Video sm Slave Sand in Sex Verwendung soumise Sand Video bdsm

Video sm Slave Sand in Sex Verwendung soumise Sand Video bdsm
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My name is Conner and I am 17 years old. I live with my mom and dad and I play football at my high school and am strong from doing so. I have a great body and I'm one of the coolest kids at my school.

I get good action with the ladies, but at this point I don't have a girlfriend and I'm just barely making it by with a few blowjobs from some of the few girls that I haven't screwed over yet. So it's safe to say that I take part in jackin off every now and then. My story starts with the fact that I was on a dry streak. I had made out with a few girls at lunch but the dumb bitches weren't willing to go farther. I hadn't had my dick touched for a good month.


So one day after school, I said screw this and decided to jack off. I was incredibly horny and immediately went to my upstairs room and grabbed my laptop. I quickly got to a porn site and clicked the first video I saw. It wasn't a great video, but hey, it had naked chicks sucking dick and that was good enough for me. In the rush of things I guess I forgot to close my door because I was so concerned with masturbating.

My mom got back from work and I heard her open and close the front door, but I had to finish and figured she would take a while downstairs before she came up.

I also heard her loud high heels banging on the wooden floors and knew that if she started to climb the stairs, I would hear her and quickly cover up the situation. So I continued to jack off, but what I didn't count on was my mother taking off her heels before coming upstairs, which she did. Being barefoot in my house meant that you were as silent as a panther. I never heard her coming and that was problematic as my room is placed directly to the left of the top of the staircase.

As soon as she arrived at the top, she turned to greet me and to her surprise saw her teenage son masturbating. Now I may not be one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and I'm aware of it. I treat some of the girls at my high school like shit, but that's because I know they'll come back.

You see I have something that they want, a 9 inch cock. I don't like to brag too much, but every girl that ever did stuff with me, couldn't stop talking about how amazing my dick was. It had great girth and wasn't all veiny or crooked. I didn't know that my mother was standing in my door way watching me until she said something.

"Conner! Don't you think you should close your door before you do something like that?" I immediately turned my head and saw my mom standing there in awe of me jacking off. I didn't respond as I was too fixed on the moment at hand. I was staring at my mom and noticed that her eyes were planted on my penis.

This was too much for me to handle and while staring at my mother, I exploded my load all over the place. Now I hadn't jizzed in about a month and was holding a lot of semen. Not to mention that fact that I did it in front of my mom which added more fire to it, left my bed and myself drenched in cum. I had two giant streaks of semen that went from my hair all the way down my face. There were three spots of cum on my wall behind my bed and my chest and especially my belly button region had become a swimming pool of jizz.

It was the most incredible orgasm I had ever had and I was utterly speechless after it happened. You may think that I would rush around and cover myself up with my blanket or something, but I didn't.

I just laid there still staring at my mom, covered in my own semen. "Wow Conner. That was a big load. Here, I'll go get you a towel to clean yourself up." And with that she came back and handed me a towel. I immediately wiped my face off as some of the semen went in my mouth and I gave it a taste. It was probably the worst tasting thing I've ever had. As I wipe myself down while still laying on my back in my bed, my mom sits herself down to the side of me.

"I'm sorry mom. I didn't know you were standing there, and…well…I was just really horny and needed to jack off." "Don't be sorry son. It's a natural thing that every guy does, especially teenagers. Now not every guy has this much semen (as she stared at the cumblasts on the wall) or such a nice penis, but really don't worry about it." And with that she stood up and walked into her bedroom. I finished cleaning myself off and headed into the bathroom to take a shower, something I did after every time I masturbated.

I took a shower and washed my whole body down as I felt disgusting with all that cum on me. When I was done, I realized that I didn't bring any clothes into the bathroom to put on, but I said what the hell, my mom has already seen my jack off.

I think walking around naked wouldn't be that bad. So I exited the bathroom and headed to my room. As I walked past, my mom was laying on her bed, watching TV and called to me. I entered her room slightly, standing there with my flaccid 6 inch penis hanging about. She asked me if I had taken the garbage out yet and I replied no. I could tell she like staring at my dick as she kept studdering so she could look at it longer. I told her I would do it and put my robe on and took the trash out.

When I got back, I heard my mom in the shower. I was still really horny and decided to go balls to the wall. I was gonna sneak into my parents bathroom and jack off to my mom again. It was easy to get in there as my mom had left all the doors wide open, something that she never does. It was as if she wanted me to do this.

I snuk in and sat on the floor against one of the walls in the bathroom. She couldn't see me, but I could see the reflection of her in the shower in the mirror. Their shower doors are blurred so you can't see any details but just the image of my blurred nude mom taking a shower was too much for me.

Just as I was about to finish, my mom turned off the water and stepped out, revealing her amazing body to my teenage eyes. This drove me over the edge and once again I blasted my load everywhere. But this time I was sitting in a more upright position, so there were two blasts of semen on the ceiling as well as streaks down the wall behind me and all in my hair and back as I ducked down to avoid any cum in my face like the last time. I probably could have gotten away with this but whenever I orgasm, I make a few low-pitched grunts which were clearly audible to my mom.

She walked around the corner and was startled to see me sitting there once again naked with cum everywhere. She immediately scanned the ceiling and the walls as well as the top of my head which was covered in semen.

"My god. How much cum do you have in those balls?" my mom asked me. "I'm sorry mom, I just was really horny again and needed to relieve myself." "Conner, I told you not to worry about that, really. It's something that you have to do, and whatever gets you off is fine with me.

But I don't think we can make this a habit as I'm not sure your father will approve." She said with a bit of a smirk.

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And without noticing, my dick, which had shrunk after ejaculating, had grown back to its nine inch erection due to the fact that my mom was standing in front of me butt-ass naked. My mom is 33 years old and is sexy as hell, she stayed in such good shape because she ran all the time and worked out at our local gym.

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I had gotten in two fights at school because of some of the shit kids were saying about how hot my mom was. The fact of the matter was that I knew it too and felt the same way they did, which pissed me off more because I could never have her. Now she was standing there stark naked and I loved every second of it.

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She was about 5'9 with dirty blonde hair, just like mine, and easily the greatest set of tits I had ever seen in my life. They were 36D and her nipples were perfect, not too big or small and a perfect pinkish tint. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and she had a solid full body tan, even down at her vagina. "I guess we'll have to clean you up again." Said my mom as she handed me another towel. "Man, I'm gonna have to take another shower." I stated angrily as the cum in my hair was not coming out easily.

"Just jump in our shower, It's probably still warm since I just got out." Said my mom. So I stood up with my erect penis and entered the shower. I scrubbed down my body but was really struggling with my hair. I was so focused on washing myself down that I didn't notice my mom. She had remained in the bathroom and I could tell through the blurred glass that she was sitting on the closed toilet, reading a magazine with her legs crossed.

Oh and she was still butt-ass naked. After a while of attempting to scrub out the cum, I finally gave up. "Mom! Do you think you can help me get this jizz out of my hair?" "Sure honey. Look out, I'm coming in." she proclaimed as she entered the shower nude.

"Aww, my poor baby. You have so much semen in here. But don't worry, I know the trick for it. Believe it or not this has happened to me a few times." She did something and finally got it all out. I was relieved, but still had a furious erection that needed taking care of and once again, I decided to go for it.

"You know mom, I couldn't really get the jizz out of my pubes very well either. You think you could help?" I asked. Now I don't have long pubes at all. I manscape every two weeks, but it had been about a week and a half and there was definently some pubes there. Realistically there was not enough for semen to get stuck in, but I think both my mother and I knew that.

"Sure sweetie. Anything I can do to help out my baby boy." And with that she proceeded to grab some soap and rub it around my pubic region. Eventually she got down on her knees to get closer to the situation. Even though she wasn't touching my cock, it was amazing to feel her touch so close to my junk and to see her face inches away from the tip of my penis. She actually had to lean her head back because of the length of my dick. As this went on we began a conversation.

"So tell me Conner, when did your little penis grow to be such a giant cock?" "Uhh…I don't know. I guess a few years ago. Why, do you like it mom?" "Well of course I like it Conner. Your my son and I would love you no matter how big your penis was. But I'm sure all the girls love it." "Yeah they talk about it a little bit.

So have you ever done stuff with a dick this big, mom?" "Sadly, no. Your father has a solid 5 inch cock, which keeps me happy but something like this would just feel amazing." "Well, I mean, if you want to…you know…you can…feel mine if you want." "Conner, none of this is for me. I'm just trying to help you. So if you would like your mother to jack you off in order to relieve yourself, I would be more than happy to do so." "YES!

Uhh…I mean yeah that would be nice." "Ok then sweetie. Just remember your father would probably disapprove me doing this, so keep quiet about it." And then she reached up with her slippery delicate hand and firmly grasped my cock. At first, thought I was going to explode right there, but I maintained my composure.

My mom began to stroke my 9 inch cock all the way from the tip to the base.


Then she used her other hand to fondle my nuts. She grabbed them and squeezed them hard. I could tell she wanted more so I gave her approval. "You know mom, I think if you put my cock in your mouth, that would help me a lot more." "Sure thing sweetie. Anything you want." Then she brought her mouth closer and closer to the head of my penis.

Before she shoved it in, she looked up at me with her sexy eyes and gave me a smile. Then she wrapped her mouth around the tip and slid her mouth down my shaft.

The first time, she only made it about half way down my cock and came up needing air. Then she went into turbo mode and began furiously stroking my dick while sucking on the head of it.

"Holy shit mom, that feels amazing!" I shouted. She continued to take my huge dick in her mouth like this until I decided to go for one last move. I loved this feeling and knew I was about to cum so I grabbed my mom's wet hair and pulled her off of my dick. She looked up at me puzzled by what I had done.

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"What is it Conner? Am I doing something you don't like?" asked my mom. "No, not at all mom. But I was just thinking that if you deep throat my cock, I will cum and it will be great." "Oh, so you think your mom is just some sort of whore that's gonna deep throat your huge cock?" she said with a jokingly smile.

I took the hint and replied, "Yeah, I fucking do. Now you get your sexy bitch ass back down there and choke on your son's fucking cock you dirty whore!" This got my mom really motivated and she went down to my dick and began to warm up. She was stroking my dick amazingly and taking about half of my dick in her mouth. And I had enough of this so I decided to help her and I thrusted my cock into her mouth while holding the back of her head so she couldn't escape my huge cock.

She was about three fourths of the way there when I felt the back of her throat on the tip of my penis. This felt amazing but there was still a few inches for my mom to go, so I angled myself differently by standing on my tip toes and was now shoving my dick in her mouth at a downward angle. I felt my dick slide down her throat farther and farther until it was all in. My mom was really struggling now but I didn't care. All I wanted to do was exploded in her mouth. So once all nine inches of my dick were in her throat I began to thrust violently.

I was intensely throat fucking my mother and after about six thrusts, I absolutely exploded inside my moms throat. That's also when I noticed a different spray of water all over my legs, or least I thought it was water.

With the crazy deep throat fucking that I gave my mother, she apparently had a ridiculous orgasm. When I felt the spray, I immediately looked down and noticed a furious spray of pussy juice coming out of my mom's cunt.

It was like a sprinkler with the amount that was coming out. The first few pumps of semen came out while my entire dick was in my mom. I blasted the first few loads directly into her stomach and then pulled enough of my dick out that it cleared my mom's air passage way.

She gasped for air as her eyes were watering furiously. She sounded as if she had been trapped at the bottom of a lake for ten minutes the way she gasped for air. But I wasn't done as I continued to dump my cumload into my mother's mouth. But she was so messed up that she couldn't even attempt to swallow any of my cum.

It all just came seeping out of her mouth and onto her huge tits. After about six pumps of jizz, I figured I would be done, as that is a normal amount for me. But when I pulled my dick out of my mother's mouth, I blasted three more gigantic loads of cum all over her face and hair. While this was going on, my mother was still furiously orgasming and just as it was about to stop, she reached her hand down and began to intensely rub her clit which produced another orgasm.

I was done ejaculating, but saw that my mom was still going so I decided to do the only thing I could at that point, and I shoved my dick back into my mom's mouth and began to piss.

I didn't know if she would like it or not, but I figured what the hell, might as well go for it. And apparently it worked. She began to swallow up my piss and her orgasm became more intense as it began to drench my legs once again.

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After I was done pissing, I pulled out of my mother's mouth and took a step back so I could admire my mother. She was completely covered in my semen and her vagina was still leaking some pussy fluid. She stood up and allowed me to wash her off. I soaped down her amazing breasts and then spent nearly 20 minutes washing her sexy ass.

We turned the shower off, got out and dried ourselves off. And from that day, life at home would never be the same. End of Chapter 1.