them looked into each other's eyes. There was mad lust in Chandru's eyes as well as in my mom's eyes.

There were still some more part of his cock that my mom's pussy had not yet lodged. I could see that he was now determined to push his whole organ into my mom. Now he again started pushing his cock deeper into her.

He started to really spread my mom's vagina open. My mom howled as he thrust forward. Chandru encircled his hand around my mom's pregnant belly from behind and pulled her against him. My mom whimpered as the head of Chandru's penis, knocked against her cervix. Slow and gentle thrust, each forward thrust hitting her womb.

My mom was in tremendous pain, as she screams and jumps her hips. My mom spread her legs as wide as possible to house his cock inside her. Chandru stopped jabbing and just simply pushed forward.

My mom screamed as his penis started to spread her insides wide. The back of her vagina was soft, but extremely narrow. His penis head pushing against that rubbery barricade was causing my mom experience more fear than horrific pain.

But his thick and swollen globular cock head kept drilling into the deepest part of my mom's pussy with remorseless forward pressure. I could see both of them were floating in sweat though climate in Kodaikannal was nerve chilling.

My mom was crying & sobbing with severe pain now, but not caring about her pain he kept pushing his rock hard penis into her. In the middle of her terrible pain Chandru's penis spread the muscles of her cervical ring wider and wider apart. The hard tip of his cock head was now actually piercing through her narrowest of openings. My mom with tears rolling down like waterfalls, again pleaded, 'Chandru it is paining me too much, you are tearing me apart, please remove your cock orelse definitely my baby will die'.

Instead of listening to her pleading, he thrust his organ head into my mom more vehemently. My mom gritted her teeth with closed eyes and she bite her lower lip very heavily which even bleeded. Then my mom exclaimed with crying out loudly due to pain, cervix was forced apart and then his organ head was through it!

My mom gave a harsh cry as the fat head pushed past her cervix, inching its way almost into her womb. And finally his testicles slammed up against her moist vaginal lips and the head of his penis connected with her womb. Now his cock was in all the way! He had realized his dream finally. Despite my mom's terrible pain, she was amazed at what he had done to her.

She was simply was awe-struck that he had managed to thrust his entire organ through her vagina and further through her cervix, so deep almost into her womb which I and her husbands hesitated to do. My must have been excited that she was able to enjoy pleasure while she was pregnant.

As a matter of fact, deftly pleasurable sensations developed deep in my mom by having sex while she was pregnant. Her eyes were now as big as saucers, as she felt the swollen & excruciating head of his cock tickle her womb where her baby was housed. Now her fear was slowly subsiding and she was gradually getting session of pleasure. My mom emitted continuous short grunts and arched her head back.

Now Chandru withdrew his penis from her vagina very slowly. The oozing from her vagina and Chandru's pre-cum dripped off the tip of his penis, mom stared at it, her lust started to grew, and her breasts were propel up like cones, her nipples were saluting chandru's manliness. He again spread her thighs, my mom held onto him and gave a little yelp of protest when the swollen and bulbous head of Chandru's penis tickled her vaginal lips.

He held onto her firmly and skate his cock inch by inch. His hands clasped around her pregnant belly, my mom grunted and groaned, as it slowly drilled into her moist pussy. My mom had been superbly wetted and it slipped in rather easily, Chandru gave her body another thrust upwards. Half of his penis was inside my mom now, he let go of her waist and cupped her breasts in his hands instead and used them as a hand-hold to guide her.

He began to roughly squeeze & knead her breasts and my mom gave a groan, as his thumbs rolled over her nipples. Seventy percent of his penis disappeared inside my mom, although she was not seeing, she must have felt how wide her vagina was being stretched around the massive girth of Chandru's cock.

Every second Chandru was pusing his cock more and more into my mom's pussy, she began groaning, 'Chandru slowly our cock is hurting me again'. But he just kept forcing his cock inside my mom. Though my mom was in pain, she held on to one of her boobs and guided chandru's cock right into her pussy, at the sametime she emitted a loud cry, as more of his penis pushed through her cervix into her womb, he kept his penis in her cervical ring still for a moment.

He seemed to be gathering his breath, suddenly, with a powerful thrust, he tore through her cervical ring and embedded his vast rock hard penis almost into her womb, and it might have almost hit her baby. My mom out of cautiousness to protect her baby tried to get up from bed. But Chandru holded her boobs strongly and said 'It's ok madam, your pussy has swallowed my whole cock. And it is completely into your cunt, it isn't knocking your baby.

So relax, I will keep it still so that you can get used to the size, only when your pain eases, I will fuck you'. As said he again kept his organ completely still, deep in my mom. Both of them were breathing rapidly and sweating profusely.

They lay still, her pain was easing off and gradually, her excitement returnedmy mom slowly thrust her hips up a bit further onto Chandru's cock to accommodate him better.


Chandru felt comfortable and now he began thrusting his penis deep in and out of her womb, with the pleasure that she began getting, she emanated a deep vibrate gush and drew her nails down on his thighs. He again stabbed his cock with force, she gave a little cry and braced her hands on his hip, and she began to meet his thrusts into her, with her own thrusts towards his cock. Her eyes closed and her hands dig into his thighs.

Every time when his balls collided on her pussy she grunted, as the globular head of his penis repeatedly thudded through her cervix. Chandru cupped my mom's breasts in his palms and pulled it towards him, put the left one into his mouth and began to suck and pull on her other nipple, slurping his tongue over her nipples and teasingly pulling at them with his teeth.

Chandru now began to thrust faster and faster with total agitation, my mom started to scream and moan as his cock pound in and out of her. Chandru grabbed my mom's swollen breasts tightly and dug his nails on it and started to rammed almost into her womb all the way violently, lifting and lowering my mom's small body, I could sense her orgasm building up, as my mom started to meet his thundering thrusts.

Chandru too noted that my mom was reaching her peak, so he began to drive his penis all the out and again stroking it violently all the way in, this made her excitement to climb rapidly.

Both of them were gasping for their huge orgasm. My mom's climax was building up faster and she could not control herself any longer, finally her orgasm burst out with a loud cry. But Chandru continued sadistically thrusting my mom's pussy, her juices were bubbling and oozing out of her vagina. I wasn't able to control myself I drew my cock out and started to masturbate, my mom caught chandru's hair who was ramming her from behind, bit her lower lips very hard and grunted heavily and tried to move her hips violently to meet his thrusts.

I had never seen my mom this much wild. Chandru with a huge thrust reached deep inside which knocked my mom's womb and rested his cock for few seconds there, that which allowed her orgasm to subside. Her whole body was shuddering and shaking, and again she exploded her orgasm heavily. Chandru relaxed for few minutes by laying still. After sometime without a word he slowly lifted himself all the way up and rammed his cock all the way in my mom scream as he pumped his penis viciously up and down.

It looked like his violent force was knocking her womb repeatedly, as my mom slightly tried to avoid his high rising thrusts from her partner. Chandru understood this and said that nothing will happen to her baby and asked her to co-operate with him fully, she obeyed him by not avoiding his thrusts. His speed was increasing, I guessed that he was about to ejaculate into my mom, shoving and plunging of his penis was creating enormous friction between my mom's vagina and his penis, which was driving him insane and trying to maximize his speed by every stroke, my mom moaned and scratched, as his groin slammed against her vagina with every thrust.

He shut his eyes gasping, and grabbed her pregnant belly and dragged into him, with every ferocious stroke, with a huge roar he emptied his loads and load of semen into her, definitely it might have entered my mom's womb, he must have fired-off half a liter sperm inside her womb, mean while he digged his teeth into my mom's back just below her shoulder.

After lying in the same position for 10 minutes, my mom pushed herself up and separated herself from him. And then both of them went inside bathroom and I left to home wondering will my mom share this experience with me or not. After some one hour my mom came home with limping legs.

As I enquired about it, to my surprise my mom told the truth, as I too want to be true I too told, that I watched them having sex, for a second my mom was surprised but she didn't reacted about it any further. To make the story more interesting, in this story I'm going to introduce a new character, Madhu my pregnant sister who lives in abroad. Here I'm going to continue from the previous story. After seeing my mom having sex with tailor, I left to home wondering will my mom share this experience with me or not.

After some one hour my mom came home with limping legs. As I enquired about it, to my surprise my mom told the truth, as I too want to be true, I too told her ,that I watched them having sex, for a second my mom was surprised but she didn't reacted about it any further and she gave a slight smile. After that incident I had sex with my mom till her pregnancy reached eighth month, after that due to fear we didn't had sex.

During ninth month my mom gave birth to a girl baby, luckily baby wasn't like beggars or like me, baby was somewhat like my mom. I felt very happy as baby didn't looked like any of us, but as soon as my mom's beggar husbands saw photos of the baby, they were very much disappointed as baby didn't looked like any of them. They said that they will return after six months, on one hand I was happy for their decision as they will not disturb me and my mom, on the other hand I am not happy because the money I spent for them reached eight digits.

When I informed about their spending to my mom, she just laughed and said 'they are your step fathers don't keep accounts for their spending', I was surprised to hear those words from my mom. After a month of my mom's delivery she started working out to get back in shape though she was not that much out of shape. As planned before my mom informed her mother, my sister Madhu (new character) and other relatives that she adopted a child which was the last wish of my dad, they too didn't object for it, as it was my dad's wish.

After one month my sister Madhu who is in abroad delivered a baby, me and my mom went to see her. She had great difficulty to manage the baby as she doesn't anyone there to look after her, her husband requested my mom's guidance to manage the baby.

My mom and I felt pity for her and offered to take Madhu and baby with us to our house, after lot of thinking my brother in law agreed for it. Madhu was very happy, but I was little bit worried, because my mom should be very careful about her baby and much bigger worry for me was my mom's beggar husbands.

As soon as we reached home I warned mom not breastfeed her child infront of Madhu. Madhu was very much attracted to my mom's child, who according to her was adopted child. She looked after my mom's child also like her own often she breast fed to mom's child also, this forced mom to quit breast feeding which resulted in breast engorgement. My mom's breast started to leak and swell, my mom tried her best with the breast pump which didn't gave expected result. But my mom didn't asked for my help and first of all she didn't even discussed this problem with me.

I figured out her uneasiness and enquired about it, then only she shared her problem. Then I expected that my mom will ask for my help for which I'm eagerly waiting, but she didn't asked for my help. Then I myself came forward to suck out her milk, but she rejected my proposal and dropped a bomb on my head by saying, "I don't want your help, I want my husbands help only, please bring them back as soon as possible".

I was stunned by her answer, whenever she said that they were my step fathers or her husbands I thought that she is making fun, but now I understood that she was saying all that for real.

All these kind of behavior of my mom made me wonder what else she have in mind about them, what are all she would sacrifice for her beggar husbands. This behavior totally upset me, next day my mom started to leak her milk more, her left boob made some wet patches on her dress also. Madhu noticed wet patch and enquired about it, but my mom lied and convinced my sister by telling that it was sweat or something.

By seeing my mom's attitude I could understand that she was in severe pain, in the night my mom slept early saying that she was not well. I know she was in immense pain, Madhu took both the child to her room that night. I went to mom's room after my sister slept, my mom hasn't slept she was trying to pump the excess milk that was stocked inside her tanker, as soon as I entered she kept milk pump aside and acted as if she was normal.

I went near her and asked, "mom why are you avoiding me, I will help you out" but my mom irritated me by saying that she wants only her husbands to suck her boobs. I was very much irritated and I don't want to argue with her anymore, so I silently left the room and slept in my room, in the midnight around two I heard someone weeping, it was my mom sitting on my bed and weeping.

When I enquired about it, she said that she was not able to bear the pain in her boobs and she asked me for help. Though I was angry because of her behavior I was happy because I am going to taste my mom's milk, I said 'don't worry mom I will help you out', I assured her and laid my head on her lap and removed the end of her sari. Her blouse was almost at the brink of tearing off. Though I know my mom's boob well it doesn't looked familiar to me because the size of her boob increased very much due to 'mother of a child' status that she acquired very recently and another reason must be her breast has the stock milk of past two days.

She somehow unhooked the bottom three hooks and forced out one of her huge breast. It was swollen with milk and was quite huge. Her nipple was dark brown and was projecting out, her areole's size increased. I moved my mouth towards her nipple took it gently in my mouth and started sucking it very slowly to tease my mom who is in heavy pain, she yelled out, "what are you doing? Please do it properly" I asked her to calm down and again started to suck my mom's breast with some pressure, now my mom's nectar pot started to release its nectar slowly, after about a minute when it received enough stimulation from my lips it started to flow little more than before.

I was able to feel my mom's stiffen body was starting to get relaxed as milk from her boobs started to spurt in my mouth. In the mean time, may be out of much relived pressure in one breast, her other breast slowly started to release the drip milk spontaneously.

I was surprised by the gush of her warm milk leaking by its own in her other breast. My mom's milk was thin, a little salty but I liked her milk. At first I had her nipple alone in my mouth, then as I sucked her more and more, she bent towards my face more, which made her breasts to get squeezed on my face.

I then took her entire areola in my mouth and even some part of her breast, I saw her eyes were closed I thought that she was enjoying my act. Later I increased my speed and emptied her breast in a few minutes but I kept on sucking her breast, but my mom to my unwillingness she pulled her breast away from me.

I could sense that she was not willing to have any intercourse with me. She looked somewhat relaxed, as the pressure evaded in one breast. Her other boob was still releasing the milk by itself and her blouse and belly were wet with it. She then wiped her belly and breast with the end of her sari. Even though she wiped her breast it was still wet as her breast was releasing the milk automatically.

By completely removing her blouse, my mom indicated that her other boob was ready to get nursing. I took her other breast in my mouth as she took a very deep breathe. I started to suck the salty nectar from her breast as her other breast laid on my chest. I decided to make a move, I slowly placed my hand on my mom's boobs and tried to cup it. But my mom pushed my hands away, I was surprised and also confused by mom's behavior, so I kept silent and concentrated on emptying her milk.

After a few minutes I emptied all her milk, this time also I continued to suck even though it was empty, she too knew it was empty she stared into my eyes I could sense some anger in her face but ignored it and kept on sucking, she too didn't stopped me.

After some time I was frustrated as she wasn't showing any interest in me, I left her breast and got up suddenly, she also got up and looked at me. I turned away my face in anger she understood that and said sorry to me, I asked why she was behaving like that and said I was very much hurt by her act. She said, "sorry, my husbands asked me not to give my milk to anyone other than baby as they want to taste it in second place next to baby, but today I broke that promise that was why I was upset, other than that no regrets towards you" saying this she went out of my room.

I was awestruck by her answer and now I am sure she was very very firm in her relationship with those beggars and I don't know what to do. Next day I woke up very late and found that my mom was yet to wake, so to pass some time I went to sister Madhu's room. As I don't want to wake up baby's I entered her room without knocking and found that she too was sleeping, and that day only I looked at Madhu's figure for first time in my life. She looked stunning, let me describe about her.

Age 27 two years elder to me, she is fair and looks beautiful, height is five feet 4 inches, measurement 34-24-35 and her bra size is 34D. When I saw her lying on the bed it looked like some angel was lying on the bed, I went close to her and saw her assets which were not covered properly. I could see her perky nipples which were standing straight and also I could see stains caused by her lactating breasts on her light colored blouse and her curvy hips, by seeing all these I wasn't able to control myself.

I decided to walk out before things go out of hand, so I walked out. From then on my concentration shifted towards my sister Madhu, I never missed a chance to get an ample view of her assets, and tried & succeeded in touching her boobs in the name of playing with the baby's. My urge towards her was growing more and more, but I don't know whether to take a bold step or not. Days passed by, one day I got a call from beggars and they said that they are returning home, but I don't want them in home as Madhu was in house.

But when I told my mom that her beggar husbands were returning, I saw a delight on her face and she said not to tell them that I drank her milk. Seeing my mom's excitement I understood though those beggars control their urges my mom won't be able to control her urge, so I warned her about the presence of Madhu, then only I could sense some fear on her face, and I said that I am going to send them back to the place where they came from.

My mom was shocked by my decision and begged me not to do that, I was confused what to do with my mom, my mom assured me that nothing will go wrong and said that we will make them to stay in outhouse by saying that they were workers to help out.

Though I was irritated by my mom, I felt pity on her and said ok to her plan. Then the day came and I went to pick up my mom's beggar husbands from airport. They were overjoyed to see me and asked about their wife and they felt disappointed as she didn't come to pick them. I convinced them and took them to one coffee shop and explained the situation in home, they looked worried and confused.

I want more fear in them to stop them from doing any stupid things. So I told them that "if my sister finds out affair between them and my mom and complains to relatives or police means definitely you all will be hanged to death" as soon as I told these words they were terrorized and shocked to core. Then Muthu asked me to give some money so that they can stay in some hotel or lodge, but I said that, "you all have already blown away a large sum of money, so I am not going to give you guy's money anymore, if you all want means come with me and stay in outhouse".

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As they didn't had any option they accepted my offer to stay in outhouse. I introduced them to Madhu as new workers. They were all totally disappointed, as they had luxury life just days before arriving there but now they were workers in their wife's house.

Mom was not able to control her emotions towards those beggars, as Madhu was there she somehow hide her emotions. I assured my mom that I will take her to them at right time, that day night as soon as Madhu slept I took my mom to outhouse. They too were eagerly waiting to have my mom on their bed.

As my mom entered their room immediately they all started to kiss my mom all over her body and they slowed down gradually and asked about the child, she told that the baby was with Madhu she will bring some time later. Then they started to share their experience. My mom was also hearing their experience like a traditional and conservative wife.

They brought some gifts for her and they had sex asusual. While having sex they enquired whether she gave milk to me, my mom said 'no' and looked towards me. To make her happy I too told that though I asked her for milk she refused to give me. They were happy to hear that and had great sex with great enthusiasm, during intercourse they totally sucked out her milk and chewed her breast till it became red.

Next few days my mom and beggar's behaved normal, and I found out that those beggars developed a new habit of drinking costly wines, so they asked for more money but I refused to give them money. They complained this to mom, though my mom asked me to give them money, I clearly rejected by saying that they have already blown away enough money. I requested mom to advice her husbands to go to some work rather than fucking and snoring always, mom was totally upset with me but asked me to give them some easy ideas to earn money.

While surfing through internet for business ideas, I came across an article stating raising demand for breast milk. That article goes on like rich young mothers are not interested in feeding their children, because feeding makes boobs saggy, there was also phone number for contact. Out of curiosity I called that number and a man answered it, I enquired about the article, he told that it was true and he was mediator for breast milk and said that he will give one lakh rupees per liter and the conditions he said was, one milk has to be delivered to customer within six hours, which he will do it by himself but we have to deliver it to him within 3 hours from extracting it, two he will test the milk on the spot and pay it, three minimum quantity that he will take is 1½ liters, as soon as I heard those conditions lots of plan flooded into my head.

I knew if I propose this idea to my mom means she will reject it then and there. So I decided to open this idea when my mom and beggars are all together, so that day night at 11 pm I went to outhouse and found that my mom's beggar husbands were busy in sucking out my mom's precious milk.

I interrupted them and shared the business idea of demand for breast milk, as expected my mom rejected that idea, but I saw a delight in those beggars face. Now as I expected they all started to beg my mom, Renga kissed my mom's naked breast and said, "Please Sitha we don't want to leave this golden opportunity and it will take very less effort". Now they all began to beg her. At last as she had no options left she accepted.

Two days later, on afternoon when Madhu slept we all went to outhouse and they started to extract milk, at first as soon as the hands of Muthu touched my mom's breast, milk started to flow out, at the same time Mari was putting pressure on my mom's other breast and extracting milk, but my mom's boobs stopped giving milk when the extracted milk reached ¾ liter, still another ¾ liter to go to fulfill the condition laid by mediator.

All the three beggars were unhappy, they started to apply more pressure, but it produced only pain to my mom, my mom started to scream due to pain and she refused to anymore pressure. Now they all looked at me hopelessly to fulfill the condition, I said that I have an idea and asked them to wait for sometime and went out and brought electric breast pump to extract milk.

As soon as I entered the house with breast pump they were all surprised, and I explained them how it functions. Now they were all happy and they regained some hope, I sat besides my mom and fixed the breast pump on my mom's boobs. My mom smiled and said you are very cunning person.

Now the breast pump started to suck my mom's boobs with a great rhythm and slowly milk started to come out of her nipples. My mom's beggar husbands were taking a close look at how the pump works. But as soon as the milk crossed one liter level again milk dried out. All the beggars were panicked by it and turned on the pumps suction strength to its fullest level, but still it wasn't sucking out milk from my mom's boobs.

Mom said, "That is it there was no more milk left, please leave my boobs". Immediately Mari rushed out saying that he will be back in a minute. Now we all waited for mari, after ten minutes mari came back with a shock of a life to mom but everyone else were excited. Mari brought a milk pumping machine used on cow, which has more power. Mom started to scold everyone "are you all mad, it may kill me" and asked me to stop them, I calmly replied to her "mom it was you who asked to give some easy business idea for them, so I gave one.

Now they are exploring every possible way to succeed in their newly found business, so just co-operate nothing will happen". Mom started to scold me in bad word which was first time and I enjoyed it. Mom pleaded them not to use it on her, but they were in no mood in leaving her. They made her to stand like cow and fixed two ducts out of four ducts of the machines on my mom's boobs but it didn't fitted her boobs well, somehow they attached it on her boobs with the help of some plaster tapes and switched it on, they started to increase the suction strength, my mom pleaded to stop it, but we are all interested in seeing whether the milk was coming or not, but the milk was not coming out much.

Muthu asked, "Sitha don't tighten your body just relax", mom exclaimed "I am not able to relax". Mom started to scream more, to prevent her screams Muthu inserted his cock in my mom's mouth and started to mouth fuck her.

In the mean time to relax my mom, Mari started to tickle and eat my mom's pussy from behind, Renga started to kiss and bite my mom all over her body. In five minutes my mom had a huge orgasm which made her body to relax, but still only very little milk came out of my mom's boobs and now totally her milk dried out.

Without options left they relived my mom from machine and they lost all the hopes, but for me all things are going as per my plan. Mom scolding all of us went into bathroom to have a bath. Muthu asked me, "is there any other way to extract milk?" I said "There is a way to get milk but I don't think that your wife will accept for it".

Renga said that he will convince my mom, I said that "I will give hint alone, figuring out how to get milk is up on you guys". They nodded their head happily and asked me the hint.

I said my mom was not the only one who was having breast milk, there are others also who was having breast milk. As soon as I gave this hint, all their faces turned bright. Muthu said, "Madhu!!!" With a worrying tone Mari asked, "what if she complains to police or others" I said "I don't know that and all, you guys asked for a way, so I showed you guys a way, how to reach the destination and all are upto you". I stimulated their desire by saying that Madhu was a young mother who can give milk or whatever it was more than my mom.

I sensed a mega wave of lusts forming inside those beggars and I reminded them not to forget me while partying, Muthu gave a winked smile. My mom came back after taking a shower, and saw her husbands were sad and confused. She tried to encourage them to do some other thing to succeed in their life. But Mari sadly said that they lost in their first step itself, mother sat near him and kissed his forehead and said not to worry as she was there to help them in any possible way for their success.

Muthu exclaimed "any possible way?", My mom said "yes". Renga said "there was a possibility to succeed in the milk business itself but we don't think that you will help us".

My mom asked Renga "what are you saying? Definitely I will help for your success and I will not mind whatever it takes". Mari asked my mom whether she was saying the truth or she was saying just for saying. My mom asked them to say what was in their mind, and assured them whatever it was she will help them for their success. Mari then said to my mom "you are not the only one who has breast milk, there are others too with breast milk".

As soon as my mom heard this statement her eyes bulged out and became red with anger, she turned towards me and looked at me. As I don't know what to do, I avoided her eye contact. She came near me and slapped really hard and left the place. I am sure, she might have assumed that it was me who gave this idea.

All those beggars were shocked by mom's reaction, for two days none of us talked to each other. But with a confidence in my plan I progressed forward in making things ready for the great encounter with young mother Madhu.

I repaired milk pumping machine for cow in such a way that suits the boobs of women. After finishing that work, I planned to put pressure on mom. I called beggars and said "if you want Madhu's milk means, do as I say" as expected they agreed to me. I asked them to leave the home and wait for me in bus stand, but before going I asked them to inform mom that they were leaving. Those beggars did more than what I said, they said to my mom, "they were leaving because they don't want to be a burden to their wife, who can live happily without them".

I know my mom will not be able to live happily without them, as expected she stopped them from going. She started to cry blaming them that they were making her to do sinful things, Mari kissed my mom's lips and said "we don't want you to do anything that is why we are leaving".

But my mom stopped them and sent to outhouse, they requested mom to be ready along with Madhu at 10 am. My mom called me and asked, "All these things are planned by you, isn't it?" I said "you are doing it for your beggar husbands only, not for me, isn't it?" She calmed down and asked me to bring Viagra like tablets for women. Next day early morning my mom fed Madhu with those tablet.

After one hour, my mom, my sister Madhu and myself were watching TV, Madhu was not able to sit properly. That tablet was giving her itching sensation in her private area, mom and myself noted my sister Madhu's uneasiness and purposely said her that we are going to temple and left the house. While leaving we signaled my mom's beggar husbands that everything was ready for them to take. We parked our car at the end of the street and returned home and found out that my sister went into her room (previously my mom's room) which has common balcony with my room, so myself and mom hid ourselves in balcony.

We saw that my sister and two children were sleeping, actually my sister Madhu was trying to get some rest but she was fully soaked by sweat and she was not able to control her urges, her hands were occasionally brushing her boobs and thighs. Then all my mom's beggar husbands came into room and said to Madhu that they are going to clean the room, but Madhu asked them to clean the room next day as she was not feeling well. Muthu said, "madam, your mom only asked us to clean, if we didn't clean means she will scold us, you just sleep we will clean and leave the room as soon as possible".

Madhu accepted their request and laid on the bed one sided which exposed her huge ass protruding and her bare navel also got exposed, all the beggars were hesitating how to start, Muthu came forward with some guts and came behind my sister and started to clean the floor there, now her back was facing him while getting up he placed his hand on Madhu's ass and pressed and got up, Madhu with a shock turned to his side. Immediately Muthu apologized that he touched her unknowingly, she said it's ok and back to her position to sleep.

Madhu was not able to hold the effect of tablet, now her hands were roaming all over her body and she was making some occasional grunting sounds. Now Mari used this opportunity and came forward and asked, "madam are you ok, was anything bothering you?" Madhu without knowing what to say, she said that she was feeling odd on her stomach.

Without Madhu's consent Muthu placed his hand on her belly, though she was shocked by his act, she tried to act normal. But Muthu insisted her that massage will relieve her pain on stomach, Madhu said she will consult doctor as soon as I come.

For that Mari replied that she was a young mother, she had to feed children so often if she feeds the children with illness means that illness will pass on to children also, so she should better make it right immediately. And Mari suggested that Renga was a good massager, he will make her pain fade away in a matter of minutes. Without waiting for her response Renga started to feel her bare stomach under her saree, he questioned where it was paining by moved his palm all over her stomach and in some places he hold a flesh of her stomach and asked her was it paining there was it paining here.

Effect of the tablet was not letting her to make any protest she kept mum and closed her eyes tight, finally Renga holded some flesh of her stomach just below her boobs and applied more pressure on it and asked was it paining here, just when she let a slight mmmmm&hellip.

sound due to rough holding of Renga. Immediately Renga exclaimed to Muthu and Mari, she said that pain was here and he asked them to bring the medicine oil which they were having in outhouse. Mari went to pick it. Madhu realized the situation somewhat and got up and sat on the bed and said that she will go to doctor.

But Muthu holded her shoulder and said that the pain will become severe before she reaches doctor, so he asked her to have a massage and then go, meanwhile he forced her by her shoulder to lie on bed. Now Mari brought the oil actually that was honey and Renga poured it in her belly button, as soon as the honey touched her belly button she shivered and took a deep breath in which made her chest to go up. Renga urged her to hold her body in same position which Madhu did, now he started to rub the honey all over her stomach and started to rub slow and smoothly.

Madhu was not able to hold her legs in place, her itching was growing in her pussy, as Mari and Muthu were taking a close look at her body she was not even able to caress her pussy.

Meanwhile Renga was steadily increasing pressure on her stomach, Madhu was now making some moaning sounds softly. Mari and Muthu took the babies to other room saying that Madhu's sound will wake up the baby, but Madhu was now not in her senses, she was not able to hear anything what they were saying.

She started to throw her head, hands and legs wildly as if she was giving birth to a child, Renga stopped and said madam you are spoiling your sari, your movements are drenching your sari on medicine, Muthu came near her and asked her to slightly lift her shoulder as she did without knowing what he was doing, he removed pallu from her shoulder and kept it aside which made her to expose her boobs with blouse alone, she was shocked by his move but she didn't said anything.

Now Renga started to continue massaging he with his huge palms covered her entire width of her waist and started to go up and down by pressing his hands very hardly. Now due to pain Madhu tried to hold Renga's hands but Mari held her hands saying that it just pains like that only but she should not avoid massaging.

Mari held her hands above her head very strongly and he advanced to place his hands at the end of the short sleeves of her blouse, technically now Mari was placing his hands very near to Madhu's armpits. At the same time Muthu too joined the action by holding her legs in the name of preventing from throwing her legs. He started to feel her legs over her saree, slowly he slid his hands inside her saree and now he was holding her bare legs just below her knees and to upbeat her arousal all of them started to caress her parts where ever they are holding.

Mari started to hold Madhu by her armpits and he was able to feel her sweat there and out of excitement he started to poke his fingers inside her sleeves. Renga now started to touch Madhu's lower part of breast, and he started to hit her lower part of her breast faster, which made Madhu to realize what was happening to her. Suddenly she pushed them all and covered her body, she shouted those beggars to leave the room but they tried to convince her, as she was in no mood to get convinced she demanded them to move out.

Renga said madam we just want your milk that was all we need so please co-operate, Madhu was shocked by his request and she exclaimed, "What the hell you are talking, I will hand over you all to police, so better leave now", though they were pissed by her reaction, Mari gathered guts and made a smart move by telling "Madam you don't know anything about us, we will do anything to get what we need, I think you forget your children".

She was stunned by his words and started to plead them not to do anything to her children, now they got their chance and asked her to co-operate as they want only her milk.

She just stood by the wall without telling anything. All of them went near her and started to feel her body Mari went down on her knees and started to lick her navel as it was applied by honey Muthu started to lick all over her face and Renga started to massage Madhu's boobs harder which sent shivers through out her body, though she doesn't want it to happen, her body was longing for sex due to Viagra effect.

They started to undid her clothes, Mari removed her saree which reviled her huge firm breasts in her blouse which was full of milk. Now Renga and Muthu undid her blouse and petticoat, she was not wearing anything under her dress.

They started to fondle her boobs and pussy. To check how my mom was reacting, I looked at her face, she was biting her lower lips and her hand was crushing one of her boob, by this I understood that she definitely was enjoying her daughter's rape.

They were very much interested in seeing how much milk she was holding, Muthu brought the milk sucking machine of cow which now was altered to hold women's breast.

Madhu was shocked by seeing that machine and she asked them not to use it on her. But they didn't bother to hear her pleas. They made her to go on her knees and attached two ducts out of four and started the machine. To their surprise machine didn't worked, but that was part of my plan they panicked as it didn't worked. Mom too was upset as it didn't work as she asked why it was not working.

I asked her to wait for sometime, after some research on it Muthu came to me and asked what happened to it, I said that it was modified to work when all the four ducts are attached to breast. Muthu asked me what to do now, I looked at my mom, she was stunned and scolded me what are you up to.

I assured mom that everything will be fine and asked her to act as if she too was doing it for the sake of babies. Muthu took me and also my mom inside the room, Madhu was surprised to see us and started to cry. Muthu shouted at my mom and myself to co-operate otherwise they will kill the babies, mom acted as if she was stunned and stood there motionlessly, those hungry beggars tore away all the clothes of my mom and made her to kneeled down next to Madhu and I sat on corner of the room and acted we were also doing this for baby's sake only.

I was sitting in such a way that if I stretch my body and extend my arms means I can catch their boobs, beggars fixed two ducts on my mom's boobs. Now all the four ducts were attached to boobs, and what a sight for an eye, my mom Sitha and my sister Madhu were exposing their naked body to me. And what a combination on one side my matured mom with a matured body but much more exciting body for a women of her age and on the other side my sister Madhu young mother with great boobs and great structure, she too have all the qualities to become a great milf like my mom.

Now, they switched on the machine and it started to work great. As soon as the machine started both of their hands went on to hold the ducts immediately. In a minute I was able to see lots of milk flowing into the can, the ducts were transparent and not the tubes, Madhu was producing most of the milk, milk was flowing from her boobs like water flowing from a fully opened tap, but my mom was producing comparatively less milk, I was little bit concerned regarding what will be Madhu's reaction when she comes to know all about us.

But at that moment my mind was enjoying her molestation. Beggars were very much happy to see the milk bucket was filling soon and they were pretty much sure that they will have the required quantity. They started to shift their concentration from milk to Madhu. Muthu came behind Madhu and started to caress his huge erection on her back, Mari now came to the machine and increased the suction strength and it started to work powerfully. Renga was kissing all over her face, Madhu was not showing any reaction, by now milk reached two and a half liters and it dryed out.

So they removed the ducts from their boobs, now only Madhu saw my mom and she was surprised and confused to see mom's nipples were leaking milk. Before this shock fades away Muthu exclaimed, "Sitha today you are going to take rest, as your daughter was going to take your place" my mom smiled and sat next to me without even bothering to cover her nakedness. Madhu was taken aback to see what was going on around her and she probably might have understood our affair, but she didn't spoke a word and she still looked confused.

Mari dragged Madhu by her hand towards him, which made her to stand very close to him as there was no gap between them her protruding boobs were pressing against his body, then he handed over a bag to her and said go and change, ''we want you in this dress, we are bored to see you in saree'' Madhu pleaded to them not to do anything to her as she had given them her milk which they wanted.

Renga was irritated by her pleading and was about to slap her but my mom stopped him and asked Madhu to do what they say otherwise they will hurt her.

Madhu left to room without even uttering any other word. I informed mom after they enjoy Madhu, I am also going to fuck her. Mom asked "are you all leaving me behind?" For that Muthu said that she was their queen always, but today alone it was going to be princess turn.

Mom said, '' it was ok but Please be gentle on her. She might not have experienced this kind of sex, so please don't hurt her'', which brightened their eyes and they gave a very wicked smile. As Madhu came out I was shocked to see her, She was wearing a white salwar kamiz, which was kind of less than her size, which made it fit tightly on her and all her figure was being projected from it. The dress was so tight that one can see her breasts pressing against her dress tightly and her nipples clearly visible from inside.

They began to stare all over her body with evil eyes and wicked smile. She looked very sexy, cute and innocent like a wounded deer infront of a lion. She could not stand evil eyes and looked down and then towards me and my mom, we gave a concerned look on her.

By seeing our reactions Mari said, "don't worry we won't kill her, atleast we need her milk". This scared her and she looked at him with fear and surprise in her eyes on what her life going to be from now on for her.

Now all of them went near her and Mari quickly went to Madhu and took both her breasts in his hands and holds them tightly and pressed them.

Muthu began to press and squeeze her navel very hard, as she found difficulty hold her screams, she let out a husky moan and he approached her lips and kissed her passionately on her lips while Renga squeezing her ass hardly from behind as he went all the way down and started to bite her ass cheeks hardly as if he was going to eat it. Madhu tried to push him back but could not even move him as the force of that man on her back was too large for her.

Mari tried to put his tongue inside her but she was not opening her mouth, Muthu noted this and he pressed her boobs and pinched them, as she screamed, which made Mari put his tongue in hers and play with her. He then began to lick her whole face with his tongue making her look very wet and sexy. Muthu started to handle her breasts very roughly, which made some of the milk drops to drench her dress, the site of milk excited him as he started to suck her nipples over her dress.

Meanwhile Renga started to massage her pussy over her pants. All these action really aroused her as her resistance almost faded away.

This continued for 10 mins and this rough handling by those beggars really frightened her, so she pleaded them to be gentle. To which Renga replied, '' This is only the beginning, initially you will receive pain like hell but once you got used to it you will receive double the pleasure" Muthu exclaimed, "ask your mother she knows it well".

Renga asked me to bring a bucket of water, which I did. Then they poured lots and lots of ice bricks in it, which made the water very very chilled. They started to pour water all over her body, as soon as the water touched her body, she let out a moan and started to shiver. Her sandal color thin dress was totally wet and already the tightness of the dress revealed all her curves and now her wet dress made her even hotter and her total body was visible, due to her fair complexion her nipples were clearly visible.

Then they lifted her and threw her on the huge couch which was right next to us. Then all of them started kissing and pressed her boobs, and bumps. Then they started to remove the buttons of her Kamiz one by one until it showed her cleavage. Seeing all these made me very hot as my cock became rock hard. Then they removed her lowers leaving her naked at the bottom and what a bombshell she was.

Her slender white body with those boobs sized to perfection, her thighs in proper proportion, her waist with a curve on it made her look really gorgeous. She felt uncomfortable as she was naked infront of all of us but couldn't do anything to hide her body and chaste.

They removed their shirt and trouser, now they were all in their boxers. And the bulge in their boxers made Madhu dumbstruck. She uttered no other words other than, "No, I can't take this, I can't even take one of this, even I never saw or imagined the size like this that I would take on. '' This made them very happy and Mari said 'you will have to'.

Madhu looked at him with pleading eyes and said, "no, please don't" which he didn't mind. Then they tore away her last piece of her dress (tops) then they started to kiss her neck, boobs, navel, etc.

Simultaneously Muthu put his finger inside her hole and began to stroke her which excited Madhu a bit. Muthu lifted his head with a smile and said, "You are really tight and small, compared to your mom, don't worry we will tear you apart".

Hearing Muthu, Mari excused him and inserted his long thick finger inside her and began to stroke her. She began to moan as even his one finger was thick enough for her vagina. He then took his second finger inside and began to stroke vigorously, which gave her pain and pleasure as well. But then he put his 3 finger and began to stroke her with full pleasure. This gave her jitters and she screamed with pain.

She held his hand and tried to stop him or atleast to slow down his rhythm, but Renga caught both her hands, which made Mari to continue his work, making her moan, shout scream, twist and turn, beat her head and everything she could to escape the pain but unsuccessful. As she was unable to do anything she lifted her hips because of excitement and pleasure, now Renga got access to her ass hole, he tried to enter his finger but her ass was too tight and it was only with lots of efforts that his finger went inside completely.

Renga was bit gentle than Mari who was working on her pussy. Muthu got to handle her boobs, he started to press and tried to suck out some drops of the milk that was let out inside her milk pot and he succeeded in that he got some very little milk left out. All these acts aroused my Madhu and she moaned in pleasure with their skillful hands and mouth at work. She finally shouted and came, shooting a stream of liquid out of her cunt, all of them started to fight for her juice.

She had an orgasm. As Mari and Renga drunk all her juice, Muthu had nothing left, he became furious and began to bite her boobs to punish her for not giving her juice, though she had pain, she was relaxed a bit and she was getting used to being fucked by these strangers and overcome her fears.

Then they all removed their underwear and revealed their dick to her, by seeing those monsters Madhu, she began to plead again, "please it will definitely tear me apart, please let me go" she tried to get up. Seeing her struggle for a moment I thought of helping her, but to every one's surprise my mom stopped Madhu from getting up by pushing Madhu on bed, which shocked Madhu as she fell on the bed and remained unmoved.

May be my mom's mind was totally corrupted by lust towards her beggar husbands as she was willing to sacrifice her own daughter to her beggar husbands. I was equally stunned just like Madhu by mom's reaction. After that she again came near me and sat next to me.

Then they made her to lie properly on the middle of the couch and Mari forced him upon her. He then put his cock at the opening of her vagina and began to enter her. But his thick cock could not do so and slipped away. She pleaded "please use condom", Renga laughed by saying, "then how can you give birth to our child if we use condom", tears started to roll down her cheeks by hearing Renga, but she didn't tried to do anything, as she was sure there was no escape from these morons.

So she relaxed her body to give what they need, which exposed her vagina clearly. Then Mari caught her hip strongly and pushed his cock with full force. This time it went in and Madhu screamed aaaaaahhhhhh, his cock barely went 2 inches only but its thickness was too much for her. By now Muthu and Renga started to explore her body, Mari made himself comfortable by fully lying on her to stroke her slowly.

He stroked 2-3 times and the vagina unable to hold the cock, threw it out. He again parted her legs to maximum extent, and forced his dick again. This time with more force and it went in little more.

Madhu screamed in unbearable pain, she tried to move away from him, and moved a bit backward, and was twisting and turning her body because of pain. But Renga and Muthu pulled her by holding her thighs and brought her closer to him again and waited for few seconds before he pushed again and went deeper almost 5 inches.

Madhu began to cry and pleaded, "Please stop, if this continues means I will die" She began to hit him and push him, which made him even more aroused. But Mari decided to give her some break so he stayed still for few minutes, Renga began to kiss her passionately, as Muthu sucked her boobs, and bite her nipples while Mari started to stroke her very slowly, but all the time she was crying, screaming, twisting and turning, trying to adjust to a position that might help her release some of her pain.

At last with a fierce push Mari entered his cock fully inside her. Madhu's mouth was opened to its full level, there wasn't any sound coming from it except some screeching sound. Mari started to move his hips very passionately as Muthu and Renga decided to keep away still she starts to enjoy Mari's moves. Slowly her pain started to subside away which was indicated by herself by pinching her nipples and by closing her eyes she started to bite her lips, as her paining screams were over lapped by pleasure moans.

By seeing all these hot scenes I wasn't able to hold it anymore I released my penis from my pants as my cock lashed out like a missile, then I took my mom's hand and placed it on my cock, my mom smiled on seeing my cock and she started to stroke my cock very slowly. As my mom was also nude I started to stroke her pussy. Muthu and Renga started play rough with Madhu each of them took one breast and started to play with it.

Muthu started to squeeze her boobs real hard, he squeezed her boob just like he was playing with clay sand, Renga was in process to leave his nail marks on her boobs, he pinched her nipples with his nails and stretched her nipples making them red while her face also turned red with the assault going on her. Madhu began to beat her hands on bed, and then began to pull the hairs of Muthu and Renga but they caught her hand and Muthu shouted, "you bitch how dare you?

Wait I'm going to teach you a lesson". Though she was in hell of a pain, her body was enjoying those heavy assault, evidently she cummed too many times. Madhu was getting tired and still sobbing at times. Mari continued for another 15 minutes and then came vigorously. She tried to push his dick out, and screamed and cried, not to cum inside her. But Mari caught both her hands and grew even more violent biting and stroking her making her scream again.

Muthu and Renga caught her legs to help out Mari to achieve his goal, as he climaxed, putting all his fluids inside her and then lied on her panting heavily, while Madhu was also breathing heavily, few minutes later he withdrew himself from her and fell on floor from couch. Madhu didn't even had proper time to have a breath, Muthu jumped on her saying, "time for punishment bitch". But Madhu had no power even to raise her hand, she lied motionless.

Muthu have biggest cock than other two, he signaled Madhu by gently patting his cock over her pussy. The very sight of the cock itself terrified Madhu as tears started to flow from her eyes. Without making any delay Muthu rammed his cock without showing any mercy on her, she threw her head back and her chest up with a violent scream aaaaaahhhhhhhhh…… as only half his cock went inside, for which she should thank Mari for making her pussy lubricant to take half the cock of Muthu in one go.

Muthu hugged her holding her tightly making her hold him too, kissed her passionately and looked at her, and then began to stroke his penis hard and fast and with full force. He began to take it out more and then thrust it with a great velocity like a piston in the cylinder. Tears rolling down her eyes, she could only manage to sob badly with pain. And this guy was not in a mood to stop. He now took out his penis out completely. And then pushed it in again directly, this time just in one go.

Her hands holding him embraced her even more tightly, as her nails penetrated his flesh as she was not able to hold the pain her body was experiencing. It had been almost 20 minutes he had first entered her, and he was looking to play a long innings. She was now getting used to pain as her vagina began to respond and tits got stiffened and adjusted to the rhythm of hard handling Renga.

She had an orgasm with a roar, though the intercourse was painful and she hardly enjoyed it, her body responded greatly as she had back to back orgasm. But Muthu was nowhere near climax and continued stroking her. She begged him to stop. Muthu exclaimed "you have no right to ask me to stop, when you already had orgasm twice". Madhu was left helpless, but sooner she started to enjoy his roughness by raising her hips to meet his ferocious strokes. After some five minutes Muthu gripped her hips and pushed his cock deep inside Madhu and groaned to empty his loads of cum inside her.

Few minutes after cuming, he drew out his cock as his white fluid flown out of her vagina along with blood. Her whole opening was red with blood and she bleeded badly. Muthu's dick was red too with blood on sides.

With great efforts Madhu managed to turn herself sideways. After giving her some rest, Renga got ready to play his part, Madhu retaliated and said enough. Renga said, "don't worry I'll be more gentle".

She cried, "Please not more, I can't, I will die". Renga said "ok, I will give you some time but it has some price which you had to pay" without knowing what she was going to pay, due to some interim some relief, she slept within seconds.

After some time, Renga to Madhu and turned her and began to kiss her. She woke up knowing that she had work to do, Muthu handed over some cream to Renga, he made Madhu to stand in doggy style and took lot of cream in his hand and began to put it in her ass, Madhu shouted "no please, don't do it there", Renga calmly said "I already told, you got to pay price for taking rest, so you just shut up you bitch, this was the price you are going to pay".

Now Renga began the foreplay and began to insert his fingers one by one in her ass and vagina. It was her first time in her ass I guess, she began to jump and moan with pain or maybe pleasure. He then stroked her with his fingers and she began to scream. He then put his second finger which was very difficult to put. Madhu's face grew red, her ass couldn't even take 2 fingers but he continued to force them and put some more cream in her ass.

After playing for a while with hands, he took his cock and brought it to the opening of her ass hole. She closed her eyes anticipating the pain. He applied cream on his dick and tried to enter but it was too thick and her anus too tight and it moved sideways. Renga then hold her waist from behind and dragged her near his cock. He then stretched her ass cheeks to its fullest level and pushed his dick with great force.

And it went 3 inches. Madhu screamed "aaaaaaahhhhhhh……… I am going to die" And began to beat her hands on the couch.

He stroked for a while and then lifted her, kissed her neck and then released and pushed further with great effort. She had begun to cry and this only added to her pain and screams.

After 5 more minutes, he pushed with a great force and went completely inside her. Her face had grown red by the pain and brutal force and she bitted her lips and they began to bleed. She screamed "Please, leave me I am dying, please no" but without showing any mercy, he continued for another 10 minutes.

After that with a huge gush he thrust his entire cock into her ass and shot all his loads inside her. As Renga withdrew his cock from her ass she fell down unable to hold herself, and lied there almost half dead. After some half an hour they prepared themselves to their trade mark double fucking. Muthu pulled her up and threw her on the couch for their next session. That was it, I wasn't able to hold any more I stopped Muthu and took Madhu up and looked into her eyes and began to kiss her passionately, and her eyes grew by my reaction.

But she didn't attempt anything to get rid from me, while kissing I grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipples too sometimes. Then I made her to sit on the edge of the couch and began to rub his cock. My cock was no less almost similar size but little bit smaller than Muthu's cock but much thicker than his. I directed my dick towards Madhu's mouth, she looked into my eyes as I looked desperate for her to take my dick in her mouth, she looked at me and gave a nod. I was pleased and went to her and patted my dick on her cheeks for some time and directed my dick into her mouth.

I began to fuck her mouth and it was painful for her as she had to open her mouth to full extent as I began to choke her mouth by fully inserting my dick inside her mouth.

She gagged many times but doesn't attempt to push me back. As I felt pity for her I didn't cum inside her mouth, I withdrew my cock from Madhu's mouth. Then I made Madhu to stand in doggy style, as soon as she made to stand in this position, she understood what was coming, she murmured, "please, slowly, please".

I placed my cock at the entrance of her ass hole and started to tease her pussy and her anus with my dick for some time, soft moans started to come from her mouth.

Losing her patience her hips moved backwards to meet my cock, after that I slowly started to penetrate her anus. As my cock was too thick than other it found difficult to penetrate her, after lot of struggle head of my cock went inside her. Unable to bear the pain she started to bite her hand herself and started to grunt. I was aroused by her grunts, slowly started to stroke her. My mom also started to get into act, Madhu suddenly felt someone touching her pussy, she turned to see my mom was massaging her pussy.

Madhu was much more aroused as she started to move her hips to my rhythm. Beggars were stroking their cocks by standing around us and enjoying the group sex involving mom, daughter and son. After lot of slow strokes half of my cock went inside her ass, now slowly I began to increase my speed. Rhythmically my sister's moaning also started flowing out of her mouth, seeing these beggars weren't able to hold any more.

Muthu and Renga dragged my mom to the floor and started foreplays with her. Finally I entered my full length of my cock inside my Madhu's anus, by her enthusiasm and cooperativeness with me I understood that she was in seventh haven as I adjusted to her every struggle unless like my mom's beggar husbands.

Mari was looking at us desperately and he signaled me to give him some chance. Now I was nearing my climax but I withdrew my cock to my sister's surprise. Then I took her to the dining table as Mari followed us.

I laid on the dining table my sister Madhu came stood on the table and sat on my cock, she started taking my cock in her pussy in cow girl position. As her pussy got enough lubrication without much struggle her pussy swallowed my entire cock.

She laid on my chest as her boobs got crushed just below my mouth, I put my arm around her and hugged her tightly and started to ram her pussy. Madhu just exposed her asshole clearly to Mari, I signaled him to mount on her. Mari started placed his cock on the entrance of her asshole, Madhu was shocked by it and looked Mari who was behind her and looked at me. She started to struggle badly to get rid of my arms around her, I said, "sssshhhhh… you will enjoy it a lot than any other thing just hold on for some time" hearing me she decided to bear the pain for some time.

I paused for sometime as Mari started to dig his dick inside her, with some strokes he easily entered half his cock inside her, then Mari and myself started to double fuck her. Pain was unbearable for her, she was even tried to shout, but I locked my lips with hers and started to penetrate my cock harder in her pussy After a while, Mari's cock too entered her fully inside and we both started to ram her, slowly her pain too gone away, Madhu too started to enjoy this rough fuck.

By seeing us Muthu and Renga too brought mom to same table and started to fuck her just like us, Muthu rammed mom's pussy and Renga rammed mom's ass. Meanwhile I started to suck and chew my hot sister Madhu's boobs, some milk which were left out started to flow out from her boobs.

Taste of her milk was much better than my mom's milk, Madhu started to enjoy it and she became wild once all her pain vanished and pleasure occupied its place.

Madhu came so many times. After 30 minutes of vigorous ramming I ejected inside her, there was so much of cum from me, never in my life I had this many cum, it must have filled her entire womb. Mari too came after few minutes, her vagina and ass were filled with our liquid and it started to ooze out as soon as we took our cocks out.

When we moved away from her, I could see her whole body red and her boobs were much swollen, and bite marks all over her and nail scratches on her back and on boobs. After some time Muthu and Renga too finished their loads inside my mom. After that we all slept naked there itself, after some time I heard baby crying and woke my sister and mom up as they went into look children's. By now already time crossed six hours from milk extracted, so milk can't be sold.

When I informed this to beggars, they felt sad. Mom and Madhu came out with babies in their hand, and mom told "it is alright you can sell it tomorrow, she will give". Madhu due to shyness looked to the ground and smiled which revealed her acceptance.

Then we all drank the raw milk of my sister's and mom's, my mom explained Madhu about every incident that took place. Madhu was surprised by all these kind of behavior of mine and my mom.

Later she too learned to get along with it, after that incident my mom's beggar husbands daily extracted their wife's and her daughter's milk and sold it out.