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Two euro guys brutal gangbanging asshole
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Soon spring turned into summer and all of a sudden, it was the middle of June and we had stayed with Cory for a month.

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He obviously enjoyed the diversion of entertaining guests and I had all the comforts of the finest campground. I had a perfectly level shady place to set up the coach. He hooked me up to his septic system and ran a hose over from his faucet for the sweetest water that you can imagine. He even jerry rigged his circuit breaker to accommodate a 50 amp electrical hookup. When I offered to share in the cost of this setup, you would have thought that I had cussed him out. With one look of his big ol' face, I knew exactly what he thought of my suggestion.

Cory was younger than I am; about 40 or 45 would be my guess. He had never been married I found out but had settled up here in Dawson Creek about 15 years ago when he got out of the service to get away from people. What he found was that he didn't mind people, but just certain types of people; the phonies. The people he discovered up there were definitely not phony. He started up a guild service and had been successful ever since.

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He took hunters, fishing groups and explorers out into the wilderness to experience Northern Canada to its fullest and the tales he could tell would keep us up all night in stitches. He had a way about him that just made you want to laugh and after a few minutes of listening to his stories, you couldn't help but roar. The girls loved to listen to him spin his tales and most every night they would come in and ask for another story before bedtime.

The three of us played a little game of rotating beds. One night we all slept in my bed together while the next night it was Cathy sleeping alone out on the couch. Sometimes I would let the girls sleep in the bed and I would take a turn out in the other bed. But Kristy always managed to sleep with at least one of us most every night. The one exception was when she was visited by Mother Nature again. When she announced that she was taking the couch for a few days, I suddenly thought that I didn't remember Cathy having to spend time in solitude with her period.

I began to wonder about this oddity and as she walked into the bedroom that night, I asked her about it. "I have a very unpredictable cycle," she explained. "In fact, since I started when I was 13, I've only had maybe a dozen periods. I'll go 6 months or longer sometimes in between periods. Then I'll have two or three right on schedule. I never know when I will be blessed with this nonsense." "Have you gone to the doctor to try to regulate it or anything?" I inquired.

"My Mom never seemed upset over it and neither did I, so no, I've never seen anyone about it," she shrugged her shoulders in an accepting way. I pulled back the covers and slid my naked body into bed as she crawled in on the other side.

Cathy and I never actually made love before. We would cuddle and coo, fondle and touch but we never had intercourse. I don't know if it was that I wanted to be invited or I didn't want to risk Kristy getting upset or jealous or if we wanted to maintain the relationship just the way it was, but it seemed to work for us and I wasn't about to upset the apple cart.

As she slid into my one armed embrace, she snuggled her cheek on my chest and let out a contented sigh. She stayed like that as I slowly started to go under. Suddenly as she spoke and I was jolted back to reality with a jerk. "I'm sorry Gramps," she said in apology. Both of the girls had started referring to me as Gramps and I kind of liked it so I encouraged the name to stick.

"Oh that's alright," I said opening my eyes. "You were saying?" "I was just wondering that's all, about that time when Kristy put your thing into her mouth all the way. I mean, where did it go, down her throat? I mean, she didn't even gag or anything," she said in amazement. "Cathy, I think you need to ask Kristy about that. All I know is that she is a very talented girl. I haven't had that many blow jobs in my life but I can't think of a better one than what Kristy gives me. The first time she went down on me I just couldn't believe it.

She tried real hard to take it all the way in but couldn't. Then the next time she gave me one, down her throat it went. I couldn't believe it. She said that she practiced on carrots and pickles until she could do it without gagging," I recounted the story.

After a second, Cathy said to me, "She real does love you, you know. I mean not like a Grandpa but as a man. She is so lucky to have you." I pulled her into my chest with my arm to acknowledge her comment as I smiled to myself in contentment. After I few more minutes, Cathy once again broke the silence with her question. "Gramps, do you think Kristy would mind if I tried to stick your thing I my mouth?" I stammered out my response by saying, "I don't know, why don't you ask her?" She jumped up out of bed and went to the door to open it and then asked out loud into the dark room, "Kristy is it okay with you if I stick your Gramps' cock in my mouth?" Kristy let out a squeal of surprise as she responded, "What does he say?" I heard her question so as Cathy was about to relay it to me, I said out loud, "I was just answering her question.

She asked me if I though you would mind it if she put my thing in her mouth. I said to ask you. Now if you're asking me what I want, then it's "Hell yes". Kristy responded, "Can I watch you do it?" "Kristy, can I just tell you about it tomorrow," she answered almost in a begging manner. "Okay," she said in disappointment, "but remember to suck on it all the way through to when he squirts into your mouth." Cathy returned to bed with a puzzled look on her face, wondering what she had gotten herself in for, but slowly pulled back the covers to expose my growing cock.

She looked down at it and reached out her hand to touch and fondle it. She had touched it before but she was studying it now, as if trying to figure out how she was going to do this thing. Suddenly, she bent down and with her mouth, started rubbing the shaft up and down with her lips.

Then she stopped, changed positions to her knees and placed her lips on the shaft again. Running her mouth along the skin was not getting the job done so after a few passes, I suggested, "Use your saliva and get it wet and then your lips will slide on it better." She acted almost relieved having someone telling her what to do as she wet her lips with her tongue and transferred the moisture onto the shaft of my cock.

Now she was letting her saliva flow freely over the skin and it acted nicely as lubricant. She continued to slide her mouth over the skin of my cock but soon I wanted more. I started to take over the instructions of how I wanted this fantasy to play out and told her, "Now take your lips and place them around the end of my cock.

Make them nice and wet and slowly close them down around the tip.

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That's it, nice and slow. Now move my cock around between them a little and suck on it like you would a Popsicle or something. Oh that's nice, Cathy, just like that." She was a fast learner and soon had the end of it wet and well sucked upon. She had moved her hand to my shaft and was holding it steady as she was working the head between her lips. She was sucking and rotating it around in her mouth but never took that much of it in between her luscious lips.

I had to feel more of her mouth so I suggested that she take it further in her orifice and wet it fully with her tongue and saliva.

She proceeded to insert my cock into her mouth, but drug her teeth over the shaft as she took it in. This sent an alarming sensation throughout my body and I naturally jerked my hips free of the pain. She stopped immediately and looked on with a surprised look on her face.

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"Oh Cathy, I'm sorry. But it was a natural reaction to feeling your teeth on my cock that's all. You have to be careful down there with your teeth. It's very sensitive. If you want to use your teeth then you will need to warn me. It can feel hot as hell if you do it gently and with warning. Why don't you just be careful with your teeth for now?" I suggested. She nodded her head in agreement and opened her mouth again and placed her lips around the shaft without touching her teeth.

Gently closing her mouth around it, she started to drag it out between her lips but she forgot to suck on it. I said, "Cathy, that was nice but you have to use some suction to make it feel right.

Try it again," I told her. She repeated the procedure and this time when she slid it out between her lips, I could feel that she was sucking on it hard as it slipped out of her mouth.

There was a loud "Pop" coming from her mouth she was sucking so hard and then her lips turned upward as she asked, "Is that hard enough?" "That was perfect," I said with a smile on my face. "That was perfect." She opened her mouth and went down on me with more force this time as she sucked her cheeks in and slid it out once again. This time I told her, "Now take it and slid it out but don't take it out of your mouth. Suck it in like that and let it come out to the head, now suck it back in.

That's right, suck on it hard as it comes back into your mouth." "Oh Cathy, baby that feels so good; you're getting the hang of this cock sucking stuff real good.

Oh yes, now take it in a little further this time; take it in as far as you can," I encouraged her. She did as she was told and took it further in between her lips and as it touched the back of her throat, it tripped her gag reflex and she had to come off of it with her mouth wide open and a little bit of bile sticking to the end of my cock.

Through her teary eyes, she said, "Whew that was too far." She took a second to clear her throat and brushed the tears from her eyes but went back down on my cock with all of the enthusiasm of a horny teenager. This time she moved her hand down to where she could take it in to just before she hit her gag reflex and then she used her lips to suck it out of her mouth.

Now she had hit her stride and was ramming my cock in and out of those two precious lips, sucking the "be Jesus" out of me and sending me into a swirling cycle that had but one ending. I felt my balls start to tighten up as the ecstasy of this lovely girl's mouth sucking on my cock brought me to the brink.

I knew it was but a matter of time as my hips started to involuntarily thrust upward. I could take it no longer and as I reached my pinnacle, I spewed out a rope of sperm that splashed off the back of the poor unsuspecting girl's throat. This caused her to start coughing and sputtering for air as she slid off of my still shooting cock and received the balance right on her face and neck.

After she regained herself and cleared her air passage, she collapsed next to me on the bed, wiping the blobs of sperm off of her face. She cleaned most of it before she asked, "What was that? Was it your sperm that you shot into my mouth? It took me by surprise as it hit the back of my throat and I gagged. Did we do it? Did I suck your cock just like Kristy does?" I was trying to catch my breath and regain my senses, but I replied, "Yes it was and yes we sure did," I managed to answer through my closed eyed, dreamy state.

"And yes you did Cathy, just like Kristy does." It wasn't exactly like my darling Kristy does it, but I didn't want to discourage this fine little cock sucker in her first attempt. I lay there contented and sleepy for a little bit and Cathy just sat there waiting for me to fully recover. As I opened my eyes after dozing for a few minutes, Cathy greeted me with a shy little grin on her face that broke into a broad smile as she snuggled down into my shoulder.

I put my arm around her and hugged her gently into my embrace. We lie like that for a few more minutes not saying a word, but soon I broke the silence by saying, "That was absolutely wonderful, Cathy. How can I thank you for that experience?

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You gave so much to me, how can I repay that loving act of generosity you have shown me?" "How can you repay me? My God Gramps, that is the least that I can do for you. And don't even talk to me about generosity.

Don't even go there," she said emphatically. "Well, I feel that you went over and above anything I had ever imagined in the arena of payback and I just wanted to tell you that. Thank you Cathy, it was special," I reiterated. She just cuddled deeper into my shoulder and a broad smile spread over her face.

She continued to cuddle into me with my arm still around her shoulder when her leg came up and over my thigh area. She slowly looked up into my eyes and moved her mouth closer, giving into the emotions of the moment.


I lowered my lips into hers as I kissed her gently upon the mouth and slowly spread my lips a little and darted out with my tongue. As she received my linguistic advances with those of her own, I lowered my free hand down to her butt and slowly guided her on top of my naked body. She rearranged her torso on top of mine and as she came off of my arm, I slid my now free hand down to join with the other and grabbed her by both cheeks of her panty clad rear end and pulled her up onto my growing cock.

She was kissing me harder now, seeking me out with her tongue in an effort to find and fence with my own. Her breath was ragged now as she ground her crotch into my growing erection. My hands were pulling and separating her two cheeks as I pressed my crotch up into hers. I was starting to feel those emotions again. It always seemed to amaze me just how these two girls could stimulate this once dead libido into action the way that they do, but I was proud of my new found stamina and recovery powers and was so glad that they weren't letting me down now.

I ran my hands under her tee shirt onto her bare back as I continued to embrace her with my emotions. Rubbing all around on her back, I was massaging her flesh as I was kissing her lips; hard with force and the hunger of lust started to build in my being.

This ravishing little girl was driving me crazy, just like my granddaughter does, and I had to have her. My hands went up to her shoulders, taking the tee shirt with them and then as I retracted my chest from hers, I slid the garment over her breasts and made contact with her skin to skin. The sensation was breath taking for both of us as a groan escaped her lips. My hands removed her top and as she lowered herself back down upon my bare chest, I let out a loud sigh and grabbed her by the butt once again.

I pulled her up until her breast area was hovering right over my mouth. I looked at her young globes, hanging there above me; swaying just a little, begging to be sucked. They weren't so big as to jiggle and move violently with her movement, but were soft and firm and just right to suck into my mouth. So wide mouthed, I rose up and devoured one into my open orifice.

I played with it with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth all in the same second. I concentrated on her nipple with my tongue but I also used my lips to pull it away from her skin. She was sighing loudly and making this funny little face as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I went over to the other one and duplicated the oral process I had mastered.

Hooking my legs between hers, I spread my legs out wide driving her legs apart until she had to bend them at her knees and draw them up under her. This left her panty covered crotch completely open so I lowered my hand down between her legs and settled my touch right at her junction. This sent a warm, open mouthed groan to escape from her lips as she settled down upon my hand and ground her crotch into my touch. With one strong thrust of my arm, I rolled her off of me onto her side with me following her.

My hand never left the comfort of her warmth and wetness and as she found herself flat on her back with her legs splayed wide and my touch pressing down into her wanting pussy. I could feel her moist lips start to separate just a little under the pressure of my finger's penetration so I slid it upward until it met with her clitoris.

The contact sent a wave of electricity throughout her body as she screamed out softly, "Oh yes, Gramps, my God right there!" I slid the silkiness of her panties right over her nubbin several times; each time bringing a cry of lustfulness out of her mouth. She was getting very turned on by this clitoral stimulation and was starting to beg me not to stop. So I switched the pressure to my thumb as I lowered the assault with my finger down to her opening. I found it soaking with her fluids and with my first touch on her vaginal canal; she bucked her hips upward as she tried to make an insertion through the panty material.

I instantly withdrew my hand and dove down inside of the wet crotch area of her panties. Finding it incredibly sloppy from her juices, I re-inserted my thumb and finger to where they had previously been but this time my finger went in unobstructed.

I found her hooded node standing tall, waiting to be touched and stimulated be my thumb so I roughly pressed down on it. At the same time, my finger slid into her opening with ease and was soon buried to its limits. All she could say at this time was, "Oh God, oh God, oh God" as she was writhing herself into a frenzy. Then as it continued to build within her, she strained every muscle in her body and held her breath for what seemed like an eternity.

She was arching her back as she pressed forward with her crotch until she suddenly screeched a high loud scream and then released herself into the most orgasmic display of emotions that I have ever seen from this beauty. She was thrashing from side to side with the sheet balled up in each hand. She was ramming her crotch skyward into my thumb and finger, trying to force them harder into her sensitive places.

She was screaming, "OH GOD GRAMPS, OH GOD!!!" as she forced the last bit of energy out through her opening. Then she collapsed in a convulsing, quivering mass of nerve endings as she tried to come down from this monumental experience. He eyes were closed as she rolled over onto her side with her arms locked in between her knees. She was whimpering softly and then she was asleep. I slid my hand out of her panties and lay back down on my back to catch my breath when I heard the door shut softly.

I smiled to myself and wondered just what my beautiful little granddaughter had seen and if she was as satisfied as I was or at least used to be. Right then I needed someone to help me get some relief but all available people were otherwise predisposed.


So I turned out the bed light and rolled over to join Cathy in sleep. When I awoke the next morning, I was alone in the bed. I checked my watch and it said that it was 8:30 and time to get up. I could smell the bacon frying as I went into the bathroom to shower and when I came out into the living quarters of the coach, I saw the two girls, still in their night shirts just putting the food on the table. I greeted them warmly and sat down to eat with them.

We talked and joked but nothing was said about the events of the prior evening and that was just as well. Long after we finished eating, we were still sitting at the table talking when a knock came to the front door. I went to answer and seeing that it was Cory, I shouted out to him, "I know, I know, it's late and we aren't even dressed for the morning." Opening the door, I said, "Come on in and I'll fetch you a cup of coffee." As he came up the steps, he glanced over at the girls who were still sitting at the table.

Both greeted him with a warm smile and a cheery "Good Morning" when he noticed what they were wearing. His mouth dropped and his eyes opened wide. He didn't say anything but his expression sure gave his shock away. He abruptly turned around with his coffee cup and headed back out under the awning with me following close behind.

"Sorry about the way those two were dressed," I said off handedly. "We must have lost track of time. The girls fixed me breakfast this morning and we were just talking and stuff." His look said volumes but he said nothing except, "Why I came over this morning is I was wondering if you'd like to go out on a trip up to Northern Alberta to Fort Chipawyan on the Lake Athabasca shoreline.

I've got a large group of fisherman coming in from the lower 48 and I need a driver. It's just an in and out thing and my usual driver is out sick today.

Could you help me out for the day?" Without hesitating, I said, "Heck yes I'll drive for you. What'll I drive and when do we take off?" What he needed was for me to follow him up in his 4 WD and pick him up and bring him back to the cabin for the week. Then, presumably his regular driver would be okay to drive him back up to the lake, pick up the fishermen and drive the bus back to Dawson Creek.

They would keep the bus up there with them for the week and utilize it for storage and in case of an emergency. It was a long, slow drive up to Fort Chipawyan but the scenery was breathtaking. It was so peaceful and calm, almost surreal and I had to keep telling myself that this was the true wilderness of North America. By late that day we had arrived in tandem and seeing that his guests were well taken care of, he said goodbye and good fishing and we headed back to Dawson Creek.

On the way we talked about everything under the sun and then the topic turned to something that had been bothering Cory for a longest time; my relationship with the girls. "John," he said hesitantly, broaching the subject. "What's going on between you and your granddaughter anyway? I mean, I know it's none of my business and tell me to butt out but I know something's not right there and you know you could get yourself into a lot of trouble." "Cory ol' friend," I said very slowly, "I know how it looks and damn it to hell; I never wanted this to grow as much as it has, but what can I say.

Cory I love the girl. I know that sounds childish, foolish and down right absurd, but you've got to know the rest of the story before you judge me, please." "I ain't judging nobody, John," Cory responded, "I'm just observing that's all and warning a good friend." I waited a second to gather my thoughts and then I said, "Kristy's parents are fine people, both of them. They just shouldn't have had Kristy that's all. Her Dad flies for Delta and is gone all of the time and her Mom, my daughter, is consumed by her own career and doesn't have the time or the desire to see to her own daughter.

She just got a promotion and has to go to London to work and live. Do you know that she wants to put Kristy into a boarding school so she won't have to raise her like a normal mother does?" Cory did what he does best and just listened to my explanation and kept his mouth shut. "I tried to take over her education since I'm a retire high school teacher, but my daughter is fighting me on that idea.

I don't know Cory, all I know is that I love that girl, both as a grand father and a young woman and I just want the best for her." After a long moment of silence, Cory asked, "What about Cathy?" "Well that is entirely another story," I said and related how we had met her on the road and basically adopted her when we picked her up.

I told him the story that we had been told at the beginning about her father molesting her but I had to admit any details about the girl were pretty sketchy. We drove along in silence for the longest time. The more I thought about it the more that I needed to head out.

If I was in as much trouble as Cory seemed to think, then I didn't need to bring him into this mess and so I mentioned to him, "Cory, I've been thinking about heading up to Alaska and I've been mooching off you enough, so I think if don't need me for anything, I'll be heading out by the end of the week." Cory knew my mind better than I did but all he said was, "Naw, Dave should be back by the time I have to pick up this bunch and nothing else is on the horizon.

How are you going to get Cathy over the border? She does have a passport doesn't she? What about her last name?" "I've got a notarized statement from my daughter granting me permission to take Kristy over the border but I've never even thought about Cathy. I don't know I guess I'll have to ask her." I felt foolish all of a sudden and I think Cory's opinion of me dropped a little.

We arrived back to the cabin about 11:00 that night; the sun was almost on the horizon. As I went to the coach, Cory stopped me with a comment about our conversation. He said, "John, I'm sorry for prying into your affairs today. I hope this doesn't change anything between us but I think you need to make some plans and see if you can't get yourself free from some of the messes that your big heart has gotten you in.

Think on it tonight, Ol' Buddy. Goodnight." I found the girls asleep in my bed; Cathy was nude while Kristy had on her panties that contained her padding. They were spooned together with Cathy in front, sleeping like babies.

I watched them for the longest time, wondering what the next couple of days would bring. I slept out on the couch that night and awoke to a kink in my neck around 6 in the morning.

The sun was up already and as I drug myself into the bathroom, I had a feeling of dread before me that day. I got dressed and went into the bedroom to wake my two sleeping beauties. They were both lying outside of the covers and I was taken by the sheer breathtaking beauty of their bodies. Cathy was splayed out at an angle on the bed with her head pointing towards the middle and her feet were almost off the mattress.

Kristy was lying at the opposite angle with their heads meeting at the top. Both of them were lying on their back and while Kristy's legs were straight out, Cathy had her right knee pointing at right angles to the other one. This exposed her little bush to my view and I started becoming aroused.

I suddenly couldn't control myself and as I walked around the bed to Cathy's side, I started to undress myself. My eyes were glued to the sight of Cathy's pubic mound and her young breasts lying flat on her chest and by the time I was standing over her, I was removing my boxers over my now erect cock. I moved right over her and was standing up, looking down at her beauty. My hand gently went down to her right thigh and stoked it lightly and gently.

My touch startled her out of her dreams and she looked up at the intruder in a shocking awareness and then, seeing who had dared touch her nakedness, smiled and opened up her legs once again.

She stretched a big long stretch and glanced over at her bed partner. Seeing her still asleep, she scooted over and made room for me to lye down with her. But I had other ideas so I went down on my knees and pulled them apart around my torso. She got the idea and allowed my face to go down between her legs as I kissed her junction. She groaned in appreciation as I moved her lips apart with my tongue and tasted the saltiness of her night's sleep.

I wondered if Kristy's tongue had been where mine was only as few hours ago and if I could make her cum even harder than she had.

Her groans became louder and louder as I began inserting my finger into her opening. Suddenly I felt someone pulling on my shoulders in an effort to get me to rise up from my knelling position. It was Kristy doing the pulling and as I realized it, she said to me, "Come on Gramps, get up and lye on your back so I can get to your cock with my mouth." I flipped myself over Cathy's body and landed on my back in the middle of the bed. I pulled Cathy's body on top of my face and soon she had arranged herself so that she was sitting on and straddling my face.

I instantly opened her back up with my tongue and she cried out in ecstasy. Kristy fell down between my legs and had taken my erect cock right down her throat and was giving me a blow job that only my granddaughter knew how to give.


She was sucking on it hard with her lips in between swallowing it down into her throat. She was driving me crazy with her oral assault. I was starting to use my teeth gently on Cathy's clitoris as we both were becoming near the brink. I could hold it back no longer as I arched my back, and started gushing my sperm into and down my granddaughter's throat. She seemed to relish the idea of taking all of my sperm down into her tummy because long after I had stopped squirting, she was still sucking me dry.

As I was shooting, my mouth was devouring Cathy's pussy. I was licking her slit clean of her juices and then I made a digital assault on her opening. Feeling her fluids spewing out onto my hand, I couldn't resist a manual insertion into her vaginal canal. Ramming it in as far as it would go, I curled my finger just a little and felt for the rough area where her G-spot was located. She started reacting violently as my finger rubbed over her sensitive little spot and then she tensed up her body and yelled at the top of her lungs, "OH SHIT I'M CCCUUUMMMMING!!!" and thrust up her hips into a mad orgasm that shook the entire coach.

Over and over she thrust up her hips, trying to extract the greatest amount of pleasure out of her release. Finally she relaxed her body and slumped down once again on the bed, making the contented sound that lovers make after their adventure together.

As Kristy let my flaccid cock escaped her mouth and brushed upon her cheek, she also make that contented sound and I though to myself, "Now that's what I call a great love in." We rested for the better part of an hour; just the three of us, lying on my bed, naked and content.

Later that morning, all three of us went over to see out host and talk to him about us going up to Alaska for a couple of weeks or so. Cory had been up there innumerable times and since I'd only traveled into the Last Frontier once before, I thought we should take advantage of his wealth of knowledge. Over a cup of coffee, we started planning our trip and the more we planned the more excited I became. What a wonderful learning experience for Kristy in several fields of education; biology, geology, history, volcanoes, marine sciences, environmental issues and the economic studies of each.

What a wonderful class this will make and to think that Kristy's Mom doesn't think there is anything to learn out on the road. I'd show her. "You've got to go on up the Dawson City, either coming or going and take your Jeep over the "Top of the World Highway"," Cory told us.

"If you go up there on the way up to Alaska, you can make your re-entry back into the States just to the west of Dawson City and then you won't have to worry about checking in again until you come on back down this way. You do have your passports don't you?" "Oh yeah," I said. "We had to show them when we entered Canada." Suddenly Cathy got this look on her face that both Cory and I caught. He looked at me as I looked at him and then I asked Cathy, "You do have your passport on you right?" Cathy looked mortified.

She could just shake her head no as she explained, "I didn't know I would be traveling out of the country that night that I left home. I just wanted to get away from my father that's all. I went out to the Freeway and stuck my thumb out to get a ride out of there and the first truck to stop gave me a ride heading north. It was three in the morning and I was sleepy so he told me to crawl up in his sleeper and get some shut eye and when I woke up, we were in Canada heading towards Winnipeg.

He wanted repaid for the ride but I didn't want to, so he dumped me off at that truck stop where I met Kristy and her Gramps. You all know the rest of the story. I don't even own a passport." The look on Cory's face grew darker, as mine got pale as I thought, "Oh my God, now what do I do?" I suddenly realized that I was harboring an illegal alien, had transported her through another country and I was almost trying to smuggle her into the United States.

Man I was in big trouble and Cory knew it. I slowly but thoughtfully said, "Cathy, this creates a whole other set of problems. Cory what can we do to get her back into the States?" He thought for a second and then he said, "Well you could try to smuggle her back in by hiding her in your coach somewhere. They don't check out your coach that thoroughly do they?" "Well, as a general rule, no.

But one time when I crossed back into the States, I was there for an hour as they did a damn good job of searching," I said. "Well, how lucky do you feel?" shrugged Cory. "How about going to the United States Embassy or something?" I inquired. "And tell them what? I'm sure they would want to know about you picking up an under aged runaway and transporting her across another country," he said sarcastically. "I've got to give this some more thought." He then turned to Cathy, smiled at her and put out his huge hand and placed it on hers and said, "Don't you worry, Cathy I'm going to make sure you are taken care of.

I'll think of something." What he thought of seemed logical, so I pulled the coach out of Dawson Creek and headed it north along the Alaskan Highway, there was just Kristy my granddaughter and me. Cathy had reminded behind with Cory