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Pretty blond fucked for a pearl necklace
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[Opening Theme: "Violet Skies" by In This Moment] EPISODE 12: "Violated by Evil! Fear Raider Attacks!" "Aw, too bad," the Tsarina said, taunting Jennifer while holding her tightly in a headlock. She willed her muscles to move, to fight back, but her body would not obey after all the lightning hits she'd taken. "I was hoping my monstrosity would be able to take yours down, but no matter.

It served its purpose, it's given us this time together. Retrieval." The town vanished in a swirl of purple and blue energy, and then they were somewhere else. She was surrounded by a large cavern. It was mostly dark, and rather dank, as caves tend to be. To her immediate left and right were metal pillars outfitted with what looked like an improvised mishmash of various technological gizmos and doodads. The portal machine, no doubt.

The Tsarina dragged her forward, away from it. "Welcome to my domain, Cheer Raider. You won't be needing this," she said, pulling Jennifer's helmet off and tossing it aside. Then she let go of her, dumping the girl on the ground. "Take her. Carry her there and put her in," she ordered to one of the large twenty-foot beasts that was standing nearby. The creature picked Jennifer up easily in its oversized hands and toted her off through the cave system.

She was starting to regain some muscle control, but was definitely still too weak to put up a fight. Soon they arrived in another cavern, this one smaller, with no notable features except for a ten-foot-wide pool of some sort of black ooze. The creature promptly dropped her into it. She screamed as she landed in the goo, fortunately it turned out to be shallow, only knee-deep. She stood up and slogged through it to the edge of the pool, noticing that the creature was walking away, just leaving her there alone.

She scooped globs of the black slime off of her skin and clothing and tossed it downwards. Some landed back in the pool, some ended up on the ground outside of it. She lifted one leg out of the ooze and got her knee up on the edge, but something held her other leg back just as she was pulling it free.

She looked back and saw a black tentacle had extended from the pool and wrapped around it. Two more tentacles launched out of the slime and grabbed her arms before she could react.

She screamed as they yanked her backwards, back into the pool. She landed on the bottom in a kneeling position with her legs held spread apart and immobile, and her arms held behind her back.

The slime that coated her front side started moving, sliding off her of its own accord with no residue left behind. It coalesced into another tentacle, which reached out beyond the edge of the pool to where some of the globs of goo had fallen. Each one it touched instantly pulled itself up, joining the tentacle. When it had collected all the pieces, it turned back on Jennifer and split into two tentacles, both of which slipped underneath her top.

She screamed again as she felt them lift her bra away from her breasts and coil tightly around them. "Help me, somebody! What is this? Help!" she pleaded to the empty cavern. "Screw it. Pom-poms!" She felt her weapons form in her hand, but they were immediately yanked out of her grip.

"Shit!" she cursed. She could feel more tentacles taking form inside the pool, which in this position was up to her waist. She felt one push her bloomers and panties aside, exposing her pussy and asshole to the slime.

"Oh no, no not that, please no. Unnngghh!" she grunted as it entered her pussy with the approximate size and shape of a cock. She moaned with discomfort as it started fucking her, moving back and forth, in and out of her cunt. "Oh fuck, shit no, stop, please somebody!" she called out again as she felt the length of tentacle within her exceed the biggest penis she'd ever taken.

It didn't stop pushing deeper until her pussy reached its absolute limit, and she felt every inch of it. As it continued fucking her with a vigor also impossible by human standards, she could feel her asshole being probed as well. "No! Not there too! Please, please no!" she said, her voice cracking as tears started streaming down her face.

She tried to clench her anus, keep the slime out of her, but her rear entry was too well accustomed to being stuffed with cock and she couldn't hold out for very long. The second tentacle pushed up inside her in the same manner as the first, fucking deeper and deeper until it had an extreme length inside her. She started sobbing as the disgusting ooze tentacles double penetrated her immobilized body deep and hard.

She screamed and cried as they thrust into her constantly. To her dismay, she felt her filled fuck holes responding to the assault.

Unbidden moans of pleasure slipped in among her sobs. "Noooo, noooo, aaaaaahhhhhh!" she cried out as her body betrayed her and orgasmed. She sobbed again, horrified that the disgusting goo raping her was able to force her to cum. She realized that she was now naked, with her breasts and the slime tentacles wrapped around them fully exposed. She hadn't even noticed her uniform vanishing, or being ripped away, or whatever had happened. "Enjoying yourself?" came the voice of the Tsarina, just before she stepped into Jennifer's view.

"Please make it stop!" Jennifer begged. "I can't take any mo… more… bleeaaahhh!" Jennifer's protest was cut short as she suddenly felt very nauseated, and vomited black slime. It flew from her mouth, then stopped and pulled back, shaping itself into a tentacle protruding from her mouth. Jennifer's eyes went wide and she screamed, but it was greatly muffled by the tentacle. "Oh, for me? How considerate of you," the Tsarina said. She knelt at the edge of the pool in front of Jennifer and pulled the front of her dress up, exposing her smooth pussy.

The tentacle moved straight into it, pulling Jennifer's head along like a puppet. Her face bobbed back and forth into the Tsarina's crotch as the tentacle fucked her vigorously, and the tentacles in Jennifer's own pussy and ass showed no signs of letting up. How could it be doing this, though? She hadn't swallowed any of the slime, it couldn't be in her stomach. Matt would have been able to explain it.

What would he have said? The slime, it was clearly able to exist as a liquid and a solid, presumably in any form or shape it wanted. It was invading her in her pussy and ass, and her ass was just the tail end of the digestive tract, starting all the up at… holy shit. As long as the slime tentacle narrowed itself enough through the small intestine, it really could reach her mouth from her rear entry.

She screamed again into the tentacle filling her mouth. The Tsarina was quite enjoying herself, though. "Yes, oh fuck yes, give it to me, fuck me harder!" she yelled. Jennifer's body was tossed back and forth like a rag doll by the tentacle that had wormed all the way through her. All three of her fuck holes were filled with the brutal ooze. "Fuck yes, cummiiiiing!" shouted the Tsarina as her back arched.

Once her orgasm was complete, she pulled herself away from Jennifer and rested on the ground briefly before standing. "That was very good. I'll be back for more later," she said with a cruel smile, and walked away. The tentacle protruding from Jennifer's mouth instantly turned to liquid and dropped into the pool.

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What was still left of it in her throat she instinctively swallowed and sent it back into her stomach. "Please, please someone make it stop," she whispered, knowing that shouting it would have been just as futile.

The ramming of the tentacles into her ass and pussy continued unabated, and took her through another unwanted but very powerful orgasm.

She could feel her will slipping and suspected it wouldn't take too much more before she broke down and started openly enjoying it. She felt something odd against her belly. She looked down and saw a bulge in her flesh, and then it moved. Something was pushing out against her skin from inside her.

Then there was another bulge doing the same, and a third, all moving back and forth within her belly. She finally understood. They were tentacles inside her womb. But how was that even possible? She would have felt it, painfully, if they had penetrated her cervix. Unless. the slime had gone through the same way it had reversed through her digestive tract, a thin trickle through a tight opening, forming back into the larger tentacles on the other side, with a mere thread of black ooze maintaining an active connection to the pool.

Her body was no longer hers, its utter violation complete. Her last sacred place was now a playground for the vile goo. She let loose a tortured scream, louder and longer than any so far. A scream that echoed from the very depths of her soul… - - - Jennifer's eyes rolled back in her head and she grunted with a wide open mouth as another unbidden orgasm tore through her body.

She didn't have the energy to scream anymore, neither from distress nor pleasure, and had long since given up fighting against them. No more tears flowed from her eyes, the last of them now merely dried tracks down her cheeks. The tentacles of black slime were relentless, never even slowing their assault on her body. The ones continuously fucking her pussy and ass had increased in size since they began, stretching her holes more than they had ever been before, and the ones within her womb writhed without ceasing and still quite visible from the outside.

Her breasts were fondled and squeezed by them all throughout, and a tentacle periodically reached up from the pool to fuck her throat all the way down to her stomach. She was beyond the ability to care, too exhausted to even put two thoughts together. Acceptance wasn't even relevant. They weren't going to stop anyway. This was her existence now. How long had she been here? Hours? Days? Weeks? She had no idea.

She was physically and mentally worn out, but wasn't aware of having slept at all. Nor had she eaten or drunk anything. It seemed that the slime was providing for her physiological needs, including somehow supplying oxygen to her body whenever it filled her throat and cut off her airway, all so it could fuck her in every way possible without the slightest respite.

The only thing her body craved anymore was the orgasms, eagerly accepting each one, despite how sore her fuck holes were from the unending pounding of the dark tentacles inside them. The darkness clung to her and filled her insides, and every orgasm rattled her body to her very soul, each one allowing the darkness to creep in a little deeper… - - - Jennifer pulled at the chain that bound the stiff metal collar around her neck to the ring embedded into the cave floor.

"Please, please let me go," she begged the Tsarina, who stood over her with a stern expression on her face. "You want your freedom? You know you have to earn it," she said. Jennifer looked down, nodded, and then got up on her knees. The Tsarina smiled, turned around, and lifted the back of her dress. Jennifer placed her hands on the evil woman's ass cheeks, spread them apart, and moved her face in.

The Tsarina moaned as Jennifer's tongue moved across and into her asshole, at the gentle caress of her skilled licks on her back door. She let the girl continue rimming her for a long time, but finally turned around and presented her pussy to the pleasures of Jennifer's mouth.

She continued moaning, even louder now, as Jennifer licked and sucked her clit and explored the folds of her cunt with her tongue. She grabbed the girl's head and pushed it harder into her crotch as her moans became louder, building in intensity, and finally reaching a loud orgasm. The Tsarina maintained her grip on Jennifer's head as her mouth began to fill with the bitter taste of piss. Jennifer grimaced but swallowed quickly as the Tsarina emptied her bladder, determined to take it all, not spilling even a single drop this time.

Finally the flow stopped and the Tsarina released her. "Very good, girl. You have done well." She reached down, unlocked and removed the collar, and said, "As promised, then, you are free to go." "Thank you," Jennifer said. She weakly crawled away from the Tsarina, dragging herself across the cave floor. "Thank you," she repeated.


She reached the pool of black slime and pulled herself over the edge, letting her naked body sink into the sludge. "Thank you, Mistress," she said, and moaned with pleasure as she felt her holes opening to accept the slime tentacles. - - - "Can you feel it?" "It's barely perceptible, but… the portal to Earth?

It's open?" Jennifer replied. "Only in a precursory form. It is in a constantly active state, and very soon, when the energy finishes building, it will open into a usable gateway," the Tsarina explained.

"You will go through, pretend to be in peril, and let your friends 'rescue' you. Then you will lie low and wait. At the next portal we will activate our new modification, which should allow for a large amount of chaos.

You will add to it what you can, and then go to the objective." Jennifer nodded. "Yes, Mistress." "You will need this," the Tsarina said, holding out a bracelet composed of multicolored gems on a small chain.

Jennifer took it and fastened it around her ankle. She continued, "Now, I will show you the objective." She held Jennifer's head in her hands, touched their foreheads together, and sent the relevant images into her mind.

"Do you understand?" the Tsarina asked, pulling away. "Yes, Mistress," Jennifer answered, nodding. "Good. Now, do something about those clothes. They should be torn and dirty after your ordeal here." Jennifer worked at making her camouflage clothing look distressed as the portal opened fully, ready to send her and several of the beast creatures to Bensonville… - - - "Fool!" Jennifer spat. "You will call me Fear Raider!" "Shit, shit, shit!

Artemis command, Jennifer has been turned, we have a dark magical girl scenario on our hands!" Matt announced. Jennifer held her arm up and said, "Long Bomb." A glowing football materialized in her hand, and she threw it into the field hanger where Panther and several army vehicles were housed. An explosion came from inside, and the hangar collapsed. "Panther!" Matt shouted. "Long Bomb," she said again, and lobbed another football at the helicopter pads, destroying the choppers in a fiery blast.

She launched several more incendiary pigskins around the base as Matt looked on in helpless horror. The sound of a revving engine approached, she turned to see a soldier driving a Humvee truck straight towards her. "Blitz," she said, and ran towards it at an inhuman speed, jumping onto the side of the vehicle. Holding on to the rear-view mirror, she said, "Unnecessary Roughness," and ripped the door off, letting it drop to the ground.

She reached inside, grabbed the driver, and yanked him out, letting him fall to the ground as well.


She took his place inside and turned the truck towards the base entrance. She crashed through the gate, then sped off towards town. Matt ran to the fallen soldier's side. "Medic! I need a medic here!" he called.

"Panther, status? That's not so bad. If I teleport in, are we good to go? Tangled up in the hangar wreckage. Shit." His eyes fell on the combat knife in the soldier's tactical vest.

"If I cut the canvas away, estimate on the remaining structure being a problem? Good, I'll take those odds. Sorry there pal, I need this right now more than you do," he said as he started removing the unconscious soldier's vest. "Sugarshine, once I get Panther out, I'm going after her. You stay on base for now. See if you can find somebody to take care of this guy." The plush alicorn nodded. - - - "Fuck! Where is it!

It has to be here!" The garden center was a shambles. Every shelf and every cabinet was overturned, from the main area to the back office. Dirt, flowers, and broken shards of pots and lawn gnomes were scatted throughout the mess. Jennifer threw the cash register into a display of seed packets, screaming in rage.

A car pulled up outside. It was the shop owner, arriving to open for the day. As he got out of his car, the front window of the store shattered as a screaming Jennifer jumped through it. He screamed himself as she grabbed him by the shirt and threw him up against the side of his car. "Where is it?" she yelled. "Where is what?" the frightened man responded.

"A rock with colored gems, about the size of a golf ball. Where?" "I, I don't have it! I sold it to the city! The architect for the new city hall was buying decorative colored gravel for the fountain and I thought it would look nice there! He agreed and worked it into his design!" he stammered. "The fountain, of course!

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That's when all this started," Jennifer said. "I don't even know where it came from, I found it on the floor in the bathroom, years ago! Please, don't hurt me!" he begged. The sound of the hoverwing overhead interrupted, and Jennifer let him go and turned to face Panther as he landed. The shop owner took the opportunity to run in the opposite direction.

"Now here's the trouble with a mind-controlled ally, stopping them without hurting them too much," Matt said. "You don't exactly have much by way of non-lethal weaponry, and we also don't know how well protected she is by that getup, so this is going to be tricky." "Shotgun, Hike!" Jennifer called out, and slashed her arm through the air horizontally. A barrage of spectral footballs burst forth towards Panther.

Matt instinctively put his arm up as they impacted the mech with a wide spread of small explosions. Then she called, "Unnecessary Roughness!" He dropped his arm and put it right back up again as the shop owner's car hurled toward him.

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Panther stood his ground even as the sedan slammed into him, but then with a call of "Blitz!" Jennifer rammed into his foot at full speed, sweeping his leg out from under him. He teetered, then went down, managing to turn and fall on his back. Jennifer jumped up onto him and started pounding at the cockpit doors with another call of "Unnecessary Roughness!" "Ow, damn. And then sometimes in the end it turns out you shouldn't hold back anyway," Matt said. With a swift punch he sent her flying, and she landed hard against the front of the dentist office.

He stood Panther up and pulled his axe, then mounted it in shield position on his left arm. "Let's give her some warning shots to deal with, keep her off-balance." Panther's shoulder cannons fired, and Jennifer of course dodged them easily. "Long Bomb!" shouted Jennifer, sending another explosive pass. Panther blocked it with the shield, but the blast was enough to knock him off his feet again.

Jennifer was quickly back on him hitting the cockpit doors. "She keeps going for the cockpit. She's targeting me, not you. That's clever," Matt observed. "No, wait, that's brilliant! Ignore the armor, focus on the person inside! And what's the one thing armor doesn't protect you from?" He threw another punch at her, which she was ready for and dodged, but she missed his other hand coming up, which successfully grabbed her by the legs.

He stood up quickly. "Motion," he answered as he began spinning his arm around at the shoulder, taking Jennifer though several 360 degree whirls.

"That ought to be enough to keep her head spinning for a bit," Matt said, finally stopping. "…and I didn't think any further ahead than that. Okay, need to get her into something that can hold her long enough for the base to send over something more appropriate. Let's see here, think fast, think fast.

Panther, the force feedback in the control armature, can you crank that up to maximum and keep her in place for a while? That'll have to do, then. Open the doors." He dropped a groaning and very dizzy Jennifer into the cockpit, then stepped out of the armature and hauled her up into it, locking it around her arms and legs in a spread-eagle position.

"SABRE pilot to Artemis command. I have her. I know things are chaotic, but can you send somebody with some heavy chains out to my position downtown?" Matt asked.

He waited for the base's acknowledgment, and then turned to Jennifer, who was still recovering. "Look at you. It's kind of like I have you in bondage, isn't it. Is that something you would have wanted to try? Who am I kidding, you wanted to try everything.

Damn, now I've gone and done it," he said, feeling his pants tighten around his hard-on. He looked at Jennifer again. "Shit. Well, why the hell not. Panther, close the door." He lifted her helmet off and let it fall to the floor, then slid his hands up under her fishnet jersey and sports bra to grope her breasts.

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"Get your fucking hands off me. I belong to the Tsarina, and her army is going to raze this pathetic little town and then swarm across your planet," Jennifer said weakly. Matt didn't respond, but he pulled the knife he'd acquired and sliced through her bloomers and panties at one hip, then pushed them down her other leg.

He unzipped his pants, freed his stiff cock, and eased it into her pussy. "You piece of shit! When I get free I'm going to cut your puny dick off and feed it to you," she snarled. Despite her protests, though, she was soon moaning with reluctant pleasure as he continued fucking her. "That's right baby. I still know how you like it," Matt said. "I swear to you we're going to do everything we can to get you back.

I will never give up on you. But, if we can't figure it out quickly, we're going to have to lock you away in a hole deep enough that you can't gridiron attack your way out. So this might our last chance to be together like this for a while. My last chance to tell you." He was pounding his rod into her, and he could tell by the tone of her moans that she was very close to cumming. "Jennifer, if you can hear me at all, from somewhere deep down, just know that I love you." Immediately Jennifer's back arched and she screamed out in orgasm.

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Matt was suddenly blinded by a bright light. He fell back away from her and hit the cockpit door behind him. He turned his head away and put his arm up to shield his eyes. The light faded, but he was still waiting for his eyes to recover when he heard Jennifer say, while gasping for air, "I love… you too… Matt… I love you too." Matt put his arm down and looked.

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The Fear Raider uniform was gone, she was now completely naked save for the familiar charm bracelet on her wrist and another on her ankle.

"Jennifer?" he asked. She nodded. "It's me. Really me." "Jennifer!" he shouted, and embraced her tightly, their lips meeting in a long and deep kiss. When they finally parted, he asked, "What the hell did they do to you over there?" "Everything I described before, it was much, much worse than that.

The things she did to me—" Jennifer suddenly cut herself off with a long gasp, her eyes going wide. In a quiet, awed voice, she said, "Oh my God. I know. I know all of it now." She refocused on Matt, and with determination in her voice, said, "I know what we have to do." Matt smiled broadly. "Excellent." "First, trade places with me.

Then fly us to the new city hall," she said. "Oh! Of course, my bad. Panther, release her," he said. As she stepped out of the armature, Jennifer said, "Sugarshine, are you there?" "Jennifer!

Are you you again? Thank goodness!" replied the pony's voice in her head. "Yes, I'm back all the way now. Can you please fly out and meet us at city hall on the north side of town? It's time to finish this." "On my way!" she replied. "So what's the plan?" Matt asked, securing himself back in the control armature. "There's too many monsters in town right now for us to handle, so we have to stop this at the source," Jennifer answered.

"We're going to go get the Tsarina." [Ending Theme: "Mechanical Love" by In This Moment] "Debbie Woods here, reporting live from Bensonville. What a relief, we have our magical girl back on our side, and she's more determined than ever to win! What's her plan for defeating the dark forces besieging the town once and for all, and can our heroes pull it off?

Find out next time in the exciting conclusion, Cheer Raider and SABRE Panther, Episode 13: 'Attack Through the Portal! It's the Final Battle!' Go! Fight! Win!" - - - © the Perv Otaku, 2017 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.