Natural looking gay cock Cute Emo Josh Osbourne gets plumbed by new

Natural looking gay cock Cute Emo Josh Osbourne gets plumbed by new
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Well Aunt Shellie didn't come over first thing in the morning, it was more like 10 am or so. Mom had pretty much kept to herself avoiding me, that and avoiding the fact that she had watched me have sex with her best friend.

I knew that she had been getting into it by the comments she had made about having me "make a baby in Aunt Shellies mouth" but other than that there still seemed to be some sort of ice that had not been broken yet, there were more things that we couldn't talk about then there were that we could. Aunt Shellie helped change that though after she came.

Mom put on her strict authoritarian voice again but Shellie wasn't as swayed by it today like she was yesterday. Shellie insisted that since she now knew that mom was going to "misbehave" that she wanted moms hands tied too so that she wouldn't go to far.

Also Shellie asked if she could have her hands tied in front today because her shoulders hurt from yesterday. Mom agreed to both. I tied moms hands behind her back and she sat on the floor with her back against the couch. Then I tied Aunt Shellies hands in front of her. Mom started telling me that I should make a baby in Aunt Shellies mouth again. Then Aunt Shellie suggested that maybe I should be allowed to do whatever I wanted instead. Mom bought into that as well. I started by feeling up her tits with mom asking me if I liked the feel of Aunt Shellies little tits, with the emphasis on "little" Obviously moms breasts were huge compared to Shellies little ones, but that is only because mom has massive pendulous boobs, I was now beginning to realize just how proud my mother was of her breasts.

I stood behind Aunt Shellie and massaged her breasts with my mom watching. I could see my mother intently staring at what I was doing as I worked my hands underneath Aunt Shellies shirt. It wasn't long before mom began suggesting that I "make a baby" in Aunt Shellies mouth again.

I knew that Aunt Shellie really didn't like taking my cock in her mouth and she started rubbing her ass against my crotch while asking me what I might like to do. I stripped her pants and panties off. Mom really stared at Aunt Shellies blondish colored bush.


Shellie even helped me undress her some since her hands were now in front of her. Aunt Shellie turned and looked at me softly saying "I'm on the pill, not like your mother.


Would you like to try to make a baby inside of me?" Moms eyes started bugging out some when she heard her saying that. I could see that my mom was really into the "make a baby" thing. Aunt Shellie started talking to mom too now, asking her if she wanted to watch her son try to make a baby inside of her. I could almost feel my mothers mouth go dry. She didn't respond directly to Aunt Shellies questions, instead she asked me "Ronnie?

dear, do you want to make a baby inside of your Aunt Shellie?" Oh my god I realized something here. This was not "Ronald", not like when she was mad at me, like when she thought I had raped her friend.

We were back to "Ronnie" Not Ron, and on top of that it was "Ronnie dear?". Oh man this was going my way so totally well I could not believe it. Aunt Shellie turned and helped get my pants down, getting my cock right in her face.

She didn't suck it so much as she rubbed her face in it, right in front of my mother who was watching very intently. She then stood up and faced mom saying, "you want to watch him make a baby in me don't you?".

Mom never replied but she did nod her head yes. Aunt Shellie walked over to mom and spread her legs straddling moms legs which were out in front of her with her back against the couch. Then she said "Ronnie, take me from behind so that your mom can watch" It did not take long at all and I was plunging 9 inches in and out of Aunt Shellies pussy, only inches from moms face. It didn't take me long to get close. Now in hind sight I realize that I learned something that day, I learned that a woman can tell when you're getting close.

Apparently your cock gets harder or the head gets bigger, with me I guess its both. But anyway when I was too close to stop, Aunt Shellie suddenly started pulling away from me while reaching down with her hands.

At the same time she was talking to mom saying "you want to watch him do it don't you?" I couldn't stop pumping I was too close to cumming.

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I followed her trying to keep my cock inside of her. I felt her bump into moms face while I was frantically stabbing my cock into her wet pussy. I felt her hands grab the base of my cock bending it some as she pulled it out of her slit.

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Her hands felt cool compared to where it had just been. She put one foot up on the couch and gripped my cock with both of her hands. Still tied at the wrists but now grasping tightly around my wet cock. I could feel her point my cock down towards my moms face. Oh my god I could feel my moms face rub against the head of my now hyper sensitive dick head.


I was gonna cum, there was no stopping it. I managed to grunt out "Mom I" but then my brain locked, the choices were Mom I'm sorry and Mom I'm gonna cum. All I got out was "Mom I" then I let out a strangled high pitched grunting whine as I unloaded. I could feel Aunt Shellie squeezing tightly down on my cock. This made my cum squirt out even harder. I couldn't see moms face because of Aunt Shellies bare ass in the way but I was able to see my sperm splatter go off to one side after it hit moms face.

It hit with enough force to richorchette off her face and keep flying. I felt Aunt Shellie as she continued to guide and direct my cock, I could tell she was pointing it around, I guess she was painting moms face with my sperm splatter. I decided that this was all beyond my control so I would just let her do it and claim that it wasn't my fault. Then, just as the last bits of my intensive load was dribbling out I had another shock of my life. I felt moms face again. I guessed it was her nose, then her lips as Shellie was rubbing my cock on her face.

Shellie was saying "oh yes you like it don't you." I felt something wet, The shock of it made it hard for me to accept what it was, just as the reality of it was started registering with me Aunt Shellie said it out loud. "Oh you slut, that is your tongue" I could tell that there was genuine shock in Shellies voice as she said that, well that and she was totally turned on by my mom sticking her tongue out to feel the tip of my cock. I had just finished shooting off but as sexy as this was I wasn't going down a bit.

Aunt Shellie grabbed my cock and directed it back into her pussy, all while keeping her one foot up on the couch.

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I had to grab her hips to help balance her and now I was able to lean over to the side and see my moms face. Mom never saw me looking at her. Her eyes were glued to my cock thrusting in and out of Shellies blondish muff. From what I could see Aunt Shellies pussy lips were hanging open and down with my cock filling her. Moms eyes were glued right to the action and she was oblivious to the fact that I could see her sperm splattered face.

My sperm, her face. Now my attention was drawn back to Aunt Shellie, she was saying "that's it Ronnie, you want to make a baby in me don't you, come on do it, do it in me" When she said that moms mouth opened. I don't know yet if it was because it was she was turned on by what she was seeing or hearing or because of what she wanted but the sight was incredible.

There was still sperm splatter on her face and mouth. When moms mouth opened there were two cum stringers that connected her upper lip to her lower lip.

At first I couldn't tell if she knew it was there but then almost reflexively moms tongue came out and licked at her lower lip taking my cum onto her tongue.

Then beyond that she snaked her tongue up to her upper lip pulling all my cum that had been hanging there into her mouth. I started losing it, I blurted out "oh god" moms eyes instantly locked with mine and she flushed a deep red instantly looking down. She was obviously embarrassed as hell that I had just seen her lick my cum off her face. Even though I had just cum this brought me past the point of no return. I started to grunt, Aunt Shellie again grabbed my cock, this time I knew what she was doing.

I pulled back just a little making it easier for her to pull my cock out. I felt her point it again and this time I just pushed forward. Aunt Shellie said "open your mouth slut, Ronnie needs to make a baby in your mouth" Not a word from mom, not a goddam word, all I felt was my cock sliding into her mouth.

I saw Aunt Shellie rub her wide open pussy across moms face, numb to the fact that her hands were pulling mine off of her hips. I wasn't aware of what Aunt Shellie was doing until I felt the hair on the back of moms head. Combined with the visual of Aunt Shellie putting her leg back down on the floor. Aunt Shellie was guiding my hands, holding them on the back of moms head, pulling moms head towards my cock, helping me to thrust it inside of her mouth.

Now she was saying "that's it Ronnie, make a baby in your moms mouth, mommy needs you to do it in her mouth" Mom made some sort of whining noise at that but never tried to pull away. I started squirting off while looking at Aunt Shellies bare ass. Aunt Shellie was humping her pussy up against moms face while I was squirting off in moms mouth.

I finished first, when I was done emptying my balls into my mothers mouth I stepped back. Aunt Shellie however kept her hands on moms head. She was lifting her leg again to position her slit onto moms forehead.

From the whiny sounds that were coming from her throat Aunt Shellie had to be close to cumming herself. She started saying short words like "just" "I" "hold" then finally a whiny groan that let me know she was getting off on moms face.

Now moms face had my sperm on her cheeks and chin and Aunt Shellies juices on her forehead. Some of moms hair at the top of her forehead was plastered to her skin either from one or both of us. It looked like some of my load had gotten smeared around by Aunt Shellies pussy.

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Mom blurted out "oh god, clean up" obviously in reference to her own face. But Aunt Shellie had other ideas. She immediately countered mom with "no dear, not just yet, we're not finished. I need to make lunch" Mom started almost babbling saying how she couldn't just stay like this. Shellie smirked and bounced naked into the kitchen telling me that I needed to untie her so that she could make us all some lunch.

The desperate pleading look in moms eyes told me that she knew that this was out of her control. I followed Aunt Shellie into the kitchen, reveling in the fact that I was "allowed" to follow a totally naked grown woman into the kitchen. I untied Aunt Shellie so she could make us food. I guess that made me king for a day. We heard mom struggle up from the floor, she came into the kitchen with her face pointed to the floor stammering something but not really producing any real words.

Aunt Shellie almost pranced over to her and in an overtly cheerful voice said "c'mon, chin up we have all day together" with that she casually took hold of moms blouse and yanked it apart. Some buttons came flying off, others popped through the holes. Not a word transpired between the two about that, mom just shuffled into the kitchen with her face down, a little stringer of sperm starting to drip off her nose, the rest starting to show signs of drying on her face.

Now her massive breasts were partially on display, her bra showed ample cleavage. It was a heavy duty bra, a mom kind of bra. Nothing really visible through it. If I stared really hard I could make out a light trace of some large dark areolas but with a fully naked woman in the room making hamburger patties I had other places to look.

With that same overly cheerful voice Aunt Shellie said "Ronnie? you know your mother is right, she really does need her face wiped, just use her shirt" Moms head hung even lower as I walked over to her. Not a word of protest, nothing as I pulled her shirt out of dress and used it to wipe my sperm splatter and Aunt Shellies pussy juice off her face. It was a satiny looking cream colored top.

Without even turning around Aunt Shellie chirped "don't worry dear cream always goes with cream colored clothes". Moms top took on an obvious darker color where ever my sperm or Aunt Shellies pussy juices got it wet, wayy beyond awesome is what it looked like to me. My Moms sperm splattered shirt hanging open, bra on display, face hanging down in total submission.

Aunt Shellie made us some burgers, we took turns trying to feed mom, she did eat a few bites but didn't really eat much. She quit eating so I ended up eating the rest of hers. Mom looked up at that, maybe she was trying to buy time. Didn't work, once I was finished mom quietly asked "what are you going to do with me" Aunt Shellie started talking like she was planning a picnic or something as she said " well I think that it's high time to show your son your pussy don't you?" Moms head snapped up at that and she shook her head no saying "I can't take him that way I'm not" Shellie cut in saying "not on the pill, I know that, don't worry there are plenty of other ways you can take him, besides you've already let him fuck your mouth so why not give him a little peek?" Mom just looked down, I got the impression that this meant "go ahead" Aunt Shellie squatted down next to mom in a totally obscene way spreading her legs wide open showing off her slit while working the zipper on moms skirt, then she was tugging and letting moms skirt fall.

Then she pulled moms panties down and mom obliged her by stepping out of them, never once lifting her head to make eye contact with me. The reprieve I had with lunch and seeing naked Aunt Shellie and now moms pussy was getting a reaction from my cock that was for sure.

Aunt Shellie smiled and looked at it, leading mom over to a kitchen chair having her sit down. Without warning or explanation she pulled moms bra up, just some.

Now moms breasts were starting to bulge out the bottom and the top of her bra cups were getting loose against her large jostling breasts. Aunt Shellies eyes were gleaming when she looked at me and said "Ronnie dear, I think its time you made a baby in your mothers tits don't you?" I just kind of numbly started walking in that direction as she continued prattling along with things like that's a good boy just go ahead and fuck your mothers tits.

When I was in front of mom Aunt Shellie took hold of my cock and stroked it a few times with it right in front of moms face getting me hard the rest of the way, then she pointed my cock into the opening between moms tits just underneath the front of her bra. Once I got my cock in there she told me to go ahead and squeeze my moms tits together. I started pumping away while she started rummaging in the cupboards asking me if I liked fucking my mothers great big tits.

I mumbled out a yes and she came back over with some cooking oil saying "you do ? good, here lets try it like this" then started dribbling oil between moms tits getting them all slippery. She then started massaging the oil into moms tits making them shine and jiggle from my thrusting and her massaging them while soaking moms bra with oil.

I started getting close, the head of my cock was peeking out between moms tits when I thrust up and in. Aunt Shellie told mom that I had to be getting close, that now was probably a good time for her to look down and open her mouth so that I could finish in her mouth. Mom just looked away. Aunt Shellie then said "well then, all over your tits it is". That's pretty much what I did too.

With moms tits all oiled up like that my cum didn't really cling to her, It gobbed up and slithered down between those great big melons of moms. Aunt Shellie helped by massaging it all over moms tits, up onto moms neck then finally taking some of it and rubbing it into her own pussy while telling mom that it was too bad that she wasn't on the pill too or she could feel her sons cum up where it really belongs.

Having my first titty fuck like this really helped to keep me hard, I softened up a little but I kept fucking moms tits and started getting back to full hardness pretty quickly after unloading on her tits.

Aunt Shellie then announced that it was time for the main event. Moms head snapped up looking at her. Aunt Shellies face turned to a sneer as she said, "you know I don't take cock up my ass but that's what you had him do to me yesterday.

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I know you love having cock up your ass so now its going to be your turn to have that big thing in your dirty hole. Honest to god I heard moms stomach rumble and churn as soon as she said that. Mom blurted out "bathroom" and started lurching up. I had to untie her as we ran for the bathroom. Totally disgusting is all I can say, mom made it to the toilet, just barely. She never looked up once, blew her guts out her ass and was done in moments. I was standing just outside of the bathroom totally grossed out when I heard mom say "you have to tie my hands again so that none of this is my fault." Aunt Shellie smiled and nodded towards the bathroom, I stepped in and mom already had her back side towards me with her hands behind her back.

I was staring right at her bare ass while tying her hands back up again. We walked back down to the living room while Shellie commented saying how mom was all cleaned out now so there shouldn't be any "mishaps" Once we got to the living room Shellie said "oh dear, he hasn't seen your tits yet has he" before mom could say anything she yanked moms bra up spilling her mammoth tits free.

They dropped down slapping each other and jostling as they pointed down, phenonimal view of moms oiled tits shining and swaying back and forth.

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Shellie said "bend over dear, let Ronnie see them hang down" mom said nothing, she just bent down letting her tits hang. God. Mom got back down on her knees first then we eased her down face first onto the floor. Without a word from either of us mom spread her legs I couldn't really see her butt hole but got a glorious look at moms pussy from behind.

Lips were parted and she looked wet. Aunt Shellie got my attention by saying "now your cock is already oiled and your mother does like it up the ass so I say get in there and have a good time, make a baby in your mommies ass" Mom made some sort of sound and turned her head away from us, but she was still holding her legs open for me so I got down between them.

I rubbed my cock around unsure where her butt hole really was but then mom said "there" and I pushed, it started going in. Mom groaned and I grunted.

Then as I got farther in mom grunted and I groaned, Aunt Shellie was standing next to us with a wild look in her eyes, she started saying "that's it fuck your mothers ass, make a baby in mommie" Mom reacted every time she heard that "make a baby line" so I started getting into it too. I started giving moms ass full deep thrusts, pulling back and ramming it all the way back in. When I said "you think I should make a baby in you mom?" I heard her gasp and push her head against the floor while shoving her ass up against me.

I started talking to Aunt Shellie too, I told her "I'm gonna do it too, when I come I'm not pulling out, I'm gonna empty my balls in her and make a baby in her" Mom really reacted to that. I could feel her legs stiffen, she started pressing he knees against the floor offering her ass up higher to me while making some throaty grunting sound.

Aunt Shellie looked shocked and blurted out "oh god she really wants it, she wants your baby in her, right up her ass" with that Aunt Shellie spread her own legs and started fingering her slit right in front of me. She backed over to a chair and sat down with her legs spread showing off her blondish muff. One hand spreading her pussy lips, the other plunging her fingers up inside.

Mom now made another guttural groaning sound and had her head turned towards Shellie. I could tell she was getting ready to do something, I figured she was watching Shellie plunge her fingers up in her own pussy, god knows I was watching but Aunt Shellie said "oh god her eyes are rolling back in her head".

I looked at moms face and could see her eyes were white, mouth open and she was now making little pushes with her hips trying to take my cock in her.

She was cumming and cumming hard, the gurgling sound coming from her throat was sexy as hell and that did it for me. I buried all 9 inches inside and tried to stuff in even more while I emptied my ball sack inside my mothers backside.

Aunt Shellie spread her own legs out wider and they went stiff while she made some high pitched whining sounds of her own so it seemed that we all got off together. This pretty much did it for us for the day, Aunt Shellie had to get home to "the cheating asshole" although at this point I have to bet that she was having wilder sex then her husband was with whoever it was he was fooling around with.

After she was gone mom mumbled something to the effect that there were things that we could only do when Aunt Shellie was around. I could live with that for now certainly. Mom did her best to go back to pretending that nothing was new or different. Weird really, no mention of how I had unloaded in her ass or mouth or how she liked looking at me as I pumped off into her friend. I figured that this was more than good enough for now and I'd take it any way I could get it.