Hardcore Anal Sex For the Whore Who Left Her Friend To Get it Roughly

Hardcore Anal Sex For the Whore Who Left Her Friend To Get it Roughly
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She lay there bound tightly on the hotel's king sized bed shaved and dripping. John and Chris gazed on as Heather's freshly shaved pussy itched and dripped down into her gaping asshole. She begged for one of them to itch her and writhed against the tight ropes binding her legs back. The nipple strings were becomming more painful with every movement and her puffy nipples became darker.

Chris had used sewing thread to tie her nipples to her big toes earlier in the session. "I think it's time." said Chris over to John. "We'll need to gag and blindfold her first", said John. "Have at it", replied Chris. John was creative in how he gagged Heather and told Chris to make a video for me to watch.

With the camera in posistion it was time for the final lesson. John laid some clothes pins next to her and she gazed wide eyed into the camera. "Stick your tongue out", said John in a commanding tone. "Do it now or we'll display you in the window", said Chris.

My wife reluctantly put out her tongue.

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"Very good. This wont hurt too bad after a while", said John.

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John placed the clothes pin on her tongue tip pulling on it as my poor wife winced at the pain. A length of thread was tied to the clothes pin. This is where John's creativeness came into play as I watched the screen.

John worked his way down and pinned one pussy lip and then the other. Poor Heather writhed against the ropes helplessly as John flicked at the clothes pins torturing her pussy lips.

John used more thread to hold the pins against her inner thighs kepping her lips spread open. The string was connected completing a triangle then drawn tight pulling her head down and pussy lips up. All Heather could do was say "ahhhh" and drool.


She lay there totally imobile, head down, nipple tied, dripping and drooling. The blindfold was no sooner placed over her eyes when Chris dialed the phone.


"She's ready for you", said Chris in the backround. He hung up the phone and waited to open the door. The video ended. Heather could not know what punishment her asshole would endure next. A knock at the door startled her and she could hear the familiar voice of her boss as Chris let him in. "Very nice", said her boss starring down at the work of art on the bed. (I will keep Heather's bosses name annonymous to preserve his privacy).

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Heather's boss moved towards the edge of the bed where my helpless wife lay and ran his hand down her thigh up towards her pinned pussylips. He fondled her lips his finger and pressed into her. He pulled his finger out and licked it clean. "Mmmmm, yes." he said. "She tastes a bit tangy but I like it." "Very well." said the boss "You guys did well and will get that raise Monday morning as promised." he said.

With that, Chris and John left the room so their boss could have his way with my wife. My wife couldn't believe how she'd been set up like this but she was helpless to do anything but submit to the probing and touching the rest of the night.

"I'll untie you if you promise to be a good girl." said her boss. "Do you promise to be a good girl?" "Say ahhh if you do." "Ahhhh! Ahhhh." replied Heather. "That's a good girl." "I'll begin untying you now." The boss began the tediuos task of removing the nipple ties and ankle ropes.

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The last things to be removed were the pussy pins and tongue pin. "Say thank you." "I just saved you." " You should thank me properly." said the boss. Reluctantly, Heather replied in a soft voice "Thank you sir." "I can't hear you!" What did you just say to me!?" "Thank you sir!" Heather said louder.

"That's more like it." " From now on you are too say thank you sir so that I can hear!" "Got it!?" Yes sir, thank you sir!" said my wife. "Good, we'll get along just fine as long as you obey me." Fail to obey and you will be punished severely.

"Yes sir, I promise to be a good girl." replied Heather. With that, he led her over to a chair and the video stopped. The next night the phone rang and it was Heather's boss telling me to meet Chris and John at a specific location if I wanted to see my wife again. I had no choice and could not reply before he hang up.

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So, off I went. I waited anxiously in the dimly lit parking lot when a van pulled up beside me. Chris and Jonh got out and ordered me into the back of the van. John had me remove my clothes and then roughed me up tying my hands behind my back to my ankles. I was tied naked helpless in a van with two men whom I barely knew on my way to see my wife. Chris parked the van outside the hotel and told John to do it quickly as he threw a towel in front of my dick.


"This is a necessary precaution" John said, as he spit into the palm of his hand. John put me in a hold and tugged on my stiffining member.

Quickly, John ran his hand up and down my shaft as he held me in position from behind. He jerked me faster and after a few minutes I came over his hand onto the towel in front of me. After John wiped his hands, Chris threw a blanket over me untied my ankles and proceeded to lead me to Heather's hotel room.


The door flung open and I was thrown to the ground on my knees in front of my wife's boss. Chris and John left the room and there I was tied in front of my wife with her bosse's limp dick inches from my face.

I glanced over at my wife who was lying on the bed with her legs open.

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"I enjoyed your wife very much the poor woman needs a break." "Poor lady can barely walk over to the bathroom to pee and I want her ready smiling for work Monday morning." Her boss was huge and Heather's poor pussy looked like it had been roughed up by that huge thing.

Her pussy was stretched and her engorged lips pulsed lightly as she lay there spread airing herself out. Lucky for you, I spared her poor asshole from this monster so, if you love her like you say then you'll take it for her." He shook the huge thing in front me as I nealt before him. He pressed to my my lips until my mouth opened taking him a little at a time tasting my wife on him.

Being jacked off by John left me tired not unable to become aroused so, I obeyed and spared Heather's asshole from the huge intruder. She glanced over at me while my head bobbed up and down and siged falling asleep ignoring my gagging. The final lesson had begun.