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Video porno Echt cena 02
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I am recently married to a beautiful lady. She is extremely intelligent and a great person. Unfortunately her sexual drive and apatite for straight and deviant sex is much lower than mine. My intention was to be loyal and faithful to her. I figured I could always take care of myself with a little internet porn if needed. Just before we got married I was introduced to her family. Her mom and dad had divorced and her dad had remarried.

The woman he married had an eleven year old son and a daughter who was a few years older. My first impression of the daughter Beth was she was a little to much of a stick and too young to get me excited. My biggest turn on is teen girls that are in the midst of developing and Beth was just starting to develop. When I got home I was really turned on and encouraged my wife to have sex with me.

As soon as I went down on my wife I starting imagining I was eating Beth's Virgin pussy. My cock was harder and I really gave my wife the all star treatment all the while fantasizing that I was fucking her little step sister. A few months go by and we are invited back to my wife's dad's house again.

It was the summer time and they have a pool. When we got there we went out to the pool and Beth was wearing a little two piece Bikini. Beth and her brother were playing in the pool so I hopped in to join the fun. Beth was looking significantly better than the last time I saw her in her jeans and sweat shirt. She was barely covered in a silver bikini that showed her small B tits and a near perfect firm round ass. I got most of my great looks under water because I was wearing goggles.

I few times I was right underneath her as she climbed up the pool ladder.

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I had to take breaks to avoid getting an erection. When we were done with the pool I went inside to change. When I stepped into the bathroom I noticed Beth's pants and shirt that she was wearing before we went into the pool were on the floor in the corner of the bathroom. When I looked in her crumpled pants I saw the prize I was looking for and that was her little panties. I could not believe what I was seeing and I was totally surprised that a young teen girl would be wearing a thong.

I picked up her soft white cotton thong that had little pink stars on it and put it to my nose. It smelled so good. My cock was instantly hard and I new I needed to relieve some pressure. I started to jack off while licking the inner crotch of her panties. I could tell she had creamed her panties slightly and left her juices for me.


I could not believe how turned on I was, it felt like I was a teen age boy. I blew my load in a minute and most of it landed in the sink. I took a nice finger full of my cumm that was left on my hand and rubbed it into the crotch of Beth's white thong.

We all as a family ate dinner and after dinner we sat down to play some games. I noticed when Beth was sitting down and leaning forward I got an opportunity to look down the back of her pants. To my pleasant surprise I could tell she had not only put the same pair of pants back on but her white cotton panties with the pink stars back on. Thinking about my cum soaking into her virgin pussy was giving me butterflies of excitement.

It was at that moment I decided I needed to have her.

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The plan was simple the first thing I needed to do is get her to my house. This was very easy because she wanted to come over and every time we went over her house she would plead with us to spend the night. We would always decline. I figured once I got Beth alone I thought that good things could happen. Beth's mother was extremely over protective and not only would she not let Beth see boys but she monitored her internet use. Beth had been caught looking at porn and was busted having steamy sexual chats with men on the internet.

I new Beth acted unsexual but my belief she was hiding the fact that she was a very very horny girl. I mentioned to my wife that her dad and step mom needed a break from the kids and they should go on a vacation and we could watch Beth and her brother.

The plan came into affect, they planned a five day vacation in six weeks. I could hardly wait for Beth's visit to get here. The Beth and her brother got dropped off out our house at 12:30 in the afternoon.

I took them to the park and then to the movies. I knew Beth liked this fondue place so I made sure to make arrangements for all of us to go there. We had a great time at dinner and we went back to the house. It got to 11:00PM and my wife went to sleep. She was a very deep sleeper and went to bed early and woke up early. Beth and her brother were watching TV. I was hoping that her brother would just get tired and go to sleep. I could tell that was not going to happen any time soon.

Beth disappeared for a couple of minutes and came back wearing a super thin pair of sweat pants and a soft tight cotton T that exposed her flat firm stomach. I could see Beth's near perfect teen body. I could tell that she was wearing bikini cut panties and not the thong I was hoping for. It was approaching 1AM and I had to speed things up so I sent Beth's brother to bed.

He resisted saying he and Beth stay up to two or three in the morning on most weekends. I said not in my house and good night. I started talking to Beth and I let her know that I thought of her as a young adult and wanted to treat her as such. We were sitting next to each other on the couch and she lied down and put her head on my lap.

I was stroking her soft blond hair and caressing her back. She moaned in approval and said that feels very good. I got up and checked on my wife and Beth's brother and they were both dead asleep.

I went back to the couch and Beth and I assumed the same position. I asked Beth if she would like me to rub her back and she said yes please. I was sitting on the couch and Beth was lying on her stomach with her head on my thigh. I reach with my right hand and began to massage her back. I could feel that she was not wearing a bra and worked my way up and down her back. I started testing the boundaries and as I moved down her back I started messaging the top of her ass. I slid my hands down the top of her thin sweats and felt her satin panties.

I went for the straight forward plan and opened my mouth and probably figured this would be a one shot deal. I told Beth that giving her this massage and feeling her back and ass was turning me on and that I was getting very sexually aroused. She said SHHHHH I feel the same way please don't stop. I told Beth if any of my massage was making her feel pain or discomfort to let me know and I would stop.

I also told her if something feels good to also let me know so I could concentrate on that area. I kept going with the back massage working closer and closer to the bottom and crack of her ass.

My hands slipped under her sweats but over her white satin panties. As I massaged her ass I spread her cheek and pussy apart. I could faintly hear her pussy lips opening and closing. I shifted my hard cock through my nylon shorts so it was up against Beth's head. I asked Beth if she would like to go into her guest room which would be more comfortable and also on the other side of the house away from everyone else. We got into the bed room and I lied Beth down on the bed and had both hands free to massage her.

I kept complimenting her on how great her body felt and that she was making me very happy. I had been massaging Beth for over an hour and the whole time working my way to her tits and pussy.

I would get to with in a centimeter and move back.

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I slowly worked Beth's legs apart and I was rubbing her pussy over sweats. Her feel good moans turned into a sexual moan. I could feel the warmth coming from her pussy. I told Beth I needed to take off her sweats so I could give her a better massage but I would of course leave her Panties on so we would both stay out of trouble.

I quickly pulled the sweats down revealing Beth's satin white panties. They tightly covered her ass and pussy and on her hips it was a thin strip of elastic satin material holding everything together. I went back to work massaging beths pussy over her panties but I could now feel how wet she was.

I started slowly massing beths clit through her panties and she was getting close to having her first orgasmn supplied to her by someone other than herself. I slid my fingers under panties to massage her clit and pussy directly. I asked if that felt good and in half moan half speech she said shhhhh please don't stop. I climbed onto the bed while still massaging Beth's pussy and I straddled in between her legs. I was setting my self up to transition from massaging Beth's pussy to eating Beth's pussy.

Beth was lying on her stomach with her head in the pillow. I was on my stomach in between her legs with my face right over her satin clad ass.

I slid my right hand under her stomach and into the front of her panties.

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I tilted her ass up slightly. I continued to rub her tight pussy with my right hand and slid her panties to the side with the other. I got my face right up to beths pussy her wetness touched my lips. The fact that when Beth felt my lips she tilted her ass even further up let me know she was into this. I licked her pussy up and down. My licks went from her clit to her tight little asshole. I rolled Beth over and started eating her pussy with me on top of her.

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I worked her clit up and down and in circles with my tongue. My hand reached up and squeezed her perfect B tits as I worked her clit.

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Beth could not hold back any more and grabbed a pillow to muffle her moans and came right in my mouth as I was eating her. She said that was the best massage she has ever had by far. She said now it's my turn. She told me to lie down on my back and she took off my shorts and said we can't get in any trouble if your underwear is on. She stuck her hand down my Calvin's and began stroking my cock.

She put her mouth on it and bobbed up and down. This felt great but she was hardly a pro. I told her I wanted my chest massaged. She started to rub my pecks and I told her she needed to sit on me to massage me better. She immediately climbed on top of me. The waste band of my Calvin's was underneath my balls so as Beth climbed on me her white satin clad pussy was resting on my cock.

She began to rub my shoulders and start sliding her hips slowly up and down. The feel of the soaked satin rubbing up and down my cock felt incredible. I told Beth how great that felt and I did not want her to stop.

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She replied by saying it felt better for her. I reach with my right hand and started to manipulate Beth's panties. I slowly worked the crotch of her panties to the side and as Beth slid up and down the length of my cock with out penetrating her.

I was so close to fucking the object of my desires. Beth worked her wet pussy over my cock. Each time she came to the top of my cock it would slightly start to penetrate her.

This went on for close to twenty minutes. Beth leaned down to my ear and whispered that she could not take this anymore. She reached down with her hand and guided my engorged cock into her tight pussy. She was amazingly tight and the sensation was overwhelming.


From the way she was riding me I could tell she had probably done this before. I was in sheer enjoyment watching my cock slide in and out of Beth's cunt. She road my cock for fifteen minutes and she let me know she was going to cumm. She asked me to cumm with her. She started to moan directly into my ear as she was Cuming and I lost it and shot a monster load directly into her tight pussy. Beth collapsed on top of me and kissed my ear and said I love you.

We quickly got our clothes back on. I asked Beth If I was her first and she said I was her second because she had had sex two times with a 19 year old she met on line. She then went on to say I was by far better than him and she could not believe how good this massage was. I told her we needed to keep this our secret or we would both be dead and she agreed. She said I hope this was not a one time thing and I said I hope not either.


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